Getting Ready for the San Diego Concert – OR – How I Kissed the Striped Pants!!

Getting ready for our concert this weekend started a long time ago. After meeting my new BFF Lila at the Homecoming events, we joined forces and put on the American Idol Finale Results Watching Party at Seau’s Restaurant for the San Diego fans. We had a great time working together and found we were of like-mind when it comes to Adam. Yes we are totally obsessed and captivated by him, but not in a fangeek way. We just both recognize the need to nurture the child still in both of us.

Let me tell you first that we both have the benefit of working out of our homes. So when the need to run out for something hits, our time is flexible. Having this luxury, we decided on the spur of the moment to drive up to Los Angeles (150 miles north) to pick up our official Adam shirts for the concert. You know, the one Adam wore for the Top 8 results show after singing Mad World? The black and white striped one with the multicolored lips? I got that exact shirt and Lila got a solid black version. (I bet you’re starting to wonder where the “I Kissed the Striped Pants” part is, right? Be patient.)

A few weeks later, after the birthday poster project was announced on this web site, we started getting serious. We struck out to Michael’s to find feathers, glitter and poster boards. We then made some of the most beautiful glitter-swirl posters. Lila really has a way with a glitter bottle. Since she’s wearing a chain necklace that has peacock feathers on it, I had to join in and embellish the chain belt I’m wearing with peacock feathers too. Next, we hit the party stores to gather up blue light sticks and glow necklaces. Gotta be ready for the appropriate Mad World response.

Then it was time to think about our outfits. We both wanted to glam and stud it up, but not go overboard. We thought about leather jackets, but this is July in San Diego. Are you serious?? We listened to Adam’s command to not spare the blue, black and silver, and have glitter everywhere. We cracked ourselves up until we were crying thinking about leaving a trail of glitter spilling behind us as we walk through the Sports Arena. Then when the security tries to bust us, we’ll say “no, we didn’t do that.” But the trail of glitter will lead right to our seats. Kind of like Hansel and Gretel. And we’ll probably be covered in glitter by this point from our posters too. You get the picture. (Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the Striped Pants.)

Throw in another trip to the stores to find the right peacock blue nail polish for our toes, and black for our fingers, the right glitter hair spray, glitter make up, blue-eye enhancing mascara, the right black eyeliner, and anything else we could think of, short of rhinestone eyewear. I told you we weren’t fangeeks!

This story ends with finding the perfect wardrobe. I’m wearing black capris (don’t want to go too out of character), the striped shirt, the perfect black studded vest, my peacock feather silver chain belt and black gun metal sandals. Lila is dressing up her black Bermuda shorts with either her black Lips shirt or the Café Press Glambs shirt she designed, an incredible black studded belt, feather jewelry and the most perfect black studded spike shoes, thanks to smart eBay shopping. Oh we can’t wait for Saturday!!

Preparing for the Adam Lambert concert

And now for the best part – how I Kissed the Striped Pants. Thanks for waiting. While we were up in Los Angeles to get our shirts at JoyRich Clothing on Melrose, we decided to do some shopping. After all, this is an incredible trendy shopping area, and we didn’t drive 2 ½ hours to turn around and go home. So as we’re checking out several shops, we’re attracted by the leather jackets we see inside one. We go inside, see that there’s a tattoo booth in the back, and check out the jackets. They were pretty expensive. We turn to check out some of the other clothing racks and what do we see? THE STRIPED PANTS! We looked at each other, our eyes popped open and our jaws dropped. OMG – these are Adam’s pants!! We both were speechless. I held them to me, closed my eyes and imagined. We toyed with the idea of trying them on, but nah. Didn’t want to cross that line. So I checked out the price tag – hmmm – $69. And the label read Lip Service. So I did the fangirly thing and before putting them back I kissed them. Where? In the store of course. Oh, where on the pants? You let your imaginations run and you’ll probably be right!

~Carol – Fan Club Leader ~


About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Rebecca says:

    Where did you buy “the shirt”? Thanks for the fun story of two fantastic, almost fanatical, Adam fans…I’m right there with you!

