Exclusive Photos: The Finale Was Just the Beginning!

Some of you may have noticed in comments that Mary C has been trying and trying to send us some photos over the past few days. I’m happy to say she finally succeeded! Warning (up front this time!) – viewing these photos may cause additional glamage to your eyes and can result in glitter-vision. Also, it is highly recommended that you not lick your monitor! Doing so may result in glitter-mouth.

I’ll let Mary introduce the photos in her own words:

“Hi Glambs, here are some of the pics from when my sister and I were ever so lucky to go to LA for the AI finales. We met Adam on Thursday morning (early 6:30 am) after the Weds. night show, he had only gotten 45 mins. of sleep and still looked great. He is the nicest, coolest, sweetest everything good I can think of man. He looked us right in the eye when he spoke to us with those gorgeous eyes of his, like being hyp-motized. At one point I was trying to take my sisters pic, and he giggled and said ‘Uh you have to turn your camera ON for it to take a picture.’ Talk about feeling silly. He didnt care, the sweet guy that he is. This was truly a dream come true for us, not only being able to attend both of the Finale shows, but being able to be so close and talk to Adam…we were on cloud 9. I am the googly eyed one in the green shirt.”

Enjoy, Mary C








Please show Mary C some serious love for being so relentless in sending these in so that we may all share her once-in-a-lifetime experience!!!

Thank you, Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Great pictures! You’re so lucky, Mary! I live in Croatia, in Europe. It’s almost impossible for me to see Adam πŸ™

    • Thanks Alen, Hopefully one day he will come your way!!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        You know what I just noticed Mary. In the pic of Adam and your sister, Adam put his hand on your sister’s shoulder. He didn’t have to do that, he could of just posed next to her. See what a genuinely sincere guy he is. OMG, I’m going to cry!

        • Oh yes Helen, he actually hugged us. Now dont go fainting but, when he has his hand
          around your shoulder he did the little rub motion. OMG

          • Helen/Canada says:

            OMG, say it isn’t so! I really am going to die now! How much can one person take!!!!!

          • Mary C, you are a LEGEND! I am sure you wanted to die and go to heaven after that little shoulder rub. I am so glad that you have these beautiful pics with Adam. Any chance of superimposing my pic somewhere??? Just asking ….!!!

            Mary C, who is that guy hanging around in the background with that ‘longing look’??? Was he after Adam’s bod???? I am glad that Adam doesn’t seem particularly interested in him.

            • Thanks Ingrid, It was something spectacular to be there. The guy hanging around him
              was like a bodyguard at the time. He did keep an eye on him. So Adam was aware
              of what he was doing.

              • Lisette here..Ah just notice Ingrid..miss yu cheramie..hope yu’re fine?Ah an gathre thet’s a nice fantasie to to superimpose photo with Adam,have Mary send in post,an imagaine yu were there too! Sure I’d keep thet one in famille room an let evryone wondre if yu flew across l’mers to see beau Adam for thet special show!..he-he Nice agan to dreame..yes!Wel one can cut oute fellow in back/ a guard?..an splice Ingrid inbetween somhow..it’s wondrful to av imagaination here! hugs an luv Lisette!..

              • Iyleneidol09 says:

                Hmm! Mary C, that gives me an idea, I think I am changing my profession. I will switch to a bodyguard job for the stars ( of course exclusively for Adam) and will charge him a very cheap rate ( I cannot say for free, he might think I have a dark, ulterior motive, hah! no way!! LOL!). I will tell him that I will also provide other service like masseuse and there is no extra charge (whohoo!)
                for it. Huh! I think I should seriously consider this idea …

      • Lisette here..ah thes post nevre reach me..am day late but neede some joie so espress special thenks Jeanette for posting Mary’s photos..I fel sad to miss this . So leave some sentimentes day after. A plasir to see closups with Adam an hugs ah lovli!.Trasure thes for a lifeteme..!Hugs for yu here! An know one day will attend concerte if health permitts in future.Til then if close ma eyes, can blinq ma way ther as Jeannie tv show(barbra Eden such a delicieux thout..yes master!oops anothre fantasie now! These photo one can show all famille,frends as Adam’s early musique performances yu’ll recall for always! Blessings to yu Mary C! Luv Lisettexoxo!

        • Thanks Lisette, Blessings to yu too! Hugs!

          • Lisette agan..non mention Mary just seein Ingrid post made m’imagaination run wilde an thout yu can mail her copy an somhow thru photo technology place her in centre where strange fellow was.Sure she’s very attractive an would complemente Adam ! An his face an azure eyes there..like edge of mediteranean sea,warm smile an somone mention profile perfete like I av say Michelangelo’s David in Florence! Hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

    • I live in Brasil and I have the same feeling about meet ADAM.
      But I’m trying to be hopeful and do not give my dream up, then I repeat this everyday : I’ll meet ADAM one day !!!
      Mary C great pics indeed ! Thank you so much to share your happiness with us, I can imagine your emotion being so close to ADAM.


      • Evelize, Do not give up on your dream. Adam will travel world wide on his own tour. You always
        have a chance! Thx, Mary

        • Thanks Mary , I’ll accept your advice.
          I know that early than we expect ADAM will travel all over the world on his own tour and wherever he’s in South America, not only in Brasil, I’ll be to meet him.


          • Lisette here..aw Evelize do av faith an know one day yu’ll be blesse to see Adam’s concerte!..An don feel sad as I too havenon yet seen him..All due to illhealth,but know in ma hearte it shall be so,in solo tour..All I can do now is await thes to be!An nice to see othre glambs from all ovre l’worlde..All thenks to satellite broadcastes imagaine lif without it! Baci et bonauguri Evelize! Lisettexoxo

            • Lissette I hope your health improves soon. I enjoy your posts, so full of love for our Adam and so full of your fun and beautiful French accent!! Hugs, Dawn

              • Lisette here..
                Bonmatin up for med an blood test,so before visite lovli glambs an Adam’s best tributepage.An seems l’soleil shines thru his angelique face an voix here..Thenks too Dawn for yur grace an kindness..Plasur to be yur frend here!
                Take care an have a beljour ! blessings an hugs Lisettexoxo

        • MANY MANY THANK YOUS MARY C!! It feels as if we are standing right beside him, next best thing!

  2. SUPER pics!! Thanks for sharing!! He is too adorable! πŸ™‚

    Manda_K #413

  3. AdamAddict says:

    Great pictures,Mary C!Did you send those using “Attach Files?” I plan to send “Happy GLAMBirthday Adam” but not sure how! Please tell me! Seriously,great photos! Did you get his autograph?I think I have to suck up you more often because you probably the only one who can help me get his autograph!! Have I tell you how funny you are and adorable you are lately? Yes you are,mary C,yes you are!! muah,muah!! ~hug~ πŸ˜€

    • AdamAddict says:

      OMG,He talked to you??Yup,I just read it.I’m just too excited looking at those photos,I didn’t notice all the words above the photos! You forgot to turn on the camera?? Hahaha! That’s cute! If I meet him,I will pretend I forgot too so he will talk to me!! Gosh,I’m so jealous,Mary C! You’re so lucky B*,I meant lucky girl!! πŸ˜›

    • AdamAddict, I’m the brunette. I sent them via email, with attatchments. I did get an autograph. The one pic, Adam was
      autographing my ticket from the show. He did talk to us and actually took his time w/ea of us.
      Kris was out there too and watching those two interact was fun.
      Muah to you , you r to cute.

