“Entitlement is NOT Sexy”

***UPDATE – PHOTO OF BILL KAULITZ ADDED*** Adam is tweeting, and he’s not happy! Here are his most recent tweets:

“Thanks to those of you who “get it” You guys are so rad. The messages were really thoughtful. A few of you need to quit being so negative.”

“I Loooooooooove and am deeply grateful to my fans who made idol a dream come true. I feel that I express that love in my performance.Thank u”

“I feel bad but please understand that I try to give you guys 110% on stage. Your ticket is to see us perform! Entitlement is not sexy…”

“Hey guys. I have gotten a few negative messages about not signing autographs. Sorry If anyone is dissapointed.”

“Thank you Newark! Sorry I didn’t make it outside to sign autographs… Had lots of ny friends and family inside I never see. Plus rain! :(”

Adam sounds upset, and he sounds hurt. It frankly makes me furious that after ALL Adam has given us all year long, some people can be so petty and selfish. Adam is giving us all he has to give. He has admitted in interviews that the tour is more work than he thought it would be.

Yes, of course it would be nice for all his fans to get the opportunity to meet him after the show, but he’s right – the price of the ticket is for the concert, and he is giving us our money’s worth and then some! Anything more that we do get – an autograph, a touch, the chance to exchange a few words – is all just a gift from heaven, but shouldn’t be expected, and should certainly not be demanded.

The thought that Adam has obviously been hurt by the thoughtlessness of a few selfish people makes me want to cry. I can only hope that Adam realizes that such people are the minority, and that he does realize that 99% of us know in our hearts and souls that he is giving us his all.

As many of you have said, we want Adam to stay healthy, and we don’t want him to burn out. We want him safe and whole and happy for the future!

***UPDATE*** Adam later twittered this:
“Side note: Anyone else fascinated w Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Never seen a more gloriously androgynous beauty. He’s like an alien :)”

For those, like me, who never heard of Bill, here is the “other” alien…

What do you think? Personally, he’s way too feminine for my taste. When I first looked at photos of Bill, I was sure he was a girl.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. I just saw this on the ‘net and am so glad you’ve posted a new thread about it, Jeannette.

    It makes me furious, too! WTF is wrong with people??? As I’ve said several times here, it didn’t even occur to me that he might come out to sign autographs in Sunrise – it didn’t when I bought the ticket, and then it definitely didn’t when I learned of the crap he’d had to deal with in Memphis and Tampa.

    Hell, if entitlement is not sexy (and I agree with that statement 100% – it’s genius, really, but consider the source), I must be SMOKING HOT. I’ll tell you what, and I’ve had this argument with many people many times over the years – artists DO NOT OWE US ANYTHING. They don’t even “owe” us their best possible performances – they owe that only to themselves. If they are so kind as to come out and sign autographs after just giving us every ounce of energy they have on the stage, it’s a very special gift. It is NOT included in the price of the ticket.

    I just don’t get people who think differently on this subject. I really don’t.

    I’m glad Adam has gotten lots of tweets from people like us who are of the same mind – they speak for me, too, and I’m glad they’ve helped him feel better about it. If I knew how the hell the whole Twitter thing works, I’d try to be one of those people myself. Poor lamb.

    As my husband says, don’t let the wombats get you down, Adam.

    And I’d like to just trot out one of my favorite quotes that grounds me and helps me every day, as I am on a much lesser level a passionate person who says what I mean and means what I say:

    Be who you are and say what you feel. Those who mind don’t matter. And those who matter don’t mind. ~ Theodore Geisel (Dr. Seuss)

    Adam’s performances electrify my life. Those are a rare gift as it is. I don’t expect anything more from him than that, and he owes me nothing more than that.

    • Amen to this sister from down under, I am assuming! Here in the Northern Hemisphere we say ‘Don’t let the turkeys get you down’–I almost tweeted that to Adam BTW–haha.. Personally I prefer the Down Under way–get out of the way wombats and let the man live his own life!

      • Actually, I’m a Northern Hemisphere gal, too (from Western New York originally). My husband says it because he just thinks it sounds funnier than “turkeys”. 🙂

    • What happened in Memphis? I was there and I saw or heard nothing negative. Some were dissapointed because they couldn’t sign autographs. But I didn’t notice anything but love for Adam.

      • It makes me angry too by how ppl get demanding with Adam when us fans should really care about his health…HE IS A PERSON TOO dont u realize that he also gets tired?? but he still gives 110% on his performances so PEOPLE DONT GET STUPID AND UPSET with him and if u did or are well then u are not a true fan!!!.

      • Hi, Jerri. Rumor had it that the (main) reason he didn’t sign autographs in Memphis, Tampa, or Sunrise was that there was some crazy stalker chick who had shown up / threatened to show up at each of those venues. I think she was there at one or both of the first two, and with Tampa only 3 hours’ drive from Sunrise, she certainly could have shown up there (and not even have needed a diaper ;-)).

        Whatever his reasons, even if it’s just that he’s worn out and doesn’t f***ing feel like it, that’s his prerogative. The fact that people just expect that of him at every tour stop and actually get pissed off at him if he doesn’t appear is mind-boggling to me. Hell, I’ve gone and seen a favorite band of mine a couple of dozen times over the last 10 or so years and it never once occurred to me that if I waited by the backstage door or buses or whatever, they’d march right out and sign stuff for me. I did finally get backstage after one of their shows once because I knew someone who knew someone and got a legit pass, and even then, not all of them appeared. A couple of them were too tired from the performance. Was I mad? Hell, no. I was glad to get to meet the bandmembers I did get to meet and moved on.

        Not farting in your general direction, Jerri – just venting at those idiots who would not only be non-ego-formed enough to be angry about it, but then would actually have the balls to send him messages saying so.


      • Jerri, I think Adam’s words are mostly based on the tweets he has been getting or ones that were sent to the other idols when his twitter was down.. referring to him not coming out so much. I think we older folks can see the whole picture, as he says, we ‘get it’.

        Last night I searched his twitter site and clicked on the 64 followers. Almost all of them are fellow celebs like Oprah, Lady Gaga, Daughtry, both Paris and Perez Hilton etc, likely people who kind of ‘got in’ before his twitter was hijacked. They would not be the ones making complaints. So, as discussed on an earlier thread, I wonder if all of us are actually getting through with our tweets. I’ve sent two to him. One just referring to the Glambs and our site and last night, one giving him support and love from us Glambs and telling him to rest if he needs to. It sounds like he is getting both types.

        Other Idols have missed the meets also for various reasons. Only Kris and Adam are making albums and so far Kris has not said one word about recording as he does the tour. Even Michael had to leave his meet due to not feeling well. They are getting tired,, especially the ‘older’ ones, I mean Adam is 10 years older than Alison.

        I’ve done a little astrological research on Adam and for those interested, his particular grouping of birth signs means he could be a victim of nervous tension and we know he wants to do perfect performances, and that in itself is tiring. He also is a person who desires to please and likely the negative comments upset him somewhat. His signs also indicate an ability to speak out bluntly at times, so that is also possible, he must have been very wound up and hurt to tweet those messages at all as they were of the negative sort, albeit defensive sorts!

        • Lisette here..Merci for lovli reply on last thread..one with authors..so many pages hard to keep up now!Regarde Adam an his astrological chart am very much into thes also..An bein Aquarian with sun in Aquarius an venus in Capricorn as maself..can be very sensitive an upset with lcritism or negativitie..taking thinges too hearte So Adam felt hurt with thes notes over not signe autographs.Reading his twitter reply must be exhausted aftre his high energie performances dansing all over stage powerful vocal ranges/octaves requiring lot of repose for next day..I pray he’ll nevre fall ill, recall othre Idol tweet sayin they av doctors if necessarie.I av tried to send message on his twittre somhow keep returnin on ma page.Then imagaine he dosnot have time to read infinite emails.Take care an luv an hugs to all! Luv Lisettexoxo

        • I agree that he may have nervous tension, something I know all too well. He has said that he is “hyperactive” which is definitely another clue. So if people really love him they should treat him with TLC. Anyone who is giving him a hard time, or stalking him, will get there’s in spades.

          As far as the 64 people he lists on his site, those are fellow celebs, artists and friends that Adam follows. He has something like 132,000 followers – really! I was blown away that he was reading tweets from his followers. I’m hoping he has someone doing that for him so he doesn’t have to suffer anymore abuse.

          Blessed be.

          • He seems to go up by 1000+ twitter followers each day, likely the concerts are helping.

            Re. his ‘perfectionism’ that I mentioned, here is a short quote from the first part of indepth interview mentioned below, “I didn’t like doing stuff unless I was good at it”. Somewhere below it also mentioned him having a cold? I haven’t read anything but it could be true as we have noticed a bit of scratchiness.

            That Newark 2 concert performance was way over the top in ferocity, emotion etc.. he was sooo into it! Nothing like the first few of WLL…. maybe he’s feeling better?? (hope hope)

        • Thanks for tht Theresa, wow interesting how his sign is soo like his personality.
          Love Adam he Rocks!

    • I will never get to see him perform on the idol tour but hopefully when he tours solo, but even then I would feel it “extra” if I got to see him or have an autograph. This man works his but off for his fans, he gives over 110% on stage, and a few want to say negative things because they feel that they owned him because they bought a ticket? Tell me please where it says you will get an autograph on that ticket? If you can show me it says that then ok, but I know it doesn’t say that, so leave the man alone about that. Be very happy you even get to see him perform, some, like me have to live through youtube and other venures. Don’t spoil it for the majority of us who understand and just love to see him leave it on the stage like he does. Quit your negative overtones and give Adam a break.

      Loveing Adam and wish you all the best!

    • Check out the Atlantic City performance. By far the best one yet. Bowie medley is to die for.
      I dont know how to bring it over or I would. The AdamBombs video’d it. U can get it from their
      site or Adamlambertsite.wordpress. Great video.

      • AdamAddict says:

        TheAdamBombs vids always close up! Great quality!They already post The Newark concert( 2nd show) in youtube. All 6 vids were there! Check it out,Glambs!

    • cheryl norman says:

      ALL GLAMBS, I would just like to INVITE YOU to the bottom of this thread and give ‘rhymingrealtor’ the answer to her question on Adam and why didn’t he come out in the rain like all the others!! Sh’s very upset that she feels that all the ‘idols’ do the same amt of work, etc…. read for yourself her way of thinking if you want to understand the way some people think.

    • Just wanted to add my 2 cents worth. You are 100% right, and I agree with how well you said it.

    • Adam has had alot to deal with. Doing the 50 shows, he puts out more energy than anyone. Some crazy stalker, some breaking into his computer. I was at his concert. He was fantabulous. Would I have liked an autograph or picture. Of course. Did I feel entiled to one, no. A concert is just that, you come and listen to the music, and watch the show. You have to realize travelling from city to city, practicing, trying to save your voice, get some rest, and me time is important to all these people. Some people call Adam a diva because he doesn’t come out all the time. But remember he is the one who thanks the audience, the band, the backup singers. He is not a superhero but a regular person who has feelings. We should respect that. And just be grateful that Idol brought us the talent and beauty that is Adam Lambert.

      • I agree 100% with everyones comments…….what I find interesting is….”When all these “SOUR GRAPES PEOPLE” go to, say, see “THE STONES”….”FLEETWOOD MAC”…..”THE EAGLES”… do they expect them to come out and sign autographs? If they do what planet are they from?
        Adam gives all of us more than 100% everytime he performs….Adam gives us “HIS ALL” and that is everything!!!!!!!
        “ADAM…..please do know listen to those who are negative….you have literally thousands of fans who support and adore you…put your trust in all of us….WE “WILL NOT’ let you down”!!!!!!!!


    • I agree with Jeanette and Barb 100%. There are so many of us who don’t even have the chance to go to the concert. Some people are so greedy. Shame on them for calling themselves Adam’s fans.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Hi Barb
      OMG Barb, you make me laugh!! I’ve enjoyed reading your comments. I laughed out loud, when you said “if you knew how the hell this Twitter thing worked” – I’m totally with you!! – Lost! I’m following Adam on Twitter but that’s about the extent of my knowledge. Don’t know anything else, so confusing. I even tried and failed miserably to set up an account – hee, hee! Oh well. I’m going to the concert in Hamilton on Friday. I’m so excited, can hardly wait. I don’t even want to tell you that I’m 50+ years of age (that’s all I’ll admit to!) and I feel like a school girl when it comes to Adam. OMG does he ever get to me!! I never even knew that there was a possibility of seeing him up close at a signing session until I started to read some of the different comments. So I was excited at the possibility of that happening, now am a bit disappointed that maybe he won’t come out now. I would just love to see him up close! OMG, I’d probably faint!! I’ll let you know how the concert was and if I survived!!

  2. I get so mad about hearing that crap too. He does not have to sign and meet and greet. That was an extra prop. The big acts out on tour don’t do that. The most important thing is that Adam takes care of himself. If he doesn’t feel up to it or has something else to do well good for him. The gift is seeing him perform live.

    Good for you Adam.

  3. You said it all, Jeanette. Those idiots who pester and hurt him for not coming out IN THE RAIN to sign autographs are selfish, self-centered, and need to get a life. Adam is doing so much for his fans already, more then he is obligated to. He’s selfless, generous, and giving, and some people are completely taking this for granted. I’m hurt and I feel bad that Adam has to put up with this crap. I just hope he knows that not all his fans are like that and ones like us Glambs at this site, and many others, care about his health, how he feels, and want HIM to be happy. He deserves that.

  4. It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity. ~Albert Einstein

    Spoken by a genius so many years ago…before our modern technology even existed!!

    Would all these people who are complaining and bi*ching about not getting meet and greets (or autographs) say that to Adam’s face? I bet not.

    It is a lot like being rude behind the wheel of your car when you really don’t have to face the person you cut off on the freeway. The internet is a lot like the 1,000 pounds of metal you can hide behind, and then get away with having very bad manners because there is truly no accountability for actions or words.

    It is sad…quite sad. Adam doesn’t even owe anyone an explanation as to why he doesn’t come out after the shows. That is his business.

