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This is great! Every time you happen to be watching Fox, keep your eyes open for their NEW promo! Set to a very familiar song.. For Your Entertainment! It looks really, really nice and totally goes with the lyrics of the song! So, this will expand the song’s awareness by a ton, maybe it is not the ‘forgotten’ single after all? Who knows.. Anyways, it will never hurt – Some people who just like the song but don’t know Adam might have a chance to get to know him now! And let’s be honest, the song sounds totally awesome put to those Fox clips!



  1. WOW! Fox using Adam’s “For Your Entertainment” for their TV station anthem. Great promo. Love the new twist on the song with the video clips, especially when he makes them Scream! 🙂 This makes me very happy.

    • Yes, this is so great. I love Adam and I know a lot of people love him out there including medias. Adam is going to be iconic he’s going to make it big and we’ll going to be with him for the ride all the way.

      • AWWWWW – what a great interview (as always). I like that she complimented him on how grounded and centered he is because it seems he really works at that – especially considering when this was taped (one week after AMA). I know he is tough and strong and focused and supported and loved but, DAMN, the world is ruthless at times. When you present yourself in the limelight it’s like you have to be perfect or you better be wearing heavy armor. He just seems fragile at times, like everybody I guess. UIMA

      • Thanks, Summer, that was a good interview and somehow got missed earlier on.

        It shows Adam’s clarity of thought, steadfastness and just plain ol’ niceness even when tired and sick..

        Did the interviewer refer to ‘The Secret’? Adam does seem to be on a ‘thinking positive’ track, so maybe he read it.


        SLIVER PANTS!! (Dedicated to KImber and Mary C) 🙂

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            That man’s eyes are just absolutely plucking gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Ok, I have a confession, I noticed at his AI audition, I noticed his eyes before I noticed his voice. Is that so wrong?! I’m looking into his eyes just then & my eyes filled with love tears<3 Thank you so much Summer, I needed that since I have been so down lately. THANK YOU! Did you notice how they have, for me, a stained glass affect? Did you see those beautiful eyes? Oh God! Please bring our BB here to our site just for one day!

            • Kimber — Yes His EYES are mesmerizing and pirece through to your SOUL, like a connection with his! I think that is how Adam gets all of us spellbound and hooked!! His EYES are the window to his soul!! He hides NOTHING FROM US. He is teaching me to open up and just let it out, but in a resepctful way. He is open and honest, BUT NEVER HURTS someones feelings or is RUDE! A lesson we all should EMULATE!!!! Adam is so kind and caring and just wants to please everyone.

              When he talks about singing music that WOULD PLEASE THE IDOL AUDIENCE, that is SO GIVING!!! Adam really does CARE about his fans and what they want. He is wanting to give us what WE WANT, not what he wants!!!. If that alone does not explain what the real Adam is all about, nothing does. He CARES ABOUT EVERYONE!! He is genuine, real, and sensitive to others!! When he said he cried at the end of a Gossip Girl episode, because Salena went with the wrong guy and he felt bad for him, I fell deeper in LOVE with this EXTORDINARY MAN!! I love a Man that can empathize with others even it is on a tv show. He is just so softhearted and responsive….

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          OMG!!!!!!!! Thank you Summer!!!!! I’m too scared to watch it right now, my hubby is in the same room w/ me! OWTPLUCK! I’m gonna watch it anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GUYS!! Adam dropped pretty hard on itunes this last days! even the single WWFM is almost gone from the top 100 and LLWWD from allen is beating Adam on the Album section. FYE has dropped down on the music videos, jeez after being on the top 2 for long now it is on #18. KEEP DOWNLOADING AND SUPPORTING ADAM!

  2. OMG!! THAT IS BETTER THAN COOL! HOW GREAT IS THAT! (I’m trying to shout!)

  3. puteri abdul says:

    great promo..
    adam must have been proud ..

    a question though..
    simpsons is still running ?
    I thought the show has ended..

    back to topic..
    adam deserves all this promotion and attention..
    he has all the cuts to make it big..
    fox should be happy to say that their star was founded from their AI backyard, thus fox should go all the way in helping out adam as much as they can and cherished their rising star..

  4. LuvAdam476 says:

    How totally AWESOME!! Kudos to FOX for using Adams’ “For Your Entertainment” on their promo!
    Love you Adam and Fox!!!!

