Adam Lambert Feeling Good HQ Video, Studio MP3, Article and Pictures

Adam Lambert’s performance of ‘Feeling Good.’ Modern version as performed by the Muse from the album Origin of Symmetry. Video below, article and pictures below the video.

I loved the interaction with Jamie Foxx.

The only advice I have for the other contestants is to respectfully bow down from the competition and let Adam play his song…

Ok, really, I have to recognize everyone finally stepped up their game tonight but I (we) think Adam has the contestants by a few laps already. I’m sure they are all very frustrated and saying ‘dang it here comes Adam again!’

Regarding the studio version. I get shivers every time at 2:37 when the music builds up and he goes on to the high note. Personally, this is one the top 3 studio versions. It kept a lot of the feeling of the live version. I’m sure the SONY/19 recording engineers are very happy every time Adam steps on that vocal booth


Top 5 – Feeling Good – Adam Lambert


Feeling Good Studio Version


He Sure Left Us Feeling Good!

By LindaK (

I think I speak for all Adam fans when I say that I was extremely happy throughout the show knowing that Adam was closing tonight. It really does give us something to look forward to all night, and makes such a difference in the outlook for the hour! The waiting makes me actually enjoy the other contestants because of the heightened anticipation until Adam finally gets his turn.

And then he got his turn, to a grand entrance! I’ve never seen an entrance like that, and it was pretty impressive. I loved the white suit and tonight’s whole look, because it fit the genre and Adam looked so very handsome. I candidly admit that I really missed the glam, and was thrilled to see the flat ironed hair, eyeliner, and makeup tonigh t. Yes it was subtler than usual, and sans the black nail polish, but it was enough to provide those of us who love Adam glammed up our ‘fix’. We are like Adam addicts, and now that we’ve had our Tuesday dosage, we can relax a little and enjoy the high.

Adam’s performance tonight was powerful, as usual. Even if it was theatrical, and a bit ‘over the top’, it was classicly Adam, mesmerizing and superbly entertaining. Musically, he is untouchable. How long was that note he held? And on that pitch level? Leave it to Adam to once again raise his own bar, come out and wow us all yet again. He never fails to live up to the standards that both we, and he himself, have set. What a talent, and what a performer!

I also have to mention the lip curl and nose crinkle. I know from reading the commentary that this drives the teeny boppers (and some older boppers) crazy. I’m sure Adam knows this and probably finds it quite amusing. It most definitely adds to his sex appeal, charm, and charisma. I repeat what I say every week; this guy has the overall package, the ‘it’ factor, the mystique, and the je ne sais quoi. Whatever you call it, he has it!

As an aside, I have to say that I love watching Adam’s parents. They always look so very spirited and supportive. I can’t even imagine the feeling of watching your offspring up there on stage, doing his thing, hearing the crowds go crazy, and being oh so very proud. It just gives me the warm fuzzies every time the cameras show them beaming in the audience.


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Finally, below is Muse’s version of ‘Feeling Good’ :



  1. Adam is gonna ROCK this song tonight… cant wait..


  3. I did not find it over the top as the judges did. I thought it was done perfectly. I could tell he was trying to get a certain effect into the performance, and I thought he did it perfectly. It had this dangerous, mysterious, “I’m on top of the world – let me show you what its like” feel. His vocals were again out of this world. I love this song and I love the way he did it! Oh and he was dripping sex!!

    • YEAH! I think the ‘over the top-ness’ they were talking about made it perfect, perfectly Adam. I agree with everything else you said too 😛


  4. Linda – Don’t you think Simon was critiquing with an agenda tonight? I didn’t believe a thing that man said. And I am really puzzled by using the term ‘theatrical’ in a pejorative sense. Simon started it (the idiot) – and not just as regards Adam. When exactly did ‘theatre’ come to have negative associations? This isn’t the nineteenth century. Stage performers are no longer assumed to have nefarious leanings – and performances are, by their very nature, theatrical. Just go see Madonna or Bowie or even (god help us) Brittany Spears. ‘Theatrical’ doesn’t even begin to describe THEM. Perhaps it comes from years of being a performer myself – but I LOVE Adam’s ‘theatrical’ style. It’s sexy, it’s emotional……it’s flat out entertaining! When he strutted down those stairs – mercy! I was reminded of Freddie Mercury back when Freddie used to wear that white satin tux (yummy!). All in all one hell of a performance.

