Official For Your Entertainment Music Video (Updated) !!!

Here is what we have all been waiting for, the official ‘For Your Entertainment’ Music Video. This video is HOT!!

For some reason, after watching this video, I like this song so much more (?).


So what do you think about the snake and the band on this video? ๐Ÿ™‚ I know you’ve seen pictures of the band before but seeing them in the music video with Adam is a whole different thing.

Is this what you were expecting?

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  1. EPIC! I can’t wait to see the full video!

    • Watch the CBS spots. Back to Adam without censoring. ABC was so lame. It is tame and awesome. Love, love, love the video

      • Does anyone noticed that since the AMAs Adam’s single for your entertainment no longer appears on Billboard charts, neither hot 100 or digital songs, NOTHING!!!! and before he was like in # 70 and then dropped out :s and kris just went straight up to #41 position! WTH!!! Ive been checking every day hopefully for a change but nothing, i am getting anxious….

        • Maybe his appeal is unique and more narrow than we thought but LASTING …… “can you handle what I’m ’bout to do?” The “no’s” got a little bigger I guess. Maybe it’s better than the hyped expectation cools off a bit and the definition of what he’s about gets DELICIOUSLY clear. I find myself truly mystified that not everyone is deeply affected by the sophisticated way that this very young person presents beauty and art in music. The inspiration is under my skin and moving my spirit as every day proceeds. The pop lists be damned!!

    • I love this video…the song rocks!

  2. DAMN! 30 seconds = NOT ENOUGH.

  3. This is looking fantastic. I cannot wait for the full video. Hope that won’t take too long.

    The Netherlands


  5. I cannot wait for the full video, and I love his interview, I love the way his said that the lyrics say ‘can you handle what I’m about to do’, and love when he turned and said ‘obviously some people could not handle it’. Well Adam, more of the sam please.

    • Is there any better interviewee in showbiz than Adam? I think not. He is so articulate, honest, funny, and interesting. The video looks totally amazing. Cannot wait until it comes out, then will have to quit work and watch it 24 hours a day. He just gets hotter and hotter, different look, different day.

      • Carrie, “hopefully the happy buttons” OMG he is so damm sexy and cute! Nope no better
        interviewee in showbiz!

        • glamb# 442 Paula says:

          he is the best at everything music,performing and an awesome business man.he started a buzz right out of the gate and it won’t end.thanks to the cbs morning show for showcasing adam through out the entire show. they showed ABC how it should be done!!

  6. Talent does because it CAN; Genius does because it MUST. Adam , your voice is genius and so is your beautiful soul. I could listen to your voice forever. Good luck to you and have a happy Thanksgiving with those you love.

  7. Bill is like my favorite guy ever, that’s so sweet Adam thinks he is cute!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Connie #528 says:

    Thank Goodness its not like the AMA’s maybe there is still hope that he hasn’t lost it…i sure hope he gets his head back on straight soon… afterall its all about the music not his sexuality…remember???

  9. OMG! THIS WAS HOOOOOOOOOT! Now THIS is called choreography, not the crap we saw on AMA! And of course it is really sexy and raunchy. I LOOOOOVE IT! can’t wait to see the full video!

  10. AdamRocks! says:

    CAN’T WAIT!!! This week has been so exciting!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  11. Now I understand his AMA performance much better!He was acting like the video.He has this aggressive ,dominatrix look and attitude.He is such a great actor and even when he sings he gets in the part so well.Some people don’t get him.,but he is getting a lot of new fans by the minutes.True fans stick with him!! Adam rocks!!

    Glam #39

  12. oh, adam love that “happy buttons” ๐Ÿ˜‰

    My advice for those who can’t handle it close your eyes, cover your ears, and shut your mouth! IMHO, Adam has no explanation to do. He is an amazing artist and he is just doing his job, and he does it in PERFECTION!

    Can’t wait for the video. So watch people, he already gave you all A WARNING!!! “it’s about to get rough to you”…

    • YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yehawwww, we are in for a great ride, friends. The entire video is hot but my favorite part is the slow motiion entrance into the club with Adam looking fierce and his “posse” in tow. The segment with the snake AND the apple was fun because he said he wanted to have an apple included in the ROLLING STONE cover shoot but thought the biblical reference would upset too many people. Not any longer, obviously. I did doubt his judgement after one interview when he said he wouldn’t pick himself up in a bar, not his type. How can you possibly NOT be EVERYONE’S type, as hot as you are, Adam. Between this video, your Early Morning performances, and the interview in which you are so open, honest, and articulate, as usual, anyone not a fan is really sadly delusional about what entertainment is all about.

  13. I’m going to spank you Adam!!! LOOOOOVE the video!!!

  14. puteri abdul says:

    adam just tweeted less than an hour ago that the video is already in adamofficial..
    have not been there for quite a while, even forgot my password, so if I can’t get through it, hopefully someone can drag the video over to youtube..

    anyway, after all the “shenanigans” and uproar that has been happening over the last few days, I am quite relief to see there still a number of diehards still rooting for adam..
    I may be half a world away, but adam’s pain can be felt here, and it really hurt me to see these “chaos”, because to me adam is still being adam and sink or swim, I will still keep clinging on you adam to be entertained..

    • puteri abdul says:

      ok…. did get to see the video….
      and it is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and pretty mild actually…..if compared to lady gaga’s or madonna, I would say adam’s video is sensual but at the level of moderate……luuuuuuvvvvvrrrrrrrrrreeeee it….
      adam’s was gorgeous, he was hot, he was so as he is expected ….sexy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. WHY did we not know in advance about this interview? it didn’t say on i really wanted to DVR it!
    i love this interview, and i love adam! it’s too bad that some people couldn’t handle him.

  16. LOVE IT !!!!now this is what it should have looked like on AMA’s!!!!! go ADAM !!!! DON’T FOR GET HE WILL BE ON CBS ” The Early show”IN MORNING !!! GO ADAM !!!!

    • Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

      Maryann; They canceled that one! ADAM WILL NOT BE ON CBS ” THE EARLY SHOW” They were afraid of a repeat of the performance on the AMA’S.
      Hopefully it will be the only one canceled! LOVE YOU ADAM. BABY YOU ARE SOOO HOT IN THIS VIDEO.

      • Sherry K, by now we have seen Adam on the Early Show and HE WAS FABULOUS! Oh yes.
        Looked more handsome than ever (its thats possible) and he sang 2 songs WWFM and Music Again. They gave him more time on their show than I’ve ever seen with guests. Lucky fans got their fill this morning! Adam came out today and fans were from all over the world. Pakistan and Tokyo etc. Oh Adam you are the Entertainer of the Year. He answered questions, add libbed to other things, he was just Awesome. Oh his pants, they were so smokin hot! This is so exciting and then his Mom went up on stage and talked, oh yes.
        Thank you CBS for this special highlight and thank you Adam for being you!
        Love you, and Happy Thanksgiving.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Mary
          I watched too, stayed home from work today, but don’t care. Actually feeling achy, sore throat, etc. but mainly wanted to see Adam in HD. I thought he was great, as usual, charming, articulate and totally hot! Performances were great!

        • littlegreensnake says:

          I had to be to work early this morning on the west coast, so my dvr is all set to capture him. I watched the video at about 2am this morning. OMG! How tasty is he? They even had my little forum namesake in there. I lurves me some sexy Adam and his little green snake.

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Mary C. I’m dying to see the video of FYE, and his Early Show presenttion.
          Love those songs. Hopefully someone will upload it on Youtube.

