Exclusive Interview with MIX 94.1 (Talks about new album)

Must see interview: Adam talks about wanting to start to write again on tour soon, the next upcoming album (for the spring?) and some of the ideas he has and the direction that he wants to take his music. Also, more details about the E! documentary the did here in San Diego.

Best of all he talks about how he recognizes some of his fans that show up to more than one show (like Lila, Carol and many of the fans and authors on this site :] ) Anyways, check it out !!


Fernando (Dreamsound) Glamb #1


  1. He is just so charming, and yet unassuming at the same time.

    • Glamorclamor says:

      Not sure where to post this, but please go to Examiner.com and read the piece on the group of young anti-protesters against the Westboro Baptist Church Haters at Adam’s Missouri Concert. These young people made signs and were vocal in their protests against this group who hate homosexuals. Adam came out of the venue and signed autographs and spoke to these college kids. There is a video, but I could not get sound. It was awesome!! Adam has said he is not political, and we all appreciate this, but his appearance had to give hope to a great many people who face injustice. As one of many mothers who have/had gay children we applaud you Adam Lambert. Its one small step, but sometimes that’s all it takes.

      ROW Q….$100 EACH

      jazys62@aol.com if interested

  2. AllaboutAdam says:

    HE IS TOO DAMN ADORABLE FOR WORDS. It’s been 6 weeks since my concert, i need a FIX!

  3. Adamisamazing says:

    I love how she starts out the interview calling him handsome. And ends it by calling him dreamy. She’s so right, and I love it when I see interviews like his. Just when I thought I knew almost everything about him, I found out what his fav dinner would be if calories were not a concern. He likes the same things I do…spinach, ice cream sundae, filet, etc. 🙂 But, more importantly, he displays his generosity when he says at the end how the audience will have fun – and that’s the most important thing. Couldn’t be more in love with this man…what a charming personality, smart and articulate man, interesting and exciting talent and really…just the greatest guy of all time.

  4. I’m having a Simon moment–hate spinach and most cooked greens. Half the people will love it and half the people will hate it!!! He is a charmer, isn’t he? I am totally stoked about the upcoming E THS story. Can’t wait. It should be epic. Must be Dejavu, I have been hoping for a long time that someone, in particular E, would do a story on Adam. Maybe we have alll been channeling our Adam “telephathy” through to the producers. Get a bang out of the females who interview Adam, they all fall immediately under his spell. It’s all that Voodoo!

  5. Mary at the Lake says:

    He just comes across as so “normal” and is his usual humble self….Add me to that list of fans that he may start to recognize…three concerts so far this year and two to go (so far…) Can hardly wait….

  6. Lamchops50 says:

    Adam is so delightful to listen to. He’s so genuine, articulate and has a great sense of humor. Looking forward to the E documentary in the Fall.

  7. scootersmom says:

    I find it amusing that Adam always says that he’s grateful for his fans, that they like what he’s doing…poor, sweet thing! His fans like what he’s doing, but they LOVE HIM FOR WHO AND WHAT HE IS! Since we know him, his music is wonderful, his voice is a gift from a thousand angels but it’s the MAN he is that keeps his fans longing to hear and see everything he does. Orientation has absolutely nothing to do with Adam the man, whose persona is so good, humble, truthful and loving that everyone falls in love with him in some way.

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Absolutely agree 1 million percent, we love him for who he is, as well as what he does entertainment-wise….If he wasn’t the lovely human being that he obviously is, I wouldn’t be such a huge, slightly- out -of -my- mind- at -times fan, who has travelled literally thousands of miles to see him and still have a few thousand miles to go this year….(.I’m still trying to decide if I want to drive 35 miles to see Lady Gaga when she comes to town in a couple of weeks..)…He just has that magnetism that is irresistible…..and he is someone that everyone would be lucky to have as a friend even if he were not famous, gorgeous, and in possession of that amazing voice….

      • OHHHHhhhhh, SO DITTO!

        Sometimes I could go on for literally pages and pages trying to say all that I feel about this amazing young man! (and frequently do – lol)

        In the end, as right now, I am ever so thankful he has come onto the world scene at this moment…we need all the love that he is generating in its various forms!

        Rock On – Glam It Up!

