Glam A Classroom Exciting News-Meet and Greet Anyone???

Here is ALOT of information!!! Take it slow and check it ALL out…

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@adamlambert:Thank you to my fans who have donated nearly $60,000 to my DonorsChoose Glam-A-Classroom campaign! Remember, you can be registered to win a meet and greet with me when you text LAMBERT to 30644! Lets help classrooms in need for this upcoming school year!

From now (August 11th) until Friday, August 20th at midnight EST, any individual who makes a donation to Glam A Classroom will be entered to win a Meet & Greet with Adam himself! We hope this will get everyone excited and bring even more success for Glam A Classroom.

Here is the link to our giving page—->

$801.40 donated
29 donors
2045 students reached

I have enclosed some of the thank you notes from the actual teachers themselves, and also some of the names of those that donated on our giving page!!
**Thank you note…
Dear Beth, Barbara and Anonymous Donor,

Thank you for your generous and quick response to Easel on Down the Road. The benefits of this project will reach far in to the future.

While working with small groups I can now have less disruption by keeping students in their work environment instead of having them move to the front of the room. This will decrease transition time and increase instruction time.

With donors as dedicated to education as you – the future looks brighter.
With gratitude,
Mr. W.

**Thank you note…
Dear Sam P., Dina P,, Nectaria , Amanda, Zoe, Michael Alamo, Nina, Barbara and Anonymous Donor,
and Miss Cindy,

Thank you very much for all of your donations! This carpet will help the students to expand their learning in a variety of ways while also keeping them comfortable and safe. The brightly colored rug is fun and the students certainly now will have a stimulating and cozy place to read and learn on.

This carpet will also provide a place for the students to have a beautiful learning environment – a place they love to come each day. It will be the place we gather as a learning family.

Thank you for what you have given to my students – for years to come as well.
With gratitude,
Mrs. M.

**Thank you note…
~Dear Anita, Wendy, Tina, Sonny, Shannon, Melissa, Tessarae, Monique and Barbara,
There are no words to share with you my excitement and gratitude for your amazing gift! Sometimes we forget how powerful and inspirational picture books can be, with implications reaching far beyond just honing one’s reading skills.

Reading is such a powerful experience and your generosity will allow my fourth graders a chance to explore new and thought-provoking literature. These picture books will be a vehicle for our study of reading strategies, as well as story elements, like setting, plot, and character development. I look forward to incorporating each book into our curriculum this year, and many years to come. Thank you for supporting education, believing in the power of literature, and the importance of fostering a love of reading in our children!

With gratitude,
Ms. A.

**Thank you note…
Dear Melinda , Dan, Nancie, Josh Clarke, Mr. Lee, Melynda, Peter, Shaun Smith, Matt, Landon, Chris, Najeeb, Diana Farrar, Lauren, Carla J., Mrs. Scace, David A, Boris Denisov, Andrew, Barbara and Anonymous Donors,

I wish I could personally thank each and every person for his or her generous donations to my project. Words are unfortunately an inadequate means of fully expressing my sincere gratitude. I am extremely excited and encouraged to see so many people value reading and share my vision.
With these picture books, my students’ whole reading curriculum will change by implementing the Reading Workshop. They will be taught comprehension skills through the use of picture books. They will learn standard-based lessons covering point of view, theme, visualizing, predicting, inferring, summarizing, questioning, etc using an actual author’s work. Their lessons will become interactive, think-aloud lessons that will engage students and improve comprehension. Our main focus it to keep the students interested in reading during this crucial period. Your donations will dramatically increase my students exposure to great authors they may otherwise not have read. Reading can inspire children to accomplish so many things!
Thank you again for the gracious outpouring of donations for my class. I am certain my excitement will be shared by my class as well.

With gratitude,
Mrs. L.

**Donations from our site!!**

~ Barbara Weigand in Ankeny, IA:
“I gave because I want to help kids and teachers who have never had a project completed.”
~An anonymous donor:
“I helped because I’m a strong believer in History & Geography education.”~David Taylor in Hampton, VA:
“I gave to this project because I know how much my wife cares about teaching these special students, and I want to show my support, too.”
~ Barbara Weigand in Ankeny, IA:
“I gave to this project because Adam Lambert sez “….let’s LOVE on some classrooms….” ”
~Barbara Weigand in Ankeny, IA:
“I want to help teachers and classrooms that have never had a project completed. ”
~ Barbara Weigand in Ankeny, IA:
“I gave to this project because Adam Lambert sez ”
~ Deb Cummings:
“Music is my life and my love. Adam Lambert inspires me, not only is he a great entertainer, but also someone who cares and gives back. Children should be give the opportunity to experience what music brings to your life,
Keep on learning! love Deb C.”
~Dawn Taylor in Hampton, VA:
“I gave to this project because I believe my students should have the opportunity to come to school in a classroom that is beautiful, comfortable, and accessible. This reading center will support literacy and reading in my classroom. Thank you to all who are helping to support my goals for students.”
~D. Taylor in Hampton, VA:
“I gave to this project because I’m a strong believer in literacy education. Having a comfortable place to read will allow kids to really enjoy a good book.”
~Rezan Solmaz in Denver, NC:
“I gave to this project because of adam lambert’s heart of love, generosity and kindness to children of all ages and adults too! here’s a sweet quote that reminds me of adam=) We attract hearts by the qualities we display, we retain them by the qualities we possess. ? Jean Baptiste Antoine Suard ”