    So, is it O.K. to be disappointed if your concert doesn’t end the way you had hoped? Well, of course! But just get over it.

    Entitlement is not only “not sexy,” but it is also far removed from how the real world works.

    • Excellently stated, Dana! And so true about technology…great point.

    • Love that quote, so true, Dana!!

      For those who like quotes, this is the one Adam says is his favourite:

      “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

  5. Just saw his Tweets over at Twitter. Too bad about this. Thick skin is needed here. What a caring soul that he is upset–some performers could care less but Adam is a caring man and I can see why he is upset.

    It’s just some petty folk who are the part of the ‘me first and me only’ group that is alive and well in this mad world of ours (sorry for the pun). I have experienced this first hand this summer when out at the grocery store trying to get around in a cart/chair vehicle and I have had so many negative encounters with people who are inconsiderate of others. I had two knees replaced in June soon I’ll not need to use such a vehicle for much longer but I have had my eyes opened via this experience and realize that people can be so ignorant.

    It appears Adam does realize that there are people who respect him and the absolute need to take care of the gift–his talent. We are so blessed to have him in this time when things are so tense as it is without adding to the tension with demanding something of another human being who needs his space as much as the rest of us. May his star shine on–we need his starlight.

    –Marty, Glam 93

  6. AdamAddict says:

    I already leave a comment in TCA post but what the heck I let you read it again! lol! Yeah,I pissed all right! Glad all Glambs pissed too. The tweets above,read it from below to above BTW! Some fans gave him some negative msg because he didn’t go out for signing! He already explain that he has family and friends that he didn’t see for a long time inside.So,he wants to spend time with them plus it’s raining outside! Unlike we all,if we get sick,we can get MC and rest at home.He has to continue perform to us.If he’s sick and not perform,this “not cool” fans will blame him again!!

    Urgh,I don’t understand why some fans that said they so in love with Adam but at the same time just don’t understand him!Poor Adam! He has feelings too! He’s not really a glittery alien from planet fierce! If he needs to spend time with his loves ones,so let him!! Come on!! Now there’s article written Adam said “Your ticket is to see us perform,Not sign Autograph” That’s not how he said it in his tweeter!Gosh,haters,paparazi and press will love this story! Give that guy some space to breath!! Poor our darling Adam!! 🙁

    But I read lots of positives msg that were sent to him too.Actually,I can’t find any of negatives msg.But I didn’t read all,of course. But I think lots more fans like us(who understand him) and when we found out he seemed unhappy about all this,we immediately tweet him telling him,it’s okay,there’s lots more who understand and still love him. I did tweeted him 3 times,positives supports of course.But he got a lot,not sure he will able to read it all.If he doesn’t read mine,I will not like those uncool fans,i won’t mad! Come on,he’s human,people.Wake up!! HUMAN!! Gosh!

    • I agree with you AdamAddict! I also don’t understand why some fans that said they so in love with Adam can hurt him so deeply!
      It’s incredible how people can do this
      It’s unbelievable that those persons don’t understand how much ADAM is sensitive and generous with his FANS.
      It’s obvious that he knows how much he is loved by his fans and that he would like to have the opportunity to be with them every concert night. He had already said it, more than once.
      Come on! We – the faithful fans – must be given thanks every day for ADAM in our lives.
      Evelize – GLAMB#80

    • Many people interpret the word “love’ as in “Oh I love Adam” as meaning what will I get out of this? rather than how can I make Adam happy?

      Regarding being busy behind the scenes. Scot has said that usually at least five out of the ten do backstage interviews before or after each show. Then add in the extras like GMA, Adam possibly spending some time at one of the three 19 Entertainment recording studios etc… and it doesnt leave much time for relaxing or visiting local attractions. As Adam said in one interview, he is not used to this pace. His theatre work was usually in one location for a couple of weeks. They must love the NJ, NY area as they got to spend two whole nights in the same hotel!

      • Plus Adam, Kris and Allison just did a big photo shoot in NY for Elle magazine! (Can’t wait to see that issue!!!)

        Yes, there is a ton of stuff they have to do in between shows, and I’m sure we’re aware of only a small part of it.

        • AdamAddict says:

          Adam,Kris & Allison in one cover? The winner,runner up, and the 4th place! What happen to Gokey? lol! Poor dude! That’s ain’t cool,dude!Don’t do that to 3rd place,dude! lol! Thank God! If Gokey in that cover,what I’m suppose to do? Elle magazine!!Hmmm,I wonder if that mag will be selling here in Malaysia! I hope so! I guess a lot of people just love these KRADAM and ADISSON! I love them too! Adam the most,duh! 😛

      • Theresa, You ar so right. Everyone wants their piece of him, sometimes not considering what he
        is already giving us. Well put! These guys are in a whirlwind, let them call their own pace people.
        Love Peace!
        Elle Magazine? Wow something else to look forward to. Jeanette love how u are soo on top of things.
        Thank Youuu.

      • Lisette here aftre salon taking day off to repose,no office work for remans of week decide to pace myself(having immunesystem illness leave one feling like truck ranovre)..An imagaine despite Adam’s being younge an fit,he need’s to replenish his energie level..An hearde he say to one interviewer on ET channel..Concerttour is gret meeting fans,but on day off if possible to av time an just rest in hotel room,an garde tv..gosip gals(earlier ontour).An agree Theresa hearde on anothre channel(extra) thet even on downtime/days off..he’s busy in studio still placing final toches an songes for his lovli CD(in Nov).An everyone must realize he’s non a robot even they brek down! On twitter finale able to read,said he gives 110 percent onstage an thet shold display his luv for his fans..an so if he skips autograph signing sorry.So humble an caring of his audience.Think he has to careful garde for future shows agree with so many not to plese everyone…an having relatives an devote time with them(on tv interview).An av seen same interview Theresa where he mentione of touring with Wicked..yes was non as demanding as here with AItour one,having tvappearances,sightseeing in varius cities.Perhaps when he has his own solo tour in future,hopful his managre will permitte free time sans demands of AI being with his Idol mates.Pray he keeps in bonhealth emotionally,physically an spiritually..as he as mentione many temes..being very spiritual(I so relate as it helps one’s inner peace an wellbeing!
        Angel blessings always Adam..an luv to all here who care so much..non just to av autographs..thet’s superficial.Trasure seeing him singe onstage with all his hearte et soul..an endes usual saying so sweetly thenking whatever citie he’s in…I luv yu very much!…An he truly does.Thinq it comes from a nuturing upbringin as seen in his very caring parentes an mama..as I too was blesse with!Keep them close always Adam!Luv et bisous Lisettexoxo

  7. Completely agree. If you’ve ever had to sleep on a tour bus, you know — it’s really hard to get a good nights sleep in a coffin-sized (and shaped) bed with a bunch of other people wandering around. After which you have news appearances at which you need to be perky and charming, followed by loading into the venue, more interviews, etc. Being on a tour is exhausting, and “hanging out for hours signing autographs and taking fan photos” is really not part of the deal. It’s a bonus that you’re happy to get if you get it, but it doesn’t come with your concert ticket. Let performers get some rest so they don’t get sick. You’d be really bummed if Adam lost his voice, right?

  8. 4 THOSE WHO SENT SOME NEGATIVE MESSAGES TO ADAM: (i know they’re not here but anyway, i just wanna write)

    I’m NOT even in the States and have NO CHANCE to listen him live, go to his concert, etc. and still i adore him and love watching his vids online, reading the articles, etc. Those people made it to the concert, what else should they ask for?? consider about that please!

    • AdamAddict says:

      Hey,good point,Ozlem! I’m from Malaysia and never thought of that! That’s so true!!

  9. Bellelinda says:

    All celebrates would have better lives if fans would just understand that they are people too and deserve respect and consideration. Just because entertainers have talent and share that talent with us does not mean that we own them! Wake up fans…don’t make Adams regret his celebrity already…it will undoubtedly get worse for him as his fame grows but we can all make it better for him by giving him some personal space to have a life other than the stage.

  10. Ridiculous! Adam always gives his best n we should be very thankful 4 sharing his amazing gift. Definitely these are not loyal fans. I agree Adam does not owe anything on us. Adam, we are here 2 support n understand u- the loyal one’s! Keep smiling! We love u!!! 😉

  11. It REALLY upsets me when Adam gets upset. I hate even more when someone, intentionally, Hurts Adam! DON’T listen to the Haters, Adam! Their really,only jealous of Your Success. AND ALL the People who Really, LOVE You!! We, I, LOVE You, for You, Yourself and NOT Your Great Talent, Fame nor Your Career. Those are NOT reasons to LOVE Someone!!
    I wish Adam would take it easy and REST. I tell You, if I tried to keep Adam’s schedule–I’d be in the Hospital in a week! Please, Take Care, Adam.
    Lots of Love to You, Adam. And Thanks for being such a GREAT Guy! You make me feel Happy ALL Over.
    Yours VERY Truly,

  12. OHMYGOSH, ” entitlement is not sexy” is SO my new faveorite quote of all time! adam doesnt owe us anything.. and he preforms on stage 21000% every night, and GEEZ some of his fans are making everyone else look BAD. “Thanks to those of you who ‘get it’ You guys are so rad.” adam, YOURE rad! everyone tweet #adamisrad and #entitlementisnotsexy on TWITTER!

  13. People have to realise that performing night after night, living in a coach, sleeping in a coach is not an easy thing to do, it is not an easy life for nay of the idols or any artist. Everyone of the performances given by Adam are full of enegy, there is not sign of toning down the performance, in fact he seems to put a lot more each time, as well as trying not to get hit by flying objects. For GMA he was awake from 5 am, had a show in the evening, and even though he was up so early he made the effort to look and sound perfect, in was in great spirits, the pleasure we had listening to his beautiful voice and seen him on stage is enormous. People also need to remember that he is at the same time recording his new album which we are all awaiting with great patience. We are so lucky to have such an artist during are lifetime. In all the videos I watched of Adam meeting fans and signing, I am amazed at this man’s patience, politeness, not looking fed up, even though he just gave a very energetic performance. He is entitled to spend time with his family and friends, he has a life too. How many people work non stop round the clock? Not many, be thankful that Adam is already giving so much of himself to us.

  14. Adam is a caring ,sensitive and strong man. Some new celebs would bend to the pressure of giving it all to the fans and having nothing left. His mother and brother are in NYC to see the show and visit with him along with some friends. That’s the Adam I love and admire. He has his priorities right. Enough said. He has such a good energy about him, he even asks his fans not to spend money on him, but to donate to a favorite charity, that is class. I admit to being a deranged Adam fan, ask my husband. I Google him every day and have watched all the videos a dozen times. Yes, yes, yes I would be estatic to meet him, touch him, smell him!!!!. —-but I don’t want his life to be hidden behind gates, sunglasses and body guards. He gives, we want, we take. lets stop.

  15. CatEyes you are dead on.
    Nobody would say such things to Adam’s face. People are merciless to fierce glittery aliens and forget that no matter how famous or talented you are, you are still a person. I wish I had a twitter account now that I know how much attention Adam pays to those twats….

  16. So many celebs say that it is family and friends that help keep them grounded with all the craziness that goes with being famous. I’m glad that he has his priorities straight because he’s going to be even bigger than he his now and he’s going to need them. It is when fans behave this way that celebs pull back and make themselves even less available. Look at what happened to MJ. Do we want that kind of life for Adam? I would like to think that if these people stepped back and took a look at their behavior they would be embarrassed. However, one thing I always say is “I’m always surprised when people’s poor behaviour still surprises me.”

  17. well i added an gravatar so will do a test run see if it works when i post a comment

  18. Adam seems to be feeling better already! His latest tweet is this:

    “Side note: Anyone else fascinated w Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel. Never seen a more gloriously androgynous beauty. He’s like an alien :)”

    Haha! Doesn’t he know that’s what we say about HIM? Too funny! I’m glad Adam didn’t let the negativity get him down for long. Or maybe he just felt all the love we were sending him???

    • AdamAddict says:

      I have to google every person Adam mention.1st Muse and now this Bill.I looked at him and thinking “Is he or is she?” I thought a tomboy, I dunno Billarina or something,Bill 4 short! But this Bill is a guy,right?No offense to Bill’s fans.I really don’t know this person is.He is hmmm beautiful,I guess!
      So this beauty got Fancy hair,guyliner,rockers! Hey ,that’s Adam! lol! It is funny Jeanette,he calls others beauty alien.We call him glittery beauty alien! And nobody call me alien?And what is that mean??!!

      • OK, you’re an alien! (I think we all are)

        • AdamAddict says:

          YAY!!! Somebody just call me an alien!! YAY,I have no clue what is that means but YAY!!
          I’m the same species with Adam,YAY!! I think I’m the mental illness alien ~giggle~ YAY!!

          • I agree with you, Jeanette, we ALL are, or otherwise we would not all be on this wavelength here with Adam on these pages. And I’m sure you are not the ‘mental illness alien’, AdamAddict, you are the alien of joy and laughter, because you bring so much of it to all of us!

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      Bill Kaulitz is ok, but he’s no Adam Lambert.

      • Bill, looks like a girl. In fact if I didnt know he was a Bill, I would think he was a Billette.
        Very femmy. Adam is for sure the man of any possible relationship.
        If this guy had boobs and a blank instead of a blank, totally looks like a girl.

    • Yes!! I accidentally stumbled upon this Bill Kaulitz a few days ago while youtube searching for something Adam…. he is a strange looking fellow… very slim and feminine and I was sure it was a girl! still not sure.. but an original, like Adam who is attracted all that is original and out of the ordinary.

      If you search for Adam’s hair or something like that the guy, Bill, ends up slipped into the vid list.

      • Lisette here..seeing now thes strange fellow/femmes in above photo can nevre hold candle or even a match to beau Adam.Anyway now seeing above twitter.. Adam tweeted..I rarli see on utube.This fellow looks Alien..beauty don thinq so..Im just recalling David Bowie’s songe from glass spyder tour..”Loving the Alien” for strange reason.Oh well thenks agan for sharing Adam’s update tweet/twat as he says! Soo huggable monbeau! Luv Lisettexoxo

      • Candace Turner says:

        Speaking of fierce, glittery aliens. Check out the picture of Adam painted blue on Blueblood.net. Note the the guy in the picture with Adam is also very slight and femine looking like Bill Kaulitz. If not for facial hair might not know for sure? What do you think of “blue” Adam?

