FASHION VIBE 2009 – Adam’s Snakes

How can I say this? Adam…likes snakes. Period. They are everywhere on his body, from jewelry to clothing, to accessories, to boots, to the real thing on the cover of Rolling Stone. I’m not sure why Adam likes snakes, so again, this article is strictly speculation.

The snake we all envy...

The snake we all envy...




One thing is for sure – the serpent is one of the oldest mythological symbols there is. Because this is so, I’m guessing that like the Egyptian symbols Adam loves to wear, the snake has some kind of meaning for him beyond just looking cool.

The snake always seems to get the pimp spot...

The snake always seems to get the pimp spot...

The interesting thing about the serpent is that there are both positive and negative symbolic values. So which side of the serpent appeals to Adam? Perhaps it is a little of each. On the positive side are healing, guardianship, renewal, rebirth and regeneration. Interestingly, many of these attributes are the same as the Egyptian symbols Adam wears. Other symbolic meanings for the snake include patience, eternity, balance, cunning, intuition, awareness, intellect, protection, rejuvenation, transformation, knowledge, and yin-yang. Many of these qualities can obviously be associated with Adam – we know that he’s aware, smart, and intelligent. We know what a chameleon he is and how he can transform into any type of performer he wants to be.


But what about those negative meanings? There is temptation of course, as well as deceitfulness and vengefulness. I’m sure there is temptation in Adam’s life, as there is in all our lives. However, I’m hoping that deceitfulness and vengefulness are not.

And last, but not least, this article wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t say that Adam himself is the greatest snake charmer of all. He has charmed, captivated, and mesmerized us with every single performance he’s done!

The ultimate snake charmer...

The ultimate snake charmer

...has been doing it since the beginning

...has been doing it since the beginning

So do you share Adam’s love of snakes? Why or why not? Personally, I’ve always liked snakes, but not to the extent Adam does. I do have a blue glass snake pendant that I wear to work sometimes. My boss told me she didn’t like it. That was reason enough for me to keep wearing it! Who knows, perhaps that’s one of the reasons Adam wears snakes – just another way to be provocative and get people talking.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I like snakes, always have even as a kid but then I grew in a part of the continent with only harmless ones. We loved to play with little garter snakes .

    I’d wear a snaketype pendant and a ring like his…

  2. adamtastic1877 says:

    i never was really interested in snakes…until the rolling stone mageazine :]

    it mite not be adam-related but after reading this article, i had the strong urge to tell you this weird snake story i experienced.

    u don’t have to read if u don’t want, unless you want a funny story, even if adam isn’t in it :'[

    when i was little, i went over to my friend/neighbor’s back yard to see if she was there to play (again i was little). when i was walking over, i noticed this odd colored stick on the ground. it was a black stick with orange diamonds on it. i attempted to pick it up, only to find the stick bended and was droopy (like a really think spaghetti noodle-cooked-that is). i thought “hmmm….i didn’t know sticks could bend…” and when i looked at the other end of the stick, i saw a head look at me. i screamed and ran home and eventually told my neighbors there was a snake in there yard, which they then killed.

  3. I’ve never had any particular fear or horror around snakes, other than the usual caution about rattlers, and would often admire and stroke them at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival, where there were usually some on display from the Minnesota Zoological Society. My only truly personal encounter was in California, when I came across a tiny dark snake on a sidewalk. It was immediately obvious there was something wrong – perhaps it had been dropped by a crow, or was otherwise sick or injured. At any rate, it was too feeble to move away even from my shadow and just remained with its tongue flickering sadly, half on and half off the sidewalk. I spent such a long time just being with it, wishing I could do something to help, sending love to it and hoping its end would come naturally without too much suffering. I still think of it every time I pass that house.

  4. i always loved snakes, the animal that is, and have been with quite a few but never had one as a pet… but i dont know if his snake glamour has a deep meaning or he thinks it just looks cool! I personally think it just looks cool but a great question for adam would be to see if there is any meaning behind his accessory choices… hmmm, hopefully we will find out soon!

  5. NH Glambert says:

    As far as I know, snakes never had a negative meaning until certain religions began campaigns to vilify all pagan symbols by imposing negative meanings on them. It was their attempt to control the people and “capture” followers by any means. Adam is a self-proclaimed agnostic. That says it all. I have no doubt that the negative meanings hold no power over him.

  6. peaches says:

    The green snake could be his logo, or signature, or trademark……..

    • OMG!!! I SAW THIS VID, 5:48 long from N.Little Rock! Adam’s vocals and dance moves are a bit MORE
      INCREDIBLE than usual, if that’s possible!!!!! PLEASE DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CK OUT THIS

      I did add it to my ‘favorites’ in case I skrewed up somewhere and I need to find it again, duh.

      • Cheryl, There are a few much better video’s of this same song from different cities. They are much better then the one you found.. I follow AdamLambertNews on twitter and she gets the link to all the shows.. They are all great to me.. lol Most of them are posted on youtube. sherry

  7. I’m with Adam. I’ve loved snakes for years. I’m a grandma with a 6 foot boa constrictor. He’s my baby. Boa’s are gentle natured creatures….really they are. I was thinking of bringing my snake to the August concert in Boston……maybe that’ll catch his attention when he comes out to sign autographs. 🙂 lol


  8. Manda_K says:

    I also like snakes, never have they scared me or bothered me, they are fascinating creatures. I don’t have a lot of snake apparel apart from a rockin pair of earrings. Maybe they mean something to him, maybe they just look effing hot. (Well, we know the latter is true.) 😉

  9. Considering his interest or beliefs in ancient mythology as evidenced by getting a “protective” tattoo right before going on the AI auditions, I would say the snake does hold some meaning for him as well as just be a fun fashion statement. I don’t really like snakes, but they sure do look great as a fashion statement and can be incorporated into an outfit many ways! Adam can keep on wearing them just as long as he never turns into a “snake in the grass” – which to me is next to impossible for someone like him!

