“Five Tours You Really Need to See Live” Includes Adam Lambert!


USA Today has come out with the 5 Summer Tours that offer the best value and entertainment, and of course Adam Lambert’s Glam Nation Tour has been included in that mix! I love the way they refer to us, his fans! I’ll post the write-up for Adam, but for the other four, please click here.

Adam Lambert
The dashing and colorful American Idol runner-up headlines his first North American tour.

Setting the stage: Lambert’s Glam Nation tour kicks off June 4 in Wilkes-Barre, PA., with more than 30 concerts to follow. Shows are currently scheduled through Sept. 18 in St. Petersburg, Fla.

Why it’s a tour de force: Lambert, a dazzling singer, set the Idol standard for showmanship, and his devoted fan base will turn out in full force. The tour’s support acts — flame-haired fellow Idol finalist Allison Iraheta and Australian guitarist Orianthi — make the package especially promising: Orianthi played on Lambert’s album, and Iraheta’s Slow Ride duet with Lambert was a highlight of their Idol season and the subsequent tour. — Brian Mansfield
Cost: $29-$73.50

~ Carol, Glamb #7 ~

About Carol

I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Judy Lushman says:

    This is exciting to see that people realize that Adam’s concerts are ones “You really need to see live.” This is just the beginning. Get ready guys Adam is here to stay. Can’t wait for his video or concerts.

    • Lila - glamb #3 says:

      I agree… for me it’s all about his performances. That’s what hooks me… the visuals.

  2. jnellie says:

    So glad that he’s getting the recognition he deserves outside of his fan base. He’s getting such a great reputation in the industry and that’s got to make him feel amazing. Nothing like having your peers support and respect you.

    Last weekend I was at a party and Adam’s name came up and ppl were saying he’s just a fad. I kind of embarrassed myself with my passionate defence of him, but that’s what being a glamb is all about.. lol

    Still don’t admit to many ppl that I’ve seen him three times and going to three more concerts this summer. Four if Vancouver gets added.

    My kids at work even made up a poster titled “You Know You’re a Groupie When…” LMAO

  3. adamisamazing says:

    It makes my day when I see Adam on a list like this. He is in great company with legends like Carole King and James Taylor. He is on his way to superstardom if he isn’t there already. What an entertainer – always exciting!

  4. Mary-Ellen #444 says:

    Hot Dog, that’s our guy; I can’t wait! Yes we will be out in full force and what a pleasure it will be! Glamnation here we come!

  5. Aside from being our spectacular BB for all the reasons we take pride in him, Adam also sets himself apart by singing LIVE, not lipsyncing on TV shows, concerts. So many of today’s manufactured groups and solo artists do lipsync, including the group sings on Idol. How shabby! I read that Adam was the sole Wango Tango performer who sang live. His voice boomed throughout the venue. Watta Guy!!! That’s our BB!

    • Adamisamazing says:

      I was thinking the same thing about lipsyncing. He is one artist that you can count on who will not sell out and lipsync. He’s so different from so many acts in that way which makes us respect him even more.

      • It is think it is this honesty thing, Adam couldn’t sell to himself or anybody else to lipsync.
        And what a rip off to go to a concert and to be “entertained” by artists who don’t even sing live! How can this be called a concert?

  6. it hurts me when people start calling names on adam but i turn it into positive, at least they notice and talk about him and who knows next time they will realize how talented adam is.

  7. AdamsEveFolife says:

    This GlamTour will be so out of this world! Can’t wait to see him show the world just what he’s all about! I love you Adam!

  8. For sure Adam needs to be seen live. No one puts on a show like he does. I know how I always defend him if anyone says anything remotely negative. It is beyond me how or why everyone doesn’t see how spectacular Adam is. He’s the greatest!!!!!

