For Your Entertainment Available for Pre-Order on iTunes!

***UPDATE*** Adam just tweeted:

“Thank you all for making my album #1 on the itunes pop chart and #10 in general music. I’m so thrilled you all want to hear it!!!”

In less than 12 hours, FYE the album rocketed to #10 on the overall iTunes album chart and #1 in Pop. Wow! Pretty terrific considering Adam hasn’t had much, if any, in the way of paid promotion. Face time in the media, fan sites, and word of mouth seem to be doing it all. Can you imagine the result if some honest-to-God real promotion dollars in the way of advertising were thrown Adam’s way?

Adam’s album is now available for pre-order on iTunes, and it’s chock full of extra goodies! Your pre-order contains two exclusive bonus tracks, “Master Plan” and “Down the Rabbit Hole” plus two behind-the-scenes videos and a digital booklet. Wow! I’ll be ordering mine today!!!

Link to the Deluxe version of ‘For Your Entertainment’ below:

Adam Lambert - For Your Entertainment - Single - For Your Entertainment


~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    sorry i am not able to order itunes. i’m not totally modernized. i will have to say most of my investment will be the 4 cds i plan to buy.

    • Kim, you don’t need an ipod to do itunes. You just have to set up an account on your computer. It’s very easy to do!

      • That’s what I did. . . I don’t own an ipod. . . I don’t like wearing earphones, since I’m deaf in one ear (I guess I could get an ipod dock, just never got around to it). . . I download the songs to my computer and then burn them onto CDs that I can listen to in my stereo at home or in my car. It’s kinda fun making my own compilations.

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • OH kimber, if you wish to get itunes onto your computer just email me at

 and I’ll talk you through it, it’s free and quite easy. Then you can listen to ‘snippets’ or purchase song by song or a whole album.


          • I also emailed her and offered to walk her thru it. I hope she takes one of us up on the offer.

            • Helen/Canada says:

              OK, I’m confused. The pre-order on itunes is strictly digital that you download and not a hard copy???
              And it is different from the one on AO, which is a hard copy that will be mailed out?
              I need clarification, I’m slow in these technical matters! LOL!
              Does anyone have any up to date info on international orders from AO. They were only accepting orders from the US originally.

              • Good question, Helen, I’d like to know as well.

                itunes is digital, yes, you need to burn yourself a cd if you are not using an ipod or listening to it online.

                Re. AO I dont know if we can order as yet. If it is through amazon I assume it’s a hard copy of a cd.

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  I’ll be e-mailing you in the ,orning and we’ll see what hapens, thank you. Thank you Jeanette.

  2. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Woohoooooo! I just checked iTunes and FYE moved up to the #40 spot (it was 68 or 69 last night) and the album is at #12!!!!!! Hang on – here we go!

    • Adam tweeted about 11 am pacific time that his album went to #1, and # 10 on the general music list. I think there’s been a bit of a flurry for two reasons: Adam was mentioned by Ellen on Oprah and he tweeted that his album was now available on itunes.

  3. Wow, this just keeps getting better and better with little surprises. I’m going to have so many CD’s
    by the time its over with. 2 bonus tracks and behind the scenes footage, always love behind the scenes. So, am I correct in saying that the cd on Itunes will be the only cd with 2 extra tracks and bts?

    • It’s difficult to understand but we may be able to buy the same cd we have heard about, then buy the extra songs, for ex. Greg Wells songs, individually.

      What I dont understand is how to buy the deluxe album via itunes??? How does one get the book of photos that way? I’m still new at today’s album buying.

      • Right now as far as I know the deluxe edition of the CD is only available thru the mail since it includes a print book. The iTunes album is different – it has its own “extra” goodies. Two different products available thru different outlets.

        • Ok, how I understand this issue is that “Collector’s Edition” which includes the book and the regular “FYE” album, but you will get to download the 2 extra tracks that is in the deluxe version on 11/23 vie Sony/Adam official site at no cost. I’m not sure about the behind the scene videos, I’m pretty sure that will also be available to download on 11/23. The Collector’s Edition usually is the top belly who gets everything. The bonus tracks are usually not available for single purchase along with the behind the scenes, you would have to buy the whole album to get bonus tracks. But, will see…

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I just pre-ordered the deluxe on Canadian itunes. You get 2 extra songs, 2 videos behind the scenes and a digital booklet. It’s 16.99. Would like a hard copy, but no info yet as far as I know about being able to order the Collectors edition with the booklet from AO.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Mary, you know I love you right? Please can you get this one for me as well. The one with the two bonus tracks. I know you have already ordered the Deluxe version for me, but please I would love the one with the extra two tracks and the extra bits. I can’t order on Amazon or ITunes, it is so frustrating. And the CD that is going to be released here you will be able to guarantee that it is only the basic CD and won’t come with any extras. Thank you Mary, I will love you forever you know.