    I still say I want my ‘Ring of Fire’ Adam back, however. There was just a taste of that tonight. I think he’s toned it down WAY too much – though I understand why. Adam wants to win this thing. In that Simon was right (but only in that). I was also terribly disappointed they all only sang one song. I’d been waiting all week to hear Adam. So I say less judges and more singing! Or expand the show – either way – 10 minutes of singing vs. 50 minutes of gab? Gah!!!

    • TFLS; first of all, thanks for all your comments. You always add constructively to the discussion 🙂
      I certainly do NOT think being called theatrical is a negative thing! I think all the others WISH they could have that ‘critique’!!! One of the things we appreciate is what Adam does with his abilities. If they want to call it theatrical, I would take it as a compliment. It’s like when Simon compared Adam to the ‘Rocky Horror Show’ and Adam responded that he loves that show! I think Simon meant it as a negative; but it certainly was not! Like you, I also wonder if Simon had an agenda last night; what he said to Allison could certainly be interpreted as an underhanded way to get her fans to vote. Who knows what lurks in his head and why? All I know is that Adam is the best contestant American Idol has ever seen, and probably ever will see. I totally agree that he needs to bring back the ROF persona; but again, understand why he is toning it down. It almost makes me want the show to end already so he can go all out and be himself and not have to worry about anything. Next week we will get our two songs…..

    • I am totally with you here! Singers that are theatrical and can dance have more longevity in the buisness and I cannnot comprehend the use of the adjective ‘theatrical’ in a derogatory way. It might be a leftover from the Bush era…

      I was also intrigued by the older generation love for Adam, but my mom explained it very bluntly to me: “We grew up listening to great voices.” Somehow the twenies got used to very understated voices but I also miss these grand voices (Frank Sinatra, Jacques Brel, Whitney Houston, Jacques brel). They had incredible voices and they gave a show. Adam also has this crazy range, velvety quality to his voice and he gives a show.
      My only complaint this time is that he didn’t credit muse. Adding that to him not crediting Jules and Dilana make me feel a bit uncomfortable. Adam, you come across as a very nice and honest guy, please if you read it: credit those who created the versions that bring you fame.

      • But when have any of the contestants been “required” to credit their arrangements? It’s only when they get praise and hit it out of the park that it’s assumed they should bow down and not take credit for their talent??? Plus, there’s barely time to finish the show much less add more commentary and I would get bored hearing everyone’s crediting etc. Just do your thing and entertain me!!! He may use an arrangement, but he does it his own way. BTW, in is new confessional video on AI he DOES credit Dilana for her arrangement. ..still, he did her arrangement but nothing like her version.

        Adam is da bomb. Plain and simple. Last night was old Vegas, campy, balls to the wall, “look at me”, sexy (and yes Kara, a little sleazy in a good way),” take this and like it”, and he left me feeling like he had just had his way with me. And I liked it. 😉

      • Well I checked the dictionary and it said ‘theatrical’ meant ‘excessively drama’. I think the judges probably are tryint to say that Adam is too drama or over the top or whatever. I disagree like the rest of you. Adam’s ‘theatrical-ness’ makes every one of his performances special and memorable.

        And it also intrigues me why the older generation like Adam more than the tweens do. Let me make this clear, I AM a tween but I think Adam Lambert is the best Idol contestant ever! My complaint is that Adam Lambert clearly does not understand that this is a family show -he makes 13 year olds WANT him!

  5. I heard that it’s rock & roll next week, was that true?? So does it mean that they’re going to do 2 songs next week as they’ll be down to 4?? Iremembered they did 2 songs at this stage already!! Weird!!

  6. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    They changed it from one song to two on Monday. So, the idols had been practicing two songs and then had to pick one of them. A good way to weed some people out, but the producers pretty much knew that there was no way they’d get 10 performances in one hour. After all, they said last Wednesday that there would be two performances from each contestant and that… didn’t happen.

    • Bummer– I was sooooo anticipating 2 songs because fans were saying it’s gonna be two..two…TWO! I cannot handle such disappointment again.

  7. great! impecable! the new freddy mercury, finally. I was waiting his voice, attitude and artist`s qualities` reencarnation. the best, by far!! doesn`t have to win american idol, doesn`t need. he`s already a star, anywhere he presents. bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. AdamAdmirer says:

    I most definitely agree with the writer LindaK, Adam is the most entertaining ever on AI, and for those who say it’s too theatrical – well what do you want, dull and boring? Adam is an entertainer x1000 and we need someone like him. It’s been decades since someone with his talent broke on to the seen, and we will probably not see anything like him again in our generation.

