Ferras (and others) cover Adam

A couple of days ago there were the videos of dance troups using Adam’s song as their inspiration, and now it might be fun to look at some singers covering various songs! For example, one of Adam’s best friends – Ferras – who also co-wrote Aftermath, put out an awesome cover of Whataya Want From Me. He also admits to being ‘obsessed’ with the song, and tells Adam just before he starts: ‘Eh, Adam, don’t shoot me, cuz if it sucks.. you’ll just have to deal with it!’

He seems like such a sweet guy, and has a gorgeous voice! Adam is lucky to have such sweet friends who never sold him out but keep on supporting him in their own ways.

Then there are a couple of guys who put out covers of For Your Entertainment. It seems like Adam really inspired and touched them, if the description of the video is any means to go by! Good to see that the fanbase of Adam does surely encompass more than only females, as is often claimed – and that men also really look up to Adam.

This first guy covered FYE using a piano, and said that ‘this man is such an inspiration. When I first saw him on American Idol, I saw so much of myself in him. I’m equally as flamboyant, the constant feeling like an outsider, misunderstood due to one’s alternative appearance & nature…etc etc etc. Great guy. Great debut single.

The second used an acoustic guitar, and mentioned ‘cool new song that I like and put my own spin on (it’s hard to keep a dance pop song sounding similar when playing it on the acoustic :P) Adam Lambert’s a great new icon in the music industry, and I hope he’s here to stay 🙂‘. It came out really nicely!


  1. After hearing Adam sing that song many times, I kept thinking about how on Idol, Adam always turned songs on their heads and slowed them down and I was wondering if he would do that with this song! Now I know it can be done beautifully and I hope Adam will let us hear this song like this! Ferras is very talented and I am glad they are such good friends! LOVE IT !

    • I also think we should all take a second and send out a big THANK YOU to all the people that have been putting this website together for us over Adams amazing journey! THANK YOU ALL! I feel so lucky to be able to go to a place where everyone just GETS IT! No negativity here and the ride we are all taking with Adam has been amazing! I cannot tell you all how this site has been such a pick me up for myself so many times! You all love Adam as much as I do and I consider you all my cyber friends! Merry Christmas to all and may 2010 bring you all good luck, good health, lots of love and an abundance of ADAM! He really is such a gift!

      • number8gurl says:

        I agree. I don’t post here much because I spend most of my time on Twitter but I read here all the time and this is one of the most informative Adam sites out there. I know it’s a lot of work to keep this going and a big thank you goes out to the creators and maintainers of this site!

        PS: I will probably be posting here more now because they have blocked Twitter at my work and I just cannot make it through the day without interacting with some Adam fans LOL.

        • welcome, number8gurl:) Lot of fun here!

          • Oh yeah, fun galore! Welcome fnumber8gurl:) from me too! Mmmmmwah

            Glamitup, thanks for your good wishes! Merry Christmas to you too and here’s wishing you only the best for 2010! Mmmmmmmmmmwah

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Welcome number8gurl, you are right, this is the best site for any up to date information about Adam. I am like you, there is no way I can go a whole day without checking up on what is going on with Adam and always the first stop is the Glambs site. I love it here. Actually I am at work right now (on my lunch break). It is great to see new people on this site.

          • Welcome to all NEWCOMERS to our site and especially the new GLAMB members!

            Our authors who write the articles, Dreamsound who owns the site and Dana who does double duty as moderating the Glambs International groups have all done an amazing job since Dreamsound imagined a totally volunteer Adam Lambert fan site.

            This site costs a few thousand dollars per year to maintain so if you can spare a few bucks along the way and haven’t donated any yet, I think it would be appreciated. I am not speaking for Dreamsound, I am merely a Glamb but he never asks us for money, sooo since it is the season of giving…

            There is a spot to DONATE right under Adam’s sexy glittery gold tights to the right.


            • You are soooo sweet! Fernando’s wallet will give a sigh of relief each time someone donates to cover his out-of-pocket expenses.

              …and, if I do say so myself, our volunteer effort ain’t too shabby.


        • this is the best site ever !!!!! WELCOME !!!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Welcome number8gurl! sorry to just gettin here , but you finally made it to the best site for MASTER ADAM! Love his AO but the people here are absolute angels naughty one at that too! ok, so there some nice angels too, but we do like to have fun! Glad you are here ! Don’t be afrid to express yourself cause we do respect one another’s opinions.

      • I agree…thank you, thank you, thank you.

      • Glam…..we’re really happy to have you here with us!

        We’ll all be spendiing alot of time together on our journey with ADAM……We are Glamily!!!

