***YOUR REQUESTS ADDED…PLUS LUCKY CONCERT MIC*** No concert on August 6th, so let’s have some fun!

The extended interview that Nancy O’Dell did with Adam for Access Hollywood was recently released. At the very end of the interview, while browsing in one of Adam’s favorite stores, American Rag, the conversation turns to…well, um, one of my favorite subjects!

Adam: “I’m sure there are a lot of boys who feel the same way actually…little hipster guys. Um, I wear girls’ jeans a lot…”

Nancy: “Yeah?”

Adam: “Yeah, because guys’ are cut really wide and relaxed…

Nancy: “Right.”

Adam: “.. and I like that, like, tighter look.”

Geez, Adam, talk about stating the obvious! As if none of us had noticed…

Well, okay, I admit it once again – this article is sheer indulgence on my part, so don’t beat me up. I really do admire Adam’s other qualities, but Adam does love fashion, and what Adam loves, I love. So, as promised, here are the pants! I’ve posted photos of some of my favorites, in order of love preference, with comments.

Tell me which are your favorites, and if you have a favorite that’s missing (there’s no way I can include everything here – I’d crash the site!) let me know and I’ll see if I can find it and add it.

1. Carol’s “striped pants” are my all-time favorite. They’re unique, and they’re just plain smokin’ hot! Not every guy can get away with skin-tight pants, but on Adam they are perfect, perfect, perfect! (And you thought the ABC game was just for fun! Little did you know you were building my reference for Adamadjectives!) Anyway, when I watch the Slow Ride video I get sort of mesmerized trying to follow the stripes from his boots up to…well, you know.



2. The Ring of Fire pants rank second. This was the first time I really noticed what great legs Adam has. And the zipper…who among us didn’t notice the zipper?


3. Third are the concert pants. They’re not quite skin tight, but they’re ‘sick’ – sexy, irresistible, confident, and kick-ass. (Again from your ABCs – thanks, guys!)



4. Next are the skinny black jeans. Basic, everyday, wear-with-anything, how-tight-can-you-stuff-em jeans.



5. The silver TOMT pants. I’m not a huge fan of the suits, but of all the suits, this was my favorite. The whole look with the black shirt and Elvis hair just worked.


6. The acid-washed black and white jeans – Hey, Drake seems to like them!



7. The stitched leather Kiss/Crying pants. At least, I think they’re the same. Let me know if you think they’re not. Anyway, once again, they’re not quite skin-tight, but they’re leather, and they’re bad.



8. Next, the skinny Mad World white jeans. Nothing against these, but when I first saw Mad World, the song and Adam’s voice had me in such a trance that for once I didn’t much care what he was wearing.


9. The Feeling Good white suit pants…not so much for how the pants look or even Adam’s legs, but how they showcased the way Adam moved in what has to be the best staircase strut anyone, anywhere, has ever done.


10. The other white pants. They’re OK – the all-white look is a nice change from all the black, and makes Adam look all boyish and innocent, but not really hot enough for me.


11. Basic blue jeans – you could say there’s nothing really special except what’s in them.


12. And last on my list, these are something comfortable Adam apparently put on for a signing session. Ugh. Even Adam can’t make these good.


13. One final pre-Idol bonus, just so we don’t forget that Adam has ALWAYS been hot! I don’t know what these are made of, but they look like black spray paint.


For myself, I had to add the GMA pants. No words on this one…just enjoy!


Per Glamb Requests:



A Whole, Whole, Whole Lotta Love!


From the Rolling Stone shoot…not the cover, but PDH (pretty damn hot!)


~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I Loved Adam! Any way u put him. After I heard his voice it was on…I have watched Idol since it started. We traveled 3 hours to see Idol on tour in Dallas. Was awesome show. Course, would have been better with Adam. But, We thought Adam was the Best we had ever heard on Idol. His style was on que always. Full Deal! Go Adam. Great pics:) Hav a Blessed Day!

  2. He’s freakin hot in the last pic with those tight pants! He’s hot in anything! I like it when he changes it up!


      • Yes Jeanette,

        Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this article!!!!! What a superb idea!!
        My favorite are the “zipper” pants!!! OMG, what the imagination does with that zipper. He wore those pants one other time too, but I can’t remember wher; , I just remember calling my friend that is as obsessed as I am and screaming into the phone “He has the zipper pants on again!!”
        As with everyone else, how am I going to get any work done today????