    • LORRIN THERESA INGRID and any other Glambs who might be able to help me:

      I left you all messages on the Tulsa, OK Page #135 regarding my paragraphs. If any of you get a chance, it is over half way down, maybe close to 2/3 down the page, dated 7-27 at around 11:30-12:00.

      There may be no help, but if you’ll notice, typing this message my comp is typing the sentences in full w/o any problems! However, my left margin here is ‘far’ left. ?? Just a thought that it occurs only when I type a message where the left margin is all the way left. Could that be? Probably shouldn’t be a problem, thus the question on the Tulsa Page!

      • Cheryl I left you a response on whichever thread you explained your “line’ problem, see if you can find it.. it might not be exactly below your post.

        • Hey, Theresa, I did get that one, and posted you a ‘reply’. Since then, I tried to get my son to take a look at
          my computer. Well, he actually did on Sunday, but has ‘no idea’ what the problem is, he says. I’ve
          since noticed There’s nothing that it only happens when my left margin is ‘inset’ on these sites, so??? Thank you, tho, I know
          it looks bad, but, the main reason I thought I’d try to ‘fix’ it is b/c so many people have mentioned it, and
          some say although they enjoy reading the posts content, it’s obviously difficult reading! If nobody posts an
          answer that can definately fix it, then, I’ll just carry-on as best I can!! That’s no problem!!! Maybe I’ll ask
          someone here who’ll know the problem!!


          • My dearest Cheryl, don’t worry about it. In fact, it makes your posts easily recognizable. Madbert is definitely on crack! He is determined to get you so despondent that you will forget about ADAM. We know that he will not win the battle, much less the war! Peace and love back at ya!

            • Indeed, I agree Cheryl, MadBert is hopelessly locked in a battle with you for Adam. I too, posted a reply to you right there with Theresa’s back a mile or so where you first posted. Not to worry, we love you and MadBert despite his worst efforts!

              • INGRID & LORRIN Thank you so much!!! I needed to hear that! I’m not going to let MadBert
                get me away from ADAM, EVER!!! And just to lshow you both how strong I am, I’ve got a
                little surprise ‘treat’ for you! 2 links to totally blow your mind! And I don’t mean maybe-baby!!
                Now, only watch these if you’ve had some rest, have some beverage nearby in case you
                start to hyperventilate, or think maybe you’re ‘going mad’ yourselves!!!! WARNING!
                1) title: SEX ON LEGS; ……..6.0 min.

                2)title: ADAM LAMBERT IS SEX ON FIRE;
                feature=related…………………….3:42 min.

                IF THIS DOESN’T BLOW YOU OUT OF YOUR SHOES, then you musts be dead!

                ENJOY LADIES!!!!!!!!!…………….I sure did!. . . . . . WLL!

                • Cheryl, the first video has a url error, it just leads to a page of youtube videos none of which are obviously Adam.

                  The second one is hot hot hot, thanks!!

            • He’s on ‘crack’!!!!!!! hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wish he were on ‘something else’!!!!!!!!!and it
              isn’t liquid!!!!!! Oh!!! Yeah, I’m getting stuplified after watching those last 10 or so Adam vids!
              Whoah, baby!!! I saw him interviewed via phone in Memphis, and a couple more one on one
              where he was so fine and gracious to the interviewer. He said he got his favorite cologne from
              a fan, some cool earrings, and his ‘favorite’ things he gets from fans are the letters the little kids
              write them, ‘like, Adam I love you’! Awwwww,,,how SWEET!!!!!! I TELL YOU THE MAN IS MR.
              SENSUAL AND SEXY, I just can’t say anymore!! He’s basically indescribabe!!!!!!!!!!!!


              • You reminded me, Cheryl, last night , late when I couldnt sleep because of the heat (most on west coast here do not have a/c) I decided to play all of the americonidol videos I had purchased. I am lucky to have a new 20 in screen and at times it felt as if Adam were right in front of me, looking at me.. it gave me chills, truly! Unfortunately they cut the videos off when he stops singing so we don’t get to see him standing so sweetly and looking at the judges.

                I noticed he was teary eyed after If I Cant have You and one other song.. and even very emotional after Feelin Good, I think, and then he pulled himself together, what a guy!

                • Theresa, the other song was ‘A change is gonna come’. I wonder whether some of the ballads Adam sang on AI will be on his CD. I recall one of your earlier posts where you said Adam was improving all the time. I worry about him having to perform so often as his performances are physically and emotionally very intense. Adam also appears to have lost weight since the tour began.

                  It would be interesting to see his Mom’s reaction to the posts on this website. I think she would really enjoy it.

                  • Yes, Ingrid , his vest is a bit looser and his arms have more definition. There was a tweet a week ago about three of the guys ‘working out’ and it was posted after midnight of a concert night by Michael. One of them was Adam, and Danny and Matt or Kris… not sure.

                    They are likely wired up after performing.

              • Cheryl, I am ON FIRE! Catch you later, need to get hold of some rescue remedy.

                • ingrid! INGRID! ARE YOU THERE???? ARE YOU OKAY??? ARE YOU BURNED???
                  CHILD, COMMUNICATE ASAP!!!!


                  • Cheryl, relax! Breath, listen to me, breath in, breath out … Now CALM DOWN and PULL YOURSELF TOWARDS YOURSELF!

                    The video clip (couldn’t see the first) were HOT, HOT, HOT!