        • Believe it or not, Candace, I LOVE it. I find Adam an irresistible mix of fiery sex god, rocker genius extrordinaire, exotic gay wild man, Puckish elven rogue, supreme master of magical tricks and disguises, charming smiling boy, smooth classic chanteur, flaming burlesque male dancer, divine male singer (divina cantante maschile), and glittering world icon. For some reason, that blue face is his ‘Planet Fierce’ persona to a ‘T’. But I will also say that only Adam Lambert can pull it all off without shocking us all to the last degree. My guess is that he will modify his image a slight bit in the days to come to appeal to a broader spectrum of tastes and types of people, but that he will never lose that fabulous ‘edge’ that keep us all so enthralled and constantly wanting more. Besides, his Blue Face makes him look like the fearsome king of the deep blue sea….honestly, with a face that beautiful and perfectly structured, he could do any kind of fantasy movie and carry it off completely!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Blue Adam,Green Adam,Purple Adam,,Pink Adam, I take them all!! 😛

          • There you go again Lorrin, putting it all into words. I love the “Flaming Burlesque Dancer”!
            I also love all the references to Aliens. It seems we all of us here on the website understand Adam is a gift from the Universe. He is here to show us what humans can be like when they combine and balance their male and their female energies. The planet needs him. The fact that so many people unfazed by the fact that he is gay means we are ready to shift our priorities. The fact that we now have a black President and that this Gorgeous Outerwordly Being is hitting us straight in the heart means we are ready for change. Both Obama and Adam are intelligent, grounded, charismatic and goodlooking and show us that change will come through being walking your own path and being fearless.

            • I completely agree, Irena, with your statement that “It seems we all of us here on the website understand Adam is a gift from the Universe. He is here to show us what humans can be like when they combine and balance their male and their female energies. The planet needs him.” One of the first posts I ever made on this website discussed the way in which Adam Lambert so perfectly combined the two male and female personas in one. Perhaps it takes a certain kind of ‘artistic’ temperment to see the fascination in the blending of the two genders, and also, in the contrasting of the two. Adam has this blended/contrasted intertwining of the male and female down to perfection, in fact, it is a signature mark of his personal and theatrical personality. He is actually much more than merely a singer or rock idol, he is a master of psychological stagecraft, and is daring enough to enter into our inmost psyches with his androgyne beauty to tweak and stretch the minds of his audiences. I believe he is one of the most daring perfomers to have ever lived, using not just impersonal ‘masks’ to act a part, but actually using his entire being in all its parts to open minds and hearts. Perhaps it is because I see androgyny as an expression of humanity at its most beautiful, that I see Adam Lambert as the personificaton of that ideal. And I agree with you, too, Irena, when you say that we are all coming closer to being ready to shift our perceptions and treatment of each other to the next level. And I also believe, and have already said in other posts that I believe Adam Lambert will be a definiite part of that cultural shift. Thank you for your good and insightful comments.

              • OH Lorrin you have said it again. Part of Adam’s appeal is the yin/yang of him. Did any of you ever read that article I posted the link to? It started out as an academic article but the author rewrote it for popular reading? I will try to find the link again… her thesis was that the best of being ‘human’ a member of our human race, is the intertwining of masculine and feminine qualities.

                Funny thing is, Adam does not do the feminine thing very much. Oh, he can be campy and do the limp wrist and pigeon toed thing on stage but he is all man in his personal life from the way he dresses, good ol’ jeans and Tshirts to how he moves.

                • Yes, Theresa, that intense masculinity is what makes him SO appealing to so many. He looks, acts, moves, and reacts like a big, handsome guy. He meets other men well and utterly charms women. He is able to carry on a very intelligent conversation with any man. He shakes hands and makes eye contact in the most manly, upright way. However, he is oh, so much more. His ‘feminine’ side comes out in his brilliant ability to enhance his physical beauty with art, and in his prodigious gift of projecting emotional depth. He also loves to adorn himself and see the effect for himself and on others. He is campy and playful. He is also able to see deeply into the hearts of those around him because he has observed well and he has suffered in his young life. Thus, he has the female capacity of empathy. My thought on androgyny is not that it is neither one nor the other, but that it is BOTH the one AND the other, making a complete whole. Add spiritual depth to that mix, and you have a truly extraordinary being, and I believe Adam Lambert is just such a one. So, rather than lacking anything, he combines the best of both in a whole that is gloriously rich and appealing to both males and females, the IDEAL mix, I might add, that an international superstar MUST have..

                  • Beautifully said. ” Love is Universal”

                    • Lisette here..ah ma belle Lorrin always posts are like a beautful painting..whenevre visiting nevre tire to see,fascinates one in detailes,an transcendes inner peace,an appreciation of thet beauty..only subject is beau Adam..like Raphael’s fresco of duo angeli nella sistene Chapel..beauty in a renaissance l’homme in his theatre costume(seen on utubeearly 20s)to all his onstage modcostume ethereal longcoat,an mist with sense of mystere in “Mad World” set makes him romantique an appeale to gals an gathre fellows too who appreciate Adam’s artistry!So keep writing lovli description ..thinq be wondreful to see him in mystere film as thet of “Phantom of Opera” wher he can singe..as oppose to Twilight be sin non to here his voix! hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

          • Oh, I believe you Lorrin! When I first saw “blue” Adam I just sat and studied every detail of his face and costume. Enthralling is a perfect word for the effect this beautiful human has on people.

        • That’s an interesting site, Candace! Hmmmm a goth site and Adam says he is not ‘goth’, but at times he looks it fashionwise. So we get to see this mysterious Brad (Cheeks) and, ta da! He looks like the Bill mentioned in twitter… yes, our Adam certainly likes the small slim more effeminate boys… so much like girls… hmmmm my wheels are spinning hmmmm… does that mean……???

    • Patrice80 says:

      Just a note regarding Bill Kaulitz: Adam loves his ‘Lion Mane’ and has mentioned it many times in interviews as his favorite hair style of any other artist. Obviously he is very attracted to Bill (who is way over the top androgynous) as he continues to make reference of him.

  19. Who said he had to get on twitter and apologize in the first place. It is because he cares about his fans and at least try to explain his whereabouts and plans. I say “kudos to Adam”!! I love that we can chat with him and stay in touch this way. You know, he does not have to do it at all! Hey he beat Kris Allen for best variety/reality star for tonites teen choice awards! Yea!

    Anyway guys…I think he gives enough to his fans…careful with him or he will learn to not like us or end up burned out and depressed or crazy. Just take him as he comes…he has promised us so much … good concerts, new albums and wonderful crazy outfits!!! Let’s be happy with what we have!

  20. AllaboutAdam says:

    The fact that he was affected enough to tweet those messages tells us something…. he hears us!! yes, he’s right about entitlement – (in fact, Adam is one of the most intelligent people in the public eye – i look forward to his one-on-one interviews and his various insights about the media, his fame, etc. He’s usually RIGHT ON!)… On another note – think of all the celebs out there that don’t even care, don’t give any of their fans a second look, or a glance…Adam is so much the opposite that it makes me sick for anyone to comment to the contrary…. HE CARES.. and he knows WE CARE. Why isn’t that enough? There has to be a mutual respect – trust, if you will – especially since we claim to love the man as much as we do… COME ON! – He’s honest to the point of showing us his heart and soul every time, and how lucky we are that he does… At the show I saw, he DID give 110% and more…and i left there totally feeling that it was worth it. … gee I wonder if he saw our blogs the other day about “getting it”… that would be SOOOOO cool !

  21. Completely agree with what’s already been said, but I’ll go farther and say that I’d far rather Adam cancel a performance if he were ill than push through and injure his voice or risk collapsing on stage – even if I were holding a non-refundable ticket. I don’t care if it feeds the rumor mongers. If you care about Adam, you want him to stay strong, healthy and sane for years to come, and that means maintaining his boundaries. If getting your own little “piece of him” trumps that, then it’s all about you and not him or his talent, and you should be ashamed. Adam is such a sweetheart – but I’ve always loved that little glint of “push me and I’ll push back” that sometimes flashes in his eyes. It just makes me love him more.

    • AdamAddict says:

      You skerd me by saying “collapsing on stage” I said it before, we got sick,we can rest at home but him? He will force himself,at least perform for his fans!And if he miss the autograph session his “true fans” start to tweeter him!”U dissapointed me,I’m disapointed blah blah blah” Urgh!Some people asked to much! If he really tired to death or get sick or collapse on stage,I’ll buy plane ticket 1st thing in the morning,not going to bother Adam in hospital but I’m going to kick asses!So,who’s with me??!!

      • I’ll go with you to kick butt! Cop training has to be good for something, right?

        • Just glad to hear he’s been drinking those green shakes…. Another sign of his good sense and intelligence!

          • AdamAddict says:

            Yeah jeanette,you have cop training so you’ll be a leader. We Glambs gather together fighting the evil ones(haters,paparazi ,B****!)Here is my strategy,we put erderly in front rows! They can’t beat up old…er people,right?That’s not something to brag about! “Hey mum,dad, I just kick old grandma in butt!” That’s not cool,right? Their parent will tell them bad people will go to hell,right? or to Amsterdam, right??

            So,we put Peggy here,Cheryl Norman, Lorrin in front rows and I will be there too! “yeah,go Cheryl,go kick that teenage boy butt,~push her foward slightly~ yeah I’m right behind you,Cheryl! Make sure he doesn’t have a blade or something in his pocket,Cheryl!Safety first!I’m right behind you,support you!””Give me a G,give me a L, give me an A,give me a M,give me a B,give me a S……GLAMBS!!” lol!!

            • This is hilarous AdamAddict! But did I say I was OLD somewhere? Just kidding…but OK, you want us in the front row? How about YOU guys in the front row, you younger ones, and we’ll bring up the rear with our cannon balls? Drop ’em on their toes, you know..

              • AdamAddict – Shame on you wanting to put the oldies in front row – but not a bad idea! I know Lorrin, your jaw has probably dropped! Cheryl in the front row is definitely good. Barb next to her wouldn’t be a bad idea. Jeanette & Co. will train the troops to kick butt. Lorrin’s height must be used to our advantage, so she can direct the troop – ready, aim fire! Cheryl, aim comes before fire (at the enemy, okay, not the Glambs!)! Lisette can nurse the Glambs, should they fall. Wannabethesnake and Songwriter4Adam can fire missiles with Peggy in tow. I’ll sit on the fence and observe the spectacle. Those idiots whom we’ll befighting won’t have to target me – I’ll just kill myself laughing! The rest of the Glambs will be the Glamb troops, running through the dust, guns blazing. Mary C will organise the victory celebration. Theresa will administer KARMA to whoever needs it. Love and Peace to you all!

                AdamAddict, you are a great strategist so you can plan the attack with Jeanette & Co., the Executioners in Chief!

                • cheryl norman says:

                  Ingrid, OK, my dear!! Heard your comment ‘loud and clear’. Now, is there something you want to say? You know you never know who are the good guys and who might be a ‘double agent’! Can’t be too careful in battle!! Just sayin’,,,,,,,,,,,,,when you’re dealing with people, life’s a b—- sometimes!! I’ll tell you tho, I think I make a better friend than enemy! Maybe that’s why I don’t have any enemies in my life. I am what I am. I am not a follower, and I don’t run from scrutiny. I enbrace it. If I want! haha! My goodness, life is complicated at times. But in the battlefield, I remember the words, “I came. I saw. I conquered.” Next?

                  • Dearest Cheryl, exactly my reason (and AdamAddict) for believing that you have to be in the front line – fearless and unfailingly loyal! I know, I know, you say what’s on your mind and move on! Love and Peace to you! Ha, ha, you really make me laugh. As I said before, I like to push your buttons.

                  • The spelling and the grammar has just gone down the tubes again but I am sure you get my ‘drift’. Tis a touch of MadBertis! Cheryl, by the way, my son’s philosophy is, “Sh%*#? happens, so I always make sure I carry three-ply toilet paper with me!”

                • Oh Ingrid, I am yelling and screaming with laughter! What a perfect picture of the glorious fray and aftermath you have painted! Yes, you were quite right, I thought ‘WHAAAT?’ when I was tagged for the OLD Brigade, but I thought, well why not, I’ll wear all my old medals and line up in front. But then I thought, no, I just could not see myself SITTING in the front row of this mock battle to be mown over by fan bullies. So as you say, I will yell ‘Charge’ from behind and point my sword dramatically toward the front line from in back of the line, that sounds good to me! With everyone positioned as you imagined them, we will win the day! (You had everyone pegged perfectly, it would make a darling cartoon!)

            • cheryl norman says:

              A Yeah, trip this one, damAddict, I missed your post all together!! Funny, funny, funny!!!! I may be older, but am also wiser, so be careful there!! If you’re w/o the youth strength, ANYTHING GOES!!! Yeah, trip this one, use ‘mace’ on that one!! Who usually ends up being a ‘general’? Not any ‘young’ stuff! Oh, no!!! It’s the ‘MATURE’ stuff!! Like Clint Eastwood, “Get off of my Grass”! (or lawn!). I like to kbelieve good always wins over evil, so we’ve got it in the bag!!! You are always so funny!!

              • … and Cheryl I am about to out-sprint AdamAddict. I must say AdamAddict cam up with an excellent idea!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Ooh,please let me be the captain! I learn from the best! I learnt from CAPTAIN JEAN- LUC PICARD!! lol 😛

                  • Fine with me, since you ask so nicely! Let’s hear what the rest have to say!

                    • Well, that will be allright with me, since I am going to be piloting the flagship of Battlestar Galactica with Adama…I will see you all later, I am DEFINITELY going where no MAN has gone before..

    • Yes, I have played out the Valkyrie rescue scenario in my mind too. But the way Adam reacts to different challenges has shown that is he a GENTLEMAN. Glams we need to ask ourselves
      “What would Adam do”? We can think like Ninja, Valkyrie, Amazons protecting our Glam Idol, but we should lbehave like Gentlemen/Ladies.