  9. AdamAddict says:

    They always save Adam for the last. Don’t they know I can’t wait that long? My heart pounding hard just waiting for him. But at last, he always make me very happy! He’s so GREAT! LOOOOVEE you,Adam!

    • Actually, he sings all over the place in the lineup. It only SEEMS like he’s last because once he sings, no one else matters. The show’s over.

  10. Adam is the next big superstar…..he will be as big as Elvis, Michael Jackson, and will be famous all over the world….and never has AI had anyone with his star quality….he has it all….we are watching a huge new superstar come into play…..isn’t it nice to have him as a diversion to all the negative going on in the world. WOW….he’s the next Elvis and will be a major movie star as well.

  11. In the words of Simon Cowell “This was his best performance by a clear mile!”. Not digging the white suit but it was “suited” for the performance. His version of this song, I could definitely buy right now, thats how much i’m loving it. Damn, can we just get to the main act (when Adam wins) already, this side show stuff is killing me.

  12. still mesmerized by the control he gave on that held note…. amazing! he didn’t even move the mic a bit and the note was held and maintained at the same volume!!! and long too….. u know how hard it is to do that and doing it live? :O AMAZING

  13. yakinette says:

    A STAR IS BORN! Man, he’s got it all…..

  14. i wish he would hav kept his hair like he had it in disco week, but i still love it. adam lambert is going to win this whole competition and be an american idol legend!!!!!! I LOVE ADAM!

  15. I absolutely love this song! The vocals are incredible !!! I can’t get enough of it! i’vewatched thevideo a 100th time! For me this is the best performance of ADAM..I pray everyday that he wins this cuz he deserves it!

  16. Jennifer says:

    I think that Simon has a “man crush” on Adam!!

  17. I love, love, LOVE this man!!! He never ceases to amaze me, he is just so incredible. My favorite rendition of this song is by Nina Simone, and I love Nina, but Adam’s version tonight was naughty, fun, lively and pitch perfect, and it made me feel spellbound and super excited. It’s midnight but my heart is pumping so fast, I don’t think I can fall asleep any time soon, lol.

  18. star_child08 says:

    I can’t wait to hear what he does with this song in the studio version!!!
    I loved his ROF performance. Still do. But I love even more the studio version. He adds subtle riffs.

  19. Last night’s performance was SICK! Unbelievable control. LOVED IT. Like Randy, I sound like a broken record. A few observations: 1) other contestants seem to follow Adam’s lead (ie, slower-tempo song choices), 2) AI always saves the best for last; and 3) that was the longest round of applause I’ve seen on AI in 8 seasons.

    I know there’s more, but that’s what initially struck me about last night.

    • Did you notice Adam’s face last night when everyone was applauding? Every other time he’s had that sort of shy, surprised, humble look on his face like he almost couldn’t believe everyone liked it so much. Last night watching his face as the applause just went on and on, I got the feeling that it was for the first time dawning on him that he’s going to be a superstar. Like he only just then figured it out and it kind of shocked him. That’s what it looked like to me, anyway.

      • Adrienne says:

        Becky,I noticed right away after he stepped over to wait for the judges responce that
        something was different about his face. Usually the judges start talking right away, and
        I noticed that they just kinda set there …letting him “take it all in…Adam”. I think he
        finally had a chance to look out into the audiance and know that everyone is applauding
        him for who he is . We see these wonderful performances…which we all know are just
        beyond words. They give us goosebumps , and feelings that are unexplainable!!!!
        Always “Feel Good” ones, and I have carried these feelings with me since watching
        him sing his way from Hollywood Week …

  20. Binahlinda says:

    Right now I am going through some tough things in my life.
    I am a senior (but I feel like I am in my twenties again). Thank you Adam!

    Saw a tiny little bit of that “glam” trying to break out of you last night. It was a perfect performance. I know it is hard to hold back…..but you only have a few more weeks. Don’t worry you will be able to go full throtle soon! We can wait a little longer. Your version was as good as Michael Buble’s!
    The last 10-15 years of music have been boring. I get the same old feeling from you that the Beatles gave me at 15! Yikes! You have brought back that “it” factor from the music of the baby boomers generation. Freddy Mercury, Robert Plant, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Mick Jagger. These people PERFORMED! They didn’t just stand there and sing. You got it all babe.
    Excitement, fun, sensual and totally entertaining.
    I, too, love watching Adams parents, I can only imagine what a fun ride this is for them! He is one classy kid!
    Can’t wait for next week.