                    • OH, MY GOD, INGRID!!!! YOU FRICKIN SKERD THE HECK OUT OF ME!!!
                      GIRL!!!! I MEAN!!!!!
                      So it was one of the vid links I posted?!!! Oh, man!
                      Tell me your thought, of course you’ll need to tune it down a bit since the world
                      can see what you’re going to say!
                      There are 3 vids. id you see them all!!!
                      I NEED A RESPONSE!!!
                      hOW IS YOUR HEART, NOW? Will you ‘make it’???
                      Child speak to me!!
                      You’re probably still repeating the vids, now! I’v got to make some dinner, but
                      I’ll be ‘bat’!

                      I pulled myself toward myself – IT WAS SCARRY!!!!! I’M SKERD AGAIN!!!!

                    • should be was HOT

            • iNGRID AND lORRIN, THANK YOU for all of your support and encouragement!!! (sounds like
              the beginning of and announcement!) THeresa also chimed in w/the same feelings, So, I’m
              all good now!!!

              of any I’ve seen!

              THEY R A MUST SEE EVENT!!!!


          • You know, Cheryl , we can read it okay so just go with it…

            • Theresa, oh, thank you so much!!! About my dumb comp(MadBert)! I will just go with it, and
              whenevere I can, I’ll try to make it look better.

              Terry, did you notice after Adam sang ‘Black or White’ he verey definately had mucho tears
              in his eyes!!! He looked so genuinely greatful for the judges’ comments! I could cry right then
              and there everytime I see that! Sweet is such a small word, isn’t it when trying to express how
              ‘sweet’ Adam is! You just want to hug him, and make him a big bowl of chocolate Breyers
              icecream w/a little whipped cream on it and top it off w/a cherry, just to see his eyes lilght up

              Yes, I definately saw those emotions flowing out of Adam when he sang those other songs,
              too! And when he sang ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’, you just knew ‘what’ change he was relating
              to. Actually EVERY son he sang, he had a direct connection with. He could identify w/the song’s
              message, and that’s WHY he chose each particular song. Non was sung just b/c he liked the
              beat, I don’t think! Even ‘Play That Funky Music’ had less of a personal connection, but still
              I think there was a little story there, ‘wehn I was a boogie singer,,,,,,,,etc’

              Yes, Terry, he is just INDESCRIBABLE!!! To add his INCREDIBLE TALENT to his WONDER=
              FUL PERSONALITY, then he has THE LOOKS THAT CAN’T BE IGNORED!!!!!! There’s no
              question in my mind why we all love him and want to be sure he’s successful and willing to
              take on the ‘establishment’ for him if we have to! This is not just some passing fancy we all
              feel! It is a true deep loving and admiration we feel. And that comes around maybe once in
              our lives if we’re lucky! We just got lucky, and we intend to enjoy every possible minute of our
              Adam as we can! I think BECAUSE we’re older than the teens and tweens, we have far more
              appreciation for Adam than the younger people could Possibly have! They just have not lived
              long enough, seen enough, are not wise enough as we are by living long enough to have far
              more life experiences than those much younger. Not to deny them all credibility! But just to say
              I think that’s most of Adam’s appeal to those of us who came out of the mothballs, so to say
              and pick up the torch and put this young hunk up on the pedastal that even he is ambivalent to
              being set up as the true icon THAT HE IS.

              I want to say one more thing. If we think about it, the songs he sang while rising up in the AI
              contest were songs from OUR generation! Does he have some Elvis in him? In an inter-
              view I saw last nite, he said his album is going to be similar songs of the 50’s and 60’s as
              well as others! But just by saying 50’s & 60’s he has put himsilf right in the best genre I think
              he could. That great rock ‘n roll genre that he does w/total believabililty! I can’t wait!!!

              peace-love-light 4 Adam ……………..and his GLAMBS!

              • Yes, Cheryl… we are dying here, of the heat I mean 93 deg Farenheit, broke all heat records of all time… this doesnt happen near the Pacific Ocean.. do you think it’s the Idols tour (Adam’s ) hotmess floating up to the northwest.??

                Oh Lorrin,you must be baking in Sacramento!!

                PS I’t a good excuse to stay inside in front of my big fan and play online..

  10. To me, I can’t stand the creatures. Love them on my feet, my purse and wallet. But I have respect for anyone who uses them as symbols in their lives. I think of them as powerful and strong.

    • Hi AdamsGirl – just to let you know the link under your name is not a working link.

    • LORRIN & INGRID, just a note to say that I left you both a message on TOUR VIBE-THANK YOU #34
      maybe half way down dated 7-28. Other than that, I’m trying to keep it all close to the 1st 3 blogs!

      • WHICH Tour Vibe, Cheryl dear, Dallas, Tulsa?

        • Ha, ha, I’ll just bite my lip this time!

          • Ingrid! You little minx!! Bit your lip, hahaha! Look at her Lorrin, she’s just daring me to mention
            the cars !!!!!! And, I just MIGHT!!!! But now now, my little chickadee! AAAAAhahahah!

            • WHAAT, chickadee! Now where does that come from? Cheryl Norman, call me whatever you like, but we agreed, yes agreed (Lorrin will bear witness to this) that the car issue is TABOO, CLOSED! Madbert’s psychosis/crack addition (we have not yet worked out which) seems to be contagious. For the love of Adam and for ‘crying in a bucket’, pretty please Cheryl, don’t go there!

              • Ingrid,,,,,,i’m just sayin’,,,,,,,ya know,,,,,? Ya think MadBert is contagious, huh???? Uh, oh!
                This could be baaaddd news fffoooooorrrrrr us alllll! Y i k e s !!!!!!! I’m SKERD!!!!!!!!!

                are you all burned up or what ? before I lecture you, I need to know your mental condition!!

                • My mental condition is fine but you are wreaking havoc all over the place AGAIN! So you tell me Cheryl, “Who’s mental condition is suspect?”


                    So, my little chicdadee, you think I AM wreaking ‘havoc’, as you so carefully put it,

                    • Ha, ha! Very sharp, Madbert & Cheryl. This time you have not pulled yourself towards yourself. In fact, you have outdone yourself. I starting to wonder whether Madbert is your PC or your alter ego.