  8. It was so cool to see him in San Diego (and Costa Mesa twice)… I’m just sad that I’ll probably have to wait another year to see him live again. Btw, Adam, I was in the front of the autograph line at Costa Mesa and SD — so maybe we’re getting to know each other? (don’t I wish) 🙂

  9. I loved hearing that an acoustic cd might happen.

  10. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    The Vegas show was absolutely amazing. Not sure if it was that everyone was standing and dancing, or the heat, or the Vegas vibe, but it was OVER THE TOP UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    • Yeah, it was surreal, wasn’t it? But I actually had a better time at Costa Mesa on July 27th in the second row when I swear Adam was looking right at me (I think since I’ve met him for actual conversation and seen him 13 times I might just be one of those fans he actually recognizes). I also got him to autograph the poster I won at the Fantasy Springs Glamily Reunion after the show.

      Anyway, Lila, I loved the pre-party at Costa Mesa and it was so nice to meet you and Carol. Thank you both so much for organizing that delightful get-together.

      A whole bunch of old-timers from this site also flew in from all over England, Canada and the US for Vegas (including Jeanette) and that was FABULOUS. It is nice to know that this site brought so many lovely people together and that is a wonderful thing.

      • Is that our Jeanette from way back, I hope so so much. I am glad she is still a fan. Would love to hearfrom her again, if it is the same Jeanette.

        • glamasia says:

          I think that is our Jeanette from way back. Songwriter and her are good friends. I am so excited for the Philippine concert so I can finally get my chance to see our guy live. Problem is, I have been calling for tickets and they say they don’t know if concert is assigned to them even if it’s posted all over Adam fan sites . What ??? I hope this is not some kind of a joke. Hong Kong has already a presale date and we are ahead of them.

    • Is it possible to sit during an Adam Concert? The music, the man–it’s on your feet from start to finish!!!

  11. Loved the interview – he makes me smile!

  12. Adam is An Amazing Human Being with a God Given Talent that is Breath Taking:0) Just one of the Many Reasons we Love Him:0)He is Thoughtful,Kind,and Generous:0) He Obviously Loves his Fans:0) We have seen him Twice this year and have had the OPPORTUNITY TO MAKE A ADAM SANDWICH OUT OF HIM:0)IT WAS AMAZING:0) WE SAID IT TOGETHER:0) He Smelled Incredible:0) I Told him:) He Smiled and Said Thank You:0)It was a Out of Body Experience:) We are going to see him in Atlanta also Twice in Sept I can’t Wait:0) I know it is going to be OFF THE CHAIN:0) WE ALREADY KNOW HE LOVES HOTLANTA:0)HE HAS SPENT SOME TIME OFF THERE DURING THE TOUR AND WHERE HE GOT HIS INFINITY TATOO:0) He Loves the SOUTH AND WE LOVE HIM:0) So that puts my Glamnation Tour Count at 4 Times:0)Did not Get to Travel the Country Like some of My other GLAMILY DID:0)But NO WORRYS I AM COMPLETELY SATISFIED:0)

  13. ADAM rocked it at Vegas…..! Infact ADAM rocks it everywhere! Superstar brilliance!!!!!!
    MORE love needed for Orianthi………she is amazing! It was hot (and so were other outside
    venues), but hey, if you love and support ADAM, travelling to the moon and back is no biggy!
    …….and I almost did!

    • LOVE2ADAMS says:

      Yes, I agree that Orianthi and her band are incredibly fantastic She and one of her guitarists really worked the stage. At one point it was really touching when she paused for a moment as a mom took a picture of her dtr with Orianthi as Orianthia came to their side of the stage.
      I saw moms buying Allison and Orianthi shirts. I think it is great for these entertainers (as well as Adam, of course !!) to be role models for young girls rather than that Bieber kid.
      Anyway, I thought nothing of driving 500 miles to see Adam (one of my sons came along and helped drive). We went from Seattle to Boise. I knew the Seattle GA venue would not be for me since I could not stand that long. Boise was comfortable, air conditioned, and I was near the front and I could see and savor every moment of Adam. It was one of the best nights of my life. I stayed in a nice hotel (great price on Expedia) and went back home the next day. Now I am waiting for the Puyallup fair on Sept 21. I was so shocked and delighted when that venue was added as the last tour stop. It is less than an hour from my home. Wow, how lucky….. !!


      • Agree with you about Orianthi. She really rocked it out in Royal Oak back in June!! Plays a wicked guitar, for sure!! And her drummer is really HOT!!!!! Btw, met Allison after my show and she was so cute and sweet and friendly. Love her, too!

