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Here For Your Entertainment
Adam Lambert on Post-Idol Success, the Media, & Talented Tongue
Interview by Jason Clevett
From May 2010

In the week prior to my conversation with Adam Lambert, he performed sold out shows in Richmond and Coquitlam, B.C., appeared as a guest mentor on American Idol, and performed his current single Whataya Want From Me on the results show. He was also in one of the funniest moments in Idol history with host Ryan Seacrest.

If you haven’t seen the clip yet, hunt it down. While talking about Whataya Want From Me Adam told Ryan he had to stick his tongue out to hit the high note. In response Seacrest replied “my tongue is not nearly as talented as yours.”

“That made me laugh too. That was a brilliant moment. It was not rehearsed. It is moments like that which make interviewing fun,” Lambert told GayCalgary and Edmonton Magazine. The look on everyone’s face, from Lambert’s to Seacrest’s to the Glee cast seated behind them added to the hilarity. To top it off, Adam mouthed the words, “It’s true.”

“It is true!” he said, chuckling at the memory. “Whatever went through my mind was pretty clear on camera. It was like oh… ok. I thought it was funny.”

Seacrest always seemed to stumble over his words around Lambert, even when he was an idol-contestant last season. Is it possible he has a little man-crush on Lambert?

“Ryan’s great. I don’t know him personally, my only interaction is being interviewed by him either on Idol or his radio show. He is always really cool with me. I think he knows I can take a joke and he can tease me, it will all be in good fun. We have a good time.”

For someone with only a year of experience since Idol, Lambert’s advice in leading contestants through Elvis week was often spot on.

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  1. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I hear Adam is standing up for his band and dancers and I think that is great! Apparently, he’s responding to some of the critical remarks folks have made about his dancers. I’m glad he is doing this because the best work Adam has done comes from his sense of teamwork and from his ability to get every part of his team to give his or her best. Some of his most creative ideas come together from his collaborative work with others, and that’s why he comes across as so fresh and new, particularly when he gets on the stage and performs. I hope his words will remind people that Adam is not starting his career intending to repeat old stuff and act like all the performers who were there before he showed up. He wants to be different, to explore his creative potential to the fullest extent possible, and create looks and acts that haven’t been done before, not repeat old stuff. So, I’m excited that Adam is not going to back down, he’s not going to listen to the naysayers, and he’s going to go and continue to take risks and get out there are shock us, surprise us, and yank us out of his old ruts. So, dancers, don’t pay any attention to all the haters, just get out and entertain us beautifully like you have so far. Adam is watching your back.

    • Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

      Yuck, some misspellings, but you get what I’m saying!

      • libraglam says:

        You did it perfectly, I am with you 100% and that means i am 100% with ADAM ! I have enjoyed his team and appreciate every bit of art and creativity they brought on stage !! I was pretty uncomfortable with many critics here and there for many weeks about his dancers and today i am so glad that ADAM stood up for his team and their creativity. That is the way to go !

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Way to go Elizabeth, I totally agree with you. I really feel for Adam having to defend his dancers and bandmates and defend them to so-called fans. I cannot believe how critical some of them are. Adam has class and knows what he is doing. I love the fact that he surrounds himself with friends for his dancers and Monte as his guitarist. I cannot understand how anyone can pick on any of these talented people. They obviously have nothing better to do with their time. Just think what the haters could achieve if they turned their minds to doing good instead of slagging others off.

      I am so proud of Adam that he has stood up to these haters. I agree with him, if they feel like that then he certainly doesn’t want them at any of his concerts.

      Love you Adam, Can’t wait for your tour to start or your fantastic video to come out either.

      • adamfan says:

        omg, I am not a hater or a “so-called fan”. Everyone on this site knows I am
        a huge fan!!
        I love the band members!.
        If Adam wants these dancers, it is his call as I have always said. I am pointing out
        that Adam is a world class singer and these are not world class dancers which
        anyone can see. I know he will run the show his way and of course, I have and
        still would line up for hours and pay a lot of money to see him. Sometimes, I think
        we are just being motherly and scared that some things might not make a world-class show.
        Our greatest wish is for Adam to be a huge success!

        Please let this site not scare away polite free speech or it becomes nothing.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Gee, people, chill out!!! If some of us make comment here, ( about the dancers) , it is just a comment. I am with Adamfan. I have been a fan (not just a “so-called” fan) from the very start. some of us were just making comments about the dancers, not everyone will be agreeable with everything. Or else this will be such a boring world! Some made comments that they like Adam’s new haircut, others dont, but it doesnt mean they love Adam less.. That is what make this site interesting. So dont be so harsh with your responses to other’s comment. We are all here for one reason: ADAM.

