Fans in Motion…

It’s all a blur.

Two new Glamb groups are online – one for British Columbia, Canada and the other for Virginia and the Washington, D.C. area.    Join them if you live nearby!  I’m hoping Florida and a few more locations will be online shortly.  If you’ve lost track, a join link for each of the 12 area groups can be found here.

The Ontario, Canada group is planning a movie and dinner get-together for the opening night of “2012.”  The UK team is plotting something special for the drop date of Adam’s album.  Many other groups are having fun chatting, sharing information, getting to know each other, and recruiting more Glambs at every turn!  In addition, several of the group leaders have created area Twitter accounts and have been helping with tweets and retweets to spread the love.  And our first team project is about to get underway, using the functionality of Yahoo’s groups…so now is the time to get in on the ground floor, or to start that new group for your area by emailing me at

A few more tidbits: 

  • #timeformiracles trended to the No. 1 slot on Twitter on Sunday morning.  It was fun and exciting to participate from GlambsFansite.  We were definitely on a roll!
  • A new poll is up on the homepage – Go check it out!

Coming soon, I’ll be featuring a series of blog posts here entitled “Glambs in Motion.”  These will be fans from the area groups that have been doing special things to help Adam’s career.  It’s time they got a few kudos and a little recognition for a job well done.  Stay tuned!

Dana {CatEyes}, Glamb #6


  1. Dana! It was alot of FUN getting the ONTARIO site and Twitter up and running. Our Group is hoping to meet for as much as we can – for 2012, the CD launch, the Tour, etc. Thanks for setting these groups up!

    I was tweeting like crazy – it’s why I didn’t get anything else done all day! – and happy to have helped in a small way to get #timeformiracles trending as #1 on Twitter and promoting Adam and the Glambs group in Ontario. (I have to laugh when I read this back. just a few months ago (pre-Adam) I would have had absolutely no idea what that last sentence was about! Twitter? Trending? Time for Miracles? Glambs?) I LOVE how my world has changed for the better because of Adam and this site!!

    Thanks, everyone!!

    Glamb #20

    • Jane,
      Sorry for posting this here…
      But Adam will be on Ryan Seacreast radio show tomorrow morning with SOME NEWS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Check my post at the end of this thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I am soooooooooo excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Glambs BC is open for buisiness. All Alberta Glambs are welcome too!!

    WE in the Lower Mainland of Vancouver could get together easily but perhaps when Adam’s tour comes out, you outlying Glambs could mosey on over to Vancouver for the concert?? We can arrange places to stay, I am sure, and we can help out our ‘sisters’.

    I am talex42 on twitter so c’mon over!!

    Terry Glamb #349 and Moderator of GlambsBC

    • Hi Terry, excited to have joined my “neighbors” B.C. Glambs!!
      For sure, we’ll have to get together for Adam ‘s tour- epic.


    • lisette here..blessings an luv to all glambs gals/fellows an miss yu still in intense pain..,so why am onhere lot av misse many events an threads…Just to send yu all affections,peace,amour an joie of course reason to celebrate thes lovli tribute page always is Adam ..nous ange d’musique,de le couer,soul,an celestial voix tresbeau thet can be in Michelangelo’s one of kinde..benedictions in all thes ventures new fansites an i’ll always reman faithful an in thes famille of frends for Adam Lambert nomatre le pain,illness,worries an events I am facing..finde petit moment to stop by for some joie an smiles!
      Bless yu all very much..J’etaime Adam..toujours pour une vie..j’promise..I’ll be there at yur solo concerts..someday,somehow..somewhere as le chanson si va!…An blessings on time for miracles..I av heard snippets of..await superbe CD too!!!xoxoxooxgros bisous too!