  4. TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

    Here I sit drinking my morning cup of tea before work. I never have the time to write in….but I made time today…Congrats !!! Mary C, there you are cheek to cheek with “Our Boy”, how lucky for you…
    Grt pics, Thanx for the Grt shares…everyone have a Blessed Day

  5. Great photos, keep up the superb work, and what do the say about the one in a million? How about Talent and a whole lotta luck!! Your gift will take you far, may your journey be safe……..

    • Thanks, oh u just say whatever comes to mind at the moment. God help us. He was just so nice and funny. I do remember
      specically telling him that he is ” Beautiful” and best of luck to his future! Those eyes of his,
      oh those eyes!!!!

  6. Thanks for the pictures, Mary. I hope that you realize that you are forever in my CP with my folder of Adam! That is a great honor, incase you don’t know !!! What were you doing up at that hour and to be there and how in the world did you figure that Adam would be there. OMG, he looks so good and after just 45 mins of sleep ! What a ride we’re going to have when we chose to grab ahold of Adam’s coat tails.
    Now I know that I’ve gone completely crazy, I just went to make my coffee and I was in such a hurry to get back to “Adam’s News” that I didn’t notice til too late that I hadn’t empty the grounds from yesterday, ugh! What to do, gotta get back to Adam, oh well, won’t kill me !

    • Lee, how funny w/the coffee grounds. What an honor to be 4ever in your CP. OK, let me explain
      how we ended up meeting w/Adam. The hotel we stayed at , was right across the street from
      the Nokia Theatre. We woke up early that morning, turned on the TV and low and behold on the news
      was Adam being interviewed by the local news lady. We are like ” Jesus he is right across the
      street” The whole complex outside the Nokia is where they had been doing interviews for the past couple of days. That morning the only 2 being interviewed was Adam and Kris. We got in our speed mode, got ready, and hustled over there and the rest is history!

      • Thanks for that, I guess the early bird does get the worm (Adam) !!!!!!! By the way the coffee is so bad, ugh, oh well I can’t take the time to make another pot, gotta more important things to do !!!! (like more of Adam) I just can’t seem to get enough of him.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Oh Mary, what a lucky girl you are!! I am soooooooooooo jealous. I want to meet him soooooooooooooo bad!. You’re pics are great. Thank you for sharing them and your story with us. Some of us have to live vicariously through others! You have to promise me that next time Adam tours you have to take me with you. You seem to have luck on your side!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Sorry, for the grammar error, “your” pics, not “you’re”. That is what Adam does to me!

          • Helen, dont apologize for the grammar, we all know how that happens. Anyhow,
            yea, we can go touring together and put all our luck together. thanks

            • Lisette here..do agree here plz if evre future solo concerte be lovli if yu rub ma shouldre like a Jeannie lamp,an meet Adam for photo or conversation..or nice hug s if only! Adam has such a lovli aura an displays with charm,humilitie an bit of dolcemente…sweetness! J’adore thes angel of musique an beauhearte! Luv Lisettexoxo

  7. Great pictures. What a sweet guy he is! You are so lucky for this experience. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Jeanette, Special thanks to you for how you posted these.

    • You’re welcome, Mary!


      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Jeanette
        Do these pics stay on this site forever or do I have to download them to my computer. It’s getting so full, I think it may crash! I think I have to buy one just for Adam stuff!

  9. AdamRocks! says:

    MARY!!! OMG, what GREAT photos! And an experience that you’ll NEVER forget! πŸ™‚

    Cindy in MS

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience and the wonderful pics of our wonderful Adam…I have an online friend who met him twice and she said he is more gorgeous in person and as nice as everyone mentions. It was the first of the month and she is still floating. I imagine meeting him changes you! So happy for you.

  11. Hi Mary, thanks for posting the pictures, he is such a fantastic guy, he has such a sweet expression on his face. I hope that one day he will come to London so that we may be lucky enough to get that close to Adam.

    • Toni, I’m sure London will be on his tour travels. Hope so.

      • Lisette here..Thenks agan lovli Mary for photos here..an Toni sureli Adam given he’s adore aronde l’monde thru satellite tv(of Amer.Idol),ther’ll be international tours in future for beau Adam..An now I av to be patiente for his soloconcerte..sadli missin him for ill health.Have faith an beliv it shall be for yu to see thes gifted artiste/vocaliste with couer d’or,face angelique!
        hugs an luv Lisettexoxx

        • Lisette, you are so sweet. your welcome, enjoy them and hopefully Adam will make
          his way over to Paree, France one day.

  12. Thanks Mary C for the pictures, that’s so sweet of you … I loved the last picture, Adam’s lips just ELECTRIFY MY LIFE πŸ™‚ … Mary C, you’re very lucky, I live in Morocco so there’s absolutely no chance that Adam could come here neither πŸ™ … Hopefully I will see him somewhere other than my dreams !!

    • Now Marwa, you never know. He will be touring worldwide in the future. Keep your hopes up!!! I can
      just see him dancing the night away in Morocco.

  13. Haha, I’ve known Adam for years now, and he is TRUELY the sweest, kindest, most amazing person I’ve ever met in my whole life. He would give anything for his friends, and I love him soo much for that. Later today I get to hang out with him before and after the concert. I can’t wait to see him again, it’s so refreshing to see that gorgeous face.
    I’ll take pictures with him later and post them up here, especially the ‘hello’ kiss he gives me everytime he sees me. πŸ™‚
    Thanks for posting your experiance! Your words truely made me smile because they are so 10000% true about Adam.
    Love for ever, Hug & Kisses from Adam to you,

    • OH God, please make me not hate you Victoria, You have known Adam for years,you get to have him hug and kiss you, this just isn’t right. Although I could ask you a question being you had the honor of knowing Adamh not becaomee not become famous for years, “How in the world was he not known to the worlld before AI?” I”ve watch some of his old tapes and he was always great, how could he not have become famous?

      • P.S. Victoria, see I can’t even type or spell now…so upset and jealous of you..Hee Hee

        • AdamAddict says:

          Are you serious??!! You know him?? Is he your friend?Are you serious?Really?You really close?Really?No kidding?Like schoolmate?No?Work together?No?Yes? Can you let him know about this sites?Can you let him know that we all love the Robert Sebree photoshoot and we like him to make 2010 calender?Can you?What is “hello” kiss? Why Victoria then Tori?So Victoria is your screen name?Your name is Tori?You really know him?No joking?Are you just trying to make me jealous?Can you get me his autograph?No?Yes?ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME??YOU SERIOUSLY KNOW HIM??WHAT THE….!! YEEESSSS,WE HAVE SOMEONE THAT KNOW OUR DARLING ADAM HERE!! MARY C,I’M SORRY BUT I’M NOT SUCKING YOU UP ANYMORE,I HAVE ANOTHER TARGET!! HAHAHAHA!!
          P/S: You better don’t kidding around,Victoria! I’m doing “krumping” now!! lol!!
          Emili Glamb#19 Malaysia

    • Victoria, Are you the Victoria I met out in LA ?? We spoke Weds. night and you were saying you and
      Adam go way back. In a small band together? You had on an Adam shirt etc. Cant wait to see
      your pics too. Dont you love how me makes us all smile?? I’m smiling now, thinking of you and him and the hello kiss and him and ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh
      Thanks, Mary

    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMG, OMG, OMG Victoria! You are so lucky. I would give anything just to see Adam up close! That beautiful, beautiful face. He was amazing in concert, but didn’t come out that night after the show. I think part of what makes Adam so beautiful on the outside is his inner beauty. You can tell from his interactions and interviews what a genuine person he is. We all love him so much here on this site. You are such a lucky person to know him. I’m sure you cherish that friendship. Next time you see him, take me with you please!!!! I promise that I won’t hurl myself at him (or maybe not, hee, hee!). Thank you for sharing this with us.

