Fanship, Friendship, & Family

*** UPDATED w/ Teams and Photo *** Thanks to everyone who has expressed interest in a group for your area! Three area groups have now been setup, and several of you are contemplating involvement in other areas…I think we are off to a great start! If you live in the UK, Denmark, or Texas you can join your group — just click here. Please be gentle with your “newbie” moderators!

One other note. In order to lead a group, a familiarity with Yahoo groups is helpful, although not necessary if you pickup on “techie” things relatively quickly. These groups will eventually provide added organization to our international fansite, along with the ability to facilitate more local efforts. Some have asked about the time commitment required – and it really just depends on where you are in the world, how many members you draw in over time, where Adam’s career takes him, and how much your team plans to do.

And back to the “Family” theme…Mary and her 4 sisters are pictured in this photo from the Kansas City concert. All grandmothers aged 48-60! They all look fab in their Adam shirts!


For thousands of years, people have united for various reasons across the globe including religious rights, political statements, and other causes too numerous to mention. However, I can’t imagine much else in history that has been as fun, spectacular, and joyous as the collective camaraderie that orbits around Adam Lambert’s musical magnetism. Family members have become parallel fans, and fans have become lifelong friends. This seems to be a running theme and common thread with Glamb members! Jeanette’s recent concert adventures and photos are certainly a tribute to people coming together for a positive reason…enjoying life and living in the moment.

I wanted to share some other photos sent in to that represent this theme as well. The first photo is from Peggy, whose family is quite Adam-smitten!  They attended the Kansas City concert. Left to right: Veronica, Melinda, Terri, Melissa, Peggy, Linda, Karla, Crystal, and Elizabeth. Just look at those beautiful and creative t-shirts!

The second set of photos were submitted by Mars showing her and her Glamb friends at the Columbus concert.  Their posters are spectacular!

This fabulous sense of community is what and is all about!  We want to build on that…and you can help! Several of you have already asked how you can be more involved in your state or country.  Click here to see if the opportunity to lead an official, local Glamb group suites you! 

You only need minimal to moderate technical skills to lead a group, and you will be facilitating a way for fans to communicate and organize with each other in their area.  This is similar to a local “street team” concept where members can plan events in their area, work on fansite projects, and organize meet/greet opportunities.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we had many of these groups setup and ready to roll before Adam’s solo tour begins?!  Let’s continue building fanship, friendship, and family around the enjoyment of Adam’s music and live performances!

We’ve already got an official Glambs Fansite group in Denmark that Anette has so graciously volunteered to lead.  So if you live in Denmark, please join them!  And watch for more local Glamb groups coming soon.

Please share how your fanship, friendship, and family has been permanently altered by Adam’s presence in the universe.  🙂

~Dana {CatEyes} Glamb #6


  1. I’d love to be a part of this group, and maybe start one for people in my area, Texas. 🙂 It’s late here, so tomorrow when I’m more awake I’ll check it out. 😀
    Again I’m so awed at how Adam brings so many people together…

    • Jacquelyn Murray says:

      Hello, Peaches –

      I am also from Texas, and am interested in joining a “Texas” group, should you decide to start one.

      I look forward to hearing from you.

    • Hi Peaches,

      I am from Fort Worth, Texas and would love to help, and be part of this great group. I have not seen anything or anyone like Adam since Elvis.

      Look forward to hearing from you and other Texas Adam fans.

      Love the photos and comments sent in by those that attended a concert. Music is a common language around the world. It is amazing to see how everyone loves Adam. He has worked so long for this and deserves it all. It is an honor to be part of it and watch him grow.


    • I just sent the webmistress an email-waiting for feedback, can’t wait to the site going!

      • The group is up. Please be patient with me, I’m brand-new to yahoo, I’m used to operating things from my gmail account. I’m exploring the site and getting used to it. To contact me email me at

        • AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

          Hi Peaches,
          I’m from Austin Texas and would also like to join the group. How exciting.

    • Dana, ,this topic came up at our impromptu getogether at Grand Rapids on Sunday. We talked about gathering, in the future at one of Adam’s concerts. And if not, at least gathering in ‘regions’ when he tours on his own. It was not all that difficult for us. I flew in from the west coast, a few women drove down from Ontario and the rest drove to GR from points in all directions from neighbouring states.

      For instance, I would be willing to put up a few ladies at my small place for a Vancouver concert and/or drive down to Washington state, Oregon or even northern California to a concert or two. If we share hotel rooms and each other’s homes we can make it happen!

  2. This page is a beautiful idea, and Dana, I absolutely loved your first introductory paragraph! The idea of us a a collective ‘movement’ coming together to celebrate with joy the life of Adam Lambert as he becomes a worldwide superstar, is just wonderful. I also loved the pictures everyone sent in, Peggy, you have a lovely family, and I thought the T-shirts worn by ‘Mars & Co.’ were just great. And hey, Mars, we’re close to each other in Glamb numbers, I’m #102! I won’t comment at too much length here, but I did want to say this one most marvelous thing that I just found on Twitter. I was over there adding a few people on to my ‘following’ list, one of them being Smokey Robinson, and I was reading all the comments by the ‘MrLambertNews’ and all the comments by all the other Adam fans, when I decided to look on my ‘Direct Messages’ page. And lo and behold, this is what I found:

    “Talked about Adam Lambert at work, some big fans there. They say he has something about him that’s like Elvis, wonder what it is…”

    This is my SON speaking, telling me that he had talked up Adam at his place of work in Santa Cruz, and this is what they said to him….this is so wonderful…my son is following me on Twitter, probably to find out what this whole thing with Adam is all about, and he IS finding out, little by little. (You remember that this is my gay son who didn’t quite know what he thought about Adam right at the beginning..) For me, this is like discovering gold in my backyard, and I am so happy about this, I am silently jumping up and down in my little study late at night in Northern California. Maybe it will be the start of even more of a mother-son bond, which we already share in such abundance. Since this is the thread celebrating Adam Lambert and our families, and what he has meant to us, I proudly submit the first Tweet of a budding fan, my son, Ross! May our love of Adam Lambert and his extraordinary life and gift of music live as long as we all live, and as long as music fills our world!

    • Lisette Lorrin always yur commentes are so warm an heartfelte..thenks cheramie for sharing in regarde to yur son an how Adam too as effecte his life..thet’s wonderful!An can give yu a closre bond sharing artistes an musique togethre too!. An also I see othre glambs amies on twitter .An plasur to reciev yur tweets knowing we’re celebrating Adam’s artistry an voix celestial…grande hugs I too was shock to see Smoky is following petit moi..thout I was imagaine here..but seein him in followers..Possible pourquoi gave bit of praise of Adam monthe passe on American Idol when he gave ovations to Adam toching rendition of “Tracks of my Tears.So gathre Smoky is Adami’s fan an felllow artiste frend!Always wondrful knowing we here simpli adore thes beau l’homme with face an voix d’angeli,an always a constant rai d’lit per moi an many..Seeing thos two Asian gals how lovli they look too!An above famille of gals with ther beautiful tshirts of Adam’s beauface..Wel anyone with espertise an savvy sholde commence a page..I finde ma energie is compromise soo I’l just keep sending commentes here on most wonderful Adam tribute page an wishe he’d visite to see can be anothre “Official one”..For all dedication of fanclub leadres,glambs an dreamsounde..if only Adam had time just to send a petit note/tweet saying alrite all yu Glambs people thenks for luv an support,woulde be a dreme come true specalemente for teamleadres thet spende heures writing like best all to celebrate Adam an l’gift au chante..bellchansons an a voix angelique! Luv always to yu Lorrin,glambs an Adamxoxooxo

