FYI- Not Your Adam Lamberts FYE

This may be the first time that I suggest you turn DOWN the volume on your computer. This is “Dancing With The Stars” using Adams FYE for one of their dances.
First of all, they did NOT use Adam to sing this song. H.O.R.R.I.B.L.E. It was really painful to listen to the whole song. TRUST ME, I do not lie…
Even worse though, was having to watch KATE dancing along to it. YUCK… So I am sorry to have you all watch this, but I guess it makes us even more thankful for that beautiful voice.




  1. That’s just horrible!! Adam makes it sound so easy to sing this, but it isn’t.

    • WOW!! That was PAINFUL to hear and yes it makes me furious!! The network BANS/Blacklists Adam for the AMAs, then they have the worst dancer ever perform to Adams song, while having the worst singer I’ve ever heard destroy it. Was this a statement by the network??

      FYE is great song AND the video is the HOTTTEST I’ve ever seen in my life. It should have been a hit on radio and mtv/VH1!! ABC is responsible for killing the success of FYE. Radio and television is closly related and they wanted to take Adam down, but it did’nt work!! Because people LOVE HIM and he will be Iconic!! The song is still about WILD SEXXXXXXXX!!! NOW they decide to play it on a “Family Friendly” show like DWTS!! Because they can’t keep ADAM DOWN!! HYPOCRITES!!!!!!!!

      • First the singing was horrible and second their dance were horrific. That’s all I have to say.

  2. wow please please vote her offfff sooooon … i wanna watch but wont watch with this kind of crap on … ya ill say crap CAUSE IT WAS 🙂

  3. OMG! They destroyed FYE!!!! Arrrgh…wish they just remixed the song to suit the tango w/ Adam’s vocals still on it=(

  4. SleepwalkerAries says:

    Brutal! I cringed through the whole song when I was watching it live. Now I understand why hard-core Elvis fans don’t like to hear anyone cover his songs. I still feel sick…

  5. TexasGal says:

    That’s so bad, it’s funny! This little network war is hilarious. First, DWTS brags about winning the ratings over AI, then Simon makes a snide comment about the DWTS singers, then they pay AI back by butchering Adam, Kris and Kelly songs! Now THAT’s entertainment 🙂 And who knows – our AI kids may get a little sales boost from people wanting to see how the original sounds.

    • LolaGlamb says:

      To paraphrase what I just posted on YouTube:

      That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. This little performance, both vocal and dancing, should go down in the annals of history. Classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Saturday Night Live could not have choreographed a funnier skit than this. Priceless!

      I just hope non Adam fans realize that that was not Adam singing that dreck!

  6. Looked like a Saturday Night Live skit, and you are right: HORRIBLE!

  7. Libraglam says:

    OH My gosh…..who the hell singing it ??? how could they sing ADAM’s song?? I am going to sue them!! That’s is horrible……Even i already got your warning SUE (thank you) but as soon as i watched it, i had to put my blanket over my face !!! IT’s terrible !! I have to go to YouTube to see MY ADAM LAMBERT before i am going to bed….otherwise i will have NIGHTMARE tonite !!!

    • I said this in an earlier post, but if people didn’t see it… on DWTS, they have thier own “in house” band and singers. Most of the time, they do okay, sometimes even good, but this was a train wreck from start to finish. I fast forwarded as soon as I realized that not only was Kate dancing – and she should have accepted that her 15 minutes of fame were up, and gone away already! but to hear Adam’s son butchered was too much! Aloha, Holly

  8. That guy singing should be embarassed!!! That was truly awful. I hope nobody thinks that was actually Adam. All of us know the real deal but FYE hasn’t been played that much………..Yikes if ABC is going to use the music at least get the real version! OK Once again ABC at its’ finest. YUCK…….no more song butchering!!!

    • buffy522 says:

      Ya have to remember, ABC!! Are you kidding??? First they crucify him, ostracize him, put him on the horrible Red Carpet for the Grammy’s, now butcher his song! Like Muzak in the doctors office. I think the singer wasn’t that bad (couldn’t hit the high notes) but yeah, there are ways to make it work with remix. BUT, it’s out there mainstream. Gotta be a good thing?

