FASHION VIBE 2009 – Adam’s Jewelry, Part 1

We started with Adam’s jackets, and it was suggested we also look at his jewelry (to quote Carol, “don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about the pants!) I don’t think anyone who has been following Adam since his audition has failed to notice his jewelry. It’s part of his fabulous sense of style, but more than that, I think it’s very much a part of who he is. I get the impression that Adam chooses his jewelry with as much care and thought as he plans the rest of his look. Yes, he has stylists and people who help him with his wardrobe, and yes, he has fans giving him tons of gifts, but I think in the end, Adam is making his choices, and I think there are probably reasons for his choices. I get the impression that Adam is very spiritual, and I think that much of what he wears, beyond being simply ‘sick,’ has meaning for him. Just my personal opinion.

First is the Egyptian-style jewelry and the meaning of the Egyptian symbols. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Adam’s ankh ring is his signature ring. I don’t know if he wears it ALL the time, but he wears it a lot. This particular ankh ring also incorporates a scarab design into it. Now I’m not an expert on Egyptian symbolism, but from what I’ve read is that the common meaning for the ankh is eternal life and power. The loop of the Ankh is held by the Gods. It is associated with Isis and Osiris in the Early Dynastic Period. The Loop of the Ankh also represents the feminine discipline, while the elongated section represents the masculine discipline. These two units come together and form life. Another explanation for the two parts of the ankh is that the circle symbolizes eternal life and the cross below it represents the material plane.




The scarab design is also present in the pendant that Adam has frequently worn and is now wearing during his concerts. The scarab was a very important, perhaps even the most important, amulet in ancient Egypt. The scarab, like the ankh, symbolizes new life and the eternal, daily rebirth of the world. The behavior of the scarab beetle, which maintains balls of dung, was likened by the Egyptians to the forces that roll the sun across the sky. Young scarabs, emerging from the dung balls in which scarab eggs were laid, were seen as life emerging from dead matter. This association reinforced the notion that scarabs symbolize rebirth, resurrection, and renewal.




Interestingly enough, Adam’s rocker pendant with the sparkly stones surrounded by the metal spikes, worn during the Whole Lotta Love Idol performance (among others) could possibly be interpreted as the sun, adding to the “life” symbolism Adam seems to like.



And speaking of Egyptian symbolism, even though it’s not jewelry, how could I not mention the tattoo? I think most of Adam’s fans know that he got the Eye of Horus tattoo on his right wrist during the Idol season. What you may not know is that later on, Adam had the tattoo revised. In a quote from Adam in an article by Brian Mansfield for USA Today, Adam says, “Right after the New York press circuit, I went and had additions put on to it – put more color, put extra lines into it. In a way, it’s cool, because it kind of completes the experience…these are my colors. I love these colors – turquoises, blues and greens.” Adam adds that the Eye of Horus “symbolizes protection – it’s like an evil eye.” If you look at the “before” Motown week photo and the “after” photo, the extra color becomes obvious.



Many thanks to Theresa/Canada (Terry) who helped me with the idea for this article and with photos! Next up – Part 2 will look at those slithery creatures that Adam really, really loves!

By the way, I don’t want to pimp any particular retail outfit, but many of Adam’s favorite jewelry pieces are available for sale online. I know for sure that the ankh/scarab ring, the scarab pendant, and the sparkle Whole Lotta Love pendant are available. It just takes a little googling.

If you have any insight into the jewelry or the symbolism discussed in this post, please feel free to chime in. As I said, this article is just fun speculation on my part!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. OH Wow! It turned out great, Jeanette, and you found the elusive ankh ring.. I looked all over for it.

    I am noticing in some of the Young Adult photos of Adam, before Idol, he owned some of his pieces of jewellery so he has been into body decoration for a long time.

