Finnishing Touches: What May Have REALLY Happened with Adam and Sauli

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen are already back home in Los Angeles, warming themselves up in the 70-degree California winter.


They are literally a world away from what happened a few nights ago in the Finnish bar. It’s been on every blog, on several news shows, and I’m sure it was a topic of dinner conversation for every Adam Lambert fan that went to a relative’s home this holiday weekend. “Honey, did you know that Adam Lambert was arrested?” OMG – like we’re all not tuned in and hadn’t heard this story yet!

My relatives were entertained, because of all the pictures Fox News could have used for that inflammatory report, their choice had me and best-friend Lila smack dab in the middle! This photo was shot December 3, 2009 during the costume dedication at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel. This just shows you how current Fox is! fox-news-costume-dedication-12-3-09
That’s Lila holding the camera, and I’m right behind her. For the whole Fox story, you can find it here.

The blogger for Australia’s Adam Down Under feels they have more info than I’ve been able to come up with on this topic. I have no idea if any of this is factual, but it sure deserves a reading, if only to make you laugh out loud at the great humor!

So, sit down with your own mulled wine, vodka, or any other drink that makes you feel fine, and have a post-Christmas chuckle!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

The day the sky fell in over Finland
from Adam Down Under

Unless you’ve been on planet ZOD! for the past few days you’ve probably heard the shocking news about our Adam. Yes! The world has been thrown off it’s axis, tsunamis have risen up and swallowed whole islands and life as we know it has irrevocably changed forever. Because Adam decided to go out to a club and have a few drinks with Sauli.

If only he had been a good boy and chosen to stay home and read books about raising pumpkins instead none of this would have happened. But alas! We cannot turn back time and now we, the fans, are forced to deal with the fallout from this epic disaster. Oh woe is US!!

First for those who came in really late (we’ll forgive you this time but don’t make a habit of it) here’s a brief recap of the horrific events (hold onto your pearls ladies!!!).

One day, Adam went to China where he was beseiged by fans and followed everywhere by people with cameras. He performed some gig for a lot of bigwig corporate dudes and then tried to sneak out of the country (ha! fat chance!) and secretly head for Finland for some much needed private relaxing time with his boyfriend Sauli (ha! fat chance doubled).

SO. He arrives in Finland, jetlagged and tired, meets up with Sauli and two of Sauli’s mates (Sophia and Niko or Rico – whatever) and the four of them immediately head off to a popular gay club in Helsinki (mistake #1). Adam knocks back a couple of vodkas (mistake #2) and with his jetlag and exhaustion suddenly finds himself really drunk. Unfortunately so is everyone else so no-one noticed until Sauli says something to Adam that somehow turns into an argument. Sauli and Adam are yelling, Adam’s flailing his arms around as he does when he’s a bit drunk and then their drunk friend Sophia decided to intervene between them (mistake #3). As she pokes her head in between them Adam’s arm is in mid-flail and her face accidentally connects with his hand. Someone… possibly some other drunk in the bar sees that happen and blearily assumes that the big dude is beating up that nice pretty lady.

Click here for the rest of this hilarious blog!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Hilarious!!!! Loved it.

  2. Bless his sweet heart! It’s almost a New Year!

  3. I read this, earlier. Couldn’t stop laughing, and I’ve been thinking of ways to crush that little snake!!
    Very clever!

  4. This was some funny stuff! I really like you, too!

  5. I have avoided all the stories because it is upsetting. When you get drunk (and I’ve seen this many times in my famiy), you do crazy things. This was harmless after all, but it could have been really terrible. I’m glad everything is fine, but Adam needs to rethink his partying. He is in the public eye and the media will twist things. I’m not a big fan of Sauli to begin with….I think Adam need to focus on his career, but I’m sure he’s lonely. I don’t like fights or arguiing at all in public. We never really heard what happened with him at Gaga’s party. Time to watch your drinking Adam.

    • I agree, he is destroying his career with his crazy antics. When his fans start to loose interest, he will have no choice but to re-think his not-so-nice issues.

  6. I love how some of you guys like to make Adam out to be some old guy who is not allowed to be young…People…he is single and young…Who amongst us did not party when they were young and single…very little of us…Leave him alone and quit assigning him the status of angel…there are none…I love Adam…He is wonderful…but is not perfect and never claimed to be. The moment I heard this gossip was generated by Perez…I knew it would be 95% crap and made up.

    • I am with you, kat23mogan! It seems that most people want to Mother him; well, he already has a Mother!

    • I remember those days well…LOL! Been there done that except I’m not a celebrity, so no one cared. Ok, my Mom did…ha!

    • Yup, I agree with you totally!

    • Been there unfourtunely some people are still there years later or if they were unlucky are no longer with us….Alchol is a mistress that bites.

  7. I drank when I was younger but the jail was not part of my fun…..lots of hangovers , glad those days are over…….

  8. cory-coralys says:

    The incident that occurs or happens was ugly and shame and the career and image of adam affect, this episode not funny was bad and adam excuse this actitud and soap opera the next episode can have others concecuences because in this relationship always can exits remanents like huracan or revenges.

  9. Someone posted that if you want to know the real story check out the police report. The police chief said it was nothing that doesn’t happen all the time around Christmas. They were just taken in custody for a few hours and asked quenstions about what happened. There was no violence. Adam and Sauli will most likely think twice about how much and when and where they drink. Adam definitely said “lesson learned”.

  10. we all love adam for so many reasons, sure he has made a few mistakes and he has paid for them. But there is one thing he cant let go of it seems, is the drinking. I think Adam understands his position in all of this he knows how many fans and poeple LOVE HIM VERY MUCH. I AM SURE HE IS EXTREMELY EMBARRASSED and Sorry for his actions. He knows whats at stake in his Life and Career. If this had been anyone else we would not even be making such a big deal or even care BUT…. SINCE ITS ADAM AND WE LOVE HIM UNCONDITONALLY ITS VERY DIFFIRENT. Sauli and Adam seem to be doing just fine and being in finland who would have thought it would make it all the way back home. But of course its more dirt on adam making him into something hes not which is an Abuser a BOYFRIEND BEATER. He was really ill when he got off the plane instead of going to take a knap he went to a BAR AND GOT DRUNK NOT GOOD. But I still Love Adam im not just going to sum it up and say 1,2,3 strikes your out that would not make me much of a fan and I Love Adam Very Much and I Love his Talent and Beautiful Personality. Just chill on the booze pls:0) with you Nadia LESSON LEARNED:0) MOVING ON CAN’T WAIT TILL MARCH 20TH TRESPASSING RELEASE YES!!! LOVE ALL MY GLAMBERTS, GLAMBS, AND LAMBSKANKS ECT…. CANT WAIT TO SEE EVRYONE AGAIN ON ANOTHER EXCITING ADAM ADVENTURE TOUR:0)