      • Hello my dear friends, Lisette and Ingrid and all you other dear Glambs, …. I am somewhat forlorn sitting here tonight, waiting for what I know will be the biggest, most spectacular, most out-of-this-world thread post yet with the report back from the Grand Rapids show….I’ve gone back and read all the posts from threads past, the serious ones, the welcoming ones, the heartfelt ones, the riotous ones, the hilarious ones, the wild and crazy ones, and the silly ones, while waiting to hear from the ‘Grand Rapids Gang’ from Wisconsin. It was wonderful reading through all the comments again, hearing all your voices, laughing hysterically all over again at some of our more raucous posts, snorting at all of ‘Naughty Cheryl’s’ boastful tirades, laughing uproariously at the hilarious repartee of Ingrid, Mary C., AdamAddict, Iyleneidol, Toni, Wannabethesnake (where IS she, by the way?), Helen/Canada, Songwriter4adam, Silvana, and dear Mother Theresa, (with me in there stoking the fires), and all the other wonderful Glambs and Glamb leaders, Jeanette, CatEyes, Caren Glamb (FORGIVE ME Caren, for missing your post 100 years ago!), Sue, Mary D., Mary S., Peggy, Mars, Peaches, Allegan, Lee M, Barb, Jane416, Melody Kramer, Holly, KrissieE, Alen, TheFeyNan, Evette, Adamfan1, AdamRocks!, Ofra from Israel, and Diane from New Zealand, and ALL THE OTHER 429+ GLAMBS who gather here at ‘home’ to roost like a flock of birds on a long migration, finally able to be together again with each other and our beloved Adam. (And did you know that there are 407 posts on the GRAND RAPIDS MI TOUR VIBE page alone?!! That’ll show you what serious and dedicated humorists and writers we are!) If I left anyone out, I deeply apologize, it’s just ‘old age’, and there are SO many of us! (I did not mean to forget anyone’s name, I love you all and esteem you all greatly).

        I said all that to say this; while we are sitting and waiting for the ‘big report’, I’ve been thinking about how much all of you mean to me, and how much sheer joy and great fun this site has provided to all of us. It IS a family here, a REAL family, even though we are in cyberspace. If even one of us is missing, we are all diminished. I just wanted you all to know I think you are the best and most wonderful group of friends imaginable, and while we had a little minute ‘to ourselves’ I wanted to tell you all so. Well, it’s the calm before the storm, – get ready for the thundering herds to return with their glittering, Glamberous report from the great Grand Rapids Glambvention very soon now! Love to all you Glambs, Adam fans, and Glamb friends tonight! Remember to ‘wish upon Starlight’…

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin just visite for petit momente despite aving companie on holiday oui know am obsesse always poste here in wee heure of nuit..but like yu av say thes is like a second famille one of belle amies thet gathre to share an celebrate Adam’s musique,his voix,his hearte an soul..blesse an tresbeau in evry way!An too wishe to see le Grand Rapides magnifique concert thet glambs gals who are meeting an ther special memoires/photos etc..tune in til then!An yes is calm before al l’excitemente,jubilation commences once always I feel such joie an pains fade away,non nede for meds..just a dose of glambs amies an our beauhearte Adam is best for what unsure what life was before thes beau l’homme,ange d’musique an gifted artiste entere ma ordinaire life seeme all worthwhile.Merci an bless Adam always an evry day of life,J’adore et J’etaime pour un vie! For mes amies an best Adam tribute page.. Luv an hugs mabelle.Lorrin,Ingrid,Cheryl,Jeanette,Sue,Theresa,Cindy,Toni,Peaches,Mary c,Mary d, Helen/Canada,Ofra,Alen,an many more! Bless all an oui Adam has givene us infinite joie,peace,hope an amour an his mystique,sensualitie,humanitie,charm,talentes an couer d’or with face d’angeli is what we all adore!!!!! bisous betre stop now it’s very difficile to!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          This site is truely a big family. As I said in my introduction, except for my daughter, I have no one else to share my love for Adam. So this site is a blessing. Everyone is so warm and caring, and we are all united in our love, admiration and devotion for Adam. (Yes, where is wannabethesnake, I miss her)

          I cant wait to here the reports from the Grand Rapids Glambvention…….

          • hey silvana, at least you have your daughter…i seem to be alone out here with my admiration for adam…here meaning here physically in my life…i made a bracelet today to keep me going and to recall all the great and inspiring things about our Adam: it is spelled out in silver alphabet beads: “I’m Not Skerd,” lol! It reminds me of Adam’s quiet strength and dignity combined with his lively sense of humor and his love for life and his beauty and talent: Love you so much, Adam! Thank you for Being!!!

            • Dawn, I don’t know if you mean you are living alone, or if you feel alone, or if there is no one very nearby who even knows who Adam is and you can’t talk to anyone, or even where you are in the world, but I just want you to know I ‘m thinking of you tonight here in California…one of the great things about our group is that at least one of us is awake somewhere in the world at all times, and sometimes we can make those time zones overlap quite gracefully, as Ingrid and I do so often. I love the idea of you making the little bracelet saying “I’m Not Skerd”, maybe you could make even more of them, others might enjoy having one, too. I make bracelets also, and that one sounds like a winner. Maybe the ‘Lambert Store’ could carry them……I just wanted you to know that we are always here, we are also always here for each other, and we all love Adam Lambert, whose ‘quiet strength and dignity’ as you said, has so inspired you. Can you share where you are living, Dawn? Maybe there are other Glambs somewhere nearby….but just know that no matter what, know we love you. Sending Starlight from my skies to yours tonight!

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Hi Dawn,
              I just read your post. As Lorrin expressed so beautifully (as she does always), we are never alone having this site. There will always be someone awake to hear you and share in our love for Adam.
              I also think that the bracelet you made must be awesome, and is a wonderful synthesis of Adam.
              Love to you from Argentina,

        • Ah Lorrin, what beautiful writing and I feel your sincerity. I hope the thundering herds returned safely to their abodes. I was particularly concerned about Unlikelihood (aka Mobster 1, Naughty Girl Norman, Unlikelihood, etc, etc.) as she was so excited! I am sure that Chief Butt Kicker, the Famous Mary C and the rest of the Glambhood clan would have taken care of her.

          Yes, we have met wonderful friends and indeed we are very blessed. I left a post for you on one of the other threads encouraging you to enter the competition for Adam fans. I am going to check on the voting but I am never far away. Lotsaluv, mwah! Ingrid

          • Lisette and Silvana, just hang in there. We will meet someday and can you imagine what fun we will have. Take care, love you all! Mwah, Ingrid

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              it will be grand!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


            • Lisette here,
              Always so sweet merci beaucoup Ingrid yes adore to meet too cheramie!As I av mentione infinite time wil be magnifique along with Lorrin(ma neibor next door/an angela sur Twitter),Cindy,Theresa,Cheryl,Toni*(london)Jeanette,Sue,Helen,new gals Silvana,many to nom!An beliv we”ll av lot to celebrate by Adam’s solotour..Thinq his Cd will be a platinum internationale sucess,more notoriete thru all media/magazin,tv/radiointerviews an as I av thout from thet first auditione on “Idol” he’ll be in companie of legendes as Elvis,Beatles,Michel Jackson..yet may surpass if possible.An even having companie unable to stay away too longe from thes lovli tributepage an feele like second of amies from evrywhere in US an arounde l’monde..all for our beau so j’espere can visite all his internationale fans/amies/glambs/angels thet adore him 24 heures an toute le semaine..every momente of days..nite an day(a beautful old songe of Cole Porter’s an I know even thout am in thirties,apreciate diverse musique genres,having oldre siblings/parentes plus many younge vocalistes av Michel Buble.Sorry to go on.Was just replyin to somhow Adam makes me wondre into a romantique state of minde,forgive me! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

              • Lisette, what a party that will be! As for wondering into a romantic state. Wonder on, my sister Glamb!

