Friday Night Feast for the Eyes!

tvguide ran this brief article today. It doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, but it’s an excuse to post the accompanying photo of Adam in all his androgynous glory. I know some of you don’t like this look, but it is stunning and different. I like it, but what is that black ponytail thing draped over his shoulder?

Here’s the article:

His first single from his debut album For Your Entertainment is already climbing the charts, but Adam Lambert isn’t about to rest on his laurels anytime soon.

“I’m really excited,” the American Idol runner-up tells TV Guide Magazine. “Then I realize no one’s heard the album yet so the pressure is kind of scary.” Luckily, Lambert promises his 14-track disc, due out November 23, is diverse enough to appeal to all music fans.

“I wanted to span a bunch of different genres,” he says. “There are songs that are really angsty indie rock. There are songs that are very classic rock and there’s a couple of dancey electro kinds of things. People tend to sometimes not listen to a whole album these days. They put together their own play lists so I wanted to treat it like an eclectic collection of things that had me at the middle of it.”

The article is by Dana Meltzer Zepeda, and you can find the article here.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Marie/Toronto says:

    Don’t like this photo at all. Sorry.

    • I beg to differ, Marie, I love it!!

      Terry Vancouver

      • Terry,
        I like it too… Loove the ponytail!!! He is different every time..

        • I love the pic….but then I love everything about ADAM. He could never look ugly!!!

          • Lisette here..bonmatin in wee heures(sat.)up taking painmeds still for intense pain in hand..ongoing as I av posted an very infrequent due to injuries.An sending affection to all glambs here as always an nous ange Adam..above photo sont agree Adam is tresbeau an nonmattre if he had simple jeans,sans make-up et ecoutrements his beauty is from within an outward..blessed from above an parentes too!Adore thet Adam has his own style tres GQ,chique,avantgarde, Aquarian l’homme for sure..His azure eyes are subtle outlined softly,sensual espression an kissable lips(oops pardon,sure all agree!),an his face always saying can be an artistes reve in portraits an frescos!Blessings,bisous an luv for Adam j’adore cette l’homme..his hearte,face,soul,diverse talente as vocaliste/artiste/humanitarian also make him tresbeau always..J’etaime toujours Lisette in Nevada..Luv to all glambs enjoie weekendxoxoxox!!

            • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

              Lisette, sorry to hear you haven’t been well. I’ve missed seeing your posts! Sending prayers for your speedy recovery.

            • carolcollom says:

              Hi Lisette. I am so sorry your recovery is going slowly. I, too, live in Las Vegas and it must be very frustrating to have to deal with the injuries. I hope you recover soon.

              You should email me at I am curious to know where you live. I am in the early part of North Las Vegas. We may be neighbors and not even know it!

              Take care and feel better soon,


              • Lisette here to send affection..taking meds an back to bed agan..know ma sleep is sporadic an merci for welwishes Carol an TexasWannaHoldHim plasur to know yu now an hugs for prayres.Kindness is very apreciated.Seeing several docs an hoping to avoid surgerie(stil type onehand,so mainly reading here now).An Carol I’ll email in while given is diificile to keep up,an pain can be intense.Blessings,luv an bisous always for all here an l’ange Adam who will always reman one in ma life an le monde!..j’etaime toujours..Lisettexoxo!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Gala, I like it too, love those pouty lips.
          Read somewhere that Dec. Elle is out now. Have you seen it yet. I’ll look for it when I’m out this week and let you know. Let me know too if you find it.

          • Saw the Elle at airport! He looked very young and skinny and adorable. Get it. there is a whole write up on “Kradison” go the the Elle website for more.

            I also picked up an Instyle and on the last page, Spotlight, well there’s our man! I was not expecting that so was just happy! Picture we have seen for a while, but the more people get to know him as sa celebrety the better!

      • Hello everyone, back on the site, and what do I see? I picture of Adam looking his ultimate best. He is hotter than ever, just got home from a big OSU-Penn St party and couldnt wait to log on….. Oh WTF, adam and a tail?? he is more gorgeous than ever. Sweet dreams for me tonight. He is just to damm good lookin for any ones eyes to look at. OMG what is he doin to us??? A f _ _ _ _ _ _ ponytail????? I love you Adam, you never cease to amaze me.
        You are sexy , hot, handsome and all that is good wrapped up in one Hot Package.

        PS. Last night my sons football team lost, so no more playoffs they finished their season 9-1, very good year. This has been one party weekend, wish Adam was with me………………….

        • Lisette agan..grand hugs too for welwishes Mary C. hav notice on othre threads an kindness much apreciated.Enjoie seeing yur posts always brings smiles an joie seeing them!Take care an keep adoring nous ange Adam..a very sensual one may I add..les yeux may be angelique but le physique is anothre storie…oppps..thinqing aloud can non help just seeing Details wish to le femme as we all do..tresbeau Adam…bisous mmmmwoi!Luv always Lisettexoxo(hugs to Sherry for sending only wish can give a petit gift back for it..made weekend extra nice…ah nice reves now!!!

          • Lisette, hope you are feeling better with each passing day. Keep on looking at pictures of Adam
            to help get the positive vibes in you to get well. He is so handsome!
            love and peace

    • CelticMairin says:

      I have to agree, Marie. But each to his/her own opinion. I must admit my first reaction was WTF is with the pony tail, but then I decided I like it as a picture but maybe not of Adam; I think of him as all Mmmman.

      I never really liked Adam’s “coiffed” look as much as his “spiky Adam” look, but as long as I don’t think of it as an “Elvis” look it’s starting to grow on me a little (I was never an Elvis fan and his looks did nothing for me.)

      Maureen (Edmonton, AB, Canada)

    • sue mcgee says:

      Too beautiful. He IS a feast for the eyes… any which way!