    • Hi Jeanette

      This is a brilliant artikle. I can’t wait to read part 2. We all wanna know more about his jewelry

    • Lisette here..Thenks again Jeanette for thes lovli article an bit of historie as to Adam’s many jeweled fingers an necklaces. Somehow knew from thet song of “Ring of Fire” an version with Egyptian musical backgrounde had some significance,along with jewels. \
      Theresa/Canada I too have notice l Adam’s ankh rings since commence of American Idol an as I have Greek an Egyptian frends knew l’significance being “eternal life” in both Egyptian/grecian an also Christian orthodox churches.As well some othre informatione to share in many of Vatican inscriptiones an le vatican grottis an tombs,also in Vatican Museum an papal vestments.As too symbol of sun in pope’s cross to bless sacraments..So is actual use both in Egyptian an Christian symbols.As even our cross interessant was taken from Egyptians an pharisees.An Chrisitan crosses literal derive way before Jesus’s an time of Crusifiction.People were martyred during rule of Nero an ther tombs were symbol of the Ankh.. So iinteressant if yu go to the historie of Ankh an cross symbolism as well as Vatican links. An being very spiritual an Aquarian as well I av worn same type ring yet 14kt my frend Maria gave from famille in Athens an Cairo for bonhealth an longe life.Such a sweet person an gave on birthday,even one for ma mama.Recall Adam has mentione in interview being spiritual.
      P.s. also I notice on last thread yu inquire of my heritage an heritage.Francais an Italian(mainly) as relatives have in Abruzzi provence an Swiss/Italian Alps Lugano wher they speak Italian an francais.An I understande both language..but reside in US longe time.

  2. cool, i love the sparkly one with spike the most! Thankyou so much for these fun articles, they really are great!

  3. WOW! Thank you so much for this information!!!! I so appreciate the time you have taken with this. I know how valuable time is and I can’t say thank you enough. I got to meet Adam last night in Tulsa and he is truly amazing. He impressed me so much and I will never forget the short amount of time that he gave me when my world stopped. I brought an incomplete original piece of art that my Mom is drawing of him to sign and she was not even a fourth of the way done with it and not real happy with the way it looked yet. I was maybe the 10th person in line. It was complete mayham when he came out that door. I was immediately pinned up against the barrier, and people were way out of hand. Security had to come over and tell people to stop pushing. Two little girls got hurt and their dad could barely pick them up. Adam was going through very quickly really not even looking at anyone. When he reached out and took my picture, my heart just dropped. He just stopped and leaned forward trying to find me. I didn’t even think I just started moving things out of my face trying make eye contact with him. People had huge programs over my head but somehow we locked eyes just for a moment long enough for him to say “thank you” “No really, thank you very much”. I will never be able to forget that very short moment that seemd like a lifetime looking into his mesmerizing blue eyes. It was so thoughtful of him to say “thank you” as if I or anyone could even compare to what he has given us.

    • Jeanette says:

      You’re welcome – I enjoy writing as it is, but with a subject like Adam, I could write all day and night. Your story is so great – thanks for sharing this with us! I think that was a moment you’ll never forget. Wow, to lock eyes with Adam…I am so hoping for a moment like that when I go to my concerts!

    • LambertfanDE says:

      I got chills! That is awesome! So… he kept the picture? lol Or did he sign it and return it to you?
      That is so rude how people are. Adam is in such high demand, it’s just …. indescribable. But that’s a shame those 2 little girls got hurt. Poor things. 🙁

      Thank you for the article about the jewelry! That is a wonderful article, I am going to save it for future reference. I can’t think right now, family in the room making noise & talking, lol.

      • To LambertfanDE: Adam signed my moms drawing and gave it back to me. She is going to finish it. I gave him a gift, I am a professional photographer and I have a very unique item that I make and I gave him 2 of them. They are very unique and NO ONE has any but me and Adam. I am considering selling them on ebay. I also have some fairly decent pics that I took of him last night as well. They will be on my website soon.

        • Willl you please post it here too? We’d love to add it to the article at Just identify in the subject line the city it was taken at. Thanks!!

          • I am a professional photographer and I am being a good girl and getting my weddings edited (they were first) before I work on Adams pics from the concert. I am so RESISTING THE TEMPTATION because I know once I start looking at them….I will spend hours on them. But anyway, I should have some pics to post by the end of this week.

  4. I noticed allot of the jewelry he wore on American Idol. He has such class. Its all fantastic..

  5. the best advise I can give would be to leave the concert right after Adam is done singing (he is second to last with Kris being the last one) and ask an event employee where the signing will be. We went straight out there and were like the first 10 or 20 people out there. I think they do a final song with the whole group but I sacrificed seeing it and it was worth it. It depends on the local but when I got out front they had no baracades up yet. I just watched the police real close and heard them say which door Adam was going to come out and I stood right there and didn’t move. A line started to form then put the baracades up. I am sure it is very different in each city. Good Luck!