  9. I don’t know how many of you are regular watchers of DWTS, but they always have the band members sing, so they’re never gonna be as good as the originals. I noticed that the dancers performed to Kelly Clarkson, then Kris Allen, so then I wondered if they’d ever dance to an Adam song, and sure enough, they did. What really irked me is that Kate Gosselin danced to his song, and I can’t stand her! What’s even worse is that she did a little better than before, and I know with the latest publicity she’s gotten with her ex filing for full custody of the kids, she’s gonna get more sympathy votes! Poor Adam! I hate to have him associated with her succeeding!

  10. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    This is wrong on so many levels it’s frightening. First off… the lady is the holy witch from hell… then she dances like crap… then BALLROOM?!?!? to FYE!!! and of course there’s the vocals. Ugh. Disturbing.

  11. tweeterpie says:

    I couldn’t believe my ears when I was watching DWTS and heard them ruin Adam’s song by having it sung so poorly. It was horrible! The only thing worse was that it was danced to by the worst dancer that I have ever witnessed on the show. I guess the saving grace is that it shows people just how hard that song is to sing and how tricky those Adam notes are. But I still think that NOBODY should even attempt to sing one of Adam’s songs if they don’t have the skills. I feel sorry for Adam though. His song finally makes prime time and that was the showing!?!?. WHAT A SHAME~HE DESERVES BETTER



  14. Dianne Hill says:

    I watched this just so I knew how bad it would be the singing was so ameteurish the dancing was stiff and robotic (I have no idea who this Kate is cause I am from NZ and we either don’t get the programme she is in here or else if we do I certainly don’t watch it), the only thing going for this is the fact that they will have to pay Adam royalties for using his song so for that I am thankful, plus it is getting his song played on television to what I presume is to a large audience, you never know someone with no idea of how badly FYE is sung here make like it and look into going out and buying the CD, yay, more sales for Adam, so you see, there is a shining light at the end of this dark tunnel and it is all turned on Adam.

    • Dianne, Adam doesn’t get any royalties from this song unless he was credited as a co-writer or co-publisher. What you heard was a bad, and I mean really bad, cover of the song.

      Sue, I have to laugh at your posting this. This was so atrocious from every conceivable point of view, it’s funny. However, I have to admit I could not get through the whole thing. It was too painful. Not only was the singing on a karaoke level, the tango does not go with the tune and the dancing was some of the worst I’ve ever seen. As a former dancer, I can always tell when a non-dancer is performing.

  15. It was B R U T A L !!! What an assault on my ears. WTF????? Hope they vote the singer and Kate off!

  16. I was shocked and horrified by the butchering of Adam’s song! And the worst dancer was using it which made it so much more terrible. Kate Gosslin (only a “celebrity” for being a baby vending machine on Jon and Kate +8 for the ones who haven’t seen the show and you aren’t missing anything) has no rhythm and she needs to go. What a loser. And they butchered Kris’ song too but at least Edyta and Adian had a decent dance to it. I think we all need to complain to ABC about it. I bet they get far more than a measly 1500 complaints!

  17. the singing was AWFUL!!! the guy has to know that, or was it a girl singing? LOL
    And vote Kate off. I don’t no which was worse tonight. However, it was nice to see them use an Adam song………I think.

  18. OMG…’Do you like what you see’!!!!!!!?…(OR EVEN MORE HEAR! )….I THINK NOT!!!!!! WHAT THE BLAZES DO YOU CALL THAT!….I like positivity……especially where ADAM is concerned but
    after listening to that……….I can’t think of one thing positive to say…..only the word horrendous
    comes to mind!……..(Enough already of this Kate stuff!)

  19. ViviennePendragon says:

    I coudn’t watch after the first 10 seconds. Enough said.

  20. DEE #458 says:

    When you hear someone else sing ADAM’s song, you REALIZE HOW TRULY TALENTED ADAM IS !!!

    I think Kate will be gone….God Bless her, but she CAN’T DANCE!

    They also sang Kris’ song “Live Like We’re Dyin'”……

  21. AdamAddict says:

    To me,not only the voice is horrible,the dance too.No “UMPH” factor!