        • libraglam says:

          Adamfan, ADAM message is to HATERS who directly sent /tweet INSULT to his dancers ! It’s not acceptable to whoever send direct H8 and insult. Everyone is entitled to give comments. Remember, comments are different than disgusting insult. I am sure you are not the one who sent direct message to his dancers to INSULT them. All of us should stand up to fight against those HATERS as well ! and shout out loud ” NO H8″ !!!

  2. Well said, Elizabeth. I’m happy that Adam is surrounded by people he loves and people that love him.

  3. Sue
    I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work with this site. I was laid off 1yr and 3mo ago. I live alone so that was all the income I had. Needless to say it’s been very hard.
    Having Adam and this site to keep up with has make the hard times seem bearable. Soon I hope to have a job so I can go to one of Adam concerts.

  4. I love that he works with dancers!!

    On Ellen’s show, I thought it was great to see him move in sync with them. He was at his best and the whole thing worked beautifully!! Adam Lambert is a very savvy guy. He knows what he wants, what works and what doesn’t. The bottom line is that Adam stays true to himself. It’s his show and he’s in charge. That’s what I expect in the Glam Nation Tour.
    I liked IIHY before Ellen’s show. I loved it after that performance!! I can’t stop playing the video.
    When is his video coming out????????

    I read the rest of the interview on Gay Calvary. Magazine. I wanted to rate the article and I had to join to do that. I could not find the place to rate it. No, I’m not gay, but I support Adam and the gay community. I just wanted to say that it was an excellent interview..
    Thanks Sue for posting it.

  5. EternalGlamNation says:

    Regarding Adam’s dancers, I know for me and many others it’s all about our selfishness. We would rather not have ANYTHING distract from Adam in all his glory. We’re not being hateful to the dancers, we are being supportive of Adam not needing distractions.

    I’m of the belief that many “artists” use dancers as a distraction, much like magicians use beautiful assistants to pull your eye away from what’s really happening. These artists are lip synching or have no stage presence and need other attention-grabbing devices to bolster their “talent.” Adam needs no such sleight of hand. Like Frank Sinatra and many singers of bygone days, Adam commands the stage and has the talent to just stand there and sing.

    I do understand that Adam wants to put on the best show for his fans that he possibly can, hence the dancers, lasers and pyro, but honestly, for me, when it comes to Adam less is more (I know, I know, Adam believes more is more). Right now he’s having fun and doing what he’s dreamed of doing and I love that, but at I do look forward to the day when he discovers his true power — his pure animal magnetism!

    Whatever Adam does, it’s fine by me as long as he’s in our lives.


    • I agree. It’s my selfishness. I don’t want distractions. I feel somewhat ashamed for being negative. Sorry.

      I do believe that polite free speech is very important, however.

      • Pure Animal Magnetism!
        I have been looking for that one for a while….thanks!

        I do not need the dancers to be entertained but Adam wants them there, so be it.
        He said the Glamnation tour is all about LOVE and YUMMINESS!
        Well, I can use lots of both, so bring it on, dancers and all!

      • Iyleneidol09 says:

        EternalGlamNation( that’s too long:) ) and Char, AMEN to both of you.. Adam and his Band are enough to satisfy all the fan’s ‘Visual Fantasy. Well, knowing Adam, he is very generous and kindhearted. He probably felt he can help a lot of his pre-Idol friends and share the wealth and fame.

        • LuvAdam476 says:

          I totally agree with you. Adam doesn’t need dancers but he loves being theatrical. Secondly he is providing opportunities to his friends that they otherwise may not get. Adam is all about friends and friendship. He has known and worked with these people, his friends for a long time and I for one am glad he is surrounding himself with friends that he loves, who love him and keep him grounded. Most celebrities forget where they came from and who their real friends are. Adam has not forgotten. That is why I love him so much! ADAM YOU ARE THE BEST!!


    • Exacly right. Perfectly said.

    • adam is going to have a very long career, and in his longevity he will go through many,many phases. as a fan (adam fanatic) i am ecstatic and very appreciative to go on this creative journey with him in whatever way he decides to go. it’s about the journey not the destination, about the moment not the projected path others think he should go. he has already matured in his performances and has a vision about them. his creative freedom is a testament to his talent and revealing in doing whatever he wants to do. today will be fireworks, lasers,dancers,costumes, glitter, tomorrow will be unplugged, toned down beauty, the next day will be movies, the one after that will be over the top craziness, the next one he will be alone on the stage, then on stage filled with friends and artists. there is no limit to what he can and will do. relax, enjoy his life as it unfolds according to his own vision. it’s all for you. love adam and love what he does.

  6. I have watched all of his shows , didn’t really see the dancers ??gonna have to get my eyes off Adam,see whats going on ,, on stage !!!!!lol ,GO ADAM !!!!!