  4. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Wow, times they are a-changin’ … Adam just went to number 1 on Itunes album pop Chart!!!!

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      YEAHHHHH!!!!!!! GO ADAM!!!!! I’m so excited for ADAM!!! Thankyou for posting thank you thank you!!!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        Everyone w/ an ipod, or iphone, you’re so lucky!!

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Kimber I hope you see Terry and Jeanette’s posts above this (in reply to your first post on this thread), make sure you go back and read it girl.

  5. AdamRocks! says:

    ~krumping away~ FYE is number one on the top pop albums, number 10 on the general music top albums. . . the FYE single is #23 on the top pop songs, and #36 in the general music top songs!!! 😀

    Cindy in Ms
    Glamb #37

    • puteri abdul says:

      oh wow, this news is a relief for me, as to tell the truth I was quite worried sick as I have come through some articles stating that FYE is not doing as well as expected, blah,blah, blah..
      hopefully the sales of the song and cd will continue climbing the charts..
      and as for me here, I will wait patiently for the cd to be sold .. waiting, and waiting, and waiting and waiting ..

  6. I’ve ordered two CD’s from Amazon, the special edition from Adam Lambert’s website, and now from i’tunes. I also have “For :Your Entertainment” and “Time for Miracles” singles on my i-phone. I’m expecting the sound track to arrive today for 2012. I want to know if the video is available for “Time for Miracles.” Does anybody know? Do I love this amazing entertainer? You betcha’.!!!

    • There’s FREE download of HD TFM video, here’s how you can get it.

      – go to and type in movie trailer

      – look for 2012 on the sidebar or type in 2012

      – scroll to music video and click on any size

      – from the movie site, under music video, click on iPod—this will take you to iTune

      – in iTune, you can choose any size(largest size is normally too big for your computer screen, unless your computer can hook up to TV, then you can watch it on TV) and download

      – you can find the downloaded video in “Movie” folder

      Click and enjoy!

      • Thank you, Slick!!!!!!

      • Slick, thank you SO much!!!! SO SO SO much!

        I couldn’t believe that it is free!!! Thanks for the tip, much appreciated.
        Adam on my iPhone, I’m walking and dreaming, dreaming and walking… I don’t know what our lives would be like after the 23rd of November… I am trying to get as much done as possible before I go into an Adam coma :-))

        Does anybody know when FYE music video is coming out?

    • Does anyone know yet if those of us NOT living in the USA can order the deluxe album via amazon?

      • The deluxe album is not available in Amazon as of yet. Physical nor mp3 format. Once it does become available, I believe you can order through them. I have not seen any disclaimer on there site. However, iTune is country specific. As for US, we can not purchase any songs outside of US soil and it’s territory. As for non-US residents, you should inquire directly through iTune, they are very helpful. Go to their “support” site, the button is under quick link upper right side. Hope the answer is a good news. Let us know what they say.

        • Thanks Slick, may I ask who you are and welcome you here? You are new I believe and you are contributing so much to helping us with tech stuff. We appreciate it!

          Now itunes in Canada has the deluxe veriion but when I click on it I get a link rather than just the price and ordering info as I usually get. I have already ordered so many hard copy cd’s I dont want yet another one, but would love the extra songs, maybe they will be available later.

          Terry in Vancouver
          Glamb #349

  7. Glambertcraze says:

    Goooooo Adam !!!!!! We all knew it would happen.
    I am thinking when his CD comes out it will be even more popular. I know many people that will not order anything on line because they don’t trust the internet.
    I keep hearing that Queen and Aerosmith (?) are wanting to talk to Adam. NNNNOOOOOOO
    Adam needs to be on his own. These Bands are great but they had their time, now its Adams.
    I am confident Adam will do whats right for him, he always does. It just gets the nerves going.
    I wonder who Adam will have open for him on HIS tour ?????

  8. OMG! I just read on the idolforums/adam lambert section that Adam may be nominated for THREE People’s Choice Awards! The person who posted said they saw it on AO. . . I looked on AO, but I get frustrated there because it’s so unuser friendly. . . but here is what she posted:

    I’ve got the nomination list for music category although it is not announced yet ( in 2 hours )…
    And guess what??
    Adam is up for 3 nominees!!!!!
    Favourite Breakout Artist
    Favourite Male Artist
    Favourite Pop Artist
    I jump like crazy when I got this info!!!
    I thought Adam only have chance in Breakout Artist, the 2 others are shocking!!!
    Let’s celebrate!