    • I really want a glamb # originally thought that because I was a glambert #2232 I was a member but I guess not
      Have learned a lot about posting but still a bit hesitant
      Living in Canada Vancouver I would really love to have people nearby I could gush about Adam and perhaps meet sometime soon
      It is really lonely when you talk to people and you see their eyes roll at the mere mention of Adam
      They don’t know what they are missing
      I have been recieving your e mails daily and love the eloquence of some of your poster
      I don’t have a cell phone that I can twitter on but from all I have been reading can I still join twitter?
      Thank you I look forward to hearing from you even thought I am such a clow “typer”
      Brenda Scharfe

  3. C’mon any Kiwi Glambs out there……

    GlambsNewZealand is up and running so go to and join up so we can work out where we all are… to celebrate Adams successes….

    • Lisai, I scrolled through every single Glamb number and location a few days ago and it is amazing, loads of Kiwis on here, you might be able to address them in a post on here?

      • Hi Teresa,
        I just went through all the Glambs and found 6 with numbers and 1 waiting for a number. Not a huge number.

        So again c’mon Kiwis…
        Isla #24
        Amanda #54
        Veca #95
        Marina #195
        Sharleen #477

        Go to and get your name on the registry so we know who and where you are. I’m planning to go see the movie when it comes out, who’s coming with me…. okay I’m in Christchurch but surely there’s more than Dianne and I who live here…. and you guys elsewhere could get together as well to go in your respective cities….

        Wake up New Zealand….!!!!! Dont let us get left behind…..!!!!

        • Hi Lisa
          I think Marina (#195) is my adopted Glamb. She is from Dunedin, in the South Island of New Zealand. I have her e-mail address. You can contact me through Jeanette if you need it. Good luck in building our New Zealand Glamb army!!! LOL

          • Lisa Imbruglia says:

            Hmm, Vera.
            Maybe you could email and suggest to her that she goes on our register. It would make it easier. It may be that she doesn’t want her email address handed out until she knows me.
            She only has to go to and hit the “join here” button next to NZ in the International section…

  4. Evette #419 says:

    I’m so jealous I wish we had a local GLAMBS group in my area. I’m from PA. But I don’t drive so I guess even a PA GLAMBS group wouldn’t work for me. It sounds like you guys are going to have so much fun and accomplish so much. Good Luck to all of the new groups!!

  5. Susi Bashaw says:

    i would love to get a glamb number so i can comment

    • Susi,

      Check out the homepage for a link on where to get your Glamb #, plus links for other fan things you may be interested in.

      Glamb #6

      • Dana, I’ve scanned the homepage and others looking for where to ‘join the Glambs’. I already have my number but I wanted to test it so I can tell others. I can’t find the link. I’ve gone in via the menus above.

        • Look under the section titled “Current Fan Projects.” Then, it says “Get your Glambs fan number here.” The word “here” is an active link that takes you to the thread on where you apply for a number.

          Or, if you can remember the link, you can just go directly to the thread here:


  6. I would like to get a glamb number also. I am always reading everyones comments and I am blown away at how passionate you are! I have never been so obssessed over someone in my entire life! But then again, I have never encountered a person of Adams caliber, who cannot be defined in any single category….he is so much more than simply the “whole Package”…he oozes sincerety, passion,respect,humility etc., all that is “positive” and discards negetivity (a rare quality in todays world). You can’t help but become mezmerized by everything about him as a talented and creative human being. this is my first time trying to actually trying to join in to chat and share thoughts. I hope this gets through ok. Thank you for such an exciting and pleasurable site!

    • Hi Nanna #1, hope you enjoy this site, we do have great love for our guy and we are looking forward to this 1st song to be released, so we are all excited about Adam’s future. I sure agree with your feelings about Adam…Welcome aboard !!!!!

      • Nana#1

        Thanks Lee! I keep going to a website when someone puts one up..and from there i click on everything that has Adams name on it! LOL I could be missing in action…hours before I get back to this page…LOL. I am having the time of my life!


  7. Lambertini says:

    I just watched The 10 Commandment the Musical- & I was blown away! It was really good- but the main reason for watching of course- was Adam!! He was Adamazing! Can’t wait to go to GMA and see him AGAIN and hopefully get another autograph!!

