Full Versions of ‘Master Plan’ and ‘Whataya Want From Me’ !!

Below are the two tracks that were released today from FYE. Enjoy!

‘Master Plan’ :


‘Whataya Want From Me’ :



  1. I can’t believe I’m first!! : ) Love, love, love these two songs! Thank you for putting them on! Makes me even more excited to get his album!!!!

  2. i love being second

  3. Love this blogspot too!

  4. can’t get them…. darn

  5. i love,love… Whataya Want From Me!
    Can’t wait for the Album to come out.
    Hope it’s available in our country on 11/23

  6. i love these songs. And, ‘Master Plan” almost gave me an out of body esperience I love it so much.So far I’ve heard Time For Miracles, For Your Entertainment, Whataya Want From Me and Master Plan and they are all terrific. I was hoping I would like Adam’s CD because I just love the kid, but I for some reason was scared that I wouldn’t, however, it is my great pleasure to say I love love love everything I have heard . I should have known. He’s so wonderful. And, I am inspired by him and his music. Thanks for posting.

  7. I can’t buy the digital album but no problem, have been enjoying these two songs today, over and over and….

    I hope Master Plan will be available as a single later on. I do like it!


      • Yes, I hear Muse’s newest song actually also. Depeche Mode has always been popular here in Canada, as well as other international and alternative performers. I think one of the music critics wrote that Adam’s music reminded him/her of DM.

        If you wish to get on my ‘information list’ email me at adison42@hotmail.com Ofra.


      • Dianne Hill says:

        Hi Ofra, have you heard Marilyn Manson’s version of Personal Jesus. It is really really good. I know a lot of people don’t like Marilyn Manson but I think he is just hilarious and nothing to be afraid of. I love his version of this song better than Depeche Mode’s version.

  8. “Master Plan” Reminds me a little bit of Britney Spears “Circus”. (which if I recall correctly was a song that Adam said he already knew the words to and liked ( Ford commercial interview)

    • just to clarify… I’m referring to the rhythm and the beat of the song.. i like this.. and Circus too. 🙂

    • AdamAddict says:

      Agree with you Itsme.I said that B4 I saw your post.Sound like Britney song a bit. But I LOVE Master Plan.I’m listening to it now.Can’t stop dancing.OMG,I can’t wait to have that CD in my hand.Can’t wait!!Adam is ADAMAZING!! Can’t wait to see in AMA also.OMG,why time move slow all a sudden?

  9. Nice songs but I am still waiting for something that really shows off his voice.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Brian, as much as I adore the songs and snippets I’ve heard, I kinda agree with you. . . I’m looking forward to hearing Loaded Smile and Soaked in their entirety.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • I saw “2012” last night. AWESOME! The best part of it was listening to Adam Lambert belt out “Time For Miracle” during the credits roll.

        I love these two songs “Master Plan” and ‘Whataya Want From Me’ !!” However, I don’t feel that they do justice to Adam’s raw talent. I’m still waiting for something like “Mad World”.

        I feel blessed, though, for being one of the first to hear these two new songs.

        Love you, Adam.

        • I think the ballads will ‘do it’ for us, Leeza. From the snippets there seem to be a couple or even a few which are so ethereal in sound, so soft and sexy and heartwrenching and Adam’s voice seems to come through more. However I do love the growly lower ranges he is using now as well. We didn’t get to hear much of that on AI.

    • My favorite so far is Time For Miracles, which shows off the magnificent voice that I fell in love with on American Idol. Adam is capable of blowing off the roof with that voice, and so far, this album falls short of that.. I feel that there are others who could perform these songs, but Adam is capable of going to another level where no one can touch him, and that’s what I’m waiting for.

  10. sorry for the excess comments…
    Whataya want from me….. first of all, I love this song…….

    take the love song type element out of it and if sounds like Adam is speaking directly to his fans… us. What do you want from me? don’t give up.. I’m a freak…. Thanks for loving me…

    That’s how I interpreted this song. 🙂 I love it.

