Flash Mob-Adam Lambert Glam Nation Style

Lila, this one’s for you sunshine!!
Some of you may have seen this already, but do you have the moves down? Your concert is probably right around the corner so you had better get started…
We thought his would be a fun thing to do during the concert! Or… take note… if you want to do this, it is an option… or if you see people doing it during the concert, you’ll know why! It is all about having fun!!

video via:suz526



  1. wow! cool concept=)

    • As long as it is not during a performance, because artists don’t need distractions when performing -none like it – and fans are there to see Adam. I wonder if someone who didnt like an artist did that during a performance, what would the impact. Just asking, because I really dont know if it is a good idea or not. But I do know it is all about fans loving Adam and wanting to please him. I know we are very supportive of him and genuinely love Adam. He is really special and wonderful.

      • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

        Oi / Hello mstha
        If I understand what you said, you didn’t like this exibition.
        If this is the case I’m with you.
        Fans go to see Adam and he will be with his dancers.
        Despite it’s (been – I don’t know) a homage for him it will be a distraction.
        Even a desrespect for his dancers.
        There will be an interruption while he try to have a fluid (to flow) performance.
        My idea is dancing while they’re waiting the show begin .
        He will know that people were there.
        And if I know him, He will be appreciate and thanks.
        It’s just my opinion.
        Have fun.
        (Sorry my English)
        Beijos para todos / Kiss for all

        • hey everyone lol not to be rude but wth is this? i REALLY REALLY REALLY hope this doesn’t happen at the Seattle show HOW EMBARRASSING! IF its in the crows then fine but i hope not up onstage =( and i totally agree with it being disrespectful for his dancers and adam as well i don’t think we will have to worry about them getting up on the stage i know usually if you jump up on stage the security guards are pretty tough there and will toss you out!

  2. EternalGlamNation says:

    What a lovely gift for Adam.

    I think at some point it should be taken a step further.

    I think we should start an exercise revolution and call it Glammercise, dancing/exercising ala Jazzercise, but done to all Adam songs. You’ve heard of the Freshman Fifteen? Well, I’m working on the Adam Eight by sitting at my computer for hours on end watching the GlamNation videos and I don’t imagine it will get any better by the end of summer unless I get up out of this chair. However, I am mesmerized by this man and seemingly addicted to watching everything he does. Maybe I could do exercises IN my chair as I rock out to Adam’s videos. Anybody with me?


    • gah/rph says:

      I’m with you! Great idea. I’ve got the Adam twenty……WAY too many hours at my computer looking at everything about Adam. Maybe I’ll get a workout on Monday when I see his concert in Columbus!

    • As a Nia teacher I do teach songs to Adam’s music! I started last summer with Born to be wild, WLL, Feeling Good, One, Ring of Fire, A Chance is gonna Come.
      I taught a workshop in my native country of the Netherlands to Adam’s music and called Pleasure and Passion and in October I taught a Nia class in Greece to Adam’s music
      Right now I am choreographing, IIDY, FYE, Strut and will probably do something to Can’t let you Go!
      I am hoping to get something up on Youtube soon……..

      • Jane Parker says:

        Go girl!!!

      • sun-n-stars says:

        Get it marketed and out on video. You could make a bundle. I know that I’d buy it. Good luck!

      • Nia AND Adam?!!! I’m there! Irena, would love to know when you’re up on you-tube!

        Anyone have an extra ticket to July 30 – Copley Hall in San Diego? I can even offer you a session in our SOQi Chi Spa center http://tinyurl.com/SoQiSanDiego to help with recovery from thuds!

        • Ayley, it sounds like you know what Nia is?!!! I also think it a a completely organic combination. He would be agreat Nia teacher if he wasn’t already so busy. The freedom with which Adam moves his body is what we strive for in Nia, to liberate the body and to feel Joy!!!

          Yes I will definitely give notice of my youtube premiere….. All your great responses really stimulate me to get going on this!!!

      • libraglam says:

        THAT’s GRRRREEAAAAAAAAT ! looking for it.

    • Madeline says:

      I love this idea. It sounds marketable. “After all we’ll have a ball…”

    • I do a exercise routine to Adams CD every morning……and have lost 30 lbs!!!! He is such an inspiration! I am going to see him in IL on Sept 4th.Cant wait! Thank God for this site! Adam fix every day!

  3. What a great idea!! I think we’ll get one of those million dollar smiles if the whole audience goes into this routine! Everyone practice up!!

  4. Waiting for someone to say Adam 12, one Adam 12…lol!

  5. melinda#482 says:

    I’m practicing now… got to get my friend who is joining me at the columbus concert to come practice. What fun!!!!

  6. Jane Parker says:

    I love it!
    We all need to learn it for the concerts!!

  7. That is a FABULOUS idea!!!! I love FEVER and always just want to dance whenever he sings it at concerts! I hope this really catches on AND I can learn it in time (I’m thinking that very cute little boy in the front row and I might have a lot in common, what a trooper!) More pressure: I have a really good seat at one of the venues in WA (so he might actually SEE me) but so far it’s the very last of the tour so have a ton of time to practice! Also have one earlier so will have to start NOW! Thinking a Seattle Glams get-together to practice before the Seattle show….hmmmmm……

    Also, have to agree, maybe this will get me up and away from this computer ….