      • Helen , glad you are here. You were wondering where the group photo of Adam in the white
        socks ( cute) was. Its in the Meet the Glambs Leaders 4 (kids). So check it out. So cute.

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Thanks Mary! Love ya!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Mary. Finally saw the group pic. He’s so cute! Did you notice how white and skinny his legs are! I love it!

        • Lisette here..ah Helen such lovli words..an I feel same Adam is vraimente a beau l’homme(beautful fellow) both inward an outward.An seein all thes photos,videos truly transcendes joie,lit an luv as if we’re ther too! An yu’re lovli..agree adore to take him home an as he mention in interview be nice to meet all fans an have dinnre ..Imagaine thet thout if possible thinq woulde be size celebritie gala au awarde show..An Adam can just table hop,an chat,hugs an bisous for all(okay Lisette now is totale swept away here!)
          hugs an luv always Lisettexoxo

      • Lisette here..aw Victoria reade above postes how lovli to know Adam..such a gifted artiste an sure as humble an sweet as appear in interviews,tvshows an such.Ar yu from same hometown an schol or theatre perhaps..Aw do share if evre possible we’d adore to know!An true soo fortunate to av his frenship..Thet’s truly a blessing as always Adam display warmth an sinceritie,charm always..Hugs an luv to yu too Victoria! Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Mary C: I have been dubbing those fortunate enough to share/transfer breath and skin molecules with Adam, as being now partially divine. Bask in your diviness. However, VICTORIA, my dear, you are damned near immortal! Congratulations to you for having a friendship with this most amazing man! Take Care Of Him For Us!

      • wannabethesnake, I’ll take the title, Partially divine! Geez, I want to work on being Immortal!

      • Lisette here..bonmatin to all an wannabesnake..plz see othre thread..left thout..peace,luv an frenship here always,nothing less can be for people who adore Adam an his musique!
        An Mary agan thenks for adding joie an photos of yur esperience.Yu an sistre will trasure for lifeteme! One day if fortunate will see solo concerte,health permitte so.Many hugs an blessings Luv Lisette..Merci Adam for all l’joie an musique yu give to us evry day! xoxo

    • Helen/Canada says:

      HE KISSES YOU!!!! OMG, now I’m truly going to pass out! Help me someone. I’m not going to survive!

    • Victoria, I am THRILLED for you that you know Adam personally, and have known him for years! Did you watch him grow up, or did you grow up with him? Did you know the family, and are they as warm and generous-hearted as they seem to be? Did Adam grow up in a larger or smaller home in San Diego (don’t tell me where, I’m just asking generally). I would like to know a few things, all related to one subject, and I wonder if you would ask Adam this: Does he know that he has a HUGE fan base among older women? How does he feel about that? Is he aware of the Glambs site, and has he ever read anything from our posts here? Has he ever spotted his ‘older’ fans on Twitter, and would he ever answer them?

      Those are my questions. Everything else seems to be answered for us as we run along beside him in his fabulous journey to stardom. He IS the sweetest, kindest, and most amazing person, just as you said, and he seems to attract the same kind of people to him. Thank you SO much for your wonderfully surprising post, and sharing with us your ‘first-hand’ experience of knowing Adam Lambert! (I will be seeing you on Twitter soon!)

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hi Lorrin
        Here is a link to an interview with Adam’s mom. It addresses some of the questions you just asked above. It’s a good interview and his mom seems like a lovely person and a devoted mother.


        • Thank you, Helen/Canada for including the link to the interview with Leila. I had read this quite some time ago, and was just as taken with Leila as I am with her son, Adam. They are both so warm-hearted, generous, and kind. I loved how she characterized her son, and how she kept after him to remain a good ‘role model’ for the younger kids watching him. It does give a little insight there into how Adam feels about the older gals, actually about his feelings about ALL the women who love him, which was very nice. I do think that Adam’s magnetic attraction comes from his mother, she is a very nice-looking lady. I enjoy comparing her warm brown eyes with his celestial blue ones, she got an ‘angel’ in the bargain when she had Adam. This is probably as good an answer as any about the ‘older fan’ thing, really, just looking at Adam’s many pictures with both male and female fans, of all ages, shapes, and sizes is all the answer needed: he LOVES his fans, and they love him!

      • Lisette here..bonmatin Lorrin thenks for always lovli thouts an kindness on all pages.An read above post.Thenks too for sharing linq of interview..I alway thout Leila from 20/20 interview very humble,warm an genial..an gathre where Adam recivs thes.It was toching in her details of Adam’s musique journey,his teenyers,varius jobs,an keeping passion an dreame to entertain.Lovli ther special bond an seeme his famille is very close..Thet’s what adore most abote him..as I missin ma parentes..So when reading here feel joie an luv..sense of knowing them too! Take care Lorrin..angel blessings for yu an all! An Adam angel d’chansons an heartes!
        Luv Lisettexoxo

    • Tori,


      Thank you to introduce yourself as a friend of him. NOW WE KNOW THAT WE KNOW SOMEONE WHO KNOWS HIM !!!


      PS If it’s not so much, ask ADAM to send us a message like: I LOVE YOU ALL GLAMBS !

    • Victoria, wow how sweeeet is that?? All the more reason he deserves all the good that is
      coming his way. What a journey he is on and will be on. Please give him more hugs and kisses
      from me and us.

    • OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!
      I never realized how many replies this would get! Of course I’m not kidding!
      And AdamRocks- nope, I’ve never posted on this site before. Adam Addict- Hahaa your post made me laugh so hard.. It weird to see that a little fact in my life can make other people so jealous! haha πŸ˜€
      Macy C- Nope I don’t think so, I was never in Adam’s band. But I know exactly who your talking about! That’s Vicky! I love her! She’s really cool & fun(:
      Helen- Calm! Calm! Breath! Hahaha, yes its really amazing to have him as a friend. <3
      Although I’m suspecting his fingers are broken considering he hasn’t called or texted me lately…
      Lisette- Both! I’m from San Diego (Rancho Penasquitos) and preformed with him in You’re a good man charlie brown in 1992.
      Wannabethesnake- wow! haha. This is so strange, I never really thought about it like that before.. I wonder how many people would love to be in my shoes. 0_o
      Lorrin- Okay, wow this might take a while to answer all of your questions!
      1. I basically grew up with him, although I was one year younger.
      2. Yes, I knew his family. Not extremely well, but they were AMAZING and SO nice!! So, yes, they are even MORE kindhearted and sweet than you get to see. πŸ˜€
      3. I would call it medium.
      4. YES!! He thinks that is absolutely hilarious and spectacular that so many older women LOVE him! πŸ˜€
      5. Yes! He loves the glambs!
      6. I have no idea! (:
      Alright, alright…
      I’ll answer more questions later!

  14. If you want first-hand experiances, or want to ask adam a question that I could pass along,
    follow me on twitter.

    If you want me to tell him, ask him, anything, or just let him give you a shoutout sometime, just follow me because I can obviously make that happen. πŸ™‚
    DM me or Reply to any of my posts!

    • AdamAddict says:


      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        Adam Addict…You have me rolling off my chair laughing…way to funni…

        Victoria, Adam is Blessed to have a friend such as you, who speaks so highly of him. In all his intreviews, everyone, everywhere, is so impressed with the way he handles himself…one of the first things I noticed on AI were his mannerisms(other than his voice, beauty, chrasmia,hottness, etc..lol). Go enjoy the show..send him our Luv. Saw him in Memphis 5th row center….to die for…doesn’t even touch it!!!!