    • Androgyny is not necessarily Glam. Glam is sexy, erotic, beautiful. Too much androgyny turns off both sides.,( we always knew Bowie was male -beautiful male) dosen’t make it glam, far from it. Adam looks great, but it’s not a look for a smart career move. He was androgynous enough on tour, any more is a turn off for me, and I’m only talking about my response here, not anyone elses.It would have worked if it had not been for the addition of the pony tail-the thought pops into my head that he will look like a drag queen on stage if he continues in this direction. yuk. I’m a fan, but the guy on AI and the guy on tour is who I love, not interested in drag or hint of drag.

      • I totally agree with you. But, if this is what he wants, then I guess we there’s nothing we can do.
        Furthermore, I am disappointed with his first single and with (the bits of) his album (short parts from the tracks) – although they are terribly short and may not give a right image of the album. He says he wants to offer something for everyone – in his own words (see above) “…diverse enough to appeal to all music fans”. This is not very often possible.
        I will definitely buy his album and follow his career, despite what I say here.
        I have been a huge fan of his since the audition. I live in Finland and AI is shown here about 1,5 weeks later than it is broadcast in the US. Last spring, I went to the AI website every single week to see what Adam had sung and how because I was so captivated by him. And it took me a couple days to really accept that he didn’t witn the title.
        His voice and charisma are incredible, but if the music he sings doesn’t appeal to me, then I can’t really be a fan, a big fan, anyway.

        • Yeah, your’re right. And, a lot of my response was actually based on my mother hen concern for Adam- that the image will cost him the loss of fans who are put off by the pictures. But , I just think this kid is wonderful, and I reminded myself that it is his life to live his way and not my way. Therefore, now I feel bad. and even though I didn’t like the photo, I still remain a fan of Adam’s. I am inspired by Adam and I am serious about that. My daughter is jealous of my interest in Adam, and finally, I say. Hey, this is for me, and i have a right to my feelings. Adam brought out my inner teenager and I have changed a bit and ladeeda if anyone dosen’t like it. Thanks Adam, you beautiful Being

        • Pat/Glamb#36 says:

          Leena I agree with you 100%. I was not blown away by FYE or any of the snippets I’ve heard. I guess I expected something different, I don’t know. I will need to hear the songs all the way thru. He is great to look at and I do love his voice so I will give it a chance. As for the tail, I don’t like it. I love Adam, tho and he’s free to do as he wants.

    • judi maine says:

      This looks like a much younger adam. When was is taken?
      HE’S HOT NO MATTER WHAT as far as I am concerned…….

  2. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    I think he looks FABULOUS!!!!!

  3. Adam looks beautiful as always.

  4. I love the picture. I don’t see anything wrong with it. It’s beautiful. Adam expressing himself, simply himself and that’s what matter most. Knowing who himself is enough reason to love anything he does. Go Adam! ?U!

  5. Love everything about the picture except the ponytail. He is just gorgeous.

  6. Sandra Haxton says:

    Saw it on the 24 hour website, really love it, he is just beautiful!!!!!

  7. I love it. He never takes a bad picture IMO.

  8. I am not offended by the photo. I am totally fine with Adam being Adam, and I have a great deal of admiration and respect for him as a person. I do think the photographers and media just love to dress him up and photoshop him to the hilt to see how many buttons they can push, and Adam could care less. He makes no apologies nor should he. Adam Lambert is, after all, “For Your Entertainment”.

    • sue mcgee says:

      I love your comment, ejw89109!! You truly get Adam!!

      • MyBoyAdam says:

        That’s a good point! He’s always beautiful and I love that he has so many looks. That reminds me of Madonna who went from one personna after another; always reinventing herself. She did it over the years of her career. I’d always wonder what she’d come up with next. Adam does it from one photo shoot to the next!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          As Adam would say, “it ain’t that deep”.

          • Helen, thank you, WTF! give him a break .

          • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

            Helen, Helen,
            The truth spoken in so few words….LOL

            I am trying to keep up with e-thing, not posting much, but reading all I can from you guys. Been sick, still working all time, and a Grandaughter getting married a week from today. Ya’ll keep me posted on our Fav Man…..I Luv the photo….He is just to damn hot….And he does Luv to play dressup…And he is e-where in the news….YESSSSSSSS…. E-one have a Grt wknd & Blessings 2 all

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Hey Nancy
              Good to hear from you. I totally understand keeping up with the e-thing! Haven’t been posting much myself but trying to keep up with the news. Sometimes life just gets in the way!! LOL

        • Good point, but Madonna never tried to look butch. Adam is georgeous just walking toward camera in video 2012 “Time For Miracles” or on Ai singing One, or Born To Be Wild, & then- on tour he lookded glam enough. This photo along with the cover to his CD looks neutered to me. Androgyny is not Glam, there is a difference. I think Adam on his video of Time For Miracles is jaw-dropping georgeous, perfect, and I see no need to change perfect. And the ponytail.- ruins a good art piece.

          • Marie/Toronto says:

            Exactly!! I think his hottest look was Cryin’. Boyish and only a hint of eyeliner. Why is it whenever he insists on looking like a girl everyone calls it glam? I was a child in the 70’s and a teen in the 80’s so I remember “glam”. It wasn’t always about looking like a tranny….

            Don’t get me wrong tho, he is beautiful no matter what….I’m only talking about my own personal taste….

            • AllaboutAdam says:

              AHA! Another “Cryin” fan. I too, think his best look was Cryin’. Boyish Adam is and will forever be my favorite too… next comes the pompadour! But I do see where he’s coming from – playing dress-up and all. But could it be that he STILL has no concept of how yummy hot he is without any decorations? Or he just doesn’t care, and is trying on everything under the sun, just for fun? I think to appreciate Adam, you have to appreciate his taste, whether you agree or not. And you have to respect him if you’re gonna love him… so I look at the ponytail pic (and a few others) as just one “look” in a million, and I try to see it his way, and then… i go back and watch my Cryin video!! … If anything, you do have to appreciate his power to make heads turn… and ANY PRESS is GOOD PRESS, especially in this young stage of his career… and remember, Adam wasn’t around for the “glam” era like we were!…. he’s just putting his own spin on something he’s merely heard about from his parents, music, photos, movies, etc…. I look at this stage as Adam’s “evolution”… there’s still a long long way to go!