  1. Adamisamazing says:

    Like other people, I have always given to other charities for cancer, heart disease, etc. But, after learning of Adam’s association with this program, I naturally had to be a part of it, too. Anything he stands for, believes in or is involved in is something I’m interested in. That is how influential and inspiring he is. It is gratifying to donate when you know exactly where your money is going, and receive the feedback from the teachers involved. Plus, since meeting and greeting Adam is my dream, that is added incentive of course!

  2. Scootersmom says:

    This is for Adam, in case he ever reads what we write here about him….Adam, my hero once again! You,young man have more class in your little finger than many of your detractors can ever hope to have…and we all know who they are. Keep going, Adam! Everything you touch becomes a success story, and your “Glam a Classroom” project will also be, and many children who would not otherwise have the items your “Glam a Classroom” project will provide to them will be better off for you having been here! I do this often, but once again let me cheer you on to one success after another. I’m a 71 year old woman who has followed you from the very first day, and I find your music heartfelt and wonderful, and I never tire of hearing your voice. While I probably won’t be able to ever see you in person, which is my dream, I’ll still follow you as your career grows and grows. I know you’ll be 30 miles from my home, in Houston, soon, but unfortunately I will be unable to be there in person, but I’ll be there in heart. Hope you enjoy your tour overseas and please try to get some rest, you work so hard.

    • Scooter… why can’t you go to Adam’s concert? Do you need transportation, a ticket, what do you need? Maybe some of us could get together and help you realize your dream of seeing Adam in Houston

      • This is the spirit I love about Adam’s Global Community.
        Yes Scooter I am sure there will be plenty of people who will help you in any way possible. Those of us who have already been to his concerts know this is just not be missed.
        How can we help?

  3. This is a great thing Adam is doing. He stands by what he believes and is an inspiration for others. There are two bonuses here: the kids win and maybe I get to meet Adam…now that’s worth a donation from me.

  4. I am so happy to give to Adams charity DonorsChoose. This will help alot of teachers and students all over. What a great cause. It’s nice to see the fans helping where they can. Thank you Adam for caring so much. You are such an inspiration!


  5. Every Adam fan site that I visit has an effort to help, I think that it is awesome! Last year, fans donated over $250,000 to Adam’s fave. The economy is worse this year, but we all need to give what we can, because it is desperately needed. I believe that music in particular, and the arts in general are as necessary to an education as the three R’s, especially in grade school. Secondary music programs are proven to improve overall grade point and achievement levels. Good teachers spend money out of their own pockets to buy the things their kids need to learn, and is a great charity to support.
    At our pre/post concert party in Houston, we are running a fundraiser for donors…. that will include a silent auction of some cool Adam stuff, and we will also take cash and check donations. We also have a pair of tickets to the concert that have been donated, we will do an auction of them a week before the concert. All of this we are doing because we want to send Adam a great big Thank You! for coming to perform for us in Houston, and also to acknowlege the light and love that he spreads where ever he goes. We want to touch some childrens hearts, like he has touched ours.
    Houston – Glam Nation Take Over at Hard Rock Cafe 9/8 – for info

  6. That reminds me to get in touch with Chad, as he will help me transfer my monthly donation
    to Adam’s Glam a Classroom!

  7. I gave too, but I think I didn’t get an option to point out I was a part of this site… But oh well, I gave and that’s what counts. Anything for Adam!

  8. kat23mogan says:

    I am professional artist and my daughter is an aspiring artist and designer and can tell you right now…this is a much much much needed charity. Schools are constantly taking away programs they feel are not necessary…be it the arts or pe programs….This is a way to help those art teachers and music teacher who are finding it extremely difficult to teach their curriculum without it. Give now…

  9. I think what Adam is doing for these Schools, Kids, Classrooms is nothing short of Amazing. You Inspire us everyday to be better Human Beings. And to Give to a Wonderful Cause. And to have a chance to meet you again and tell you what an Insperation you are to us all in so many ways… WELL THAT IS JUST AN ADDED BONUS:) WE LOVE YOU ADAM FOR THE HUGE HEART AND CARING FOR OTHER PEOPLE THAT YOU HAVE:)

  10. Sue is there any way for me to contact scootermom to see if we can help her get to the Houston concert? Pleas e mail me with her contact info, thanks

  11. Doryan Jarrell says:

    I donated but have not heard anything back. Anyone else get a text reply acknowledgement or anything to let you know you are entered to win a M&G?