    • oh my ra. u have it???!? same! my friend and i r typing the whole thing out. it took 24 hrs just 2 get 2 intermission!!!!!! i love that musical. ugh but can u tell me y adam’s the only man with a shirt. LITERALLY!!!!! maybe its cuz he get fwipped 5 times. those r the most evil/adorable parts. but can u agree with me that Val Kilmer can NOT sing?????? the ironic thing is that im watching it right now. IS ANYBODY LISTENING????!???? can ANYBODY HEAR? that i love adam…….

      • Hi MaddieLambert, I listened to the 10 commandments and fully agree with you, the only one with with a fantastic voice and exceptional performance is Adam Lambert, fully agree that Val Kilmer cannot sing. Adam is so versatile so talented, there is nothing that he cannot do, his Ring of Fire (his interpretation of country music) is amazing.

        • Did I read somewhere that during the 10 comments they came to Our Adam and asked him to tone it down a bit. Something along the lines of being too gay and theatical ??? I think I actually heard Adam say it in a interview or read it.. AGAIN DON’T QUOTE ME.. LOL But think how those people are feeling now !!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT ! I remember him saying that he hung out with Val Kilmer one night. ect.. my memory only remembers bits and pieces.. Someone remember this ???

          • Hi Admfan1, you are correct, it was in an interview when Adam was speaking about that performance, he was at Val Kilmer’s house when he was approached and told to tone down his performance cause it was a little too gay. Adam then spoke about his performance on the ZODIAC show when he sang A change is coming, he did say that performance was Adam’s way of answering back to them. I love that performance, all those ignorant people who could not see true talent infront of them cause they were blinded by their inhibitions, yes, they must now be feeling complete and utter idiots, they should not be in the music business if they cannot see such unique talent and performance. They only thing they have now is dirt in their faces.

            • Toni.. Thank you so much.. I knew I had heard/read it somewhere.. I remember how Adam seemed a little hurt over the whole deal.. at least I felt he was. I’m sure he was a diamond in the rough in those days, but anyone with just a little music sence should have seen the potential of this gifted man. I can just imagine them shaking their heads over this one.. Adam was destined for much greated things in this world and those that tried to brush him aside are indeed kicking themselves in the pants right now..

            • Dianne Hill says:

              Those people are so hypocritical aren’t they. Can you see any of them saying to Val Kilmer – “tone it down, don’t act so straight”. What a load of creeps they all are. I have only ever seen Adam be “Adam” that is who he is, honestly they make me so angry those people. I don’t think they would recognise real talent if it jumped up and bit them on the nose.

              • AdamAddict says:

                All I want to do is take off my gloves and slap that face with it! How dare him? Not to my Adam,no you didn’t!! Say politely to our future superstar,b****! Well that time was future,now is just the SUPERSTAR!! Yee haa! 😛

                • It makes me wonder sometimes if these people perhaps have a problem witht their hearing, or maybe they just have a mental block that prevents them from recognising pure unadulterated talent. When Adam performed in the 10 comnadments he was just 22, he sang and performed much betteer then the so called established artists. AdamAddict I will join you, these people need a good lesson.

  8. i live in ohio, and i heard there’s actuall group meetings for glambs. plz tell me where it is. and wat i have 2 do, anybody???? im desperate.

    Glamb #155

    • MaddieLambert, I have joined Ohio group, havent heard anything. So if you find out let me know
      too! I signed up w/Yahoo, but I must not be doing something right??? Cannot click into any
      comments etc. once into the individual groups.

      • Mary C, try to click on messages and see if you can read anything in the Ohio group.


        • Hi Dana, Ok When I click into to the Ohio Glambs, I see half way down page, a message history 7 for Sept. and 45 for Oct. cant click into those, Then on the left I see a
          Member only: messages, posts, files, photos etc. cant click into those either. Towards the bottom of page, Group email
          I joined the group days ago, but nothing is working. Maybe I’m not tying the yahoo together with this? I did sign up for yahoo too days ago.
          So any help, is greatly appreciated.