              • Helen/Canada says:

                You know Adam–he wants to try everything. Let him have fun I say. I agree, I don’t think he realizes how beautiful he is and the effect he has on people.If you don’t like a look, wait 5 minutes, you know he’ll change it up again! I personally love his natural look too, that boyish grin gets me everytime, but I love everything about him. Hell, I’d take him any way I could get him!

    • Yep… agree…. photographers love having someone to photograph and play dressup with. This is just Adam playing dress up.

      LOVE ADAM for Adam and his music ability, talent, and gifts.

      My only hope is he does rise too fast , as if he has not already done so, and burn himself out with the public as some artists have done in the past.

      Since he first appeared on Idol, he went from 0-100 in a Nano second. We want to keep him around for a very long time. The pressure to keep it new, keep it fresh, keep it interesting will be a very demanding task. Some artist crash and burn under this pressure. I do not want to see that happen to our Adam.

    • The guy in the photo is missing his ‘bedazzled penis’ ,just like the album cover. Neutered. Beautiful, but dosent ‘turn on’ a female and his fan base is largely female. Does it excite teen age boys to emulate him or mock him” Do men like it, if women don’t? EVeryone in publc eye must think of image and even one picture can stay in one’s memory a long time if loved or repulsed by it. Adam likes to play, but discretion is a virture that rewards. This picture looks beautiful, except for pony tail, but already my daughter days Adam’s sex appeal is gone and I also find that I am losing my ‘addiction”. I remember the glam days and the men looked like beautiful men, they did not try to look like beautiful women and androgyous works for Bill because we know he is straight not gay. Image. Image. Image.? Right.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I repeat, as Adam says, “It ain’t that deep”.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Wrong Helen/Canada – IMAGE IS EVERYTHING IN THE PUBLIC EYE. WHAT MESSAGE IS HE SENDING? Adam does not need to prostitute his talent. Sorry. He is too good to sell himself out. I agree with ianaleah, this “dress up” look is a turn off, and I am losing my Adamadmiration. Why doesn’t he get a sex change and get it over with already.

  9. WTF……..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol I liked it until I saw the ponytail…… hmmm not so much with the pony but he is still beautiful.. I love that he wants to shock and play with different looks.. It’s just fine with me.. I love him as a talented artist and he makes it fun by mixing up his looks and playing with our shock sences.. You go Adam !!!!! do your thing babe !!! It’s all fun !!!

  10. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Remember … he “will surprise you”. IMO, one of the many reasons we love him!

    • This is the truth! We will NEVER, EVER get bored with Adam!!!

      • OhSweetOne says:

        Nope how could we get bored. I just got the copy of DETAILS Mag. Like WOW! He is super duper HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Have you all seen ENTERTAINMENT MAG putting Adam’s new single at the top ( # 1, as it should be) of their MUST LIST in Nov 13 issue? Whoever wrote the little blurb “gets” Adam and the whole phenom. As was indicated, “didn’t know we were holding our breath until exhaled in relief…” at wonder of Adam, the song, his voice. And they keep climbing on the bandwagon. Hooray !!!

  11. sunshine1705 says:

    The picture is beautiful, for a beautiful man. Love the hair and would really like him to do my makeup.
    The jacket is fab!!!

  12. Love it! Adam is one sassy, delicious minx….maybe he is Lord Gaga! I think he loves to get our attention, whether it’s positive or negative. He will always be a designers & photographers dream subject because he is so open to being playful & daring. It’s his voice that got my attention but everything else keeps me intrigued & wanting more of what he has to offer!

    • Bobby, I love that title for him, too bad it’s kind of already taken by a Lady, haha!

      The funny braided ‘tail’ is not quite real looking, but I’d love to see him grow his hair out a little and then get a weave added. Why not? Isn’t it the same as makeup, hair dye and body decor?

      Women have been doing it for decades, (even me) as I had something called a ‘fall’ back in the late sixties. However I was a fussbudget wanting it to look as natural as possible and Adam will need a little more hair.. oh, but then, why not just grow his own? We’ve seen a few pics of him way back when with the reddish gold dyed hair and he was very handsome!

  13. I love the picture except the ponytail. I am not a big fan of that. I am so happy that he is getting so much press time. I can’t wait for the release of his CD. I still can’t get enough of Adam and his music!

  14. Yeah Adam, that’s the way to do it ! Never boring. Opening my computer is like opening a present . Adam is the surprise I get and I’m loving every minute of it ! Love you Adam ! Love the Glambs ! Love this site ! Happy Weekend Everyone ! MWAAH ! !

  15. Dianne Hill says:

    Love, love, love it, and him. I love his hair, fantastic and his eyes. Love the jacket, okay the ponty tail is a bit weird but who cares, it is Adam and he loves to play around with his look, that is what is so fascinating about this gorgeous young man. Love you Adam, how could we not.

  16. I have to say not only is Adam’s music exciting but the different looks he has are also delightful.

  17. Glambertcraze says:

    Adam is Adam, you just have to accept.
    If you don’t like his look just wait a minute it will change.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      You’ve got that right, just wait a minute, it will change! LOL! You are so right!! That’s what great about Adam, he keeps it exciting.

  18. he looks GREAT, except for the ponytail.

  19. oceanarose says:

    Yeah, the poytail’s a little weird but LOVE the rest of the picture!

  20. sherry s. says:

    I think this is ONE OF HIS MOST BEAUTIFUL PHOTOS yet.