        • LORRIN and BC, I wrote it on the Tulsa, Ok site. Go half way down, then about 1/4 or more down after

        • Lorrin, this is wierd, I just typed a ‘reply’ to this question. I was just scrolling to see if I answered all I
          needed to, and ran across the message, AGAIN?!! What is going on here???
          Here goes again, It’s on the Tulsa, OK Page. Go half way down, then go about another 1/4 way down
          again, or so. That’s it!
          You know what? I don’t even remember ‘what’ I wrote about, and at this time, not sure if it is still
          relevant! Ha! haha!

          Lorrin, we’ve got a big thunderstorm here!! It’s dark, lightening and thundering at 5:45pm. LOVE IT!!!!
          Thought of you!!!!!

          peace-love-thrills-chills- ……………….for all God’s children!

            REGARDING THE EXACT SAME QUESTION!!!! Lorrin, dear,,,,,my dear,,,,,Lorrin! I’m really
            okay! Sure, I am! I’ll be better when I take a little break, here!! haha? Don’t worry, my little
            rose petal, I’ll be back to my old self soon!! (uh, maybe I should try to improve on that?)

            peace-love-confusion-help-rest- I -need-rest-………….ADAM ROCKS LIKE THE ROCK-GOD HE IS!

          • Ha, you have more than one thunderstorm happening your side! I think you need to get yourself some refreshment, make yourself comfortable and listen to an Adam ballad. NOT anything upbeat like “Whole lotta love” as that will make you more hyperactive.

            Peace, love, thrills and chills back at ya!

            • Dear Ingrid, now you’ve done it again! Making me laugh gets all those little endorphines
              running around making me feel all happy inside!

              • Oh, you kids, I COMPLETELY missed this exchange of verbal badinage between you two! I deeply apologize! I will rectify my mistake immediately and go read that post for one thing! And then I will try to be better about finding and reading everything you both have scattered around these threads here….I guess you two are just going to have to find me and drag me out of whatever room I’m in, I can’t seem to do it myself anymore!!

          • OOh, wish I’d been there with you for the thunderstorm, Cheryl. I hear it’s supposed to go down into the 80’s this week, and that is more than fine with me! Oh, and I just wanted to let you know I love MadBert and all, but I don’t know as I should introduce him to my Ms. Ada Dell here, she’s a honey, and I want her to stay that way! (Cackling in background.)

  11. AdamAddict says:

    I hate snake!Ewww!But I have 2 say the ring & the belt buckle are very beautiful indeed.But for men of course!Adam should have DRAGON jewelry in his next collection.Not the dragon that looks like a dinosour,the chinese dragon!That will be awesome and fierce and hot!!
    I never noticed chinese dragon different from a “Hollywood” dragon until my sister say it.He should do tattoo also but not the whole back.I hate people do tattoo that cover the whole back.For god sake,your back is not a blackboard!Maybe the place that we can’t see??!! Ooh,seexyy!!

    • Hate snakes sooooo much that I can loose my sleep if the news is showing one before I go to bed,,EWWW! They’re finding many Phyton burmese around my town because people think that they make a good pet like if they can paly with them like you do with a dog or a cat but I LOVE ADAM and respect his point of view.

    • Be sure and ck out the links above!!!!!! All Adam All The Time!!!! Enjoy!

  12. Lee Meeker says:

    I never liked snakes, but, now that Adam “wears” them, I love them, which would be a surprise to my son!

  13. RockChickDigsAdam says:

    I of course can’t remember where I read this ( I won’t admit how much I google Adam and read every interview I can find), but I remember when asked why snakes on the RS cover, which was HIS idea, he replied he thought it was cool – “Adam” and snakes – he was raised Jewish, so probably he likes the Genesis irony. I don’t like snakes, personally, but I appreciate his sense of humor.

    • Hang on. I thought I read it was the stylist’s crazy idea. When Adam was asked on 20/20 how did he feel with a snake on him, his answer was not, oh I thought it was cool, his answer was something like, I have a python on me and I’m freaking out (I didn’t get that quote right but that was the gist of it). His answer was very funny, actually, and even the interviewer couldn’t contain himself from totally cracking up. Perhaps someone out there can furnish the exact quote.

      By the way, it’s one thing to like snake jewelry but entirely another to like those hideous reptiles. I hate snakes (they’ve spoiled several hikes) but I’ve always been fascinated by the asp coil jewelry that winds up your arm in Eqyption costumes. I would not assume that Adam likes snakes – however, we do know he tolerates them as he did on the Rolling Stone cover.

      I hate that snake on the cover so much that when I frame that photo for my Adam collection, I am going to crop out the snake.

      By the way, Adam specifically said that that stupid butterfly pin was also the stylist’s idea.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I think Adam’s mum said that the snake was his idea!He recomended it and seems they agree and find the snakes and posed with Adam.He probably skerd a bit but if it’s his own idea,well he really likes snakes,I guess!The butterfly,I dunno but I love the snake and the butterfly as props in RS cover.It was hot all over!!

        • AdamAddict, don’t you read EVERYTHING I say?! haha! I SAID IT WAS ADAM’S IDEA for the
          snake!!! You need to pay closer attention to my posts!!! ‘First I learn, then I teach’! That was an
          adam quote!!

      • Adam said the snake was HIS idea. He wanted the garden of eden theme, he wanted an apple too. He thinks the discussion of morality is interesting.

