GLAAD Official Version Of Music Again By Adam Lambert

I know we had this “unofficial” video posted earlier, but here is the real deal. It is the GLAAD awards version of Music Again.
I must say, I think the camera person had a little “thing” for Tommy!! I haven’t seen him shown that much in a long time, but I like it! The close up of Adams eyes are AWESOME, don’t you agree? It floors me to think that he does that all by himself, what a talent. Great job GLAAD!! Thank you for giving us this beautiful video of this beautiful man…




  1. What has happen to the keyboard player do they just never get on camera?

    • I was thinking the same thing. And LP had to wear a shirt, darn, he
      looks so fierce without it!

  2. EternalGlamNation says:

    Love when he says eyes, baby, eyes at about 1:53 and there’s a close up of his gorgeous eyes. What a beautiful man. I love this look. Also, I’m digging on his spats! Thanks to GLAAD for making this available and thanks to Sue for your constant vigilence on our behalf.

    • lovemyadam says:

      You are so welcome! Love the spats as well, and the voice, and the eyes, and…..oh, look at the pretty sparkles… focusing gets harder and harder.


      • annsuperfan says:

        Oh Sue, it’s more than focusing that gets harder and harder, no pun intended, really. Thanks again for all of the great links. It was watching you and your daughter on Oprah that helped me get back “into” Adam, and I have been having sooo much fun. The Canada concerts were great, and the energy in the River Rock after the concert was, words fail me, terrific, happy,just so fun to meet the other fans, a lot of them had been at Fantasy Springs too! I had a great time giving away the buttons I had made, and pictures of Adam that I took when we were on the same flight from San Jose to Salt Lake City, during the AI tour. I felt like every one that I met a the concerts were instant friends, it was great. I’m hoping that I can see you all again at future concerts. I wish I had been able to take pictures, I only got one still photo. Still it was an experience that I will never forget. If anyone has any great photos from Canada I would love to see them. Thanks,Ann

  3. It looks like Adam keeps looking at someone in particular?????
    I can’t believe these people are sitting in their chairs like stiffs!!!!!!! I can’t dance but I’d be in the aisle doing something. When I saw him on Idol a few weeks ago I screamed my head off and scared my grandchildren ….I could NOT contain myself. Who can sit still when Adam is singing a upbeat song!!!??? I play him in the car when I have to take long roadtrips by myself….he keeps me awake and going
    Thanks for the video yes!!yes !!! thank you love love love Adam…..
    after last year with Adam I said AI would NEVER be the same
    I hope he brings his tour to Texas!!!!!!!

    • I agree, I agree, I agree and I hope he does some shows in the Southwest too, August still looks quite open!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Oh Linda, you have me cracking up sunshine! You’d be doing something, along with the rest of us! The thought of you scaring your grandchildren is hilarious to me, thank you for that… and it is my pleasure.


  4. Ima Ramorah says:

    he is so beautiful..

    what a bunch of zombies in the room tho..

    • I mean I can understand the celebs not standing up, cuz they hardly do. But the regular ppl who were there could have been more excited lol

  5. I’m sorry I have to say this again – but I just feel Monte is not up to par. He doesn’t have that rock guitarist style thing going on… but hey he’s playing for Madonna so what do I know…

    • I completely agree with you. Adam should make Orianthi his guitarist. Who cares if shes tryna have a singing career…shes better at playing the guitar. lol I can understand that Monte is like his BFF tho. He even thanked him in his album thankyous.

  6. Sorry Adam Fans – but, Music Again issss a boring song… I’m sure they would have loved to watch him perform For Your Entertainment, Whata Ya Want From Me, Sleepwalker – But, I give a thumbs up for Fever!

  7. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    Oh, this was just great and he got all the high notes! He must have enjoyed that!!!

  8. Hi Sue and everyone

    Okay here’s the weird part. Yes they do show Tommy a lot at the beginning of this song. But if you watched the show you know that Tommy goes over to Adam and they go back to back with one another. At that point though, they cut completely to Monte’s very pretty glittery guitar. Now I realize he was doing a solo but it’s really obvi that they don’t want to show the; let’s call it frisky play 🙂 between Glitter Baby and Baby Boy. Which I think is kinda ironic since they were the ones (GLAAD) who came to Adam’s defense during the aftermath of their kiss on the AMAs. What’s up with that? As an Attorney, and fan I find it kind of disturbing. But the performance was great!

  9. BTW those of you wondering where Cam was (keyboard player) I think she was stuck in Paris due to the volcano! 🙂

  10. I have to completely disagree with those of you saying that Monte is not a good, rock guitar player. I love Monte, he can make such sweet sounds and he is always going to have Adam’s back. His own music is incredible and he was well respected as a guitar teacher. He may not always be as flashy as Adam but his talent is awesome and I love him. The band has become so much more than what I ever expected. I hope they stay together forever, it works.

    • love2adams says:

      I also love Monte Pittman. I was looking for information about him and I see that he and his wife, Lisa, are expecting boy and girl twins, due date June 12. They are registered at both and Baby’s R us.

  11. ohhh i loved it, yeah a few to many stiffs in the room….when Adam plays he shouldnt be asking them to get up and move because the whole room should already be doing that

  12. Finally got to see this video (had to drive downtown to the public library…but soooo worth it!). I also agree that Adam shouldb’t have to coax an audience to get involved with the performance. Oh well, at least we got to see it (You rock, Sue!) I just wish I didn’t have to wear those dumb “cans” on my head to listen instead of really Crankin’ it on the speakers like I would be able to if I could see this stuff at home LOL!!! Maybe I need me a bedazzled ear-piece or two!!

  13. kellym11 says:

    Adam probably has to work on including a “dead” audience in his performance. He should watch tapes of Freddie Mercury getting the people on their feet.
    As for Monte Pittman, I think he is the greatest. Think back to Fantasy Springs when Adam did WLL. Monte was extraordinary. The keyboardist was missing. That would have added to the performance. In any case Adam’s voice is thrilling as is his eyes.

  14. youarebetterer says:

    I agree with Lisa: Monte is terrific and brings energy and a good karma to the group, and I like to see adam stop next to him for his guitar solos, it’s obvious there’s great empathy between them, the band is really awesome as it is


  16. yah I couldn’t believe it either… imagine Adam Lambert telling the audience to “stand up people” and ” you people look tired” … what a bunch of morons.


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