          • Love you always, Ingrid, I will write you soon! Yes, we must get the HOODS home safe and sound, can’t wait to hear from all of ’em as they stagger back in from the grand soiree..

        • Lorrin, Lorrin – thank you for, once again, for so eloquently stating how we all feel about our Adam and how he has so amazingly brought us all together here to share our thoughts and feelings and to celebrate our love for him and the pure joy and happiness he has brought into all of our lives!! (That’s a very long sentence – please forgive me!)
          I too feel like I have friends here and love reading about everyone’s experiences of Adam whether that is live and in person at one of the AI shows or just to express how he has impacted our lives in so many wonderous ways.

          I find myself thinking of Adam more than ever these days (if that’s realloy possible!) and that, of course leads me to think of all the Glambs who have been lucky enough to see him in person and those who are looking forward to seeing him soon. So, just a little after 5:00 PM yesterday, I just had to reach out to my fellow Glams and I called the Branns restaurant where I knew Jeanette’s large group would be meeting and greeting each other before the show in Grand Rapids. The guy who answered the phone said, “Oh, you mean those women who are here for that singer, what is his name? Adam Something??!” I said , “YES! Adam Lambert” in a slightly sharp tone (don’t you know his name!?) He was kind enough however to take the phone to their table and it was so wonderful to say Hi and pass along my best wishes to Jeanette, Theresa/Canada (Terry), Cheryl Norman, Mary D and all the others who were there – 15 or 20 – is that right? (although some of them had already left the restaurant by that time.)

          Like you, Lorrin, I can not wait to hear EVERYTHING that happened and to bask in their time with Adam (however brief it might have been!) The best part is that they were all together sharing their love for our Adam and getting to know each other in person instead of just through this site (although i feel like I know so many of you already!)

          I am looking forward to the day of meeting everyone when Adam is on his solo tour. Thanks everyone for allowing me to be part of this great group! Love to all!!


          • Jane416, I love very long sentences, you may make as many of them as you wish around me…and I want to tell you I loved the fact that you felt you just ‘had’ to reach out and call the Glambs at the restaurant before the show, that is beautiful (and I’m glad you gave that restaurant person an earful, too)…you know, I think this kind of fan club is almost unprecedented…I know that other stars have had enormous fan clubs, but we are a fan club that has members that go back to the beginning of rock and roll, and now we have chosen to follow the new king wherever he goes…we are like the ‘reincarnated’ fangirls from 1955, when Elvis was really movin’, and now here we are 54 years later, doing it all again..what a rare privilege…and yes, perhaps in the near future, many, many more of us devoted Glambs will be able to come together and share the sheer joy of being together and loving Adam Lambert. May the Worldwide Glambs continue to grow and be successful for many years to come!

            • Lisette agan..ah althout I nevre had privledge seein Elvis,being in thirties,as I av mentione many time so adored him,having been raise with oldre siblings an parentes,an inherited ther wide array of old albums(oui vinyl..whech seem’s obsolete!),plus mama an I woulde alway watch silly old films togethre of Elvis thet tcm,turner classique play on his birthday an anniversaire of passing.Plus reside in touriste town with lot of shops dedicate to like of RatPack,Elvis,Marlyn Monroe,now Michel,an tribute shows.An then seein Adam on youtube first hairback in his ballads on caberetclub,bestarts,an idol “Track of my Tears”, facial espression/features,lips,cheekbones,chisel refine nose,sensualitie in dansing/hips etc,gentle inflectione yet higher octaves,charm,sweetness,abilitie to toche both sexes,all ages,races,aronde l’monde.An agree in yur above posts.There was King of Rock nRoll..legendary an beloved til now Adam as new King an legend of millenium knowing thet fans will carry same legacy for generationes to come!An dont thinq anyone wil be able to duplicate his estraordinaire vocal ranges,abilitie to sing all musique genres from ballads,to jazz,popera,danse/disco,broadway,classiqu
              rock/glamrock an nouveau styles of today..Benedictiones et Luv,Adam ontour an every day of life!J’espere to see yu in ner future..Know yu neede some repose apres cd.Just await thet day to see solo meet glambs thet share same sentimentes,elation,jubilations,an l’spell being swept away into l’starlit an al way to etoile..nevre wishing to returne to a boring existance as before! Thenks agan Lorrin for lovli note j’espere enjoie holiday too! Luv to yu in belle Northern CA..luv to all Glambs..xoox

          • Jane, were you told that Jeanette and our Cheryl almost had real heart failure when Jeanette was called to the phone… we ‘dreamers’ thought it was Adam wanting to talk with Jeanette, after all, he should know her by now!!

            However we were glad to talk with you and appreciate you remembering us!!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Lorrin
          I’m BAAACK! (Although, was I ever really away). Although it was another beautiful day we decided to head home early to avoid the holiday traffic. It was a wonderful weekend getting together with old friends–beautiful weather, good companionship, good food and good wine, what else can you ask for? I’ll tell you what–I missed this site. Although I checked in very briefly, I missed reading everyone’s posts in depth. You are so right, Lorrin, we have a wonderful family here, all held together by one common bond–our love for Adam! Most of my friends new about Adam and thought he was a great singer, but they weren’t OBSESSED! My point, is, how can you NOT be!!! “Helen, you’re old enough to be his mother, how can you be so taken with him”? They just don’t get it!!!! I feel sorry for them, they are missing out on this wonderful journey we are all taking.
          So, I’m back and am trying to catch up on all the posts. One happy moment–when I went to bed last night, Adam was only about 800 votes ahead of that other person! I was having such trouble voting and was getting really upset. So when I checked the site this morning and found that Adam again had a better lead, I was thrilled. Got a few votes in before I left, now will be voting again all day! I really wish this thing would come to an end, I have things I need to do!
          I love your closing, Lorrin, “wish upon Starlight”. It’s a wonderful sentiment. I’m so happy, I’m home!!

          • Helen/Canada- welcome back or better still, welcome home! It is so sweet of you to leave a post as you must be exhausted. Please rest and then give it to us, blow-by-blow! Your a honey! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

            • Lisette here..Helen welcome agan to l’maison de glambs for our beau Adam!Lovli yu enjoie holiday with frends,fine wine,mange an such!An agree we can keep voting for Adam an know no mattre what..reste assure Adam is stil going to be adored aronde l’ is so very apparente here…with every day thet passes,anothre new glambs gal both here in US an internationale is joining..Plus many av mentione wishing to commence Adam fanpages in ther countries..Ah now for sure Adam is l’meiux vocaliste an Worlde Idol..non mattre l’poll..but will keepe up votes ..oui just as I hed done in finale weeke of American Idol..Recall ma petit fingres having cramps thet when I went to sistre’s realtor office nexte day,unable to type fibromyalgia joint pain flaires..but moncheri Adam was so worth thes! j’adore vous!mmmwooi! bisous Lisettexoxo

          • Silvana/Argentina says:


            I’m glad you had a terrific weekend…..but is good to be home….isn’t it.