    Wow! AWESOME news! I hope she’s correct about this.

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    P.S. BTW I love reading the posts over at idolforums. . . the ones under Adam Lambert of course!

    • Hi Cindy…Whenever I went over & voted for Adam for Fav Breakout Artist, I also wrote in his name in those other 2 categories! Guess enough people did the same. GO ADAM!!!


      • Just went over to the People’s Choice Awards voting page & Adam’s only nominated in the Fav Breakout Artist category…not as much as we wanted but still GOOD!!! Now, everybody needs to vote!!! You can vote more than once, too!!!;

        • AdamRocks! says:

          I saw that too. . . I hate rumors!!! Get our hopes all up, and then pfft! But isn’t it great that he’s nominated as Fav. Breakout Artist? We can start voting for the winner soon, can’t we?

          Cindy in MS
          Glamb #37

          • AdamRocks! says:

            I just voted. . . I skipped over some of the categories, and voted in others, including Favorite Breakout Artist naturally! Everybody, when you have a chance, please vote. . . I’m afraid, since they have it set up where you can vote as many times as you want, that the same thing that happened with AI might happen again. . . and Adam deserves this so much! I wish they had a once a day voting limit, or even one person, one vote.

            Cindy in MS
            Glamb #37

            • It FROZE when I clicked on the category.. oh well, maybe too many Adam voters?? yaay! I’ll go back in a sec.

              • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                ya know , I think it may be a tight race between ADAM & Gaga. They’ve changed the nominees , I know K perry was up for 2 noms and Glorius basterds were up for a couple too. Why? As long as they didn’t remove ADAM. Some I voted to win& some I voted against. Sorry but not into the teeny- bopper-scene cyrus &swift

            • Thanks girls, I voted and voted days ago too. YAY peoples choice and Adam

              • I’ve dragged the above PEOPLE’S CHOICE link onto my desktop so I can go back and vote repeatedly. Also, by hitting the “go back” arrow on the site, you can get to Adam quicker since FAVORITE BREAKOUT STAR is more toward the end. I’m voting for Katy Perry, too!

        • I couldn’t get the site to take my vote. It said just click on your choice to vote. But, when I clicked nothing happened.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Yep, me too LibraLamb.

      • Yeah, I did that too ! Go Adam ! !

        • This is a reply to the multiple category voting. Now Adam is up for Break Out Artist only. Anyway, just voted several times.

      • Candace, having been voting constantly here from Australia in all 3 categories……

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Woo hoo,super awesome!!But how about that Sexiest Man?I want him to win that too 🙁

      • I do, too, but chances are slim. I heard Rob Pattinson was the heavy favorite. Adam will be lucky to be included in the list at all since People has a tradition of not including gays. Kris is on the list, which I don’t understand. “Cute” and “sexy” are two completely different things. How do people not get that? Adam exudes sex through every pore in his body!

        • AdamAddict says:

          That’s what I said before.Kris can only nominated for cute category.If there’s one.I can’t find anything sexy about him,Cute,YES!!
          I voted Adam for breakthrough artist.I have to click next,next,next,where’s adam,next,next,don’t care,next,next…..

          • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

            AdamAddict, I agree with you. Although Kris seems like a very nice guy and is talented enough (but, IMO, nothing special), I’ve never seen anything really cute or attractive about him, not to mention sexy! I remember the time early in Season 8 when Simon mentioned Kris getting votes because he was cute, and I was like “wuh?”

            • AdamAddict says:

              WUH???!!! Hahaha,I can imagine how U looked like that time!What about when Simon told Gokey he doesn’t have a start aura??!!Something sounds like that!!! That time I was like “Yeah!!” hahaha!! :)BTW,Gokey has single out! I just heard it once,U know ….just to give him some face,LOL!! Adam is the best,then follow by Allison and then Kris,WUH???LOL! Gokey…ehh,don’t care!Sorry Gokey!

              • TexasWannaHoldHim says:

                Yeah, I really try to be open-minded and forgiving, but … When you’re a parent, you can get over people being mean to you, but when someone is mean to your kids (or Adam, don’t know why I’m so protective!), I’ll never forget it… DID YA HEAR THAT GENE SIMMONS?!! YOU UGLY, NO TALENT MAN WITH A DISGUSTING TONGUE!!!! haha 🙂 Therefore, I probably won’t be able to show much love to Gokey and his new single (unless he attempts another epic scream!)