          • Mary —

            I just created a “test user” to see if I could figure out what was going on from your perspective. Either you really haven’t joined, so none of the links are active for you…or, you have joined but you aren’t logged in when you are looking at the group homepage.

            In anycase, my “testuser” account worked just fine and the links were active on the left hand bar of options.


            • Ok, thanks that may be it. When I post , I never login. So am I supposed to be
              logging in? on this site or the yahoo site? Why did I have to assign a new email for yahoo??

              • Mary C, I am having the same problem, but I thought that I had to be confirmed by the Board and then they would notifly me via email. , I check daily to see if there any emails at yahoo even though my club email is aol, go figure, i’m confused,that is the way yahoo set it up????

                • Ok, glad I’m not the only one then. My club is aol, and I set up a yahoo, cause
                  thats what it directed me to do. Just dont know.

    • Ladyc9543 481 says:

      I live in Ohio also and would like to connect with.more Adam lovers! I’m from Aurora (between akron and cleveland). Chris #481

      • Ladyc9543, I’m to the south of you Columbus area. Hopefully we can get together soon
        with some of the other Ohioans..

  9. I am Nana#1 from Florida. Please refer to my previous comments today (Oct.11, 2009 at 7:36 am). I hope that I am accepted. I look forward to joining in on the fun. Hugs to all. Nana#1

  10. This is so exciting. Everybody is so passionate and supportive. Kudos to you all!

  11. Hey Guys, Adam Lambert just stated on his twitter that his favourite holiday is coming up, for Halloween he will dress up as a GLAMPIRE and Rock HALLOWEEN. Well my follow GLAMBS, how will you dress to accompany our GLAMPIRE?

    • If this is what Vampires look like then I ready to be turned into one, this GLAMPIRE can bite my neck any time

      • Toni, Haa, oh yeh, I will play victim to him anytime!!!!!!!

        • Hi Mary, to keep vampires away people close their doors, their windows, use garlic etc, what will I do, I will open all doors, open all windows, I will welcome our GLAMPIRE with open arms. Does’nt lhe look so dominant, so fierce, Oh Adam GLAMPIRE I am waiting, come bite me PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

          • AdamAddict says:

            How about garlic bread?That keep Glampire away too? Do I need to toss that away??!! 😛

            • Quickly, toss that away if you want our GLAMPIRE to give you a GLAMPIRE bite. AdamAddict you know you want to be bitten by such a beautiful VAMPIRE.

              • AdamAddict says:

                After I see Glitter Glampire,my nose will bleed. I still hope he bite me tho,not just lick that blood! LICK?Glampire tongue? That will do too ~nodding~ LOL 😛

  12. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    Although I consider myself to be a Glamb, I so very much want to be an official Glamb with a number. I have followed the directions to the letter and sent a few emails to no avail . Is there anyone “out there” who can help me? I eagerly await your reply.

  13. I also have tried several times for a glam number, dont know if i just need to be patient or am doing something wrong? Will give it a day or two and maybe try again, I know you ladies all have busy lives. I have been on some older links and read all of your bios and backgrounds it was good to learn more about you all. Your writing skills are admirable, I cant believe how similar we all feel about Adam, its like I am doing all the neccesary things in my life only and everthing else is on hold. Day by day we are getting closer to nre material more interviews tc, Off now to listen to Time for miracles over and over.jan.

    • Kailua and Jan, hope you get your #’s soon. What Cat Eyes is saying works. Step by Step.
      peace and love

    • Lisa Imbruglia says:

      Jan you are Glamb # 483. Sent you an email after I found you on the member no. area…

  14. So sorry it seems to be difficult to “get a number.” But really, it isn’t hard if you follow the steps:

    Go to this thread:

    Go to the very bottom and submit a new comment with your info. Leave the Glamb # blank…it will be filled in for you in a day or two.

    Check back in 48 hrs. for your number.