      • FYI: Orianthi’s guitarist is Brian Chuisano and the drummer is Mike Baker. I was so impressed with Brian’s delightful stage presence that I searched for him on the web for a long time before I found his name…amazing it wasn’t easier.

        I was lucky to be sitting 4th row Left in Knoxville and I am telling you that young man knows how to entertain! Wherever he is on stage he actively searches the crowd for someone to make eye contact with and then promptly proceeds to play to them. In Nashville, I was sitting in the balcony 2nd row and made a big wave to him and he made eye contact and acknowledged me with a big dip with his guitar. He is a delight to watch -just to see that intense energy in his playing -wow. He is going places, I’m sure! The drummer was great but I have to admit I preferred watching the Brian dynamite exploding all over – even over Orianthi!

  14. FlamingoLady says:

    How can you not love this guy? I smiled through the whole interview and it’s fun to watch the interviewer become totally smitten with him by the end! Talk about a Prince Charming!

  15. I agree it’s so sweet to watch interviewers fall in love with him, but if I ever got the chance to talk to him, I’m not sure I’d be able to hold it together – he’s soooo awesome! Having said that, I suspect he’s probably one of those people who just puts you at ease immediately.

    And I really can’t wait for him to come to the UK, so I’m in the process of arranging to go see him in New Orleans – I’m soooooooooo excited, I can hardly breathe! If any of you guys are going to New Orleans, it’ll be lovely to have the opportunity to meet you there.

  16. Adam, Great interview! Love your look, no matter what it is at the time. Love your tips about different make-ups, but hope nothing has happened bad with MAC, ’cause they have some awesome things out there. If we could be at all your concerts, we’d be as close as we could, but alas, we can’t afford to travel all over the world with you, please, please, please think about putting out a DVD of your music for us poor souls that can’t travel with you. The sooner the better. However, if you do come close to us, we WILL be there, promise!!!!!!!!

    Luv u,
    Rita & Donna

  17. Adoraable Adam, always so deloghtful. I hope he keeps in mind that he was ‘rock’ on AI and that WLL Love, and his rendition of Ring Of Fire and Mad World got him fans, as well as his singing of “A Change Is Gonna Come, “Feeling Good” “If I Can’t Have You” etc etc – soooooooooooo well sung and we all show up at his concerts because of his magnificent singing. And Adsm is easy to love, so precious and good -natured. And so sweet male sexy too.

  18. Just love him!!! Can’t wait for this Friday, August 13 and his concert in Bethlehem, PA!

  19. wow i just saw him at okla city—-that was awesome—-i see now what all of you meant—you cant get enough of him—-i wished he woould have done whole lotta love, but he did mad world instead–i wonder how he decides—-but im still on cloud 9!!!!!!

  20. How can a guy be so damned sexy and be so down-to-earth?
    I guess that just adds to his sexiness. Love him.

  21. Everytime I watch him do an interview I just smile. He is so charming and such a glam, sexy, OMG gorgeous entertainer all rolled into one beautiful person. I (selfishly) like his idea of sticking with the type of music that’s working for him because it sure works for me. Just counting the days until I see him again in New Orleans. It’s gonna be a Voo Doo night.

  22. PeggyGlamb 345 says:

    Just got home from Springfield, Missouri and I have to say this was the most amazing audience I have seen at the 5 concerts that i have been to…..During intermission they played a Bee Gee’s song and a guy in the balcony really got the audience to going…He was dancing up a storm and it was real togetherness….then some gals in the pit started throwing ballons and a beach ball….great…..
    Then comes Adam…..Yeah!!!!! glitter from top of his head to the toe of his shoes….Best show we have seen….He had his glam on and so did Allison….Great Great show…..
    They said Tommys dad passed 2 days ago….so sad….
    We was 2nd row behind the pit and it was wonderful…….Three more to go in Sept……..

  23. sun-n-stars says:

    Does anyone have Tommy’s address to send him a card? I met him at the Norfolk concert and he is so sweet. Adam has a fantastic group of people working with him. Ditto to all of the positive things said above. I can’t elaborate further because everything good and beautiful has already been said about the interview and Adam.

  24. Sorry to hear that Tommy’s dad died. Hope he has loads of support to get him through it. We love his performances, too, actually the whole band. We’re sure Tommy’s dad is probably in a better place, especially if he had been sick for a while and is looking down and enjoying his son’ s talent. God Bless, Rita & Donna

  25. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    I just love him and can’t wait to see him this thursday!!