  17. It’s kind of perfect that he has a crush on Bill Kaulitz, ’cause he’s my second favorite guy in the world next to Adam. C:

  18. AllaboutAdam says:

    EXACTLY !!! This video is “campy” and fun, and still really sexy and button-pushing… Oh Adam… why didn’t he leave well enough alone for the AMA’s?? Would have been a TOTAL KNOCKOUT. Glad to see now though, that he’s smart enough to do the right thing… GO ADAM – still love you.

  19. Love the Music Video! Amazing!

    ~Glam #496

  20. The music video is fantastic!!!!!! What’s behind that innocent smile is what makes Adam so hot.




    • Dee, did you check out the boots, Wow.

      • WOW MARY….I WANT THIS BOOTS NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WITH ADAM IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Mary,


        • Ofra and Dee, wait untill you see his look for the Early Show, ooohhhhhhh Adam so
          handsomely gorgeous!


    • Dianne Hill says:

      He never went anywhere Dee, you just didn’t see it, and countless others. I am sorry, but I am so angry at the way everyone has been behaving. Some (and I am not saying you) don’t deserve to be his fans.

      • Dianne, OMG i feel the same way, i feel so upset at those people that say they were his fans before the AMA performance and now they are not, or not so much and trashed him, based on that ONE performance, if people didnt see this coming they really dont get Adam, i understand the controversy and all but to go as far as talking so much trash about our beloved Adam really made me mad, he is still the same amazing, kind, eloquent, charming, super talented guy we fell in love with, and be warned HE IS ALSO WILD, HE IS SEXUAL, HE IS UNPREDICTABLE, HE IS OUTRAGEOUS and definately wants to push our buttons, to the people who thought he was soft and sweet, well now you now…..if you dont like it dont watch, period

        • Dianne and Michelle – couldn’t agree more with you! I LOVE this video – very HOT and SEXY – love Adam’s mysterious and mischievous smile – he’s a devil for sure! And yes, I admit that I would have absolutely preferred to see a version like this on the AMAs but, you know what? I have moved on and so has Adam. I DO hope we can all talk about something else soon! Adam has soooo much more of himself to share with us and I for one cannot wait to see what he will do next!! I LOVE you, Adam! Always have and always will! Mwah!!!

          Glamb #20

          • Michelle, Dianne, and Jane, I’ve never let up on my love for Adam. My thought on the AMA’s was he went over the top a little soon there. Mouth flopped open for a minute and then I realized OMG this is Adam! Ima a fan from day 1 and will be a fan forever.
            Love the guy, love his music , just love love love……………………
            Oh Adam, I’m still high from watching him on the Early Show this morning…………………Going to the store now, will pop in the CD and keep on listening,
            oh yesssssssssss.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Agree ladies. So he got a bit carried away with the moment, let’s all get over it and move on. We all knew Adam was a little naughty and a little nice ~giggle~ that’s supposedly what we all loved about him–all the different facets of his personality. Don’t forget, he was always called the Wild Idol right from the start. Yes, I was also momentarily taken aback only because I knew how people would react and was worried about the repercussions for Adam. But his performance was HOT and he was amazing on the Early Show. Sweet and articulate as usual. Let’s please move on from this. There is so much more to look forward to. Adam hopes to be touring world wide and he said as early as spring! Can’t wait.

              • Silvana/Argentina says:

                Dianne and Michelle,
                couldn’t agree more with you.
                I know Helen that we should get over it and move on, enjoy the video and the interview.
                But you know guys, I’m sorry, but this time I’ve realized it had been to much for me, I’m still angry and sad at the same time at the way Adam was treated in this site. I feel exactly as Dianne. Everyone has the right to say not loving a performance, but what I read was far beyond that, and from fans. I’m not trying to be offensive to anyone, ever. I know that I’ll get over this feelings, I’m usually very positive, but not yet. I’m truly sorry. Never posted in a negative way before Monday.

        • I so agree! If you are a True fan you are there for the FANtastic (and there is a lot of that) and the maybe not so fantastic. Now is when he needs us most. That’s what you do with A loved one in trouble…….Circle the wagons …Help him out. Now I’m not saying I approved of the finger thing, that was too far and he should know that. NOT a great idea ADAM. But I am still a huge fan and will continue to be. One thing he won’t be is boring!!

      • I have been a supporter of Adam since the 13 on Idol. I am so dissapointed in Adam’s performance on AMA. I expected more of Adam, and I bet his Grandma did too.
        The performance on AMA was trashy, and at best, a poor attempt at “free publicity” by way of controversy.
        Adam has an incredible gift… he does not need to resort to cheap theatrics to get fans …

      • love2adams says:

        Dianne, you are saying what a lot of us think……..thank you !!
        Now these hypocrites are crawling back……………they ought to
        be ashamed ………………………..

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Wonderfully said Michelle! My mind is just boggled at how some have behaved toward Adam., especially the sense of entitlement in that they think they have the right to dictate how he should act, what he should do, blah, blah, blah. Can’t he just be Adam? :/

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I have to agree w/ you also Dianne.
        Basically, ADAM did his thing on both ama & in video. The only difference is that the ama was live. ADAM was for sure alive! This man has set me on fire throughout my entire body, mind,& soul. ADAM has changed me forever! Whether it’s good or bad, I am a changed person. He has brought out more passion inside of me than any man or woman has. So many words have been used to describe ADAM, the feelings I am having right now for this man, words cannot describe. Tears are just falling because I have so much love for him. It’s like my own life has only one meaning & it is ADAM LAMBERT. I am so lost w/ & w/o this man. What is it exactly is his purpose in this lifetime? Why is he here? To just entertain us? To unite people of all? To be a poster child? Is my love for him good or evil? Is he going to go beyond more lifetimes than anyone? I don’t have answers.
        ADAM has taken my soul & literally turned my world upside down. My passion for him is greater than anything in this world. I love Adam very much & I am a true fan!
        PS this post is coming from me as a person, not the mother that I am to the most beautiful gift God has given to me, my daughter. She & I bonded today & it was beautiful. She is beautiful, the most beautiful human being I have ever known. I LOVE YOU K VERY MUCH!!

      • DIANNE,

        I know ADAM never went anywhere…(bad choice of words on my part I guess)….but you know what I mean….THIS VIDEO is fantastic….he’s hot, sexy, over-the-top, but then we get to see that playful adorable side of ADAM !!!!

        I’ll be his FAN FOR LIFE….I LOVE HIM TO DEATH !!!

  22. DonnaNoble says:

    Yeah, the video is fantastic!!!!

    Now why wasn’t the AMA performance more in line with this?????? Oh well it’s water under the bridge, right? He had that fun sparkle in his eye and looked so gorgeous.

    Need to watch it again.


  24. Ahhh…too hot, too hot!! Where to begin? The serpent? The moves? His faint-inducing eyebrow lift?(Once I’m in I’ll hold your heart, 1st time he says it)
    I adore it!!!!!!!!
    Now excuse me, but im gonna go watch and faint once again…

  25. OK – I just made my, what I’m thankful-for-list. 1. The way I stopped breathing through that entire video….2. the same 3. the same… and on and on. He is so friggin’ gorgeous! THERE is the real Adam …… THERE is the reason we cannot and will not, EVER get enough.

  26. AdoringAdam says:

    Anyone who would stop loving Adam because of Sunday night is not a true fan.
    I love this video, He sounds fantastic and he is so gorgeous that I can hardly stand it. Can some one please tell me if we can buy the video. I know it will probably be on ITunes soon.