  15. Here’s a video a girl was nice enough to do for me to my favorite Goldfrapp song that fits Adam LIKE a GLOVE!! It will make you want HIM to fit you like a GLOVE TOO!!! This shows everything sexy about Adam there is. I can’t believe how she starts out with ALL my favorite Adam moves to just the right parts of the song, and then it just gets hotttter from there!

    • Glambertcraze says:

      Thank You, You just made my day.

      • Hi Summer, thanks for the video, loved it.

        • Thanks for the video just loved it? NO, I am home now, I just sat back and watched it again, OMG, this guy knows how to move those hips, and that is just the right song for Adam. Love the guy.

    • Thanks Summer, this is my 2nd does of Adams hotness today to keep the high going.
      He can just swivel his hips and thrust out his Treasure all day long as far as I’m concerned.
      shake it baby, shake it, oh oh oh fit me like a GLOVE baby!!!!
      How these people match the song lyrics to these moves is the best.
      oh la la………..

    • Summer (and you too, Gala and Theresa who have commented and provided links below): Did you know that all THREE of you have identified videos that were produced by OUR VERY OWN Glamb # 472 Jamie from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada!!?? She is the very popular MagicalLadee on YouTube! I subscribed to her videos and put most of them in my Favourites file before I even realised that she is my co-moderator for the Ontario Glambs Group!! I feel like a proud Mother indeed and just had to share that with everyone!

      Jamie, you are AMAZINGLY talented at how you put Adam’s sexy moves together with the perfect song and edit everything in such an interesting and exciting way! I am glad to hear that you have sent some of your videos and entered the Rock Weekly contest which is looking for Adam’s best fans. FABULOUS!!

      Be sure to check out the rest of Jamie’s videos! They’re all great!

      Glamb #20

      • OH thank you Jane, I have put a couple of comments on youtube complimenting her and inviting her to join Glambs and she is already a Glamb. I had meant to ask you if it was the same Jamie.

        She is an awesome video editor and chooses her songs and film clips of Adam supremely well!!

        Jamie, do you let Adam know about your videos???

      • Thanks Jane for letting usknow about one of our owns talent! Jamie, great job girl.
        Love your videos. Best of luck in the contest!!

      • Hi Jamie,
        Great job!!! Love your videos!!l
        Hope to see you on Nov 13!!!

    • Nana#1 WOW, Summer…that was the most exciting 3.24 minutes of my day!! Thank you so much. (of course I won’t get any sleep tonight..but who needs sleep?!)

  16. Guys,
    Check this new tribute video:Adam Lambert – Fan Made 2012 Trailer
    I love it!!!

  17. I can’t help it, just gotta share, Adam our ‘Shooting Star” and yes,, Glambs, there is lots of mic action and sexy smiles…

    Oh, and Dianne, some tongue action for you in the last 30 seconds!!

    • Glambertcraze says:

      Thanks Theresa These post are awesome. Now I can go to work happy

    • Ok Terry, I’ve now had my 4th sexy video fix of the day, my high will remain. Shooting star
      with a name:ADAM WOW. And in between all that thrusting sexiness at 1.01 Adams
      sweet beautiful smile! Oh, Oh, Oh. How he swivels those hips, he would defin. break the
      world record with a Hula Hoop.
      Thanks for the rush………

      • OMG Mary, how am I going to go to sleep now, I am in London, it is coming up to 11 pm, need to go to bed and get up very early tomorrow, but, I cannot sleep, all I can think is those hips swiveling, the thrusting, the facial expressions, the eyes, OH MERCY, MERCY, I am suffering, how can one man have so much sexiness.

        • I know Toni, you can either stay wide awake and keep watching ,all excited or try to go to sleep and have wild steamy dreams………………..

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Oh, not fair, I am at work at the moment and can’t watch video clips so will have to wait till I get home – only about three hours to go. OMG three hours, how am I going to cope, but you know what I will be doing the moment I get home don’t you, gimme that tongue action Adam, bring it on baby.