    • OMG I’m soooooooooooo touched by your kindness … You are actually willing to use your “power” to make helpless glamberts happy .. Vicky (may i call u Vicky?) , you are an angel, I couldn’t love you more.
      I’d really be over the moon if u could do 2 things 4 me :p : First, a shoutout from Adam would be wonderful (to @loner93), and if u don’t mind, ask him to do “twitter parties” more often, but please remind him that he’s a worldwide star, and some fans(myself included) live in countries with totally different timezones … I was sleeping the day there’s been the twitter party cuz i didn’t know about it … I still CANNOT forgive myself πŸ™ …
      That would be it !!! And thank you for everything πŸ™‚

      • AdamAddict says:

        Victoria is her screen name.Her name is Tori! She is me conjoined/siamese twins! lol! I hope you not really going to believe that? It’s a lie,you know that,right??!! That’s how desperate I am to be her friend! hahaha! Hey,don’t judge me,I’m doing it for my Glambs family here. I’m not doing it for myself, come on, that’s ….ridiculous!! BTW,where are you from?
        Emili,Glamb#19, Malaysia

        • AdamAddict says:

          SORRY MARWA,VICTORIA IS NOT ONLY HER SCREEN NAME BUT THAT IS HER REAL NAME!WHAT AM I THINKING,TORI SHORT FOR vicTORIa!! Suddenly I become stupid! BTW,Marwa, you are the loner93,right? πŸ™‚

        • Hahaha! Helloo! Email me at…
          I love having new glambert friends & sharing with them!
          I just thought of something… We should get Glambert in the dictionary!
          That’d be so cool.
          Anyways, thank you!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Oh dang! I have to learn how to do this twitter stuff!!!!

    • FYI that twitter name doesnt work.

      • It works. It was a temporary twitter glitch. All better now.

        • Yes, it’s working now just fine.. Victoria we’d just like Adam to be aware of our group of fans and we are international. The Glambs!!

          • AdamAddict says:

            That’s so true.He always mention Glamberts,I wish he can miss that “erts” sometime! lol! We Glambs love him so much, I’m sure not less than Glamberts,right Glambs?? πŸ˜€
            Emili, Malaysia

            • Ohh! I thought the glambs and the glamberts were the same thing..
              Okay, I’ll pass it along. Actually I have no idea if he knows. (:
              But he will soon! πŸ˜€

    • Lisette here..pardon for interupte inbetween ..Victoria being a longetem fan an glamb too,nevre been to concerte due to illhealth,can I possible send yu twittre..Be plasir to share petit sentimente.Sure being his frend yu’re a lovli genial person! blessings an luv Lisette!

    • Tori, I knew something was up with you the day you said you had Adam’s e-mail address…and only a few of us caught it. Thanks for opening up here. I just signed up to follow you on Twitter (where I am “Songwriter4”) as you suggested. I’m not sure how to “DM” you though (and I assume that means Direct Mail???).

      I am working on getting a rock song to Adam that we just wrote and produced expressly for him. The link for the time being is http://danstarproductions.net/breakaway.htm. Sammy Hagar’s cousin did the vocals and really rocked out.

      I sent him a tweet (or as our adorable Adam would say, a “twat”) but with 120,000+ followers, I’m not counting on him seeing it. Of course, as Sony co-publishers and established writers, we’ve used the formal methods of submission, too, via 19 Recordings and RCA Records, but ultimately it boils down to whether the artist likes it or not.

      The song is about breaking away from the crowd, both literally and figuratively, and is a great platform for Adam to be as hard rock and sexy as he likes.. a la “Whole Lotta Love”. Mmmm, I get excited just about the notion of him singing it. Hope you will, too. Please e-mail me at danstar@prodigy.net for further info.

      Meanwhile, Tori, thanks so much for the kindness and generosity of the offer in your post to even consdider helping any of us pass things to Adam. We all feel the love for Adam here.

  15. Sunglasses Please! This is what he looks like in the a.m. Doesn’t seem fair. Too Glamlious, Thanks for taking the time to post. I am definity awake now. lol

  16. Sorry too rattled to spell after seeing those pics.

  17. What joy for you and your sister, Mary C, thanks so much for sharing, and going to all that trouble trying to get the pictures posted. The life of a new young star must be hectic indeed if he is always up at odd hours giving interviews, how providential of you to see that TV coverage! Adam looks absolutely darling, so warm, and such a sweet guy. That kid has got a great profile, too, and it doesn’t matter what light he’s in! May I say that you two gals look great, too, and I’m the color of your shirt with envy!

    • Lorrin, Thanks for the compliment! Profile, front view, back view, yea you know what I mean!!

  18. Awesome pics! Thnx 4 sharing. Gorgeous Adam, u lucky b****! πŸ˜‰

  19. Oh, my gods. Those photos are really cool.

    I love the last one. Sometimes I just love about it. And the 3 one. Also because I’m like such a dork the second one where it looks like he has really long sleeves makes me grin. XD I love the whole long sleeve thing, okay? XD

    • Dru, glad you liked the pics. Yes his jacket sleeves were really long. That is a cool jacket.
      It was made of real soft leather.

  20. Lynne Head says:

    Ooooo how exciting, well done, gorgeous pictures, gorgeous ladies and what a pretty, gorgeous, beautiful talented boy!!!! I say it again,WELL DONE AMERICA! You have reared a true talent! x

  21. Mary C: I’m thinking about changing my name to wannabethewaterbottle! Thank you for the wonderful pictures and story.

    • wannabethesnake, OMG , why didnt I think of that?? But you are having enough fun being the
      snake!!!!!!!!!!! You’re welcome.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey, I’ll take your snake position anytime!

        • I know, Helen. Doesn’t the python, the green one I mean, look…so…contented….lying…right….there….sigh… I’ve never wanted to touch a python so bad before this one. (Uh, not the green one.)

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I’m chuckling wannabethesnake……and visions are going through my mind, such beautiful visions!

    • AdamAddict says:

      I said before in old thread,who want to take wannabethebottle as screen name because last time I saw the picture where he put the water bottle between his leg,yes crotch for short! hahaha! Even that snake not that close! lol! But I wanna be the water because the water is inside him! lol! Whaaat?? oh no,it’s not what I meant!! You dirty minded,what you were thinking,huh??!!Naughty,naughty!! πŸ˜›


      • AdamAddict you are toooooo much. I am weak from laughing , inside him. Dont worry we all have
        minds that think in ways that surprise us!!!!!!!!!

      • Oooooohhhhh, yeah. I wannabeTHATwaterbottle too, AdamAddict. Well, I would happy to be anything that touches his body….like….Victoria!!!???!!!! I have resigned myself to being hopelessly dirty minded where Adam is concerned.

        • AdamAddict says:

          I figure it out! I know why Adam never mention Glambs? This is the reason! He said once “I’M NOT SKERD!” But that was before he knows Glambs exist! We skerd him away,guys!!He probably saw this sites long time ago but had nightmare about us attacking him! So,the solution is you guys will never talk or have this dirty mind ever again! Let me alone have it because 1 girl that live far away won’t skerd him away! Ok,that’s the decision! Very good one indeed! πŸ™‚

          • Helen/Canada says:

            Sorry AdamAddict, no can do. I have no control over my mind anymore! Adam has completely taken over my whole being!