  22. Hey guys, look at it this way…it was a tribute to our Adam. Tony looked yummy..think of what he has to put up with having Kate to dance with. The poor singer was told what to sing, this should not be an attack on him. We love Adam so much that we think we can say or do anything to protect him. Think of those last night who had little to say about the production. That said, I told my husband last night that the blogs were going to light up about this.

  23. It was sooooo dreadful! What a contrast to seeing Stars on Ice skating to the REAL Strut!

  24. not only did DWTS take a poke at AI,BUT, so did ABC and they used the same song that Adam performed at the AMA’S, that was so petty of ABC.

  25. That was a disgrace in the singing department. Guess ABC was afraid Adam singing would take the attention off of the weak dancing. What is ABC’s problem???

  26. judi maine says:

    They ALWAYS use their own band &singers for the performance………..don’t watch the show, didn’t watch the video….Can’t wait for the REAL thing on IDOL.and concert dates her in the states!
    ADAM is AWESOME no matter where or what he is doing/saying……love the acoustic versions! still laughing at the person he asked to get off of the phone!<3 Love you Adam or beig the person you are!<3<3<3

  27. Princessshakeitup says:

    Ok, so I’m staying with my sister in the good ol US of A and, although I have been avoiding DWTS like a big pile of dog doo this season after finding out KATE [a STAR!?] was going to be on, my sister insisted I watch it with her last night. Then she plied me with wine and I became somewhat more mallieable. Just IMAGINE my horror whan that sniveling, whining drama queen danced [!?] to FYE sung just about as bad as if my big brother had sung it! NEVER AGAIN! Today is my 51st birthday and my sister WILL take me out to dinner and then come home to watch the REAL Adam on AI [which I have also avoided till tonight] and the Universe will line up again. I am also waiting for Adam to call to sing to me. Unrealistic? Me thinks not…

    • Stkittsperky says:

      When I spoke with Adam earlier today, he ASSURED me that he would personally sing Happy Birthday to you. Also BTBW. Your SIA

    • Happy Birthday, Princess!!! Tonight’s gonna be a GOOD nIght!!!

  28. This is just so laughable!!!!

  29. Ima Ramorah says:

    Yes it would have been better for Adam to sing it as a GUEST, but no one in the band could ever have hit those notes. They changed the tempo to suit the Tango..((shrug)) Don’t think it was a shot at A.L. just bad musicallity on the band leaders part.
    It would have been nice to see Pam or Nicole to dance to it, Kate is like watching 100 car train derailment getting the pity vote.
    call me nuts I just thought it nice that they used one of his songs.

  30. I watched last night and was cringing through the whole thing. I recognized the song in the first four notes but I didn’t believe they were going to do that, I was all, “what?!” no way, then I was excited, then the singing started ugh, then the “dancing”. *sigh* My hubby was laughing at me because I was so personally insulted. 🙂

    What they need is to do to make it up to us is to have Adam dancing the Rumba.. mmm…


    • Princessshakeitup says:

      YES, that would do it!

    • Susan, your reaction was identical to mine!! And I agree about Adam and the Rhumba…but who should be his dance partner, Edyta or Tony? LOL

  31. KrissieE says:

    Oh for heaven’s sake. I was glad they used a Kris and Adam song. At least it wasn’t boring. In fact I got a kick out of it and thought it was funny. Nobody will ever sing it like Adam but that just shows what a megatalent he is.

  32. Libraglam says:

    I don’t know…but i felt insulted when they let some idiot sing that song….. We have to tell people that it’ s not our ADAM’s voice !

  33. why they dint invite adam lambert to sing this song for ur intertainment. stupid-crazy abc plus bad dancing. its horrible.-hope poeple buy adam song for ur intertainment the original song adams voice.

  34. I bet Adam would do an excellent Rumba :-). Oh my gosh, just the thought of it………….

  35. I never imagined that I would listen to FYE and feel sad and slightly sick. I wonder if Adam could sue? How awful was that?