  5. Great news. The song sounds so perfect for the clips. Adam is awesome and thanks to Fox.



  7. Bill Mitchell says:

    Nice but FYE is still my least favorite song on the album. Dunno, just don’t like it. Really wish Adam would promote “If I Had You”. To me that is the best song on the album and should have been the lead single and the name of the album instead of FYE.

    • Hi Bill. This is just to say I too love “If I Had You” – great hook.

      • Bill Mitchell says:


        IMHO, it is much more danceable that FYE.

        If I were Adam, I would have gone with IIHY as the lead single and the name of the album as well as a more studly picture of him (of which there are many many many). I think that by going FYE and that cover art they were trying to be too cute by half.

        IIHY is like a fun Abba tune and EVERYONE loves ABBA! 🙂

        • I agree, Bill. It’s nice to have some male perspective on this great site. I LOVE the IIHY song, and so does my son. He says there is a dance move called the “Jersey Pump” where one “pumps” their clenched fists in the air to the dance beat, and this song is made for that!!

          That being said, I do find it very heartening that FYE is being used by FOX. Great move on their part to promote Adam and American Idol, and the new season starts soon, and Adam was the best thing that ever came out of Idol. He is planning to return during the season as a guest entertainer, I think.

          Happy Upcoming New Year to all Adam fans!!!

    • FYE is a great song, I love it! But so I love the other songs on the album,too!

    • YES , I AGREE ! “If I had you” should be the lead singer. However, the more i listen to FYE , i start to get addicted…somehow…it’s a very strange feeling,….may be because i like ADAM performance with that song (i don’t mind all of the “little too much” scene) cuz for me after 10pm i already consider as adult time on TV. I never allow my son watch anthing after 10pm unless it it a rented movie (that i rented for him). I love that performance and wish i can see again…may be at his tour concert ? Can’t wait for the tour , so i can hear live all of his songs.

  8. Hey everybody this is a cute song a young girl used. A shot of adam on a magazine and the title of her song. Adam,how’d you get so close yet so far away?

    • Wow! Did she write and sing that song? Or is she just lip-synching? Not a fan of country music but that was a great song!

  9. bloobyglamb says:

    Love it ! They should have Bill O’Reilly included HA HA HA HA HA

  10. bloobyglamb says:

    This is epic. Fox Entertainment at war with Faux Noise. love it! What say you Mr. O’Reilly??

    • It goes back to what Adam has said over and over – he seems to have a polarizing effect on people. Now we may be watching FOX at war with itself over what to do with this wonderful, controversial, talented little star of theirs and still maintain whatever stilted image they think they have to maintain. It may all be better when he is eventually free of all this and can settle in a place in the music world where his desire for free expression is what’s valued most.

  11. Love the promo! It’s nice to see FOX support their own after they’ve flown from the Idol coup! I have some questions though:

    1) What is the wording on the web link? Why doesn’t it just say
    2) Why do they keep stating that FOX is the #1 US channel? Is this an overseas promo only? Is this exact version playing in the US? Is it playing now?
    3) How long are they going to use this promo? Till AI kicks in? Till AI is over? Till Adam’s concert tour starts/ends?
    4) Why is Paula Abdul STILL associated with (what looks like) American Idol on this clip? Or is she associated now with another FOX show and the network was just making us aware that she’s returned (at least to the network)?
    5) Since the Simpson’s (now ended?) and Paula Abdul (ousted from AI) are featured in this clip, is this an old clip that was played overseas when Adam was still working on his album and we’re just privy to it now?

    Oh well…..NOW LET’S ALL HOPE AND PRAY THAT ONE OF THE MUSIC GIANTS WISES UP AND USES “MUSIC AGAIN” FOR ONE OF THEIR PROMOS!!! I think that would be a good look for his supposed new single (it’s on the airplay charts) and make totally perfect sense to consumers of companies like iTunes, Rhapsody, Amazon, etc. If not that, then someone should put it on the promos for the Grammy’s or some other music awards show! Hey…..I think the Billboard Awards is on FOX (and Adam is on on their Top Albums chart)! Hopefully, we just might see that!