            • Glad you enjoyed your Ontario weekend Helen, and those crazy ladies from the Toronto region, Jaysjen etc. came with all their Adam spendour and glory. You should see Jen’s tattoo of guess who!!! There should be more about them posted elsewhere.

          • I’m so glad you are back, Helen/Canada, safe and sound. I had many smiling moments thinking of you sandwiched in between your girlfriends with the cheese, the wine, and the laptop, you feverishly trying to write whenever you found a free moment! Honestly, I think we could all write comedy without any trouble whatsoever, we have so many great comedians who are funny without trying to be! (And many who ARE trying to be!) When we wait for our Glambs to get home from anywhere they’ve gone, it puts that little note of wistfulness into everything for those who remain ‘at home’, and my thoughts at least, turn to feelings of love and gratefulness for the whole Glamb family, for each of us as individuals, for our compatability as a group, for the good leadership, and for our beautiful Adam. Now, I can’t wait to hear from the other troopers how their evening went from their point of view….I particularly want to hear if those were indeed Cheryl’s bright blue fingernails on Adam’s shoulder at the barricades and whether or not she actually DID succeed in grabbing and keeping the famous Belt Buckle…well, we shall soon see…but I do indeed love all of you, and I do love sharing on this site, and I am also very glad and grateful for our loving Glamb family…love to you tonight, Helen in far away Canada from late summer Northern California!

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thanks Lorrin for your lovely words. It is good to be home and good to be back on this site, although I must admit I’m extremely tired this week (it’s been hectic) and am not replying to all the posts as I would like to do. But I do get a sense of joy just reading everyone’s words. Especially yours, my dear Lorrin. You sweep me away into a fantasy land (Adam Fantasy Land) and I love reading what you write. Just wanted to mention too, that I have many fond memories of California, especially Northern California in my travels as a young person so many years ago. It is to date the best trip of my life. I love your various descriptions when you sign off from Northern California. It always takes me back to my wonderful memories of that time. Love to you Lorrin. I am so grateful for the new friendships I have made here.

              • Helen, how very sweet of you…sometime you will have to tell us where you went on your long ago trip to Northern California. And I am only too glad, also, to write from ‘Adam Fantasy Land’, the land where so many dreams come true and a fair, dark-haired Prince rules with a gentle hand. I think we all need that beautiful touch of the romantic dream in our lives, and this is the perfect place to do it. When you are rested and get settled back in, come join us again, at this point, we are all locked in an epic battle on the Twitterwall, where our fair forces are battling the wicked prince of Aiken.

                Love to you Helen/Canada from our faraway valley in Northern California, full of tall sycamores and oaks, beautiful old houses and vast green lawns…

    • Lorrin, this is awesome!

      Peggy and Mars, you and yours do us proud! Long live Adam, our royal KNIGHTHOOD!

      • Ingrid, would you be interested in collaborating on the SA Site? I’m not sure what it would entail, but perhaps we could do a bit of research and see. What do you think?

    • Wonderful, Lorrin! I talked up Adam everywhere I went this past few days.. in the airports, restaurants, even on the plane! I started by showing my nails and then explained why an old gal like me was doing this. We also chatted with people all around us in line, at the concert in the gathering etc.. and even some husbands were there. A lady saw us in our group and came in with her husband to see what was going on as she saw Cheryl’s sign near the door. She is not a Glamb yet but plans to become one. Her husband was bemused but supportive of her, agreed Adam has a great voice, and says he’ll ‘ support her as long as I can meet Hally Berry’ ha ha!!

      Jeanette had made some cards about the Glambs and I gave out all but one.

  3. FANTASTIC IDEA, I would love to get involved in this international celebration of our SUPER ROCK STAR the beautiful Adam Lambert. This will be a great preparation to persuade him to visit London.
    I cannot wait to be involved.

  4. Such “moving” words to begin a Sunday morning in Michigan.

    I would so love to be part of the Grand Rapids group tonight when the group hits the Van Andel
    arena–can’t make it but I’ll be reading the twitters and watching for the reviews from those who do. I will be attending any solo tour that comes my way.

    Adam touches the best place in all of us with his music, his inclusiveness, his authenticity and his love. He demonstrates that we are all “one” and that we can touch each other at the deepest levels. He brings out the best in us. We look in amazement as he demonstrates a dream unfolding and brings us all along for the ride. What a ride! I look at him and smile.

    Paula saw his potential from the beginning. A *STAR* is born and I believe we’ll see him on Oprah come January celebrating their mutual birthdays. Want to be uplifted? Think about Adam Lambert. Want to smile? Listen to any of his music.

    Have a great Sunday everybody. I am listening to Black and White as I finish this and go up to get my morning coffee.

    Allegan from Michigan

    • Allegan,
      I love this message about Adam, especially this part:
      “Adam touches the best place in all of us with his music, his inclusiveness, his authenticity and his love. He demonstrates that we are all “one” and that we can touch each other at the deepest levels. He brings out the best in us. We look in amazement as he demonstrates a dream unfolding and brings us all along for the ride. What a ride! I look at him and smile. ”


      Yes! WHAT A RIDE! What a beautiful man! I am so appreciative to be going along on this ride with him and with those of you who understand Adam’s “power”. He is a gift to remind us who we are, what we’re here for, how to LIVE! As I watch his journey, my own is enhanced. He helps me embrace the love and the joy of life!

      I looked forward to the Kansas City AI tour for three months. Now that it’s over, I have experienced withdrawal. But I’m coming back with the knowing that Adam has not yet even begun! The next tour will be his own–and I hope to be with others who can enjoy and appreciate the power of his gift.

      Thanks so much to this group for sharing this experience. I know I’m not alone in this “obsession”. I embrace my 14-year-old self in this 59-year-old body–and I love that child. This time I will not desert her. Adam reminds me to love it all. That’s enough for me!

      Mary from Arkansas

      • Thank you Allegan and Mary S for your wonderful words about our Adam. I am continuously in awe by the amazing and expressive writing on these pages – what a fabulous, talented bunch you are!!!! You make me weep and laugh and be so thankful that I am here sharing and celebrating the love and power that is represented in one wonderful being – our Adam.

        I know I keep referring to him as “ours” but I really feel that we are all on this fabulous journey together!! As I am sitting here now in front of my computer listening to Adam’s glorious voice soaring and floating into my head (“A Change Is Gonna Come” is currently playing), I can see us all hitching a ride on his sequined and feathered leather coattails and MAN, what a ride!!!!! Beam me up, Adam!!!!

        (Glamb #20)

        • Lisette here..bonsoir Jane et merci for l’tweet too..Hope holiday was lovli!What a beautful post above here..As well agree Mary with yu,Adam has this estraordinaire gifte to toche one’s hearte an keep a feling of joie de vivre non mattre what age one is! Sure yu felt elated once agan seeing Adam..I so pray his solotour will be in ner future..Althout thet gathre is being too optomistic given extente of cities on thes AI one,plus more worq til his CD is complete..So Adam monbeau plese av some reste one sureli wel deserve! An seeing such eloquante writres here who espress ther sincere sentimentes.An any language yu monbeau do give us all universal language an thet defines luv,amour,amore thru one’s gifte in musique an a voix always feel etes celestial,sensual an a gifte from above..angelique!
          An know yu av change ma a void of sadness of loss parentes,illness evrytime listening to just one chanson,transcendes serenitie,joie an lit an l’sadness fades away!
          Blessings for m’angel ..Adam! An luv to all glambs here always…Lisettexoxo

  5. Lovely photos

  6. missmcglambert1982 says:

    Oh yes, Adam does bring everyone together – no matter creed, colour, gender, we all love Adam. I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I would love to organise an Adam group here so if anyone reads this who lives in Edinburgh or Scotland, then get in touch. I am starved of any actual Adam conversation, all my talk about Adam is online so it would be great to get to know any fellow Glambs over here. Adam is my obsession, I can’t get enough of him, in print, sound or vision and my what a vision he is…..