  22. mary, thanks for sharing your photos and story. i was also lucky to attend the finale. i went to the tuesday one. i wish i could have met adam like you did. but it was a great experience to see him perform!

  23. cheryl norman says:

    MARY,You are so lucky!!! These pics are great! Adam never takes a bad pic, does he?! He looks beautiful from every angle!!! The pic of you w/Adam is great, too!! Man, I wish he could still spend as much time after concerts as he did when you saw him!!! Congratulations on getting the pictures we would all love to be able to get!!!

    • Thanks Cheryl, I hope that all of you can be as lucky as we were. There are so many people
      screaming and yelling and pulling for him after the concerts now, its crazy from the looks of all
      these meet and greet videos coming in. That morning was very laid back and serene.
      Think those days are over, unless you get a private backstage pass.

      • Lisette here..Cheryl thenks agan for lovli note on last thread..an do enjoie concerte..an thinq positive lovli thouts..perhaps Mary’s luck will be in windes to yur citie too An yu’ll av nice photos an possible autographe…If not enjoie an like I say do wear glittre an nevre be shy..let go an know Adam wil take yu to l’starlit et etoile(stars) for sure! Blessings!hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  24. AllaboutAdam says:

    Mary C: what EXACTLY was he wearing under the leather jacket? was that T-shirt grey – have we seen it before? what jewelry? is his nail polish dark blue as it looks here, or is it black? How did he smell? Did he have makeup on? His hair… was it gorgeous and shiny and make you want to run your fingers thru it? Those jeans look HOTTER than Hell – were they? What shoes did he wear? How is his voice when you’re RIGHT THERE next to him? Sexy? and that smile? more beautiful than even the most beautiful pictures of him? and last of all… how in the world did you summon enough strength to save yourself from drowning in those eyes? Did it take all you had?

    • AllaboutAdam….you asked all the right questions!!! I always wonder how he smells!!! LOL OMG, I can’t believe what ADAM does to me!!!!!!

    • AllaboutAdam, He had on a black and white T shirt under the leather jacket. He was wearing a
      necklance that Paula Abdul had given him after the finale. He said ” he really loved it”. Blue nail
      polish. Not much makeup on, some guyliner around those beautiful eyes, but seemed like no
      facial makeup on. Black jeans were HOTTER than hell and he had on black boots. His voice is
      Sexy, nice, manly and when he laughs , you just feel all giddy inside. His eyes? I’m still pulling
      myself out of the water. Those eyes of his just penetrate right into yours, I tell ya mezmarizing!

      • Helen/Canada says:

        ….but how did he smell……..OMG

        • Oh yes, the Smell. God, you’ll have to forgive me here, but I dont remember a
          distinct scent. We were taking so much in with just being there, damm I forgot to
          smell. It was hard enough just trying to breathe w/o fainting. We’ll just say hot and sexy and its all good.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            I’ll bet he smelled clean, really, really clean. Oh, heaven help me, I can’t stop myself. Somebody slap me, please!

            • Yes, like you just scrubbed him squeaky clean in a bubble bath—for two! Hey, don’t look at me to slap you into sensibility ’cause I am too far gone to the dark side!

              • AdamAddict says:

                Oh,when I said I want to be the water so I can be inside him,I’m too much,huh?Look at Helen there! She asked Mary C how Adam smells??!! That’s not too much? Why don’t you ask Mary C,how Adam’s breath smells?Or his mouth taste? How he smells???!!! WHAT…THE….yeah Mary C try to remember again,concetrate now,I bet he wearing cologne because I heard like twice when he hugged interviewer,that interviewer said he smells good! I bet he is! πŸ™‚ It’s too good to be you that time,Mary C! I wish I can be inside your body that time!! I MEANT LIKE POSSESS HER NOT LIKE ….YOU GUYS SERIOUSLY OFFICIALLY DIRTY MINDED!!

                • Helen, wannabethesnake and AdamAddict, you are all to much. Still laughing with
                  you girls. Lets get together sometime for cocktails. Wouldnt that be fun?
                  We can all be the snake, water bottle and we are all on the dark side.
                  I did read somewhere , Adam likes to where Dior Homme, so lets go to the
                  store and sniff away and close eyes and dream.

                  • Helen/Canada says:

                    That would be fun to get together, but my God, give us cocktails on top of all this, we would be totally DANGEROUS!!! In my younger days I did some pretty wild things and I always blamed it on the cocktails!!!
                    I’m off to the store now to get me some Dior Homme. I’m going to douse my whole bed with it!

                    • Helen, I’m ROFLMAO!!!!! and I’m at work. Oh yes, the cocktails , they
                      can get you into some trouble if you let them!!!!
                      Let me know how the Dior Homme issssssssssssss??
                      You go girl!!!! I’m still laughing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                  • Oh, hell, yes! Marvelous idea Mary. I think we should all meet up at Adam’s first solo concert–where ever it may be! Stay at the same hotel, drink a bunch of cocktails together and go to the concert. I’m sure there will be enough Glambs certified in CPR to keep the more faint of heart alive, and others more versed in legal issues to keep us all out of jail. Lorrin can compose lovely, poetic letters of apology to the hotel, their staff, the bar, the concert venue and their security officers, the cab drivers, and possibly some airlines, for any offenses incurred.

                    I am going to start a secret savings account today for this occasion. (Probably in my underwear drawer. God knows NOONE is going to be snooping around there.) If his album is released in November, we can count on a concert tour shortly thereafter, so my family will have to subsit on macaroni and cheese for only about 4 months and skip Christimas. (They are too old for that anyway.) It is doable!

                    I still think pure Adam would smell better than any cologne. However, since the likelyhood I will ever get to personally sniff him is slim to none, I will buy Dior Homme, spritz it on my Adam Lambert t-shirt that says, “I’m going to glue rhinestones on my eyelids, bitch!”, and wear it to bed. Dream this bitch!….

                    PS: On further consideration, my husband may be so roused to a fit of jealousy by the aroma of another man’s cologne on my person and the ecstatic moans I produce from my dreams of Adam, that in a fit of passion and desire he may be driven to explore my underwear drawer for the first time in–oh–decades! So, I must hide said savings for future concert date in a more secure location….

                    • Oh wannabethesnake, I love your plan. And yes you have me ROFLMAO too!
                      1st solo concert it is, you hear that all you Glambs!!!! That will be the
                      Adamvention too! Glambsvention whatever we want to call it.
                      Gotta say I love the sound of your T shirt! Sweeet.
                      Dreams of Adam and smelling his auroma at the same time woow wooow!!
                      Let us know how that goes. Happy exploring hubby!!!!
                      Ha, still laughing.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      Hey, count me in, I’m there! Who needs to eat in the next few months anyway.
                      Love the t-shirt! Good luck with the hubby thing and your drawers!

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      P.S. I definitely think pure Adam would smell better than any cologne. If I squeeze my eyes shut real hard, I can smell him from here! Oh my goodness, I have to stop this!

                    • How did I MISS this riot you have going on here girls?!! I would just like to humbly say that I am always most ready and willing to be group secretary, and I will write any number of poetic and slightly untrue letters to any and all sundry hotels, cocktail lounges, Italian restaurants, coffeehouses, concert venue managers, music executives, studio musicians (bribery might be involved here), hair salons, department stores, couture design houses, and the airlines in any city we find ourselves in. I will promise to use highly poetic language wherever possible, the better to confound whoever we have to bumbfuzzle the most. Somehow I am reminded of a series of movies in which a group of highly skilled and thoroughly corrupt criminal types (who were of course as handsome as we are beautiful), all got together, one-by-one, to organize their individual skills into a highly competent and cohesive whole, the better to knock off the bank, or whatever. I realize I’m coming in late, but hey, you gotta’ have a secretary, so better late than never! So count me in, thanks for the invite, consider the letters already written, signed, sealed, and delivered. Oceans 14 rides again!