        • That makes perfect sense.. Adam in the Garden of Eden–should have allowed him to use his creativity with the delicious fruit of the vine ( apple)- representing purity and the sin of temptation withthe snake.biblical when Satan tempts Adam ( & Eve) in the form of a snake.Also symbolizes within thy self- the strengths & power to overcome all your fears and & control the situation. In Judeo- Christian it represents a symbol of temptation- spiritual opposition- conflict.
          The Roman God Mediation-Aeseulapius- survived the modern sign of Medical profession-a non-poisonous snake coiled around the staff of healing..mediation between Heaven & Earth.
          With his tattoo of the eye of Horus- for healing & protection, I dare say that he found himself at peace withthe conflict of temptation- and he is comfrotable withthe layers he shed- emerging/ transitioning ( symbolic- butterflly) into acceptance, Adam is very comfortable with the skin he’s in.. so should we all be..luv the man! He’s the Sexual Serpent– of seduction<33333 SSS

          • I think the butterfly and snake are used in the cover shot of Rolling Stone because they represent the duality of human sexuality. Male, Female. Yin, Yang. (Just look at the shapes again…hmmm…? )Adam addresses this in the article as a matter of fact: “Why can’t some men have strong feminine sides? Does that make them less of a man? I don’t know why our society has such an emphasis on masculinity and femininity–its really gross. I don’t think your truly sexy until you don’t care about that.” THAT IS WHY HE RADIATES HOT SEX AND IS DRIVING US ALL CRAZY! ….I did have a Magic Butterfly once….

      • SONGWRITER4ADAM, I saw an interview not so long ago where Adam said the snake was HIS idea! I don’t remember WHY he wanted it, but it was defiantely HIS idea!!! I hate snakes and all bugs or things that can fly into my hair!! Even birds attack sometimes!! Remember the movid “The Birds”?!! That movie scarred me for life. And bats!!!! I hate bats!!! We had one in our kitchen when I was a teenager and waiting for a date, my mother and I were hiding in a closet till my date came to pick me up, and he chased it down, but that was horrible!!! BUT, I LOVE ADAM!!! He can have all the snakes he wants, I’ll never like them, but I WILL overlook them!!!!!! Hahaha!!!

        peace-love-light-happiness 4 Adam……………………………………………………and all his fans!

        • Well, I guess you guys must be right, that Adam wanted the snake. Ugh! The nasty thing distracts me from Adam’s gorgeous and sensual face. So, noboby asked me and who cares, but I personally would have preferred that Rolling Stone cover to have no snake, no butterfly, oh yeah… one more thing…

          I like his chest shaved. LOL.

          • DID YOU SAY HIS CHEST ‘SHAVED’?????!!!!! Oh, dear, no, no! I don’t want any chest hair removed
            you must be one of those women who don’t like much hair on a man!? Adam has such a beautiful
            chest w/ a unique amount of hair! Yummy, dude!!! Delicious! So sexy! Sure you don’t to think about
            that somemore? He is a ‘manly-man’ afterall!!!

            • I agree with you, Cheryl. Leave perfection alone. The only reason for this man to ever have his chest shaven is IF I GET TO DO IT! With lots of lather. All over….

              • Wannabethesnake – yeah, w/me getting ‘sloppy seconds’! Eweee! Even I think that was
                a LITTLE gross! But, there should be No shaving Adam, ANYWHERE!!! But, I could
                comb his hair!!!!!!!!!

        • Cheryl..Lisette here..bonmatin know is late perhaps yu can see someteme.I agree regardes to snakes,bats,an some birds as hawks as j’reside in s.west Nevada soo I av seen all thes thinges in ma jardin…oh,no I screame once when trimming lavande an roses there was a small green snake thinq I screame an opera thet echoed in the Valley an dogs barked too.Luckily it didnon bite but instead slithered over back jardin wall(only once have I seen thes..Now is more buildup with homes but occur when first moved here.An a hawk recall swooped down as I was awalking to mailbox..agan thout of Hitchcock’s “Birds” as yu mentione an lucky neibor saw too or quiet communitie here thinq I was nuts to scream thes way.Wel however I may non like them..bonwishes Adam,gather yu’ can charm snakes as well as so many gals/’fellows an l’world now.!
          An agree thet being Adam is a trendsetter an as Aquarian he embraces deffarante an bit of trendsetter.An given his namesake Adam yes in Gardin of Eden he l’snake an yes in bible was where Eve gave him apple,gather all know reste.It symbolizes l’temptation..An oui for all us Eve’s very tempting in Rollingstone photo..tresbeau an sensual for all who adore him!
          (Just Adam if ever fortunate to meet in concerte dont bring any snakes perhaps a babe tiger as Siegfried an Roy thet I can see him with he’d even charm them! hugs Lisettexoxo

          • Hello Lisette! Thank you for your ‘reply’ about the snakes! Your story of screaming when that snake
            slithered thru your garden and you screamed in an operatic voice that made the dogs bark was so
            funny!!! Watch out for those dogs, tho, cuz some of them can attack for no apparent reason!
            Hawks are just plain mean birds, too!! Yes, they’ll dive at ya and scare the ‘pee’ out of you for sure
            lots of birds do that. I don’t know why they suddenly start hating people and trying to control them
            with their diving at you!!! Creeps me out!! I don’t know if Adam really LIKES snakes for pets, I even
            doubt it after seeing him get scared when RS put it on him for the cover!!! But he does seem to like
            reptilian jewelry, I guess!
            Yes, Adam is sensual alright, isn’t he!!!! That gorgeous hunk is too cool to be in the AI tour, but, I
            guess we should feel so delighted b/c that’s how he came to us, thru the AI show. So, for that
            reason, I give AI so much credit!!!
            Everytime I think about Siegfried and Roy, of course, I remember the horrible accident that almost
            killed him and that man was a beautiful man, too!! But, I agree,if they can be charmed, Adam could
            certainly tame their beautiful white coats right off their bodies!!!! hahaha!
            As soon as my posts that are ‘awaiting moderation’ are released, Lisette, be sure to check them out,
            cuz they are thrilling!!! I’ve got 2 posts where I’ve left a link and that was yesterdsy, so hopefully
            they’ll be released SOON!!!!
            I think I read on one of your posts that you have lung problems? I have asthma brought on by a
            medication I used to take for my rheumatoid, that landed me in the hosp. for 2 week in a constant
            ‘code blue’ from lung problems a few yrs ago, I’ve had to be rushed to the hosp. at least over 15
            separate times since then for asthma. That is a very scarry feeling, not being able to get any oxygen
            into your lungs, isn’t it?!
            So, take care, and I wish you -peace-love-good health.