    After some of his previous more outlandish “accoutrements”, that narrow swathe of hair is not really that bizarre. I like the upswept hair on top. How many times can a guy change his hairstyle and still look breathtakingly amazing? It’s an almost daily thrill—following him on his entertainment juggernaut.

  21. Love the pic. Don’t love the ponytail, but love the androgynous look.

  22. You can put dreadlocks or shave him bold and Adam will still look gorgeous

  23. cheryl 334 says:

    GOSH, ADAM IS SO GORGEOUS! I do not like the androy. look. I don’t think that is supposed to be a pony. It looks like long fringe-type stuff from a scarf, but not sure. He is so sexy and sensual. Hate the androgynous look! Hate it! I agree with the world, Adam cannot take a bad picture, no matter what anybody does to him. I would love to see him in dreadlocks and a scuffy beard! I would also love to see more of his freckels! They are soooo sexy! Who else have we ever seen with freckels like his??? No one! He is a one of a kind with them and I wish he would play them up sometime!!! So cute!!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Dreadlocks Cheryl???? LOL, yuck, not me! To tell you the truth, I didn’t even notice the ponytail until I looked at the picture a few times. It’s no big deal.

      • cheryl 334 says:

        HELEN……….Yeah! Dreadlocks for sho!!!! Helen, jusst think of it. He would look so cool!!! Maybe a 2 day old beard and a cool burgundy and black leather jacket and tight jeans with his black boots! HELEN!!! Surely you can see it as being all good!!! C’mon! I love dreadlocks and just know Adam would look so sexy in them!!!!

        DREADLOCKS FOR ADAM!!!!! Soooooo coooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  26. I think he looks breath takingly beautiful! Absolutely stunning .I’m almost surprised that some modeling agency didn’t sign him up but I bet that most are wishing that they had.
    “The Look” and it just keeps changing and each time it , delights, teases or excites us in a new and different w.

    I love the many looks of Adam Lambert.

  27. its not my favorite look but.. he always looks good to me!!
    say, has anyone been hearing his song on the radio waves? i havent heard it yet, i dont understand
    even xm /sirrus radio i havent heard it either????? what the deal with that, is it because he didnt
    win idol and chris has to be on the radio first?

    • I called the radio station that I listen to most often and asked them about playing FYE and the DJ. said that they haven’t received a copy of the CD yet.

      He said he’s hear TFM but hadn’t heard for FYE.

      I told him it was really hot! and as Adam would say it ‘s really siick!!

      He laughed like he knew exactly what I was talking about . I said you’ve got to hear it and then start playing it so other people can start enjoying it too!

    • donna, see the link on next thread about music biz. Apparently it is happening with many new albums coming out, no singles being played…

  28. correction- It should say ” He has the look and it keeps changing etc.

    Btw has anyone had the experience of typing some copy, seeing it correct in the preview and then when it actually posts, it’s missing some words?

    I’m not referring to mistyping stuff which I sometimes do but the posted version actually skipping words that were initially part of the actual post.

    I do my best to proof what I’ve written before I hit send but sometimes I see a few gaps where words are missing but they were there before I hit send, Anyone have any ideas about this?


    • OH Debra, never fear, in our excitement we often make typos, and yes, I have noticed that but then that seems to be the way I am typing these days… letters missing, letters reversed etc… (just had to correct three errors and one was a missing letter. LOL


      • Hi Terry,

        thanks so much for letting me know that I’m not the only one who is either making mistakes due to my excitement or experiencing some strange technological errors. Guess it’s either my”” Adam Itch ” or a technological glitch.

        either way, it’s all good!

        Many Blessings,

        Debra from the Albany, NY area.

  29. puteri abdul says:

    jeanette, thank you for bringing us this photo and article ..

    in th midst of still seeking theraphy of my ” adam’s obsession syndrom ” , just adorrrrrreeeeeee this photo ..
    his face, his hair, his ponytail .. he look so innocent .. like a young boy saying , ” I am sorry, but I am a good boy , I have not done anything wrong.. I will make you happy .. ” just look into his eyes.. he looks so naiive and vulnerable, that you just feel that you just want to hug him and say that everything is going to be alright ..
    and on the other side .. with his nearly torn jackets and all the works .. there is a tinge of sexiness on him saying , ” dare to come to an adventure with me ? ”
    adam can just give the looks that could just melt one’s heart, and it comes up to a different level of excitement .. from that pure frail and innocent look .. to that fierce sexy creature that you are just willing to be taken away in all degrees of fantasy that you want to be ..
    and I guess, not only his looks, but also his character himself plays and important element on being adam.. his charm, grace, humbleness, sweet, caring, and loving personalities binds up to ” who is adam ” – answer : that wonder boy who is rocking the heart and soul at those he has already hold in his trance ..

    oh adam …

    • AdamRocks! says:

      puteri, your post ROCKS! 🙂

      GORGEOUS photo!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • AdamAddict says:

        Look at those eyes!! If he does something wrong and apologize to me with that look,I forgive him no matter what!!
        “Imma sorry,I ate your chocolate ice cream,no more left.I will never do it again!”-Adam
        “It’s okey honey,Imma so fat and chubby.U can eat for me!-Me
        Tomorrow I buy lots more ice cream so he can’t resist and eat more then apologize again.I’ll make him feel guilty and sorry for the rest of his life so I can see that expression….those eyes!!!~sigh~
        You’re sho cute,sho cute!~hold his cheeks and squeeze them~ sho cute,u know that?Sho cute ~put his face on my chest~ *humming*Happy and wonderful life 🙂

  30. Puteri,
    you are so right about the many sides of Adam, He’s got the sweet boy next door look and the “rough, sexy I’m going to take you to the heights and depths of your fantasies kind of look.

    Either way, you’ve got a lot of company in the obsession dept.