    • Itsme, never ever too many comments! Keep sharing!

      Terry in Vancouver

    • ‘Could be, Itsme … (speaking to the fans, that is). I can’t believe that the lyrics of Music Again weren’t directed toward fans ~ After all, many have posted that Adam ‘renewed their love for music.’ He apparently didn’t write the lyrics, but he could have suggested that idea, after learning of so many sentiments to that effect. Or … we could be tripping, and it has NOTHING to do with the fans … but it seems quite a coincidence!

      The words “Whataya want from me?” (or What Ya Want from Me, which at least one web site says is the correct title (?) are sad … I’m sure Adam is going through what all new celebrities do (and he’s said so, diplomatically for the most part), trying to cope with the complete lack of privacy. I would also think that the many ‘suggestions’ from opinionated fans don’t help. This is a guy who wants to fulfill HIS vision, and -if you’re up for the ride- fine, but if you’re one of those calling him a sell-out, because he’s not fitting into YOUR vision, you’re more of a wannabe puppet-master than a fan.

    • i am sorry dude, but you are wrong, he is speaking to his boyfriend, which it is normal for them to face problems since Adam is to busy and most likely he doesn’t have time to be with his love
      the song is amazing, is a hit in Kosovo. I love it
      the best american idol after Carry Underwood

  11. AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

    Love both these songs, Whatdaya Want From Me is my favorite at the moment…..but I really like the words to Master Plan………….This album is going to be mind-blowing. Wonder just how many music awards one man can win?????? Adam should clean up on them next year!!

  12. I love them both! So great!

  13. 95,5 WPLJ New York radio.. Has Adam on their artist’s list.. You can vote to hear him.YAY I joined their PLJ Loyal listener’s club, I’m originally from NY but now live in NC.

  14. whataya want from me is awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *_* I’m in love…

  15. AdamAddict says:

    While enjoying that,maybe U should look at this one also.Sherry sent to me,and I think I need to show to you guys too.It’s freaking HOT!Well,maybe it just me coz Imma a pervert but…don’t deny it,come on,admit it!what is that?Yup,I know you guys are pervert too,so don’t be shy to watch this.LOL!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Sherry and Emili. . . I don’t what we would do without you two. 🙂 Hey Emili, did you notice that the person who made this video used Ian’s picture?

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • No,it’s not Ian.It’s Adam.Whataya talking about?But did U watch Ian crying this week episode?Hee hee,I love to see hunky crying!Keep moving guys,this only between me and cindy!! 🙂

        • AdamRocks! says:

          OMG. . . that’s too funny! It looked like a pic of Ian I saw in Entertainment Weekly. . . I told you I’ve lost it! lol

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Hey!! you two can’t have a outside conversation here !!! We have no idea who Ian is.. I feel out of the loop… lol 🙂 muah

          • AdamRocks! says:

            LOL. . . Ian is Ian Somerhalder who plays Damon on The Vampire Diaries. . . he’s really baaaaaaad, but really sexy (and he grew up in Louisiana, not far from where I live). . . I have a small crush on him, and Emili’s coming around to the dark side too! He’s a hottie, but of course can’t hold a candle to ADAM! 🙂

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

    • OMFG!!!!!!!! Honestly, I don’t know if my heart will be able to endure these kinds of videos! (But what a way to go, eh? With a HUGE smile on my face!!??) This video compilation is so HOT and so SEXY – the beat of the music (such an appropriate song too!!) has been perfectly timed with Adam’s pelvic thrusts, hip gyrations, crotch grabs and mike stand attacks – it’s all just TOO MUCH (but at the same time never quite enough!!!!!!!!!!! I want MORE!!!!!)

      Thank you so much for sharing this, Sherry and Emili! YES, Emili, if you think this is what being a pervert is because I love this video, then, I’ll be the first to join the Support Group and say, “My name is Jane and I am a Pervert!” (But see, I don’t think I have a problem so you won’t see me there any time soon! LOL!)

