For Your Entertainment Livestream!!! Because it is All About the Music


Thank you to everyone who has stressed over and over in comments that IT’S ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC! So true, and here it is, at long last!

For Your Entertainment is livestreaming here:

Please note that even though the album is live for live stream, be sure to keep supporting Adam here.

As usual, I can’t hear anything until I get home late tonight.

So now that you can hear more than 30 seconds, what’s your favorite?

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5

Edited by: Dreamsound, Glamb #1



  1. OMG. . . Jeanette, they are ALL AMAZING!!! Music Again, Soaked, A Loaded Smile, Pick U Up, Fever, Broken Open. . . ~floating in the clouds~

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • STRUT—- OH SOOOO SEEEEEEEXXY ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


      • WHY do I love all THE STRIPPER SONGS?????

        ADAM has tought me some hot new moves!

    • The album is fantastic 🙂 VOTE for Adam -is nominated already-People’s Choice Award.

  2. puteri abdul says:

    thank you jeanette ..
    seriously .. do I need to pick up a favourite ?
    I can’t .. it’s nearly 2 am here, I am in my fully blast airconditioned room, but I am feeling hot and fired up..
    I also feel like crying.. of joy, happiness , excitement , all those feeling of having adrenalin rush while listening to adam’s song ..
    and you putting that photo of adam laughing oh so adorably did not help either jeanette.. hahah .. and I meant it in a good way..
    adam is my guilty pleasure and his music is taking me way up in the clouds of enchantment ..

  3. They’re ALL amazing!!!


    • Ugh! Michelin Man strikes!

      • lol, I agree!

      • Oh dear, guess he needed to make use of those pictures! However, I still believe that Adam knows what he is doing! It will all become clear soon I am sure – he ALWAYS surprises us, right!?

        I am LOVING this album!!!!!!! Every song sounds AMAZING!!! The 30 second and even longer snippets did not reveal the true body of this work. I came across the live stream link from Twitter this morning before leaving for work and ended up staying at home until I listened to EVERY song – I was almost an hour late!! Ask me if I cared! I spent the afternoon in a meeting and 3 hours later realised that I had doodled Adam’s name and a bunch of stylistic Eyes of Horus on the agenda!! Oh Boy! I got it BAAAADD!! I am soooooo HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!!!


        Glamb #20

        • Hugs to you too Jane. I am so happy , listening to Adams album right now. Fever is playing. Lovin it. I absolutely love “Pick U Up” his voice his sooo freakin sick, god can
          he sing…………. Whataya Want From Me is still a fav too and If I Had You, love it. These
          words and beats are exactly what I thought Adam was going to give us.
          You all probably wont believe this but Soaked is my least fav. IF I HAVE TO PICK ONE!
          This is the Best CD I have heard in a long time. I can defin. see why Adam has been soooo excited in the last months. Keep on doodling Jane, hahha.
          love to you all………….

          • HA! Right back at ya, Mary C!

          • OMG!!! I absolutely LOVED “Soaked”!!! It was my favorite on his CD!!! I’ve been listening to it over and over all night long!!!!!!!!!


            As someone said on this thread earlier, “all killers, no fillers” great evaluation of the entire album!!


      • Dianne Hill says:

        I think I must be the only fan of Adam’s that does not mind that picture of him. I think he is just beautiful and I would just love to go up and throw my arms around him, at least in that outfit he wouldn’t be able to run away from me, now would he. I find it really amusing as it reminds me of the robot in Lost In Space, do you remember that TV programme, I used to love that show when I was young and maybe that is why I like the Michelin Man picture.

    • OH Adam………

    • Good gosh…I was really hoping that pic would go away.

      Glamb #6

  5. I love every song! I can’t pick a favorite! But… Strut, Fever and Broken Open are definitely some of them!!



    • Master Plan is only a bonus track. Not on the “regular” CD.

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Emili, wasn’t it one of the bonus tracks or the Special Edition of…..AdamOfficial or iTunes…..can’t remember…….too many different CDs for my taste (or understanding, when I was young it was just one LP and tha`’s all).
      I’ll have to wait till tonight, like you Jeanette. But I’m sure it’s well worth it.

    • ACK! My ears hurt Emili!!! 😀

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

    • Oh Master Plan is sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk***********

    • thank you Emili for screaming so loud about the songs that I heard you even without my computer being on…!!!! Thank you friend for sending me the link !! your the best !

      • AdamAddict says:

        You are welcome Sherry!And I thank you Jane for sending me the link. I screamed so loud,didn’t I?LOL? I seriously damage Cindy’s ear! 🙁

  7. Dianne Hill says:

    I am torn right now. I do so, so much want to listen to those songs but I am wondering if I should wait until I get the CD in my hands. I really don’t know what to do. What should I do guys, come on, help me.

    I think I will go and have my shower now and get dressed and think about it some more, hopefully someone will answer me by the time I come back. I am just so torn right now.