  22. Some fans need to calm down. He’s just a human been like us and he needs time for himself and if he couldn’t came out last night to see his fans. They just have to chill out, they’re gonna have other opportunities. We’re gonna have Adam for a long time and there’re gonna be a lot of concerts and opportunities to see him again. What’s wrong with them? To much obsession is not good.

  23. Seriously some people just need to chill the Fuck out! I guess that they think that Adam doesn’t have a right to spend any time with his family and/or friends.

    They have no idea of what his schedule is (i don’t either, but i am not complaining) between the show, interviews and working on his Album, i am sure that Adam barely knews what his name is these days without having to worry about offending anyone.

    There is a pre-show signing isn’t there? I know nothing about these things, but maybe before they complain they should try to walk a mile in his shoes (or boots! haha)

    We love you Adam, don’t let anyone guilt you into doing anything!

  24. We saw Adam and the others in Atlanta, and I got more than my money’s worth at the concert! Adam DID give 110%, and we thoroughly enjoyed it. We got to see him and get his autograph after the show, but at no time did I feel like I was ENTITLED to that by the purchase of my ticket! Adam was gracious to each and every fan with a smile for everyone, even though he must have been exhausted. I myself felt badly afterward because I was so caught up in the moment that I waved his picture right in his face for him to autograph. I wouldn’t have wanted someone sticking something right in my face like that, but he very graciously signed not one, but two autographs for me! Everyone needs to be respectful of him and his privacy. Adam is perfect like he is, and I respect him very much for his attitude about life. After all, it is HIS life, not ours. Adam, if you read this, please understand that people DO get carried away in meeting you, and are not as respectful as they should be, but it is because we love you!

  25. cheryl norman says:

    I think I’ve said more than my fair share about anyone ‘expecting’ anything else from Adam at a concert than others. But, I will say it simply; YOU PAY FOR A TICKET TO HEAR THE GROUP SING. PERIOD!!

    Don’t need a rocket scientist to have that basic knowledge of ‘concert ettiquet’!! If anyone gets mor, happy for you! If not, there were no promises stamped on the ticket!

    What Adam is feeling is totally understandable!! I’m sure we all agree! The idiots who have caused him any pain, are definately immature and ignorant!!! REALLY, NOTHING ELSE NEEDS TO BE SAID ABOUT IT!!! SEEMS SIMPLE TO ME!! Good for Adam to take control of his own llife outside of a concert!!
    BRAVO ADAM!!!!!

  26. Adam you keep on doing what you know is best for you. We all love you and will respect wht you
    feel like doing. WTF, some people just dont get it. We appreciate your 110% performances . Glambs rock with you. Take care cuz we want you around for many many years to entertain us.
    If by chance a fan gets lucky , that is a gift from heaven. As Jeanette stated.
    Rock on Adam

  27. AdamAddict says:

    I feel the positives energy here,I like it! Should print this and send it to Adam! We’re Glambs and we are the coolest!! 😀

  28. sylverine says:

    Anybody seen this interesting article at E Online?


    Astounding that his love life so far doesn’t seem to have been very successful! Difficult to understand why the gay community would not find him as fabulous as we do!

    • Because there is a difference in finding someone “fabulous” and finding the necessary deep compatibility, mutual interests and life’s goals for real love. Why would it be any easier for Adam than for anyone else? In fact, it could be more difficult in a world where physical appearance is so important – and likely to get even more difficult as fame and wealth enter the picture.

    • Interesting, Adam’s answers on this interview and also Adam has a Secret, listed below that one, show us how he and the Idols just plain do not have much extra time, and they are not getting their quota of sleep. Adam also mentions his non Idol work going on as well.

      • AdamAddict says:

        “Super mineral vida green” I bet it taste super sucks! Adam have to swallow that to keep healthy? Urgh,that’s super sucks!! 🙁

  29. As the “Granbert” of this group (62), I haave been attending concerts for over 45 years — the Beatles, the Stones, Joan Baez, the Beach Boys, James Brown, Ottis Redding, etc., etc…. It never once occured to me that, as a part of the price of my ticket, the artists would brave the elements (extreme heat, rain) and stave off fatique and maybe illness, all so that they could give me their autograph on a photo, piece of paper or program (I don’t think we ever had programs back then).

    Ungrateful people need to grow up, get alife, and quit whining.

    We are blessed to have whatever of himself Adam is able to give.

    • Exactly, Linda. I’ve never once expected an autograph at a concert…ever. I even got backstage after a Bob Dylan concert once..and Dylan wasn’t even there.

      However, in a way, it’s the show promoters of the American Idols Summer Tour who created this “monster” of trotting out the Idols on display, and what happened is the buzz on the autograph sessions became so intense, it built up expectations on the part of the fans. That’s no excuse, though. I am just thinking that AI would be better off skipping the meet and greets altogether next Summer. The Idols can wave to the fans or something as they board the bus.

      This reminds me of the time as a young teen I patiently waited outside the Ed Sullivan Theater for the Rolling Stones to emerge. I got such a thrill seeing them drive away in a limo. In fact, I ran down the street after the limo! Many years later, I got a big payoff when Mick said hello to me in a studo commissary. I still felt like a tongue-tied teen, though. And in either case, I never even thought about getting an autograph!





    • Thank you for that Ofra, I was wondering where Adam would like to see donations go, instead of personal gifts to him. It is to help students in need, and since my whole life has been dedicated to education I’m all for it!!

      What a class act, Adam!

    • This is PRECIOUS, Ofra, I had tears in my eyes as I scrolled down and read all the beautiful testimonials of WHY each donation was made. Because ‘Adam Lambert’ said…isn’t that wonderful?

    • Thank you Ofra! Adam’s humility and his freedom of spirit is truly something to behold. Yes Lorrin, this just finished me. I have always thought that in many ways Adam is a human rights advocate. Just like him to want to give back and support those who dare to be ‘different’. Yes Theresa, what a class act!

      • AdamAddict says:

        Agree with Terry,he is a class act! What a guy!! Is this the same guy that people mad at because he didn’t come out for signing session??!! Is this the one??!! People need to open their eyes to see what kind of person Adam is!Who else that did what he did? People like to brag about small thing like not coming out signing while this huge thing,they just choose to shut their eyes or cover their ears! Bravo,Adam!!You are my hero!! I love him because of his talent and his good looks and his personality not how good he is signing autograph! !

    • Did you happen to notice, dear Glambs, that the project Adam wished everyone to give to on his behalf DID receive its full funding a few days ago, and that class is now going to Denver to see the production of ‘Wicked’? That is wonderful! All those dozens of comments trailing down the page saying “I gave because of Adam Lambert, he inspires me so much” were a joy to read. I imagine the ‘Donors’ organization was surprised and thrilled with the outpouring of gifts in Adam’s name.

  31. It is so simple: They aren’t true fans. They are whiney people with no class pushing some other agenda. I hope Adam learns to tune them out because the simple-minded, and evil-minded, will always be around braying like asses. Glad our boy has the balls to kick theirs!

    • Ha love it. Agree Agree. Look at how nice he was on the video where he is shushing those
      screaming girls and had his arms up for them to calm down. Smack Smack, although he would
      never do that. Chill out people we dont want him to never never come out and meet.

      • AdamAddict says:

        I love when he shush his fans!Too cute.It’s not in the rude way if anyone here still don’t watch that vid! I’ll be really quiet if he shush me like that! hehehe! “Hmm Ad..” “Shhh” ~zipped my mouth,cover my mouth with my 2 hands,nodded~ 😛

  32. cheryl norman says:

    LINDA, ADAMADDICT AND WANNABETHESNAKE, here’s what I say,,,,,BRAVO 4 U!!!! Absolutsely correcto mundo!!!!!

  33. Dianne Hill says:

    I agree with what everyone has said. These fans should be grateful that they even get to see Adam. Being from New Zealand (and the rest of us in far away places) don’t even get that chance to see him in concert and have to rely on the Interent to get our fix. The thing that gets me is that these “fans” say how much they love him, but really they don’t know what that word means. To them it means take, take and take some more. These are the ones that will end up hurting him and as someone has pointed out, we don’t want him to end up like MJ, that is no way for anyone to live. Peace, love and light Adam, we love you.

    Glamb #356

  34. Thanks to you, Jeanette, for bringing this to our attention. I just wish Adam could know how much we love him and just want to him to be happy and healthy. I was at the Atlantic City concert, and he just puts his all into his singing and performance. He just outshines all the other singers. I’m not putting the rest of them down, but he just has something so special! I also felt blessed to be able to go to see him in concert! I’m one of the “older” of this group, and Adam just made me feel like a teenager again! Love you, Adam! This is one fun ride, I feel young again! Thanks, Adam!!!!!!

  35. I saw Adam’s Tweets last night about the fans getting upset over him not coming out to autograph, and his replies to them. I immediately sent off 5 or 6 Tweets all in a row to him using his ‘reply’ function. In all of the Tweets I mentioned all of us here at adamunofficial.com, that we are the ‘Glambs’, that we have an incredible love for him, how we understood him completely in not being able to meet the fans, and that if he wanted to see a whole new level of love for him, to visit our site. I can only hope he will see them. I also read his latest Tweets today which say ” Wow!!! Thanks to all who voted for the Teen Choice Awards! I’m honored to win “Choice Male Reality/Variety TV Show Star” thank you soo much”, and “Unfortunately I won’t be able to pick up my award. I am in New York on tour with Idols Live. 🙁 ” I thought I’d better post it in case everyone is set to watch tonight (I know I was). It might be a good idea to watch anyway, just to have the satisfaction of knowing that finally a group of people somewhere got the VOTE right! And of course, Adam is probably going to ‘appear’ by video, at least I certainly hope so! I also found a full explanation of how Twitter ‘reply’ works on that site, which I will post later. Watching Adam pull out every vocal stop he has while re-watching one of his tour performances, I was reminded of his response on Twitter that he gives out 110% at the concerts, – it is more like the power wattage of the whole East and West Coasts and everything in between he is putting out, enough to light up the world! I have never seen anyone give so much of himself for anything….he is a young MAN, giving everything. Think what that must be like for him. We MUST take care of him!

    • Soooo great that the TEENS got it right! They are the fans of tomorrow when we all toddle off to the Great Beyond!

      • SO funny, Theresa! I too was thinking that very thing yesterday. I said to myself, ‘Adam I won’t be going all of the way with you, but I will be able to go some of the way’. I was getting a bit teary-eyed there while saying that. Hopefully, we’ll get to see him hit his full stride, though, and receive every bit of that recognition he so richly deserves..

  36. rhymingrealtor says:

    Hey all,

    I avoided posting all day because I was one of those darn pesky fans waiting to see Adam last night. I also knew everyone here would be very defensive of Adam and had I not been there I would have felt the same but…. I went to the concert saturday night and did not want to walk out on Kris’s set or the the journey song in order to get close to the barricade, it seemed disrespectfull so instead I went back last night – had my husband drop me off at 930 pm got the good spot waited with my 11 year old son who only wanted to see Anoop. The Idols started coming out at 11pm, It was not a big crowd – definitly a manageable one. It was Michael, then Anoop then, Lil and Allison, then Scott, then Megan then Matt , then Danny – now it was raining only lightly when Danny walked out and he stopped seemed as if he was going to go back in but rethought it and went down the line, then Kris and it still was not really raining -he went down the line. Then wait.. No Adam. Someone came out and said noone else is coming out please leave. Hello noone else but Adam was left! Everyone came out except Adam.Everyone – Sorry – but he could have popped out and waved or said its drizzling no autographs, something. You know they wear the same clothes every concert, sing the same songs – so everyone gets the same show. Quite frankly if he had even twittered that he was tired , he needed to rest his voice, anything it would have been a little nicer than I give 110% in my show, -entitlement is’nt sexy, it was raining, that seemed so not Adam, and by saying he gives 110% does that mean nobody else does? Everyone else came out, while yes we all think/know he is better than all of them but the magic of Adam was he did’nt think that. If only half of them came out the feeling would have been different, but it was only Adam who did’nt come out. If anyone here was there last night when this was happening and came home to those twitters and did not feel really really bad well my hats off to you. Because I felt really really bad. And that feeling stayed with me all day. Like a really bad taste in your mouth. I consoled my self by remembering I would not have bought the tickets had it not been for Adam and my son would not have met Anoop, and we would’nt have had such a good time together, but unless you were there….. and honestly I would like to hear from anyone here who was there last night and thought this was okay and acceptable.
    Karen from

    • rhymingrealtor says:

      My son and I also have this beautiful Idols program and the first picture is all of the Idols in White and all of the autographs are on there except for Adams – and Linda I understand what you are saying however please keep in mind this is what they have been doing all along, again its like wearing the same outfits singing the same sets,same special effects etc. If you have done it all along, yes people expect it. This is the American Idols tour, if this was the Adam Lambert tour I would not expect him to come out and sign autographs. Right now he is part of the American Idol top 10 .

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        Listen, no name calling here, but ADAM IS A STAR now. HE DOES NOT HAVE TO COME OUT AND IN NO WAY, NO HOW SHOULD HE BE EXPECTED TO. Fans need to get that through their thick heads. Of course, there will be disappointment, but that’s all part of, and the price he has to pay for his success. YOU CAN’T PLEASE EVERYONE!
        Besides, it was written somewhere that there has been mass hysteria when Adam has been coming out and these venues just don’t have the security in place to handle it. There could be a law suit or something bad could happen – God forbid!
        You people with your complaining, ugh!!

        • Rhymingrealtor, I understand your disappointment and from your perspective it must have looked like Adam was copping out. I think we just do not know the rest of the picture. He has been on his way to a ‘mini-meltdown’ (in my own opinion) for a while, he is too hard on himself and is sensitive, and throw in lack of sleep, and there you have it. Now, imagine finally getting your twitter working and there are dozens of negative messages re,. your not coming out.

