EF Interview With Adam Lambert Part 1 & 2

Here is a two part interview with Adam, although it is really just Adam sitting in a room answering questions without anybody else. It wasn’t until the end when you actually hear someone else speak. I found it kind of odd actually.
I laugh now every time I hear him say SPARKLY in an interview. I think I might just start keeping track of whether or not he can say it in EVERY interview, haha.! I love him…


EF Interview Adam Lambert Part 1:

EF Interview Adam Lambert Part 2:

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  1. ElianeBrasil #577 says:

    Oi / Hello
    Hi Sue, I’m here again writing about our Adam. He is always very nice person, polite, with lots of youth in his words.
    He is a delightful person to watch whatever you doing.
    I said before I’m not writing very often but I read everyday your informations about MY Adam.
    Ok,ok, a share with you… IN THE AFTERMATH you were who meet him. buaaaaaa, snif….
    Kisses / Beijos
    (Sorry My English…….you know that)

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hello/Oi Eliane!! I am glad you are here again, I love to hear from you. No worries, I will ALWAYS share my Adam with you, don’t you know that by now 😉
      Keep writing girlfriend… it makes my day!


  2. Thanks again, for the updates, love them.

  3. Libraglam says:

    ADAM is such a nice, honest, and humble man that i bet every woman would dream once in their life. Watching part II of this video , there is one answer that he talked of his ex-boyfriend which i think he is talking about the one before Drake (because with Drake, ADAM is still friend and keep in touch) ….i wonder how such a wonderful person like ADAM would have someone walked out of his life like that? and ADAM still wonder about it, it must be a very bitter break-up ….if I was a gay man and was his boyfriend…i would consider myself so lucky even if he is not becoming a celebrity like what he is now. I could understand Drake who could not stand the change in ADAM life since ADAM has no time for anyone anymore….he is all over the place and even has no much rest. How do you all think? Do you think the person he mentioned was the ex-ex boyfriend or it was Drake? Poor ADAM….if i was Drake, I would have a second thought about leaving ADAM ….

    • Jing Sydney says:

      I think I have heard he mentioned the name Brad? ….

      He is so sincere and honest, I have never heard or seen any celebrities pull off their personal feelings like this. I do believe, deep inside, he is quite vulnerable, not the outside “whatever” look.

    • He has an ex named Brad Bell-goes by Cheeks. He is also in entertainment, has a bunch of stuff on youtube and has his own website and is hilarious. I think they dated for like 2 years and he and Adam are still friends also. I think they went to the GLAAD awards together based on twitter chatter. I don’t know if it was Brad he was talking about either-would be interesting to know.

      • Libraglam says:

        Thank Jing and Lisa for some pointers….wow !!
        I think ADAM is a perfectionist and very sensitive person. I remembered in some interview he said now he thinks that he needs someone to take care of him….It’s like the couple Elton John and his partner David Furnish. David was very patient and take good care of Elton. I hope one day ADAM can find a person of his dream. Sometimes it’s hard to fall in love for someone who is a perfectionist and it’s a terrible thing when things don’t work. It’s not easy for a perfectionist to swing to anyone….poor ADAM, it’s getting harder now when he is already a celebrity and has crazy schedule!

  4. Hi there Sue,Thank you yet again!!! It makes my day to see that beautiful face!!The rest of the world now gets to share in our joy over Adam,his talent,beauty, and wonderful personality! Lucky for them they will really get to enjoy FYE the single.I feel like that wonderful song was short changed here.Every time i hear it,which im sure is hundreds by now,im reminded what a great song it is, so perfectly written for him.The lyrics,once im in i own your heart,and an angel sweeping us off our feet couldnt be more true.Thanks again for all the wonderful updates!!! Sue, quick question,since i was late coming to this amazing web site is there a way to see your older posts?Id love to go back as far as possible and catch up on all the old goodies!!

    • lovemyadam says:

      Rema, You are welcome again!! I thank my lucky stars that I am able to do this every day!! I agree about the words fitting him. He is an angel, isn’t he? Maybe with some devil horns…
      Better late than never honey, finding older posts is easy just by clicking on “Categories” at the top of this post. Then you can browse through ALL things we have done here!! Have fun with that…


  5. EternalGlamNation says:

    I must say I much prefer hearing only Adam speak — totally works for me!

    What do you say we take a shot of our favorite libation every time he says “sparkly”!

    Anybody with me? LOL!

  6. adam style changed ,he always dress up glam now its kind of simple.he need vote on http://www.dr.dk/skum/boogie/listen.please vote for him in every poll you see.

  7. I Love the questions that catch him off Gaurd sometimes:) And he gives a realy FUNNY ANSWER IT’S GREAT;0) LOVE YOU ADAM

    • lovemyadam says:

      Isn’t it great to watch him think about his answers?? LOVE HIM TOO!!!
      Miss you kym…


  8. I loved the way he presented Thats Entertainment in the video . The dancers add a new dimension
    to it without taking the spotlight from him. He looked so handsome and moved so well. I hope the
    song does get another chance in the states. He looks so cute and honest when he is interviewed.
    He has a great personality.

  9. Sue, whata girl. I love your dry wit — ” An angel with some devil horns !” Ha – ha ! You got it. Yeah…… Poor darling, baby Adam having to rummage his brain to answer those questions. He looks a bit helpless and perplexed on some of the questions that maybe don’t need answers after all. Do they want to pick his brains? Put him on the spot? Or throw him off balanced? But Adam’s good nature never fails him and was honest to admit things that he hasn’t figured out yet. And he ends his answers with his sparkling laughter. Hope I could join him on those HA – HA – HA ! I could almost hear my laughter in DUET with his. I know you Sue would like to join too.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Count me in sunshine!!! It’ll be a three way, lol!! LAUGHTER PEOPLE, MINDS OUT OF THE GUTTER HERE…


  10. ADAM lost for words……….NEVER!!!!…….. It looks like a bit of jetlag setting in and that is always
    the pits…..and it even catches up with nonstop ADAM!……. He is such a hoot!

  11. Lambertini #520 says:

    He’s so well spoken and funny! I love when he always says he has “no filters” so funny!


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