Four Snippets From Trespassing – Production Quality!

Yesterday was supposed to be our day for the release of Trespassing. And as we all know, whether the blame lies on the business side or the creative side, the release as been delayed until “Mapril.”

As a token reward for our patience, 4 snippets have been released instead. We’ve been hearing and seeing videos of Adam singing full songs while he’s on his radio tour (“be caller #25 for tickets” – the closest Lila and I have come is #11!) but now we get full production values and I’m really excited again and promise I won’t drive up to LA and protest the wait!

Click here for the Yahoo Music page with Lyndsey Parker and tell us what you think about these tunes! 🙂

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Lila - Glamb #3 says:

    Well, I gotta admit… I’m not really that into pop and this sounds very “poppy” but there is something about Adam that always draws me in. I can’t wait to see it live as seeing Adam live makes me love the music. He’s just an amazing person with charisma to spare!

  2. WHAT AN INCREDIBLE TEASE…OH My G_D !!!!!! It’s telling me… “the track is currently not available”!!!!!!! I live in Vancouver, Canada would that make a difference??
    I NEED MORE ADAM…Snippets even help to calm this beast…but I can’t hear them for some reason.
    I will try again later with fingers & toes crossed. This is killing me!!!!!!!!!
    XO Always…”ADAMICTED”!

  3. Carol…also don’t forget to friendly remind Glamberts to vote for NewNowNext Awards!!!!
    People get busy & they don’t ind being reminded! It not an Ego thing…this is for you, the team & our beloved ADAM!!!!!!
    VOTE Everyday, Multiple times Glamberts…just keep refreshing your page!
    Go ADAM GO!!!!

    • Thanks Michele! We appreciate the efforts that you and all of Adams fans are making on this website’s behalf!

  4. I live in Ct.and I get the same notice-“track is currently not available”.Anyone know what’s wrong?

  5. OH HOW I WISH I LIKED DANCE MUSIC!!!!! Though maybe with a few listens these songs could grow on me …..?????

    The bass line on “Trespassing” kind of reminds me of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust” and I’m kind of digging “Naked Love” – can’t wait to purchase the album to see if there’s a decent rock song on it. I’ll ALWAYS love Adam’s voice even if he isn’t going to sing the kind of music that I like.

  6. It sounds very electro pop disco. I’m not sure I love it. Adam has an amazing voice & it just seems so overtaken by the electronics…I still love Adam, but this isn’t what I was expecting.

    • kat23mogan says:

      i suggust you youtube “underneath” song on dark side…there is a short demo snippet…not adam singing…but you can if you know adam imagine this gifted man singing this…incredible gut wrenching song..
      one last thing…wondering what planet you are on…for the last 6 months or more…Adam has said the light side of this cd is pop, electronic, and funk fused into a new sound…alla queen/funk/dance…this is exactly what it is and it is great…not sure what you were expecting…and you can hear Adam’s voice fine.

  7. I love it!!!!!! This is just what Adam needs to get on the radio….so we can here his beautiful voice on the radio! I’m sure there will be a few beautiful ballads for us Glamberts”Out Laws of Love for one”. I don’t have a clue why they are not playing “WDYWFM”more?! If these DJ”s don’t keep replaying these tracks,they must have some kind of issue with ADAM……for the love of God I cant see what..or they are just deaf to true artists! Keep rocking Adam..sooo proud of you,we LOVE you! Now get that album out PAALEEESE!

  8. kat23mogan says:

    For those crabbing about pop and electronic dance sound…ummmm…pretty much that is the new wave of popular music…and if you want to make money and be a hit…then you have to jump on the pop train… are hearing the dance side…I think it is great…very upbeat…make’s you want to really dance…The other side of this cd is suppose to be very emotional and reflect more personal darker sides of life….Wow…some of you guys are a trip. I think a fan of Adam should respect his choice of genre to do…It is not your choice…or mine…it is his…Your negative comments are fuel to the haters fire…so keep them to yourselves…I for one think no matter what Adam sings…even if he did a country song…he would be amazing…This makes me think of when FYE came out and you heard all these people griping about why he was not doing rock….he never claimed to be a rock star…that label was given to him by Idol Producers…and some fans because of his edgy style and doing Led Zep on the show. If you recall…he did many other styles on the show and was in Broadway before Idol…far from rock genre. Give him a break and yourselves…put the song on and get off you behind and dance.

    • I prefer to hear his outstanding voice, and sometimes the genres you mention, such as electronic dance, just totally drown out the singer. It could practically be anybody up there singing. With a voice as unique as Adam’s, to be drowned out or competed with may be trendy and the fashion, but doesn’t make for the most memorable songs. But, what he does do, extremely well, is mix it up and so I know there will be something for everyone on this album. With Adam,every song is a stand alone hit and there is no “filler” and that is a true artist.

  9. Wake me up when the album is released!

  10. Hate to say this but I am missing that rocker side of Adam. It may be my particular taste, but these songs feel real generic without the soulfulness I fell in love with in Idol. They all sound alot alike sort of like background music when you walk in a club. I downloaded so many cover songs from Idol that he was terrific singing and even some of his pre idol rocker songs. I think he needs to make a u-turn in that direction.

    • kat23mogan says:

      So Trespassing has no soul..?? It has a hell of a message…Never close you eyes has no soul…it is about not missing a moment with the one you love…Outlaws of Love (not in these snippets) has not soul? Were you even at the Glam Tour ? Did you not notice that half of Adam’s song’s were about having fun…being yourself…that is the message…the soul…Wow…people get over it and get down and have fun…As Adam says…it is not that serious…plus the second side has very deep songs…

  11. I really don’t mind what genre ADAM sings as long as I hear his voice dominate and not some electronica downing him.

  12. Carol, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Simply put…………….I LOVE THEM ALL!!! 🙂

  13. Love them all!! Can’t wait for the CD. Remember to keep voting for Adam on VH1’s Top 20 Video Countdown. He is climbing a little more each week – lets get him to #1 !!!

  14. Oh I love these – especially “Cuckoo”, “Naked Love” and “Never Close Our Eyes”. I’m still warming up to “Trespassing” .. Can’t wait for the CD to come out – I had heard April 20 but I guess that’s wrong?

  15. .. and, btw, thanks, Carol – what would we do w/o you?

    • Your welcome Diane! That goes back to you – what would we do without you and everyone else who faithfully supports us? I don’t ever want to find out!
      Love ya!

  16. Please anyone who can tell me the best way to send something to ADAM?
    It is quite urgent that the message gets to ADAM himself. It is about the release date of Trespassing which is May 15, which is a very bad timing astrologically speaking. I know ADAM is into astrology.
    It is NOT a good date. It should be earlier from April 15 to 1st week of May.
    I already emailed the Direct Management Group, the one managing him as I saw it on today’s update. But if there’s any other way, to let ADAM know ASAP, I would appreciate it. This message needs to reach ADAM as soon as possible.
    I am not an astrologer just someone interested and I want to send ADAM this book I got which is not available for sale anywhere which is a great help for him the whole 2012. RIGHT TIMING is EVERYTHING! It spells S-U-C-C-E-S-S !!!

  17. Thank you, Carol! It is great to hear part of Adam’s new CD. I am looking forward to buying it on May 15th!!!.