For the Impatient: Radio Airplay Update!

All of Adam’s “Whataya Want From Me” televised performances are starting to kick in and deliver!  For those of us who have been so impatient with radio airplay, I think we are finally starting to get some measurable action on this front due to all of the promotion…and we probably haven’t had to wait as long as it seems! 

Earlier, I had reported that the nearly simultaneous release of the singles “For Your Entertainment” and “Whataya Want From Me” were causing some overlap and confusion on the charts.  That is no longer the case…”Whataya Want From Me” has made some strong chart moves this past week, and the first single is nearly all but forgotten (at least as far as significant radio play is concerned). 

Album Charts:

FMBQ Retail Charts for Pop Album:  #9 this week (dropping from #7), but with a 24% increase in sales
Billboard 200 Top Selling Albums:  #30 this week (dropping from #22)

Radio Single Charts:

MediaBase, Hot AC Chart:  WWFM debuts at #45
Mediabase, Top 40 Chart:  WWFM at #44
Mediabase, Canadian Hot AC Chart:  WWFM debuts at #48

Nielsen, Top 40 Chart:  WWFM had 744 weekly plays, on 51 stations (needs to approach approx. 900-1,000 weekly plays before charting)
Nielsen, Hot AC Chart:  WWFM had 190 weekly plays, on 15 stations (needs to approach approx. 300 weekly plays before charting)

Billboard:  not charting…yet!

18 New Radio Stations Have Added WWFM (some larger markets, too!):

KDLW – Belen, New Mexico
KDND – Sacramento, California
KHTS – El Cajon, California
KKMG – Pueblo, Colorado
KKOB – Albuquerque, New Mexico
KKRZ – Portland, Oregon
KXXM – San Antonio, Texas
WEZB – New Orleans, Louisiana
WFLY – Troy, New York
WHYI – Fort Lauderdale, Florida
WKCI – Hamden, Connecticut
WKSE – Niagara Falls, New York
WKSS – Hartford-Meriden, Connecticut
WNTQ – Syracuse, New York
WSTR – Smyrna, Georgia
WYKS – Gainesville, Florida
Dial Global Hot AC Network
Music Choice Pop Hits

The Jingle Ball appearances likely tie in with the New York and Florida radio support…and all of this chart action fits nicely with the decision to have another music video!  Yea!

Dana, Glamb #6


  1. PamBiggs Glambert 510 says:

    Finally heard WWFM on the radio (92.5 KISS FM-Toledo, OH) a few days ago. Also, I’ve been hearing it on Sirius (DISH TV). So happy!

  2. adammlamberttlovee says:

    That’s so exciting. I’m so happy!
    I really want him to play in Michigan thou. So I can actually hear him and blast the volume uppp!
    Hopefully he’ll quickly appear in the Michigan radios as well(:

  3. Move Adam’s songs to all of the radio stations so everyone can enjoy his talent! Can’t wait to view the WWFM video!!

  4. For those people that get Vancouver’s 94.5 The Beat, there is a survey you can take that lets you choose what songs you like best and what you want them to play. This week WWFM is one of the choices. You listen to audio files and rate the song. Of course WWFM is the only one I rated “Love it”. You have to register to do the survey, but well worth the effort to support Adam. The link is below and the survey is under Contests.

  5. STILL WAITING IN LAS VEGAS FOR AIRPLAY…SO SICK OF XMAS SONGS WHEN ALL I WANT TO HEAR IS ADAM……JUST VIEWED – road to Jingle Bells’09 -there’s about 12 backstage mini interviews….Adam had 8831 views thus far with the closest to him Taylor Swift at 2852. Everyone wants to listen to our Adam so why don’t they play his records?????.

    • carolcollom says:

      I’m another Las Vegas resident and it is true, every darn station in this town is playing ONLY
      Christmas music. It is really getting on my nerves. Even the classical stations! I’m hoping 92.3 or 97.1 picks up his music really soon. They are two of the more progressive rock stations. I am going to send one of the DJ’s an email about it.

      It seems everyone is going to youtube or listening to the CD. I have one in the car that plays constantly on full volume and it sounds absolutely fantastic….even better than in the house.

      Does anyone think that Time for Miracles has a chance at an Academy Award Oscar and then our Adam can sing it at the award ceremony? Hope so….

      • I read it was not eligible because it was not written specifically for the film (something like that). Would it not be wonderful for the world to watch him perform TFM. Is there any place we can bombard with requests for an Oscar appearance?????

    • You should see how many “free” downloads are going on out there in the pirate world. Not me, I’ve bought mine. If we could count those, the interest in Adam would be more visable.

  6. Heard WWFM the other day on 106.1 Kiss FM here in Texas…I think it’ll take time, but the single should be pretty successful. It will probably start to chart after he performs it on NYE…he is performing WWFM, right?

  7. the countdown says no dates present – did something happen to Leno???