        (((Adam Rocks)))

        • Thanks for the WLL photo that you added. There are the “zipper pants” again. I knew he wore them twice, but just couldn’t remember when.

          (((Adam is Sensational)))

  3. Lisa Imbruglia says:

    He’d be hot if he wore a paper bag. And we know how easy it would be to rip that off…… that last photo….. catch me I think I’m going to faint.

    • Lisette here..ah too funny Lisa an yes thinq true!Adam can wear anything from l’painted on leathre second sensual,to angelique an preppy white,to disco ala Sat.Nite Fever in Play funky Musique..bellbottoms,Then l’stripe pants oh,la,la looks like prince Charming doll(I hed as child..but with some ecoutrementes..pardon Adam)!An even beige casual loose ones,imagaination is I somhow like the White soon dramatique down steps..late 60s saw Elvis (in Comeback special he singes “If I can Dream”…Adam similar coutour,wonder if he’s seen…debonnaire an Feelin Good ala 007 too..silly mabe!Ah well now I av to take med preps for g.i. test argh..domage.I can stay here all evening! Thenks Jeanette for photos agan! hugs Lisette! Enjoie all glambs!

      • Hi, Lisette,

        I had the same feeling when I saw ADAM coming down the stairs in the white suit – like ELVIS in Come Back Special ! If ADAM was with ELVIS’s hair – It had been perfect – A really ELVIS COME BACK.

        Evelize – GLAMB#80

        • Lisette here..visite here now aftre several days as always a dose of Adam keeps l’doctor an pains/n worries away..Tis mid of seein thes page,perhaps av some lovli reves..Wel thenks so much Eveli plasur to meet yu here!Aw wel then we’re on same wavelength I thout I seem to be onli one thinqin thes!Ah,la, wouldnon it be nice if they can superimpose an split a screen with beau Adam an Elvis as it is the week now comin of anniversaire of his passing..There’s a show on pbs I av seen ..atribute to Elvis with all his orginal backup vocalistes an somehow it appears as if they’re singin live an Elvis is ther with them..thru some special effecte..One in particular with lovli Celine Dion an Elvis appearin to av duet of If I Can is amazin what camera effectes can do! why non Elvis an Adam..Thinq it would be a lovli tribute from one King to thes new one of l’millenium..anyone agree here?!!Thinq yu can Eveli hugs an luv LisettexoxoxoBisous monbeau Adam!

  4. Number8gurl says:

    Leather concert pants are my very favorite, I also love the RoF pants (the most famous zipper in the world)! The TomT suit is definitely GQ hot! Love the Mad World outfit too! The Feelin Good suit is my least favorite but I love the other all-white outfit. Not crazy about the striped pants or the acid-washed jeans but I love the jeans from We are the Champions with that low-slung belt. What can you say about those patent-leather leggins? I mean really!! Hawt indeed!! I also love the red pants he wore in the Crazy video. And I actually think Adam looks cute in those comfy cargo shorts. I just noticed that the Kiss/Crazy pants, the pants in the all-white outfit AND the jeans he wears on tour during Don’t Stop Believin are all the same style and have quilting on the knees. That must be a brand Adam likes a lot!

  5. I saw the exact pants!!!!!! From the link that LeiL left, he was dancing with a guy in silver SKIN TIGHT pants that left very little to the imagination!! ! Sexiest pic I’ve ever seen yet, of Adam. If I had to choose from one above, the last one in black leather/rubberHis head was slightly bent forward, just enough to where his hair fell over his eye and the side of his face that is the sexiest pic I’ve ever seen of Adam, yet!

    just to be clear, Adam had the silver pants on, not his dance partner!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Ooooooooooooh, I love this thread! And cheryl, YES, YES, YES! That pic has become one of my VERY FAVORITES of Adam. . . can he get any sexier???

      Cindy in MS

      • AdamRocks, if he gets any better,k I’m going to have to throw myself across the stage and beg for mercy!!! Is that pic like looking in a window and seeing something you’re not supposed to or what!!!
        Good lord, how did he not get attacked right there!!!!! What is WRONG w/people that they can see Adam and not throw themselves at him?!!! I MEAN……!!! Or, better question, how is he still single and not in love?? Oh, I know why, bu, OMG! I couldn’t stand by and watch THAT and not participate, or beg to participate!!!!!