  9. yah it’s all about the entertainment…. Adam’s a fantastic entertainer and singer… That’s a fact. So they can say what they want about his being gay …. who cares. He’s here for our entertainment. … that really is the bottom line.
    You can bet that we’ll all be out there at every show in major full force to see him perform his songs … We’ve been waiting to see him sing these songs since his album came out…. believe me all his fans are more than waiting to see him perform his songs. We heard “What do ya want from me ” enough times… now it’s time to see him perform “Sleepwalker” and “Fever” etc. LIVE….YES…..it’s about time….. THE TIME FOR ADAM HAS COME… BRING IT ON. …CAUSE WE’RE READY!

  10. ianaleah says:

    Adam’s fans include successful singers and entertainers and people of all ages, both sexes and we love him. He is an outstanding singer and performing artist and a witty personable good hearted person. And his performances are wonderful. We can’t wait for The Glam Nature Tour to start.

    • Are you referring to his party in the woods?? Just kidding, know what you meant! 🙂 Kinda like that idea too…………!!!!

  11. Number one showman! No other.

  12. Was so THRILLED to see this in USA Today, it just seems like it is so validating for Adam, to have this HUGE endorsement of his talent, and with the the extremely positive write-up about him, with NO mention of the G-word or the AMA crap (pardon me…..). It really seems like he has turned the corner, away from all (or at least most) of the negative publicity that the media loves. WE knew all along he would be up there with the super-stars, and here he is, just a year after Idol, headlining his own major tour and quickly gaining the support of so many big names in the industry. Hoping one day soon I don’t have to defend my very enthusiastic support of Adam to every second person that I mention his name to, gets really old having to explain why he is so great and why I love him as an artist and human being so much, and no, I don’t think he’s “nasty”, or a “goth”. SHEESH! ( Maybe a little naughty, tho…not a bad thing in my book…). Once people are properly “introduced” to him, they are always impressed, but I often have to sort of embarrass myself by revealing to everyone what a fan-girl I am, at my age! “My, you sure know a lot about him, you are quite obsessed”, as if that’s a bad thing!!! jnellie, above, I know exactly what you mean!!!! Also have been to 3 concerts already, the 4th coming up in Seattle (and maybe Vancouver……please!) Bought a copy of the paper so I can pull it out and show those people who may doubt his talent what others are saying about him, not just me, one of his very devoted fan-base!!!

    • LuvAdam476 says:

      MaryHelen I so agree with you!!! This is Gloria in OK. I’m 55 and flat out tell people that Adam is IT. There is NO ONE else. I made my hotel reservations for Kansas City, MO and when they messed up on my address, I called back to correct it. They told me there would be no problem with the hotel if the address was incorrect. I said there IS a problem for me, because I would be keeping this hotel receipt as a souvenier because I was going to the Adam Lambert Glam Nation Tour Concert. I told them it had to be correct. They asked about my being a fan of Adam Lambert and of course I gushed like a fan girl. It’s so strange how when I start to talk about Adam something just comes over me and I can just rattle on and on about him and get all excited talking about how talented, gorgeous and what a beautiful person he is inside and out.
      I just GUSH:)
      What can I say other than that I am another one of Adams’ fans from his very devoted fanbase! Loved the article!
      Yes people are finally begining to see what we (his very devoted fanbase) have known from the beginning. Adam is going to be a LEGENDARY ICON!!!!



  14. buffy522 says:

    Good to hear all the excitement. I am so down after being shut out on two presale for San Francisco. I was so prepared…had my spot picked out. So we’ll see how it goes. Just saw him on Leno and was great of course. So happy looking these days!

    • shannon73 says:

      @buffy522 – i hear ya, i was furiously hitting “refresh” on the ticketmaster site for the 2 pre-sales this week and came up with zilch. will be trying again tomorrow morning at 10 AM! i have a feeling the sf warfield show is going to sell out FAST.

  15. Mona999 says:

    Woooo-hooo, our Adam is where he belongs! He was always in our hearts and now he’s in so many others. Glamnation tour, here we come!

  16. In return, Adam is also loyal to his fans. He loves us in whatever age we are. He is happy that he can make us happy. If he appeals to the older people, then this even augurs his success and the continuing expansion of his fan base, because the population is aging. I know from Kozier(Fundamentals of Nursing, 7th edition), that the fastest growing population in the USA, is the 85 year old and above.