  27. DonnaNoble says:

    OT from the fabulous FYE video, a tweet from Billboard claims Adam’s sales may top 200,000 this week!!!!! Wow is all I can say.

  28. AllaboutAdam says:

    We’re baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack in business with that video ladies… NO ONE can argue with it – it was AWESOME: raunchy, sexy, catchy, hot, made me wanna dance as it was SUPPOSED TO DO! Love it love it love it! Oh yes the eyebrow lift – i had forgotten it from “Beth” – seems like ages ago…. Swoon, melt, gulp, faint, pant – THIS video is the Adam of my dreams (and, um… fantasies)… THIS is who we fell for with all our hearts… jumped in with both feet, without knowing how deep …. THIS is what he’s capable of… and more importantly: THIS will sell records. Just enough edge, just enough raw sexuality…Perfection – as only he can achieve. For this kind of show of talent, i can forgive him ANYTHING. C’mon…. those of you who, (like myself), were mad at him – let’s kiss Adam and make up. You know you wanna.

  29. AdamDreamer says:

    I saw the full FYE video; I LOVE IT !! And I got my FYE CD today – I LOVE IT too… Oh happy day !!

  30. hey! who won DWTS? anybody know?

  31. It was more heterosexual than I thought it would be. I’m a bit disappointed in that regard, but oh well, the video is still epic. I guess the blatant homosexual vibe of the AMA’s, was meant to be balanced out by this video.

  32. cheryl 334 says:

    I SAW THE WHOLE VIDEO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OMG, OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam’s Back! Stunning! Simply Amazingly hotttttt!!!!!!! Sexy is as sexy does, and Adam, You’re as Sexy As There IS!!!

    NOW THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN’ ‘BOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yeah, my manly-man, my GLORIOUS ROCK GOD!!

    peace-love-light-hope-truth-joy-happiness 4 ADAM!

    • Back??

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yeah Aramikah, he never went anywhere did he? He has always been here, just not in everyone’s heart. I knew the turncoats would come crawling back. What a lot of crap and garbage they have been saying since the AMAs and now – god they just piss me right off.

        He is so gorgeous in that video clip, and he was so gorgeous the other night on the AMAs and he was just brilliant.

        I’m sorry but I’m really f****d off with the way people have behaved.

        • ARAMIKAH and DIANNE thank you very well said, i feel exactly the same way.

        • cheryl 334 says:


          DIANNE, YOU ARE TURNING into a regular ‘buzz-kill’! Blah, Blah, Blah,………saying the same ols dtuff over and over. You are not happy with this andnot happy with that. You don’t seem to be a happy person at all. Do you have any idea what a ‘downer’ it is to see your name only to read your dissing someone else and complainning about every little thing! Sureyl you have SOMME positive thoughts.

          • Thanks Cheryl, for voicing out my thoughts!!!! This is not a competition of who Adam’s biggest fan is?
            FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION, Diane and Aramikah, remember?????

            How can you slag off people that have been supporting Adam FROM THE BEGINNING and feel a bit let down by his AMA performance!!!

            Who are you to judge??? That’s arrogant.

            People on this site are so passionate about Adam but not only that – people are intelligent!!! They have OPINIONS!!!!

            We all want Adam to succeed!!!!!!!!! That’s the truth!!!!! So speak about the music, the performances, the artist!!!!! Stop with all this judgemental BS!!!!!

            • UK4Adam and my dearest friend Cheryl ,

              Thanks, thanks a lot indeed!

              We have been here for ADAM since the very very beginning, supporting every single thing ADAM did and/or said, loving him inconditionaly always and I think our love for him is so big that we “conquered the right” to be afraid about everything that can happen in a negative way in his career.

              Please, I am only practcing myself in freedom of expression.


              Evelize – GLAMB #80


              • cheryl #334 says:


                Thank you both for speaking up for me!!! I appreciate your comments and your friendship!!!!

                I will wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!!! I arrived here in Colorado Springs a few hrs ago, and my daughter and her husband just went to bed and I am waitting for Adam to come on Letterman!!!!!! Love, love, love that manly-man!!!!

                Watched Adam on CBS this morn and taped it. He was simply drop dead hyper hott!!!!! He has the best fashion sense of anyone I have ever seen!!
                Loved his black outfit with the funnel neck neckline!!! Cannot wait to see him on Letterman, tho!!!! I am so happy he’s been invited! You know, Letterman is a strange man, and he does NOT invite everyone on his show!!! Saw Lyle Lovett on this past week. Love Lyle, too. Letterman loves Lovett! He does know good talent.

                Have a great day tomorrow, and thank you for your friendship. Friends are something never to be taken for granted! I offer mine to you as well, and think you both already knew that!!!! Much luv, Cheryl

                • Thank you, Cheryl, right back at you!
                  Hope you have a warm and joyous Thanksgiving and to all US Glambs on here too – HAPPY THANKSGIVING, my friends.
                  We are all here, because of one man and his art. I appreciate so much what he has given us, and although I’m not American – today, I am thankful for that!
                  Love and Peace xxx

  33. The video is great and he looks awesome!

  34. My first thought was..OMG I think I believe in reincarnation – Elvis. My second thought was…he looks like king of the vampires.

    By the way, on another blog, I read that Bill O’Reilly (Fox ) supported Adam on his show tonight. Weird, but I’ll take it if it’s true.

    • YES, Mary T….hard to believe about Bill O’Reilly, but true! Am sure someone will have it up on YouTube. Have also seen many other supportive articles & vids today. The tide turns….Adam will seal the deal Wed. on The Early Show & Letterman! Sales of FYE are WAY better than expected. Barbara Walters interviewed him today…Wonder if she’ll talk about it on The View tomorrow?

      LOVE the FYE vid!!! Love the way the camera pans down WAY underground from street scene to reveal the “Master’s Den” & vid closes panning back above ground. You really feel the atmoshere of this “club” where Adam is in total CONTROL! Can’t you just imagine him playing the role of Anne Rice’s “Vampire Lestat”…He’d be preternatural perfection! All I could see was ADAM…my eyes are riveted to him throughout this vid…no matter how many times I watch it! Are there dancers???….snakes??? Will have to go back & watch again….Nope… Only ADAM!

      BTW, did anyone else see a post or tweet about Adam’s appearance on The Ellen Show being pushed up to Mon.11/30 from the original 12/1 date??? Would love to get confirmation so I can set my recorder. (Had to change up my settings for tomorrow (Wed.) twice cause my local CBS affiliate doesn’t carry The Early Show on it’s regular station…With a bit of digging I found it’ll air on an alternate channel they use for HD, etc…THANK GOD!!!.)..

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        YEA! I have goosebumps just thinking about all ADAM! Yes, it was mentioned that ADAM is on Barbara’s top 10 most fascinating people of 2009, not sure, can’t confirm.

        • I wouldn’t be a BIT surprised!!!! How could Adam NOT be on a show called “10 Most Fascinating People of 2009”???!!!! That is our Adam in a nutshell!! Oh, Boy! This is just the beginning! We will be seeing Adam everywhere now!!! I LOVE it and I LOVE Adam!

          Glamb #20

  35. leilani aloha says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes!
    love it !
    great video! Nicely done!
    Good job Adam!!!

  36. I love the song and I love the video. His just AMAZING! ADAMAZING!!!


  37. LA Times checks on on this… good article..I like this part…
    “Lambert’s musical connection to hard rock is actually pretty tenuous — though he’s brought back the heavy-metal scream, his vocal performances really reflect stronger connections to New Wave, post-disco and even opera. Where he is a rocker is, frankly, in his groin. Showing off sexual desires that are still considered outlaw by some, he produces the kinds of responses that threaten some people and change others — and signal bigger shifts in society in general.”