    Think about it.

    All across the world glambs could be occupying the couches of therapists waxing poetic about their love of Adam but we don’t need therapy we can just get our “talk therapy right here, LOl!

  31. I just love everything about Adam, the fact that he is about changing things with himself is what I love the most. I am so glad that he does this so the world won’t be saying “Same old,sameold” like they say about alot of new entertainers or worse “Boring”…Adam will never let that be said about him!!

  32. OMG…how I love this man! I’m so glad that all of you can relate to what I feel when I look at ADAM or hear him singing….I could just burst with emotions!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Jaberone, I frequently do burst with emotions, of the happy, tearful, shivering with excitement, ornery (as Mary C would say), you name it I experience it and that can only be from one song or a picture.

    • jaberone, I hear ya girl, I want him so bad. He is so sexy and I just want himmmmmmmmmmmm

  33. THIS IS GLAM ROCK AT ITS BEST, I love the photo, I love the the different ways Adam expresses himsel. He is unique and this is what comes out of all the photos, especially the ones after AI, he is now able to dress up, pose, and do things his own way, he is an extraordinary entertainer, not only does he have a fantastic voice, he is imaginative, he knows how to drive us mad, and he is beautiful, he is the NEW ERA ROCK STAR AND I LOVE IT. DON’T EVER CHANGE ADAM.

  34. I LOVE this picture and this look! Adam is just so stunningly beautiful, I actually moaned out loud when I first saw it and reached out to touch his cheek on the screen!!! (Couldn’t help myself!) Those EYES! That MOUTH! The HAIR! Oh my GAWD!!! (Haven’t seen this kind of jacket on him before – cool! But, come on! Let’s face it! Adam could wear a sack of potatoes and still look absolutely AMAZING!)

    I LOVE the fact that he changes his look and looks so often – really keeps us guessing! The ponytail is a bit of a surprise but an interesting one. I agree with Puteri about his opposite sides that pull you in different directions and have said the same thing myself in earlier posts. Adam is all innocence and boyishness from one angle and then fierceness and sexiness from another – right in the same picture! Who else can pull that off? No one but our Adam!!!

    (I haven’t read the attached article yet – think I’ll just stare at Adam some more!) Have a great weekend, all my sister and brother Glambs!!


    Glamb #20

  35. That is definitely a feast for the eyes! I love that look.

  36. Australia loves that picture!!!!!!!

  37. LuvAdam476 says:

    Absolutely LOVE the picture!!! Adam is Gorgeous in all his Glory in any way shape or form!!!

  38. the more hair the better for me- who cares if its extentions- ( Hey !- its the only part of him that needs extending – right girls/guy’s !! ???????
    BTW- Brett Micheals- and all the ol’ rocker type ‘manly’ typo’s have long hair/pony tails- to make up for their thinning thatches- why is a pony tail in the U.S weird of of a sudden?
    i like this pic 100x better than the FYE album cover.

  39. AdoringAdam says:

    What a beautiful man!!! I do like it when he wears his hair looser and the pony tail doesn’t bother me a bit.

  40. cindeefromwisconsin says:

    Let me get this out of the way. I have no idea what being “gay” is all about as far as what are you trying to project. Watching Adam on idol I found him to be a very sexual, smouldering, fantasizing, sexually exciteable man. Having said that…I didn’t like the album cover because my first reaction was, why does he want to look like a girl….and now this picture too, to me, is the same question.
    Adam has to remember he appealed to people in their 50’s and beyond and the FYE song to me isn’t for me at all.
    I guess what I am trying to say is I hope Adam doesn’t forget the rest of his audience. Because if he is going to stay with songs like the FYE sound I will find myself avoiding it.

    • Cindee…OMG I hate saying what I’m going to say!!!!! BUT, I’m well over 50, (that’s what I hate saying!!! LOL) and I love everything about him. He can sing any type of music, and sound wonderful. ADAM seems to appeal to ALL ages….I know there are fans of all ages on this site, and I haven’t heard any complaints from any age! 🙂

      I’m sure that you will love the songs from his CD… have you heard any of the snippets yet?
      Something for everyone, and everything for us!!!

      Check out the Glambs group in Wisconsin…

      By the way, this will be one of the few times that I refer to my *ouch* age *sniff*!!!! LOL

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yes Jaberone I am definitely with you there. I am 56 but who the hell cares, age is just a number. On Idol all the contestants have to sing a variety of songs, that is what the show is all about in seeing what the contestants can handle. Adam passed with flying colours in all categories.

        The thing is he is young, he is only 27, he wouldn’t in all consciousness focus on just his older fans, why should he.

        Cindee you must listen to the snippets of Adam’s album, I loved them so much I even made them into a disk so I could play it on my stereo.

        I have always loved current music, I still love the old stuff too, but I have all of Muse’s albums, I have all of the Smashing Pumpkins albums, I have every single album of U2 and there is a Welsh group that probably none of you have heard called the Manic Street Preachers and I have all of their albums as well. So I am always buying new music, I just don’t want to listen to old stuff. The songs on Adam’s album are a really different mix and as you say Jaberone, there is something for everyone. I LOVE THEM ALL.

        • Dianne, I don’t buy that many albums now (last two were Santana and Alicia Keyes Grammy winning albums, way before they won), but like you, I follow music, mostly by the Canadian all ??? music channels and if I hear a song I like in a pub or restaurant I ask who is performing. I am going to look up those Welsh singers now.

          Adam will keep a huge following among the babyboomers who are a North American force to be reckoned with due to their large number. They range from the age of my son , 45 to age 63 right now. Many of you fall in this category.

          But, Adam also appeals to the younger listeners and that is very good as he will need them in the future to keep his popularity/career going.

          I read today that he might consider acting! Oh my!!! Adam to look at in all his glory on the huge screen!! Are we lucky to be on this earth right now, or what??