    • Binahlinda– your comment is beautiful.

      • suebella says:

        totally agree…I was 13 when Elvis began in 1956…..never felt this way about anyone since……
        (kd lang….but that is another story!)………..Adam will bring happiness to the world!!!!!

    • AdamFan52 says:

      I agree with you Binahlinda! I, too, am past 50 yrs old and I haven’t been this excited about an artist for a long time. I haven’t wanted to go to a concert in many years, but would go to an Adam Lambert concert in a heartbeat! I was in the front row at a Led Zepplen concert in London and I will never forget that feeling! I know I would get that same feeling from one of Adam’s concerts! I can (and do) listen to his audios and watch his videos over and over and over. I am not tiring of them in the least! He will be a fabulous performer and entertainer with a voice that is blessed!
      I absolutely love “Come to Me, Bend to Me” from Bridadoon. He is amazing!
      Next week, we get to see Adam rock out, again… I hope! His last two performances have been a bit too safe even though I love all of them!

    • beautifully worded!

    • Pat"Granny" says:

      I’m a 70 year old great grandmother, but I can tell you, I saw Elvis in 1954 on the back of a flatbed truck when he was just a skinny kid with pimples and greasy hair, but I knew what I was seeing, and it came true….I had that same feeling the first time I heard and watched Adam sing. Truly, truly a superstar has been born again. What a lucky world!

  21. Loved it! Can hardly wait for next week’s ROCK theme! We need to see Adam rock out & resurect the Freddie Mercury/Bowie era as only he can pull off!

  22. Binahlinda says:

    One more thing. I don’t feel bad for the other contestants. They are lucky!

    Can’t you see that they have learned so much from Adam, and it will only make them better performers
    as they get more experience.

    I think most of them will be thrilled to have been on this particular idol. If not they should be!

  23. AdamAddict says:

    I just realized how hot Adam is coming down from the stairs. He still follow the tempo! How he can be that freaking HOT even in white!

  24. He’s soooooo good!!! Oh I can’t wait for next Tuesday, he’s got a lot of support coming from Sweden! Just hoping Adam there will be an Adam Lambert tour very very soon 🙂

  25. AdamIsSex says:

    Again I am going crazy over how good Adam was last night!! He has a crazy range!! And his performances are incredibly sexy and hot… Last night when he walked down the stairs and when he looked into the camera at the ending… HOT! But I was wondering why do I love Adam so much, I can’t deny it I’m an addict, I completely adore this guy!! Then it occurred to me, he’s what the music industry has been looking for. It’s hard to put in words… He is everything what’s good in music… I know it’s vague but I can’t explain it. He just absolutely BRILLIANT! Even the word perfection isn’t good enough!


      • AdamAddict says:

        This probably beyond crazy but everytime I walked down the stairs today,remind me to how sexy Adam walking down the stairs and I tried to copy him. I’m nuts,am I?

        • You’re not nuts–hahaha… but seriously, who would have dared to do that? Who would even think of that, wearing white and walking down the stairs the way he did? He ruined men in white for me forever.

  26. LisainTucson says:

    Adam needs to do an American Express Commercial

    “And, Adam strutting down stairs” “Priceless”

    • Yeah, he should do a commercial all in a White Suite coming down the steps and say, GOT MILK?.. lol

  27. LisainTucson says:

    That performance BLEW MY AWAY!

    Your on Fire Adam

  28. It’s that elusive “it” factor…he’s got “it”!

  29. He took me to another world. I haven’t landed back to earth yet. Un-freakin-believable! And white is the new black!

    • oh, so this gives me an idea, of why he was in the bottom 3. We were all so blown away, we were still floating around, on our ‘Adam high’, during the 2 hours voting time last week! We have to come back to earth next week and VOTE THE WHOLE TWO HOURS FOR ADAM–no one else!