  38. I love this video! He looks and sounds so awesome! I wish this is what we would have seen on the AMA! Then people would appreciate Adam for who he is. His voice is so amazing and it sadly didn”t show that on the AMA. I’m still a huge fan, though!

  39. AMA = slutty and crass
    FYE video = sexy and class.

    Hopefully he might be sick of the critism but he can learn a lot of the reaction form FANS.

    It wasn’t about the kiss, it was about the rest of it that most of us didn’t like.

    Hoping tomorrow he does just as well and just as classy!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      He is always classy, he has never NOT BEEN CLASSY. You lot wouldn’t know class if it jumped up and smacked you in the face.

      • Dianne, why don’t you let it go? You’re the only one still upset ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is good!

      • DIANNE……………..Adammadam you got it goin on, girl!!!! You are definately one with good common sense! He was NOT classy at the AMAs in my opinion. Dianne needs to try and get along with everybody in the sandbox. Slammin’ people is getting OLD already. Lighten up and be happy. You’ll feel a lot better and people will enjoy reading your posts. Instead of rainning on someone who just posted their very own personal opinions. Thes opinions are welcome here. Dissing someone all the time is a lame game and no one likes it.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Oh my god Cheryl, do you actually hear yourself. You are the chief disser of everyone round here. And I was expressing MY opinion.

        • love2adams says:

          Cheryl, before you get all kissy again with Adam you should know you are the biggest hypocrite of all around here……………..”slammin people” (including Adam) is your middle name……..

          • cheryl 334 says:

            DIANNE AND LOVE 2………………..HAHAHAHA!!!!! I see you two are still in denial. Just don’t start your shit with me again. You have got a real problem. Why don’t you just scroll up and down and see how many positive things you can find, then look at my original posts. Mine are strictly trying to run you down. Just post my self and have to run into another one wher your glass is half empty. Hey, I had some feelings, stated them, stand by them. Called on no one on this site and now I.m over it until someone tries to drah im into something. I won’t be dragged into anything, but I will say I am so sick and tired of seeing you two jumping on nearly everyone who just posts their poinions while you all are just waiting to get your stick fingers on you deyboaed to mock their statements. You all should be made to take a long break from here until you can be a happier poster instead of a drag on us all.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            LOVE 2…………………wHATS YOUR POINT? Oh, you don’t really have one. Just don’t like my post wher I state my love and loyalty to ADAM. HOW VERY SAD, THAT YOU FEEL A NEED TO POST A PIECE OF GARBAGE TO ONE OF ADAM’S BIGGEST FANS. AND YOU’RE DOING IT AS A FAN YOURSELF. Very interesting andver telling!

            Hhahahahaha!!!!!would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad that we have to put up with this shit on this, Adam’ fansite. Very sad. You teo are very sad excuse for a fan. That is for sure.

          • cheryl 334 says:

            LOVE 2…………………wHATS YOUR POINT? Oh, you don’t really have one. Just don’t like my post wher I state my love and loyalty to ADAM. HOW VERY SAD, THAT YOU FEEL A NEED TO POST A PIECE OF GARBAGE TO ONE OF ADAM’S BIGGEST FANS. AND YOU’RE DOING IT AS A FAN YOURSELF. Very interesting andver telling!

            Hhahahahaha!!!!!would be funnier if it wasn’t so sad that we have to put up with this shit on this, Adam’ fansite. Very sad. You teo are very sad excuse for a fan. That is for sure.

    • MONGOOSE……………..You got it right!!! Could not agree more! So happy to know that Adam can own up to it and still come out smelling like a rose!

      He must do better, and I think he will def. be up for it!

      Gutsy but true words Mongoose. You tell it like it is, and I appreciate that, unlike some others. The truth will asways be the best side to be on!

    • Today pure classsssssssssssssssssss: the Early Show.

  40. Sherry K GLAMB #445 says:

    This just reiterates what I have been say and saying!!


  41. Sure wish he would have done this on AMA it is so incredible fun sexy gorgeous. He has so much talent GOT to love this guy no matter

  42. Saw a good interview with Adam and the intervierer gong thru the AMA performance cant remember how I got there could have been a link on the previous post ? I think there was an MTV logo in the back ground cant be sure, but it is worth looking for,

  43. If he’d done this on the AMA’s at the end he’d have got the applause he deserved, instead of the.. shocked silence.

    His voice, his attitude, his smile, total 180 from the AMA.

  44. wow, it sure has been a rollercoaster ride;p my seatbelt got loose but i’m still hanging hehehe… Jeez, it sure felt like Adam’s testing me… I just hope this incident doesn’t negatively impact album sales… rickey’s website sure was giving me negative vibes- the encouragement to buy FYE felt forced and sarcastic… shame, i used to like that website

  45. OMG he looks even hotter than before, how can that be possible??????
    *faints* LOL!!!
    Love the song, it just makes me wanna dance! well….among other things…….

  46. Absolutely love it! I think we’ll be seeing Adam at the VMA’s next year.

  47. ADAM………………….ALL GLAMBS…………………..WISHING YOU ALL a very good and wonderfultime with family and friends at Thanksgiving! Kiss your friends and relatives,if you must have a little drink first. Maybe it will help all the stuff go down easier! Going to Col Springs to be with my daughter and son-in-law. She bought me some kahula and half and half. Yummy! Hopoing for good flying weather! Leaving from Chicago. Remembering the movie, “Trains, Planes and Automobile” and hope I don’t run into any blizzards or cancelled flights!



    • littlegreensnake says:

      Hey Cheryl, have a safe trip. My hubby and I will be with you rooting for the Lions. He grew up in Alpena, MI and we always watch his team play at Thanksgiving. Maybe they’ll surprise us and get a win this year. LOL

  48. I spent the day readying my house for Thanksgiving, putting up a few holiday decorations, and thinking about all that has happened in the eternity that has been these last few days. While I was out in the garage getting down boxes of wreaths and plowing through stacks of holly, pine baskets and bows, I was talking out loud to Adam Lambert, saying, “Honey, you are going to have to change some things”, and other similar thoughts, and the other half of the time I was praying and agonizing over him, hoping fervently that the AMA performance would not sink Adam before he has even begun. I had already read the horrifyingly nasty things being said about him from various websites, and learned early on that ABC had opted to cancel his appearance on GMA (they just had to get in a strong punishing gesture to this bad boy somehow), and I was feeling as though I was mourning for my own child. Not one comment has been left unsaid by his detractors, they have called Adam ‘stupid’, ‘lewd’, and a ‘lousy’ singer. Some have even said worse, and are calling Adam’s attempts to explain himself as being totally hypocritical, self-indulgent, and a complete fabrication. Others have called him ‘Satanic’ and ‘possessed’, and many, many people are gleefully proclaiming the total end of his career. Finally, I just had to get away from all of it, go out in the garage, and do something different. To be a fan of Adam Lambert is a constant roller-coaster ride, often rising to fabulous heights of brilliance and then plunging into abysmal lows from one day to the next. I think what hurt so much is that Adam was thrown off his game at the awards show, he over-compensated, got rattled, and finished up lamely. Instead of drawing people TO him with his attractiveness, talent, and irresistible warmth, he alienated many people by overdoing his song and arrangement, and by getting personal with his message at the end of the performance. Nonetheless, I still believe in Adam, and I still believe he is the most powerful and beautiful person on the planet. Adam said he wanted to show at the end of the AMA awards that he was ‘in control’ of his performance, and of himself as an artist, and as a gay man. All of that coming at the end of his set was probably a little more than what the audience could follow or understand, and so it was all lost in the general confusion.