          Every one of us is different as to how much stress we can handle. I am like Adam in that I have never ever been able to just fall asleep, the ‘wheels grind’ too fast. I think he’s been running on almost empty for a while, and he knows the show must go on regardless. I was expecting him and some of the idols to pick up a bug, and for all we know they might have, but we don’t get to see that side of the picture. Michael had a bad spell the other day while outside and had to go in..,

          Adam has been sending “I’m sorry” message to us for the past couple of weeks… I agree about maybe making a ‘wave appearance” but I think he was with his family, mom and brother, one of those nights.

          RR, take a breath, give Adam the benefit of the doubt. You had a priceless experience with your son, and no amount of ‘Adams’ will ever make up for that. XO

          • cheryl norman says:

            THERESA, I agree, Adam is too hard on himself! I think you’re right that he is probably been fighting
            ‘meltdown’ for weeks,now, and I don’t think that the ‘gay bashers’ and the ‘mental’ woman threatening
            him is something thqat he bargained for. Adam is the last to complain. But, when he does, I think he
            should be taken seriously and his feelings respected.

            Adam sending ‘i’m sorry’ messages wasn’t in his contract either. The fact that he did it several times
            shows his compassion toward his fans. Could we see Mick Jagger, Led Zeplin, Eric Clapton, any other great performers sending out ‘apologies’ for not taking another hour out of their sleep or rest time to
            run themselves ragged while on a 50 dates concert tour in a few months??? I know it’s not fair to
            compare Adam to these guys, just thinking, the whole situation is insane to me, having Adam w/his
            incredible voice treated like every other singer in that or any group. He is different. He’s iconic. His
            need are different than Megan’s and Scott’s and Michael, and Lil, for God’s sake. I will never under-
            stand people who take the view that they are ‘entitled’ b/c he did it before. Does he have to do every
            single thing at every concert, if he does something unique at one? Terry, it’s too frustrating to try to
            understand a person, to me, who is hell-bent on being a ‘victim’ of the idol concert. It’s just stupid.
            You, on the otherhabd, would not ever be this way. You’re smart enough to know how ridiculous it
            even sounds, and I think rhy. knew too. She posted what she alrady said would be indefensive, but
            posted it anyway almost ‘begging’ someone to admonish her. Sometimes kids will do JUST the thing
            that will get them into trouble, just for the attention. I think tha’s what happened in this case.
            Lotsa luv, and -peace-love-light-joy-understanding-patience-4 Adam
            Luv to all Glambs and Adam’s fans

            • I completely agree with you, Cheryl, our Adam IS totally different and he is the icon of the age. I think what probably has happened is that we have all seen Adam in very public places, acting so sweetly, so naturally, and in such a poised and accessible way, that we have all come to subconsciously expect and desire that he always will be this way wherever he goes, with everyone. Adam is perhaps the first superstar in history that the whole world has been able to follow in real-time as his career progresses, due to the prevalence of the internet. We can track his every move, and we hang on every word, and look, and nuance of his precious personality. We see how careful and considerate he is with everyone he meets, and we hope this same thing for ourselves. It is very disappointing sometimes if it doesn’t happen. But on the other hand, I also see Adam as being mired in a business situation in which he must fulfill his responsiblilities, and it is positively maddening to see him having to deal with all this baloney with the other kids, the bus, the tour to which he is chained for another month, and anything and everything which does not directly deal with his OWN personal career, which according to me should have started immediately after AI ended. However, as I have said before, I completely understand that he must go through all the steps of his many obligations, and of course, he, as a friend and fellow contestant, WANTS to be on this tour. But I see him as ALREADY having achieved superstardom, and that because of this, he should be treated in a completely different manner than anyone else on this tour. As a 27-year old man, he is already one of the greatest stars of all time. But because he is the most modest, charming, and deferential of men, he allows himself to be included in with all the other kids, just like one of them (and he probably DOES feel himself to be just one of the gang). Adam would probably not mind having just a little more of his youth before being thrust into the incredible world he is about to know, and thus, he Bubbletweets and gets cute and silly with all the rest of them (and I hope he never loses that either). So Adam decided to take care of himself and his own needs at some of the concerts, and it disappointed a number of people. In the very near future, he will no longer ever be this accessible again, nor should he be even now. Because Adam is a kindly soul, he is gracious and wants to mingle, but he wisely withdraws whenever he must, to avoid certain situations and to take care of himself as he should. Just a few short months from now, he will be in a whirlwind of new experiences as he begins the first part of his own titanic career. As he grows bigger and bigger, he will become ever farther away for his own protection and sense of privacy and peace. It is the inevitable outcome of the life of fame, and it has happened to every major rock and roll star of history. However, like Elvis, I think Adam will continue as much as possible to try to remain reachable to his millions of fans, and in large and small ways, will continue to let us all know of his love for all of us. As he goes on this journey to a far distant planet, I fervently hope he will be able to maintain his sturdy sense of self, his excellent inner balance, his sense of humor and playfulness, his intense thoughtfulness, and his loving, graceful spirit through it all. It is a paradox that the more one lavishes love on a brilliant star, the farther away it must distance itself in the heavens. I hope we will all learn and grow together in that same good spirit with Adam as we trail along behind, riding on starlight.

              • Lisette here..bonmatin all an Lorrin always words sont eloquente an sentimentes for beau Adam..He deserve some privacy as he say some personal things(as famille were there..so they come first,seeing he has closness with them)An too agree thet Adam has been very gracious,humble an charmant in reaching out signing in most cities.An trasure just to see thes multitalented vocaliste/artiste toche all in passionate an gentle songes..I av not yet seen inperson..so whoevre complaine for him non signing,seeme bit selfish.An agree perhaps thes tour has place pressures on him in negative antigay,an obsessive fans,an use common sense to avoid specifique situations.He has a couer,hearte an gentle spirite,compassion,an humour onstage..an truly adore’s everyone of fans..it is display countless time across US..So angel blessings Adam..An we’ll always support an trasur his gifte to singe an entertaine..making life’s stresses an worries vanish..to just joie,an be swept away always to a celestial place! Luv to all always Lisettexoxo

          • Theresa, Very good!

      • Remember, his family was there that night – his mother had flown in from California, and I don’t know who else, and he comes from a close family. Don’t you think every minute spent with them was precious when he doesn’t see them for weeks on end? And… he was exhausted, and it is purely for him to decide what his limits are. Any one of the performers has a perfect right not to come out for ANY reason. If you felt really bad all day and had a “bad taste in your mouth” after seeing a fantastic performance… it is all about your own expectations and nothing to do with Adam. As you say, you had a great time with your son. I honestly don’t know how Adam waving at you through drizzle could have made the difference between a good time and a bad time unless you decided to make it so.

        • cheryl norman says:

          PEGGY. so wisely said! Totally, let’s be mature about a concert, for heaven’s sake!! B/C Adam was on idol people sometimes feel that he is ‘family’, etc. He’s so happy and thankful and humble, maybe people get that confused with ‘weak’, and therefore, they can b—- about what more they wanted and didn’t get, that they are ‘entitled’ to bi—. I say, let’s be ‘real’!!!

    • Feeling disappointment is to be expected in your situation. I would have been disappointed, too. As was stated up in the thread, your feelings are your feelings – nothing at all wrong with that. What I have a problem with is those people who took it upon themselves to bitch to Adam via Twitter. That, to me, crosses the line. And no, all Idols are not created equal, as Cheryl said. Can you compare the demands on Adam with the demands on Michael? Or Danny? It’s Adam that everyone wants a piece of, so to stand all ten Idols in line and say they’re all in the same boat is just not true.

      • AdamAddict says:

        Im going to say it but U said it 1st! I’m not mad if fans feels disappointed.If I were there hoping to get his autograph but he didn’t show up,I feel disapointed too.But I won’t tweet him saying negatives thing or say “oh Adam,U so disappointed me,can’t u push yourself to see us a sec,can’t u just ask your family to wait!’ No I won’t! I think I’ll be going home with a big smile on my face & talk about how wonderful the concert was not how disappointed he didn’t come out for signing! When people tweet him saying negatives thing meaning they complain at him! That’s not cool,dude!

        • AdamAddict says:

          Forgot to say,agree with not in the same boat!Adam got loads of work but still he looks more energetic than some others! So,please stop complain! Don’t they feel sorry for him? 🙁 Adam is like rowing the big cruise boat,Michael is like rowing the canoe! So…


    • AdamRocks! says:

      I just don’t understand this. . . the bottom line for me is that when I buy a concert ticket, all I expect is a concert. . . it never occurs to me that the performers should come out afterwards to meet me, even if they came out after previous concerts. . . this is definitely entitlement, and it’s wrong in my eyes.

      Cindy in MS

  37. cheryl norman says:

    rhyminngrealtor, I cannot even believe what my eyes just read!!! WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!! And where is your intelligence?!???? Too bad Adam didn’t ‘twitter’ you specifically!!!! You are definately a dummie!!

    THE OTHER ‘IDOLS’ GIVE AS MUCH AS ADAM, HUH???? YOU MUST BE INTELLECTUALLY CHALLENGED!!! Tell me where the others are when Adam is doing photo shoots, singing in Central Park, doing interviews, having a pap. running after them whenever they go out!!!!! Good Lord! Surely you don’t believe all these ‘idols’ are equal!!!! If you believe that, then you, my dear, are a lost cause!!! What part of this incredible journey that Adam ALONE is on, that you can’t understand??

    Guess you consider all voices ‘equal’, too! The others came out in the rain, why couldn’t Adam??? Boo hoo hoo lhoo for you!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! JUST UNBELIEVABLE!!!! So glad your son got to see Anoop, the poop! I AM GLAD YOU DIDN’T GET TO SEE ADAM!!!! YOU DON’T ‘DESERVE’ ANYTHING FROM LHIM EXCEPT WHAT HE GIVES, WHICH IS ALL HE HAS FOR A CONCERT!!!! AND IS MORE THAN ANYONE ELSE GIVES, YOU MORON!!!!!

    • Nonetheless, rhymingrealtor is entitled to her opinion without the name calling.

      • Second that. No personal attacks on fellow Glambs, please!

        • cheryl norman says:


          Thank you both for pointing that out to me. I get carried away sometimes when people ‘diss’ Adam. We all have a right to say what we feel, though, I needn’t resort to name-calling no matter how much it seems appropriate. Name-calling is never appropriate, just emotional.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Woo,calm down Cheryl! Again you skerd me!! But you apologized so I guess U really got carried away! I hope Karen will forgive you!
            And Karen,I’m sure you didn’t tweet him,right ?and say bad thing.I’m sure you didn’t! You just feel bit disappointed not to get meet him,I understand! I’m just pissed at those who tweeted him with negatives msg! I’m glad U had fun with your 11yrs old son! I hope one day U will be able to meet Adam!
            P/S:What U should say 1st in your comment is “I didn’t tweet negatives msg to Adam,and here my story…” But it’s cool,Glambs family fight sometimes but we are cool later! 🙂

            • cheryl norman says:

              ADAMADDICT, I’m not skeerd!! You needn’t be skeered either!!! Keep it cool, now baby! Calm yourself!

        • Name calling is always wrong, whether it’s fellow Glambs or not. (I honestly don’t think of myself as a Glamb – just a devoted fan of Adam and his music, without the label.) But disparaging someone else’s intelligence with “dummie,’ “moron” and “intellectually challenged” is so not cool, never mind the “boo hoo hoo.” As I recall, Cheryl, you have called me a few names – “wet rag” among them – when I disagreed with you on the appropriateness of some of your older posts. So if you agree that name-calling is never appropriate, why do you do it?

          “We all have a right to say what we feel” also has its limits in a civilized discussion.

          • cheryl norman says:

            YES, PEGGY, and I remember your comments to me also. Don’t think you got overly upset w/wet rag, did you? I won’t repeat what you said to me. That’s civilized. Don’t really lthink I crossed the ‘line of civilization’ using those two soft words!! Come-on!! To me it really lwasn’t ‘name calling’. If I am serious about ‘name calling’, you’ll KNOW IT!!

  38. I have that same beautiful program, and it has all but two autographs (Adam and Anoop), but so what??? I have the beautiful memories of a great show, and the honor of being able to be at that show. Not everyone who would like to go to one of the shows can afford it, or live in this country. Adam means more to me than his name on a picture. Sorry, I felt the same way as you at first, but then I remembered that I bought the ticket for the show, not the autographs. I never expected any of them. I just hoped for a good show from Adam, and he sure did deliver!!!!

  39. cheryl norman says:

    Ah,,,,!! So THIS IS BILL?? Okay…… I wish I felt better than I do, now knowing who or what it is. ??
    No, I do not see anything positive here. Nope. Can’t see it AT ALL!!!! It’s even ‘skeery’!!! No, thank you, very much, I gave at the office.

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      Actually, Bill IS beautiful; that’s just not the best pic of him. Google him and you’ll see. Also, Bill is very, very young, which adds to his girlish looks. Not my type though.

      • AdamAdmirer says:

        “Bill IS beautiful”???? Sorry, I don’t get it. Adam needs to put that stuff away, that’s nasty! Who cares about some confused little he/she. Sorry, love you Adam but there’s stuff we don’t need to know.

        • Cheryl and AdamAdmirer, u two are funny. My sentiments exactly. Put that stuff away! If it looks
          like a girl, go after a hot girl. A young looking boy/ looks like a girl, boy parts ooh. Guess beauty
          is in the eye of the beholder.
          Oh Adam.

    • Hi Cheryl, I just went looking around here and there for Bill Kaulitz and his twin brother, Tom, from Tokio Hotel. Have you seen ’em yet on YouTube? They obviously are huge in Germany, having already had 4 or 5 #1 Hit singles. Their fans over there are screaming for them just like we are for Adam over here. And of course, Adam has that connection with Germany, having been there for one of his tour gigs. It took me a few minutes to get used to Bill, and then Tom, and now I see why the girls over there like them so much. It’s that freakish little stare they’ve got, that stance, their clothes, and all that wild hair! Their photoshoots and videos are all very top notch, though, and I saw where the twins were invited over to be on one of the morning shows in New York also, a while back. Anyway, they’re quite exotic and interesting, and I see that Adam has picked up on some of their style (or maybe it’s the other way around), the leather wrist bands and gloves, the studs, the black, and super-well done spiky hair. Bill kinda grows on you after awhile. However, I couldn’t get with their music, even though their action stage shots look pretty interesting and exciting. I was expecting Bill to be a wimp, but I think he’s definitely not a wimp, on the contrary, it seems he is a very smart and saavy entertainer, only NOT of the caliber of personality and character, not to mention vocal perfection of Adam Lambert. But I can see what Adam’s looking at..