    • puteri abdul says:

      I wanted to do the same thing like you before this, but I can’t help myself..
      but you know what, maybe it will be more fun this way, because by the time I have the cd in my hand, the songs are already in me, that I can just sing along with them when I play the cd in my car, or at home doing my chores.. it will be quite a thrill because the songs will be by that time familiar to you and you might enjoy the cd more..
      well that is just my style dianne.. it is still up to you..

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Thank you Puteri, you make a lot of sense. When I saw the snippets, I didn’t hesitate for a second, I leapt right in there. When I saw the longer snippets I was straight in there too and the two songs Master Plan and Whataya Want From Me. So really this is no different is it.

        I do have to go out early this morning though, so as I said below I have listened to Soaked and Sleepwalker and will savour that for now and when I get home I know I won’t be able to help myself, I will probably listen to the whole CD.

        Thanks Puteri, you have helped me heaps. Hugs to you.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Okay, I haven’t been anywhere yet, I have listened to Soaked which I absolutely adore, I knew I would and Sleepwalker, oh how I love that song.

      I guess it is a good thing though, I have to go out this morning, early, so it will give me time to think of what I should do. I have a feeling that when I get home later on today, I am going to come straight here and listen to all his songs.

      How can I not, I will have to read all your comments (because I can’t keep away from this site or Adam) and I won’t be able to help myself.

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        how will you restrain yourself and not listen to the CD? I know for sure that I can’t, maybe I’m too anxious, but that’s the way I am. Long enough for me is to wait till tonight when I’m back from work.
        I would listen to the CD first moment possible, and then come back here and share my feelings.
        Love to you,

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Thanks Silvana, yes I have come to agree with you. I am just about to go out now, I do wish I could put it off, but I am afraid I can’t, but I will be back here early afternoon at the latest and I intend to listen to the whole thing.

          I have been (along with everyone else) been waiting long enough and it will only strengthen my resolve to buy his album when it comes out on Monday anyway. I have already been to the CD Store asking them if I come knocking on their door at 9am will they have it and they said yes it should come into the shop on Saturday. I asked why I couldn’t come and get it on Saturday and he said the record companies didn’t like people doing that, stupid of them if you ask me but it is not too long until Monday is it?

          I wish I didn’t have to go anywhere, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have to return something to a hospital then I just wouldn’t bother. Oh well the anticipation will just have to get me through. Anyway I should be thankful that at least I am not at work this week otherwise I would have till wait till after 5pm.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            I’ve just finished listening to the CD. Almost 11 PM here. It’s just amazing , more than we could expect.
            I’m loving Soaked (I knew I woul), a Loaded Smile, If I had you, Pick U Up, Borken Open, Sleepwalker….I could go on and on and on.
            I love it and I LOVE HIM SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.

    • Dianne, Dianne, Ha I was thinking the same thing earlier today. Then after exercising to Master
      Plan , FYE and Whataya Want From Me, I couldnt take it anymore, so here I am posting and
      playing the Whole Album in the background, it is awesomeeeeeeeeee. If I had You is playin
      now, “dit dit di di di di “If I had You, OMG its fantastic

      I wish all of us Glambs were together right now partying and enjoying all this kick ass music!

      OMG OMG yessssssssssss Adammmmmmmmm you’re the ONE

  8. Marie/Toronto says:

    The whole CD is amazing! Usually, I find that albums have a few really good songs and the rest is just filler. But….


    • marie, what a perfect LOGO for his album… tweet it to him please??

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s so true,Marie!! ALL KILLER,NO FILLER! Ooh,I love that!!Very good one 🙂

        • Marie, All Killer No Filler great motto for CD that would fo so be a good tweet not a twat!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Let’s make a trend for that.ALL KILLER NO FILLER. We all Glambs sisters just tweet him that!!That will be awesome! 🙂

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Great idea! LOL! So, right, there is NOT ONE SONG that I don’t absolutely love!!!No matter how much I love an artist, there are usually one or two songs on a cd that I’m not nuts about, but not this one, ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT. Adam you have done it. YES, YES, – ALL KILLERS, NO FILLERS!!! Worth the wait, eh, ladies!!!

    • GOOD ONE, Marie!!!! I am getting right into EVERY song!!!!! KILLER INDEED! (THUD~~~~)


    • Perfect, Marie!!! I LOVE it ALL…Can NOT just pick one song…Have to have them all to savor one after another…Adam sure gave us what he promised…Something for everyone!!! Not a clunker in the bunch. Can’t wait to get my CD in hand so I can play in the car…EVERYWHERE!!! DANCIN’ DAYS are HERE!!!

  9. Chris Kitchen says:

    I love the whole cd. Guess it’s what Adam promised – a real mix of GOOD music. My son loves it and so does my Granddaughter, who is only 1 1/2 and has been dancing to it all day. So, it should have lots of sales with such a wide demographic! Broken Open and Whatayawant from me are my favourites right now, but it is definitely a cd that will fit a multitude of moods!