    More than anything else, I can’t bear to hear Adam being laughed at, or see how easily people came from every direction to put him down in the harshest way. I kept thinking of Leila sitting there, watching things come to pieces, and then later, reading the invective from the comments on every website. I couldn’t bear to think of Adam alone in his dressing room after the performance, unable or unwilling to come out, and then having to find the strength to get up and face whatever awaited him. In those few moments, he Tweeted his fans, and I saw that Tweet at 12:07 am. He was reaching out at that moment to all of his fans with that one plaintive sentence, saying that he ‘adored us’. I thought, ‘oh kid, I wish we could be near enough so that our love could reach you’. And then suddenly, he got out of that room, and back out to face whatever was ahead, and he’s been trying to explain the situation to everyone ever since.

    I went over to Twitter later in the afternoon, and found that without exception, every one of those Tweets was supportive of Adam, and each fan was standing resolutely behind him. I wrote two emails, one to ABC, and one to CBS. Then, I saw the link to the AdamOfficial site, and I went over to see what the FYE video looked like, and I was completely stunned. I couldn’t take my eyes off of Adam Lambert in that black ensemble he was wearing with such devastating effect. The whole video was exceedingly and excellently choreographed and executed. The song was completely recognizable, tight, hot, and coherent, and I instantly found myself singing along. I couldn’t stop looking at that fantastic man in the middle of the room! I thought where were Adam’s promotional people when it came time to do the show LIVE? Why was the show done in silver and grey, when the black was so fiercely dramatic and perfect to showcase Adam’s delightful male beauty? Why wasn’t the lighting different, so that Adam’s face was highlighted as it was in the video, and why wasn’t that completely overwhelming smile in evidence? If the live act had been conceived and executed in the same stylistic manner as the music video, and the music arrangement of the video used on stage, all of this enormous disappointment could have been avoided. And more than anything else, the sexiness of the stage show could have been ever so slightly modified from being an ‘enactment’ of sex acts, to being the ‘suggestion’ of sexual situations as it was in the video, and everyone would have had no complaints whatsoever, and they would have been completely dazzled by this new singer. The ‘For Your Entertainment’ music video is the single most ferociously sensational thing I have ever seen. I will NEVER get tired of looking at it. And instead of the video underscoring and enhancing the live act at the AMA, the music video has to compensate for what happened on the live stage, and I find that to be a crying shame. I can’t BEAR to think of Adam being humiliated because of all this, I can’t stand to think that the first thing he did in public will have to be lived DOWN, or that people can get away with saying the most dreadful things about him. And I mourn for us, too, as his fans, because we have loved him so much, and we were looking for a triumph so great that it would never be forgotten.

    Well, we must go on, we will go on with our guy. I for one, am certainly not going to leave him while all these incredibly insulting things are being said about him. I will gratefully love and support anyone and everyone who stands by Adam at this time, including Perez Hilton, bless his heart for his kind Tweets to Adam, and for being his outspoken champion on his own website, while all the bloggers on the comments on that website insulted Adam and Perez to the last degree. I pray that this one misstep will be forgiven, that Adam will recover without injury, that good people around him will stand beside him and ensure that Adam is given the kind of perfection in production and visual presentation he so deserves, and that his peers will close ranks, laugh a little, and go on to love him as one of their own, forgetting everything else. Adam has the kind of strength that can move a massive mountain, and seeing him literally and figuratively trip, drop, roll and then come up to his knees and back onto his feet within minutes, is an incredible feat of agility,strength, and courage. I do understand the reaction and disappointment of so many, myself included, and I do think it would be a good thing if Adam would address the feelings of his fans, and not close himself off from their honest responses and need to hear from him. In the end though, my sympathies and all my love and best wishes are with Adam Lambert. He is a singer and showman who has no equal, and he simply must be allowed to fulfill the vision he holds of his own future. From this moment onward, may all go forward exactly as it should go in every particular, may he see his every dream realized, and may he go on to live unhindered the dream of his own beautiful life. Love to you tonight, dear Adam..

    • If anyone has trouble accessing the link provided above (and for some reason, I can’t view videos from our Glambs’ site myself), here is the link to the full version of the FYE music video directly from the AdamOfficial site:

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LORRIN,………………… Surely you see what hs happened was bound to happen as far as the circumstances go. It could not come out good after watching him perform, and the actions that followed. I am a bit surprised you would not have wanted Adam to be the greatest tht hs is to be shoeing the wrld what all the hype was about. My sadness ws tht he was hurt, that his parents had to see it. It was painful to watch. He did not need to be coddled immediately. He came off arrogant, never see that before, so upity and sure he had it right and the rest of the world had it wrong. I felt like spanking him the hugging him,too. But definately ignore the problem and help him think he was all good and it was the ‘others’ that got it all wrong. It is not true. Not, Lorrin. You are usually pretty up on things and expect respect where respect is given. If this were my son, this is how I would have handled him. No better. No need to do that when he was in the wrong. It cannot be denied. He would learn nothing from this horrible experience where he was not getting an applause, he needed to undestand it, whether it hurt him or not. To go thru such a horrible experience, and get nothing out of it, no lesson at all, would be the bigger sin Maybe I do use tough love, but I’d rather he know that than to be foolish enough to believe he can do no harm if he does or says it in his new catch-all phrase, “it is for art”. Kind of sounds like the warmongers, they are doing it for God. Lide you can’t argue with either statement. Do not want to “enable” him. That would not serve him whatsoever. So anything I have said was out of complete love and hope htat he undestands the problem as well as poossible so he can walk away with a bit more knowledge and wisdom. All out of complete love. Looking out for his best interset, not worried that people have voiced their disappointment. To ignore the disappoints made my so many woud do him no good. A lesson for the good is always good for the learner. Luv, Cheryl.

      • I hear you, dear Cheryl, but I am going forward from that place rather more quickly than I would in real life. You see, I believe that Adam has already been there, in that place of understanding what happened at the AMA awards, what could be done about it, and what could NOT be done about it. I think every bit of it passed before his eyes on that stage and in the dressing room afterwards. I think that Adam is fully aware of all the ramifications of what happened including any part he played in it, however, he does not feel, for whatever reason, that he can mention all his feelings about everything right at this time. Perhaps it comes from the knowledge of having been a managerial person in my adult life: many things are not shared in order for the whole to go forward intact. Also, I often did not explain myself in making certain decisions. I think Adam is a strongly managerial / Alpha-male type, and he is proud and very self-assured. He does not feel that he should have to explain everything he does. However, Adam is also a young man, and is very sensitive to the feelings of those around him, and they will influence him greatly. Eventually, he will probably end up explaining everything he did and why he did it, and he may even make some kind of an apology to his loving fans. He will, of course, have to suffer the fallout of every last thing that happened, and I think he knows that very well. However, beyond that, he should not have to go. He is a professional now, and he will sink or swim on his own. I do not see Adam as arrogant, or proud in an ugly sort of way. He has been through the wringer having to deal with a wildly off-balanced performance, and he over-reacted and showed a momentary pride and self-defensiveness. I recognize that trait clearly, and it is not predominant in Adam’s character, even though it is there, and it is there in most of us.