  14. I like snakes, way before Adam came along. I would love love to have a snake as a pet. I like the color green too… so if the green snake on adam’s leg needs a home…. :))

    • airforcemom3 says:

      Be careful which one you choose because many people have Phytons as pets and then when they get too big they got them loose, they just found a 14′ phyton close to a daycare in my town getting ready to eat whatever and also a 2 year old girl was strangled and killed by one while sleeping.

  15. lovergirl says:


  16. I think Adam is a deep thinker! Perhaps this is his way of dispelling the negative connotations associated with a snake. Personally, I associate the positive traits of a snake with Adam, e.g. renewal, rebirth and regeneration, balance, cunning, intuition, awareness, intellect, protection, rejuvenation and transformation, as you’ve stated above. Our belief systems influence our perceptions of many things, e.g. many people perceive pigs as dirty when in fact the opposite is true. It is in fact where ‘we’ put the pig. Chris Argyris’ Ladder of Inference is a useful reference for those Glambs who wish to understand how our perceptions are formed. I completely respect view points that differ from mine. Once again, Adam has us constantly thinking!

    • Ingrid, Right you are babycakes, again!! I’m in total agreement! Adam is definately a deep-thinker!! Just the way he has conducted his life up till now shows he doesn’t seem to do anything half-cocked! How about Gokey buying snakeskin boots like Adam?!!! Hope he knows all the ‘stuff’ about mythology…..!!! haha!! Gokey is quite the jokey!! Also taking off a jacket like Adam, wearing the chain, also wearing the black big boots unlaced like Adam. I read an interview where he said he was going to let Adam put eyeliner on him!!! RIGHT!! His family would disown him!!! hahaha!!!!


      • Oh Cheryl, I knew I needed you for some light relief! with Okey Gokey, it is more a matter of monkey see, monkey do! Snakeskin boots are very sexy if one can carry off the way Adam does. In Gokey’s case the boots would wear him. Hahaha!!!!! Lotsaluv and mwah!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Gokey wants to wear eyeliner? Noooo and noooooo again!He will ruin the guyliner forever!Noooooo!!I think Michael also let Adam put eyeliner on his eyes.Let Adam,yeah right! I bet he asked for it,probably beg for it!LOL!! I think I saw 1 picture where Kris wear it too.I can let him because Kris is truly friend! Now Gokey??!!Nooooo!!Seriously, Adam make guyliner so popular among men.Here in malaysia,there’s a cover where all men wear them!But to me all men that wear guyliner make me want to puke.Adam is the only 1 that looks so sexy on it.Aaargh,Adam is so beautiful!! 😀

          AdamRocks! said Gokey also copy the “come here” move!U know the 1 Adam did in WLL and looks so darn sexy and hot and seriously make all of us like “yes.yes,we are coming,if we can pass these huge guards!” But Gokey,come on! DREAM ON!! What make him think that people will enjoy that?He copy Adam too many.Someone tell him that he can’t copy other contestant because it’s so obvious.Adam copy Ewan old movie.Ask him to copy…I dunno “Charlie Chaplin” 4 examples.I don’t care as long not Adam!What next?Grabbing his crotch?I dare him to do that.I want to see it.Oh wait,no I don’t want to see it!Oh please someone ask him to stop,he embarass himself.I feel sorry for him,ok maybe I’m not! ~sigh~

        • Hey, INGRID!! From what I’m reading, a lot of Glambs see the other guys w/the eyeliner!!?? SAY WHAT?
          But, Gokey, Ingrid, you know Gokey is dopey! I agree w/so many that he’s just embarrassing
          himself(and his goody-goody family)!! Sarver could be a bodyguard for Adam!!! Adam should think
          about that!! I know Sarver quit his oil field job, and to be honest, I think his voice is the most stable
          among the guys (not counting Adam, of course)! From what others have posted he seemed to be the
          happiest just to be touring, and enjoying himself! Awesome for an OK. dude! I lived in Oklahoma for
          over a year back in the early 70’s, and there are a lot of ‘rednecks’ there!! The thing about Gokey, is that
          he acted like a jerk from the beginning and just kept getting worse, and his ‘new found love’ for Adam is
          not believable to me. It’s just the ‘right’ time for him to, dare I say it, suck up to Adam!!! Uh Oh!!! haha!
          But TRUE, nevertheless!! I feel that I’ve got Gokey’s number, and his number is UP, as far as I’m
          concerned!! I JUST HEARD ADAM ON TV!!! MADWORLD!! They had his version of MadWorld while
          advertising for a new movie!!!! WHAT!! I just wanted to call everybody I knew and ask them if they
          heard Adam on TV!!! I’ll make ‘converts’ out of whoever is not on the ADAM TRAIN, yet!!!
          peace & love 2U BC!!

          • I’m sorry, the image of Gokey “sucking it up” to Adam is just a bit too much to bare….I mean bear. LOL.

          • Cheryl, I have heard Adam on the soundtrack for the new show coming out this fall.. I thought I was going “MAD” myself because I knew I didn’t have any music on.. Then I realized it was Adam on tv.. He has also done a sound track for a movie coming out next year.. Thats our boy !!!!

            • Adamfan1, I know!!!!! the movie is 2012 and it will be out THIS FALL!!!!