  30. I listened to his angelic voice in the other videos and it was impossibly beautiful… like many others who are wondering, I’ve had to rationalize why has he not YET achieved the mega-success any self-respecting person with a decent IQ would have to admit he so deserves. I think the Fates are favouring him, polishing him first like a diamond so he would shine in a world debut in a show like Idol. His years of honing his craft is finally paying off and this is good timing. His experience set him above the rest, his previous struggle as an artist gave him humility and level-headedness. And besides, if his career had been launched early on, he would have had bad managers who could not have handled him well. If he achieved success so early, he would have buckled as he said under pressure. He might not be this endearing personality we know now and cheering for. Now he can have his pick of contracts and cherish the moment of triumph he worked so hard for. Now he can truly rise above mediocrity and achieve glory. Praise be!


    • omg! im having the exact same symtoms. im in luvvvvvvv with him, and i HAVE to listen to him everyday, and loook at hiss amazing face. i luved his preformance this week so much, i bought it. i luved it. and i cried (from happiness) when i heard tht longgggg notee.

  32. Adam is Elvis and Freddy Mercurys love child…love ’em

  33. Adam is Elvis and Freddie Mercurys Love Child and Janis Joplin is his godmother

  34. Adam is one of a kind…PERIOD! Artistically unmatched, out of control creativity, confident without being cocky, and of the highest intelligence (emotionally as well as IQ). He’s undeniably sensual, hot blooded, intense, passionate, fexquisite, and fun. And yet he’s also deeply compassionate, sincere, humble, tender, and vulnerable. Beautiful inside and out, fascinating and brilliant! How on earth is it possible for one person to embody all of those traits?!

    Adam, I cannot wait for the day that you are selling out concerts and belting out your very own lyrics…I CANNOT WAIT!!!!! And so you know, this is coming from a 44 year old married female:) What an eclectic audience you will be entertaining everywhere you go!!! You have been given a wonderful gift…stay humble, and enjoy the ride…we’re right there with you!

    • Adrienne says:


      You just said it all…thank you!!!! I saw Adam in Wicked,and now wish I had known more
      about him then. I live in Orange County,Ca. just minutes away from Hollywood! I seriously
      doubt he will be able to perform in L.A . like he use to.

      Adam….Please don’t leave Hollywood after your released from American Idol!!! Whatever
      direction your career takes you please always COME HOME ! If you should do anymore
      Broadway Musicals,and or Theater I hope there will alwyas be a L.A. run with you as the
      Super Star that you are. PLEASE GIVE US A ” GLAM” ON AI…LIKE CRAWL THRU THE FIRE!!!

  35. Dang I was mad that they didn’t do 2 performances, heck just make the show 2 hours long. Haha I know they couldn’t do that but still.
    This was great! Although he has worn a suit two weeks in a row and I’d rather see him rocked out instead, but then again, whatever, that’s coming next! And I can’t wait. And they had better do 2 songs next week, and Matt had better be out tonight. I am scared for Allison tonight, I like her but she might be gone D= I honestly hope Danny leaves next even though that most likely won’t happen; his voice seriously annoys the crap out of me! The only thing I like about him is that he’s Christian but that doesn’t change his freaky annoying voice hah.
    Lol my little bro is attempting to play trumpet (he’s 6 and he’s like “I was farting!” xD)
    My friends are soooo annoying, every girl out there is crazy about Adam and they all hate him! They think he’s a creeper and he isn’t a great singer! I was like WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU. Holy crap honestly..

  36. This is just ONE SICK HELL OF A VOCAL RANGE AND CONTROL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That high note he held for sooo long …… Cheez, and he did not even take a deep breath before ….. AMAZINGGGG!!!!!!….. I still feel i was hit by a tidal wave or somethin…. Adam has UNEARTHY talant that normal words can not describe!!!! I LOVE HIM TO DEATH!!!!!!! I am a fan for the rest of my life cus not even one professional artist could hold my attention THAT MUCH as ADAM!!!!!
    O, yeaaa….. Kaira .. or whatever her name is..should watch her mouth before call Adam ‘s performance ” Sleezy”.. and “over the top” ….. Adam Is NEXT KING OF MUSIC … wheather you like it or not. Period!!!!!

  37. I agree with Newsy :
    I listened to his angelic voice in the other videos and it was impossibly beautiful… like many others who are wondering, I’ve had to rationalize why has he not YET achieved the mega-success any self-respecting person with a decent IQ would have to admit he so deserves. I think the Fates are favouring him, polishing him first like a diamond so he would shine in a world debut in a show like Idol. His years of honing his craft is finally paying off and this is good timing. His experience set him above the rest, his previous struggle as an artist gave him humility and level-headedness. And besides, if his career had been launched early on, he would have had bad managers who could not have handled him well. If he achieved success so early, he would have buckled as he said under pressure. He might not be this endearing personality we know now and cheering for. Now he can have his pick of contracts and cherish the moment of triumph he worked so hard for. Now he can truly rise above mediocrity and achieve glory. Praise be! of applause I’ve seen on AI in 8 seasons .