  2. Carol, loved the article, I am quite jealous, I love the posters, and OH THE PANTS, MY IMAGINATION IS RUNNING WILD.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Oh, so I read it again, and this time I didn’t skim through the last paragraph as quickly when I noticed “THE STRIPED PANTS” in capital letters. I noticed you said Joy Rich for the shirts; I will have to check online since I’m in Wisconsin!

  4. Glambertcraze says:

    Thanks for the laugh and the imagination lift.

  5. online has a wonderful selection of Tshirts for all the Idols and a super collection for Adam. I think there is a little leeway in ordering, for instance I think if you like a certain decal/jpicture on one shirt, you may be able to change shirt styles. I am seriously thinking of ordering a pair of shirts online even though we have been to the concert. I didnt’ care for theirs and do not want AI written on mine.

    There’s every style pic from heavy metal/goth to light and bright fair rainbow colours. And they have mouse pads, mugs etc as well.

    • CatEyes says:

      …and stay tuned on that point about CafePress Tshirts. There will be an even larger selection coming soon – stay tuned to Glambs.


      • Okay, I did notice a few actual “Glambs” designed shirts.

        • Jane Parker says:

          Hey guys,
          I actually just received the GLAMBS INT’L shirt yesterday and it is great!! I got the charcoal color. I was thinking about putting my number on it. What do you think???
          My concert here in Greensboro N.C. is not until Aug. 2, but I have been busy getting my attire ready for the last couple of weeks!

  6. CatEyes says:

    You guys are hilarious. It makes me happy that you two are having so much fun with this! Keeps us young, right? I’m not even going to try and compete with my concert-going experience to Dallas…although I may have a few surprises!

  7. No one wears pants like Adam Lambert. My favorite ones look like they have leaves on the butt with a trailing vine. Oh my heart…..

  8. Hello All….I’ll be attending the San Diego concert, as well, and was wondering if someone knows the answer to this question. Are cameras allowed, or do people bring them in “creatively?” When I’ve been to concerts at the Sports Arena in the past, there have been searches and confiscation involved! Thanks for any help:)

  9. Quite a haul, kids!! Looks and sounds like a mini-vacation in Adamfantasyland!! I haven’t seen the pants w/vines on them, but so far, I love the pair he wore in his audition last week w/the silver ‘V’ just above his cute bum!!! Soooo Supersweet!!!!!!!!!

  10. lambertluvaaa says:

    oh my gosh! super fantastic. sounds totally awesome. sadly i couldnt get tickets thanks to my parents thinking they were to exspensive. but don’t worry! if this happens again with adams own concert…IM BYING!

    • lambertluvaaa says:

      Oh yeah ps, im only thirteen witch is why i didnt have enough money to buy AI tickets in the first place.

      • Aw, Sweetie, so sorry, but start that fund raising for yourself , maybe some babysitting jobs? That way you’ll be prepared when Adam does his REAL concert!

  11. Star Catcher says:

    You can not even imagine the envy I feel towards you. I wanna go so bad and I wish I had the money to A) Buy tickets and B) Buy kick ass accesories and that oh-so-amazing shirt that I wanted the moment I saw it.

    However, I’m young and unable to be employed unless I babysit. I need money….so bad.

    I wanna see Adam on September 2nd in illinois! MONEYMONEYMONEYMONEY!


  12. adamtastic1877 says:

    yay! im glad there are other younger fans out there! im not alone! but i actually DID get tickets already!

  13. adamtastic1877 says:

    oh and fan leader carol- PLZ tell me where i can find that shirt or other actual adam shirts on the internet plz!

    • cmhagey says:

      You can get the shirt at JoyRich Fashions in Los Angeles – They’ll ship them to you. But warning, they cost $44 plus shipping, so about $55. They ordered a bunch, and I think some of the people that preordered them backed out. Call 323-944-0631. Ask for Tachi – (prounounced Tot-chee). Tell him Carol from San Diego sent you! He’ll remember when Lila and I came in to buy them. And don’t worry, I’m not getting anything off the deal!