  10. Chris Kitchen says:

    Excuse the typos above – can’t concentrate with Adam singing to me!

  11. I can’t pick a favorite song.I love all of them!.It’s easier to pick the least fav….aftermath is the more idolesque,not bad,but compared to the others is not in the same league,at least for my taste.
    Did you see the band he put together?Amazing..and I’m glad there is a woman. I can’t wait for the video !!!

  12. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    All of the songs are great! Thank you ADAM for your wonderful & exciting new music. I love you very much!!!

  13. Jeanette, I would love to read your review on the album. It would be great if you post it. I love to read you 🙂

  14. I loved on ‘Pick U Up’ how he laughs at the end of that killer high note 🙂

    Crazy Adam.

    There’s are signature ‘Country’ licks on ‘Fever’

    Yes, Adam does country too 😉

    They should put the second half of this album first in my opinion.

  15. Oh, my. I can’t wait to get home from work to listen!!! Our “surf control” at work won’t allow me to listen to the CD now!!! Oh well, something to look forward to….5:00 come soon!! From what I heard of the snippets, I love every song so far!

  16. LOVE!!! the pic at the top of the page. A little devilish, PERFECT! After reading all these posts, I think this CD will do just what Adam expects….Go straight to the top. Everyone seems to have different favorites…..that’s terrific…..something for everyone. Personally I have found that I love each one in a different way. THANK YOU ADAM!! I LOVE IT!!!

    • You said it, LV, something for everyone. I’ve already noticed my faves are not necessarily the other Glambs’ faves.. and that “is all good” haha

      • yeh teresa, each time I listen I have a different favorite. Well, nevermind, they”re ALL my favorite! Good times in Adam’s World!!! Let’s keep voting for the peoples choice award, we need our boy to win!! Peace


    Pure class! Rock solid class!!! AMAZING!!!!

    Music Again
    If I Had U
    Music Again

    Just dance, goddamit, DANCE, DANCE, DANCE!!!

    Aftermath – a bow to David Cook and Chris Daughtry

    Broken Open
    A Loaded Smile

    This is for the soul!!!! YOU ARE SOARING!!!

  18. I have Music Again twice, I meant Pick U Up :-))

  19. Dianne Hill says:

    OMFG – FEVER – Adam has given me fever “way down inside”. Love the words to this song, I love that song, Love, love, love it. And Pick U Up, love the song and that adorable little laugh at the end. What an absolute sweetheart.

    Okay, now I have to go out, if I don’t leave right now I will miss my bus – I’ve already missed one. I will be back to hear the rest later.

    • Fever is my NO 1, Dianne.

    • AdamAddict says:

      Yup,Fever also grows in me!”Give u my fafa fever,fafa fever” NICE!! I want to hear one more time of Soaked before i go to bed!~yawn~It’s almost 7am!I hope they won’t pull it tomorrow,I haven’t satisfied yet.I need to hear again and again and again until I got that CD in my hand!Before that,I need to see Adam’s gorgeous face first,then look at Ingrid’s son face(Shhh,but Ingrid’s son is so handsome ~nodding~)LOL ! then I look at Adam’s again,then I go to bed!Sweet dreams to me! 🙂

  20. I don’t know whether it is the lyrics or the music or the voice but SLEEPWALKER IS BREAKING MY HEART!!!!

    It is so beautiful and powerful!!!

  21. Thank You, Jeanette, You made my day, I was to clean my bedroom and do some laundry, which I had been putting off, of course I had to check out what was going on here first, plus my CP is in my bedroom where all the action was to take place tody, cleaning, that is,, and then comes your good news and I am so happy that I started with you first because the music that I listened to while I was doing the draded work, MADE the work so much more pleasant and the beat kept me going.
    Adam, you are so true to your word, you gave us songs to sing along with you, dance to the beat, listen to while in bed (alone, regretfully now ) In my minds eye I can see you preforming these songs. And you “DO IT” as no one else can do it !!!
    What a great CD, I am sure that the sound will be clearer on the CD then what it is over the INT. but
    I am very happy hearing this CD from ADAM today !
    ~~~My Favorite Today is “SOAKED”~~~~ and of course~~~ Time For Miracles
    Thanks Again~Jeanette !!!

    • puteri abdul says:

      you know what lee.. you are one of those rare people that would say times of miracles is their favourite ..
      I have said it is hard to pick any favourites, but after listening to all the songs, and if I really really have to pick, I would choose broken open, music again and personally I have always thought that time for miracles is a beautiful song and it is also one of my favourites but I was sad to read some of the reviews degrading the song.. It should have gotten more exposure than it deserve ..
      I am glad time of miracles is added to adam’s cd, because even if the music seems to be out of place from the rest of the songs, I think adam’s vocal was really at one of it’s best for this melody.. and I really feel the heartache that adam gave to this song ..I luv it ..
      also note that times of miracles video is now regularly playing in the V channel asia ..

      having said that, the other adam’s song is still undeniably beautiful and great ..
      adam has made every each song unique and distintive in terms of the sound and music, thus made each song special..
      this is a cd where when I play it, I do not have to press skip on any song, because all will be good to be heard ..
      you have made it adam !!