    • Leno is still a go Dec. 21. Listed on my guide as Adam Lambert performing. Not sure if he’s being interviewed or not.

  8. If we all call in to our local radio stations and ask them to play Adam’s singles, they cannot ignore
    listener requests. Let’s create a movement to make requests and get Adam’s songs filling the air waves!!

  9. Dana & dreamsound, thank you for all the new threads – can’t keep up!

    I believe that Adam is going to take every chart by storm in 2010. Just watch him come from the back and smash all records. The past week was very entertaining with Adam featuring all over the place. Except for the WSJ article, Adam received very positive publicity!

  10. It’s only been 4 weeks since FYE the album debuted and WWFM wasn’t the first single so it hasn’t been out there really for more than 2 weeks. It can take awhile for a single to start charting. Look at Kris Allen’s single for example. It was released weeks before FYE and didn’t start to chart for a good month. Now it is doing well. Congrats to Kris and let’s hope the same happens for our Adam!!!

  11. Since I don’t listen to the radio, I will not hear it there, but I am happy for the play. But, it is exactly WHY I don’t listen, it is so jacked. FYE and WYWFM should both have heavy rotaion, but it is all radio games, I prefer my trusty cd player tyvm!

  12. I finally heard Whataya Want From Me in Ottawa, Canada on Hot 89.9 last night. I just happened to turn the radio on and there it was!!! I’ve been waiting for them to play it forever.

    • Great to hear Adam on Canadian Radio. I’m just outside Ottawa..Hi Judy. Let’s keep the Adam love going. I’m going to keep requesting WWFM.

  13. I just wrote to one of the radio stations here and asked them to please play WWFM. I hope they do. I have yet to hear any audio play by radio. I am on to the next radio station. I will write them too. I am so glad that some have heard him on radio. Keep rockin’ Adam.
    Sincerely, Glamb#534 Mary

  14. WWFM also played on WXLO- 94.5 Magic FM- MA station.. – several times in 12 hour period.

  15. WSTR in Smyrna, Ga is actually an Atlanta, Ga radio station ( Star 94) so now all 5 mill of us in ATL can hear ADAM!

  16. Marilyn from Ontario says:

    Barrie, Ontario station B101 has been playing WWFM daily around 5:00p.m. for the past week.

  17. Just read on Gossip Candy that there is a STRONG POSSIBILITY that NYE at Gridlock will be livestreamed…more to follow. Happy days are here again.

  18. Oh Carolee, I hope your right. I am in the Detroit area and keep getting excuses when I call the radio station here to request Adam. One DJ actually said to me that not all former Idol contestants get airplay and cited Elliott Yamin (who I happened to like) as an example. Like he’s equating Adam to Elliiott . Unbelievable!! Sorry, but NO comparison!!! It is sooo frustrating!

  19. WWFM’s on KIIS FM 102.7….YAY!!!!!!!!

  20. Work in progress on Australian stations! Plus after CONSTANT requests …AT LAST – shipments
    of ‘FYE’ Albums now starting to arrive!! Prior to that,(and even now) we purchased many ourselves
    to give out to stations and people to promote ADAM’s incredible music and guess what?……PEOPLE
    ARE LOVING IT!!! Today the Hairdressers played the Album and there was great interest.
    Lady GaGa and Pink are both HUGE here……and soon ADAM will be next to ROCK THIS CONTINENT TOO!

  21. Robin Hatcher says:

    I finally heard WWFM on my local radio station after requesting it every day for the last few weeks.

  22. As far as I know, Adam is not playing on a single station in the state of Virginia. I am not the only fan here and it is very frustrating. Both of his songs should be given a chance to chart well. It is very sad that some DJs will decide what is a hit. I love FYE and WWFM. Why can’t we decide the hits for ourselves?

  23. I’m also getting irratated that he’s not being played on the radio here in Ohio either, especially since the Kris Allen song is on all the time. The only time I’ve heard him in my area was when Rick Dees played FYE as an extra song during his NATIONAL weekly countdown show playing on a local station. If it is all about money, why don’t his people throw cash at the radio stations like Taylor Swift’s obviously have, because she’s WAY OVER-played!!

  24. Tonight I heard Kris Allen on a North Carolina station. While I like Kris, his single is weak. Meanwhile, no airplay for Adam Lambert. I find this unbelievable. How can we get Lambert on the radio???

  25. i just don’t get it…why is he being banned from the radio at all? there are songs out there with some pretty runchy lyrics and artists and they have never been banned….adams voice is awesome and he deserves to be heard!!!!!!!! he is being treated so unfairly and with such a double standard, it is ok for these guys to hold there crotch the whole time they are singing and it iks ok for madonna and brittany to kiss live on stage but not adam…sucks!!!

  26. Yes, WFLY in Troy, NY is playing WWFM. The only problem is they are playing it at 1-3 AM when most people are sleeping. If you look at their list of songs played, you will see this.