  7. hey their friend ur looking good their always enjoy

  8. As for the dancers, my take is Whatever Baby wants, Baby gets!

  9. After seeing the posts on another site (24/7) , it seems that what Adam is truly objecting to are so many tweets and personal, nasty, and direct attacks on the individual dancers, on their individual appearances, their wardrobe, their ages, their hairdos, etc., perhaps their weight, not just on his inclusion of them in his tour and recent performances. Many of us have expressed opinions saying that we just want Adam and the band on stage, but it is certainly his vision and dream to have this epic stage show in addition to his performances. Heaven knows that Adam (and the band) is enough for ME as I only have eyes for Adam! But he has always been an ensemble theater performer and he loves a SHOW, its what he does. These dancers are his friends whom he has known probably long before we became his fans, so he is obviously angry and hurt that so many fans feel that need to criticize them as individuals, not just for the choreography,but picking them apart. I have to put myself in his shoes and realize that it could be perceived by him as an attack on his judgement as well. All this just before the start of his tour. So much pressure on him, with his unbelievably busy schedule the past year, to get it all together,for our entertainment. I am also guessing that we are going to LOVE his show, dancers or no dancers, it will all be wonderful. It does seem with each performance I’ve seen, they’ve gotten better and have really enjoyed some parts especially, and we’ve really only seen them a few times. His live show is always better than anything on TV, as I think those of us who have seen him live will agree, and this will probably be no different. There are some bloggers who are really blasting Adam for his defense of this friends. I can only say that anyone would be truly honored to have a friend like him. I think from now on I will personally stop commenting on whether or not I like the dancers, what they should or shouldn’t do, etc., (as much as I like to have an opinion!) and just look forward to July 20th when I will be rocking out with Adam, the band, and the dancers in Seattle. And I agree with Eileen “Whatever Baby Wants, Baby Gets!”

    • danagram says:

      This is in regard to the tweets about his Glamily. He was not responding to varioius opinions that we may write but to the very nasty tweets that Sasha and Taylor have been getting. They are his dancers and some of the remarks were very, very mean and nasty. He just does not want his fans to hate. We do not hate here just opine.

      • Haven’t been able to post for a little while since I wrote this (late at night-bad idea-should proof read-note to self!) and wanted to say after re-reading it I realize I left out a couple of important things that I should have said!. It did sound as though I was implying that Adam was responding to his fans in general, and of course know it was just about the tweets directed at his dancers Sasha and Taylor. So very sad that so much hate was directed at them personally. And of course I would never suggest we not express our own opinions freely here, that’s what makes this site so interesting and fun and cathartic at times. Who else can we say these things to,and not get those funny looks that my family gives me sometimes, even though they are fans of Adam as well. I’m just a little BIGGER fan! (Putting it mildly….)

    • libraglam says:

      Mary , that is exactly how i feel too. People comments to his dancers rreally hurted him as an attack on his judgement. During his promotion tour around the world, he kept telling people that he will make his dream come true that is : he “likes” to have dancers with him. All the choreography is a team work and i am sure ADAM has contributed to it a lot to it. Everything on stage is his ideas and creativity. Therefore, everytime i watched his performance with the dancers, i appreciate so much of what ADAM has put together with the hope to entertain us and give us pleasure. Our content and happiness mean a lot to ADAM. He has worked so hard and even please his fans to add up dozen more Nation tour shows. I can tell that he listens to us all, therefore he cn hear all of our comments and conversations. It’s always tough for ADAM because we never had enough of him and instead of supporting him, we did things that hurted him. We all know that ADAM is honest and sensitive. That is why he is a very caring person. I am sensitive person too and i know how he feels. Therefore, i always remind myself that everything comes out of our mouth matter so much for ADAM . Our support means a lot to him.

  10. JEANENE says:


    • libraglam says:

      Jeanene, i don’t understand your point here. I think you post this in the wrong fan base. May be ii did not have breakfast yet and my eyes are blurred ( i hope so), could you you give me ” good reason” why do i need spend my time reading who would stop voting for ADAM ?

      • libraglam says:

        No matter who win, there are hundreds of other voting site for ADAM. KEEP VOTING for ADAM. WHY QUIT ? VOTE VOTE VOTE. I VOTE for ADAM forever (whereever they need me to)

  11. Princessshakeitup says:

    Could one of the Authors of this site PLEASE contact me on my e-mail address!?

    I do not know how to contact you personally about getting things posted on this site.
    I would realy appreciate this!
    Sue? Carol? Adam!? [it never hurts to try…]
    Love to all!

  12. You guys mean that people were actually tweeting nasty negative comments directly TO Adam’s dancers? wow. That’s low. No wonder Adam is upset. I just hope that Adam realizes that the people who would actually do that are extremely few and far between. The great majority of Adam’s fans absolutely support him and that we are drawn to him not only because he is the sexiest, most talented and entertaining performer of this generation, but because of WHO HE IS.