  6. adamtastic1877 says:

    jeanette, did you use the scarab pendant as an excuse to post that concert pic of adam taking off his jacket again ??? xD LOL

  7. Jane416 says:

    Jeanette, thanks for posting this great article! I have been scouring the websites for Adam jewellry and there is quite a bit out there. I would love to own all three of the pieces you mentioned – the ankh ring, the scarab pendant and the sparkly spikey WLL one.

    I have also been seriously thinking of getting a TATTOO. What do you think and what should it be if I were to just go for one? The eye of Horus, a scarab beetle, a snake, a butterfly or a yin/yang symbol? All have special meaning for Adam and therefore for me as well.

    What can I say? i just can’t help myself!!!

    • Jeanette says:

      Here is my opinion on a tattoo, for what it’s worth. I like tattoos. I have only one myself, of a rose behind my left shoulder. Nothing too terribly deep – I just love roses. My friend at work told me I should get a tattoo like Adam’s – the Eye of Horus. But my feeling is that if you get a tattoo, it shouldn’t be to copy someone else, no matter how much you love them. It should be something that has meaning for you. So pick something that has a symbolism you can relate to and that you find beautiful. Butterflies are pretty, but not so original. Snakes and scarabs would be more unique, but they aren’t real feminine. However, I think with the right design, either could be very cool. The main thing is to do what makes YOU happy – not just to copy what somebody else does. Geez, I feel like a mom!

      • Jane416 says:

        Thanks “Mom/Jeanette!” I agree that I wouldn’t just want to get a tattoo to copy Adam but he sure has inspired me to, once again, get outside my comfort zone and do things I otherwise would NEVER do. I do love the meaning behind the Eye of Horus so am leaning towards that but would put it somewhere other than my wrist. I am Canadian so maybe a maple leaf? (Nah!)

        • Jane, go to a reputable tattoo parlor and talk with the artists. They are accustomed to clients not being sure what they want, and wil show you what they have. Or maybe can adapt a design to suit you.

          Think hard of what is important and/or meaninful to you at this time in your life. Jeanette is right, it needs to be all about YOU!

          If being a Canadian is special to you, then go for a Cdn design. For myself,, being a career teacher it was unacceptable years ago to have tattoos which showed in the classroom. (just like being obviously pregnant was unacceptable, yes!)

          I have been retired for ages now and still regret not getting a couple I wanted. For example, I am into astrology so I wanted a Sun and Moon on my outer lower leg and my Sun sign of Pisces above my left breast, don’t know why there for the tattoos but it just felt right.. one of these days…. right now it’s money dispersal, a new camera, a new TV or tattoos?

          hugs, MomTerry

          • Theresa/Canada, you go girl and get that tattoo. It feels great after the initial discomfort and it’s your unique piece of permanent jewellery to look at every day.

            I got mine done on my right ankle when I was 51 years old and on vacation ( I had 3 pina colladas while mine was being done – almost painless!) I had a temporary one on for a few days before-hand to get used to the look and positioning. It gave me time to fine tune the details before the permanent one was done. When I returned home, my daughters thought it was a temporary one as I had always been anti-tattoo. Were they ever shocked that is was permanent!

            I have a Celtic anklet done in the brown henna style and have had lots of compliments on it. Yes, I really am a Celt – Irish and living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada for over 36 years.

      • adamtastic1877 says:

        the posts above mine say that the tattoo has to be about you, right? well it still COULD be something that interests you, but it would be more special if it was original. my older sister LOVES the haunted mansion ride at disney, so she got a tattoo of the inside of the rides wallpaper! i’d show a picture, but my computer is acting up and not working right. ill post the link to a pic later when i can.

        • Jane416 says:

          Thanks for all your comments. everyone! I have dropped into a reputable tattoo parlor recommended from a friend who has 4 tattooos. I have gotten some information – just trying to decide what kind to get and where to place it – hidden or visible by others? It’s a very personal choice I agree but one that has to be made carefully as it’s not like a piece of jewellry that can be taken off easily. I’ll let you know what I decide!