  36. It doesn’t surprise me how bad this rendition is, since ALL of the songs on DWTS are like horrible karaoke versions of popular songs. I don’t get why they even do this; why don’t they just play music that’s actually meant for ballroom dancing, instead of butchering Adam Lambert songs?! Oi.

  37. cheryl 334 says:

    SAW THIS LAST NITE AND WAS SKERD!!!!!! The man who tried to sing skerd me. He was so awful when he tried to reach the high notes Adam sings so eloquently, that he embarrassed himself and the show. Yes, I agree with everyone on Kat e’s attempt to dance. She skers me, too. I saw her comments prior to her ‘dance’! Help! The woman is impossible on so many levels.Sad, the whole thing was so sad!

    Bad, Bad show! 🙁 🙁 Leave Adams music alone!!!!!!! Bad, Bad people! 🙁 🙁

  38. And did you notice they “sanitized” the lyrics? Instead of “I told ya Imma hold you down until you’re amazed”, they took out the word “down”. Please. And lamest, most heatless version of a tango ever!

  39. La Fronne says:

    I couldn’t believe it either! I was thinking when they played Kris’ that wouldn’t it be nice if they used Strut, FYE or Music Again or any of Adam’s and then it came on and it didn’t even sound like the beginning of the song; and when I heard the voice; I thought “wow, that can’t be Adam” so I replayed it again from the beginning and to my horror and disgust it was someone who was just awful. What a drag – it made the song sound second rate. What is the matter with these people? Why didn’t they use the original? Oh well, at least Adam is on tonight on AI and we all know which station will be watched the most! Can’t wait to see him and all his comments to the hopefuls.

  40. k. morgan says:

    I found it funny…but I guess we can look at it this way…when they choose your song to be sung and used for a dance (although done horribly) it means you have made it as a star…
    But it was truly terrible and hysterical…K

  41. renogirl says:

    Dear lord she is sooooo BAD.

    Great they used the song. Now we know why our boy is so fabulous.
    He sure can sing circles around others out there.

  42. Ninalatina9 says:

    The singing was absolutely atrocious and sounded like a cat in heat as SimonCowel would say. I was horrified they thought it was good– they shouldve just got Adam to sing it. .. Goes to show he’s the only one who can sing these notes!!!!!

  43. I couldn’t even listen to the whole thing.

  44. Retrogrrrl says:

    The “let me entertertain ya till ya screeeaaaaaaeeeeaaaaaeeeaaam” part had me in tears. It reminded me of when Gokey tried to hit that part of Dream On & Simon said it was like a horror movie! Be skerd, be very skerd!
    Thank God we get the real Adam tonight on AI!!!

  45. Simply not good at all. Wish they would get the royalties to real music instead of sacrificing our Glambaby Adam. There isn’t anyone that can represent him. Maybe they should invite him on the show so he can perform for real. Kat~

  46. OMG… What a combination of horror… I don’t believe that Adam would in his right mind would allow anyone to replicate his song in sucha horrible way. It’s a killer… and Kate, well she can’t dance… But the last move, when he swang her, almost hitting her head on the floor, that was kind of cool, but it was scary as well… Adam needs to sue some people. I wonder if he needs help with that…?

  47. The part that killed me was when the guy tried to do the high notes lol i was ROFL!!!

  48. LolaGlamb says:

    To paraphrase what I just posted on YouTube:

    ‘That’s one of the worst things I’ve ever seen. This little performance, both vocal and dancing, should go down in the annals of history. Classic Rocky Horror Picture Show. Saturday Night Live could not have choreographed a funnier skit than this. Priceless!’

  49. If I were Adam, I’d sue. Those high notes were the single most painful thing I have ever experienced. I watched the show and was like, “Oh wow, it’s Adam’s song”. Then the screaming began. My screaming. As Dr. Smith used to say on Lost In Space, “Oh the pain, the pain”.

  50. KO's smiling says:

    Wow. Nothing about that was good, but I found myself laughing.

  51. I was fit to be tied, when I heard this. I don’t watch the show but I heard it on one of the mag. shows, and I nearly went through the roof. How dare they!!!!! I wouldn’t worry about anyone thinking this is
    Adam, when clearly it’s not. I hope they get booted all the way back to obscurity!!