      This video has been added to my favourites AND to my desktop as a shortcut. I need help again, however, on how to make a copy of this. Can you publish some of those tips again in a permanent spot? I am sure I am not the only still technically challenged in the saving files and burning CDs part of things. I know I should know this stuff by now, but I spend too much time as it is reading, watching and listening to everything ADAM (And then there’s my JOB! And I STILL haven’t done my laundry or grocery shopping!!!!) Thanks a bunch!

      Hugs to all!!! Each day keeps getting better and better!!!

      Glamb #20

      • LMAO!My name is Emili and I also a pervert!LOL !The awesome one.haha 😛

        • I wanted you all to see this video so that you could think sweet and innocent thoughts !!! not become a club of perverts lusting after Adams bulge that is shown thrusting and rotating with wild sex… aw hell, I want to join this pervert club… my name is Sherry and I’m a pervert too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            He is so damn sexy I just wanna cry! LOL!! I need a master plan to get him in my bed or get in his. OOOOH! What color of sheets do think he has on his bed? Black or silver satin, next ? of the day, satin or cotton? Can you imagine? how many pillows? which side of the bed do you want ADAM? AAAAAAA!!!!!! ADAM & his bed, next topic of discussion, LOL, not really. Okay, I’m outta here! ( into ADAM’s bed)HAHAHAHA!!!!

            • kimber, you ready girl…….. LOL, your bed, his bed, thats good. Yeh any bed will do, as long as he is in it. Which side of the bed, we’d end up all over that bed, then him on top of course…………………………

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                Seriously! Satin or cotton? Black or silver? w/ spikes? Oww!!! That hurts so good!!

                • Cum on baby , make it hurt so good! I’ll take cotton or satin, black or silver, red, white, blue pink purple any color he lovesssssssssssss.

      • JOB???? LAUNDRY???? WHAT’S THAT JANE???

        I will email you an attachment with instructions on how to download a free program to ‘capture’ videos. In fact there is a ‘convert’ feature which allows the .flv video to be changed to a mp3 or mp4. I just save the vid twice. Some vids have no actual video anyway like the two above. I saved them last night.

        However I will still buy via itunes as I want to give Adam all the $ I can, haha!


        • You are amazing, Terry! Thanks so much for your kind offer (yet another one!! I owe you SEVERAL drinks now when we meet at the Adam solo tour or Glambs Convention!! 😉 )

          BTW, let me be clear – it was only this YouTube compilation and other such things that I wanted to copy and preserve – not any of Adam’s music. I fully intend to BUY all those (several copies in fact) so that I can support him any way possible!


        • Could I impose….will you email me the instructions @crperrel@aol.com….my computer and DVR are filled with Mr. Pretty Face ………..my fingers are numb from voting.and I’ve spent $100 so far! I hope everyone comes to Vegas when he’s on tour….I owe you a drink. Carole

      • Jane, LOL I feel the same way…………. I will join the group and gladly annouce my name and #, hahahha. Oh yeh, these dance moves of Adams, make me so turned on, I can hardly stand it. How he shakes, and thrusts, and gyrates, grabs himself and his hot sexy facial expressions that go along with all these moves, what he does to us is , is oh so what? I cant even think straight. Watching him swivel them hips like no other, he is like rubber, can stretch in any direction. Oh it doesnt get any hotter than this when he’s in that mode!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Well Emili, you have already established that I am a pervert, so here goes:

      My name is Dianne and I am a pervert”. But I am with Jane, I don’t see that I have a problem and I won’t be turning up to any meetings anytime soon unless Adam is there to “cure” us of our pervertedness (I don’t think that is actually a word). Adam can teach me anything he likes, I would be a very willing student.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Seen the vid b4, but thanks 4 posting again. I needed that too. Are you kidding me? I AM NOT A PERVERT! Just because I enjoy watching that particular moment where his “boys” are dancing too, doesn’t mean I am over the top lusting & grunting & salivating over this man. I’m not going to admit it. I’ll be in denial for the rest of my life. I just wanna have fun w/ Master ADAM, (my human sex toy)!