    Bill – FYE IS my favorite song on the album (followed by either If I Had You or Music Again and then Pick You Up)! I like it because it has that throbbing/pulsating beat and dance rhythem that other artists I like (Britney Spears, Madonna, Rihanna, etc.) feature on their albums. It’s a youthful club song for that particular audience. Remember, he tried to appeal to everyone while still being true to himself. Also, If I Had You was supposed to be the 3rd single (they tried to give it airplay), but it didn’t seem to catch on right now. Music Again, however, seems to be getting some traction.

    • You really seem to know what you are talking about from a perspective that is fresh and obviously informed ……….. talk to us some more!! I too have been a bit suspicious of Fox and their doings with Adam because they have taken the ultra conservative road for such a long time (i.e. the 08 elections). Maybe they have learned to not take such a political/social stand on issues and support what sells because that’s what they are supposed to be doing anyway ….. ENTERTAINMENT! We can be happily entertained by lots of things and still go on and lead productive, safe, moral lives …… thank you very much!

      • LadiesFirst says:

        Oh, you mean like ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC and three quarters of the new outlets in the country.


      • REDSTAR040665 says:

        At least Fox is using it, the heck with ABC. Let’s watch Fox instead of ABC until they give us our Adam back!

  12. Awesome! Thank you Fox for recognizing an amazing song and performer!

  13. bloobyglamb says:

    Maybe Murdock will tell O’Reily to shut his pie hole!

  14. Fox TV Asia?

  15. If you look at the end of the promo it says Fox Asia, so unfortunately I don’t think it will be used in the USA. What a shame since it is the perfect song to promote their shows!!!

  16. Who else can give us the best entertainment but Adam Lambert. Awesome promo!

  17. Merry Xmas everyone. I’m having the whitest Xmas ever. I shoveled 2 feet of snow(instead of going to gym) before I put my turkey in the oven(hosted Xmas eve dinner). Everyone’s snoozing, but I’m watching the snow still falling. It’s a slow snow storm of the decade that we’re having, it’s so beautiful!

    I peeked in here to see what has been going on, and saw this wonderful promo, however, this is for the Asian market, the single FYE is #1 in some parts of Asia, so it totally make sense. Umm… I ‘m not sure if they will promote that song here in the states. It’d be interesting to see what and how they will promote Adam and his album here.

    In the meanwhile, I came across this on my Twitter, so if you want to help, vote for Adam one more time, because this one for sure he deserves to be #1. Best dressed.

    The Insider-Poll best dressed male of 2009? plz Vote for Adam Lambert (he is the last so far)

  18. Agree it is the best use I have yet to see from the Title track of his album , it really needed something that more persons could identify with so that he could have more of a mass appeal very.

    Not sure if this will be shown in the US but regardless it will be a cool thing for the web and something else that can go viral

  19. It was just shown in Hong Kong. So I think it’s for the Asia-Pacific region. I love all the tracks of FYE. My faves are Fever, Pick You Up, Music Again and If I had You.

    • Thanks for the info. I thought I wasn’t crazy for seeing something other than for its web site. As well as seeing Paula Abdul on what looked to me like the American Idol set. FYE probably has been playing there a lot longer and lot more frequently there than in the US. On Christmas Eve, some people YouTubed Adam’s performance on the AMAs that was broadcast in Mylasia, Hong Cong, and Japan (it showed at about 10:30pm). They DID edit the guy-on-guy kiss too!

      It all makes sense, since the label in breaking him in Japan and the UK in January. I guess this is part of the lead up to his official debut. Right now he’s #16 on the MTV Asia site’s top 20 Chart Attack list (viewer vote) for TFM (only song on chart). He’s features on the Hot News scroll (his pic is scrolled on the large screen and story is in the featured section) for his Leno visit. So it looks like the label is amping up his visibility over there in adavance.

  20. oh wow thats sooo cool
    as we all said Adam is going to make it big and change the world…he already has more than he could ever imagine and with everyone getting into him, all the big names love him already he is going go be massive, totaly blow this world apart.

  21. The show Criminal Minds does not air on Fox in the US. It’s on CBS. The show was in this promo

  22. I don’t care where it’s played….it’s just good to see ADAM’s music used for a promo!!! Hopefully, if it’s an Asian promotion, Fox will use it here in the the U.S. too for the new shows.