        • Lisette did I miss thes page re: Adam’s photos an many deffarante style pants Thenks agan Jeanette!.Oh,la,la..don thinq it came in my email..Bonsoir glamb gals..Cheryl soo cute an I posted to Lorrin in last thread of how securite must be excellente nowdays..If he had lean to bend toward audience as Elvis(in his concertes hed..seen on PBS special of his Vegas/an Hawaii concerts,broadcast tonite(8/6),someone would av been onstage as he hed in “hometown/San Diego” aftre Idol Adam can wear all style pants an being very fit,an muscular shows his beautful physique like statue of Michelangelo’s perfete statue of “David” in Florence.An imagaine him painting Adam..okay must stop l’reve now! Will av to view to forget med tests which had me feeling bleu.Thes will help me sleep for sure!
          hugs an luv! J’adore our best vocaliste Adam ..beau inward an outward

          • TRES BON, Lisette, – I didn’t think of Michelangelo’s ‘David’, that’s wonderful. Yes, the ideal young man in all his glory.

            • Lisette ..bonmatin now several day aftre origin post am visiting as thes is one of ma favorite articles/an photos of beau Adam..An reading yur lovli thouts too oui Adam is so very classique encore as once I had hearde on documentarie to frend of his sayin same thet Elvis face was compare to thet of “David”..An seeing thes so much in Adam,an thinq it is something thet is illuminated from an inner beauty thet being his hearte..sont tresbeau!Lorrin as othres have say yu’re writing in so many pages is eloquant an thinq yu can be residente glamb writer/an poet in heartfelte espressiones an words.Very uplifting an know Adam woulde adore reading too..Wish he’d visite an see al l’dedicatione of Jeanette an originator actual Dreamsound! So blessings to them to! luv an hugs Lisettexoxo Angel blessings Adam!xoxo

          • cheryl norman says:

            LISETTE, Thank you, Lisette, our Glamb Angel!!!!Yes, I think Adam might be in some def. trouble if
            he did some of the things like Elvis!!! Adam is too hottt in everything he wears! I have all Elvis
            concerts ever made! Not the movies, tho, I only liked Jailhouse Rock, King Creole and Loving You!

            Hey Lisette, whay did your med test have you feeling so down? Can you share?? Fibromyalgia
            or something to do w/your accident?? I hope it’s nothing serious!!! Sending you some angels to
            help you cope. Take care!!!! Peace-Love and hugs to you! Cheryl

            • Lisette hugs agan ma belle Cheryl!An merci for being an angel aussi..hugs!Lorrin an othre glambs hugs too.First to reply regarde Adam an Elvis ah how nice in same sentence 2 tresbeau artistes..An yes so agree thet Adam woulde be in troble just if he ever bend to give any gal a had Elvis in passe concertes can see in Aloha in Hawaii or any of his wonderful ones al le old “international” now call Las Vegas Hilton..Adam forget it wold be pulled off stage gathre he’ll nevre ever thinq of somthing as thes..then surely securitie may advise non to. Regarde fibromyalgia Cheryl wel it if yu have evre read of thes is an autoimmune system illness one thet attacks joints an muscles very much like rheumetoid arthritis,basique non cause from l’auto accidente.An can stem if one has evre had mononucleosis in youth lies dormant for yers an then returne in form of cfs an fibromyalgia..Also from days worke for fed.government dont get me starte be a novel,work for military Major who can av shaken hande with dictators of passe,result in me getting ChronicFatigue.So actual have many yers.Prescribe meds thet of antidepressant whech are use to treate l’muscle ache symptom..for me adverse feling as if was having heart attack,point of passin out….cymbalta was one.. awful..Now treatin with herbs an natural medicines.Prescribe meds taken are for asthma,an heartmurmur..sorry to go on as yu av inquire..I’ll send email if yu like.(thinq thes may boredHugs an luv for caring so much!An aussi angel garde vous ma cherie! Oh p.s. regarde on liter subject..oui our favorite artiste an reason for thes lovli site..There’s lot of old films I av on tape bein mama was in amour with him..I have librarie dedicate to him..An if yu see Comeback Special Adam doesn resemble very much at thet specifique age even when he singes “little egypt” like thet in “Ring of Fire” if yu have it,thinq about thes even finale “if I Can Dream in white.Wel anyway Adam is defitemente more diversifie with all his musique genres for sure..An abilitie to transform from softe balladeer to a glamrocker,to disco/danse electronique,motown,fusions of so many styless..vraimente legend of l’millenium.An all our heartes evrywhere in l’world! bless him always ..angel of musique! hugs an luv agan Cheryl an l’glamb gals!xxoo