              Songwriter4adam, isn’t that the truth!!!

              I’ve got a GREAT LINK that is ‘still awaiting moderation’ of Adam ehere his voice and dance
              movements are more hot than usual!!!!

          • I wish we could hear Adam on radio or even better, see him on TV. I have posted a comment further up regarding your Madbert problem.

            • Ingrid have you seen the video where Adam and Kris both take over Ryan Seacrest’s radio show fr a day?

              • Theresa, yes! I thought it was brilliant and a very good example of how Kris feeds off Adam. Kris’ confidence definitely soars when he is with Adam. One of my favourites!

            • INGRID, dear, I read the post you left me on MadBert, did you read the ones I left for you on this

              And I hope Lorrin is okay. Haven’t heard much from her today!-?

              When scrolling down from top, I DO seem to be everywhere!!! It’s a tad embarrassing!
              But only a ‘tad’ as I have been replying mostly! Then ‘replying’ to a new ‘reply’! Doesn’t happen
              too often! I’m glad that I had the time today to keep up w/everybody’s posts! It’s fun! As Adam
              would say!

          • Cheryl dearest, it is what you will convert them to that worries me!

      • Adam has influenced several of the idols, also Michael Sarver, with whom he seems to have become buddies, Michael really likes and supports him, and has learned a lot from him, he says. I thought it was Mike who let Adam do eyeliner on him…

        Even Kris is changing his look a little, more spikey hair, shirts undone, jewellery….

        Adam’s innate leadership is showing.

        Re. his jewellery. In a recent interview he said he is not “superstitiious’ per se and has no ‘good luck’ rituals before each concert, but being an Aquarian he has an open mind regarding all things spiritual, psychic etc… he is a fan of astrology we know and he definitely has chosen some jewellery pieces purposely. I wonder if some were gifts like the big spiked gem was?

        • Theresa, I saw him say in an interview that he got a lot of jewelry and some beltbuckles from fans and that he does wear it! If I’m not mistaken, the beltbuckle in the RS mag was a gift from a fan.

        • Theresa, I concur! Adam is setting the benchmark and the others are ‘trying’ to follow. As you said, Adam’s innate leadership is showing and everyone (including us) is following.

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Theresa..know is late am up with fibromyalgia discomforte so came to thes lovlipage to visite an see beau Adam an his concert videos an glamb gals.I read above an agree regardes to jewelry an snakes thet him being Aquarian as am I he is influence by thinges deffarante an one being thet of astrology an openminded yes as seen thru all passe Idol performances is innovative in his musique an songe seletiones,his unique an artistique sense of adornements/ecoutrementes with perfectly lined crystal bleu eyes,hairstyle coffeur,an transforming his look to set tone of musique genres.In Ring of Fire a very sultry/sensual mideastern sounde wears blackleathre,snakeskin boots.An in most of performances wears ankh symbol/peace symbols an in rollingstone magazin after Idol l’snake rap aronde his leg very sensual an like thet in Jardin of Eden where Eve gave him apple..voila temptation resultes as in biblical sense.An given he mentions in many interview before going ontour when he recordes wishes to infuse deffarante genres be it rock/alternative an danse/electronica/disco an tender ballads .Seen now with Bowie Medley,an haunting velvettones in “Mad World” an new song “Starlight” from Muse I had non known it til he sange. An his duet with Allison l’connsumate rock mode..I only wish he’d have time to singe more songs..but then thet will follow in his solo concertes in future..til then we must be patiente an simply adore his seletione of songes here in Idol summertour! hugs an bisous ..Safe journee an angel blessings always Adam! J’adore Lisettexoxo

          • Lisette, sorry, I’m not trying to be a copy-cat here, but I’ve had fibromyalgia for over 15 yrs and can
            surely feel your pain!!! Sometimes I can’t tell if the fibromyalgia or the rheumatoid is causing me any
            particular problelm. But extreem fatigue w/some fever can get old pretty quick, huh?! It’s not unusual
            to go 2-3 days and hardly be able to fix myself something to eat. I’ve gotten pretty dehydrated a few
            times and gottn so dizzy that I ended up on the floor, dizzy and not able to get up or call for help!
            It’s scarry I live alone, I hope you don’t! Take good care! I think this site helps when you can’t sleep
            cuz it does take your mind off the situation, even if only for a while!!

            • Cheryl, on a more serious note than usual – keep light meals in your fridge, crackers/fruit where they can easily be reached and drink lots of liquid. In fact, make it a habit to always have a bottle of water at your side. I am concerned about you living alone given your health condition.

          • Lisette, I would LOVE it if Adam were to put another Middleeastern spin on a song or tw on his new album!

            Have you ever heard Led Zeppelin’s song KaSHMNIR??? TALK ABOUT MIDDLE EASTERN BEATS AND TONES!! And it was a hit.

            With people travelling all over the world so much thse days, eating different foods, listening to different music, watching different moves in dances, I think the older generation which has travelled a fair bit, has an interest in ‘foreign’ musical sounds.

      • Adamspirit1 says:

        Hey ladies with all the talk about Gokey you have too see this vidieo it’s a riot

  17. Thank you for this very interesting read Jeanette. I, personally, like the look of snakes in pictures and on objects and the symbolism, however, not in real life. To each their own though.

  18. I don’t mind snakes (it’s spideers that scare me).
    I remember something that Adam said about the snake for the Rolling Stone Sheet. Don’t remember where he said it, but, basically, he said that he suggested the snake because of the Adam, Eve, Apple and snake, but decided to leave the apple out.

    He did say something like he was VERNERVOUSE with that snake crawling up his crotch!

    I wore a snake bracelet to the Dallas concert, and he was given a small green (fake of course) snake there too while signing autographs.!
    Picture is on The Glambert Rock.