    • Welcome, missmcglambert1982, I am thrilled to have a Scot with us! I am such a huge lover of the UK, having very strong Scottish ancestry (Harper, Shepherd), and also English and Irish ancestors as well. It is amazing to think of Adam’s light going out to all the countries of the world. Do you find that many people in Scotland know of him yet? Have you found anyone else who is as taken with Adam as you are? It seems that our Glambs site truly IS becoming international, I think we’ve got just about all the continents represented already, although I would love to hear from more and more people from around the world. At any rate, I do hope you get the group started in Edinburgh, and that we continue to hear from you, and many other UK fans and Glambs! Love to you tonight from Northern California!

      • Lisette here..welcome msglambert1982 al way from Edinbergh Scotland..thet’s splendide! An more countries bettre here for our beau I av always thout he’d touche people all ovre l’ now in British Isles truly he’s blesse with a voix,face an hearte d’angeli.An so agree a vision one as in a painting ..from any angle,softlits,bright lits illuminating his features perfection for sure! hugs an bonregardes Lisette in Nevada!

  7. Evette #419 says:

    Can’t really say much about ADAM right now, kinda choked up! ADAM does that to me sometimes. Never knew of anyone so perfect on the inside. And bringing fans together is only one of the amazing things he’s been able to accomplish effortlessly. I would love to get involved in a group close to home. Wilkes-Barre, PA…if anyone starts one. Let me know!

  8. AdamAddict says:

    Peggy and Mars,thanks for the photos! It’s grrrrreat Tony!LOL!!(Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes Cereal,if U don’t get it) 🙂

    • Emili, have you seen the Video of Adam called.. Devil in Disquise ? it’s cute and it shows the two sides of Adam.. If you can maybe you can bring it over for all to enjoy. Your very good at bringing thing over for us. IT’s on youtube ofcourse. It’s Elvis singing Devil in Disquise.. shows Adams cute and boyish look and then his hot sexy side..

      • I’m on it,Sherry! 🙂

          • Ooops,I’m too happy after watched that vid,I post that vid before I express my feeling yet.Sherry,THANK YOU! THAT’S THE BEST!! THE SONG,I LOOOVE IT! IT’S ELVIS SONG??WOW, I LOVE IT! AND HAVE YOU CHECKED OUT THOSE EYES??!! 2:25 if you want to see straight into his eyes! AARGHH!!!I’m sorry,I don’t mean to scream that slow, AAAAAAAAARRGHHHHH!! ~gulp~ Seriously those are killing eyes!! Can you feel that electromagnet there?zzzttt!!Wow,BREATHTAKING!!GORGEOUS!! You guys should check that out.I already post above this comment but maybe after read mine, you guys can’t wait than search for yourself! OMG!! And I know we all love his all looks, the naughty wild look or the sweet gentleman look, or his boyish look or whatever but I always find that him with brown vest with that leaf pendant,brown Tshirt,brunette (when he sang “Dust in a wind “for short), he was super cute,super gorgeous with that killer smile,urgh!!He’s like brownies in my eyes!I want to eat him,forget about chewing, I just swallow him!LOL! Yummy,mummy I want more brownies! 😛

            • AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that’s what the devil looks like then I am under his spell for ever. Those eyes, out of this world. AdamAddict lets hope that Adam comes to London first otherwise if you get to him first we will never see him again.

              PLEASE carry on voting for Adam, Clay is still catching up.

              • Toni,
                LMAO!!How can I trust you?Maybe you eat him first and leave nothing?!! Not even small pieces for me??!! That AAAAAHHHHHHH is disturbing me!! I’m not going to trust you!!LOL!! I’m still voting,my friend! How can I stop now?Disturbing as hell!! Gosh!! And Jane416,TQ tho for searching for us! And vote for Adam!! 🙂

                • AdamAddict don’t worry, I will share with you, just carry on voting, I am really getting worried now, CLAY IS ONLY 1,000 VOTES BEHIND ADAM. PLEASE VOTE, GLAMBS UNITE AND VOTE FOR ADAM.

          • If you like that video, check out jemmajemma’s channel on YouTube. She does the best tribute videos and even did one for me using footage of Adam dancing with the boa I threw on stage at the Hartford show. She is a sweetheart!

            • Pamela, YOU threw the boa on stage with Adam at the Hartford show? You are famous, where have you BEEN!

      • Here it is! Very cute and sexy (of course!)


        (Glamb 20)

  9. My family doesn’t get it, they think I’m crazy and reverting back to being 16 back in the seventies. Well, maybe I am. Adam to me is everything a true Rock God is. I can’t seem to get enough of him.

    • we don’t think your crazy. Come here anytime and talk about Adam.. We will be your Adams Family ! We can’t get enough about Adam either.

    • I just had an old friend from high school come for a visit and I told her about Adam. She just didn`t get it and tried to make me feel like I had lost my mind. I agreed that I had but I loved being in this state. She didn`t really know who Adam was so I showed her some of his performances and we listed to some of his music. She admitted that he was talented and was impressed by what she saw but still didn`t understand how I could be spending so much time on the Internet and in this forum. I explained how Adam had so many sides to his personality – mature and well spoken to being like a little boy playing dress up, how kind and thoughtful and considerate he is, his charity work, his generosity to others and that I feel I just want to find out everything I can about him. She said it sounds like you are addicted and I said absof***inglutely! Adam is my drug of choice!!! Like you, Cathy A., I can not get enough of Adam and I am proud of it! Thank goodness for this website – it`s like coming home!!!!

      (Glamb 20)

      • Lucky I found this sites.Non of my family understand how much I love Adam.When I meet this Glambs,I was relief!!I’m not alone after all! When my mom plan to go to Indonesia next year for holiday, I said I want to go where Adam make his tour.And she said, don’t be nonsense!You go there yourself!! If he’s not coming to Malaysia and go to Singapore like the rumours said,then I want to go to Singapore.My money goes to the place where he’s gonna be. She asked me to handle everything myself, I DON’T KNOW HOW TO GET THERE!! I DON’T KNOW HOW TO BOOK A PLANE TICKET!! ~kicking my legs~*pouts* And she knows I don’t know! I wanna go! ~pouts~I know what,I need to find BFF that loves Adam like I do before Adam make his own tour. Than I can go with my new BFF!Yess!!That’s the plan!Malaysian,I’m offering you my friendship!Who wants it?Anyone??SOMEONE,for god sake!!! 🙁

        • EMILI, for goodness sakes my friend, get off the floor and move out of ma ma’s house.. then learn how to book a airphane ticket.. call me, I will tell you how.. lol you crack me up girlfriend.. thanks for making my day. It wouldn’t be the same without you.. and why are you up so late… ?? get to bed !