    Hier is (Niecy )Nice message:ADAM is one of a kind…PERIOD! Artistically unmatched, out of control creativity, confident without being cocky, and of the highest intelligence (emotionally as well as IQ). He’s undeniably sensual, hot blooded, intense, passionate, fexquisite, and fun. And yet he’s also deeply compassionate, sincere, humble, tender, and vulnerable. Beautiful inside and out, fascinating and brilliant..

    Greetings from Europe.(Mathilda R)

  38. Jaye aka Milwadamfan says:

    I loved Adam’s performance last night – the descent down the staircase was as awesome as that last long high note. I can’t understand the “theatrical” criticism at all, and I can’t understand all the criticism I’ve read that Adam was “showing off” and “showboating” with that high note. He has talent and skill. This is a competition with high stakes – why in the world would he NOT showcase all his talent???? Should the contestants NOT do their best? What is the message that some people seem to be saying? I just don’t understand it.

    That said, I agree with some posters here. I miss the old Adam from Satisfaction and Ring of Fire. I’m sure that either the producers or Adam himself is trying hard to be more “mainstream” in order to get more votes. Yes, I want Adam to win, but I’m not sure I like the direction he’s taking. Lately every week is a suit and tie. I miss the long hair, the eyeliner, the nail polish, etc. I want Adam to be Adam, and I’m not sure that “fans” who only like the “clean look” and are uncomfortable/disgusted/whatever with the makeup and long hair are true fans anyway.

    I want Adam to be successful, but I also want him to be happy.

    PS I love the itunes autographed photo of Adam I received with my download! I will continue to be a fan regardless of what happens in the future.

  39. BRILLIANT ADAM LAMBERT.!!!! You are super star…..that is really Amazing!!!..You are really an magic man….You are the best super star ever and forever…….very wonderful…I don’t have any word can say about you..Beside you have a great talented Pure Perfection….you are very Genius.intelligent and have very good personality…your parents are very proud of you.Iam very glad to see that…You won all on all American Idol yet…you would be a Super star whole the world..and Very Handsome an artist!!Gambatte Kudasai..always success..take care…Good Luck…BRILLIANT ADAM LAMBERT….thank you for sharing your made/make us very glad …..greetings from Ellouis N(Europe).


  41. Adam….You have very wonderful talented…you dress up very you told us when you was a child,,you would like dress well as grown up man…you do it untill now….you have Brilliant performance .great talented…Brilliant voice,,,your sound is very sexy too…handsome man..very Genius ,good charakter,brave.Intelligent….very powerful person…including your super sexiest eyes…you have everything on you…you have alof of different nice performance,,really broken record….we are proud of your successful…admired with your good image that you gived us…thanks for sharing your great singing…You are Amazing!!!really BRILLIANT ADAM LAMBERT…we would like to have your cds soon and enjoy with your gala show…concert…all the best for you….greetings all the fans from Japan(Sakura Yoto)

  42. Komban wa:
    Adam Lambert….You are Amazing!..we are 3 generation,,sat every week to watching your show on American Idol…we are only focus on you,,,,because you are the best super star ever and forever ….Iam an old people,,,but when I focus on your singing,,your handsome face,,I forgot everything around me…just you are the only Brilliant around me..and the only star in the sky….you gived very good image to the young and and old people,,,you sing all the song with great,and alot of feeling,,so why we admired at you,,,you are an Brilliant ,,,your parents are very proud of you we feel very in touch when we listen your singing,you work hard and doen still doing a great job…so you have very successful …we would like buy your CDs and 3 generation would like go to your Gala concert..Domo Arigato…Good Luck……….God Bless You,,Hinanie J Kyori

  43. What the hell happened tonight – #4? Something weird’s going on. Hated how they made him choose – what was the guy supposed to do after so many weeks of being on top? Made me sick seeing his puzzlement. Now I REALLY hate AI. And if Adam loses, it’s the end of the program for me – forever. Was Adam’s second number 0 or 10? I only dialed 5. Any comments on this craziness?

  44. I want to know in what universe is it possible that a singer like Adam Lambert is considered the bottom of the pack? It truly is a mad world.