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Hi Terry, the Manic Street Preachers are a different type of group altogether, they have had a lot of tragedy in their time when one of their group Richie Edwards went missing in 1995 and has never been found. In their early days they were “raw” shall we say and Richie along with Nick wrote most of their songs, James Dean Bradfield wrote the music the other two wrote the words and there was a lot of angst in their songs and also quite political. They came along in my life when I was going through a particularly tough time and their music really appealed to me at that time. Their album “The Holy Bible” is one of the most harrowing albums I have ever heard but it is also one of my favourites. I just make sure I listen to it when I am in a “happy place”.

            Crikey, one whole paragraph from me and Adam has not been mentioned once, that is a first – and probably the last time that will ever happen.

    • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

      I’m 50 and love every look Adam has ever had and can’t get enough of FYE. Don’t forget that we 50-year olds have ALWAYS known how to rock! We’re the same on the inside as we were then and *** bonus for Adam *** we have the $$$ to buy whatever he puts out there for sale. GO COUGARS!!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Okay , everyone has to tell their age now. I am 43 and proud of it, not really . I do feel like I’m still in my 20’s and now that ADAM has come into my life I feel illegal. I saw the pic on twitter by AA, and I oohed and ahhed. Maybe he’s experimenting for the AMAs, I love this look it is definitely different w/ the hair. I think during the 80’s, there was the trend of having short hair w/ a tail. I even had one. That’s what the extension reminded me of. Cool look ADAM!!

        • You guys are too funny! I’m 49 on the outside (no more need be said) and a mature/ wise/slender and lovely 20 something on the inside. Adam is the first person I have ever been a real and true fan of. I never before understood fan mania. Now I do. He is IT. I love FYI. I love TFM. I can’t think of a single thing that I don’t love about Adam.

          • I’m 67 and feel the same way you young’uns do! I havent felt this way or even bothered following any singer since elvis…

            • Guys, I am not goin to declare my age exceopt that I have a son the same age as Adam. I have always loved rock, I always bought rock music, but it has been a long time since an artist has made me feel this way, there is something about Adam, is a combination of things, his voice, the performances, his personality, everything about him. He has a beautiful voice, he can sing different genre of music but he is a recording artist, he has to be current if he is going to succeed, I love his music, his CD will make #1 on the charts, and I hope he carries on suprising us, that is what makes him so exciting.

              • I’m 56 and PROUD of it! I have earned my stripes and have never felt better, younger or sexier in my life than right NOW! And I’d like to think that Adam has alot to do with that! He has awakened something in me and, baby, I am LOVIN’ every minute of it!!!! He is HOT, sexy, gorgeous, talented, exciting, different, amazing, HOT, beautiful, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

                (Is it HOT in here or is it just me?! Oh, yeah, I am having another HOT flash – it’s name is ADAM!!!)

                Glamb #20

              • Oh my God, why are we telling our ages again… ok.. I’m …….. oh, there’s the phone.. got to go…

    • I agree with you.I love everything about Adam.He has it all BUT I think alot of us fell in love with the young Elvis look (only a whole lot better looking) and like the cleaner cut rather than weird side.Without the eye makeup and ponytail. We fell in love with his voice with songs like he sang during Idol. I personally don’t like the Brittany Spears style.She has to use all the gimics because she has absolutely NO talent . Adam can just stand there and sing .He is exactly perfect that way.No weird gimics needed. He has the loooks and talent and everything else to excite women of all ages!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I agree w/ you Barbara, concerning people like spears, absolutely nothing that is true except maybe a shot of whiskey & a beer that will let her be brave enough to get up on stage. Sorry spears but u suck! I think she was just one of those kids thrown out there by her parents making a bigger deal than she really is. For me C. Aguilerra(?) has a voice, I believe I did hear ADAM mention he would like to collaborate w/ her. I think Pink has a pretty good voice too. As far as rock goes, the lead singer of Pearl Jam has a unique voice and Bellamy(?) from Muse as well. But in my top genres, Celine Dion and Pavarotti(?) have the most excellent voices I have ever heard. But you all know who I think has best voice of them all is, not just because he sings great and can sing anything, but ADAM sings where you can just touch it. I like a singer who not just sings w/ emotion, but when they sing they talk to the audience. ADAM does that, and has one helluva voice. It just pisses me off that the media focuses on crap and not real raw gifted talent like ADAM’s. Of course he is getting heard now and he so deserves to be heard. ADAM is a real entertainer w/ a real voice. PS I always thought ELVIS had a beautiful voice too. I enjoyed listening to his Christmas songs.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Yes, Cindee, Adam has to appeal to people in their 50’s+ too and believe me there are a heck of a lot of us out there who totally dig Adam. You either like an ecclectic collection of music and want to keep current, or you don’t. I saw Grandmas, I mean real old Grandmas rocking it out at his concerts, LOL! So maybe this type of music isn’t for you. He can’t please 100% of all of the people all of the time, but personally, I know he will please me!

  41. One of the things I love most about Adam is he will never be boring! Can’t say that this is my favorite look, but I love Adam no matter how he decides to wear his hair. It’s still the same beautiful man!!! And I can’t get enough of looking into those eyes!!!

  42. KO's smiling says:

    Is it me or does Adam look kinda sad? 🙁 Otherwise I would like this pic.

  43. I’ve watched Adam’s recent appearances 100 times, including the TIME FOR MIRACLES video and that is my favorite Adam, HOWEVER, having said that, I laugh at and love every off the wall, gorgeous, photo of him. Who but Adam can do this? Every time they interview him, he is the same intelligent, kind, funny, interesting person who could co-anchor ET or Access Hollywood with no sweat. How he dresses, wears his hair, gets photographed is so much fun and keeps us fascinated, but inside he never changes, always the same great person. The more people see that, the more fans he will have. Ron Cavallo said it best when he reminded us that many of the greatest musical stars have had their crosses to carry with the press and disgruntled fans, but look where they are now………. MJ, Prince, etc. Just keep smiling girls, WE know the man we are supporting!