          • I agree with Admfan1 – let go of the apron-strings, my fairest AdamAddict. You are such a fundi on the internet, so see what travel options you have. You are one of the younger Glambs, beautiful too I’m told, have a wonder sense of humour, damn sharp too and you sit at home with mama and papa and waste all this talent. Come on girl, you are missing out on life! There’s a life to be ‘lived’ outside cyberworld. Get off your butt and take your talent to the world. Love ya & mmmmwah! Ingrid

            • AdamAddict says:

              Yes mama,I’ll go to bed after I make sure Clay let go of Adam’s pants!He has crush on Adam and don’t want to let go! He so close!! I think in 2 days,he stick to Adam if I’m too careless!! Mama, where you put the fire extinguisher? I need to spray Adam because he’s too hot and I need spray Clay because he’s to horny! LET GO OF MY ADAM,PERVERT!!

              Yes papa, I will live outside this cyberworld and enjoy life! Papa, can I have your credit card?Papa,you love me,don’t you? Can you take the blame after I kill Clay by putting fire extinguisher in his ass? I want to spend the rest of my life with your future son in law,Adam!Why are you taking out that gun,papa?Are you going to kill Clay for me?Why are you aiming at me ,papa?I’m just kidding,you know I’m funny,papa!! LOL!

              VOTE ADAM!!!! 🙂

  10. zingoglitter says:

    My sister and I are glambs We live in St. Petersburg, FL close to Tampa. We would like to organize a group in this area. Of course we plan on going to the solo tour. It would be really great to organize a group of us. We also planned on going to more shows if any are any where near here! What is the best way of doing this?

  11. Thank you for putting the photo of my family on the fan page….I know that night in Kansas City when we wore them the attention was amazing and ask for lots of photos by people we didn’t even know….We would of loved to go to more shows but in this day and age it is hard and besides we waited in line to see Adam, but the Westboro Baptist church (who is terrible to say they are a church) more like a cult)….so Adam was wisk away in a car…..We think Adam is the sexiest man that I have seen since Elvis….I aim to collect what i can of Adams m etrobilia…I have collected Elvis since 53… At first my family said mom we like himso lets go see him and I will never regret it….He puts speed in your soul when he sings, can’t sit still…God was good to Adam and gave him such talent……and I love his talent and singing…….I wish him the best with his career ……and lots of love from his fans…….

    • “We think Adam is the sexiest man that I have seen since Elvis” YOU THINK??!! LOL!! I don’t have to think about that! It’s so obvious,Peggy! The picture above,that’s your family,right?They all are so pretty! Melinda and Melissa look alike.Are they twins?They both beautiful! I see blonde,brunette and then one pretty lady with dark hair like Adam! LOL!! I bet you’re blonde before you know Adam!LOL!! Beautiful picture,Peggy! 🙂

  12. Dear Glambs
    What a special group of people you are! I am thrilled to be a part of keeping our love and admiration for Adam, present each day. He is incredible! Lorraine

  13. wow.. Does that mean you liked the video…???? lol lol I think , yes!

  14. I agree that this is a wonderful idea – to set up Adam fan groups by country. Canada is far too large to just have one, however. Helen is in Vancouver; Marie and I are in Toronto (which are as far apart as New York and Los Angeles.) I am not sure how many other Canadians we have here. It would be great if there was a way to make a list by state or province and country that people can actually add their names to. Ìf the young Glamb Techies could lend a hand to help us figure this out for us, I would be interested in organizing something for Southern Ontario or at least the Toronto area.

    (Glamb 20)

    • Email me at if you are interested in leading an area.

      Yes, all of Canada is too large! By province/territory would probably be good.


    • P.S. I’m not “young”…well, maybe young at heart — but I’m still a “techie” 🙂

      • Thanks, Dana – yes, of course I meant that you are young at heart! ;=}
        I sent you an Email with my info.


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Jane
      I’m in Hamilton. Terry is in Vancouver. I wonder how many others in this area??

      • Helen – I am thinking very seriously of being the Group Moderator for Southern Ontario and have written to Dana, the Webmistress about it. Would you consider sharing that role with me? It would be fun to meet! Let me know!

        Jane – (I live in downrown Toronto)
        Glam #20

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Jane
          I’m not exactly sure what this is all about. Does everybody mean starting a new fan site in their state/community, etc. What I like about this site is that you get to talk with so many different people from around the world. What would happen to this site? Would it diminish? I’m not sure I fully understand the concept and am not liking the idea of this site not being what it is now.

          • No, no, no, no… 🙂

            Nothing changes here.

            If you visit one of the other “local” groups already setup, you’ll see it has a completely different purpose/focus.

          • Helen – the local sites would really be for Adam fans in each state/province/area of a country to get together for local events like Adam’s solo shows (WOW! Just writing that now gives me shivers!! It WILL happen!!) so that way we could all arrange to meet and go together before the show or at other times when we just want to connect with someone in our area. I agree with you that I would still very much like to stay continue ,eeting up with other cyberally from around the world on this site – it’s in my blood! What do you think? Want to join me for our region’s group?

            (Glamb #20)

            • Helen/Canada says:

              Thank you Cat Eyes and Jane for explaining it to me. I like the sound of that–getting together locally with other Adam fans, etc. and am so relieved that nothing would change here.
              Jane, as much as I’m tempted, I don’t think I can really help you. Right now I am the Membership Chair of an alumni association and I find it at times overwhelming just to keep up with that. I had volunteered to do this on a temporary basis until they found someone else and 8 years later I’m still doing it! I really need to deal with that and hopefully this fall the situation will be resolved and I won’t be involved any longer. If I can help later on in some way, I will.

  15. Hi, I am in Houston. We had 60 people meet at the Hard Rock Cafe before the Dallas Concert.
    It waas so great tomeet the other Glamberts and share stories.

    I will definitely loveto be a part of the Texas group.

  16. AdamAddict says:

    While voting for Adam,I google Adam as well! Hmm, somehow it’s sound dirty!LOL!! Anyway, check this out!!
    Gosh, I need a life!! It’s 4:45am!I go to bed, you guys continue voting. Tomorrow when I wake up, I want to see Adam way in front leaving Clay behind!! Ok,it’s a deal!! Zzzzz!!

  17. AdamAddict says:

    This one is different!You still can vote for Adam,DUH! But the Adam VS Clay IS THE MOST IMPORTANT because we don’t want Clay to win.That will be too funny and I’m afraid I’ll laugh so hard that I’ll pee in my pants!! And I don’t want to pee in my pants! By the way I don’t mind if David Archie beat Adam in ‘Men Fashion Deals.Archie said nice thing about Adam.He’s a nice kid, I like him, also a fan so don’t bash that poor kid!!BTW,if somehow Clay vote for himself,AGAIN, who cares if he wins that?I want Adam to win “ULTIMATE WORLD IDOL” title!But here,when waiting that 15 mins to past:

    • Hey AdamAddict, I just went over on the Twitterwall and voted for the umpteenth time, — just to let everyone know, Clay is closing fast on Adam, there are only 1431 votes between them now. Horrifying! Get out and VOTE! I’m beginning to think the whole thing was rigged….I had SO much trouble voting all throughout the contest!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I agree with you Lorrin. There were times when I waited 45 minutes to try to vote, but meanwhile, Clay’s numbers kept going up steadily. I gave up on trying to hide this from my friends. I just said, look girls, this is the way it is–I’m obsessed, OK???, so I can’t stop myself. We had some time this afternoon where we did our own thing, so I was enjoying the weather on the deck with laptop in hand. Later we got together for munchies and wine, and my trusted laptop was right beside me!!! I hate to say at dinner time, it was on the chair next to me!!! Do I need help? gulp!

