Ford Day with Kradam

Yesterday on September 18th, Adam and Kris performed a mini-concert in Dearborn, Michigan for the annual Ford Motor Company Day. Following is a video from the performances which starts off with some not-unexpected Ford jokes followed by a Q&A session that’s pretty much done strictly for fun. If you want to cut to the song (“Crazy”) it begins at 6:24. Kris is good on the guitar, but his vocals are no match for Adam’s.

This second video contains the very end of the give-and-take and the song:

Wow! Proof once again that even without the makeup and the dancing Adam’s emotional vocals are second to none!



  1. Donna Wiederhold says:

    listening to this, renews my amazement at the results this year, they are not even in the same league. Sorry, i know Adam has been more than gracious, but i am just a fan and i can state the truth as i see it, or in this case, as i hear it

    • Lisette here..bonmatin thenks Jeanette agan for anothre lovli post an thes videos with beau Adam an Kris in thes show in Michegan..Donna agree thes estraordinaire l’homme always is gracious,humble an charmant in thes interview here..An too is apparent ther frenship remans true.
      Adam reacting to new judge Ellen replacing Paula was regarde to Simon ..sure she will adde humour an know how to handle his sometemes harsh critiques to Idol contestants.An so cute regarde Adam an his sweet adore him audience seems very toched lot of laughing ther..Thenks agan for sharing with us..Jeanette whenevre bleu know I can counte on yu for making thes Adam fanpage so wonderful..blessings to yu Luv Lisettexoxo!
      p.s. adore Adam an Kris with simple guitar an not grande band accompaniemente!xoxooui plese danse Adam(he-he)!!!

    • I know Kris and Adam are not in the same league but because of their close friendship I really enjoyed this duet together. There won’t be many more so I cherish this for as long as it will last. Loveing KRADAM!

  2. the interview portion is so funny. Love Kradam

  3. Wow, Jeanette – you just beat me to posting! Good job girl!

  4. I just LOVE this song and Ioved them singing it together…………more more!

    • Yes Trish, love that song too! It is 01.03 and I am playing it in my study full volume and doing my ‘thang’!

      Thanks Jeanette, loved this!

      • I am too Ingrid, I love this song, and I know Adam sings better than Kris, but I love them singing it together. Adam makes Kris better. What a friend. 🙂

  5. Eva Poliszczuk says:

    What a nice thing to come home to after work tonight,anything Adam always makes me smile. Thanks for posting it:)

  6. Ya gotta love Kradam! I would love to see these two on Saturday Night Live one day soon. They are alot of fun together. I agree that Adam’s voice is fantastic as usual! He makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on some of those notes he hits! Thanks for posting, Jeanette! Keep ’em coming – I want to know where Adam is and what he is up to every day. (That sounds so stalker-ish but you know what I mean!!)

    Glamb #20

  7. I sat in front of my computer applauding as if I was there in the room. I thought this was just beautiful. I am only an Adam fan but I feel that he and Kris were destined to be friends for the strengths they both have that will allow them to push and encourage each other in their personal and professional lives. So Iove them both, I guess.

  8. That voice – it is so beautiful. I don’t know why but I feel this song REALLY shows off his voice. His range is incredible! LOVE IT!!! Just leaves you wanting more 🙂

    Glamb #455

    • Hiya Trisha from Trish. LOL Another Trish in da house! 😉 Your Glamb number is close to mine too. Are we twins? My number is #451.

      I could hardly hear the questions and the answers during that , how could any of you?

  9. Love the song when I first saw the video with Adam dancing. There is no comparison between the two, Adam has such a beautiful voice, a fantastic vocal range, the emotion in his voice, I can go no and no. I still feel very angree with the AI results, but since then Adam has more then proved who is the better singer and better performer. Adam sat at the edge of his sit, I was half ecpecting hin to get up and dance, for me there is no other but Adam, I much prefer to listen to him singing his music, his interpretations, no one else. Adam is my Rock God.