      • Lisette here..Jeanette thenks agan for thes article of our beau Adam an his jeweled fingers an adornmentes.I av notice too for longetime an wondere lot as was anothre interessant thinge making Adam very unique.An I av written above little bit more re: meaning of ankh as upon visites to Vatican city in tours one can finde an see inscriptiones in lot of tombs an even papal vestments the ankh symbol.Whech having studie somewhat of religion in adultclass an reading on webpages of histoire both in Egyptian an ancient Christian belifs..where the original cross came from an yes meaning eternal life an fertilitie having both female an male symbols.An cross way before Christ was taken from ancient Pharisees an sungod worship .An seeing Adam with sunnecklaces as well which agan is Egyptian influence an being spiritual as he mentiones several time in interviews.I too was given an ankh ringe by a der frend Maria who as relatives in Athens an Cairo,Egypt.An knowing I av health issues/fibromyalgia say Lisette wear it shall bring yu luck an longe sweet .Just to share with yu too.An also being Aquarian am spiritual an belive in astrology an planetary alignments an how it influences ones life eventes.Know most people are skeptical of such things.I av seen other gals here too share interestes in astrology.
        Re: tatoo thet adam has with eye funny always notice just didnt see details an colour now.I can imagaine why Adam has it as he’s very spiritual an it can protect him from evil..In italian also an Roman symbols(being Italian estractions it is called l’malocchio contracdicto..against the evil grandma gave me along with a cross a silver medal thet had inscribe on back thes symbol..never knew til recente was to protect from evil).!Thenks agan for sharing ..Adam
        monbeau j’adore always an we learne more an more of yur personalitie an charms..Non matter for glambs,fans,an both gals an fellows simply adore yu! An luv to see more photos an songes from every new concerte..A voix always angelique,passionate,velvet an sensual..only yurs!
        hugs n bisous Luv,Lisettexoxo!

  8. It is fascinating to me that Adam has chosen Egyptian symbolism for his special talismans. The ‘Eye of Horus’ in particular, is a beautiful and powerful symbol. In ancient Egypt, Horus was worshipped from the Predynastic period all the way through to Greco-Roman times. Horus was the son of Isis, goddess of motherhood and fertility and her brother and husband, Osiris, god of the underworld and merciful judge of the dead. Horus himself was god of the sky, and his symbol was the falcon. He was also the god of war, and was the special protector of the pharaohs. The Eye of Horus, or Wadjet, is an ancient Egyptian symbol of protection and royal power from the deity Horus (who was also associated with Ra), and was also intended to protect the king and to ward off evil. The Eye was fashioned onto bracelets, pendants, boxes, pottery, temple hieroglyphs, and funerary accoutrements, and was also painted on the prows of ships to ensure protection and safety. Interestingly, each of the parts of the Eye correspond in Egyptian lore to the six senses of the body, and the measurements found in the drawing of the eye correspond to mathematical fractions, which in Egyptian religious thought related directly to the building up of Egypt. So, Adam is wearing a kingly symbol of powerful protection, the All-Seeing Eye Of Horus. What I also find interesting is that Adam’s own eye looks so much like the symbol, glowing, full of depth and power, and outlined in black.

    As for the Ankh, it is an Egyptian hieroglyphic character which read as ‘eternal life’. Although Egyptologists do not agree on its origins, it combines both male and female symbols, and probably is derived from very ancient fertility beliefs and old deities. The ankh was often seen in Egyptian art being carried by a deity such as Osiris, Ptah, Hathor, Isis, and Ra. In funerary art, these deities were depicted as holding the handle of the ankh by the stem in the left hand, and the top curved part of the ankh was touched to the mouth of a person (usually a pharaoh) who had died, in order to re-animate them and bring them back to life. So the ankh represented both robust life lived on the earth, and the promise of continued life in the world to come after death. Everyday Egyptians often carried an ankh symbol around with them and took it to mean ‘strength’ and ‘life’. The most important examples of the ankh used in public art in Egypt were almost never made from silver, but were instead made from gold or burnished copper, the ankh being associated with the sun. However, private pendants were made out of many different materials, including lapis lazuli. Down to the present day, it remains one of the most powerful symbols of life in all of human history.

    I agree that Adam is a very spiritual person, and that symbols, especially symbols that are dramatic and flamboyant, and that have a very specific meaning to him personally, are his favorites. So far, he has chosen to wear jewelry that symbolizes radiant life under the protection of the deities of the sky, the sun, and the afterlife. It will be interesting to see how this changes as he matures, and if his spirituality will change with it.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Im really,really happy I found this site and signed up for subscription. For those who are reading these site, you better subscribe or you’ll be sorry you didn’t. I usually get this email first thing in the morning. Girls or ladies, I don’t feel alone anymore. I feel I belonged to a very respectable club, a membership of decent, intelligent people. I thank you all for this. It makes a lot of difference. I commend you all for taking time to do this.