  44. When you have a face as alluring as Adams, it is of no consequence which hair style he chooses……. he will always look totally desirable – handsome, beautiful and…SEXY !!!

    Another stunning photo of Adam to “whet” our appetites !!!

    Love to you all, Yvonne (Australia)

  45. Don’t care for the ponytail thing, but the look is divine. Love that Adam no matter what!!

  46. Lambertini says:


  47. Adam is not just a one-of-a-kind singer and musician….but he is also an actor, a TOTAL PERFORMER. Remember he’s having the time of his life and loves to play “dress up”. Let him have his fun! I love his look no matter what it is…I find him completely mezmorizing and, well, just FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! He will be the only one to outdo Madonna’s constant reinventing of herself…this ability he has will ensure he lasts for the long haul, well that and his BRILLIANT VOICE. Bring it on Adam…whatever you’ve got….BRING IT ON!!!! Oh yeah, I’m 45!!! WAHOOOO!!!

  48. AdamAddict says:

    I simply love it.I love his expression!There,nuff said! 🙂

  49. I should be a Glambert because I have all the symptoms….Sleep, work, and get on Adam Lambert sites. When I’m not at work and I’m awake I’m looking up things about Adam. I live on this computer. I feel like a cradle robber, he’s younger than my daughter…..?!!! Most of the time I think of him as a mother would but there are times when I feel very perverted! What’s a 54 year woman doing being this in love with this very sexy man? I’m totally obsessed! I saw him in concert with the AI tour in Portland, Me. but I wasn’t content with seeing him just once. The day before the Manchester, N.H. concert I went on line and ordered tickets again. I even called in sick at work and got a warning for attendance but I didn’t care! Obsessed with this man!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I have to say Andi that I hardly ever think of Adam as a mother would, that doesn’t come into it at all with me. To me he is the sexiest man I have ever, ever seen. I adore him absolutely and completely. Don’t feel perverted, it is not perverted to fall in love with someone just because they are younger (or older) than you.

      Andi, we are Glambs here, Glamberts have another site. Why don’t you join us and become a Glamb, go and get your number.

  50. Adam looks fab,BUT that is a bit over the top for me. I think some of his appeal especially to us older ladies,is that he is a cross between James Dean and Elvis..imo. He brings back what we grew up with,yet he is so new and fresh. Hes just got it all,and has such a fabulous future coming. This is the first look hes had i am not really drooling over….I think it is the swoop of hair sticking out. I like the extension.Anyway he looks great as always. I think it was just a bit shocking when i first saw it..:)

  51. I’m not crazy about Adam looking like a woman. That being said, he is beautiful and his expression is delicious. I just hope he doesn’t take the androgynous look to the Boy George direction. David Bowie was beautiful but still somehow masculine or maybe he was so edgy that he didn’t look “soft”. Adam’s album cover looks soft – I think that’s why I don’t like it.

  52. huzza huzza!!!!!!! he looks awesome!!!!!! love the hair!!!!!!

  53. waveridergal says:

    From a physical standpoint what I love about Adam is that we never know what to expect! Looks to me like he is simply having fun changing up his look. He is FUN! To me, the most fun of anyone who has hit the music scene in years. You GO ADAM!!!!!!

  54. Jane Parker says:

    I love it ALL! The eyes, the hair, and the ponytail! He loves to shock and stun!!

  55. hibaalhadid says:

    whatever the look adam chooses he will look GORGEOUS

  56. I like men to be “manly”, apparently even the gay ones! No, the picture looks goofy to me, although it is true the guy is so beautiful, he doesn’t really take a bad picture. But his stylist must have been on acid that day! LOL. Chalk it up to a “bad hair day”!

    I like the way Adam looks when he’s out and about and himself. Look how cool he looked at the This Is It premiere, for example. So handsome.

    Speaking of the long hair, remember how young and manly he looked singing in The Ten Commandments? I practically drooled over that simple, shoulder-length sytle as it reminded me of how my ex-boyfriend looked when he played in rock bands back in the 70’s.

  57. hiba alhadid says:

    what i love about adam that he ir TRUE TO HIMSELF, HE HAS NOTHING TO HIDE. He’s like an open look

  58. EVERYONE– Lets all call our local radio stations to request Adams Songs and get Him to #1!! You can also log on to the radio stations and enter your requests.

    Also, you ca go to VH1 and add adam as a “WILDCARD” entry in the VOTE for the top 20 page.
    This will help Adam shoot to #1 fast! It is all about YOU VOTING and REQUESTING his songs on your local radio stations….. that will get his songs played and KEEP them played!! There is no limit to how much you can vote.

    My best friends daughter was the star in the Daughtry video “Over You” and we had people all across the country voting all day on VH1 for the video and it stayed at # 1 for months on end!!!
    It works!

    Let’s all over load the circuts so they HAVEto keep PLAYING ANYTHING ADAM!!!

  59. For a treat go to GOSSIP CANDY and watch young dancers (especially the blue hat kid) kill a routine to FYE…I can only imagine what our Boy will do (with a whip) on the AMA’s.

  60. The ‘ponytail’ spoils the look. of the piece. And, the pony tail makes it Willie Nelson ‘country’ Love Adan though, the universe is androgynous I know, but it’s the GLAM LOOK not androgyny that is what is beautiful. The new highly popular rock star in Austraila with all his makeup is till glam not androgynous. Ok, then, the look here is beautiful, the pony tail keeps it from being georgeous.imho.

  61. lisa taylor says:

    Too pouty.