      • cheryl norman says:

        LORRIN, No, I don’t know anything about “Bill” or ‘”Tom”!!! I’ll tell you for sure, Lorrin, I really don’t wnt to ‘know’ anything more than his/her ? pic!!!! hahaha!! Nothing against the Germans, but they can have him/herYeah, I’ve been in and out today . Definately not the caliber of Adam, but then again, who is!?? Lorrin, just thinking you haven’t been around today much, either, haave you? Will leave the above-mentioned German for the rest of the world!! Lotsa luv!

        • Lisette here..am feling bleu here as agan I hav non recive thes thread in my email an now seein it here by goin to homepage?Anyway I av left some luv for yu on othre page before thes as othre gals.Hopefully ther’s no problem with ma posts,just had laptop repair.Anway I miss all above far as twitter news an such.I av account an mentione thet in replying in messages they somhow end up on ma page..so thinq it’s never reaching frends an also beau Adam.Im so sorry regarde Adam an negative people who feel Adam shold always signe autograph.He truli has so much energie an estraordinaire performances thet can be his best gifte,an so many artistes nevre go to lengths he does so agree whethre in interviews on tv/radiostations,eventes an now ontour.An too if was his solo tour..probable be less outdoor signing,more bodyguarde for his owne protectione..an keepin himself in bonhealth for sure..So blessings Adam an know someday will see inconcerte when healthe permitte..meanwhile feele joie to see videos/an tv appearances,etc! Luv to all glambs..nevre minde negative all l’positive illuminates from infinite people’s adorations an luv! Luv Lisettexoxo

          • Lisette, I have been thinking about you so much lately. I’ve seen all of your many beautiful posts over the last couple of days on all the threads. Are you not feeling well? I think I must have some kind of connection to you, we are so close together geographically. Did you say you were in Eastern Nevada? I spent parts of many of my summers as a girl visiting my cousins in Reno, we had so much fun. We would go over to the Lake (Tahoe) some days, ride horses, swim, and have so much fun in that hot desert air. Those were such good times. My cousins and I used to have a friendly rivalry going over which state was best, California or Nevada. We all went to ‘Paint Your Wagon Together’ a hundred million years ago on a warm summer night out there when it first came out. That was the first time I got to drive us all downtown, and I aced my parallel parking. No matter how much I detest the hot valley summers out here, I love the far West. Are you still having trouble sleeping at night, is that a chronic thing? Just know I’m always thinking of you over here next door even if I don’t always comment every day. ‘Mai les anges vous apporter la guérison et de repos, ce soir’. La paix et l’amour pour toujours’…..Lorrin

            • cheryl norman says:

              LISETTE, I read Lorrin’s message to you. Are you okay? You are our little Angel her, now don’t
              you go getting sick!!! We absolutely cannot have that!! Like you said, Adam does have a lot of
              energy, doesn’t he?! He sure needs all he has, huh?!! How has the fibromyalgia doing?! You
              know I have it too, and it is a real ‘bear’ to live with, isn’t it?! You know, I think you ‘replied’ to
              me in some posts, but you used the name ‘Carol’ and I think you meant me, Cheryl!! haha!!
              Did you see that? It won’t be long now to when I get to see Adam live in concert!! I am so
              thankful that I have this opportunity. I hope I can see him good enough. I’m going to be on the
              floor, and I’m only 5’1-1/2!! A shorty! But if I have to I’ll stand on my seat and scrunch down
              so as not to block those behind me! It will be in about 4 wks. I’ll message you about it when I
              get back!!! Okay!! Lisette, you are such a sweet person, and I hope you are feeling okay.
              Don’t make me drive all the way out to Nevada to be sure you’re ok!!! You know that kind of
              a drive could set me back a long, long time w/a back like mine!!! So, pep-up my little
              sunshine and get the rest and sleep you need. When you feel bad, get your little bum on this
              site, and talk to all your friends here!!!! OKEY-DOKEY??!!! Yeah, do it!!
              love-peace-light-happiness 2 U Lisette!

              • Cheryl, are you there? I’m online right now, and you posted this just 4 minutes before my last post. Meet here if possible. Love you..

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LORRIN, I missed you by mere minutes!! I went to bed soon after this. Sorry!! Luv 2U2!!

                  • Not a problem, dear Cheryl, look down near bottom of page here for my post to you. Love you!

              • Lisette here..oui a day late pardon ma cherie..an merci pour toi sentimentes thinq sont difficile to see all our replie given so many of us now..an I do reciv threads bit later strange l’internet?..Anyway yu’re very cher(dear)an so sorry anothre maladie we share.I just responde above to Lorrin for her lovli posts thet can be as eloquent as Danielle Steele for sure,vraimente a poet/an noveliste superbe!Aw hugs an sorry if I call yu Carol..mama mia wel am living up to l’blonde stereotype now..gathre was from bein wee heures of morning..Oh an thes is one of maladies of fibromyalgia..least for me,an even chamomile an natural pepermint dosnon assiste,so seein beauhearte Adam an lovli people who share l’same passione an affetion for thes beautful artiste..makes me relax an fall to sleep..Today diffarante time going to salon to become blonde an Adam’glamborized..even ma beautician adores him..an view utube while colour takes few heures..an have her Persian enfrancais cafe…whech is like double espresso mama mia will keepl awake for remans of l’jour.So if I av call yu Carol sorry lovli amie!Ah yu can drive here but unsure yu’d wish to go thru rough terrain,an put up with elementes of midwest to arid s.west..yu’re in s.east yes?Au am I confuse in reading,let me know?Take care an keep writing interesting an humoureux posts thinq yu can av a show like “View” but subject being all about Adam..what yu thinq..Lisette an her reves..best to say aurevoir or be late for Farah(hairstyliste),in need of desparate attention to roots…can one imagaine l’salon call Liasons d’amour thets her salon..thinq yu’d enjoie lot of Adam photos an she even may av his face etched in her french doors insalon..as anothre ex beautician has one of Cher in dare to be diffarente(Tom an he’s gay so gathre Adam wil be next on mural..he paints..Let me go! hugs an bisous Lisette Blessings to all an Adam angels garde over him!xoxo

                • cheryl norman says:

                  LISETTE, Don’t fret over the name err!!! So you’re getting your roots ‘touched up’ and ‘glamorize’ yourself!! Very good for you!! Glad to hear you in a better frame of mind!!! Lotsa luv 2u!

            • Liseette here..Merci beaucoup per toi responde vous scrive pour moi..Tourjours toi sentimentes etes tres cher! An read above post thes matin am actual up early not for doc an medtest thenkful..but a trip to become abit Adamized..!Quest que c’est.. alle le salon to becomeblonde..sans roots..Wel Adam thinq looks beau be blonde,black,ah even bleu(seein yu post re: his theatre bleuface..exotique an sensual.. ‘Aquarian’s as I, luv things diffarante..thets name of hairsalon..beautician Farah adores Adam ,brings her laptop to view utube while Im having colour! An regarde yes we are neighbors an ther’s thet connetion for sure..all accept j’reside 4 heure s. of Reno where is hot one can fry a poulet au l’oeuve on sidewalk an closer actual to sincity,now being call “little Europe” for all hotels with international themes..thinq next one will be a London as they av already 2 Italian,2 francais ones..speculations on above..Anyway an av been only far Northern Calif.as Napa Valley in childhood..but was too younge to visite wineries..so reman with cousines..An would luv to visite Carmel,an up coast..Are yu nerby there? An I too am on sporadic times yes due to fibromyalgia an troble sleping is a cfs effect thet even natural meds can av little relief.Merci may anges garde vous..paix et l’amour belle amie Lorrin..Aurevoir au domanxoxo Lisette am visite to Cheryl seein below!

            • Lorrin… you swam in Lake Tahoe ?????? burrrrrrrrr

              • Adamfan1, I used to LOVE to swim in Lake Tahoe, on the Northwest shore! I still remember wading out in the freezing water on a warm high-Sierra summer morning, plunging down below the surface and looking out at the depths of that blue-green lake to the dark blue beyond, and then taking off and swimming underwater for as far as I could go, swimming over to the massive pier pylons, swimming back to shore and playing in the shallows and picking up the beautiful pebbles…I am and always will be a water baby, and that lake is a part of me.

      • Lorrin, like you I googled Bill and was surprised to find out Tokio Hotel is the name of their band which has been around since 2001 and has won an MTV award for best new artist. As far as I am concerned Bill and his group are no different than the Jonas Bros. They are all entertainers and each one has his/their own schtick or ‘hook’ to draw the fans. That’s the fun of this world we live in, we are not all the same.. and I am glad!

        Germany and some of the other European countries have a different view of all that which is unusual. They are the ones who accepted that strange singing group called the Beatles years ago.

        My Aquarian side loves all things different, unusual or original, so I like Bill et al.

        • Yes, Theresa, as does my Sagittarian ‘spirituality’ admit of all things widely diverse, mystical, strange, and otherworldly. Say, have you heard of the artist, ‘Kagaya’? His things are quite lovely and ethereal, you might really like them. Just Google his images. He is a world-famous painter of astrological and mythical subjects using deep, dark blues, purples, and greens. Very beautiful stuff, but you’ve probably already seen his things. Bill Kaulitz and his brother Tom are quite the piquant and roguish little fellows aren’t they? They are already huge in Germany, and I’m sure the rest of Europe, as well. It is obvious that Adam is attracted to his kind of slight build and ultra-feminine looks, not to mention his outre sense of style. Bill’s style is actually just as incredible, edgy and expensive as Adam’s preferences. I think what we might be seeing develop among us Glambs here is the tiny beginning of a difference in how we see our preferences for Adam and how he sees his own choices for himself, and they clash somewhat. I think we are all thinking how fine Adam would look with someone just as beautiful, intelligent, and stylish as he is, and maybe even almost as tall as he is. Alas, Adam is on another wave length, which may not quite mesh with our hopes for him. But who knows, one day he may surprise us all and take up with the second neatest guy in the world, or gal (even though I don’t think that is really going to happen, but it might for awhile). But my guess is, Adam will always have many, many friends of both sexes, and he will be the center of attention wherever he goes. But in the meantime, we may have quite a time of it trying to assimilate some of the more unusual aspects of Adam’s true nature. In fact, it was one of the first things I thought about when we all began writing so lovingly of Adam, because I am the mother of a gay man. I fervently hoped that as we went further along with him in his journey to stardom, that Adam would not alienate anyone with his real-life choices, once they became fully apparent to everyone. I must say that not only has Adam opened up so many people to the idea of loving each other in our differences, but also that the people writing on this website have done an absolutely wonderful job of expressing their love for one who is so different, namely our beloved Adam. I truly salute all of you for you kindness, perception, and deeply sympathetic attitude in your own personal and collective journey with him. I think everything will be just fine, Adam will do well, and we will still all love him forever. Love to all the Glambs tonight!

          • Well said, Lorrin. In fact, I’ll bet some of us Glambs are fantisizing “Hmmm, so he likes them small and slim, hmm, doesn’t that describe a lot of women? Hey,maybe he’ll be attracted to a woman.” I’ll bet it is in the back of some of our minds, the ol’ hetereo fantasy.

            Do you realize that until today with the appearance of “Bill” we have not even gone near the topic of Adam’s gayness at all for weeks… that to me, is true success of an artist, we are looking at the whole person now.

            • yes, if he could be attracted to these tiny, femme little sprites, why not an actual real girl? we can dream…

              just have to say that guy’s name TOTALLY does not fit him….”Bill Kaulitz” sounds like he would be a truck driver from milwaukee…

              • AdamAdmirer says:

                aw – you are funny, I was thinking same. But, I bet his real name is William or Welhem, which is very German, also his last name is soo German.

  40. Yes, Bill swings *a little too far to the other side* for my taste!

    • Marie/Toronto says:

      LOL. If you’re trying to say that Bill is gay – he’s not.

      • I truly didn’t know if he was or wasn’t gay…I just meant he was a little too over the top with his mix of hair, makeup, and femininity for me. I’m sure his young age doesn’t help my overall impression of *whatever* he is!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARIE/TORONTO, what do you mean ‘Bill’ is not gay? Are you being serious? Is Bill a guy or girl?

        If ‘he’ is a ‘she’ then what is he/she? Born a male or female? And if ‘it’ is not gay, then what is ‘it’? She or he? What is the sex, and what kind of gender does it like?? I am totally confused by your comment! Help!

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Cheryl norman, I agree. How does Marie/Toronto know if the he/she isn’t gay? It sounds like she’s being sarcastic, because if I’m not mistaken, that photo above of “Bill” looks like a very Gay man to me. Adam even described him as “androgynous”, which is a dead give-away.

          BTW, why is Adam showing us this pic, does anyone really care, is he promoting him, or just letting us fans know what he is into. Too weird, sorry Glambs!

          • Androgynous just means merely not obvioiusly male or female in appearance, it has nothing to do with a person’s brain which is where sexual identity or sexual preference originates. Bill might be a totally hetero male with a rather feminine body build and appearance.

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              I know what it means theresa/canada, but how many androgynous men do you know that are not gay, this guy looks like he’s had a sex change operation – puleeze!

          • ADAMaddict says:

            THAT’s WHAT I WANT TO KNOW!!!!! Is this a new “Love” interest??

          • Marie/Toronto says:

            Okay, Okay;

            Both Bill and his twin brother Tom look like girls, and they have both stated many times (because of their looks), that they are straight. This info can be Googled. They could be lying, but they are European and being gay is not really a big deal over there like it can be here. And here’s a tidbit – another poster here refered to Bill as tiny – he is 6’1″.

            Bill reminds me of Pete Burns, singer of the 80’s band Dead or Alive. (“You spin me right ’round baby ‘right round, like a record…baby, right ’round………).