        I think what I am trying to say is that I see this whole fiasco through Adam’s eyes. His whole debut went to hell in a hand basket and got away from him, and he is having to deal with all of it alone. He is probably trying to cover his deep feelings about it all with his former upbeat manner, which he hopes will help ease him and us through this time. Things have gotten much deeper than that, though, and I am sure he is well aware of that. I am 100% behind him in his struggle to find his footing, make whatever explanations he can, get some distance away from it, and keep on going. If nothing else, Adam is a very courageous young man, and I am willing to allow him some leeway here to navigate through these very treacherous waters.

        Thanks for your good and heartfelt comments, Cheryl, always..

        • LORRIN… have such incredible insight. You bring a serenity to these posts and I just want to stop and “smell the roses’ with you. Thank you.

          Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          L , love ur words, you said it all!

    • Thank you, once again – as always, dear Lorrin, for your thoughtful, sensible and bang-on comments! I just KNEW you would do a thorough analysis of what has been happening and, of course, that you would not be allowing one possible slip in judgement to interfere with your love and support of our Adam. I am sure your words speak for many of us here! Thank you!


      Glamb #20

    • Goodness gracious, I am just now reading this marvelous post of yours, Lorrin. Your remarks are extremely insightful. Thank you. This is helpful in allowing me to “process” the events of the last week after that AMA train wreck of a performance followed by a “roller coaster” of reaction from Adam, from the public and the media. And then this video comes on and it’s just “spot on” in terms of showcasing all of Adam’s gorgeous and unique talents.

  49. Adam’s eyebrow is the best thing I’ve ever seen.

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      agree- could we get a video of like, an hour, of JUST the eyebrown lift? It would help me sleep at night. GULP.

  50. I adore this video! Don’t forget to maximize it, hahaa! I love that look he does: playful, menacing, seductive. I am totally entertained. =]

  51. Beautifully said, Lorrin. There is no need to addd anything else-except to say that I feel so much better tonight after reading all the countless messages of love and support extended to Adam all day today. Hugs, Lorraine

  52. Love the MV. Love his smile >.< and I also love his performance on AMA

  53. Aha! Alas! The Glamberts got Adam’s message!!!
    He is beautiful! The video is just fantastic!!!
    Calling all detractors, falling fans!!!!….here…eat all you said and swallow them with shame!!!!


  54. I love the music video! Its really great!

  55. magnificant wonderful fantastic , yes yes yes.

  56. love the video. love it love it,,,classy and sexy

  57. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    I hear you Lorrin and others about wanting Adam to have done the video clip presentation at the AMA’s. The reality is that it would have been impossible to do that choreography. That clip would have required heavy editing and multiple scenes to actually get all of that in there. So the only way they could have done it was to just show the video. That wouldn’t have worked I’m afraid.

    I think that this performance of Adams was quite deliberate as a concept. He was an American Idol who we all knew would never fit into the AI mold forever. He was considerate in putting a wide variety of songs on his cd because he knew his fans would like it. His point may have been though that “ok I was an idol but I’m actually Adam Lambert. I was in the Zodiac show, I discovered myself at the Burning Man Festival”. We all knew that. We all loved him for that. We all accepted him for that.

    We hoped as he did more and more of the 52 idol concerts that he would get raunchier. I’m sure he was reading the posts on one forum I was attending because they even requested for the final concert – zodiac hair, a proper pole dance move, way more mic-stand-erbating and even the black leather pants and singlet without the waistcoat for the final songs. Well he totally obliged. We wanted it, he gave it.

    If anything our messages from all this must be confusing to him…. we tell him he’s sexy, discuss the size of his manhood, want him to kiss us, read fanfics about him with other men (and enjoy them) or in a few cases women, we fantasize about him with us, would gobble him up without mercy, have you ever tried to read the tweets that are sent to him…. we all have advice to give him, goodness I even want his boots….lol.

    Then in the moment he plans to give us just about all he’s got… we (and I’m using the royal “we” and not including myself or many others who love him unconditionally) turn on him and say bad boy…. it’s kind of like letting a puppy chew on one shoe for it’s early life then turning on him for chewing up all our shoes as he gets older. We encouraged his path.

    I’m happy for him to interpret any of his songs any way he likes. They are his to do so with. Maybe every now and then he’ll break another comfort barrier… cool. Art is wonderful. And many of his fans are a fickle lot….

    • AdamRocks! says:

      What a GREAT post Lisa!!!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Jane Parker says:

      I agree with you totally Lisa.
      All of us Adam Heads are excited to see all that Adam is vocally and theatrically. We know that is who he is. It is the American way, though to be hypocritical and “holier than thou”. I hate that Adam walked into that scene with America. But he will be fine and we will continue our journey with him.

      This has just been a hiccup!!

    • AGREE^^^^^

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Once again I wholeheartedly agree with you, Lisa.

    • Congratulations Lisa !!! You have put this in the right context….. my sentiments exactly. Well written, well done….THANK YOU.

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Oh, Lisa – You are so right on! I have struggled to say just what you said but could not find the words. ( Don’t you love how the mind works at 4am?) A long time ago, I sent Adam a little copy of the Burning Man picture, bicycle-man with goggles, and told him I hope and pray he never loses that beautiful soul. Today, in an interview, (the long, 25 minute one), I heard him say, “I’m a hippie….love, flower power, and all that). Yah, he’s still there …. intact, safe, inspired ….. and I was so glad. UIMA

  58. I”ve only posted on this site a few times, but I come on often to see what everyone has to say, I used to like this site. I’m shocked the way some of Adam’s so called fans are abandoning him because of his AMA performance. Yes, I was a little shocked as well, but the main thing I was disappointed in was his vocals more than anything else. It wasn’t his best performance. Did you ever think this guy has the weight of the world on his shoulders the way the media, his fans, Simon Cowell, etc. has built him up to be the next Elvis or Michael Jackson. I never once heard Adam himself claim to be any of those things. I think all the pressure and criticism finally go to him Sunday night and he cracked. Yes, he didn’t use good judgement Sunday night, but it just proved that he is human, not the perfect superhuman everyone has built him up to be. This is the time his so-called fans need him the most. He doesn’t owe anyone anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! His album is amazing and I wish that is what everyone would talk about. This is the last time I’ll ever post on this site, since it seems to be full of people (not everyone, but Jeanette comes to mind) that doesn’t want to give someone they once worshiped a second chance. See ya!

    • KMT,I agree with you…we all know who Adam is and what a great artist he is! GEEZ give the guy a break it was his first live performance away from AI. Did any of you “NO MORE ADAM FANS” see him this morning on the EARLY SHOW,on channel 2…He was superb! he sang “What do you want from me” and”Music again”! He and his band was fabulous! Hundreds of people lined up to see him..despite the ama awards! Oh and FYI,since the ama awards,the day after his CD came out and went from 8 to #4 in 24 hrs on ITunes .The performance and the hype is making record sales go thru the roof!!!! Remember Madonnas banned video from TV…it ended up being the #1 selling video of all times!SOMEONE KNOWS WHAT HE’S DOING HERE! You rock Adam!!!! you are going everywhere fast! Shame on you fans who turned their backon him,that includes you Jeanette!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Great comments KMT! If ‘fans’ feel the need to abandon ADAM then I guess he is not for them!
      I have great faith in ADAM….He is SO courageous and outward in everything he does and it
      seems to offend some. Personally, I find ADAM so refreshing……..and he is moving mountains
      right now! A change has to come……..! …….I knew M.J. and I can tell you that the same vibes,
      professionalism and greatness I felt from him I truly see and feel in ADAM! We are witnessing
      an amazingly breathtaking and talented guy here!!!!!!!! Get over everything and show the love

  59. Evette #419 says:

    Its amazing LOVE the outfit!