        • Helen, I saw the same thing, there was definitely something wrong with the vote, and it makes me angry! I wonder if there is an explanation for all that hemming and hawing I experienced while waiting for those stupid voting boxes to reappear….I wonder if someone is fiddling with Twitter….aside from that, I must say that you get my vote for ‘Most Loyal Fan: Who Cares What My Friends Think’? that we have had so far this year….keep it up, keep it up!

  18. I would love to have a group in Ohio!!!!!

  19. AdamRocks! says:

    GREAT pictures Peggy and Mars!!! And Mars, I LOVE your Whole Lotta Adam poster! I live in southern Mississippi, just an hour north of New Orleans. . . if there are any Adam fans nearby, it would be a lot of fun to get together sometime!

    Cindy in MS

  20. I love this group, it is so nice to be to read and write about Adam without someone thinking your nuts. When I am talking to my family and friends I am thinking about what Adam is doing, where he is, is he preforming now, but I have to keep this to myself because they are getting sick of hearing about Adam from me, well, it’s too bad because I feel if I keep talking about Adam they will beome fans and Adam will sell more albums and they will go to the concerts.
    What’s this about Clay Atkins, as far as I am concern when he said that Adam’s singing made his ears bleed, well, he was dead meat to me from that point on, it’s apparent that he doesn’t know anything about singing, doesn’t even reconize how great of a voice that Adam has. I’ll be voting for Adam Twitter wall to help Adam win..Yeah!!!!!

    • Lee M., we are SO glad to have you with us, and we most definitely do NOT think you are nuts! I was thinking about Adam’s intense attractiveness and enormous appeal today, and why so many older fans love him so fiercely. (I don’t know if YOU are an older fan or not, but I am one of them.) I think it is that not only do we respond deeply to his tremendous physical beauty, sensational vocal ability, and charming personality, but we also as a group, KNOW what we are seeing when we see Adam Lambert. We KNOW that he is a star of the first order and ABOVE the first order, and we are NOT going to let go of him, we are going WITH him on this ride. We have the rare chance to see an iconic star in the making from THE BEGINNING of his career, and we are not going to pass it up, because we know where it leads. It is not US, but the REST of the world who are not tuned in to the reality of what is happening as Adam makes his way toward the world stage. So, as Adam burns down the doors as he strides forward in his legendary career, it will be our voices who will be heard to say, “I Told You So” to all his doubters and detractors, and that will be a day of great satisfaction.

      Oh, and it does my heart good to hear you call that ‘Clay’ person ‘Mr. Atkins’. It serves him right. Since his name is actually Clay Aiken, it just goes to show that nobody can remember who he is, anyway. Thanks for your good post, Lee M, – we love you too, dig in, take heart and stay with us, you are at home!

  21. AdamAddict, you are so kind to say such nice things about my family….I am the one in the middle with short hair, black nail polish, and shirt….We all love Adam and hope we can see him when and if he goes on tour…..No! Melinda and Melissa are cousins….and I love the way you write…No, I have never been blonde, I love black hair and have 1 daughter that has not changed her hair…..Yes, Adam is the best since Elvis, for sure…..Thank you again for liking our picture….Peggy in Missouri

  22. Hola a todos, cuando voten en tweeter NO CLICKEEN UNA SOLA VEZ EN LA +, opriman compulsiva y rapidamente el simbolo hasta que la + desaparezca y obtendrán de 3 , 4 o hasta 5 votos juntos. Espero que ésto no esté arreglado y se parezca a la final de AI !!, quién diablos es ese tal clay ayken?, en mi pais no se conoce!!, y la única referencia que tengo de él es que habló mal de nuestro ADAM…
    Disculpen el español, se que hay otra argentina por aquí (silvana),tal vez esté leyendo ésto…
    Besos argentinos.


    • MARISA, ………. WHAT ???????!!!!!!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        LMAO!!Oh gosh,SUEEEEEE,SEND A TRANSLATOR HERE!!ASAP!! Let me try to transalate that. Hmm,ok, ” Hello, everyone,I tried to vote that twitter thing but no can’t click the “+”! WTH??I was trying to vote rapidly but no can’t do! Then I was so desparate to vote.Let me in at least 3, 4 or 5,for god sake!! I bet Parezca(Probably she means Mr.Perez Hilton bitch) will like to see A.I finale repeated all over again! Queen hate Clay Eiken?(well of course!)And me pissed!! Whatever, I’m thinking to dance tango with Adam!(Hmm??!!) Silvana,I have poor english(U think??!!),can you please transalate this for me because someone trying to be argentinos(Whaaat?? you mean me??!!)
        p/s;Don’t ever believe me,I cannot be trusted! LOL! 🙂

        • AdamRocks! says:

          Emili, you are TOO MUCH!!! ROTF!

          What am I doing here??? It’s 4:20 in the morning, I couldn’t sleep, so I got up and gave the cats a can of cat food, then on my way back to bed I walked by my computer, and that was the end of it. . . had to get my Adam fix! I’m so glad everybody here understands!

          Good night all!

          Cindy in MS

          • AdamAddict says:

            You can’t sleep and you decided to give your cats food??!!Your cats will love if you can’t sleep more often!!LOL!! I have 15 cats,can U believe that? That’s true,U know but they all live in my sister’s room because that’s all hers! 15!!!! Do you know how many is that? Yes,that’s true,that’s like 15!! Hahaha!
            It’s 4:20 am and you still haven’t sleep??!! And you called me a vampire before?? Than you are a dracula!! Hee hee! Vampire and Dracula are friends.Don’t mess with us,people!! We will suck you…NOT, we only want to suck Adam! Right,Drac? You call me Vam,Drac because we’re BFF now! 🙂

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Emili and Cindy, you BOTH are TOO MUCH……you make me laug SOOOOOOOOO much…..

              Emili, I have two cats…love cats…..but 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              Hope we can better our voting for Adam with Marisa’s instructions…..But as I said in the OK Adam’s lasts’ post, I don’t even have the “+” sign where to click…its driving me mad…..

              • AdamAddict, just as well the cats belong to your sister because by now they would all have died of starvation by now while you entertain us.

              • Lisette here..pardon Ingrid interupting..can non resiste to adde alrite Silvana compris totale of being a feline afficinado..I av owned chats since being a petit child,an often owne deux…An between chat an affectione forr Adam..both keep me sleepless many nites! bonauguri Lisettexox

                • Hi Lisette! Why do your cats keep you out of sleep???? We have a number of pets that I love to bits. My son is now a grown man so they are my babies! Lotsaluv, Ingrid

          • Lisette here..ah Cindy yu’re in same boat as Lisette anothre slepless like yu up with le chats literally..Sophia ma chat meows even if l’fibromyalgia dosnon keep awake..So decide to visite here too..possilbe we av been online same times..So nevre feele alone in thes “Sleepless state of minde..yu’re in bel acompagnie here! Merci for tweet et le complementes.An avec plasur to be amies too!
            Keep adoring beauhearte Adam ‘langel d’musique..sometimes naughtyone! opps ma vraie! Luv Lisette!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Maris, Emili and Admfan1,
          Hi, I’ll translate. What Marisa was saying, is that we should press the “+” sign several times, 3, 4 or 5 in a row, before the sign disappears, so we can add more votes, not just one. She hopes that this competition is not fixed as was the Ai one. She does not know Caly Aiken (not known in Argentina). The only reference she has of him, is that he had bad spoken of Adam. Then she said “besos argentinos”, which means Argentinian kisses.
          So I think we can try this method.