    THANKS ADAM !!!!

    • I know…I know!! Last night I could not stop listening to Broken Open and crying and tonight I have played Fever about a thousand times, dancing around the room like a fool!! Hey, here’s a thought, GaGa and AdaBabe make a video of Fever, TOGETHER!! Too much!! I fell in love with her Boys Boys Boys song when watching the great montages of Adam on line. Those two just seem to go together and had such fun drinking and making his CD track. ???????

  23. cheryl 334 says:

    I did not think I woud like all of the songs on the alum, but I do!!! I do have a couple of favorites.

    8)all the rest



    peace-love-light-truth-joy-hapiness 2 Adam!

  24. Okay so I’m being really analytical. When it comes to just the enjoyment of the sounds, they are all fabulous, but… I might not get all the words as yet, better with headphones and a real cd. So far, my top three and the rest..

    FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT: sexy, edgy, double message, love the sounds

    MUSIC AGAIN: catchy, fun, great beat, l love that ‘heavenly eyes’, shades of Queen!

    WHATAYA WANT FROM ME: relationship issues, like the chorus..

    STRUT: great beat, sexy double entendres, be yourself, be liberated, (love the almost a cappella part)
    SOAKED: #2 universal sound, straight to the heart, WILL BE A WORLD HIT, love the instrumentals!

    SURE FIRE WINNERS: electro poprock, good for the ‘kids’, vocal acrobatics, FUTURE TEAM ANTHEM?
    A LOADED SMILE: sensual vocals, very personal, odd overlaid sounds, confusing for me…

    IF I HAD YOU: good dance tune, autobiographical? Also great message re. partying LISTEN UP KIDS!
    PICK U UP: c’mon and play, entertaining us, beckoning us, a song of joy!! LUV THE LAUGH!

    FEVER: #1 sexy, libidinous, CATCHY, dancey my fave!! ALL ABOUT SEX! Love the low vocals!

    SLEEPWALKER: #3 good instrumentation, lingering love, great chorus,

    AFTERMATH: a message to those who feel different, awesome lower vocals

    BROKEN OPEN: tender, ethereal, sensuous, touching


    • Wow! great reviews. I can’t find words to describe, but you made it easier for me. Absolute PERFECTION!

      A real KICKASS!!!

    • Thanks so much for your thoughtful, bang-on comments, Terry! Agree with you – I too love them all. FYE is fabulous! Love his pain and anguish in Whataya Want From Me (“I Won’t Let You Down!”) , SleepWalker and Broken Open. Can’t stop dancing to Strut, Music Again and Pick U Up. Soaked leave me absolutely emotionally drained. I sing TFM all day long!

      Did I say how HAPPY I am right now?????!!!!

      Glamb #20

  25. Dianne Hill says:

    How can any of you pick a favourite, just when I think I may have a favourite, the next song starts playing and that is my favourite.

    I have loved Soaked from the very first time I heard the snippet and Sleepwalker – there is just something about Adam’s voice on that, that just sends me into adamgasms every time I hear it and now that I’ve heard the full version nothing has changed, but A Loaded Smile, and Broken Open, I know they are slower ballad type songs but Adam’s voice on Broken Open just sends me into shivers, raptures and tears all at the same time.


    So my resolve to not listen didn’t last very long, I knew it wouldn’t though really, being able to hear these songs in their entirety has been a godsend really.

    I managed to download the songs okay on this new thing that I have but then the stupid bloody thing wouldn’t let me drag them onto ITunes. Honestly, sometimes technology can be too damn technical for its own damn good. Okay, in case you hadn’t noticed I am frustrated. I NEED ADAM and if I can’t have him then I need some of Helen’s chill pills. HELEN, WHERE ARE YOU????????????????

    Thanks Jeanette for posting these songs here, I just loved listening to them, ROLL ON MONDAY, COME ON ALREADY, CAN’T WE JUST GO TO SLEEP AND WAKE UP ON MONDAY, FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!!

    • Dianne, is it an iPod? Mary C has just figured out how to go from itunes TO an iPod.. would that help?

      If you open itunes and go to HELP they have some stuff on uploading and downloading. I don’t have an iPod as yet, I just listen online or a cd.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Thanks Terry, yes it is an IPod, I will go and have a look, let you know how I get on. What on earth would any of us do without the others here, everyone has useful tidbits of info that we can use. Cheers Terry, Love Ya!!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yes, well, back to the drawing board for me I’m afraid. That didn’t work. I will just have to listen to it online and wait until Monday, at least then I will know what I am doing as all I have to do is burn the CD onto ITunes and then put it on my IPod. Only a FEW MORE DAYS.

