ET – Behind the Scenes with the Details Photo Shoot

And make sure to set your DVR for Tuesday – ET will be doing a feature on the Time For Miracles music video!

More updates to come…

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. WOWWWWWWW!!!! is he getting better looking?? No way to improved on perfection though..!!!

    • I would have liked the title to be STRUT………that sounds more like Adam………but this title is cool too. Loved that photo shoot video…………can’t wait till tomorrow when it shows the making of the video for TFM

      • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

        This afternoon I was watching old AI Tour vids, and was thinking…how could they choose anything but “Strut”, while watching him on that stage…..Surprise!!! we got something else.
        With you on ET tomorrow nite can’t wait…the man keeps us busy…lol….

        • I preferred Strut too, but his title is what he is always saying, everything he does for himself is ‘fun’ and for us is “For Your Entertainment” right???

    • Wow I loved the look he had in that TFM video…………love the “outfit” and really loved his hair……….I am in deep drooling lust right now………….gotta go and take a very cold shower………..Oh lordy………….help me………….anyone????LOL

      • Ladyc9543 Glamb 481 says:

        Trish..I agree with you…Adam looks sexy as hell in that video..His hair is long and wild…That is going to be some video. I am surprised Adam let Details cut his hair….he looked very James Dean/Elvis with that do. Not to worry…he still looks fabulous!!!

        The album title is anti-climatic for sure. What picture are they going to use…..I’ll look it up on Amazon…


  2. sherry s. says:

    ALBUM TITLE REVEALED! — check Amazon

  3. Album title-For Your Entertainment.

    • Yes Peaches, thank you,
      I’ve just read it and to tell the truth I am disappointed…. I am not sure if I liked the title…. 🙁
      Doesn’t sound like Adam at all….

  4. Hate the title. Can’t wait to get it though. It’s pre-ordered and anxiously waiting to get my hot hands on it!!!

  5. Actually that title “For Your Entertainment” has an “Adult Content” ring to it doesn’t it?! That was quite an “Adult Content” photo shoot too wasn’t it???? Our Adam is not just a great singer – he is quite sexy too – as we all know. Wow – model, actor, all around great entertainer. Really does it all!

  6. AllStarMe says:

    My aunt watches General Hospital and today at the end of the show they played Adam’s “Mad World!”

    • TheFeyNan(Nancy) says:

      I watch it also…been replaying the end of today’s episode over & over…lol…they are introducing a new story line. James Franco will be a guest star for a couple of months, he will playing a dastardly villian, I imagine we will be hearing it a lot on there…I will be Luvin’ every minute of it!!!

  7. Here are portions of the same video in a slightly different format with a couple of different scenes of Adam hamming it up, and a rather fabulous one-fingered salute Adam gives somewhere in the middle of it all. If this isn’t a drop-dead handsome, absolutely irresistible man, no such person exists. I don’t think the world will be able to get enough of him, ever. Here’s the link:

    • Hi Lorrin,

      THANKS FOR THAT VIDEO….OMG, OMG, OMG… adorable is he! The faces he makes are PRICELESS !!!!

    • Ooooooooooooh Lorrin, siggggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Thank you, dearest!

    • cheryl 334 says:


    • Loved this longer version, wish ET would have aired the whole thing last night. Go figure!
      Makes me mad how they edit and cut sometimes the best parts.
      Oh is Adam making his rounds or what?
      love him

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Thanks Lorrin. Loved the video. Everytime I look at him, I’m absolutely amazed at how beautiful he is. Was there ever a more beautiful creature in this whole world? -NOT –

  8. Dianne Hill says:

    To me it just doesn’t sound quite like Adam. Do you think the record producers made him take this title so as not to outdo Kris at all, because we all know, even as talented as Kris is (if you like his kind of music) that Adam is going to far outsell him without any trouble at all. However, I can’t really see Adam letting the producers make him do anything that he doesn’t want. I don’t dislike the title, but I am not totally in love with it either. Think I will wait, as others above have said, it is the music that counts and Adam’s sensational voice and if there is one thing that Adam does wholeheartedly, it is entertain us.

  9. Glambert 2601 says:

    The girl is tall! She is about the same height as Adam. She has a beautiful face and body. Lucky her. And double lucky to get this job posing with Adam.

    • Evette #419 says:

      Glambert 2601~~Do you still need someone to get you a copy of Details? I checked the B&N yesterday and they have this months mag. So I have my fingers crossed for next month. I can try to get you a copy. Let me know if you want me to try and we’ll set it up.

    • I thought she is beautiful too. Loved their cute little expressions at ea other.

      Loved how Adam held her. oh my………………..

  10. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,thank you for posting this!Tomorrow is another one?Post that also please! You won’t believe it.I thought tomorrow I can see this thing but when I open the sites I saw this,I got so excited and wait the video to complete and then I smelled something burning!! I left something in the kitchen!~nodding~ Ah ha!! It’s black!Ah ha!~nodding again~ It doesn’t taste good,I don’t wanna to eat it!!~shake head~
    I love when Adam raise his eyebrow!!SEXY!!!! Then I love when he wore white shirt and raise his arm,blocking the light!! SUPER SEXY!! Then I saw the making of TFM video,that is how like I imagine!! No me as bride but the rest is almost like that!! LOL!Then I saw tomorrow another vid and I so excited,pick up that fork and take the black nugget and put it in my mouth.All a sudden I don’t feel that I’m smiling anymore! 0_o Yuks! The lesson here,when you want to google Adam or searching youtube for Adam or come to this sites,NEVER EVER DO SOMETHING ELSE! One at the time,buddy!! But YAAAAAAAYY,Adam is smoking hot every single day!! Oh yes, I think that the first time I saw that girl put something on her body beside Adam’s hand!! “YEAH,YOU CAN KEEP THAT ROBE,LADY!”