    • TFLS: You said it best…..with the fewest of words. I was wondering the exact same thing myself.

  45. Ok America Idol….what gives? We all know for Adam to be in the bottom 2 you had to have control of the vote count and apparently don’t want him to be your idol or is it Disney telling you what to do….disappointed in the mangment of the show…as soon as Adam gets voted off…and we all know it will be because of your control of the vote count not because he didn’t received the votes, you will lose a large volume of your audience that will never return.

    • AdamAddict says:

      I’m sorry but so confused now. What control vote count? What Disney did? WHAT,WHAT WHAAAATTT!!!!

  46. Bottom two? Ruben was in the bottom three one time. People were out watering their lawns, and having company, I guess. I was entertaining my family, and didn’t start voting until 10:30. Then I fell asleep with the phone in my hand after about 10 votes. I was so mad. He can’t be nixed next. I’ll be totally miserable. But Matt’s people just might vote for Kris and the rest of them. What can you do? We all know why they are all so spooked. Maybe they split all the votes. You see, many people think that he doesn’t need the votes, so he’s going to lose so the less talented will get the big contract, because Adam doesn’t need one. Well, I’ll tell you RCA better or somebody better get him in the recording studio, because I want his album this summer, and nice videos. I love this guy. He is awesome. I just wish he was straight. We wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    • That can’t happen, I’m afraid. All contestants sign a contract that limits them terribly. They cannot release anything until one year after the winner has released theirs – and even then, Idol holds the option (it’s Simon’s company – I forget what it’s called). The only way Adam could sign with someone else is if Idol decided not to sign him – and he’d still have to wait that year. No – Adam has to win for any of us to see anything any time soon.

      • even if he wins, it is a long time for an album. He will be touring all summe rwith the top 10. It might be a year before we see an album, WHEN he wins. so he has to win!! vote the full two hours, everyone! VOTE!

  47. Holy crap! I was in shock! I still am! The bottom 2…whoa. Can you imagine Rock & Roll week without Adam? It almost happened. I voted a bunch and I hope that AL fans learn from this and don’t get complacent. I don’t think he necessarily needs to win to have a successful recording career as he’s received the publicity to get where he wants to go. But it would be nice for him to have the recognition as THE American Idol. Because he truly is.

  48. I think folks think he’s just safe and haven’t voted as much possible because he’s already a shoe-in. Holy crap we cannot let this ever ever happen again!

    • adam.lover says:

      ya i think so! maybe they got confident about the performance of Adam that’s why they haven’t voted as much as possible…

  49. Adrienne says:


    • Adrienne says:



  50. BRILLIANT ADAM LAMBERT…….However they did incorrect with you today…..but you won yet all competition by your great talented,brilliant voice,great performance,..very unique performance,,Charismatic.pure Perfection…,you are a big super star.who has broken record….we all very proud of you,doens’t matter you are in final or not with this competition season….but you won yet….Brilliant Adam Lambert… have a very good personality and politeness….God Bless you…………….Good Luck……greetings from Chrysantenum M

  51. wow… nothing but wow.
    Simon was acting off through the whole show but he was sooo right for Adam. I really hated Karas comments because she seems unwilling to accept Adam for his genius… i don’t know how to explain it. Randy annoyed me cause he said theatrical again like it was a bad thing but i thank Simon for putting him in his place. I think Paula has been showing the right amount of enthusiasm for Adam, she sais on the show what we all feel! Thanx Paula!
    Adam owned the stage and i think that for the remainder of idol he will always sing last on stage cause they know that so many people would tune out after his performance.
    i just have to say that his strut down the stairs was sooo great, just ooozing sex. It was very entertaining for everyone.

  52. Paulette says:

    After that fiasco last night, I will not watch Idol again after Adam is gone: whether he wins or not. I think that display was rude, insulting and heartless. Adam works hard for the votes and I personally believe he got them. This was a manipulation by the producers to increase the ratings. They sure as h*ll better watch next year’s ratings, because I think after this nonsense, the ratings will be in the toliet where they belong.

  53. DAMN! have you heard the studio version of feeling good


  54. from Germany, we only can hear you on the internet
    Studio version of Feeling Good ….

  55. AdamAdmirer says:

    the pictures on this site of Adam are awesome (in his white suit). Thank you.