        Thanks for the tip Terry (and Mary C) if I was a bit more computer savvy I would be able to figure it out, but my brain is a bit scrambled these days, all thanks to ADAM OVERLOAD. No, not overload, I could never be overloaded with too much Adam stuff, it must be something else, can’t think what though so I will have to make something up.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Dianne,
          I’m here, just chillin (LOL) to Adam’s music as I read the posts. OMG, I am so not chillin’! His music is so HOT, his voice, OMG, I’m dying her. Told Emili not to tell anybody, but I got soaked listening to Soaked ~hee, hee~ That voice! Adam what you do to us. He promised us it would be good and he didn’t let us down, did he! I can’t pick a favourite either. Everytime I think oh, this is my favourite, another song comes on and I think, oh, that’s my favourite!

  26. WOW! Solid FIERCE!!! The album is absolute PERFECTION! 6 days and it will be in my hand, the Best Album of the Year! I am soooooooooo PROUUUUUDDDDDD!!!!

    Soaked made me cried! Beautiful! Beautiful! Beautiful!

    LOVE 😉 LOVE 😉 LOVE 😉 Adam

  27. As I listened, I kept thinking….too much noise, not enough Adam….then I came to Broken Open and I was a mesmerized. I will remain a puddle on the floor until that CD arrives in the mailbox – better be Monday, huh? Hey, is anyone else getting nervous about our preorders. I have gotten no confirmation from Amazon that it is on the way. I ordered it the first day it was offered, got a confirm number and heard nothing since. Getting NERVOUS….I want it ….want it …..want it!! Want it pumping through my IPOD earphones. Line from Lady Gaga song to Adam….”you taste just glitter mixed with rock and roll!”

    • Write or call them usng the reference #.

    • Broken Open gives me goose bumps…one of my favs!


    • cheryl 334 says:

      COLORFORADAM………………..I thought the same thing. Then listened again and his voice was doing things I haven’t heard him do before!!! Some of the songs would be great with a more ‘classic rock’ beat, but so many are so outstanding for one reason or another. Always has to do with his incredible voice, tho! FEVER IS FABULOUS! Love the way he maneuvers his voice!! SICK!!!!! POT!!!!!

  28. Adam Lambert debut album is an absolute KICK ASS and a definite PERFECTION-it’s what Adam all about…





  29. Unbelievable…

    I’m on spin 4 of the live streaming, and I’m left speechless. How did Adam manage an album without one bad song on it? No one in my opinion has ever done that, until now.

    Of course, I have my super favorites, but they are all extraordinarily excellent.

    Now I’m on the hunt for official lyrics (not the words, people THINK they are hearing…LOL!)

    …the future of Adam is so exciting!

    Glamb #6

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Good girl Dana, please come back to us with the lyrics. I am hoping the CD will have a booklet with the words in but their print is usually so small I need a magnifying glass (as well as my reading glasses) just to see the print, never mind about actually reading the words.

  30. Oh you just have to listen to these songs through headphones; I was so worried his vocals would get overwhelmed; silly me I should have trusted Adam’s perfect musical instincts; his vocals are beautiful! I love that lower range; it is gorgeous and his fun personality shines through!those amazing dance numbers! Again his great gift for conveying emotion is here too; especially that poignant, sweet sadness that makes my heart ache. I will have to listen some more to pick a true favorite; but honestly, I don’t think he sounds like anyone else – he is the real thing ; a unique deal; and I am so blown away!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      MARYELLEN……………..So agree with you! Listening to the songs and you know it is Adam! He has his ‘stamp’ on every song. Fabulous!

  31. Thank You Adam For Your Entertainment!
    I have been listening to this album all evening now.
    Pick U Up is my favorite, his electrofying voice is just magnificent! The melody is awesome.
    WhataYa Want From Me comes in 2nd
    Music Again 3rd
    FYE and If I Had U is close, OMG even Soaked is soaking in. Dont know why this song took longer. It is beautiful, Oh I can see Adam singing Soaked with all his passionate expressions.
    Jesus, I can hardly take all of this. Each and everyone of these songs are a hit in my eyes.

    I am so thankful that a show called American Idol came to be. I am visioning Adam coming out of the audition turning circles smiling right now. I want to hug him right now.
    Love all you Glambs, cant wait untill the Tour starts…….. Get ready………..

    • Now, Mary, isn’t that how it works? A song is played over and over and we begin to ‘bond’ with it. then we want others to hear it and others to play it. I honestly thought radio was simpler than it apparently is. As Adam and others have said, it’s a ‘big business machine’ and it is so big it controls what we get to hear and when.