  2. Adam is a true inspiration to us! Universal appeal all the way………….


  4. number8gurl says:

    I saw the Ferras vid last night and posted it to my FB. I know a lot of young people (including my daughter who I call an Indie music snob) know Ferras’ song ‘Hollywood’s Not America’ and probably don’t know that he and Adam are friends. I thought it might draw some new fans to Adam. It’s a great tribute! Adam has amazing friends…they are all so cool and sweet and extremely talented themselves.

  5. KO's smiling says:

    Does anyone else feel like Ferras’s version of Adam’s song is how Adam would cover this song at Upright Cabaret if he hadn’t written it? He’s got a great soulful voice… going to go find out about Ferras now…

  6. AdamAddict says:

    I hate to admit this but Ferras is pretty good!Don’t stare at me guys!!!You can’t kill me with those staring,it’s not laser eyes, so save it!LOL!He almost good as Adam,almost not good,excellent,awesome,supergreat like Adam,just almost!But he is good!Whaaaat?0_o Whatever!But the hair facial is pretty funny.If he has dark hair,he will look like Mr.Wolverine!Hahaha!!Wolverine plays the piano??That’s plucking impossible!LOL!! 😛 I need to watch again Adam singing WWFM with those tight…really tight leather pants!!Whoah!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I agree with you Emili and it is thanks to Adam that I have found I like someone else’s music. I adore that song Rush that Ferras sings and I have also downloaded his other songs. He really has a beautiful voice, though you are right again he is not Adam, but that is okay, it is cool to like other music as well. If it hadn’t been for Adam I would probably have never heard of Ferras as his album has not been released here in New Zealand. We have a lot to thank Adam for don’t we, especially those tight, really tight leather pants.

      • I wish I was a pair of Adam’s pants. Maybe the gold lame ones he wore at The Zodiac Show. But any pair would do. Just for 5 minutes. Then I’d be dead.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          try the brown zippered pants, I’ll let you in those for just 5 secs, that’s all cause they are MINE!
          Ferras was ok for me, did love the emotion he put behind it tho.
          MASTER ADAM is the only one for me, all other artists are just ok.
          Once in awhile I do catch a glimpse of a good ol’ rock song esp from the early 70’s or 80’s. I’m Master ADAM all the way !
          Okay, I hate to bring it up again & maybe just afew will read this, but I’m kinda thinking that when MASTER ADAM is beyond rich & famous, that he would buy the copyrights to some of the songs from “On With The Show”. If you don’t know what I’m talking about just go buy the cd for yourself & listen. One particular song that is my favorite on the cd is called “Spotlight”. That song would be a hit! & I don’t know why I keep referring back to the country music thing, but I can actually see cowgirls & cowboys twosteppin waltz to this song. I know it sounds crazy, but that song is so beautiful! Master ADAM does sing in a different range but his voice is absolutely beautiful on the cd. In fact, a couple of the songs kinda remind me of a chris d. melody, where I believe MASTER ADAM could take Doughtery’s songs & sing them better! You know what! I think MASTER ADAM could take ELVIS”s songs & sing them better! Even better! MASTER ADAM can sing any song better than the original, just like he did w/ ROF!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      you know that the latest Mr.Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) is an excellent singer and piano player???? He has a Tony for his performance in “The Boy from Oz”. He is Aussie, very handsome, and I love him…not as much as Adam…but I do. Mr. Wolverine, the cartoon…well I suppose he doesn’t play the piano…..plucking impossibe…not in his character…hahaha

    • Emili….The difference in hair color on top of his head and on his face…reminds me of one of my “stupid moments”……do you remember what it was??????

      It was about the “decorating”…..the carpet matching the drapes???????:)

      Kind of applies to Ferras maybe????

  7. Forget it no one sings like Adam…Let alone this Ferras….I am totally an Adam fan…he might be a nice guy but not a singer…..

  8. After listening to Adam sing those songs, sorry guys, but for me there is no one like Adam, I can only remember his version, the same occured when someone on XFactor UK sang Feeling Good, no where near Adam’s performance or voice, there is only one king of rock – Adam Lambert.

    Guys go and vote The 20 Bestest Celebs of 2009! Who’s Star of the Year?

    lets keep Adam ahead of the others.

  9. I have to agree with Peggy.No one sings like Adam.Noooooooo oneeeee.I wonder if he’s going to be the guest on anymore shows.I miss him already.He definatly is a one of a kind icon.The voice the looks he’s got it all going on.No way was I going to desert him because of the AMA incident.That would have been kind of silly.He has so much to offer.What an entertainer.I love the whole album but when he sings ” SOAKED” it’s like OMG it’s so intense.He is just one bundle of talent.Not to mention his beautiful looks……….