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              Thanks Marie Toronto — that is a fun song! Funny, you say Bill reminds you of Pete Burns who is gay, he married a man a few years ago and was the original Boy George, so he says. Bill reminds me of a young Boy George – they are all androgynous, which to me means they are gay.

              • Marie/Toronto says:

                I meant that they remind me of each other in looks only.

                Annie Lennox is androgynous is straight, so is David Bowie (well, now anyway), and Nick Rhodes/John Taylor of Duran Duran…I could go on and on….


                How did we get SO off topic..back to ADAM!!!!

        • Bill is a he.

          • AdamAdmirer says:

            Thanks J. A he that looks like a she.

          • AdamAddict says:

            Thanks for that info.I google him and say Bill is a he but he does look like a girl,doesn’t he?Expecially with long hair! I seriously thought she is tomboy but they say HE so,HE??!!I can’t believe we started to discuss his gender now! U think maybe Bill is girl afterall but keep it secret for some reason?Do anyone here can see his Adam’s apple? It’s weird if one day he tell the whole world that he actually a girl! he really looks like a woman! What if gay man fell in love with him & then realize he actually a girl?That makes him straight?Ok,I think I’ll stop now!I think too much! Bill is a guy,Bill is a guy!!

            • Lol, Bill is a guy and there are no doubts about that =) And no, he’ not gay… but, well, this is not so sure XD. I mean, he said that he isn’t, but who knows? 😉

              • AdamAddict says:

                He’s not gay because he is a she??!! lol!!”She” likes guy so she is straight! 😛

  41. rhymingrealtor says:


    I dont’ think you read my comments, I said we think/know Adam is better then all of the other Idols but I until tonight I never got the impression Adam thought he was – his comments of last night were insensitive I guess they can be expected from someone who is tired and also human, so Cheryl why not the human defense – why use the I must be intellectually challenge defense Even if he sent out a twitter saying I’m really tired, I have a sore throat, and that certainly could have been twittered at or before 11pm which would have been the same time everyone came out.. That was handled badly by him, and he may do that sometimes – handle things badly – Hes not perfect – but he is human – so am I and I was dissapointed – thats a human emotion, I thought we expressed them here. My insights as to Adams Appeal were welcome here
    I ask that you go back to my previous posts and tell me I am intellectually challenged. Maybe I best be doing the same with yours.

    • rhymingrealtor says:


      ” Moron” that’s more a word I expect from someone who actually is intellectually challenged, its used when the author can’t express themselves- name calling is the last weapon in the I don’t know how to write arsenal..

      • cheryl norman says:

        rhymingrealtor. Oh, oh! Are you upset?! Now, if you are, it’s not MY fault!! Hey, YOU are the one who asked for other’s ‘input’, dummie. Actually, often people who know they just can’t communicate w/a special someone gets irritated about hitting their head against a brick wall. Similar to the way I felt when I read your immature , intellectually challenged post. Oh, yes, we are all free to express ourselves, and that’s just what I did.

        You’re DEAD WRONG-O when you said Adam handled the ‘situation’ badly. YOU, handled yourself badly. Apparently you still don’t GET IT, do you?? How you can ‘know’ all about the concerts and not know, realize, figure out, whatever your excuse is, that Adam and the others are not the same in any respect, land in particular,l with the amount of work done by Adam vs the others, I just have to call it how I see it!! It is what it is. You are what you are, and in this argument, what you are is WRONG-O .

        Don’t ASK if you CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!! I past your post many ltimes, and your words kept calling out to me,,,,”somebody…anybody,,,,,tell me if you agreewith me,,,,,,” Ask and ye shall receive. You did and you have, ameigo.

        My Lord, see, the manner in which you replied to my ‘reply’ goes to show you’re a ‘moron’ of the greatest kind. Even looking right at the truth, there’s no wisdom coming from you. You see the error of your way of thinking and yet, you still err / What to do?? Love the comment ‘he’s not perfect’ but ‘he is human’, do you really lthink you Need TO SAY THAT??? HA hahaha!! I TRIED TO TEACH YOU SOMETHING, BUT YOU REFUSE TO LEARN. I’m done w/you. You’re lhopeless and a moron.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Why is ryhmingrealtor saying that Adam handled it “badly”. Doesn’t she realize that these decisions are not always up to him – he has people telling him what to do 24/7 now – THAT’S WHY THEY CALL THEM “HANDLERS”.


          • Thanks, AdamAdmirer! A little levity is sorely needed here!

            I have a photo of Bill without a shirt on…would that help you decide?

            • Lee Meeker says:

              OH, enough about Bill, HA HA, when the tour comes to my town and I buy my ticket, I not only expect him to sign but I expect him to come home with me!!!! LoL
              I do expect that Adam would like the way Bill dresses because he is so into dress while he is enteraining,,,,no,,, I don’t mean dress as girly dress…Please don’t ever say that I said that Adam goes in a dress,,,,Adam said that he sure doesn’t do DRAG…..I just don’t like to referr to the stage outfits as costumes. Adam’s clothes that he wears on stage are very important to him and he spends a lot of time getting them just right, at least I think so.
              But, Please, tell me I get to take him home with me, at least for a little time..
              I BOUGHT A TICKET !!!!
              Hey, where did this music come from, it is playing “Change is gonna come”
              1st time that happened, OMG, how beautiful, and of course it’s Adam
              Does that mean I”ve taken too much time here?

              • Lee, I hate to tell you this, but I’ve reserved Adam for a whole month in December of 2010…for my birthday, you know..top THAT everybody..

                • Ok, I’m going to make my reservation for Halloween. He can play vampire with
                  me and I’ll play with his pumpkin. We can play dress up etc, all his favorite things!
                  Nice comment Lorrin!

                  • His PUMPKIN, Mary C., What is that? Maybe I need to reschedule..

                    • His pumpkin, you know? Imagine what u want it to be and think
                      about what I want it to be and oh boy here we go.
                      Booooo Happy Halloween!

              • AdamAddict says:

                My dear Jeanette,
                What you should do in 1st place is post that picture of Bill without the shirt on! We won’t be discussing his gender now! I felt silly with the comment above I posted.God,I should scroll down 1st before left any comment.That’s embarassing,I think too much!! Urgh,god!!
                And Lee Meeker ” I BOUGHT A TICKET” That’s hillarious! hahaha!!

          • rhymingrealtor says:


            Adam has handlers, Adam also sends out his own tweets. I mistakenly thought most admirers of Adam thought he did not act like a superstar, or think he was better than anyone else. Yes he is better – he just never acted it before. How does what I said in any way intimate I wanted to bring him home .. these posts are getting silly now.

            • AdamAdmirer says:

              Yes, rhymingrealtor, you are mistaken. I am one who thinks Adam SHOULD act like a SUPER MEGASTAR – because that’s what he is now. Why should we expect anything less. I’m not saying I condone that kind of behavior, just that there is simply nothing we can do about it and people should appreciate what he has given us already. Also, I admire Adam for soo many things, the way he acts after a show or what he tweets is not at the top of my list!


        • AdamAddict says:

          I know,at 1st I did said print this and send it to Adam.Might cheer him up but now,FORGET IT!! Wow!!Unbelievable!!


          • Yea, we know, we just blame Adam for the mispellings remember?
            Its all good.

            • AdamAddict says:

              Thanks for clear that up! I know my english is not that good but at a moment,I’m thinking I’m actually that bad! hahaha!! “be pound??!!” What the heck is that? New word?? hahaha!!

              • AdamAddict, your English is fabulous, and your posts are even more charming if you don’t know something exactly. Don’t worry about anything, I don’t know a WORD of Malay. I find your sticking with us on this site and doing so well with it very impressive. Terima kasih , and jumpa laga!

                • AdamAddict says:

                  Awww,thank you,Lorrin! Jumpa lagi not jumpa laga!! hahaha!! Hey,I feel smart!! lol! 😀

  42. Looks like Bill is Adam’s type, not my taste though. There is another gorgeous and talented guy might make great couple with Adam, his name is Travis Wall,runner up of season 2 so you think you can dance. He choreography a couple beautiful routine this season. He used to be blond and this season he dye his hair black, when I saw him on the show, he looked even better than before. I don’t know if it’s just me,every time I see a good looking and talented guy, I think of Adam and start to imagine they are together.

  43. He’s tired. I thought he looked exhausted on GMA. He’s a fine young man with a great sense of humor and he’s very kind but you can only give so much of yourself away to others. An autograph is just a thing. He is not.

    • I thought he looked very laid back and relaxed. Probably gettin ready for that nights concert.
      Saving himself , ya know?

  44. You know reading some of these other posts . . . some people are crazy.

    • cheryl norman says:

      ANNE, yeah, it’s a ‘Mad World’, isn’t it sometimes? Thankfully, most of the people we come in contact with
      aren’t ,,,mad that is!

  45. that pic of the guy is very feminine but sooo pretty!!!! lovely face, he should be a model!

    • Thank youuuu Eva xxxx I am not only Adam’s fan but also Tokio Hotel’s fan 😉 and glad that Adam is fascinated with Bill xxxxxx and Adam’s hair idol is also Bill xDDDD I love both of themmm xxxxxxx and love you too looool thank youuu for saying that




    Posting it here so it won’t be missed but shall also post it on the appropriate thread.

    • I MUST hold myself back from having another one of my ‘flights’ here after viewing this stupendous performance of Adam doing WLL, but I just have to mention his HA-A-I-R, I could scream or faint or both, when he starts into the song and rears his head, and that hair flies out over his brow…oh no no no, I can’t stand it, it’s too, too much. How will he ever top this in the future, but oh, he will, he will, and I don’t know how we will ever be able to stand the beauty of it. But I want to say, Theresa, that what struck me about this performance is that Adam seems tired, very tired. Maybe I’m imagining it, but he is not as ‘in control’ of this song as he was way back at the beginning of the tour, when he was fresher and punching it out. In this rendition and in the last two or three performances of this incredible song, he loses just a bit of the ‘fire it off the bow’ precision of the earlier performances. But he is evolving, always evolving into something less tight, freer, wilder. I find this performance a door of transport into his own state of personal ecstasy (and ours with him), as he makes love to that microphone stand in a state of towering and inarticulate fury. He is indeed, utterly awesome in his raging across the stage. I have watched his performance of this song over and over countless times, and I never get enough of the huge, towering shadow of himself he becomes as he yells and screams and cajoles. He is a superb performer. I can only hope that he can tack down this song to the floor for another month and continue on singing with the gang, and finally emerge at the end safe and sound, and whole. I also hope he will be able to take some time off to rest and heal, and recharge his energy. After that, I hope he takes off like a Flaming Phoenix for the highest reaches of stardom, free at last to be fully himself. Thank you for posting this, Theresa, from the Lambert Labyrinth..

    • Jesus, just when I think I’ve seen the best performance another one comes along. Better and
      better. Did ya see the veins in his neck popping? Wow, Wow, Wow.
      Rock on,
      thanks, Theresa!

  47. MissnuAdam says:

    To Cheryl Norman,

    I think it is YOU who has failed to learn anything in your discourse with rhymingrealtor. You were admonished by your sister Glambs (Cat Eyes, Jeanette, Adam Admirer) not to resort to name calling. You yourself agreed with their feedback. To quote YOU directly, YOU said, “MY APOLOGIES TO RHYMINGREALTOR. Thank you both [Cat Eyes, jeanette] for pointing that out to me…We all have a right to say what we feel, though, I needn’t resort to name-calling no matter how much it seems inappropriate. Name-calling is never appropriate, just emotional”.

  48. MissnuAdam says:

    To Cheryl Norman – (continued)

    Inspite of your admission that name-calling is “inappropriate” and “emotional”, you again resort to the same base tactics in your next reply to rhymingrealtor, this time calling her a “dummie” (correct spelling – dummy), “immature”, “intellectually challenged”, “hopeless” and a “moron”. You patronize by calling her “ameigo” (correct spelling – amigo). You say that she is “wrong-o” and that she “can’t handle the truth” while “looking right at the truth”. What “truth” is that – the “truth” according to YOU? There are very few “truths” in this world, Cheryl. While it would be considered the “truth”, for instance, that you have put forth your opinion (because there is concrete evidence of this – your words in print), what YOU call the “truth” is nothing more than a mere subjective opinion.

    Of course, almost every statement made on this message board is an opinion, but yours seems to be the only one that is put forth with such force and fury that if anyone disagrees with it, she MUST be an “intellectually challenged moron”. The others here who disagree with rhymingrealtor do so without resorting to belittling, denegrating, and name-calling. I challenge YOU, Cheryl, to disagree with me without employing these tactics…

    • cheryl norman says:

      MISSNUADAM, YOU WANT TO CHALLENGE ME??? OKEY DOKEY, I CONSIDERMYSELF CHALLENGED. Not intellectually challenged, just ‘challenged from afar’ from someone that has something up their ‘bum’. Why are YOU CHALLENGING ME? My beef is with rhyming—. Are you her daddy come with your little ‘gang’ to ‘beat up’ on that meannie Cheryl for rhymin,,?? As for Amigo being mispelled, firts off, I do that with that word on purpose, not that I owe YOU any explanation about the price of coffee. If you have read my posts you’d have seen me say that the extent of my foreign language ability was 2 other spanish words, which I mispelled purposely to get my point across. I took Latin, not Sannish or French, or anything else. As far as everything else you mumbled-on about, I stand by my original post and feel exactly what I said. Just like when kids would have a problem, I believe in keeping the conversation between the two people who have engaged each other. Same goes here. MYOB! You want to post something to me, I’ll either reply or ignore. My opinion of what was posted by rhy, is my opinion and my truth as I see it. You disagree? Then disagree, I couldn’t care less. Who the heck are you to me anyway? The Great Almighty? Don’t think so pussycat! Now, get your own life, if you can. Maybe you don’t have one and rhy is forming a ‘gang’ like children of the ‘street’ do. PERSONALLY, FOR ME, I FIGHT MY OWN BATTLES.

      peace-light-hope-happiness-joy to Adam………………..and all his ‘real’ fans

      • MissnuAdam says:

        You made my point for me, Cheryl. You CAN”T disagree without stooping to name calling, belitling, bullying or denigrating…

        • cheryl norman says:

          MISSNUADAM, you don’t have a point. That’s YOUR problem.