      When the public who doesnt even know who Adam is yet hears some of these songs on the radio or in a TV video they too shall bond with Adams music. In fact I ‘educated’ a young man from Cambodia working at our local large drugstore today about how fantastic Adams music is and he said he’ll check it out on youtube. haha

      I also am beginning to like some of the songs I was just lukewarm about earlier. Ah heck love ’em all!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Theresa
        Yes, radio play is a lot more complicated than we all thought unfortunately. Shouldn’t be like that, but it is. I read somewhere in an article that Adam has sold something like 997,000 downloads. Article went on to say that ironically, FYE and TFM hasn’t done that well? WTF?? Didn’t mention anything about these tunes are not getting radio play yet. How are people supposed to buy them if they don’t hear them. Some people are so stupid and irresponsible in the things they write. Pisses me off. If you have a public forum, don’t you think you should get your facts straight and elaborate! GEEZ!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          I am so happy Helen, that one of our New Zealand radio stations is playing For Your Entertainment, but I haven’t heard TFM which I am most upset about. I have tried to ring the announcers but they never seem to pick up, very frustrating.

          I went into a place that sells CDs, DVDs, it is a big chain store here, they sell everything, probably like WallMart or whatever it is in America and asked if they had Adam’s singles only to be told they don’t sell singles, unless they are top 20. I asked how are they supposed to get in the top 20 if you don’t sell singles. I guess you have to buy them off ITunes or Amazon which sucks for us because we can’t buy them unless we are in the US. ITunes here in NZ still doesn’t have FYE and Adam’s next single is Whataya Want From Me and I guess we won’t be able to get that either. It used to be so easy in the days when we had records, you just went into a shop and bought it. Wish we could go back to those days sometimes. I love the Internet being so “instant” but I would still rather go into a shop and select what I want and go up to a counter and pay for it and take it home. I hate this having to wait till these places like Amazon or ITunes post it to you, then you have to worry about someone pinching it out of the letterbox.

  32. This site seems to be the most current and up to date with lyrics as the songs are released. They have “Whataya Want From Me” and “Master Plan” already posted:

    (Laugh at their ads while you are there.)

    Glamb #6

  33. I love every song I have heard so far. I can’t wait to get my cd. It won’t be long! He is gong to be amazing on the AMA on Sunday night. I can’t wait for that either. I am tired of all the comments and media about his sex. I just think he an utterly amazing singer and entertainer. Keep on doing what you do Adam!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Dianne, I am getting so excited about the AMAs. I can hardly stand it. I just want it to be Sunday already! I’m so sick of all the other stuff too, why can’t people just leave him alone and let him sing!

  34. M

  35. leilani aloha says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow!
    Love It! Love It1 Love It!!! Can’t wait for my CDS to arrive!!!
    My favourites – “Sure Fire Winners” & “Broken open”

    Congrats Adam:!!! U did it again:!
    Now we need to see the “visual” which we know will be just as amazing as your vocals !!!
    can’t wait for your perfornmance on AMA awards

  36. cheryl 334 says:

    A bit off topic, but, the picture of Adam with the cane reminds me of a picture of Elvis as he was boarding the ‘Lisa Marie’ and he had on a maroon velvet jacket with gold lame trim and he has a gold cane as he is stepping up into the plane. Jut hit me like a rock!

  37. OMG!! I FINALLY was able to open the playlist. It is AWESOME. Love it ALL. (Sorry, it is hard to be analytical, what with all the shaking and trembling, and butterflies) …You Make Me Want to Listen to Music Again!

  38. Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the album…Music Again…Fever..Strut Sleepwalker it was hard to pick…he sounds fab and his album is what he promised..Love that Adam. I think they set up this streaming of the album early to over shadow OUT. read below

    Now off the topic….I have been mad as hell all day. That &%*#@#$% editor from OUT has stirred up a MESS!!!!!!! I read all the music gossip and they are talking about how gay is Adam. Think about it…just before his career release negative press is stirred up by another gay man. What the hell?

    Catfight! from
    Adam Lambert just tweeted to Aaron Hicklin, editor of OUT Magazine via Twitter:
    “Dear Aaron, it’s def not that deep. Chill! Guess ya gotta get attention for the magazine. U too are at the mercy of the marketing machine.
    Until we have a meaningful conversation, perhaps you should refrain from projecting your publications’ agenda onto my career.”

    Adam Lambert is now his own PR machine. It’s ironic that OUT complained about how 19E is “controlling” Adam’s career — and yet Adam has literally let loose on Twitter on his own.
    I have one word for all of this: hubris. I am telling you, this is not going to end nicely.

    Also the recording company asked fans not to harass the radio stations (one of them complained)
    because they can put a block on playing any of Adam’s music. They said only request on local radio and be very polite and not demanding….then they thanked us for being fans.
    Now I’ve said it …FEEL MUCH BETTER back to listening…….