  14. Hahahahaha!! Great story!! Thanks for sharing 😉

  15. O Carol, this is the cutest article, almost up there on a par with Michelle Collin’s interview with Adam on You have her same comic timing. I can’t believe you found those pants. Someone has GOT TO BUY those pants, and at least display them somewhere! Those pants will be an iconic memory in 10 years, they must be preserved. I’m telling you, that guy Adam is going to bankrupt us all with this glitter, hair spray, lip gloss, clothes, and paint! Not to mention what will happen when he opens his new clothing line (hopefully) in the near future. But what a blast you and Lila are going to have Saturday night! I imagine San Diego will pull out all the stops screaming for their own home-town boy. And while I’m at it, I do want to say ‘hi’ and welcome lambertluvaaa, Star Catcher, and adamtastic1877. It’s great to have you younger fans here!

    And I have no idea where you kissed those pants. Where did you?

  16. O Carol, this is the cutest article, almost up there on a par with Michelle Collin’s interview with Adam on You have her same comic timing. I can’t believe you found those pants. Someone has GOT TO BUY those pants, and at least display them somewhere! Those pants will be an iconic memory in 10 years, they must be preserved. I’m telling you, that guy Adam is going to bankrupt us all with this glitter, hair spray, lip gloss, clothes, and paint! Not to mention what will happen when he opens his new clothing line (hopefully) in the near future. But what a blast you and Lila are going to have Saturday night! I imagine San Diego will pull out all the stops screaming for their own home-town boy. And while I’m at it, I do want to say ‘hi’ and welcome lambertluvaaa, Star Catcher, and adamtastic1877. It’s great to have you younger fans here!

    And I have no idea where you kissed those pants. Where did you?
    Sorry… forgot to say great post – can’t wait to read your next one!

  17. Miichan says:

    WTG! Carol and Lila. Thank you for sharing the story!! I can see two ladies giggling and having so much fun with this whole preparation for the concert. It’s nice to be so passionate about something again, isn’t it?
    So jelaous of all who can go to the concert. I’m in Hawaii and AI tour has not come back since Season 3! Those of you lucky people have a lot of fun out there and show Adam our support. I will be catching the glimse of concerts on Youtube…someone out there in front seat, I’m counting on you to get good video!!

  18. I love you guys.. ready to start a fan club for you

  19. Karen B says:

    LMAO! Keep it coming…/

  20. What a great article. I smiled all through it.

    My friend, almost 20 years younger than me, will be 50 in August. She said “Let’s stick to less than
    $150 for the tickets and as close to the front as we can get and I’m in.” In my entire lifetime, I remember seeing Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johnny Matthis, Neil Diamond, and El Divo (this
    year) close up and personal in concert. I was not the “driver” behind any of those–but I’m the one pushing for the Adam concert. My son will be happy that mom has a friend to take her :-).

    My friend is already planning her T-shirt.

    Her husband said, “You two will be the oldest ones there.” Her response was simply, “No, we won’t–you’d be shocked at Adam’s fan base.”

    Loved your description of the process of preparing for the concert. Can’t wait to read about your experiences.


    • Like you, I went with a younger person, she’s 40 and I’m 67! An older woman was sitting a few seats away beisde me, she’d be at least 75, maybe 80 and was with a friend my age.. she had a cane and I could see her “rockin” in her seat during Adam! (Yes!)

      The crowd was a real mix, a little girl of 8 with her mom (it was the girl’s birthday gift), lots of Boomers (ages 45 to 63) and tons from 15 to 30, and I’d say, about 1/5 who looked my age, men too!! Maybe their wives dragged them… LOL

      I ;polled about 25 people before the concert and ALL were there for Adam!

  21. hahaha two of my friends actually own a pair of those pants. 😛

  22. Oh, the cutest story! I am going to the Aug. 26 concert in Detroit (Auburn Hills, The Palace) and am so excited, even though I will be going with a friend who likes (can you believe it?) Danny Gokey more! She likes Adam second (how could anybody put him no. 2 in the UNIVERSE!!). However, I do have an “Adam Rocks” black t-shirt I bought from Cafe Press and it’s excellent quality, but I’m going to purchase a tank top with my own design, colors,etc., a black one with blue and silver sparkles.