  9. Jeanette,
    I am so happy you took the time to research and write this! You did a great job putting it all together and finding the pictures. I know you are very busy right now so it means even more. Any web site can copy/paste articles from other sites, but It’s unique articles like these that set us apart from them!
    Carol (cmhagey)

  10. AdamAddict says:

    The pendant with the bug/beatles is a little bit creepy to me.It’s like “Mummy” movie.It will comes aliiivee!!Aaaargh!!Sorry,I over acted there,but love the sparkling stones surronded with spikes! Ouch,that’s gorgeous.
    Maybe we can make someone do “Eye of Horus” pendant or belt buckle to give to Adam.I’m sure he will like it! But it must sparkles and shining stones,U know the thing that our Adam love so much! 🙂

    • I’ve been collecting photos and have a lot of Adam from ages 19 approx till just before Idol and he always had some interesting jewellery pieces. One is an amber pendant with a bug or some insect within it. I think it’s the ‘little boy’ in him that is attracted to bugs and snakes etc..

      Of course snakes can have a sexual connotation also. Evil temptation etc ..

      Interesting about an ankh being both male and female,, just like Adam is in many ways.

      And considering the Eye of Horus to be symbolizing a protector of “kings” is so Adam with his fiery kingly Aries moon.

  11. rhymingrealtor says:

    Wow! Tattoo talk. I just got a tattoo- monday the 20th (I am 49) I had been wanting one for years- but I was skerd.
    I loved Adam’s tattoo and of course, Adam, but I wanted what I got for years, I wanted something with my sons names – the hardest was picking the design although I thought and worked on it for so long I am still not sure if I totally like the design – oooops too late – but not too late for another . I do prefer symmetry so another one on the opposite side would probably be best! this one is on my right ankle- calf (cankle best describes the spot) (-: I do have to say as silly as it seems my love/adoration and pure pleasure I get from Adam’s music, personality and charisma has made me feel different inside ( I don’t think I am explaining that right but I think you guys get it) and that’s why I got the nerve to get it. So while I did’nt get Adam tattooed on me (as was suggested by some of the more sarcastic of my family members ) I do think of him a little when I see it-but mostly my sons who I adore – and love passionately so much so I felt the need to have their names inscribed on my body, and may do so again…

    glamb #337

    • Good for you, Karen, I waited and waited and … am still holding off, I’ll be ashes before I ever get it done at this rate! LOL

      This whole discuission might prod me to go . We have an excellent tattoo parlour right in my neighbourhood. See my choices above in another post.

    • Jane416 says:

      Good for you, Rymingrealtor! Sounds like a good choice for you. That’s the spot where I have been thinking of getting my tattoo – the cankle – love it! I too have had some sarcastic friends suggesting I should get one of Adam’s face. I’ll be deciding soom.

  12. Patricia says:

    Does anyone know where I can buy a ring like Adam’s ankh ring? I’ve searched the ‘net with no luck so far.

  13. Great article Jeannette. I love to think about how our Adam is “possibly” thinking and or feeling. I was thinking though, I read an article that one of his favorite rings belonged to his Grandfather. Do we know which ring that is? I’ve looked through pictures but can’t put my finger on it. LOL

    • Jeanette says:

      I too read about the ring that belonged to his grandfather. I tried researching this, but couldn’t find an answer. I’m pretty sure it isn’t the snake ring or the ankh ring. Those aren’t the kind of rings that his grandfather would have owned. I also read that the snake ring was a fan gift (it’s still available to buy online.) If I had to guess, maybe the ring on the first finger of his left hand in the RS photo – it looks kind of old fashioned, maybe a star stone. Just a guess, I don’t know.

      • Thanks Jeanette. I agree, don’t think a “Grampa” would wear a snake or ankh. I’ll have to look more closely at the RS cover.