  56. This is the first time the studio version is better than the live one.. Way to go Adam.

  57. adam.lover says:

    ohh its just so sad that Adam Lambert belongs to the bottom three…:[

    i’m really angry about the result
    don’t you remember the no. did you forgot it!???
    well you should never
    because almost…. almost

    I’ll never let Adam lose the fight
    he’s my no. 1…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i need to recruit voters!!!!!!!
    you too!!!

    vote, vote, vote, vote, vote

  58. Nayla From brazil says:

    Hey Americans!!! what happened? A batlle is not won, until you got the rewards in your own hands! Vote!Vote!Vote! Unfortunatelly I can not do it from here! And I can say there is a plenty of Adam´s fans here in Brazil watching AI every week, just to see his performance..better say … his show! He´s unique!
    Adam you really can ” Felling Good”! You are the best ever! You are the winner, the whole world is expecting your own tour. Come to us!


  60. Wow, I thought Mad World was the most beautiful thing I’d ever heard, but this is even better. It’s gorgeous and full of life. He is truly a gift from the gods.

  61. AdamAddict says:

    I’m not FEELING GOOD today and probably the whole week. Adam was in bottom 3 and that’s suck!

  62. Brilliant Adam Lambert is always an Brilliant super star,although he was in botom 3,that’s no matter,,He won yet on 8 American Idol,,,nobody else can compete with him………He has a great talented,,very nice voice,great Performance,very Genius,,he can sing every song with his great taletend… Brilliant Adam Lambert,You are the best ever! You are the winner, the whole world is expecting your own tour, alot of your fans the whole world are very proud of your successful and You are very Unique,,we ait of your CDs &concert……your tour……………Domo Arigatou…!!!.all best for you….Good Luck……..Nomoko Sony and all your fans in Japan…

  63. That should…..We wait of our cds and concert….Nomoko Sonny(Japan).

  64. SusanL says:

    Vote with your wallets and download Feeling Good from Itunes. It’s an incredible recording. Let the folks in power know that even if this performance resulted in Adam being in the bottom 3 (and most likely the top three as well), the recording could be a hit. It’s ironic, but I think this has the potential to be his most successful single…although Ring of Fire and Mad World would be up there too.

    Can radio stations play these? I tried to request online at the top 40 station here, and it’s so freakin’ corporate that they have a set list to request from–and no AI recordings are on the list! I wanted to start requesting airplay so that non-AI fans could start hearing what all the fuss has been about!

    Adam–hang tight–we’re with you. I got the feeling you weren’t too happy with the performance Tuesday night from the look on your face. It made me think that you had done it better at another time, like in studio–and I was right. It’s amazing. You should be allowed one “off” night! It was still better than everyone else–and certainly more memorable.
    Hugs to you–from a fan named Sue

  65. Jennifer T says:

    I’m sitting here re-watching my recording of last Tuesday (just can’t get enough of that glide down the stairs) and I am finding myself in tears!! I can’t put my finger on it!!!!! At the very end of his song, when the lights fade down to red and he stops and just smiles at the audience in the shadows, I pause it – he has the most ADORABLE, baby face look at that instant! It drives me wild because I want to know what is behind it. And when the audience goes NUTS ……FOREVER….he looks so…..gah! What is it????? At first I thought he wasn’t feeling terribly well (yeah yeah…I know…contrary to the…….then someone mentioned that he was soaking it in………Sue just mentioned that he may have been disappointed. I don’t know why…it was fabulous….but what is up with my reaction? Why did his sweet face break my heart while the crowd was going wild??? *sniff*

  66. Brilliant Adam are really very wonderful Super star ever…You have a nature Talented,,Brilliant voice,sexiest voice,rock hard…you can sing very good all kinds of song with very great feeling…when i listen your emotional song,,that is very in touch…you are Amazing!!Awesome…super pure Perfect.!! we are proud of you and very happy with your successful…Gambatte Kudasai….we wait of your cds and concert.Always success……..Good Luck.

    Hana Yamamoto(Japan)

  67. does anyone else see the comparison between adam lambert and the late and great freddie mercury ,from the high notes and fantastic voice ,my fiancee is canadian and here in the uk i got to admit i wasn’t looking forward to this ,but when i heard his voice my immediate thought was god he would be the perfect replacement for freddie mercury even down to the glam rock , he is good on all levels of songs wether they are rock or slow . i hate being proven wrong but this time i am glad i was.

  68. galambert says:

    feeling toooo good baby!! :]]]]]]]]
    amazing song!! love adam:)

  69. i love you adam you are my life my day and my love