  62. Adam looks androgynous, and the makeup makes him look glam, if it’s not carried too far and becomes clownish. I also think ponttails always look unkept, lazy and even the smooth one in photo does nothing for the picture but ruin the overall look of glam making it lean into the direction of drag. It’s not there, but that is the direction it is headed. There is a fine line between glam and drag if one is androgynous to begin with. One is erotic and exciting and one is cold water thrown killing the fire.

  63. I hope they photoshop out that ‘tail’ hanging over his shoulder.

  64. A new and very good interview showing yet more insight into who Adam really is : (not the National Inquirer, I dont think???)

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Terry, thanks for this. Awesome interview, I just love how candid Adam is about everything. I notice that the interview is a two-parter so I must remember to go back for the second instalment.

      Dianne Glamb #356.

      • Thersa, I loved the article, Adam is so at home wherever he goes and so trueful and he is so right in his thinking!…..Thank you for bringing the article here.

  65. Does Adam associate with any straight people.This photo will be laughting stock for teenagers with ragin hormones and the sport jocks watching their games-these are the same people who like pop/rock and image is a major factor, like it or not. Adam looked georgeous talking to Jimmy Kimmel on tv, he is beautiful and adding all this androgynous makeup lessens his beauty. Look at the CD jacket where each half was make whole-it was the masculine side that was the more beautiful, not the feminine. I think Adam should stick to singing and remember that business is business and the opinion of the major population can make or break a career. Always has.It is not enough to be talented.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Martha, I think you should read the interview posted above by Terry.

      I am not going to say anything else because I don’t agree with you at all.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I don’t think Adam’s career is going down the tube, because he has a ponytail in a picture! My word!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I don’t know what all the fuss is about. I didn’t even notice the ponytail until later, there’s so much more to look at! And again I repeat as Adam says ” It ain’t that deep”. This picture is not going to make or break his career!! GEEZ !

  66. Jimmy Kimmil, what??? what?? did I miss something????

  67. Why not a pony tail?? Many men have pony tails. I looked at this picture 3 different times before i saw it. Still its fake and will not be in the next photo shoot which I sure will be just as shocking. Love his eyes in this photo and the flip!! Its just Adam.

    I was upset for days after the photo of the album cover was released. Then I read his twitter and he said to NOT take me so seriously. He will change constantly. Relaxed ladies and get ready to be entertained.

    I also don’t think his audience will be primarily male jocks. He is SO above that!! They prefer something more boring and could not take the challenge of Adam’s entertainment.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Well said Lu Ann. I don’t think Adam would appeal to the “jocks” at all.

      If you read the interview that Terry posted above, towards the end, Adam says that “if people are deterred by his sexuality from the art that he is creating then you probably shouldn’t be his fan”. I would never be turned off by anything that Adam does (or even has done). As he says “each to his own”.

  68. mmagiemay says:

    He’s Freaking Georgeous, no matter what look he pulls off.

  69. He’s playing dress-up again. This look will be here today, gone tomorrow. As Adam says — and I think I’m gonna adopt it as my new mantra — “It ain’t that deep, man!” Quit picking on him and let him play the rock star!! He is gorgeous to me any which way …

  70. Another very air-brushed, photoshopped (?) pic…

    But after all that Adam has done up to this point…I seriously doubt if a ponytail is going to make a hill of beans difference. A ponytail is NOT going to be his career breaker – seriously.

    …and I’m not telling my age. 🙂 I want to remain a little air-brushed and photoshopped as well.

    Glamb #6

  71. I LOVE this! Adam always looks so different but hott….sorry I haven’t posted in quite a while, I broke my ft. over a month ago and it’s still not healed ugh, at least Ihave Adam to perk me up!

  72. Adam is beautiful. I think the pony tail is out of place but I have had 180 degree turn. I prefer the look of Adam in the 2012 video, but he looks great in everything and I am counting (2 wks,i day) till his album is released. I’ve per-ordered from amazon, but I will be at Target at 8am to purchase another one and it will be opened and playing while I drive home waitng for amazon delivery. I’m addicted.

  73. Persephone says:

    Hi Glambs

    I suppose I felt I could help you all out a bit by weighing in on this. First off, I think Adam looks so awesome. I wish he would grow his hair longer ’cause I like it 🙂 But I think that some of you are “tripping off the glitz” he’s displaying. I lived with a cute young 20 something gay roommate for a while and he had that same kind of look Adam has above. But I gotta warn ya ladies, it’s part and parcel of the package when you admire a young gay man! I love the feminine side of them and it’s okay. I’m married to a hot sexy guy now, but as a straight gal I think that the femine and masculine side is totally hot.


  74. I absolutely love all the controversy each and every pic ellicits, it’s just “Oh, so Adam!!!” Personally I think this pic’s smokin’ hot!

  75. I personally love the look, even if it is an extension or whatever. I love long hair, especially on guys. Then put long hair on the hottest guy on the planet…. How can you go wrong?

    But hair aside, I think the pic looks totally hot. Androgyny isn’t my thing personally, but I think it is very artistic visually. And there is no denying that Adam is one hell of an artist. If he chooses an androgynous look as homage to those who inspired him, and pulls it off as successfully as he does, then at other times pulls off the totally masculine looks just as effectively, that’s a whole different type of artistry too. I have only ever known one other male who could successfully do both types of looks.

    So yeah, even if it isn’t my thing in and of itself, I love the look, because it shows Adam’s artistic versatility with his appearance is a perfect complement to his versatile & gifted voice.

  76. Adam is not just a voice – he is an entire work of art. There will be many more pictures like this. Just enjoy and stop picking them apart. We see the real Adam in live appearances and interviews and yes, he is adorable and bright and funny and sincere and captivating. But, these are the FANTASY that he wants us to just enjoy and not take seriously.

  77. I dont think he looks like a woman to me he looks good, I did n’t even notice the pony tail at first. Just his eyes and the look on his face. Beautiful picture. Love it !!


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