                  • I am giggling at all this silly fun…especially the part from wannabethesnake about Lorrin writing poetic apologies to the hotel. Hee hee. And hey, I’m in LA – I think AdamAddict is, too, and who else??? Love to get together.

                    Mary C., thanks for the dreamy pics. I got the autograph at the Staples on July 16 but not the photo (yet).

                    • Songwriter4adam, Your welcome. This is all fun , isnt it? Glad u got
                      autograph at Staples.

                    • Helen/Canada says:

                      What silly fun–we’re dead serious!!! hee, hee.

                      I don’t know who is from LA. I wish I was, I’d be on Adam alert every day! I’m from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada- a long way from LA. AdamAddict is from Malaysia–even farther!

                    • Iyleneidol09 says:

                      Oh my God! You guys are too much! esp you wannabesnake!! always give me a good laugh!! See, this site is very therapeutic to all of us, laughter is always good for our health and well-being!! And I’m telling you, I am saving a lot of cash since being ADAMIZED: i stopped going to the gym, never shower, never go food shopping, never go shopping, never cook, stopped cleaning the house, stopped gardening, stopped going out with friends: BECAUSE ALL I DO IS SIT MY ASS INFRONT OF THE COMPUTER UNTIL 1AM!!! oh my! what happened? all of a sudden, Adam’s music played serenading me…I think someone in previous thread said the same thing ( change is gonna come)

                    • Songwriter, I am honored. See above your post for further hilarities!

  25. Mary, you are a lucky, lucky gal, and I’m sure that you know it!!! πŸ™‚
    These pics are wonderful. Looking at ADAM, he seems so relaxed and comfortable among his followers. His smile is so warm and natural…not at all phony or put on! ADAM is just the perfect man!

    Thank you so much for sharing your pics. I only wish that we could all get together in person so that we could verbally share our thoughts and love for ADAM.

    • Thanks Jaberone, What a nice way to put Adam being relaxed and comfortable. Thats exactly how
      he seemed that morning. He is so warm and nice and never seems phony, does he? Whats so
      special too, is if he does have the time, he gives you his full attention .
      Well lets just keep talking about the Adamvention (convention) so we can all get together.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        He’s so sweet, isn’t he. Imagine too, the morning after he lost (when he really should have one) and he’s so warm and generous. I just viewed an interview, where at the end the fellow thanked him for the interview and said how they told him Adam only had so much time before he had to move on, yet, Adam didn’t rush and gave him his full attention. What a guy! I just love him so much!

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        It’s kinda refreshing that your pix are of the “pre-idol” Adam – the days when we FIRST fell in love with him… he was still mainly “ours” and not quite belonging to the screaming masses yet… it’s nice to see your pix and remember a time when he was still reachable and able to take pix with you… and yes, those days are gone… but of course every one of us has them on video, youtube, DVR, discs, hard drives, etc etc.

        • AllaboutAdam, yea he was still pretty reachable then. That day was the first day of the
          beginning of his superstardom though. From there on out he has been busy and hasnt
          stopped it seems.
          Rock on Adam!

  26. There are more photos of Adam in this week’s issue of Rolling Stone, in case anyone is interested. As I said previously, a three-year subscription is very cost-effective, because so far Adam has been in every issue.

    • Thx Peggy, we are always interested! Girls those of you that wallpaper your walls, more pics!!

      • Dianne Hill says:

        That would be me then. Mary, the pictures are just gorgeous, thanks so much for posting. I will be watching out here in Christchurch, New Zealand for the Rolling Stone mags, however the one with him on the cover isn’t even out here yet (coming from America via seafreight), hopefully in a week or two, but I will be making sure I buy every issue. I have so many photos of Adam on my bedroom wall and in the computer room, but I have fifty or so that I haven’t put up yet, but I will find room for them, I want to be surrounded by Adam, seeing as I can’t get close to him, and the snake is taken and it seems the water from the water bottle is inside him, oh my, the mind just gets carried away with it all doesn’t it.

        • Diane, there you go girl. More Adam for your walls. When you get your copy of Rs with Adam
          on the cover, you will want to put that in a real special place. Oh the snake, going
          right up to his _______.. Have fun wall papering!

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Thanks for the heads up on this, Peggy. Can’t find RS in this little backwater Mississippi town I’m currently residing in (post-“Katrina”!), so a subscription will be best way for me to get one. Have been at the mercy of friends/family in New Orleans to save ’em for me…Too much chance of missing something ADAM! Will go to RS website & sign up today….Candace

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thx Peggy, I’m going out to get mine, but I will look into the subscription issue. Thanks again! I love how everyone shares so much on this site. What lovely people you all are!

      • It’s the Rolling Stone with the story about the Beatles breakup on the cover, in case there are old issues still on the stands. The two-page inside story is about AI on the road, but there is a photo of Adam in concert, another of him curled up in exhaustion on the floor of the bus after the GMA concert, and another with the gang.

        If you subscribe, you get three years’ worth of issues (every other week) for the price of six or seven single copies. Plus, you encourage RS to keep focusing on Adam – as if they needed any encouragement after the sell-out cover!

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Hi Peggy
          I forgot to mention that you can also sign up at http://www.RollingStone.com. They send you weekly (or bi-weekly, can’t remember) updates on news in the music industry and their issues. They almost always have something about the tour and especially Adam. Quite often there’s also a video attached of Adam doing a mini-interview.

        • Peggy, can you send those pics over to this post? Would love to see Adam curled up on
          the floor of bus etc. Just in case I cant find mag. in store.

          • Helen/Canada says:

            That’s a great idea. Would love that too! Haven’t had a chance to go out and get the mag yet.

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      Peggy, I was just reading an article from RS online, and my comment to them was…I had been a subscriber for yrs, til the Rap & Tweens took over….but replied that with all the Adam coverage
      “The People’s Idol”, that the check is in the mail….I want my subscription back…(we’ll spend that much in gas each month trying to track one off the shelves}…I feel sure he will be spilling out of it everywhere…Gotta Luv Him…Can’t Wait !!!!

  27. LibraLamb7 says:

    Oh Mary! You must have just been floating 10 ft off the ground after this! Have you even come down yet? Thank you SO much for sharing the pix with us all…I can only dream of ever occupying the same space, breathing the same air as His Most Fabulousness, Adam Lambert. Your stars & his must have been perfectly aligned at that monent in time. Congratulations on a memorable meeting…I am envious, but also so very happy for you..We live vicariously through you!

    • LibraLamb7, If thats what it was, I’m so glad our stars were perfectly aligned at that moment in time. Thanks for
      your comment. No, I’m still floating. Keep on dreaming, dreams do come true!

  28. Thanks for sharing your great photos! Even without the stage makeup and so early in the morning doesn’t Adam look terrific! I love the more natural look for a change! Love that great smile! (And ladies you did a great job getting up and out the door for your once in a lifetime opportunitiy – Seize the Day!)

    • Mary-Ellen , He does look terrific with the natural look, and any look. Thanks for the compliment, we WERE rushing around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to get
      dressed and out the door.

  29. Here is another KRADAM video with ‘Breathe in Breathe Out” playing… they sure do have a bromance going! It’s yet another excuse to see our Adam showing his humour and his love.