                • AdamAddict says:

                  I meant star aura not start aura.But anyway,I also will be mad if someone critize Adam,LOL!I think we all are.My friends tried that B4,oh no you didn’t especially if U didn’t watch A.I!Don’t even dare!! I dislike Michael before but now I do coz he so kind to Adam.Gokey,still not!Reading those comments by his cousins boiled my blood.Listening to the scream,I puke blood!!I dunno,everytime see him with Adam,doesn’t seem right.Like they pretending to like each other,LOL!!I heard they demand 3some concert,’winner’,2nd place and 3rd….oops sorry and 4th place!haha,what happen to the 3rd place,dude?Don’t do that…second thought PLEASE DO!! 😉

  9. I think someone posted here long time before that outside US also can buy itunes.Who sure about that?If can,pls tell how again,pleassssssee.I want Adam to be the top! 🙂 Ipod, I buy later.

    • Emili I buy itunes all the time, in fact I just bought Muse’s new album. I’ll email U with info.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Thanks Terry 🙂

        • Yes, it is possible, Emili (BTW, my name is Emily too :-))
          There is definitely a way…, when there’s a will :-))

          I posted the info a few months ago, but see how you go with Terry’s help and I can email you personally if you don’t have success. Let me know.
          Good-luck! xxx

          • AdamAddict says:

            Thanks Emily,
            Everyone with these name are such adorable and generous.LOL!But I already got Terry email and she always help me.But TQ so much.U R so sweet!Mwah!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Terry you are going to love Muse’s new album, it is one of the best. Absolutely adore every song on it, especially the three part symphony.

        • Yes, I’ve played it!! I can see the similarities to Adam’s Soaked, certain passages, but that is common when a writer composes, he cannot always be totally different… I believe Soaked has the European or what I call International Appeal which will make it a worldwide hit.

          In some ways, though their sound is different, Muse reminds me of Queen and their wonderful compositions..

          Doesn’t ‘Music Again’ (not Muse) have that Queen quality?? And Adam does the Freddie Mercury thing right at the beginning, a real Freddie shriek!!

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Yes you are right, and it is also a “Justin Hawkins” shriek, the guy who wrote the song Music Again, he is English and has a high falsetto voice, never one of my favourite bands but still pretty good and I have to say I do love that song Music Again. In fact there isn’t one song on that album that I don’t love.

            I think Matthew Bellamy (lead singer and songwriter for Muse) would take that as a huge compliment, being compared to Queen. They were definitely an inspiration for them when they were starting out. I have loved them from the beginning. In case you hadn’t figured it out Terry, I am music mad. Just love it – and Adam.

            • Me too, I was a music freak for decades, got a little out of it while raising my sons but back in in the seventies when we had university student boarders with super record collections. We owned a huge reel to reel Sony tape recorder and used it for years to collect music.

              Then my son had some seventies and eighties stuff and introduced me to Queen AC/DC etc.. then in 1982 I got the first VCR put out, at over $800 and music videos were invented, Van Halen were big then..

              I lost a bit in the nineties but am back on track . I’ve been watching our Cdn music channels like MTV off and on for decades… that is how I got my late night surprise last week at 1 am when all of a sudden I am staring at Adam’s face walking through destruction when the 2012 video was played here!

              Every day I check but it hasnt come back on. I wonder if it was pirated and the tv station opted out?

    • Also Finland has iTunes, Adam made me, too, get an account. I don´t know how common iTunes (and iPhone, I don´t have one) is here, less popular than in US, i think, because this is a NOKIAland. I downloded FYE song yesterday when it became available here. Currently FYE is #2 in Finnish iTunes songdownloads! I have no idea how many people have bought it, 10, 100, 1000….. I have heard FYE played on radio only twice, I`ve understood that radio stations get the CD later this week. Waiting and hoping for Adam Storm coming…

  10. Adam you’re welcome baby, just keep the tunes coming, we love you!!!!!! You make so much happen for us, we can make it happen for You………………………..

  11. YEAH! Baby! But wait, I ordered my deluxe edition at his official site. Is the bonuses the same? Come to find out, otherwise got to get another one at iTunes.

    Thanks for the information. Not suprise with the chart but very very Proud for Adam. Congratulations Adam!