  17. Such a nice write-up from Brian Mansfield. Brian loves Adam – you can see it in his positive write-up. I’m SO EXCITED to FINALLY be attending one of Adam’s wonderful concerts! And the one I’m going to is SO special!

    Every year for over 70 years The Chesaning Showboad in mid-Michigan has been a traditional, week-long, summer entertainment festival. It actually IS a SHOWBOAT. Adam will ride up the river on a paddle wheel riverboat which will dock at the stage of a 6600 seat open-air amphitheatre. It’s quite a sight! The inside of the boat serves as backstage for the entertainers, and the boat itself is quite an impressive backdrop for the stage.

    On Wed they finally announced that tickets would go on sale on Saturday. But pre-sale tickets became available on Wed – AND I GOT MINE! ROW 6!! I didn’t see the email until an hour after it arrived, and by that time MOST of the Reserved Seats were already gone. I was lucky to find 2 seats fairly close up. When I tried to get 4 seats together the only ones available were way, way back. All the Reserved Seats were gone within a couple hours, and by Thursday General Admission (WAY in the back) only had a few tickets left. I really doubt that in it’s long history the Showboat has ever had all tickets sold out before they ever went on sale!

    At 61 I know I won’t be the oldest one there rockin out to Allison, Orianthi and Adam, because my 83 year old mother INSISTED on going too! Now if I could only hold my breath until July 12!

    • Hi Tagrid, that sound’s absolutely wonderful!!!! What a way to enjoy our Adam. I’m going to be 60 in a few days, and I just can’t get enough of him. He’s fantastic in so many ways!!!! Hope you and your mother have a great time!!!!!

  18. YES, I was at a party in LA tonight and ended up talking about Adam at the dinner table {ok, gushing} and -to my delight every one there knew who he was and several even reminisced about his performance of RING of FIRE on Idol. I think our guy has finally eased his way in to the minds of the masses. Can’t wait to see Adam in Costa Mesa on July 28th..

    • renogirl says:

      I will be at Costa Mesa the 28th also. Black nail polish and liner. I also got tickets to ThunderValley outside of Sacramento. I must say I am so excited. We should try to meet.

  19. hey friend how r u doing have a good time out their enjoy

  20. Nana #1 says:

    I am in Florida and I am still trying to find his concert that I can go to (without being trampled to death)..LOL…seriously…if I were younger,maybe….but I am 62 and would want to be right up front (like everyone else!!) . But I don’t think I could calm a mob of drooling,sex-crazed, glammed up lunatics (myself included),all pushing and shoving their way to get close enough to get our Adamgasms…

    Ps: can anyone tell me what my Glamb number is or how I can look it up?

    Hug’s to All

    Nana #1

  21. zamigail says:

    Cant find anywhere on line for tickets for St. Petersburg in September. Any ideas???

    • I can’t believe I know anything about this, because I live about as far away from St. Petersburg as you can get but still be in the continental U.S. ,but I think that one is after a Devil Rays baseball game so try their website or call their ticket office. The tickets went on sale a while ago so hope you have some luck. I think that is the one you are referring to. If its sold out, there is always the evil Stub Hub, etc… 🙂

    • It’s with their Summer Concert Series

  22. so can anyone tell me where tickets are still available below $100.00…..there are none. All of his tickets are now selling for over $200.

  23. Peggy glamb #453 says:

    I am certainly glad that I got my tickets early….My 2 daughters and I start out at Council bluffs, Ia, then to Mehnomen, Mn., then to Mystic Lake, mn..My brother lives 25 minutes from there…then back to mo. Lots of driving but it will be worth it, totally…..Then on July 15th we go to Midland in Kansas City, Mo…..My granddaughter got the tickets for us, on presale….Course I paid for them……
    Any one who goes have a lot of fun, which I am sure you will, who couldn’t with Adam entertaining…..