    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks Theresa. I loved the video. They certainly have fun together, don’t they. Even on stage–did you see the part of the idol tour where Kris was singing and making funny moves and Adam was just cracking up. Love it, thank you so much.

    • Thanks, Terry! I hadn’t seen this one. They really ARE adorable together, aren’t they? I love seeing these two guys expressing their love, admiration and friendship for each other like this! One can’t help but smile and watch with envy. Sure would like to be Kris! ;=0

    • Dianne Hill says:

      I’ve just been to Youtube to watch it, isn’t it beautiful. What a wonderful friendship these two have, it has certainly made me think differently about Kris, he is a pretty special guy and comfortable in his own skin to be so open with his friendship with Adam. There are not too many straight guys I wouldn’t think that would be like that. I just love the way they hug each other. Just beautiful.

      • Helen/Canada says:

        I agree with you Dianne. It made me see Kris in a whole new light. I was really mad when Adam didn’t win and blamed Kris, although I know it wasn’t his fault. I had to keep telling myself that they are friends and I should like Kris. The more I saw of all of their interviews after the finale and all the various vids out there I began to realize why Adam liked him so much and how true and deep their friendship really is. You’re right, there are not too many straight guys who could have such a special relationship with a gay man. But then again, our Adam is a very special person, how could anyone help but love him–gay or straight, man or woman.
        I don’t know if you happened to view this video. I had posted it previously. But here is the link again in case you missed it. It’s really a beautiful video, it makes me cry everytime I watch it.


        • Dianne Hill says:

          Hi Helen/Canada, I’ve just been to watch that video clip. I agree with you, it is just beautiful. I know what you mean, it always astounds me when someone doesn’t love Adam like I do, we have a few of them at my work and one girl says “no, he’s way too pretty for me”. I said have you seen him, have you heard him sing, you would change your mind, but she just wasn’t interested. Can’t understand that at all, but then I think who cares, I love him and that is all that matters.

  30. sheila604 says:

    WOW Mary,
    How nice of you to share these pics. I am soo jealous I cannot even say. I cannot wait to get to see him in St Louis!

    • Sheila, Hope u have a great time in St. Louis, wow a week from tomorrow. Dance your butt off and
      enjoy. I’m sure u will.

  31. AdamRocks! says:

    Mary, I had to laugh when you posted that Adam said β€˜Uh you have to turn your camera ON for it to take a picture.’ Reminded me of an experience my mom had many years ago. . . she was a big Engelbert Humperdink fan. . . belonged to one his fanclubs, the whole thing. . . and one day she was privileged to meet him before a show. . . it was a sunny day, and she was fumbling with flashcubes (remember those?), and he said, very calmly, “you don’t need those, it’s sunny.” lol

    Cindy in MS

    • AdamRocks, you r not going to believe this, My mom and I and my sister loved Engelbert.
      We have seen him in concert many times. I was one of his young fans and loved seeing him
      too. He was sexy in his day. What a funny story about your mom and her camera.

      • AdamAddict says:

        That’s funny,Cindy! Little embarrass but funny! lol! I remembered long time ago,I forgot to put in the film(old camera) when took picture but not taking picture with my celebrities.Thank goodness! Just pictures with my friends! Then we I get home,want to take out the film ,I realized there’s no film in it. I never told my friend until now I forgot to put film,I told them the pictures got ruined! I don’t want to embarrass them because they posed like a model!! hahaha! Ok, fine I admit it,I ‘m scared they will kick my butt!!

  32. Mary
    Great pictures. You are so lucky to have met Adam in person, he seems so friendly and pleasant in every photo you see him in. It is going to get harder and harder to get intimate moments with him as his journey to stardom continues. Congratulations and thanks for sharing..

  33. Mary C,
    Way to go girl. Thanks so much for sharing. How big of a photo poster did you make? LOL

  34. Lovely. Thanks for sharing those, Mary. WAY cool.


  36. I thank you as well, Mary – along with everyone else here – for the fabulous pictures! WOW! What wonderful memories you now have! And the fact that you saw Adam during the Idol show’s run instead of during the tour (which seems to be getting more and more elusive) TERRIFIC! He is quite the guy!!!!

  37. AdamAddict says:

    I found this hot photo of Adam,I’m sure most of you guys haven’t seen it before!This is not the breathtaking photoshoot before because this is more like costume! I’m thinking was it the Michellin photoshoot because Michellin is costume too,Halloween costume! hahaha! I can’t find a way to put the picture here so only way that I can think of is I put that picture in my twitter and then put it here.This the 1st time I do it,not sure if it works out but I try anyway.So,here I hope it works!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Oh,they already update the photos,I didn’t know that! Just found out! I should check that first but hmm what the heck,nothing wrong to post it again. πŸ™‚

      • AdamAddict says:

        GET READY FOR SEIZURE NO 4! lol! If you already seen it,still be prepared!! I warned you! πŸ™‚

    • Are twitpics downloadable? I only get abut 1/5 of all twitpics and have no idea why. I get Adam’s some times and Kris’s.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      OMFG, that photo is absolutely incredible. Thanks for putting it there. He is just the most gorgeous man ever. Love that photo, want it on my wall – poster size would be best I think. Cheers for that.

  38. Thank you, Mary, what wonderful photos. He really has the loveliest, sweetest face. Lucky you to get so close. Hope he comes to Singapore one day. (((hugs)))

  39. LuvAdam476 says:

    Mary, these are absolutely gorgeous pics. I know you were floating on cloud 9 for how many days. lol How lucky for you. I got to see him after Tulsa concert but he was about 10 feet away. BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Could not take my eyes off of him!! Congrats on getting to talk to Adam, get your photos and the shoulder rub:)
    Thank you for sharing with the rest of us!!!

    • LUvAdam, STill floating everytime I think about it, which is ALL the time. Glad u got to see him
      in Tulsa. 10ft away is better than not at all. Smile! Your welcome

  40. AdamAddict says:

    You guys know who Cheeks is,right? Yup,the EX!! Why there’s a vid of him singing “Down Low” Is he a recording artist now?I just hoping you guys can tell me because I’m not a fan and too lazy to google him but very curious! And that vid,~smiling~ I know it’s suppose to be sexy but the whole time I just smiling.I don’t know what that’s means! The vocals,I think sound too feminine! But it just me! I’m not a fan before and after see this vid,I’m still not a fan! I know it’s not Adam’s vid but what the heck,here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLDJ_sxE0CA&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fgossipcandy%2Ecom%2F&feature=player_embedded

    Another thing,have any of you guys here have a problem download from youtube? I can’t download for 4 days! I feel misrable! Adam’s vid in Philly were great.What’s going on?Come on!!

    And HELEN/Canada, get ready for seizure number 4 if U haven’t seen that photo before.It’s above you, the twitpic! If still in moderation,U can check it out at the Breathtaking Photos at last thread! They updated!

    • Adamaddict, Down low huh? Cheeks does seem feminine. Didnt know he was a recording
      artist either. Wonder what Glambition at the end of vid means??

      • Helen/Canada says:

        Hey AdamAddict and Mary
        Just watched the Cheeks video. Wasn’t impressed. Have seen other vids of him and don’t really like him. Don’t know what Adam saw in him–he’s not near good enough for him. Adam deserves someone truly wonderful. Did you notice that the song is from Cheek’s album called Glambition. Wonder what that means? Trying to get some leverage from Adam’s name?????