      • Jeanette Lisette here .thenks agan for thes article an photos of Adam an his rings/tatoos etc..I agree thinq though I did see an here Adam speake of a ring his grandfathre gave an it was like a starsaphire for sure..Non recall what interviewer or show just now it came to my minde clear as thet..An he said it bringes him luck an will always keep it with him! Regardes to l’Ankh symbol an his jewelry I av too notice thes from commence of “American Idol” shows an wondered aboute…Then aftre hering Adam say he’s spiritual rather then religious it made lot of sense an knew symbol whet it means as one of ma frends Maria who is from Greek an Egyptian estraction gave me for a birthday when I was in early twenties an say wear it Lisette as it will bring yu a longe an healthy life!An as mentione in above post in travels to Vatican one can see so many symbols in artworks/frescos an grotto/tombs was also Roman symbols taken from ancient Egyptian pharoah tombs an as I av taken course in histoire of Egypt an religous studies appears both in Egyptian religiones an early Christianity where le cross originate way before time of Christ an those who were martryred under Nero’s rule in ancient Rome,plus is seen on papal an Christian vestmentes if yu see sites on histoire of “Ankh an Vatican inscriptions as well..just some info here.But main symbol being as mentione by yu an other gals here is both female an male symbols an thet of fertilitie,an signe of life for those ancient Egyptians an eternal life for union of both sexes.The sun symbol Adam wears as yu av say too existes in ancient Egyptian tombs in Cairo as well as agan seen in even l’pope uses in blessing of sacramentes there’s symbol of sun with bursts an in frescos of Sistene Chapel,catacombs an tombs there. So is agan a spiritual symbol in many religiones.Thinq Adam feels it can bring him positive thinges longlife,an bonsante as well.An we all wishe for him to have. Blessings an luv for Adam. hugs Lisettexoxo

  14. Without getting too technical, the scarab also played an important role in Carl Jung’s work. Jung was an influential Swiss psychoanalyst (1875-1961) who was interested in dreams, archetypes, myths and astrology. Jung talks about synchronicity (meaningful coincidence) as a law of nature. Jung’s most well known example of synchronicity occurred when he was analyzing a young woman who was recounting a dream in which she was given a golden scarab. Jung heard a knock against the window and opened it to catch a golden scarab beetle. The experience was a transformative moment, as it opened the world of the unconscious / universal world (rather than the rational world). Jung suggests that there is a connectedness between “inner” subjective realities and “outer” or objective realities, which some have described as reflecting the “oneness” of the universe. According to a psychoanalyst friend of mine who works with people and their dreams, the scarab is a positive symbol that occurs in people’s dreams when they are taking a look at things and transforming their lives.

  15. Does anyone have an address that will get something to Adam? I gave him something Friday night when I met him and I didn’t give an explanation inside it. I want to send it to him.

  16. I love the ankh since my Higher Self gave me one in meditation. The ancient prayer that goes with it (in modern english) “I Iknow there is only One Source The Life Principle from which all things flow, It created the whole universe and all things therein, myself included, are expressions of itself.”They are all beautiful symbols with various but wonderful meanings-like the ‘eye’ to some meannig One awareness throughout being manisfested deeply within each seeming individualiy or the kundilini (serpent also represents vibration)rising up the spinal column (tree) lighting all the chakras to total enlightenment- sadly in myth in order to control people lest they think for themselves and refuse to be a slave, the serpent is represented sometimes as evil There are many symbol meanings, but, i know all my meditation groups and healing energy groups absolutely love Adam and they are really wonderful loving wise people that I am very pleased to know. Adam and Kris are freinds, Kris is another very loving old soul as is Adam. It is good they have met and can support each other.

  17. karen tompkins says:

    I have been looking for that Ankh ring FOREVER (since I first saw it on idol) there are some that are close, but not close enough. Where did the picture of the ring come from, it is the closeest I have seen (although Adam’s doesn’t have the two round silver parts on his)/
    So if anyone knows where I can get the Ankh ring SPEAK up.
    I am getting a tatoo of the eye of Hourus soon (perhaps before I see him in concert in Manchester New Hampshire —-4th ROW!!!!)

  18. I am in LOVE with the hand jewelry/rings Adam is wearing on the cover of the For Your Entertainment cd single. Does anyone have any idea who makes it and where I can get it??


    • I wonder the same thing! I’ve been searching around on Google for years without any results… Can anyone help us?? I want the han jewelry sooooo bad!

  19. Omg,I love that tattoo,I’m getting it!!:)