  12. TexasWannaHoldHim says:

    Wow! I was just browsing through the KISS FM Dallas/Fort Worth website to see if I could find a place to request a song (you guys can probably guess which one!), when what did I run across but a really cool banner for Adam, with the awesome picture of him wearing the black jacket with the black plastic shoulder/sleeve (sorry for the bad description). The caption says “New Single – Adam Lambert – Listen to his brand new single “For Your Entertainment” with an arrow to play the song!!!! Now when will they start playing it on the air?! This has been such a fun day – the only thing lacking is to hear my favorite song played on the air!

    • Terry, the haters there are just ridiculous, aren’t they? So pathetic! I TRY to just ignore them, but they have a way of getting your goat with their ignorance and nastiness, don’t they? >:(

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

  13. new ROLLING STONE interview!
    every song to have different look!
    FYE—going for ’30’s black and white Valentino look!

    • vote! vote! vote!

    • That’s what the AMA performance may be then??

      • I think that’s what he was implying.
        (beware! there might be some mustaches—not universally our favorite thing, heehee—on Adam or just backup singers and dancers??? have to wait and see, but he does like to play dress up)
        in any case, with those lyrics, it’s a cinch to be hot, hot, hot

        Great interview! No stale questions!

        Fresh info. like:
        Adam could not do those crazy high notes in his teens—not until his twenties!

        • OH sherry , it is sure to be so hot we will be burning with heat! Those AMA’s cant come fast enough! Just to see Adam singing and dancing like on tour, oh those were the days. Lookin forward to all the upcoming days………………

          • Mary, he might have been talking about his FYE video rather than the AMA’s. It just was not clear.

            Here’s what I’ve been wondering about his TV performance (and future performances)—will the TV censors try to control those hips? The moves of the women performers (like Beyonce, who I love) are downright risque these days. But I’m not aware of any males with such moves. What Adam did on tour was really new for guys, though not nearly as overt as what the women do—and usually with not much on in the way of clothing. (I just read on E! that Adam said HE will have clothes, but the backups, not so much—again, don’t know if he was talking video or AMA’s.) Yet, there were people saying—on tour— his performance was not family friendly!!! I checked, and the AMA’s are on ABC, not cable—so major network. I think Adam will do his thing. “I’m here, get used to it”. I hope they don’t hold him back in any way.

            • Sherry, I’m thinking Adam will do his peformance his way on TV as much as he can get away with. I can totally see him swinging those hips and makin his moves to FYE, he just gets so carried away, hope he does it up good! Oh cant wait to see his performance on AMA’s, dancers will have skimpy clothes on huh?
              Oh Adam bring it on baby!!!!! Lets hope they let him do it his way.

  14. LibraLamb7 says:

    Longer snippets of some of the FYE album tracks now on YouTube!!!!

    Makes me hungry for MORE…MORE…MORE!!!!

  15. Is there a difference between the “Collector’s Edition” and the “Deluxe Edition”. I purchased the Collector’s Edition from Adam I hope it has everything included or do I have to get the Deluxe Edition as well?

    Does anyone know?

    Thank you,

    Hugs Nana #1 (Glamb # 488)

  16. Glamb #133

    Just voted 10 times while doing office work. OMG can’t wait for his album to be released here in the Philippines

  17. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    It’s getting down to the 10th hr of ADAM’s cd & I wanted to do a countdown myself of the top 10 reasons why I love ADAM LAMBERT. Drum roll please! TDDdd… #10 I love ADAM because he is AWESOME!!! His voice is awesome, his looks are awesome, his personality is awesome, & his dancing is awesome.

  18. Adam is out there for Our Entertainment and I can’t wait! Everything he does is kind, respectful, fun and ENTERTAINING. And he has only just begun……
    Thank you Jeanette for meeting up with my grandkids and me in Milwaukee at Turners this summer…….Adam is already giving us good memories…and lots more to come. He is truly the total package.

  19. Vicky Fonseca says:

    OK – I have already ordered my copy of “COLLECTORS EDITION” of FYE. Looking for help.

    Need some clarification on the Collectors Edition Album shown on Adams Official site and the Deluxe Edition with ITunes.. They are different (hope so cause pricing quite different) but it appears both have two bonus tracks. Does anyone know if they are the same? Basically want to know if I need to buy both to get all music released this go around. I listened to longer clips and it may be just my blind love for Adam hearing the tunes, but I think all songs are KILLER. I expected no less than good stuff from Adam but with the talents mix of collaborators he attacted to his side, he has exceeded my expections and I think those of many other too! Way to go Adam!

    P.S. I have been trying to get Glamb number for months……I must be doing something wrong….