  19. I am not afraid of them. But I respect them.

  20. adamsmydogsname says:

    As much as they scare me, I love their vivid patterns & colors, undulating movements and other-worldly appearance. They are mesmerizing and beautiful. Are these not all things we see in Adam? Hmmmm… “Oh, so love equals intimidation for you?”

  21. the Rolling Stone’s cover is darn hot, Adam is extremely HOT 🙂

  22. Being from Ireland and having grown up with no snakes I must say I’ve always loved snake jewelry and think the idea of a snake tattoo would be awesome as it would make me think of Adam when I look at it.

  23. PS. Waiting for a glambert # …..

  24. simple to me:

    Adam & Snake

    but no apple or Eve

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Exactly! that’s the first connotation that came to my mind too… to me, Adam’s choice of the snake plus the hole RS tone was to show us the other, not-so-Idol-like dimension to that wonderful, complex, and totally entertaining Adam-ness that we so love…he wanted us to have no doubt as to who he really is – and good for him; my favorite thing about him is his in-your-face honesty … Anyway – did anyone see the gorgeous snake pinkie ring he wore for “If I Can’t Have You”? I couldn’t find a good close-up pic, and even if I could, wouldn’t have a clue how to post it.. but it was really cool…. I have several pieces of snake jewelry myself… PS: Love your name: “wannabethesnake” – that exact thought crosses my mind every time i see the pic!! ….PSS: on another note, i’m getting antsy: only 9 more days until I’m in the THIRD ROW hopefully close enough to see the stubble on his gorgeous face…how will i ever sit thru EIGHT other performers PLUS intermission???????????????? hmmm… i hope the bus driver doesn’t check for stowaways.

      • Oh my! Third row! I am so happy for you. I wasn’t nearly that close in Tulsa and still had a heart attack. In fact, I can’t even remember whats-his-name’s set because I was trying-to-just-breath. Adam burns up all the oxygen in the room! I wannabeAllaboutAdam!

    • Glad someone else saw the obvious, too!

      Love snakes, by the way. They are the coolest animals.

  25. In the garden of Eden, the snake was used as an instrument of temptation. In dream interpretation, the snake represents sex and/or the male sexual organ. Do we need to analyze any further??? Uhm…didn’t think so….

    • OK…that’s kinda what I was thinking!

    • I along with that, Adam can continue charming us forever, I am so mesmorized by his charm that I am forever watching his videos, listening to his songs, and not doing my work. He is absolutely

    • Love your comment. And your name.. lol

    • Ater pondering this subject waaay longer than a normal person should, and watching the video posted on of Adam dancing to WLL in Memphis…with his Elvis hair…and close-ups of his pelvis…I have concluded that the python used in the cover shoot of RS was misrepresentin’ IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AN ANACONDA….WITH IT’S OWN ZIP CODE! (Don’t tell me you haven’t watched the “Crazy” videos on youtube with the dancing girls and thought the same thing!) You can thank me for pointing out the obvious.

  26. I probably LOVE snakes as much or more than Adam. I have owned 15 in my lifetime. I actually became a reptile specialist because of my infatuation for reptiles. It’s uncanny–Adam and I have so MANY likes and dislikes. It’s as if he is a reincarnation of me in my real lifetime. I don’t like negativity. I love the same musicians as Adam. I love and wear makeup and jewelry like him. I am crazy about individuality in fashion. And I used to be a singer and worked on Broadway–took singing, acting, and dancing when I was young. Hey, Adam—need an assistant?

  27. Monica Morena says:

    I personaly like dragons, because of my chinese horoscope, maybe the snake it´s his? As a symbol, is perfect to Adam because represents temptation and has to do with egyptian things as already said. I think a snake is a kind of erotic symbol as well. And when we have anything about temptation, erotism, mysticism (remember the Zodiac Show) has something to do with him! We have to agree, all about snakes fits with him! And about his opinion, I agree he is a deep thinker, it has to do with the Eden Garden, transformations and temptations in his own life, as the apple thing.

  28. michelle says:

    I was born in the Year of the Snake (Chinese calendar), so there you go, i always “wear” a snake 😀 Thanks for the great post! You should totally have posted that screencap from the Rolling Stone photoshoot where he held a bright green python with his hand and had a small brown snake wrapped around his finger though!

  29. I HATE Snakes. !!!!!! but I LOVE ADAM !! LOL so.. I’ll just love the snakes that are allowed to garnish and dress Adam… but I still hate snakes.. Have them around my yard every yr.. I’d rather have Adam around my yard every yr.. hate snakes..

  30. GlamChop says:

    When I saw the RS cover with the snake my first thought was this is Adam with the snake going for his forbidden fruit! Of course there’s no Eve in the big picture, but to me the Garden of Eden symbolism was written all over this. He is just so sexy and hot no matter how you lay him out! What a thought!


    go with peace & love, children……………………………………..AND PREPARE TO BE BLOWN AWAY!!!

  32. Two snakes live at our house. One is very docile. The other more aggressive. The markings on them are absolutely gorgoeus-something I image Adam appreciates, also! Neither are poisonous. I don’t fear snakes. However, i can’t bring myself to feed them the poor, live rats.

    p.s. Any fans here going to the Providence show?

  33. LORRIN, where art thou?

  34. OMG… lol it took me so long to scroll down to the bottom of this page, that now I forgot what my comment was….. Love you gals… lol

  35. i think he likes snakes cause his d*ck is the size of the anaconda its so long

  36. Ambralyn says:

    I read the part 1 to Adam’s Jewelry and I hadn’t really noticed, but he does wear a lot of egyptian-inspired things. As well as his Eye of Horus tattoo (which I have an identical necklace for) 🙂

    To answer your question: I like snakes. As long as their not poisonous that is. I have considered getting one as a pet.

    Also, he is a snake charmer with his seductive smile and edgy vibe. 😉 Truly beautiful in every way.


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