    Hooray for ADAM!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      After all the crap FYE had gotten when introduced on ama I think it deserved to be brought back with this recognition because it is a good song. It’s sexy as hell but FEVER had me feling goood!!!!

      • I agree. I LOVE FYE and was sad to see the AMA’s shut down all the promoting. It’s a great fun song and would really catch on if played more. Then video is hot, hot, hot! Well hopefully with the short memories of most people in a couple of months it can make a come back. Until then I’ll be blasting it on MY player! Happy Holidays everyone and PEACE!!

  23. LadiesFirst says:

    First, let me say I’m a huge Adam Lambert Fan and will be attending his New Years Eve bash, Second, Bill O’Reily was one on the first to stick up for Adam during AI when it came out the he was gay stating “if the man can sing then his sexual preference should have nothing to do with him winning American Idol” but anti Fox News outlets right away to the opportunity to turned it all around, as they often do, and the only relationship Fox News has with Adam and his father was when Bill and Dennis Miller were discussing “Barbara Walters top ten most influential People of 2009” and Miller stated that “Adam is OK but the award should have gone to Adam’s father” when it was mention that his father told Adam that he should apologized for his performance on the AMA’s.
    Let’s not forget Fox News is a conservative news station, though they may deny it, and will naturally take the conservative stance. Remember, all comments should be “Fair and Balanced” as well.

  24. Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years to all of you !!!! Love this site !

  25. I LOVE Adam’s Album. The whole thing is GREAT, SO I Just let it play all the way through and then again,and again, until one of the kids turn it off .

  26. OMG, LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

  27. OH TOO COOL!!! I love this song and hated to see it swept aside. Thank you FOX, you are the best. Adam, AWESOME!!!

    • ME TOO! LOVE FYE. . . I wish it would’ve gotten more radio play.

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        Luv FYE & the FYE vid…played the CD LOUDLY all day in house…dancin & singin thru the chores…YEA!!!!

        Wishing all our Glamb family a great holiday & the ROCKINEST ADAMAMAZING NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!

        Candace in MS #388

        • AdamRocks! says:

          The whole album really does help you get chores done, doesn’t it? 🙂

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

  28. Way to go Fox. Lovin it! Adam, I think Fox has your back! It’s a great song and deserves to be heard. Thank you.

  29. Iyleneidol09 says:

    If no one had seen this Adam interview yet, here it is, enjoy this looong interview. It just satisfied my hunger for Adam.. Merry Christmas to ALL my Adammates!!

  30. REDSTAR040665 says:


    Mars Glamb 122 OHIO

    • REDSTAR040665 says:

      Oh, I forgot to add, I have seven cockatiels (The one in the video is a cockatoo) mine are medium sized birds. They are RICKY, LUCY, FRED, ETHEL, DESI, SUNNY AND HONEY. Sunny can whistle hi ho and Andy Griffith. None can talk yet. Sunny and Honey had babies this fall, however, they did not survive…….This is the good part,,,,, I named them ADAM LAMBERT AND EVE SUZANNE. Because they were my first grand babies. I got really attached, I don’t think I will try the breeding anymore, I just balled when Adam died in my hand, feeding him.

      If Sunny does talk it would not surprise me if Adam Lambert would be his first words. I have Adam everywhere and talk about him CONSTANTLY.

      Hope you liked my story and enjoy the video.

  31. top20 countdown for 2010 started on vh1 keep voting till saturday .go to http://www.vh1 .com go to the down left said top20 countdown click on it then vote choose adam lambert .drag adam to top 111111111111111111111111111 then press refresh.

  32. Bravo to Fox for this!! Actually, can you imagine this?? Fox? Well, they DID let him on the show, so I guess it was inevitable that they would have to show themselves to actually be hipper than ABC. I loved it, love all the shows (LOVE House) probably won’t bother the watch AI this year (like-why bother?) Amazingly bipolar of them to have such good programming and such still amazingly narrow perspective news coverage. But..Whatever! Its all For OUR Entertainment and it works. Viva L’Adam Lambert!!!

  33. This is not for the US. It’s for Asia. check the end:

  34. ok Fox is doing a marathon of AI season starting Jan 1th. So if you missed and taping or accidentally erased an episode here is our chance to have them all. Site listed below.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thank you for posting, sorry I mentioned later down the road. appreciate the post, THANK YOU!!!