  6. AdamAddict says:

    There’s no way I can choose.I was like “I like no.2,4,5 7,WTH I love all of them! No 12,hmm not so much because it’s not tight enough! 😛

  7. pokergurl says:

    Why!!!??? Why do this to me when I have to get ready for work. Now all I can think of is Adam’s crotch in those Ring of Fire pants, lol. How am I gonna concentrate at work???

  8. Hi Jeannette,

    You’re really hat’s off to you..i LOVE everything and anything about ADAM!

    Thank you for making my day …err night it is here in our country.


  9. I love them all but my all time favorite is the Feeling Good white suit.

  10. This is absolute torture, I am trying to work here but all I can do is look at these pictures, there is not way I can do any work now, MY GOD, my blood pressure is rising, especially the last picture, BLESS YOU ADAM.

  11. Glambertcraze says:

    Thank you for the sweet torture. I say again, it is beyond me how this guy was on stage in the open and it took this long for him to be brought to us.
    I didn’t watch Idol until a friend told me I had to see this guy sing. Then of course I had a hard time waiting a week to see him again.
    Thank you Idol for bringing us Adam, I probably wont be watching again because Adam is not on and Paula is gone.

    PS I love ALLLLLL the Pants and whats in them..

  12. Eowyn_of_Rohan says:

    You left out the WINGED BUTT jeans from the rehearsal video
    And who can forget the spark;ly gold spandex pants from Crawl Through Fire?
    I can’t!
    OOOH – Cat Club brownish suit?
    So, there are NONE except the cargo shorts that we DON’T like, right?
    Varying degrees, of course…
    Thanks for making , my day!

    • Yes, I was looking for the ones with the wings on the butt. Loved those! Should have been included. The striped pants and the black leather pants are also my favs.

  13. crazyoldgal says:


  14. TAKE OFF THAT JACKET!! I know we are “into Adam’s pants” today, but someone has made a fun video on youtube using Fame as background music…. all Adam taking off his jacket… different views and concerts, again and again and …..

  15. Jeanette, you outdid yourself again. I’m at work and I cant work. No, I want to look at these pants and
    whats in them. OMG. I love them all, if I had to pick my favorite, they would be the Concert pants with that nice big belt buckle ( did I say nice big ?? ) and
    the hot white Feeling Good pants. Love the legs strutting down those stairs. Love the kick ass black
    pants along w/the dressy classy white look.
    Oh Adam!

  16. AdamAddict says:

    Just sharing latest interview with Adam.The cap that he wore is way much better than the truck cap before.I dunno about you guys but I think the truck cap is ugly.I hope it wasn’t you guys who gave it to him! Hee hee! So here,

  17. Glambertcraze says:

    I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the great syles our Adam wears so well, Oh I better stay on track here. But I just had to share this info. with the rest of you.
    You all may already know this but Adam did an excellant interview in Salt Lake City before the concert. He said he wishes he could have dinner with every one of his fans so they could get to know each other as people not just a fantasy. He also said he always wants to take more time at the meet and greet but there are sooooo many people, that he just cant and that bothers him.
    He said he gets tired physically and spiritually because he trys to give the fans as much as they give him. He gives part of himself in his music (as we know) and he hopes everyone knows how much we mean to him.
    He is soooo gracious.

    Hope this was an okay place to post this.

    • Glambertcraze, Yes, I saw that interview when he did it back when!!! I’d love to accommodate him, of course!!!

      • Glambertcraze says:

        I’d Volunteer, Hell I’ll even Cook !!

      • Lisette here..Glambertcraze greetings!..Thinq we’d all enjoie to be at a dinner party for beau Adam! An I adore gourmet cooking why not for our beauhearte Adam!.He seemes so genuine an charmant in interviews,an every word is sincere from his hearte! Imagaine drains physically given Adam’s hi energie danse moves(as those of dansing with stars..can see him on),passionate vocal ranges,no wondre he skip some signings.But his sentimentes can have us all thinqing how lovli it can be to dine with him! hugs an luv Lisettexox

  18. Jan Vicory says:

    My favorites are: 9, 2 and 13. When I saw the video of him performing in the #13 skin-tight leather pants which showed the Adambulge in amazing detail, let’s just say it took me a while before I could begin breathing normally again.