  61. Love the video…song is hot…video is hot…GO ADAM!!!

  62. arrgh, i can’t get into and twitter’s over capacity…. what’s goin’ on?

    • DonnaNoble says:

      adamofficial has been down since last night, don’t know what’s going on there. Have no clue about twitter – could be from Adam’s appearance on the Early Show???

      Have to say I LOVE the video. Want to get it from itunes ASAP. Wonder if it’s available yet.

    • Read in another blog that AdamOfficial crashed a few minutes after announcing his video was up.

  63. I LOVE IT . . . . I can watch it over and over and over . . . AGAIN!!!

  64. OMG that stare!!!! *dies* I needed CPR after watching this, so thanks to those in chat who revived me after I freaking DIED!!!! I love him so much, all this negativity as of late by his “fans” has been really upsetting to me, but this video is PERFECTION. No one can take the joy away that I feel when I watch this. ADAM is our SMOKIN HOT ROCK GOD!!! OOOOWWWWW!!!! I love him to bits!!!

  65. Perfect! This video has all the right moves and that raised-corner of his lip sexy smile is a KILLER.

    Adam Lambert is made for videos–the camera loves him.

    A big shout out to CBS! I love Maria R. she is such an Adam fan girl. I thought he sounded fabulous and looked very cool in the new rock clothing.

  66. AdamAddict says:

    The raise eyebrows is so damn SEXY!And the woman on his left and a guy on his right while dancing,whaoh,it was HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I liked the way he looked , his facial expressions are ever so sexy, even when he wails, it’s so sexy!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Facial expression…ooohhh yeah baby!!I was watching him and tried to copy him…kinda,yeah I don’t want to look at myself on the mirror,it won’t be pretty like Adam did!LOL!!It’s terrifying!haha!!The facial expression is priceless.he tell us the story just doing it.HOT,HOT,HOT,did I say he is hot?I guess I just mention it one more time then,HOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Oh Adam just tweeted this:
        adamlambert Thank you to everyone who waited in the cold so early this morning for my CBS Early Show performance! Your support is so important to me.
        WHO GO…wait,WHO WENT???Cold really?I bet it turn warm right after Adam showed up!Or not warm but extremely HOT??!!I LOVE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Oooooooooooh baby, LOVE those facial expressions! I’m sure you looked beautiful Emili! ๐Ÿ™‚ Wow! People from Kuwait, Tokoyo, and Pakistan were there this morning!

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

        • Emili….just re-reading some of the comments… You made me lol when I read about you trying to imitate his facial expression! I just love you!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  67. LibraLamb7 says:

    Just watched Adam this morning on the Early Show (CBS rocks!)…He was STUNNING! So many fans, from all over the country & world, waiting to see & hear him. He looked & sounded GREAT! Sang “Whatdaya Want From Me” & it was the PERFECT song for this appearance. His Mom came onstage after & was so cute & supportive of her boy. He closed with “Music Again” & looked so happy performing it. He gave a very informative interview, answered questions from his fans, signed autographs, gave & received hugs all around! Adam looked outstanding…GORGEOUS…It should go a long way to calming things down….Looking forward to more of this on Letterman tonite.

    He’s said he got carried away “in the moment” on AMA show & didn’t intend to offend. The most outrageous moments were NOT rehearsed & he’s let ABC off the hook for that, they didn’t know he’d do that & neither did he til he did it! I still think he was brave to do the FYE routine, though I wish the vocal quality had been up to Adam’s usual perfection. The “trip & ninja roll” was a thing of pure athletic grace & power, helped along by his adrenaline rush no doubt. I do think that rattled him & it could have been a real disaster. He could have fallen off of that platform & been seriously injured!

    Note to all you parents out there who are so outraged about what kids might have seen on Sunday nite…use the DVR next time a music awards show is aired so you can pre-view it & decide what’s appropriate for your kids to watch. Personally, I thought there were other acts that nite that were as risque or offensive as anything Adam did. The rappers were constantly being bleeped & the women performers went way over the bounds of “polite” society! This was NOT a “family-friendly” show form the get-go! I don’t usually watch these things cause I don’t find the acts very entertaining…Adam’s sure riveted my attention! And parents…your kids are getting exposed to so much sex & violence EVERYWHERE…TV (broadcast & cable shows), internet, movies, music lyrics & videos, magazines, video games, their PEERS….The list goes on & on. This is our culture now & kids must learn to tell the difference between right & wrong. If you want to protect your kids, start at home & explain to them what they are seeing & hearing. When I was young, many moons ago, I was a rebel & always sought out anything that my parents labeled “taboo”…It’s what kids do! All this flap over his performance, the censorship & cancellation of the GMA performance just entices them to follow him more. Adam Lambert is NOT the problem. But, after that AMA performance, you have all been put on notice that an Adam Lambert concert may be too intense for children…He is NOT “Disney”, or even “American Idol”…ADAM IS ROCK & ROLL in every sense of that phrase…He IS an ARTIST & he WILL BREAK BOUNDARIES. I LOVE ADAM & his SPIRIT & COURAGE.

  68. LOVE, LOVE the video. That would be hard to express that in a live stage show….LOVE YOU ADAM..!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  69. hi, guys;p found some videos on youtube for Adam’s cbs early show… can’t pick a decent one though… but i’m sure you’ll be updating us once you find a great one…. Mombert was there and she was ultrasupportive… It’s a pity that not more people were there for Adam to meet and greet… Arrgh, I can just kick ABC… Love his performance of the 2 songs which are relevant to where he’s at right now.. Go Adam!!!

    • I think quite a few people showed up considering he was booted off GMA less than 24 hrs ago and on his way to CBS.ABC lost out and CBS won! Shame on ABC and the fans who are dising him! Adam was awesome on CBS,and his CD is ski rocketing! Good PR if you ask me

  70. Marilyn-Malaysia says:

    The last few days, a lot of us including me been criticizing Adam due to his AMA performance, people letโ€™s move on! I can’t stay mad at him especially after watching his appearance on CBS Early Show (ABC’s loss).

    Lets continue supporting Adam, he needs us now. Love you Adam.

  71. OK – slap down, I know I said he is mad at times and I still say it … and why shouldn’t he be? Being angry is a natural emotion, productive energy …. gets things done!! He IS angry at the double standard, phobic crag that tries to circumvent creativity and tout morality. I hope he stays angry, and fierce and steadfast, like he was this AM on CBS. Sooooo amazing. Where is all this vulnerability, innocent crap coming from? He is neither and that’s what makes him HOT!! I just had breathless moments on Sunday night and a little into Monday that the performance would kick record sales but it didn’t take long to get to, “who gives a ……….” He’s not going anywhere and will just get more and more exciting. “Once I’m in, I own your heart”…… no duh, Adababe!!

  72. This is INSANELY FABULOUS!!! Uncanny how much he resembles Elvis at times. Anyone know when it hits Mtv?

  73. Oooh, NASTY!

  74. How long did we all wait for Adam’s first live performance on the AMAs? How long did we wait for Adam’s first album to be released? What were we thinking during this period of time? We were eager to have the time come. We each had our own expectations. We read all we could find on the internet, bought magazines, whatever it took to keep up with what Adam was doing.

    Adam was anticipating his performance on the AMAs show as well as producing the album and doing interviews, etc., etc., etc.. He had his own expectations for himself. Even though he seems to handle stress well, we don’t know what was going on in his head.