      • Ha Dianne, Dont know how you can wait for these. Well worth it though. He’ll give you some tongue, shimmies, shakes, thrusts, smiles, oh my, while you’re watching, lets see
        in 3 more hours while you’ll be watching, I’ll be having hot dreams…….

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Mary, I hope you are enjoying your sweet dreams girl, because now I’m getting some action – well the Adam kind if you understand me. All that thrusting, what can I say, just come on over Adam and shake that thing at me, please, I am begging you.

          • Dianne, you have me laughing, while you want that thing shaking at you. AAhhhh , me too.
            shake it baby, shake it……….

    • oooooooooooweeeeeeeeeee! I can’t get enough of ADAM!!!!

    • ooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee!!!! Cannot get enough of ADAM!!
      Thanks Theresa!!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      OMG Theresa he can shake that at me anytime he pleases. Wow, and yes I saw the tongue, he is so damn sexy when he sticks that out I just want to face suck him if you get my drift. I loved it. Ta.

  18. Thanks CatEyes. I’m going to try it again. I’ve been posting here for a long time, but can’t seem to get the Glamb # process right, maybe this time!

  19. Oh, I forgot. I’m glad to see there are some PA Glambs. Anyone live near Reading or Allentown?

  20. AdamAddict says:

    This is new story about Adam.This is his business,I don’t mind with who he will end up as long he loves that person and that person loves him back.BTW,can’t 100% believe this story because running and said wait….that can be a story??!!Hmm,well maybe for superstar only. I just love Adam <3

    • Oh AA, Gossip or Truth?? Vodka and Redbull, ouch! sounds like it can buzz and hyper a
      person up. If its true, Adams other will have to get used to all this celebrityism. No room for
      the green eyed monster. For everyone wants a chance to chat with him.
      Teddys? remember when he won the Hollywood Young Artist award, during his acceptance speech he said ” Now I can get into Teddys”” Oh I love him. Want happiness for him always!!!!!!!!!!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Yeah,I remembered that speech because Adam made this cutest face when he said that! Awww,to cute!! 😀

      • I agree with Mary, everyone will want to get close to Adam, he has to talk to people, be curtious, smile, not be rude, if this gets misunderstood by the other person that is too bad. Adam did say from the beginning that he is just dating, he never said this is permanent. One way to loose a guy is to be overbaring.

    • I clicked on the link, but where’s the story????

      • AdamAddict says:

        The story?I can’t even say it’s a story, just few lines that they assume! Eh,forget about that,it’s not that matters! I don’t know why I brought it here.


    I have gone through the Glambs names and numbers looking for possible members for the OntarioCanada group that I am co-moderating with Jamie (#472) . There are alot of Canadians listed but not everyone has said what City/Province they are from. (It’s a huge country, people, so it would be difficult to meet for dinner in Vancouver if you’re from St John’s!) I know Terry (Theresa/Canada) who is running the B.C. group has also gone through the list and will be wanting to know if there are others in the West.

    Would the following Canadian Glambs please identify where you live (City/town and Province.) You can go back into the list here: scroll down to where your number is listed, add this information for the records and then come forward to join one of our groups if in your part of the country.

    #34 Maureen (Veltic Mairin)
    #97 Beth (flowing.waters)
    #142 Vella (madworld)
    #170 Sandee (redhed29)
    #309 Paula
    #310 Andrew
    #311 Kim (Funky Franky)
    #318 Kaelo (Tiffers66)
    #321 Wendy (Alysa)
    #323 Stephanie (Ryan4Ever)
    #328 Justine (Dr Pepper Diva)
    #480 Emy

    All of you who have already identified yourselves as being from somewhere in Ontario (I count 15 of us so far!), please check out our Group here if you haven’t done so already:
    We have alot of great events being planned and would love to have you join us! We are also on Twitter at GlambsONCanada and are also setting up a Facebook page. To those of you who have already joined – thanks!

    Come on, Canada! Let’s show Adam some LOVE!!!!


    Glamb #20

    (Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!)