    I would like to know how to join an Adam fan club, either Glamberts, Glambs or whatever else. I plan to buy a blue glow stick and put glitter in my hair. Thanks for all the styling tips and the great story, guys!! You have given me great ideas for the concert!1

    Now, I have something to share with you … I’m a former full-time reporter (newspapers) and I free-lance (I’ve interviewed Heart, The Black Crowes, etc.) and ALMOST got to interview Adam for a local newspaper, but their full-time entertainment reporter was already on it!! So close to his Royal Gorgeousness (sigh). But, two things I’d like to know: yes, do they allow cameras and is there a meet-and-greet for EVERYONE before and/or after the show, and is it outside where the tour van area is? If you have any answers to these questions (fan clubs info, cameras, meet-and-greet) this is my e-mail address:

    I agree, it’s fun to be passionate again — although my inner kid has never stopped. My last obsession was Walt Disney World, which is now second to Adam!!!

    • Hi Eileen, – I just spotted your request about how to become a Glamb. I just posted this a few minutes ago on another page, and I wanted you to have it too. Here is how to become a Glamb:

      The easiest way is probably this: go to the Home page on this site. At the top of the Home Page, you will see Adam’s picture smiling at you in that large box that displays changing pictures of Adam. (It really doesn’t matter which picture is showing in the box, the instructions will still work.) As you run your mouse lightly over the side of that picture, you will see a faint, rather large arrow. As you click on that arrow, different pictures will come up in succession. After clicking on that arrow about three times, you will come to the picture of Adam’s raised fist on a silver background. Beside his fist, it will say ‘Glambs’ in large aqua letters. Click directly on that picture, and it will take you to the sign-up page for the Glambs Fan Club. The instructions are at the top of the page, and are easy to follow. I hope many other fans reading this will decide to join up too! Hope this helps! — Lorrin Glamb #102

  23. Sorry, I forgot the c in comcast! E-mail: Must be ’cause I’m so excited about Adam and where you kissed the pants. Front or back? Like I don’t know, lol …

  24. AdamAddict says:

    Out of topic but Adam talking about the hacker thing and this is the new vid.I recomended you guys watch it because if U not,U missing something really adorable!Don’t tell me I’m not sharing!! here:

    • AdamAddict, THANK YOU SOOO MUCH 4 THAT LINK! I LOVED THAT LITTLE VID OF ADAM!!!! I wonder if that was his hat??!!! Oh, Adam, stop your flirting with us when we can’t flirt back!!! He is such
      a flirt! Putting his 2 cute little fingers up and kissing them with a little ‘smack’!!! CAN’T STAND IT, ADAM!!!
      NOW STOP THAT U R MAKING ME CRAZZZZYYY!!!!! Did he look like a 12 yr. old or WHAT!!? Looked thin
      in the face 2!!! THAT ADORABLE, LOVABLE FACE!!!!! OOOoooohhhhh!

  25. AdamFan says:

    OMG, you guys are hysterically funny. Sounds like a blast. I too have been planning my outfit and poster for the last two weeks. I get to see ADAM this Thurs at the Dallas concert. My poster is a close up of his eyes with full eyeliner and rhinestones (just like he did when he sang Kiss)!!!! I also have purchased Rhinestones for my eyes. I ordered a black Adam Heart and Wings t-shirt from Cafe-press and will be adding glitter to it also. Ohhhhhh, I can’t wait to see him. Rock on Adam fans.

  26. This article is one of the best i have read! It made me feel as if I were there with you.
    I live on the right coast and have to wait almost TWO months for the AI concert. Too much
    time to worry if Adam will lose his voice, get sick or hurt.

  27. Thamara Stephenson says:

    This article was very entertaining! You 2 are having a blast and I can feel your excitement. U’ll be going to the Tampa, Fl. Concert, and to say I’m over the top us putting it mildly. I’m over 50, but have gone too many Concerts in the past. I can tell you I’m more excited now than ever. There’s just something about “our” boy Adam. I hope everyone gets to see him now, because when he’s touring solo and AI isn’t picking up the tab, tickets will be sky high. It costs money to put on extravaganzas like he creates. Have fun ALL and please do share if you get photos at the events!

  28. Hello Carlo and Lila,
    can you please tell us where did you get the exact same t-shirt from? please share the name of the store! thank you soooooooo much. Sophie

    • cmhagey says:

      Hi Sophie – see the response at:
      adamtastic1877 says:
      July 17, 2009 at 9:57 pm

    • Sophie, here is a link to their website. Since we actually drove to the store I don’t know if they sell online, but at one point he was willing to mail one to you (his name was Toshi or something if I recall correctly). You can call and ask if he will still do it (contact info is on their website). I heard through the grapevine that there was a store online selling their clothes (and this shirt), but I haven’t been able to find the online store myself.

