Eyeliner Anyone? Adam Lambert Gives a DJ a Lesson in Eyeliner

Adam helps DJ Crackllin Jack, from Brisbane’s B105, with his eyeliner in the pics below. Does this boy have ANY idea how many people would kill to be in his shoes? If you click on the individual pics, it gives their caption to each photo and shares his reluctance to this whole concept, haha. I apologize that they are not in order, but I think you can figure it out… and in the group shot Adams look is to DIE for, agree??




  1. Sue,
    Thanks for finding all these great pieces and getting them posted so quickly!
    Love ya, GlambSis!

  2. Love this man soooooo much……

  3. Glenda #1946 says:

    He can do my eyeliner ANY DAY!!

  4. wow, it certainly improved the dj’s look=) is it just me or are these aussies really hot?;p

  5. I heard this on the radio. Hamish and Andy are very popular here in Sydney They were having a grand old time….. it was quite funny.

    Everyone here in OZ was loving that Adam doesn’t give a “stuff’…..Aussies definitely love that attitude so he was a great hit with the men as well as the ladies.

    Also…..Alan Jones, one of our most respected senior radio announcers, interviewed Adam and couldn’t stop praising him.

    • Sorry, forgot to put…

      Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Hey Yvonne! Love your comments! Love the Aussie attitude always……so out the box for ADAM!
      There’s no room for that conservative viewpoint here….prehaps that why we need to keep our
      Glitter Prince in Oz..? We’d sure love and appreciate him! …But wait on second thoughts we can’t
      because he now belongs to the world!!!!! ….Plus love the eyeliner. We never go with eyeliner
      in our house….what would life be like without Dimitri James?………ADAM always looks so cool
      …adore the makeup however he wears it…..and mixed with glitter. Dropdead WHOW!

      • Hey, I too have to make a correction…..us Aussies are losing it since the Glitter Prince
        was here!!!!………….PRIOR POST SHOULD READ..We never go WITHOUT eyeliner in our
        house!…..Heavens forbid that happening!!! Still trying to catch some sleep after 3 straight
        nights without a wink due to ADAM being here….plus the Mardi Gras Party Night!…..That’s
        what happens when the GLAMBERTS in town…you turn into a party animal!!!!!!! ALL HAIL
        THE ADAM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Great pics…Adam is so cool in everything he does..


  7. littlegreensnake says:

    Gee, I wonder if I could get Adam to do me…um, my eyeliner, I mean. Although the other would be most welcome also. hehehe
    Seriously though, I need to do up some fierce Adam eyes for the Vampires Masquerade Ball in
    Portland the end of this month. Any of you Glambs got any good tips on brands or techniques?
    Glamb #402

  8. hey guys,
    the best boy in the world