    • Have been reading some of the comments, pro and con, and here’s what I think, whatever its worth!!!!???? Have been to three concerts including the Idol Tour, and from what I’ve experienced, Adam really does want people to “get up and dance”, (his words) so don’t think he would be offended if people learned this fun little routine and danced along during FEVER. Most people are dancing along to Fever anyway (just can’t help it!), so won’t be a lot different, just maybe a little more uniform and just, well, fun! Might have to be a modified version (as I think they mentioned in the video), to be respectful of others space (and sightline) if done during the concert Most venues don’t allow dancing in the aisles, so it will have to be wherever you happen to be during the concert, but how great would it be to participate before the concert in a big (or small) group! It also gives me some MOVES to do, since I am a little dance-challenged these days, not a lot of recent club experience etc..!!! Heaven knows I’ll probably forget everything the second he walks onto the stage anyway (he has that effect on me!), but what the heck, gives me a focus until my chance to experience Glam Nation Live!!! And I doubt I would do the part where you turn around, facing away from Adam: not taking my eyes off of him for one second!!! Will be interesting to see what happens with this idea……. And, I’m all for that Adam exercise video!!!!

  8. REDSTAR040665 says:

    This is so cool. I have been wanting to learn this dance. Fever is my favorite Adam song. I am making a fan to fan my hot, sweaty, jamming self. I will be working on this routine.

  9. I am already working on this dance! Now, if I can actually keep my cool to do it! I am usually so mesmorized by Adam that I start screaming like a 12 year old when I see him! He literally takes me to another planet entirely!

  10. really good

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    VERY COOL~!!!!! 🙂

  12. Adam brings out the dancer in me too. I’m raring to choreograph BROKEN OPEN, but I have to go through some ballet training and practicing again. However, I can do modern dancing anytime. So FEVER be it. Have also to use this when I resume our Aerobics-Dancercise again in our Local Government Unit as part of our Healthy Lifestyle Program. I guess I also have to push myself to start practicing ballet again. Dancing BROKEN OPEN would really make me feel connected to Adam.
    . And another wish list on my part is also to dance A LOADED SMILE. Wow, this song is really sexy and enchanting. Now we can set goals for ourselves and see each other in Youtube. Hope so ! But first we’ve got to rid our fridge of fatty things. He – he !

  13. delibel (Nederland) says:

    I think it is a great idee,Adam will be so suprised by it.

    An d I think he will laugh about it. But dont do it every concert.

    LOVE the dancing moves and every one is happy.THANKS AGAIN ADAM!!!

  14. Razmatanian says:

    I’m just an old poop, but I hope nobody flashmobs Adam during his show. To me, singing along with him and screaming like you’re being murdered during his performance is just rude anyway, and distracting him by doing your own routines while he is performing seems the epitome of rude. Making an exercise CD for whatever reason makes sense and would be fun but it is Adam’s show and we should go to watch and be entertained by him instead of creating some kind of competition with him or to get his attention. Let’s face it ladies, if we were so great at entertaining, we would be up there on stage and Adam would be in the audience. Does all of life now have to be another reality show?

    • KO's smiling says:


    • agreed as well dont do it at the shows but adam’s music makes me wanna dance anyways soooo an adam inspired work out video sounds awesome! and a good reason to get my off my butt lol! and theres already people dancing, screaming, and singing along thats just the great part of conerts have fun move to the music and enjoy the show =)

  15. I’m just not sure that I am coordinated enough to do these steps. I certainly think Adam would get a kick out of it though. He loves interacting with the audience, that is why he is playing the smaller venues. I doubt I will learn all of the steps but you can be sure that I am going to be dancing and bouncing around like a mad woman during the show so those who don’t like that sort of thing, please move out of my way so I don’t bother you with my explosion of joy.

  16. leigh anne says:

    Sorry, I think it is corny. If done during the show, it will be cringeworthy.!!!

  17. KO's smiling says:

    This idea came from an Oprah Winfrey Show concert where the crowd flash-mobbed the Black Eyed Peas song. That performance was something to watch (find it on YouTube) but I’m sure the band was in on it. It was a gift for Oprah, who wasn’t performing. I don’t know… it would be fun for us to unite but I don’t want crazed teenage dancers elbowing me and getting in the way of my view of Adam at a GA show. Though maybe it would help prevent them from shrieking in my ears during his songs. It’s fun to dance this at home with his song blaring, and would be fun while waiting to get into a show. A Disclaimer: I’m not old. I handled punk shows and mosh pits not too long ago… but people going to see Adam want to see and hear him – not get out their misdirected energy.

    • are you attending the Showbox show in Seattle? its all GA and that place is sooo packed soo you won’t have much room anyway and people are just there to have a good time and see adam there will be alot of screaming its adam lol and singing and dancing!

      • The sound system is REALLY good there (as in LOUD) so will be NO problem hearing Adam and the band over the singing and screaming. Seattle audiences TEND to be polite but very enthusiastic, but then Adam just induces involuntary responses from people so guessing things will be a little wild, in a good way! One big, crazy party… And you are right, no room whatsoever for Flash Mobbing in THAT venue during the performance! It’ll be packed to the rafters….

        • Yes the sound system is REALLY REALLY good i love the SODO best place in seattle to see a show i think and i love how small and personal the venue is =) induces involuntary responses that is cute Mary lol and yes we will all be packed like sardines =) hahah can’t wait to see everyone there.. sooo excited already counting down the days!

  18. peachie says:

    these kids are from san diego where adam came from. pure appreciation for him and adam sure will appreciate everything done for him….

  19. Robin Hatcher says:

    I liked the idea and at the fan dinner before the first show in Wilkes Barre we practiced it, but we were not able to do it during the concert, the security wouldn’t even let us out in the isle.