FOX 5 interview with Mama Lambert and Adam (Good!)

Here’s a really good interview with Momma Lambert and Adam: They talk about the talent she found when he was 3 and 10 years old. They’re both sweet and really cute together:


  1. Adam’s mother is very beautiful, and very loving! Now we know where Adam got all these good qualities. His father must be also terrific!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    This was great. I have thought many times that he must have great parents. I think that is why when he goes onto even greater success he will be fine.

  3. YliaLarissa says:

    Happy Mother’s Day Mrs. Lambert….
    A mother will always be a mother and will always stand in defense of her child.
    Adam has been having attacks on his personal life to put him down and I am sure you are greatly affected by this.
    But I believe you have raised Adam well and a the old cliche goes…

  4. LizLambert says:

    Aww… they are so cute. Adam’s really sweet to his mom! 🙂

  5. They both truly awesome, down to earth people…Lovely personality…They win the heart of people not just Americans but the world. Mrs Lambert congratulation, you have risen a very talented and lovely boy.

  6. Adam is a sweet boy. Tender with his mother. I loved it
    I also saw kris perform on Ellen/ Poor man struggled for every little note that comes out of him.
    How is he gonna pull off his on live tour . When he put out a C D. That will seperate the winner from the looser right there.
    I am sure the american idol tour will cover him.
    What about when it’s time to see who packs in the crowds for concerts.
    Maybe the church group can help him out. who knows. They pulled a rabbit out of aht the last time.


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