    Then the actual performance day arrived. We each had expectations that had built up so high I wonder who or what exactly could have pleased us? No two posts anywhere have said the identical thing. We are each disappointed more in our own notion about what Adam should have done than what he actually did. And we are sad, mad, angry, grieving, and having other feelings I’m sure that we weren’t expecting.

    But we are adjusting to being let down. I think of children who become let down after their birthday party is over and their expectations aren’t met. They end up crying and don’t know why. We are like those children. We will survive, and we know it. Adam will have the brilliant career we all know he can have. This was just a life lesson in expectations.


  75. AMA’s??? What are the AMA’s … I don’t remember …. I only remember Adam’s FANTASTIC performance on The Early Show this morning and this ORGASMIC video!!!! OMFG!

    Excuse me … I need to go change my underwear now.

  76. Tweeterpie says:

    This is one of the BEST videos I’ve EVER seen…HONESTLY! I LOVE the concept and Adam has NEVER looked sexier, which is pretty hard to do considering how sexy he already is. I wish things had gone done better at the awards, especially with his vocals. He should have chosen to have the “music back track” like every other performer had. It would have helped the performance more closly match the acual recording. It also would have helped him pay closer attention to his movements and probably have prevented the almost fall. Luckily he covered pretty good but it threw off his breathing and shook him up some what. I also wish the lighting had been dimmer and/or had fog coming up. This could have shadowed the acts, making them less obvious & offensive to people. I do understand how he could have gotten carried away considering his background in theater and work at the nightclubs where anything goes. AND… he did just sit through hours of provocative performances. Janet Jackson grabbed her own crotch and the privates of a male dancer before bending him over in front of her & then thrust her privates against his rear. She also put his face to her crotch. Other performances had their own “over the top” nature to them, but nobody seemed to take issue with it. So, while I wish he had done some things differently, and he does too (TRUST ME ON THAT)…I also think he has a point on the double standard. I will continue to love “our Adam”. HE’S IN & HE OWNS MY HEART!

  77. Bill of Louisiana says:

    His performance was the epitome of Rock ‘n Roll. It isn’t — and never was — intended to be “Parlor Music”. It’s rebelious, in-your-face, go-to-hell music.


  78. Tweeterpie says:

    Oh! and by the way…He totally rocked it this morning on the Early Show. The interview with him and then later on with his mom was great. ABC made a big mistake with their knee jerk reaction to 1,500 calls. If 1,500 calls out of millions and millions of people can affect our viewing options, than we have some serious problems. Even the main parents group complaining said that ABC SHOULD NOT HAVE CANCELED and said that it was not a personal thing against Adam.They have been trying for years to get LIVE TV to put in delay mechanisms so that at any time they can edit out inappropriate things that might happen during a live broadcast. CBS gained from ABC’s mistake, and so did we, because he was afforded even more time than he would have had on that other show. Adam came across charming as usual and explained the whole situation pretty well.. I think anyways…what about u?

  79. Whoever posted the full video thank you so much, I LOVED THE WHOLE THING, HE LOOKS SO BEAUTIFUL, SO SEXY, LOVED THE CLOTHS, LOVED THE PERFORMANCE. I am going to go on the AO and see if I can buy the video, he was also great on CBS, the number of people waiting outside to meet him, lucky them. Well we were sending messages out on Twitter on the release of his single that ADAMSTORM is coming, and not to disappoint us Adam surely brought an almighty ADAMSTORM, unforgetable performance, loved it.

  80. lambertlady54 says:

    THIS is what the AMA should have been like. this is pushing it, but in a fun way. This reminds me of why i fell in love with him in the first place <3

    • totally love everything about him want to go to his first usa concert would pay two thousand dollaers for a GOOD ticket

  81. lauraforlambert says:

    OMG! Someone needs to come over and put me out. I am on fire after viewing this smoking hot video. Wouldn’t you just love to find him under your Christmas tree this year? How much fun would it be opening that package up?

  82. o my god he’s so hot if you touch him a first degree burn

  83. The Early Show was great! I love the FYE video…the Adam I love with the teasing wink and gorgeous smile, seductively inviting us all in…….

  84. This is AMAZING!!!!! I LOVED the video… and ” for some reason after watching this video I LOVE the song so much more”

    He is HOT!!! I donยดt have words….. LOV LOV LOV

  85. Would also like to add that I love this FYE video. Adam is ‘out of this world”…..he is so handsome and so incredibly talented. Yes! gran4adam above, love it when he smiles and ‘winks’ . He is a class act….ALWAYS !!!! He makes me feel…………..(censured).

    Cheers, Yvonne (Australia)

  86. Debbie Glam# 2473 says:

    I hope Adam reads all of these, many very well said comments, very heartwarming & supportive-This will make him stronger!!!

  87. I love this video! This is what Adam should have performed at the AMA’s — he would have blown them away with the uniqueness of the song, presentation and … his voice. It truly shows off Adam’s great talent of showmanship, singer and fun.

  88. FYE video is classy,sexy and I love to watch it over and over …..Adam looks fanatstic ..just love it

  89. This video is hot!<3 I LOVE ADAM AND THIS SONG AND THE WHOLE ALBUM! yay. ๐Ÿ˜€
    He is amazing! fabulous mv! i will support him forever!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  90. Richelle Barrish says:

    Obviously some ppl cant handle what hes about to do…This song and ADAM separate the MEN from the BOYS…what team are U on? Personally..I luv MEN!!!

  91. Need/want/lust after DVD of ALL his performances so I can feast my eyes and ears.

  92. LOVE love love this! adamazing, adamgasmic, simply awesome

  93. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    After watching this I seriously need to own this on my ipod…..BAD!!!!! SO hot!

  94. LOVE, LOVE,LOVEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!, could be nice back to see writing the “oldies” members of this fan club, enjoing our boy all together, hope they come back soon, argentinians kisses . And Welcome new people!!!

  95. OMG love his video and got my 3 cd’s in today and put one in the car….Just waiting for the Ellen show today and see Adam….Here in the central it comes on at 2PM in the afternoon….

  96. Ninalatina9 says:

    YEEEHAAWWW…LLLLOVVVEEE ADAM! HE is THE BOMB BABY!! He rocked it out of all of us!! I love it!! The whole CD is so freakin’ awesome….just like said it would be!

  97. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    This is what a music video is all about! ADAM made this into a mini movie, got to watch & absorb every frame, My gawd, he looks good kissing a man & he looks good lusting on a woman! I just love eating my chocolate while I’m drooling over ADAM! LOL! Having a hard time here, just pictured myself drooling chocolateLMFAO!

  98. I love Adam’s new video here is the full version.

  99. you are kidding about the snake, yes? even ralph lauren is designing clothes with snakes this year
    adam lambert is our demon prince created by God for our entertainment – go adam, song is hot and so are you

  100. I love the way the video starts by going underground from the street level~ ADAM performed in alot of underground clubs, so it was so appropriate to start it that way, and then end it by going back up to the street! I’ll bet that was his idea! ADAM is absolutely gorgeous and his voice is strong and the best of any singer that I’ve ever heard! SEXY LUSCIOUS SENSUAL STRONG

    Love that ADAM!!!!

    Don’t forget to vote for ADAM as ” Favorite Music Breakout Artist” at People’s Choice Awards website!
    We have till Dec 8th to vote, and you can vote as many times as you want.

  101. marylynn says:

    i love this song so much that i cant stop listening to it in my art class