    • i agree with you toni, i always hated adam was rigged of AI.more so i don’t care about the others it may sound selfish but only adam is the best AI. i hope he will do it alone his way after the release of his album. i also hated when he said he’s got a crush on kris the publisher asked him to say that just to have something to talk about kris’ adam said he was totally embarassed by saying that. do themselves something to talk about don’t put adam in a disgusting manner.

      • Well said perllee, I also cannot wait till Adam goes on his own and do his own thing. He is always having to be gentleman and not upstage the other person with him, when he is on his own we can experience A FULL ON ADAM LAMBERT. That day cannot come soon enough.

  10. What a great start to my Sunday Morning!!! I love listening to Adam sing this song!!!! He definitely drives me crazy!!! But, hey, it’s a very short drive anyway!!!!

  11. Adam and Kris are sooooooo adorable together…..what a treat to see this…..(I’m still in Adam withdrawal)….Thanks Jeanette for posting this…..the interview part was great and to hear them sing together was special…..Adam kills it, of course…..

  12. AdoringAdam says:

    I like Kris and I hope he’s successful, but—Adam is in another world with that beautiful voice. Can’t wait for the album. Love him to pieces.

  13. Thanks for sharing this video… Adam is so talented, and so is Kris… but Adam just has the IT factor.. I can’t wait for his album. I listen to his music everyday in my car and it motivates me to be in good spirits everything I hear him sing…. Love You, Adam!!

    Glamb #183

  14. Yippie!! I never tired watching this! I always wanted to hear Adam sing Track of tears again! Wow,breathtaking! LOOOOOVE it!! I love the interview at the beginning before he sang,when asked about the hair!!He is so cuuuute!So adorable,how I wish I can bring him home and introduce him to my parents! Awww,mwah,mwah!Blow kiss me,Adam!!Mwah! 🙂
    Oh,I gonna show you picture that Cindy gave me.Very funny,you guys should check that out!I post after this!

    • Check this out,Cindy/Adamrocks! sent to me! I laughed so hard! I don’t want to delete it.Make me laugh everytime I saw it, like Gokey always make me laugh with his “Dream On’ Hahaha!!


        • Lisette here..bonmatin all lovli glambs!Ofra I set twittre page to private(unsure if yu ever av made account just to let yu know too(Iposted on later thread,due to somone hacking into mypage)Thenks for yur frenship too..An linqs here to beau Adam..nous angel d’musique..Blessings for yu always an all frends here Luv Lisette!An of course legende of millenium,prince of heartes tresbeau Adam Lambert!J’etaime Lisettexoxo

      • HA HA HA HA! so kanye changed his mind. what he did to taylor he can not do to adam because when he gets out of the venue we all throw big rotten tomatoes at kanye.

      • Hi AdamAddict, love the picture, but who is Kayne, never heard of him, there must be a story behind the picture, am I correct?

        • Kayne West is a popular rap/randb performer who, I admit , is an award winner at times. He pulled a nasty rude stunt in front of a lovely new female singer during her award acceptance speech at the VMAs (video music awards).

          • Thank you theresa, I thought there might be a story behind the picture, all I can say is he better not try to pull a stant like that in front of Adam or he will have to face Adam’s fans.

      • Thanks for sharing that, AdamAddict!! Good for a laugh indeed!

        Glamb #20

        • Toni,
          You didn’t know?In Video Music Award,Taylor Swift won and while she was giving her speech,Kanye came and took the mic away saying to that poor girl, “I’m going to let you finish…” then keep saying that Beyonce who should win!! That poor girl just stood there.He returned the mic back but she just kept silence after that.He stole her moment!OMG,I still can see that girl’s face!I felt really sorry for her! Then, lots of celebrity bash Kanye saying he’s direspectful!Adam said in his tweets “Kanye need to chill,he did that every year.It ain’t that deep,man” Matt said “It’s really hard to be a fan of Kanye,really hard’, Katy Perry,kellie pickler also bash him,and even Obama called him JACKASS! LOL!You probably didn’t know because we still talking about it,then this sites crashed! But now you know!BTW,Kanye did apologized after few days but the damage has been done! I dislike him,he needs to learn some manners!!That’s so rude of him!!!