      • AdamAddict says:

        You are not pervert,Kimber?I think it was you said you want the ‘banana’??!!LOL!!All convicts in prison says they are not guilty,Kimber!!You are soooo one of us,Kimber!haha,believe it 😛

    • Thanks AA, you know I’m always ready to watch these kinds of vids………….. Shake it baby, shake it. OMG Adams moves are to die for……………. Ima perve for Adammmmmmmmmm

    • OMG…I think I can talk now…I just picked up my tongue off the floor and stopped drooling!!!!!
      That video is S-E-X-Y and even more S-E-X-Y than that!!!! Yummmmmmmy……

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Are we all in the “bad girl” category? If so , I’ll admit to that. ADAM made us like this, we can’t help ourselves. ADAM is a bad boy. I love it too!! YOWWWW!!!

  16. I just love them both. I was going to wait for the full album because Adam had said in interview thatt he was not ok with the early releases but …. I couldn’t wait. Sorry, darlin’. Master Plan is so amazing and powerful. Youth has always needed banner songs that express the rage and power that is needed to take on this fierce world as they MUST. It is in line with Millenium, God Part II, Born to Be Wild and listen to Muse (Adam’s fav), The Uprising, and many others through the years. Personally, I am grinning from ear to ear that this beautiful young guy has so much passion and intelligence and talent to be a leader of his generation with the essential drive of this kind of music. I came to appreciate his old song, Love (is all we need) but it was incomplete. Started out with great lyrics and then stopped. Whada Ya Want From Me is PERFECT…. achingly complete and reaching. Adam, baby, Whada Ya Doin’ To This Old Heart???

  17. I loved the songs!!!! Whataya want from me is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!
    I talked about Adam all the time with my friends that don´t know him yet!!! I show them his wonderfull music!!!! and, of course, they lov it!!!

    Brazil loves ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. wow, just…wow

  19. Love both songs. All his songs are different . Something for everyone to love,. I happen to luv em all.

  20. AdamRocks! says:

    Whataya Want From Me ROCKS!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  21. I love it all! I will be very happy when my cd arrives. Saw 2012 yesterday and it was awesome to hear Adam in the theater.

  22. Nancy Cooper says:

    WOW! I knew he would be great and he exceeds all expectations…A truly generational talent!

  23. i love both of these songs especially what do you want from me! but the end of master plan is super cool too! cant wait for his album!!!!!!!!

  24. I really like What Do Ya Want From Me…..good song. I also saw 2012 last night. My god what a movie!! Don’t miss it on the big screen.Trust me you will be on the edge of your seat the whole time. That said the end was the icing on the cake. The clarity in Adams voice took my breath away. i just love that song Miracles. Its just made for him. If that song doesn’t break all records I will be surprised..Its got it all..
    And IMO one of the best vocalists i have ever heard is singing it 🙂 Go Adam!!!

  25. BOTH songs are absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I have been singing them all day – especially Wattaya Want From Me!

    Glamb #20

  26. Every day I have my ADAM FIX – I don’t know where he gets all his energy but it motivates his fans. Maybe it is from the loyal followers that he has.
    We are on the journey with Adam, it is going to be andexciting trip.
    I love the positive articles about Adam but I take personal offense if there is something negative.
    I can see nothing negative about ADAM. He is our inspiration.
    From the first time I saw him audtion with American Idol, I felt in my heart he was a great intertainer.
    Great songs with a new twist, just like he told us thee would be.

  27. loveforglambert says:

    Hey guys, this is my first comment here since i usually just lurk. But i made two videos for youtube they are the lyrics to both of these songs. Here are the links to them if you want to check them out:

    “Master Plan” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4min5jIwvQ
    “Whataya Want From Me” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmc0FnVnhsM

    They both one mistake I made in the video but i have corrected them in the info menu thing. If you check them out leave a comment or message me. I think I have rambled enough lol.