          Hola Marisa, ya leí otro de tus posts. ¿De dónde sos? Besos, Silvana
          (I was saying Hi to Marisa, and asking where is she from, in Argentina)

          • AdamAddict says:

            Whaaaat?? press “+” several times in a row?? And now you tell me??!! I’m on it!! Don’t worry!! Thanks Silvana! And thanks Marisa! Are you sure she didn’t mention Perez or something like tango with Adam??!! Just saying!! LOL!! I’m still voting!! TQ 🙂

            • Silvana/Argentina says:

              Emili, can’t stop laughing…she said “tengo” not tango, which means “I have”.
              And about Perez, was something like “desaparezca” means disappear.
              Besos (kisses)

              • AdamAddict says:

                OH I SEE, MARISA WANTS PEREZ TO DISAPPEARD!! LOL!! I like that idea, I wish Clay disappeard too!! Hahaha,I’m just kidding! No Perez,ok gotcha!! 🙂

              • Lisette encore..bono sera Silvana(goode eveninge)in Italian..pardon unsure of spagnol translation..Bienvenue,benevenuto to Adam’s best tributepage! an for some more international translate for kiss..baisers,,bisous(francais) Italiano..baci..any language mmmmwoi kisses for amies,amicas an pour Adam
                tanti baci!!! Okay see what yu av commencare! con affetione sua amica Lisettexoxo!

                • Silvana/Argentina says:

                  Hi Lisette,
                  I’ve been leaving messages for you all over. I love your French/English writting, and now you are adding italian for me. Thank you.
                  As I told you somewhere, my family comes from Italy.
                  You are always so sweet expressing your love for Adam.

                  (somewhere i wrote; Je t’embrace, is it a right way to say: kissing you?

          • Hola Marisa, thanks for your advice. Besos South Africa (mwah) – hope that’s right!

    • Lisette here..althout je ne compris pas..Espagnol sont a bella will try an say few words nel Italiano analtre lingua romanza..Benevenuto amica alle meillemo fanpage per Adam..noi angeli de musica anchio un bellisimo cantare,l’uomo refinare,..any language..Adam es un angel in musique!Take care bonauguri,bonos nochos sua amica Lisetta nella Italiana..francais Lisette!


  24. Silvana/Argentina says:

    Peggy and Mars,
    beautiful photos . Your families are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Silvana

  25. I’m getting wrinkles from laughing so much on this damn sight….lol

    • Admfan1, laughs and smiles are far more effective than anti-wrinkle cream so laugh my darling until you stomach hurts. I know the feeling. Mwah

  26. Glamb# Hope I did right….

  27. Hola a todos!!, insisto…no se escribir inglés!!!,aunque seria más divertido para ustedes!!. Acabo de llegar del trabajo y me puse a votar….and press the + several times (like Silvana said!!) y me contabilizaron 4 votos (dont lie!!).
    Silvana, soy de Buenos Aires y vos?, and Adamaddict…..i dont like the TANGO!!!!!!!!!!!!( pero me encantaría bailar con Adam!!!)
    “Argentinian kisses”!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      soy de Buenos Aires, y como muchas aquí la mayoría, de cierta edad. tengo 52 años.
      Les estuve traduciendo a las chicas tus posts, y veo que usaste algunas de las palabras. En otro thread (Indianápolis, creo) vos escibiste sobre este método para votar, e Ingrid me pidió de traducirlo y darte la bienvenida. Fijate. Ella es la que más te entiende.
      Ahora les voy a traducir tu post.
      Besos, Silvana

      • Silvana/Argentina says:

        me olvidé, Ingrid dice que sigas escribiendo aquí.

      • Silvana, please tell Marisa that my husband and I loooooooooove to tango! One gets to dance up close and personal. Speaking of which, I’d like to do the raaaaaaaaaaaaamba with Adam!! OOOH LA LA!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      Hi everyone,
      As Ingrid has asked me in some other thread, i will translate what Marisa is saying. She told us again about the voting method.

      Emili, she answered you that she does not like tango, but would love to dance with Adam (I say: who not?….)

      Then I answered her that I am too from Buenos aires, and as many here i’m of a certain age. That she was welcomed (as Ingrid someplace asked me to tell her) and to continue posting here.

      This will be FUN, wrtting and translating……the thing is I find it difficult to remember where i wrote each thing…..One more reason to go crazy….


      • Lisette here..bonosera Silvana..know yu’re in Buones Aires..lovli..I av an amie from ther who speake belle espagnol language..An pardon as I dont speke it just some Italian. Do yu speke thes language?As ma frend Stella recall saying ther’s grande population of Italian people reside ther?Ah regarde dansing with Adam..oui I av mentione on earlier threade thet seeing how Adam is non just a superbe vocaliste but estraordinaire danseur too..Can imagaine him to be on season of Dansing with Stars! What do yu thinq?Shold we all vote for him on thes subject in future of course?!I’d adore to see him in all danse categories from ballroom,latin, thinq he’d be very sensual doing samba,merango,disco,an even a classique viennese waltz..alrite Lisette an her reves.Just thet yu mentiones of tango..I can see him doing thes too with proper partner from thet show..I av always liked blonde gal from California with her brothre darn what’s nom..ah use to follow regularly..she’s off air now venturing into country musique career..but second choice can be one of Russian gals Edita,or Chery(*who won 2 seasons with football pros darn ther noms agan..sorry..non mattre..I’ll hope unjour Adam will thinq aboute it anyway! hugs to yu Silvana..bonauguri an felicita amica Lisette!

        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          Hi Lisette,
          I’m argentinian but my first language is Italian because my parents (still youngster, not married) migrate to Argentina from Northern Italy (Udine-Friuli).
          I left several posts for you all over telling about these stuff.
          I love music, even if I can’t sing….and dance ….not very good at it. My daughter, on the other hand, can dance anything like my late husband. I never danced tango and as marisa said and I translated, not even like it. But I would love to dance with Adam….Who wouldn’t????????????

  28. Is that Mary C???? … and they are all 48 and older. Glambs, you all look good – kudos to you. I love your t-shirts or sweaters as we call them in South Africa! I am going to convince my two older sisters to join at one of Adam’s concerts. We are also fifty something going on 16. thanks for the pic.

    • Hey Ingrid, No I cant take credit for being one of those lovely ladies above. She’s another Mary.

    • Ingrid: Are you from S. Africa? I am coming to S. Africa in first week of November after a stopover visit in Israel. I’m from Columbus, Ohio, and I am also interested in starting a group from Columbus. I’ve been to two shows – Columbus and Indianapolis. I know very little about S. Africa but would be interested in meeting up with you and sharing Adam info.

      • Shirley, my response post ended further up! Welcome to Cape Town, come join the party …. Cape Town is No.1. Lyrics from a local song.

  29. Wonderful new pictures! You women all look MAAAAAAAHHHHHHHVELOUUUUUS!!!!!!!

  30. Peggy(loveadam) says:

    I love the picture of you 5 sisters….I love the fact my family from age 13 to 74 loves to be a part of Adams adventure and career…One song I love to hear Adam sing is No Bounderies…No one could sing it like him and the Grand Rapids,, Mich. videos on you tube is great….Really miss looking for the new ones when the tour is over…..Everyone have a nice day.

  31. Just a few very important reminders…

    You will need to at least be willing to lead a statewide or country/province group (cities are geographically too small when we are talking an international scope!)

    And you have to email me at to get your group started!


  32. I think Adam is a very nice boy and people is bed when critics he for his life.Hi Adam!

  33. The flow of details was basically smooth. This kept me connected,

  34. Amazing post, truly!

  35. Great post, truly!