        • AdamAddict says:

          So,the Glambition is the name of the album? Now,i know! Hmm,why?? Don’t care,who likes it,buy it! I don’t like it,hell no I’m going to buy it. I prefer buy 2 Adam’s album ,hahaha!! πŸ™‚

  41. Thanks Mary for the great pictures! And thanks Theresa for the Kradam video! I am just smiling from ear to ear! Now I can go to work happy…I had my morning dose of sweet Adam! Love reading all of your postings and I just am so thankful for this website. Have a great day everyone! Love ya Adam!!!

  42. omg!!!!!! thanks soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much mary c!!!!!!!!!!!
    i don’t know how i would go on without seeing adam!!!!!!!! omg!!!!!! adam’s so hot!!!!!!!!! hee hee!!!!!

  43. SA_Glambert says:

    Hey Mary C, what fantastic pics. You must be the luckiest girl I know.

    You and Adam look so great in that photo.

    I hope you’re planning on wall-papering your house with that photo. I know I would!

    • Sa_Glambert, Thanks for the compliment! The Adam house, yea I can dig that! Maybe the next
      parade of homes!!

  44. adamsmydogsname says:

    Mary – Thanks for the great candid shots of our gorgeous boy. He is just so real! Do I detect a slight 5:00 shadow on him? Can ya say SEXY??? At a recent autograph signing I was able to (softly) blurt out a sentence and he answered me & grabbed my hand. He looked at me but I kind of blanked out and even though I know that his eyes were looking at mine, I could not see him. It’s funny that people are asking you how he smelled because after he grabbed my hand, everyone around me asked if they could smell my hand – HA! His speaking voice is just as beautiful as his singing voice – so sweet & soothing even though there were so many idiots around us shrieking at him. What a man!

    • Helen/Canada says:

      OMG, he grabbed your hand and looked right at you!!! I’m absolutely dieing here. And his speaking voice, in person, I would love to hear that. I am so frickin’ jealous of all of you who have seen him up close, I’m just beside myself!!!

      He’s playing in Pittsburg and Cleveland in the coming days which are only about a 4 hour drive from where I live. I’m absolutely kicking myself now for not getting my passport yet. I could have driven to both venues and just waited outside to see if I could see him. I live in Canada and with the new rules, you need a passport now. Oh, I’m so mad at myself. I’ll never get to see him up close!

      • Helen, go out and get your passport, it will be well worth it. Then you can drive 2 more hrs.
        south and come to Columbus show. Thats where I’ll be!
        Have you picked up your bottle of Dior Homme yet??

        • Helen/Canada says:

          Wish it was that easy Mary. Can’t get a passport on the spot. There’s at least a 4 week waiting period. The Pittsburg show is Sat. and Cleveland is Sunday. I have to work on Tuesday (the Columbus show–like I have to tell you!). I retired (very young) quite a few years ago, but went back to work part-time 2 yrs. ago. That’s why I can spend so much time on this computer to the exclusion of everything else! ha, ha! I hate these new rules! I have been crossing the border almost my whole adult life with just my birth certificate and driver’s license. I live very close to Niagara Falls and Buffalo and we always went to the clubs there and shopping! Loved shopping in the States! Will go to the mall tonight or tomorrow to look for Dior Homme. The little mall in the neighbourhood didn’t have it!

          • Helen, I know thats the pits, seems like things arent simple like they used to be.
            You’re lucky you can spend so much time on the computer. I spend lots of time in
            the evenings on and at work, in between my work, sometimes I can hardly work
            because I am on this site. But I love it all and all you friends that are here.
            Ok get your Dior and douse your beddie by.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      What did you say to him??? And what was his answer??

    • adamsmydogsname, Good for you , happy for ya! Wht did you blurt out at him? I feel bad that you dont remember his eyes
      looking at you. That is a real treat in itself. Have you washed your hand yet?? He is so sweet.

      • adamsmydogsname says:

        Hey Mary! – So, was there some stubble on his face?

        I am frequently in the village & I never see paparazzi yet, I see many famous people just walking around being normal: Philip Seymour Hoffman, Seal, Heidi Klum, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tim Gunn, Oliver Platt – these are the most recent ones I’ve seen. Maybe I’ll run into our Adam one of these days! New York is a wonderful city – I think that’s why celebrities who don’t want to be bothered & smothered often live here.

        Unfortunately, the hand had to be washed but, I thought about him while I did it!….watched his essence washing down the drain – boohoo!

        • AdamAddict says:

          OMG,adamwhateverdog,hahaha! sorry to excited,HE GRABBED YOUR HAND? I’m so jealous.I think someone here also have the same experience. She said she had what something blur vision??!! And now you?My Gosh!! And you asked him to meet U at gay bar?U a guy?? So did he show up? πŸ˜€

          • therubberdoll says:

            Unfortunately, I’m not a guy! My partners in crime were either busy or working that night so, I didn’t go. Anyway, I think he just liked that I acknowledged that he is gay.

        • Hey Adams my dog, the pics look like Adam had a teeny bit of stubble, in person he was just So hot and sexy the skin looked fresh and clean. Thats cool all the
          celebs. walking around and no one acting all crazy over them that would be peaceful
          If you run into Adam one day, dont hurt him (just kidding) he seems to like NYC!

          • adamsmydogsname says:

            Hey Mary – I know it sounds like a rather nutty name BUT – Adam really is my dog’s name & I’ve had him for almost 2 years (way before I ever heard of Mr. Lambert!). Now it’s more fun than ever to tell my dog how much I love him & how cute he is!

            • Ha, that is funny. Yea now when you call your dog, you think of Adam. I’m
              sure he’s a hot dog!!!!!! Who answered by rubberdoll up above?
              Was that you too? Seemed like the answer was to the gay bar ?

  45. SA_Glambert says:

    I think we need to clone him and put one in every country!


    • Jan Lynn, Isnt that was is so hoot about Adam. He comes on stage like a fierce beast, with
      all his facial expressions and sexy moves and then off stage a really really nice rebel type of guy. so sweet.

  47. Mary C……You are sooooooo lucky!! The photos were great. Good Job!!!

  48. I am going to the concert this Friday in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with my 16 year old grand-daughter and my younger daughter who is 24. (I am 54)

    To share this experience with them will be the best. Thank you for all the pictures. Luckily the girls in my family feel the same way about Adam and his singing and his “look” so they don’t think I am a crazy “old lady”. They don’t know I was wild about David Bowie (saw him in concert) and Rod Stewart (saw him at least 5 times) way back when. Music keeps us young and a hot guy is a hot guy!

  49. JosieNurse says:


    Thank you sooo much for sharing those fantastic pictures.

    HOW in the WORLD did you get tickets to the AI Final show ???
    And ….HOW in the world did you get to be so close to him the morning after the show ???

    I live in the Washington DC area and tried every way I could to get to that show. Told my husband if I got tickets…..I was GONE.

    Have been to 2 of the AI concerts but he hasn’t come out. My last chance is in Michigan and I am hoping for the best..

    Pleasee give me your secret on being in the right place at the right time !!


    • JosieNurse, I suggest you go online now and get your tickets for the Michigan show coming up
      this weekend. There still are tickets out there, whether you go thru TicketMaster or ticket brokers.
      There is a way, if you can do it. The day after the show, Okay, our hotel was right across the street from Nokia complex.
      We got up early, I mean 6am , turned on the news, and there was Adam, beautiful as he is
      being interviewed, right across the street at The Nokia Theatre complex. So we hurried got ready
      as fast as we could and got over there. Not many people were there at all at that time of the morning.
      He and Kris were being interviewed by Fox stations. Very laid back and wonderful!
      We won the trip out to LA via a contest, for both night finale shows.