          • Thanks AdamAddict, that is very rude, I now feel sorry for the poor girl. He better not try the same with Adam cause he will not survive the GLAMBS force. I hate people like him, they always have to spoil someone else moment just for the sake of publicity, what an idiot.

      • LOLOL! That was so funny! Thanks for posting that. Yeah I can see THAT happening. Hell it might next year, because I am sure Adam will be at the next VMA for many awards he will be up for. 😉

  15. IvonLambert says:

    Love you so much, Adam. Always adorable, always wow me……
    Even should you sing a song in 100 different versions, I will never get enough watching your gorgeous face and listening your beautiful angelique voice………..
    Wanting your new album so badly……can’t wait any longer!

  16. I don’t know if this was posted yet. Go to mjsbigblog american idol, and he posts a blog by Renee about being at the last show in Manchester. She describes a lot of the funny stuff going on with the idols and the crew. Some of the info was new to me. I follow mjsbigblog on twitter. Those lucky people who were at the last show!

  17. cheryl norman says:

    Adam singing ‘Crazy’ with Kris was wonderful! Like it better with Adam as solo, but this was very good also! Such a huge difference in the strength of their voices. Adam just sings like the angels.

    Like Kris’ sense of humor. Very dry. He and Adam could go on the ‘road’ as a duo on music and comedy, like the Smothers Bros.!

    • I agree with you, Cheryl. They have good comedic chemistry together. Adam has such a great sense of timing and just the right inflections to tickle the funny bones. One more outlet for his great talent.

    • Lisette here..bonmatin ar yu feling,hopful rested apres famille..Aw agree Adam an Kris thinq sounde lovli togethre..Very diffarante styles an Adam’s is more ethereal an velvety,Kris’s soulful..Reminde me somhow of old rock group Righteous Bros..diffarente styles but complemente one anothre.Perhaps they’ll recorde somthinq togethre.Aw an seein yur post to abote comedique duo too..An recall ma brothre having tapes of smother bros.,an old varietie shows of 60s shows,as Sonny an Cher,Ed Sullivan,even old Jay Leno shows with SNL duos as Will Ferell an Jim Fallon impersonating singres,same chemistry ther..I enjoie old shows,collection too from parents!hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  18. I just listened to a radio interview with Adam on Kscam Radio.. It was from last week. Has anyone else heard it.. It’s great ! the last few minutes are hilarious… Adam with a baseball bat.. nail polish and all.. love that guy !

  19. Another song that belongs to Adam, Crazy. I agree with Jeanette, Adam’s “vocals are second to none”. Adam has no limitation, he can move you all the way, such an amazing artist!

  20. This is, in my opinion, the best recording on Crazy by Adam Lambert on YouTube. Enjoy 🙂

    I think this is better than the Ford Day version but duet was fun. I love the fact that Adam can make duet work well with anybody, even with Kris whose style is so different. (Remember Danny-Kris fiasco?). I love “I remember you” duet of Ford commercial, too.
    I am happy to see Adam and Kris working together and having fun, and I am happy that Adam gained such a loyal and supportive friend through AI. It warms up my heart.

    • watched this video again. i saw the info on the right side that adam had an injury during wicked. that leads to debut of this song at upright cabaret together with his mom. oh how sweet mother and child.

  21. Do you think they practiced this song while on those long bus rides? We know Adam’s been doing “Crazy” for a while, but what about Kris? And the other guitar player? Surely they didn’t just get up there on a stage in pull off this duet! Thought Adam sounded great, as always, but Kris might still be under the weather a bit from flu he had. I’d still rather see Adam/Allison duets in future…their voices meld beautifully!

    BTW…Does anyone know if Adam will be at Emmys tonite? I wasn’t planning to watch it, but if HE is on red carpet, etc…That’s different! Heard American Idol is nominated for an award, so maybe Adam is invited…He sure should be, cause this past season’s success was ALL ADAM’S doing!