  19. Jeanette, next time please put up a warning sign with ad vanced warning of “you may not be able to work for the rest of the day”. I just sat infront of my coputer watching these pictures and not doing any work, I am back home now and I am sitting infront of my computer watching these pictures, I will go to sleep dreaming of these pictures. No one has had these effect on me before.

  20. hahahahahahaha how many pairs of pants can one man have?!?!?!?!

  21. Jeanette, this is really FUN, thank you! I really enjoy all the down-time days from the concert schedule, when you always do something fun and exciting like this….let’s see, there’s a nice pair of black (jeans?) Adam wore on AI (I”m not sure what he was singing), which he wore with his very cool black jacket with the woven lapels, – the pants have horizontal whitish/gray stripes which looked pretty cool. And how about those gold lame pants from the Zodiac show with that high-collared jacket? (Not my favorite, but they WERE amazing). He also wore a regulation pair of 70’s bellbottom jeans with his disco shirt to do the group dance and to sing ‘Play That Funky Music’, which were mighty cute on him, he looked all loose and rubber-legged in them, and made some mighty nice dance moves in them. I really think my favorite pants are the ones he is wearing for the Tour concerts, I love the black leather, the good cut, the length of the hem at the bootline, the fascinating asymmetrical silver accoutrements hanging off of them including the belt buckle, and all the patched decorations sewn on them. They remind me of the ones Elvis wore for his black leather comeback, only with more jazz to them. I also confess to LOVING him in a suit. I think he is the handsomest, most attractive man who ever walked the earth in a beautiful, well-cut suit. And wait, I’m not through yet, – I also loved him in those fascinatingly skinny black jeans he loves to wear with his boots, a black jacket, white shirt, and skinny black tie. Do you realize the world of fashion will probably be having to scramble to get a clothing line up and going around this man? How could you NOT want to wear his fashions? Anyway, thanks again Jeanette, this was lots of fun!

    • AdamRocks! says:

      LOVE those bell bottoms from Play That Funky Music!

      Cindy in MS

      • Oh yeah, and that surprising move he made in them, coming out toward the audience, and doing the equivalent of a male plie, that was just too much. He takes physical risks and always ends up looking beautiful no matter what he tries, and I LOVE that.

        • AdamRocks! says:

          That move is a highlight of that performance for me! ~feeling faint~

          Cindy in MS

        • Play that Funky Music is one of my favorite performances Adam does, as he really got into the spirit of the song with his moves and his outfit. I didn’t like the jacket he wore that night (too mundane) but I loved that shirt – actually couldn’t figure out whether it was one shirt with trim or a layered look. The bellbottoms were so fun, too. He has such nice long legs and such a perfect shape and…well, I digress..

    • cheryl norman says:

      LORRIN, hey!!! I left you land Ingrid a message on the DC thread, thought I’d better let you know in case you didn’t go back there!!!
      So you like the suit?! I think you’re spot on w/the clothing line comment, my dear!!! He’s already into the jewelry thing a bit, and we probably would be amazed at where else his talents are already going!! I just think Adam is going to make a major in his ‘life-style’ now that lhe’s already a ‘legend’!!! I mean that for sure!! He’s getting more and more thoughtful about the kind of ‘image’ he wants to be associated with. I saw him on TMZ today, and he’s just so in control. I remember him saying he hates TMZ, and they got nothing from him. The question they asked him, he turned aroung and asked the guy the same thing! Very cool, Adam! Going to bed, again. I’ve been having some back problems, and my right ankle is acting up, so I need to rest more for now.
      Sweet dreams and peace!

      • Oh, I’m sorry, Cheryl, I hope you feel better soon….yes, I think you’re right about the ‘image’ Adam will be presenting in future to the world. I’m sure he will be getting more thoughtful about it, as you suggested. That will probably be something we can all discuss some day in the near future. I also think it’s true about the clothing line, today I saw a Back-To-School ad which featured a young high school guy on the front with long hair (yeah) and a distinctly Adamesque-style black and grey shirt with black jeans…if I were doing trends in retail, I would be having the meetings about now, and working this thing up. I’ll go back now and check your message on the DC page, but I didn’t know that you were still sending ‘land Ingrid’ anymore messages, I thought SHE was outa here a long time ago!