  22. Sun-n-Stars says:

    Loved the new Shooting Star tribute. I don’t post everyday or every week but I do try to get on and catch up on what everyone is saying. I really appreciate all of the update news on Adam. Now I need a Glamb number. I have been a follower since April and I think a subscriber since early June.

    Glamb #
    Robin (sun-n-stars) Roseland, Virginia

  23. Hopefully, with the permission of our webmistress I’d like to invite all western Canadians to our group, see link below. I noticed there was one Manitoban all by her lonesome, and two Calgarians.

    We may not always be able to drive or fly to getogethers but we can have a unified Adam support group and share stories, vids etc.

    Terry Glamb #349 Vancouver



  25. New article on MTV site about Times for Miracles by Jim Cantiello!!! I love him and his interviews with
    Adam!!! One quote from it:
    “Even my “Idol”-bashing coworker [name redacted to prevent hate mail] was overcome with Lambertitis once he heard the preview. After lifting his jaw off the ground, he said in a daze, “That dude can blooooow.” If Lambert can convert the biggest hater out there, forget miracles, friends. It’s time for champagne!”
    Enjoy it!

    • Gala here is the link for those who dont know how to ‘copy and paste’

      Great article! We know Jim Cantielo is a big fan but still…. when those who didnt care for him before are blown away, we know he is on his way to mass popularity.

      • Thank you, Terry for the link.
        It takes a lot of time for the post to go through moderation that is why I don’t like posting them….

        Absolutely agree with you Adam is ON his way to mass popularity and after it happens (pretty soon, no doubt) we’ll be happy to tell everybody we knew it long before the whole world!!!!! I know a couple of people who are skeptical… They say : “Adam is one of the many… Let’s wait till his album release…” OK let’s wait and I know who will be right…..

  26. Looks like we’ll have some news tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NegativeNatalie tweeted: Tomorrow – 830 am pst @AdamLambert w/ @ryanseacrest – Adam will have some news… Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Negative Natalie is one of Ryan’s cohorts on his daily radio show. So this info is 100% true. Adam will appear at Ryan’s show tomorrow in LA.

    You can listen to the interview here live tomorrow:
    OK, who can tell me what time it ‘s going to be in Ontario, Canada????????

    I am sooooooooooooooooo excited!!!!!


    • Gala, hope someone tapes it and shares. I will be at work, that will be 11:30am my time.
      News?? wonder, wonder, ohohohoh. Maybe album title?? First single title?? Oh tomorrow
      is the day for AMA announcements too.

      • I never know if I’ll be able to hear audio at work, depends whats going on at that time.

      • Mary,
        I’ve just checked the second link. As far as I understand you can listen to all interviews after the live ones. There is a whole list of people Ryan talked to before… You just press the arrow-button beside the name and you can listen to the interview. Hopefully it goes on this list immediately after the LIVE one…. We’ll check tomorrow….
        Yes, Mary, I am also wondering what are the news are gonna be?????

  27. Pacific time is 3 hours earlier than eastern time. Actually it is daylight time still though. But just use 8:30 am is 11:30 am in Ont, Que and eastern States.

    • Thank you, Terry!!!!!!!!!!
      So as far as I understood it will be at 11:30am here… Right???

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You will be sure to post it here won’t you Gala, cant listen live all the way from New Zealand, but would love to have a link to listen later on. Cheers.

        • Dianne,
          Why not…. You WILL be able to listen to this interview LIVE TOMORROW as it is said in the article…. but at the time when it is 8:30 am in LA. ( I am not sure what time it will be in New Zealand…) Just go to this link and you will be able to listen to this radio show on your computer….

          • Dianne Hill says:

            Cheers for that Gala, will give it a go, as long as its not too late, as it is I only got four hours sleep last night and I am just surviving on Adamadrenline at the moment. Can’t miss out on anything to do with our boy, he is way more important than sleep.

            • Lisa Imbruglia says:

              It’s 4.30am NZ time. ouch….
              please record it someone or at least post the link to it so we can go listen to it later.. we’ll be sound asleep at that time of the day…