    • Oh, LFGL, thank you for that!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Thanks for that Loveforglambert, I have just watched your Master Plan before I came back to this site. Now I will go and check out Whatayawant from me. Love having the lyrics.

      And don’t worry about rambling, if you have been lurking on this site then you will know that is one thing we are really good at and that is rambling about Adam. We love him, what can I say. Given a chance I will talk about him for hours and hours, I could go on…

    • loveforglambert, Awesome job. Love these songs and having the lyrics helps me learn the words faster…………… Great songs. Oh and welcome!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you so much for the lyrics. Some say his music sounds like spears or other current music . But you know what ? I think it’s all different, cause it’s ADAM’s, it’s his voice and this is the first time I feel like I’m hearing him for the first time. And I love all the unique music he’s put out, I love his voice, and that voice is what is making these songs totally different from the rest. ADAM sings to us like we are his true love, his fans. WE LOVE YOU ADAM!!!

  28. WOW I really like ‘Whatdya want from me’. Beautiful! So Adam, show cases his voice.I love that he does all the background vocals too. I don’t think anyone else could do his voice justice. Can’t wait for the CD to arrive. I hope that he keeps true to himself and doesn’t get caught up in the “Star” mode. He has a beautiful soul and I think that is why we all love him and his music.

  29. AWESOME SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. They were worth to wait :))) I can’t get enough off of them.

  31. Love, love, love Adam too. Enjoying the songs, but agree with those who said there are other people who could do these well; still waiting for the song that shows ADAM’s voice that we all fell in love with. So far, Time for Miracles comes the closest. Can’t wait for the album release.

  32. I love them…. I was scared at first I wanted it to turn out good for adam. I CANT BE MORE PROUD I love all the songs and am glad other people do too.Hes just so everything(:

  33. So, of the songs I’ve heard so far my absolute favorite is “Time for Miracles”, even made it my ringtone. I haven’t heard him on the radio yet here in Ohio, which is kind of dissappointing. I hope “2012” does well so they’ll start playing it. Just think, this could make him eligeble for an Academy Award!!!! I also like the “What do you want from Me”. Thinking that’s the one Pink wrote or collaborated on, it sounds like her style, which is definitely a good thing here. Can’t wait to hear the rest of the songs in their entirety

  34. HOW sick is MASTER PLAN??!!! WHAT????!!!! OMG I love him.

  35. OMG He has Fab Fab Hot Hot Hot. That is why I voled for Adam. Thank you all for sharing these for those of us not so computer savvy. Thank you so very very much.

  36. I HAVE CHILLS UP AND DOWN MY SPINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOOOOOOVE THESE SONGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MASTER PLAN–These worde are powerful- STRIPPER MUSIC for Seeeexy Adam – HE had a plan and knows what he did to all of us– Things are’nt what they used to be for any of us now that Adam has taken us over! Adam is and will continue to teach us to”open” up “break free”, “live our life fearless”, “let go” “LOVE” and be very sexy.
    After reading the blogs @wall street Journal for Adams FYE, and many many others, I realize how we all FEEL the same about Adam- it is a supernatural occurrence that has happened to us- OUT OF OUR CONTROL- Adam is the vehicle and will change this world. Over and Over again people said exactly what I feel and that is “something happened” to us watching and listening to Adam. He grabbed our hearts and souls and NO ONE CAN BREAK FREE!! We all FELL IN LOVE with him in one way or another- all ages, genders, the same-
    Then I found this–

    Rose Rosetree who did Adams Aura reading explained this spot on, and now I understand better WHAT THE F____ HAPPENED TO ME!