    Candace in MS

    • Lisette here..bonmatin Candice welcome i missed emmys too celebrate sistre’s anyone else see if Adam was on there..Let us know!thenks agan Jeanette for posting thes magnificente videos of Adam an Kris..singin with only acoustic guitar displays Adam’s perfete vocal pitch,gentle an velvettones..gentle inflections j’adore thes beau l’homme with a voix d’angeli!
      J’etaime always Lisettexoxo..Luv to all glambs here tooxoxo!!

  22. Mary-Ellen (AdamMakesMeSmile)
    Wow! I love Adam’s voice stripped down with just a guitar (or piano)! Beautiful every time! He also seems very relaxed here; just doing what he loves best with one of his best friends! Great positive energy and fun!

  23. I love both Adam and Kris. But, gosh, hearing the two of them, it is just so very clear how superior Adam’s singing is that it can’t be denied.Actually, that goes for any current male singer.Adam is just far better.than all of them evne thought I like them, facts are facts.

    • ABsolute complements to each other..Kradam fan- what a perfect hamony & balance of rock meets soulful spirt Looking forward to more of this amazing vocal duets. How funny..Adam defines Kris’ acoustic skills & Kris Idolizes Adam’s dance perfromance. The future awaits U both!

  24. I just love Adam When his music comes we will all be in awe. Those who have not been on the ride will be crazy mad about Adam as we all are. I just can not wait. God gives gifts to people and Adam has been blessed. We all can enjoy and just love this guy. Hope he can handle all the fame and love and friends stay close. Adam you color our world.

    • thanks ive never seen this version of crazy. always totally amazing! i love his looks without any make up totally handsome. i bet if adam is a girl we can also push him to joining MISS USA. oh a warm applause to leila lambert for this amazing human being. words are not enough for me to describe everything about adam. LUV THIS GUY VERY MUCH!

    • renogirl….And we are blessed to have ADAM!

  25. I listened to the duet, and I honestly like Kris a lot, but he really should never sing “Crazy” again. Please, Kris, stick to what you truly sing best, like Man in the Mirror and Ain’t No Sunshine. Adam is really the only person that can truly sing this song best. His vocal rang and voice are beyond perfection. I love Kradam, but there are certain things that are better left to Adam alone – this song is one of them. What I really noticed is how absolutely handsome and sexy Adam looked without his make- up; he is so stunning either way, I can’t get enough of this man!!

    • Have you heard Kris’s new single released today? Its a cover song from the group The Script. It does not sound like Kris. I am glad Adam will not have to deal with that.

  26. Ok I can’t put Trish2, it says I gotta wait moderation…………..NO! LOL

  27. Hey everyone, lets petition for KRADAM to be on Saturday Night Live during November!
    What do u all think?

  28. missmcglambert1982 says:

    I love the fact that Adam and Kris are friends but vocally and performing, Adam is incomparable. He sings like no-one else I’ve ever heard and I just cannot wait for the full force of Adam in his solo tour free from the reins of AI and everything else. We will then see the real Adam….

  29. It’s alot of fun to watch Kradam, and they interract great together. But ADAM shines galaxies over Kris. I’ve noticed how Kris looks to ADAM for guidance and strength…and ADAM supports Kris like a true friend. Only stating facts as I see them folks…Kris just does not have the voice to sing any songs with varying ranges or projections. He looks like he’s straining to get out any strong notes, and often is not in tune. ADAM, on the other hand, can outdo any singer around. He’s great with slow songs, rock songs, and everything in between. Now I know that I don’t sound biased…NOT. LOL ADAM is perfection!

  30. oh yes, It was nice, but Adam was holding back… felt sorry for Kris, but Adam was clearly the STAR!

  31. i love this! Kris and Adam singing this song. I must dream of it at night because I wake up needing to hear it…. so beautiful

  32. Great duet but, as usual, Adam shines. He has a presence you can’t define. Did you read the RUMOR he’ll open for Lady GaGa…It should be the reverse LORD GaGa welcomes the Lady to open for him!!!!

  33. my funny bones are always active coz i always crack jokes everyday —