    • cheryl 334 says:

      LADY……….Saw the same thing on another site about what Adam tweeted! Love him! He knows his fans are piossed at those who have been ‘mean and dissed’ him. He loves his hard core fans for that. I am sure that his fans will not be billigerent to anyone when asking them to play Adam’s music. We do have to be very cognicent of the fact that how we behave has an ability to be harmful to Adam, not meaning to, but just being hard core Adamfans. We rock!

      BTW I love the pic above of Adam. He looks so innocent, uncalculating, sweet, and happy! Adorable picture!

  39. Back again….I know I sounded kind of negative in early input……I was just really tired I think – working two jobs…end of a 12 hour day. Crashed for about 3 hours and got up and listened again. Oh God, Adam….. thrilling, chilling and “electrifying”…. I found some headphones that plugged nicely into my computer and I am on the Adam-Ride … There are no words to express the reward of waiting these last 5 months….he has out done all expectations!!

  40. The only song I can hear from this link is FYE. Where are you hearing other songs?

    • Each one is under the other. Just click on first arrow and the rest follow, or try the larger arrow at the top. It seemed to be a little “sticky’ at times, either didnt start or started late, but once it did it ran smoothly through all the songs.

  41. AdamAddict says:

    Oh crap!!I try to play but it says ‘have technical problem,will be fix soon’ Well,FIX IT QUICK,MORON!TRY HARDER!!!!! I haven’t listen for today!!COME ON!!!! ;(

    • AdamAddict says:

      Ok,they know I’m queencontrol enough!LOL!It’s fixed after I spit my saliva all over their face while screaming! Ok,I’m listening again!!”Yeah,you make me want to listen to your music again!” 🙂

  42. Evette #419 says:

    This was absolutely worth the wait. Extrordinary! I only wonder why TFM & FYE aren’t doing better on the top 100 list?!?!?!?!?

    • lamberghini says:

      They aren’t getting any air play in my area. I’ve called the radio station request lines several times but no answer. Keep demanding!!

      • I’m afraid that over-zealous fans are turning off the radio stations with all their requests…this ultimately hurts, rather than helps Adam in the radio market.

        Everyone needs to request locally, once a day – and that’s it.

        I’ve seen other artists get shelved when the fans get too rabid with their requesting. It’s a reality.

        Glamb #6

  43. KO's smiling says:

    I’m so glad I have a paper to write today… gives me an excuse to sit at the computer and not go anywhere! 🙂 Love what I’ve heard so far.

  44. I have changed my mind so many times about my favorite, it is easier to just say ADAM IS MY FAVORITE! I do love Music Again but I also love Strut, Sure Fire Winners, Broken Open and woke up this morning singing FYE. Adam should have several HUGE hits off this first effort.

  45. Remember to VOTE FOR ADAM for the: People’s Choice Award. once again he is competing w Kris

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I think this time he is competeing w/ Lady Gaga. That’s why we have to vote, vote, vote!!!

      • Saw Lady Gaga on the american Music Awards tonight! she is a FREAK! But she will beat ADAM. I don’t want to be told off!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        SO I WILL NOT COMMENT ABOUT ADAMS LOOK, OR PERFORMANCE ON THE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS TONIGHT. EVERYONE SPEAK FOR YOUR SELF. I am out of here. And no, I am not who ever you call the 72 year old lady!!!

  46. Loved all the songs, but mainly sleewalker, whataya want from me and fever! Now I’m connected all day to the ilike link ….

    Where do I vote for Adam?


  47. Jane Parker says:

    Every single song is going to a TOP TEN HIT!!

    I just know it!!


  48. Helen/Canada says:

    Off topic a bit, but look at Adam’s picture on this post. Isn’t he just the sweetest guy you ever saw! He looks so happy and innocent, oh I just love him so much!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yes Helen, I look at that picture and just fall in love all over again. He is the dreamiest man I have ever, ever come across. I will love him till the end of my days and beyond.

  49. Lambertini says:

    I love whattaya want from me & After math- and all of them!! The picture on this page is UN FREAKING BELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Each time I hear a song I think that could be a # 1 Maybe they’re going to have a new music category fir the charts, as in Pop, Classic Rock, Country R & B and AdamLambert!

    I think there’s definitely going to be a lot of “cross over hits”
    Adam remained truw to his fans & press when he described what his album was going to be like.

    He mentioned about ” dancing your as*** off, he mentioned power ballads. He said there would be an electronic fuze aspect.

    He managed to incorporate all of that and his vocals are incredible. One minute, he’s doing the sexy, edgy stuff & then next minute he’s giving us this really sweet, romantic, song but through out it all it feels as though he’s singing to one person. That’s a real gift to be able to communicate in such an intimate kind of way whether you’re doing a stripped down ballad or a techno funky kind of things, Either way, it all sounds so real and believable.

    I keep thinking about the early A/I days and how we got a taste of what he could do but now that we have Adam Unleashed it is more than we could have imagined.