    • AdamAddict….


    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      you truly are hilarious….I’m sure you’ve burnt alot of food.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Just few times but it’s not my fault!My mom came to me and looked closely to my food and asked me what the hell was that?LOL!Then my sister came and asked the same thing!Hahaha,I swear,I’m not making this up! I can send you photo and see how black it is! 😛

    • AA, Adam is so very playful and then so passionate!!!!!!!!!! AAHH his hand on her body.

  11. Love this! Adam is such a star ‘interviewee’ – always witty and ‘interested’ – which makes his interesting! I notice quite a couple of negative comments on the title – I really have nothing against it, it’s kinda cute in a way – and I think will appeal to a broader crowd. Ultimately, this won’t be adam’s only album – so what’s in a title? not much I say… it’s the songs that count!

  12. Evette #419 says:

    I kinda like the album title. Its cute and fun and just sounds pleasant.

  13. Ok..I’m outta some kind of loop? Why did he do this (his description) heterosexual photo shoot, if it’s not his real self. I know he appreciates beauty of both sexes, but this didnt seem right. What was it a promotion for? ET didnt show anything really last night and pushed for more Adam tonight. What will they show tonight, the same trailer for 2012 we have already seen with 1 sec of Adam? I think the title is fine. Adam always says he really doesnt know why so many peoples are “that” carried away with “him”. He just likes to sing and dress up to entertain, he doesnt play any instruments like Kris so he says. So I think his title fits his perception. It may not be ours, but it’s his. He’s a pretty humble guy. Once it all takes off for him, maybe then he will see it from our perspective!

  14. At first I didn’t like the title at all . . . but it is growing on me . . . sort of the sweet side of Adam!!! Just there to entertain!!! Have fun with it! I’m sure we will!!! Counting the days til it drops . . . .

  15. GLAMB#474 kimber says:

    Hello GLAMBS!!! It’s great to start seeing ADAM on the ET news but dissappointed E news didn’t have any clips of ADAM on their show. I screamed when they said there would be more tonight. I’ve got my dvr set. From the longer version, Lorrin showed, it was an improvement. Thank you Lorrin!!! These interviews just make me want to know ADAM even more on a personal level. He’s amazing!!!! I do wish he knew that, but then he wouldn’t be his humble self. ADAM looks freakin’ awesome in the TFM video!!!! I loved his wildness and roughness. It’s HOTT!!! For his album title, I take it as a personal message to each one of us. ADAM is putting his music out just for you only. I can dig it!!! And what to expect from his concert tour? Well, imagine his performances from AI and multiply it. Oh yeah!!! I cannot wait!!!! In the longer video, did you see those beautiful freckles, those beautiful natural tattoos of glitter? I wonder how the ratings were for ET last night? I bet they’ve never had them so high. All the ADAM fans watching, wow!!! Can’t help it, but I keep going back to ADAM’s “The Prayer”, as I am coming home from work. I listened to it all night and I’m still crying. I just love his voice in that song. That takes me to thank everyone who contributed all the past, present, and future videos and info of ADAM. I would never have known the theatrical side of ADAM, the Zodiac, and the brown -zippered pants video, if it weren’t for everyone. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! PLL TO ADAM AND ALL THE GLAMBS!!!!

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    I think the album title if perfect! Not ‘trendy’. It will be a ‘classic’!!! His 1st album should have a more ‘general’ title. Not a title of a specific song. Not for his 1st. I like it! It is the music that counts afterall. He did write a lot on this album, and he sang it all, HE should be the one who titles it. I like it a lot!

  17. I sooo LOVE this interview. Adam is so much fun. He makes me laugh. His faces….the part where he says “I’m Jewish!”then gives that look and busts out laughing. I think it would be totally fun to know this guy.

    As for the album title I would have liked it to have been “Glittery Alien from Planet Fierce”, but hey— maybe it was difficult to title an album with the undoubted diversity this album is going to have. It could say “Adam sings the Phone book” and I would buy it in a heartbeat. What difference does it make really. Adam is getting so much exposure right now. Being on the AMA’s next month is going to reach millions of people. I don’t know of ANY IDOL that ever got something like that prior to their album release. I think there is a lot of faith that this fine SINGER is going to sell big time.

    I’m praying for that. I want the world for Adam!

  18. glamb# 442 Paula says:

    wow! what a dream come true every girl can now have hope that adam might be bi-curious.totally hot and truthfully it would have been hot with a guy too. he is amazingly beautiful!!!!

  19. Adam is a dream. He is a treasure. He is a glam rock sex god jaw-dropping georgeous hunk of male beauty. And he is nice, likable, poised, gracious,articulate,intelligent, confident and creative.

  20. Adam is exciting. Anything about ADAM is great. He deserves the popularity and affection he receives now. I can only wish all the best for a nice person like Adam, Hope all his dreams would come true. Let’s continue support Adam