    • Totally agree with you Toni S, I just watched the AMAs on the VIVA channel, I live in London, he was the best, absolutely amazing, he is unique, exceptionaly talented, and what a voice, I too love Soaked. Come on Brits download Adams new video FYE, lets bring him to London.

  10. The acoustic guy has a nice deep voice. He reminds me of Adam’s buddy Kris Allen!

    • Micki (Glamb 535) says:

      I thought that too, except his voice seems deeper than Kris’s to me. But Kris makes odd expressions at times when singing, & it seemed like this guy did that too… Facial mannerisms, I guess. But whatever, yeah, I thought of Kris too, and wondered what it’d sound like if Kris ever did a cover of it. Of course, if he ever did, we’d never hear it because of their respective contracts, but I think he’d do it well (though not as good as Adam, of course!). I have as hard a time picturing Kris singing these lyrics, though, as some of the judges seemed to have over him & Gokey singing their duet (Renegade?), which I liked ok, but it had nothin’ on Adam & Allison!!!! I think that’s when I got into the whole “Adison” thing.

      (I’ll shut up now. I’m tired, and I ramble when I’m tired.)

  11. Thanks to Adam I have branched out and listened to other performers. The first was Lady Gaga and I like her just fine, then Muse, and even bought their new album.. After that I listened to Thievery Corporation that Adam had referred to , love them, but then I am a reggae fan. Then it was the Darkness and Paramore… Paramore seem to be a favourite here in Canada. I also checked out Ke$ha and she has a hit video in Canada now.

  12. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks to everyone that keeps this site going and keeps us up to date with all things ADAM!!

    Yea, Ferras is good, but he is more like Chris than Adam. Maybe that is why Adam likes Chris so much, because he is like his best friend Ferras. It is all cool!!!

  13. Agree – what’s beautiful about this rendition is that it does just what a great artist like Adam hopes it will do – draws out emotion and love and identity. Ferras sang it with such deep feeling – it was heart rending. Of course, no one sings it like Adam …… that’s a big, fat DUH!!!!! But, response and devotion like that is the TRUE measure of successful effort – screw the stats, sales, hype, etc. To have one person, especially a treasured friend, enhance their life with such love for a song you produced, has got to be MAGIC! Yah, we are all gropping for words to describe how Adam has touched and changed our lives but just imagine, in his quiet moments, how humbled and moved he must be. That’s what I wish for him in 2010 – a million more moments where he realizes that he is opening hearts with his music in ways that even he, never dreamed possible. UIMA

  14. (p.s. I’m sitting here, bawling like a baby ……. just NEVER happens!!)

    • oh gosh…..ditto again….that surprised me! I think it must have to do with Adam himself, and what this song has ended up meaning to him, but still, the piano is gorgeous….the emotion so deep and pure….and there they were: tears and tears…..

  15. All I can say is wow.. to Ferras version of WDYWFM. It about brought me to tears. I am obsesse with Adam ever since I heard him the first time on Idol. This is the first I have written. Last night I went to bed with WDYWFM in my head, then I woke up this am with it still in my head. Then, I get to listen to this wonderful version of it. I know it will be stuck in my head for a long time now. I can hardly stand it waiting for Adam’s video of it! It is so interesting that there are so many of us that spend ever day thinking and listening to Adam. I am another person who has never been like this. I have found a love for music again. I missed it.

  16. WoW Ferras that was amazingly beautiful……..Imagine him covering “Broken Open” WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go Adam!!!!!

  17. Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be this good, actually made me tear up at the end. Would love to see Adam’s reaction to Ferras performing this in front of him. No doubt he would have a strong emotional reaction too. awesome. Why doesn’t Ferras have an album out ? I think I would check him out.


  19. I recovered enough during the long day to be able to listen to the other two versions. WOW – guitar guy was great!!! I hope he uses his cute face and that song to give out some real special foreplay to some lucky person. (my guess is that he won’t make it all the way through the song before he’s pounced on………………..LOLLLLLLLLLlY LICIOUS!!

  20. then there are those that decide to do a soulful version. i guess fye can be song in many different ways


  21. “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery”…..It’s a joy to know that ADAM’s music is covered by all ages….did anyone see the 5 yr old boy singing WWFM????

    I’ve always liked Ferras….I follow him on Twitter….he’s an interesting guy!

  22. lourdes stone says:

    adam is the rising star of 2009 and hopefully 2010. he is popular overseas more than the US (i think).