  29. IDOLize says:

    i got my tickets and was surprised at how cheap ( for what was on offer !!!!)
    printed them out on line. used them in San Jose. ( $53 + admin fees
    i was only there for ADAM but the whole show was so well put together – with them all paring up and giving us a rockin good time, and an all in ‘ Hey Jude’ at the end ( i think instead of ‘ no – finger down throat- Boundries ‘ !
    Only complaint is- that it was over in a flash- some films go on for longer than that !! One day it will BE ALL ABOUT ADAM- but then the kids and unemployed will be even less likely to be able 2 attend 🙁
    For the youngsters in previous posts HOLD A BAKE SALE- DO SOME DOGGY WALKING – be kind to your Aunts and Grannies – scrape the money up some how- there are a lot of people out there like me- who want to feel part of this ‘ born again glam rock’ scene – i’m sure people in your area would gladly help sponsor your trip. Those who couldnt get there – would probably get a buzz by getting you there- as long as you told them all about it- and took lots of photos, they would feel like they were there too !
    Dont forget binnoculars if your in the cheapie seats- and cameras are o.k
    you’ll never forget it if you go- but always regret it- if you dont .LIVE LIFE TO THE FULL . <3 to all xx

  30. Kathleen says:

    Thanks for sharing your adventure with us….it is amazing you found the infamous STRIPED PANTS.

  31. Just had a few minutes to spare so went into which is a handy site for Adam news and found this

    Interview July 16 Dish of Salt with Laura Saltzman She askes lots of fans’ questions, a bit different info about Adam.

    Sorry don’t know how to send the link as there is no simple copy and paste feature.

  32. Sue/Utah says:

    You guys are all great! I have an official Adam Sighting!! My sister went to the concert in San Jose on the 12th and then flew to Salt Lake on the 13th to attend the concert here with me. Guess who was on the plane??? Yes, Adam and all the other idols except Kris. She was soooo excited! She spoke to Adam in the airport and he was very nice and gave her an autograph.(she just happened to have her Rolling Stone for him to autograph) She took lots of pictures while they were waiting for the plane and later waiting for the baggage. BTW Adam was in First Class and all the others were in coach! We went to the Salt Lake concert and it was fabulous!! Adam stole the show…of course!

    • Amazingly Lucky!!! What airline was she on??

    • Sue/Utah

      Your sister must still be floating in space somewhere – so happy for her. Please share the pics. … and what is this about Adam being seated in First Class and the others in coach? Thanks for sharing!

  33. Glamb #
    Lisa (lisai) from Christchurch, New Zealand

    Love those pants and all that’s in them…..

  34. LOL!!!!! That is too much!!! I am cracking up! Beautiful story! I am going this Friday to Tulsa, and I am too excited! Thanks for sharing this hilarious and fabulous story and your pic!

  35. I can see a lot of work has gone into creating those posters, I am so envious, I will not be coming to America till the second week of August, will there still be any AI performances?

  36. Can’t wait til Dallas this Thursday. Cute story.

  37. I am heading to LA next week. I will definitely check out the Joy Rich store. What was the name of the store that had the pants??

    • cmhagey says:

      Sorry, don’t remember. But it had leather jackets and a tattoo booth in the back. Good luck!

  38. Thanks for sharing your experienced. AWESOME! Oh, my that striped pants, btw, thanks for posting the pic, as I gaze at the pic a wildest imagination run through my mind, how’s yours 😉 love the shoes, love the chain from the shoes, love the belt buckle, love the ???? 😉

  39. …LOVE Adam 😉

  40. Jeanette says:

    If anyone is totally obsessed with having a pair of the striped pants, they are available for sale on ebay. Just search for “Lip Service striped pants.” I’m not embarrassed (well, maybe just a little) to say I checked! I would have bid on a pair except for the fact that I don’t think it’s the best look for an old chubby lady like myself. But just to be able to stare at those pants (and kiss them whenever the urge moved me) might make it worthwhile after all…