        • And Cheryl and Ingrid, I also left you some nice little posts back toward the bottom of the TOUR VIBE D.C. page also. Love to you both tonight…

  22. I agree about the suit, Lorrin. He looks so spiffy and fab in a suit!!

    • Yes, Terry, he is a DREAMBOAT in a suit. I hope one day he will be appearing somewhere in the movies or on television in just such a beautiful suit!

  23. adamtastic1877 says:

    thank you thank you thank you jeanette for finally posting this amazing article on adam’s very…lucky (heh heh XD) pants! put i disagree with you with #10’s pants. i absolutely LOVE the gold zippers and stuff!

  24. NOPE! Not pants, just wonderful Adam…

    If you ever missed this link the first time around, to me it’s the best remix ever done by Denim27 of Ring of Fire… lots of vid clips of our dear boy, the sexiest faces, and a few stills….

    I’m reposting because when I tried the link it said “no longer available” so… here it is.. Glambs…

  25. So sorry, it’s just the audio… very strange, because I have the video downloaded with vid clips. I just do not know technically how to move it over to this site.

  26. LuvAdam476 says:

    You forgot the Whole Lotta Love pants! Shame on you.

    As far as the autograph signing pants, he wore those or similar ones on 24 July in Tulsa with shoes, and tshirt. These bermudas looked great on him. Got to see some leg.

    You said “Uh even Adam can’t make these good”! WANNA BET!!!! You had to be there. He was still Hot and Breathtakingly Beautiful!! Great calves!



  27. Thank you, Jeanette! Once again, You’ve put together a great selection of pictures for all of us to ogle.
    Wonderful way to start my day! My faves are the tour pants and ROF zipper ones. I also love Adam
    in a suit – so handsome! I am off now to watch our Guy on Good Morning America – need my Adam fix.
    Have a great day, everyone!

  28. Personally, after striped, the concert pants are my fave. I mean, come on, they are shredded and studded and “sick”! Every week on Idol, one of things I looked forward to besides just him being htere was what he was going to wear, he always looks stellar! I love this article way more than I should! GMA this AM peeps!!

    Oh, and he did make the shorts look good. 😉

  29. Thanks for the pics, they are awesome..he looks good in anything and i`m sure

  30. Not sure if anyone mentioned it but how about his pants from the Cat Club video. Come on guys, you know the one I am talking about. Similar to the Ring of Fire pants but a little tighter!!!


  32. JAN LYNN says:


  33. Go figure! Who ever thought a bunch of grown women/men could spend sooo much time & energy discussing pants?!! Ok, so let’s face the ugly truth then, it’s actually really about what’s inside the pants that’s generating all this interest ; ) Hey, get your minds out of the gutter, I was referring to Adam, the person here!

    Personally I subscrie to” the tighter the better” pants club . Those PVC-looking ones r scorchin’ and the stripes, the stripes, the stripes,……

  34. te_amo_adam says:

    I hoped you’d include the Rolling ssssstone cover! That snake just about does it for me. Ssso close and sssensual. OOhh baby, forget the pants. I am that snake! LOL!!

  35. just have to say WHAT ABOUT THOSE FABULOUS THIGHS!! check out his ROF pic and tell me if those aren’t the HOTTEST,MOST SHAPELY THIGHS you’ve EVER seen. yowza!!!!

    • Yes, yes they are 2t2tag, and if you will Google Images Adam Lambert and flip through all those photographs until you come to the one at Burning Man where Adam is wearing some kind of skimpy black semi-leotard short thing (he is standing close to a young friend), you will see that he has even more shapely thighs that you THOUGHT!

  36. LOVE!! LOVE!!! LOVE!!!! The new photos added. Whew!!! My computer screen is melting from the HOTness. Jeanette, you are a master!!!!! Thank you sooooo much for this site.
    Adam always looks phenomenal!!! There is no other like him. Rock on Adam.

  37. You know, I think #19 down says it all, don’t you? I mean, what more is there to say or think, or whatever..

  38. i just wish i was in the pants

  39. actually, i watched this movie twice because i sort of laughed a lot on the ugly truth movie -~~