    Adam, you are the kind of person I want my children to become!!!!! Your mother must be so proud. I am not surprised that you are sticking up for your “glamily”. You are inspiring. You help keep ME focused on what’s important. Love.

  13. adamfan says:

    Adam’s tweet with the comment “they help me be my best”
    really says it all. This is really what matters about the dancers.

    Anyone remember when Paul McCartney used to have his wife Linda
    on stage singing at the concerts even tho she had no singing skills and
    the sound crew would turn her mic down to zero. Her presence must have given him
    the support and energy for a good show.

    I think Adam might take these negative comments as a personal attack on his judgement.
    He has said in interviews that he doesn’t like to be told what to do.

    A comment on another site suggested that maybe the group should put more
    distance between themselves and some of these social networking sites or
    let the management handle some of these situations and I agree.
    They have enough to do planning incredible shows for us!!

    • libraglam says:

      Hi all, ( i posted this in the previous article) ADAM message is to HATERS who directly sent /tweet INSULT to his dancers ! It’s not acceptable to whoever send direct H8 and insult. Everyone is entitled to give comments. Remember, comments are different than disgusting insult to others. I am sure NONE OF US HERE in this site are the one who sent direct message to his dancers yesteday to INSULT them. All of us should stand up to fight against those HATERS instead ! Please shout out loud ” ADAM and his crew ROCK and :

      NO H8? !!! ” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!!” NO H8? !!! PEACE and LOVE as what ADAM said to all of us !

  14. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    I think, in a sense, it is a question of whether you gravitate more towards the Adam in the “For Your Entertainment” style with the complexity, the knowing look, flirting with the python, the dancers grasping him, the dark shadows, the absynthe, the jungle atmosphere, or whether you gravitate towards Adam alone in his bedroom staring out into the distance, all planes and light and dark shadows, which you get in “What Do You Want From Me.” Sometimes Adam has his dancers there evoking an energetic, dance rhythmic, get on your feet, move, feel the beat, feel your body, versus, Adam alone on the stage with the spotlight on him crying to the words of “Broken Open”. I think your reaction to the performance in terms of assessing quality has to do with where you are at, and what your needs are at the particular moment, as an audience. To be honest, I think it is important not to get stuck on one vision of who Adam is as an artist because that puts him in a box. Then you get a situation where, as with James Taylor, the sound of James Taylor twenty years ago is the same sound you get today. The ideal scenario is when the artist and the audience grow, mature, and change together, feed into each other in a positive way, and create new opportunities for creativity and ways of experiencing the artistry of a singer over time. The important thing is to be open to originality and not be put off by it just b/c its new, unfamiliar, or initially jarring. Think how Bob Dylan’s audience felt when he went electric. Now we say, naturally he’d go electric, but it certainly wasn’t a given at the time.

  15. I just didn’t like it when the dancer got in front of Adam…….. I still don’t. The dancers were great on Ellen!!!!! I think Adam and the dancers were just getting used to each other and now are going to be a good mix. It all takes time doesn’t it….. I also think they are all so tired from rehersing so much. I can’t wait for the show to start. I won’t be able to go so am looking forward to anything I can get on my computer and hope someday it will be on tv…. (I’m dreaming) maybe on a DVD though. 🙂

  16. Victoria says:

    Adam ‘walks his talk’ when he performs. That is what makes him so special. He goes for excellence every time!
    I think he achieves it, beautifully. He is terrific alone with just his voice. He would be terrific with a whole symphony of folks with him. He is just terrific!
    Let the artist create the dream he is dreaming. I agree … distracters don’t come to his shows, instead why don’t you go off somewhere, and show yourself what you are made of.
    Go dream your own win/win dream, act upon it, and then come back and show-off.

  17. I love that Adam is taking up for his crew, and rightfully so.

    I just think his dancers block my view of Monte, Tommy, the hot drummer, and the keyboard player. They are very talented, and as a musician myself, I really like to see the band.

    But I’m sure the dancers really add to Adam’s show in person. Kudos to Adam!

  18. supersweetipie says:

    Why can’t you love Adam and have an opinion on his dancers? Just like his record album, Adam makes his own decisions. But part of having a fansite is having discussions. This does not have anything to do with how much you like Adam. Convincing others and attacking them for not agreeing with what you think, is what Adam is against. As true fans, we should all stick together and Respect each others as individuals.

  19. I’ve been from another seminar again, so my comments are late. But anyway, Adam’s responses always leaves me awestruck. This time, even humbled. How can Adam be so composed and gracious when responding to Ryan’s doublespeak of a “more talented tounge?” If it were me, I might have flown the loop, embarrassed or royally pissed off. My GOSH, who can beat that. I mean Adam’s response was so charming. A lesson for us in good manners. I love you Adam !!!

  20. I mean tongue, not tounge. He -he !