    Watching Adam on A/I was like going to a cooking show where if you’re lucky you get to sit at the front table & you get a sip or a bite of something really delicious and then one day, after American Idol , you get to go to a banquet and then you can have all the appetizers, entrees & desserts etc, and your palate just craves more because it’s all so tantalizing, fresh and satisfying.

    I love his voice, his interpretations and the lyrics. This Album is a “Sure Fire Winner”

  51. I think Adam was right – he definitely planned this album to have hits for different markets. Personally I like ‘Pick you up’ – Adam’s cute laugh at the end.

    ‘Broken Open’ is also beautiful.

  52. Loaded Smile…….there’s just something different about it ; it intrigues me and keeps me wondering why it touches me so. Absolutely beautiful ! You know,how when a song takes you to that special place in your heart and you can’t begin to explain it to anyone else….well, that’s Loaded Smile for me. I love you,Adam.

  53. WOW i love all of the songs!!!!!i prefer the slower ones, the dance ones are great too, i guess it all depends on your mood, they are all really good and different…i think he and his collaborators did an outstanding job with this album; a little something for everyones’ taste, i just really hope mainstream America feel the same way and appreciate the genius of it and it becomes #1 on the charts!!! OMG he so deserves it!!!! i truly wish him so much success, and all this sexuality, controversy bull sh*t to die down and let his amazing talent to be the foremost thing people see and appreciate about him!!!!! I mean you cant deny his talent right? Is it just us that see all his amazing qualities???? Why arent his songs on the freakin radio, i just really dont get it, but i am hoping for the best….amazingness like this cannot be overlooked!!!! time will prove his greatness if it doesnt happen right now…..GOOOOO ADAMMMMM!!!!

  54. Just can’t get enough of these songs!!! I can honestly say there is just not one I don’t love! I can’t ever remember being to crazy about a whole CD before. Of course, I’ve never been so crazy about a singer before!! And I have a lot of years on me! Just love, love, love you Adam!!!!!

  55. waveridergal says:

    Oh my gosh……AWESOME!!!!!!!! Each and every song has something special. One of the things I love about Adam is that when he sings you can understand every word. Not all singers can pull this off. The album showcases his amazing range and I’m just in awe of him. The album makes me want to dance, laugh and cry.

    Good job ADAM, just the first of many, many great CDs. I LOVE YOU………WE ALL LOVE YOU!

  56. waveridergal says:

    Oops, left out something. HUGE kudos to ALL the musicians who participated inthe production of this CD. The music, and some of the intros to the songs are so unusally excellent. What a great blend of talents.

  57. Just got back from out-of -town…so better late than never~

    I love all of the songs (and everything else that ADAM does). They each have their own personality and mood. I’d better not listen to Fever while I’m driving cuz that song had me jumping all over the place! Love the CD!

  58. Saturday, November 21, 2009 5pm ….. my CD clicked into my mailbox and time stood still. As I am writing this, Adam is soaring on my Bosce speakers and I am aching. The wait is over that began the night of the Finale …. 5 months that were agony and ecstasy and now it is just pure joy. I can wait now for almost anything now because I have tangible validation that it is real. I am no music expert and I guess it is just my intense fascination with this young guy but it is absolutely everything that anyone could want in a flight into soul ripping fantasy. I can’t say anything to you Adam, that does not begin with Thank You Babe!

  59. I absolutely LOVE this whole album!!!
    That gorgeous man sure can sing!!!

  60. Adam Stalker says:

    Adam, Thank you for an amazing two hours of great sex!!!!! I was watching your video, ‘For Your Entertainment’ on Saturday night while my husband watched the Tennessee football game. After the third time I was feeling pretty horney. So I walked over to him and stood between his legs and told him I was here to entertain him. I turned on the cd; I got on my knees and gave him a ‘bj’ like he never had. Long tongue strokes and lots of lip action. OMG what amazing songs that were perfect for what happened over the next two hours. So, thank you for a wonderful Saturday night. The songs are so intense and sexual. The album is great to listen to during sex. I can see how you get caught up in the moment as you stated during the AMA performance. You start out with For your entertainment; this is a great song for foreplay. The songs are so intense during foreplay the music increases the energy and the strokes, if you know what I mean. Then when you are listening to, Sleepwalker…….it will blow you away in more ways than one. Afterwards you lay there with your partner and listen to Aftermath and Broken Open. Time for Miracles completes a wonderful night of love. Thanks Adam, you are amazing, sexy, and beautiful. I had fantasies of you during this wonderful evening. Don’t tell Ron!
    Love you, I cannot wait for more
    Knoxville Tennessee

  61. uh, i Love Adam !!

    i like “music again” 😀

  62. DONYA Iranian says:

    my name is donya
    is IRAN
    i love u adam lambert
    love me Adam Lambert
    kiss kiss kiss