    She is quoted here== ” Adam brings healing power. Audience members will receive a strong experience, at a particular frequency. They WILL be changed” In Adam’s case, the quality of sexual energy that he especially processes is pure — and totally unapologetic – ”bad boy.”
    Adam has a fascinating gift. He’s a boundary smasher and a transformer. He especially helps people to connect to sexuality in a particular way: overcoming shame about sex. Performing is very, very personal for Adam. He’s projecting his personality loud and clear, THROUGH EVERY NOTE. He’s almost daring the audience:
    Decide if you like me or not. If you don’t, f___ you! Adam plays with how people react to him. Expect him to sing and act outrageously, doing everything he can to move your energy as a listener”.

    “When he sings, a huge blast of sexual energy pours through him, and Adam has learned to be pretty comfortable with letting this happen. It’s a wake-up call to be more alive, not only about sex at all.
    Because of Adam’s fearlessness, this earth-based energy moves through him during a song, energy ample as an ocean wave, energy swelling to fill the auditorium, energy overflowing into the people watching at home through their screens”.

    “TLC, and other Blog-Buddies, if you think you enjoy Adam’s performance at a distance, I hope you get to attend a live performance. The oomph will just soak you then”.

    Nothing like this has ever happened to me in my life, and I am a wild child! I have no problems expressing my self. But the last few years after a difficult divorce I did completely shut down emotions and sexual feelings to cope and fear set into my life for the first time. Adam has awakened EVERYTHING IN ME and it has blown me away. The problem is I feel such a deep connection with his soul, because he let me in. I don’t know what to do with this feeling. Now that I know sooo many people have had this same type of submission I feel better.
    I’m sorry for rambling, but this is very emotional for me, what has happened to me.
    Luv you all!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Well that explains all the pervertedness around here. How perfectly said. I can relate to the passion that comes out thru his voice. ADAM really does sing w/ his emotions & body. I know , just this morning I was listening to “Come to Me…”, his proper technical voice, & there I go ,freakin’ crying again & while I was driving home from work. I really should stop that. But I can’t help myself, I love him so much. The addiction to the “Love Drug” himself, ADAM LAMBERT.

    • Summer, Wow, back at ya with love. Love your post.
      love and peace

    • Yup, spot on. This is all part of the Master Plan and getting those of us who want to be ready for 2012 the year. It is no coincidence that he was asked to sing the title song for the movie. How fabulous to be part of this and to be in awareness of it!

  37. I SO LOVE MASTER PLAN AND WHATAYA WANT FROM ME!!!!! Both songs are super great…love them. Adam just wants to have fun in this album, he just wants us to dance with him….What I love about him is that he can be deeply profound and show off his superb voice with serious songs like Mad World or he can just take it easy and dance to the music like his songs now….whatever side he shows us is more than fine with me…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ADAM!!!

  38. I finally got them today….. WORTH WAITING FOR so much better than thos little snippets….. I can hardly wait to hear the rest now. Especially Soaked…… Its gonna be great isn’t it

  39. Adam is pleasing his fans for sure. People wanted a bit more rock. Well here it is w/Master Plan.
    Oh just love him. Look at what he does for us………….

  40. Indiechickie says:

    I’m not that crazy about Masterplan, just somehow doesn’t touch me in the way he normally does w/ his other songs. Whataya want from me is beyond awesome tho, so sweet and hopeful at the same time. Loooove it. <<3

    (*waves* hi btw, I’m new here)

  41. absolutely love whataya want from me

  42. I love both songs but especially Master Plan. The pounding beat and lyrics are great!
    Can’t wait to see him on stage singing this one someday soon.

  43. Adam Lambert is flipping amazing and don’t care who or what he is his voice out does everything. And his for your entertainment and his whataya want from me are so AMAZING!

  44. i love love every song that
    Adam Lambert sings, and not just cause of his voice, but cause of his all in the song he just gives it all he is just a natural and i adore him and i am a woman of 40 yrs old and married and have 2 boys and we all looooooooove loove Adam Lambert and there is a reason we love him. He is 1 of a kind that comes reeeeeeeeeeear .