  35. Considering that the most successful show on FOX was American Idol and that Adam Lambert saved the AI show last year, it is fitting that they use his song for promotion, besides, it is a fantastice song anyway.

  36. Not really commenting on this but I just wanted to vent! I read in my US magazine that Kris and Allison will be on one of the new years eve shows and no Adam! I am just so SAD! I cannot believe he got the boot!!!! Makes me so angry!!!! I know he will be doing a show in Hollywood but we won’t get to see it unless we go and I wont be able to do that!!!!! I am heartbroken! I guess maybe someone will put it on UTUBE hopefully but I wanted to ring in 2010 with our guy! Well thanks for listening to me! Maybe next year but this is just killing me!!!!

    • Tears! Tears! Tears!

    • He will blow the lights out in LA with his voice and his charisma!

    • I think there will be live stream on your computer for nominal fee(I heard $5. US). It may also be on Pay per View on your TV. Look out for it. I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to see his concert. I’ll look into it let you know as soon as I know on this site.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I have to work! At least if it’s livestreamed you can be there at you pc for it, crying!!! PPV would be great too! Oh well gotta let Kris & allison shine sometime. But after NYE It’s ADAM again in the new year! Yea I really wanted to be the one who he gives that special kiss to. Yea right! I still wonder who it’ll be. MASTER ADAM gotta give a kiss to someone, freakin lucky B! Can you record it from your pc?or download?
      It kills me too !
      OKAY EVERYONE!!! Don’t forget FUSE Jan 11th 7pm ? check your listings. &&&&&&&
      This is from my phone (Playblog)? Fox Reality Channel is doing an AI S8 marathon starting Jan 1st 14 hours of ADAM LAMBERT.Check your local listings, damn I’m starting to sound like a commercial!!!! I get to see SATISFACTION AGAIN!!!!!! Gotta check it out ! Somebody please find on Playbill & post thank you!!!!!

  37. that is so awesome!!! good for you Adam!!!!
    i just love this song, its so fun and upbeat, i just dont know why i hasn’t caught on…it should be playing at all the clubs, would love to dance to it!!! i know if i ever hear it at a club i probably go!! hopefully this will help this great single, it shouldn’t be forgotten!!! …..soooo tired of the same crappy music played at the clubs…and radio…..BRING ADAM TO RADIO!!!!!

  38. Such a sad story. One of Adam’s huge fan has been beaten to death by the hands of her ex. This senseless tragedy is breaking my heart and tearing me up. Her name was Terri and also known as @glitteryaquarius on Twitter. My heart goes out to her 3 children and have urge to support domestic violence prevention organizations. #RIPTerri. What a freaking Xmas story!!!????

  39. AdamRocks! says:

    Did everyone hear about the Glambert who was murdered by her husband on Christmas Eve? He beat her to death with a tire iron while her babysitter and children were in the next room. . . they could hear everything.. 🙁 Adam tweeted about it.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • What?!?! People are just nuts! Sad!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I saw that , how sad! & very sad for her children! & abc was so damn worried about MASTER ADAM’s ama performance, B Walters said something about the violence in the world, what harm could Adam’s performance be? & Master ADAM said society embraces violence but not sexuality. Violence toward women is really bad but it’s violence against anyone. This is just my opinion, but if they’d ring that guy up by his balls he may never do it again. I used to believe rehabiltating criminals back into society but sometimes I just figure w/ the cost taxpayers have to put out for these men & women, it might save us a few pennies if we go back to the “old west” days. If you disagree that’s fine, there’s two sides to everthing I guess.

  40. Donna Lee #409 says:

    I have two extra general admission tickets to Gridlock New Year’s Eve w/ Adam Lambert. I bought them on line and printed the tickets. The next day my credit card company called to check about possible fraud. They gave me the name of the organization charging for the tickets, which was not, so I put a temporary hold on the charge. I investigated the site and, when I was satisfied that it was legit, removed the hold on the charge. I’ve tried to get in touch with Wanticket to assure them that I have paid for the tickets so they won’t resell them, but I haven’t reached them yet. I haven’t offered the tickets for sale, because of this confusion, but, if you’re interested in them you can reach me at If we can confirm that they will be honored at the event, I’ll sell them at cost, $333.50 ($150 each plus service charge), or best offer.


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