          NOW STOP ‘STALKING’ ME. ‘STALKING’ IS NOT PERMITTED. (if you do not know the meaning of the word, look it up in a dictionary) If you don’t know what a dictionary is, ask your friend rhymmndnjh. Maybe together you could both figure it out and understand it, then ‘internalize’ it.

          If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. You know I do not like you. If you didn’t know it before, I am telling you now, so there won’t be any misunderstanding on both of your parts. Understand?

  49. That Bill really looks like a girl. Adam’s right, he looks like an alien, lol

  50. I don’t live in the states so I will not get a chance to see Adam live on A.I tour. Those who got a chance to watch Adam perform live are so blessed and I am so so envious of this fortunate group of people. So, count your blessing, support Adam and not sending out negative messages to him. I am sure he is very tired/drained/stressed juggling press interviews, photoshoot, live performances, recording debut album at the same time. He need his space, friend and family .

  51. Imagine what Bill feels when he is reading all the comments about his androgynous appearance and the speculations if he is gay or not. I think we need to accept that nature plays funny tricks on us, there are many men born with female charactiristics, that does not mean they are gay. What about the Glam Rock era, what about Marc Bolan, very androgynous, very beautiful, David Bowie, and others. I think a lot of artists are going back to that era, they see a need in the music industry and they are going for it. Both Bill and his brother are both very slender, both very much alike, except Tom Koulitz chooses not to wear make up. Do I like his type of music, no I don’t, I do not think he has the beautiful voice of Adam which I find mesmorizing, it is Adam’s whole stage appearance that makes him so fascinating, he is a great artist. Good luck to Tom Koulitz.

  52. AdamAddict says:

    OMG,I’m just thinking about Leil because I’m waiting for her to post the part 3 of Adam best interview but I just found it! Yay!! So,guys remembered the the part 1 & 2,now here the part 3! This is great interview,you Glambs should read this to know Adam better! This is not typical question that always asked to our darling Adam.This interview is different.Part 1 & 2 in Baltimore post,I think! So here part 3:

    • Thanks AdamAddict, was waiting for this !

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Thanks for this, I missed part 2 but have got that now too and part 4 is there also. It is a brilliant series of interviews, just love learning more about our boy than just the usual stuff. Excellent.

  53. I think that American Idol needs to protect their winners more. No more autographs,no more meet and greets, better food and lodging, and most importantly good security.Personally the idol people need to take much better care of their people and stop treating them as if they are just cash cows.

    I think Adam set a great example by setting limits.. If only more famous people would do this with the press. New York is a great place to be famous in,stars are not often bothered by fans or the press the way they are in other places. Real New Yorkers attitude is” live and let live” & Famous people don’t affect them because the city is filled with celebrities .I’ve seen many famous people walking the streets of the city and people just passed them by, barely making eye contact.

    • Great voice of reason, Melody. What a tempest in a tea pot! Adam doesn’t owe any of us anything! We owe him for all the fun and entertainment he has injected into our lives. He hasn’t “forgotten his fans” (Insert great wailing and gnashing of teeth here.) It wasn’t ego. It isn’t a character flaw that he wanted to be with his family. It was a young man who hadn’t seen his mom in a while. Now how many on this site (i.e. Mature Ladies) can’t appreciate that?

      You got a tremendous show, rhymingrealtor. Fair exchange. If you are so bent out of shape about Adam’s percieved lack of gratitude and sensitivity, don’t buy another ticket or his future music. Fair exchange. That is how the system works–and it will leave more seats and cds for the rest of us.

      PS: I, also, think Bill is pretty. Adam has an artist’s eye for unusual and pretty things. Wish I could show him my….umm….pretty things….well, acutally, they are more unusual….ok, so, they are really more old and wrinkley…. after he has spent time with his mom….of course….

  54. AdamAddict says:

    I just posted part 3 of Adam interview and it’s still in moderation!Part1 &2 also in that article! This time he talks about the 1st time he fell in love and how he actually begged to be in Wicked! Can U believe that?Wicked without Adam?The cutie Adam with vest and boots and dark brown hair replace with someone else? That’s sucks!! His vocal in Wicked is excellent!! LOVE IT!! I know there’s DVD of “10 commandments”,that not attract me much but “Wicked” yes.If there’s in DVD,I plan to buy it! I have to say this again,this article is the best way to know Adam a little bit more!I love every words that came out from that mouth!! 🙂 Now,I patiently waiting for part 4!

    • Where is the post, I cant wait. Did I miss something? Oh no Cheryl, this may be where we read
      about the first love (Brad Cheeks)??

      • AdamAddict says:

        It still in moderation! Maybe tomorrow or the day after tomorrow! But don’t forget to come here and read it.It’s awesome and somehow everytime I read it (pt1,2&3) I feel aching in my heart! I dunno why??!! 🙁 I feel sad!

        • AdamAddict, know what u mean. I feel the aching at times. He is so beautiful. Iknow
          one of Cheryls old posts she wrote a few feelings if things were different for him, would
          he have made different choices for himself, as far as love goes. One wonders!

      • cheryl norman says:

        MARY, OMG!!!! I thought ‘Cheeks’ WAS Adam’s first love!? After I read it and maybe research a bit, we can see what we both think. However, we both know how the other one thinks to a degree, don’t we?!!!!
        Oh, Adam, Please let your future be brighter in your dating selections! haaha!

        • Yea, Think Cheeks was Adams first love. After reading the 3rd part of the interview (above) he was
          25 when he fell in love. Wow not long ago. This was his first real love. Wow.
          Praying for the brighter scene for dating for him too.

  55. White light, everyone, white light!!! Deep breaths.

  56. Lorrin, if you have booked Adam for your birthday in 2010, rest assured I’ll be there, uninvited and all. I understand that we all want to meet Adam. Spare me a thought and others (AdamAddict, Ofra, … ) who live in different parts of the World. Attending a concert to see him, even from a distance, would be more than 1st prize.

    Jeanette, CMHagey, Dreamsound, and all the other authors, this is why I appreciate this site. The videos, articles and posts keep Adam fresh in our minds. I am thankful for the ‘not so small’ mercies – means a lot to me. Wanting a full frontal and a side-on and all the other talk is just me having fun and fantasizing, of course!

    • ALL of you are invited, my dears…no one left out. You know I was only being silly, adding on to Lee’s cute comment..

      • Lorrin, Thanks for the invite, love being included. It’s great being silly, can’t afford to take life too serious Can’t wait to read #3 on Adam’s interview, on to that interview!!!

        • Oh, you are the guest of honor, Lee! You may speak with Adam alone for 15 minutes at the beginning of the party, since you were the one who made the whole thing up in the first place! And yes, isn’t that the BEST interview, I was so engrossed in it. It is obvious that Adam is a very well-seasoned performer even at his young age, and has had a great deal of life experience without becoming jaded or cynical, which is what seems to happen to so many young performers. He has extreme sex appeal with a sense of enormous and vibrant joy, and that is not the mark of a spoiled young Hollywood brat. Adam is a gift, and I think we have only begun to see the beginning of the wonders that will come from him.

  57. Bills a pretty guy..so what! More childhood teachings….”Pretty is as Pretty does” and “Looks are only skin deep”. What difference does it make if you are pretty or handsome? It’s a bonus we all appreciate, but your gift to others is what makes you exceptional.
    On the other subject of Adam not signing at the end of a concert. This is an Idol Tour- It’s a family thing. Lot’s of children and teens at these concerts. I did go to an concert and enjoyed it greatly with my three girls. Adam did give 110% and we enjoyed all 110% of his performance. We did stay after to get autographs. All the Idols came out to give autographs except Anoop and his family and friends were present and Adam. There were a lot of disappointed fans. The security guy as the night wore on let me hear over his radio that Adam was not coming out and they let everyone know. No one left til 12am on the off chance he would show. If this was a personal concert of just Adam and he chose not to come out…well then that’s his choice. I just think that being an Idol Tour that the “Idols” feel like they should come out to promote themselves to the public. If you want people to buy your albums…you gotta play nice. I’m sure all the Idols give 110% for their sets also. And I’m sure they are all tired also. I’m not taking up for the “Bad guys”, just can see why they get upset when Adam doesnt come out. I am sure coming out before and after is optional, since they randomly come out. You never know who your gonna get. And any and all are appreciated by the fans. But Adam being the biggest draw, well lends to a lot of upset people when he doesnt show. It’s a part of being a “Worldwide Star”. It’s okay Adam, take the contrary fans as a “BIG” compliment! I adore Adam and maybe playing devils advocate a bit…sorry. Want only the best for Adam. I hope this made some kinda sense because I’m not such a great writer.

    • I will buy someone’s album because I like the music. Not because they place nice.

      • When you are breaking into the music business as these Idols are…I would hope they would put their best music and best foot forward to the fans. Please dont hang on every word and dissect it. This site is becoming really mean spirited! The comment section starts with “Speak Your Mind”..but when you may not agree and speak your mind…well, after reading some of the above…WOW Mean people here. I’m not gonna make anymore comments on this site. I dont feel the love anymore. Oh, did any of you send in the GLAMBIRTHDAY poster for Adam? Hop to it…show your faces and your love. PS…I dont have a Twitter acct.

        • AdamAdmirer says:

          Anroln, hello. I really appreciate your honesty, and yes, you do make alot of sense. I work in public relations, so I more than understand what you mean by the importance of playing nice. It is all part of the game, and it is necessary when you are up and coming. I absolutely see your point (although I commented earlier that Adam is now a “worldwide” star and has the right to act however he wants and I do stand by that).

          I also know what you mean by some people are mean-spirited, I have been commenting less and less here for that reason. I love Adam and only look out for the best for him, no matter what is shared here. Good luck to you and all the best!

          PS I don’t have twitter acct either.

  58. I did see one of the negative messages when I clicked on someone who was trending Leave Adam Alone and she tweeted someone who had tweeted him 3x in a row saying why he can’t give the fans 5 minutes of his time and how he should just be honest and tell the truth that he just doesn’t want to do it and on and on – a bunch of garvage. And that was just one I got wind of!

  59. Okay, I’m a native New Yorker, and we are a rare breed, indeed. I think it is time for me to do some old – fashioned ass – whooping, because some people really do deserve it at this point. Does everyone realize how very lucky we are that we now have a superstar and future icon (if he isn’t one already) in Adam Lambert. I have said this so many times before – it is not Adam that owes us thanks (although he has thanked his fans on so many occasions so many times), it is his fans that need to thank him for him entering our lives when he did, for Adam giving us 200% on that stage (he is the only performer who gives so much of himself), and for making life more enjoyable and fun than we have had in many years. ANYTHING ELSE IS TOTALLY SUPERFLUOUS – ADAM DOESN’T HAVE TO DO ANYTHING ELSE; I THINK HE HAS GIVEN ENOUGH OF HIMSELF – BOTH PROFESSIONALLY, PERSONALLY, SPIRITUALLY!!! If anyone is fortunate enough to get a picture with him, have him sign a photograph, or anything else – that’s wonderful, the rest is totally up to Adam, not us. ADAM IS ENTITLED TO SOMEWHAT OF A PERSONAL LIFE; WE ARE NOT ENTITLED TO TAKE THAT AWAY FROM HIM. Does anyone realize what a grueling schedule he has – the tour, finishing his own album, various personal appearances – I’m surprised that he has the energy to do everything that he does. PLEASE, EVERYONE: LET ADAM LIVE A LITTLE – THAT’S NOT ASKING FOR TOO MUCH FROM HIM, CONSIDERING HOW MUCH HE HAS GIVEN TO US. First and foremost in our minds should be Adams’ well-being and health, along with is safety – that should be of paramount importance to us. For those that cannot grasp this concept – don’t bother Adam – he’s way too intelligent to be bothered by this stupidity. Adam is totally self – less; some fans need to stop being so selfish.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Hear Hear!!! Great post deedeeglambert!

      Cindy in MS

    • Wow DeeDee, you said it all! All NewYorkers could take a clue from you! Heck some of Adam’s fans that are complaining about not getting autographs or getting to meet Adam should take a page from you book! The more Adam gives, well it seems more people want. HE is only ONE person and he can do just so much! His management team need to step it up and communicate to his fans better for Adam. He has so much pressure on him to do so much, well it looks like he is getting spread mighty thin. Rumors sure can hurt a person, so to all you disatisfied fans of Adam who think YOU are entitled to all of Adam: Did you not enjoy his concert? Did you not think he gave 110% on that stage for you? Did you not have a good time? If you answsered yes to any of the above then YOU got more than what you paid for that ticket. If you moved, excited, happy after Adam performed, then let me ask you this? What are you bitching about? If Adam didn’t disappoint you in concert, then hell you should be happy you even to to witness such a superstar in action! Some of us don’t even get that chance, so stop with the whinning and bitching, and just know you just saw an ICON in MOTION!

    • Well-said, Dee Dee. I’ll be more than happy to join you in opening up a big ol’ can of Whoop Ass on these cretins.

    • Excellent post DeeDee. Very well put. We are lucky to be witnessing the birth of a superstar in Adam Lambert. He is beyond words. As he sings in Starlight “you electify my life”……and he has certainly electrified all of us. Let send him all of our love and best wishes for all of his dreams and desires to come true. He deserves it.

      Rock on Adam and Keep the Faith.

  60. My honest opinion of Bill? Yuks – I just don’t get him/her ! Now Travis Wall is a different story! He is hot and such a beautiful and talented dancer! He will make a great couple with Adam!

    I do understand the disappointment that ryhmingrealtor felt. I mailed Adam his picture for his autograph 3 months ago and have yet to receive it. May never receive it considering the tons of mail that Adam has received and his busy schedule. I am feeling disappointed but I accepted it as one of the risks I have to take.

  61. I’ve been meaning to comment on another thing Adam said in his tweets that really struck me – “I feel I express that love in my performance.”

    I’ve never heard an artist say anything like that before. I’ve admired musicians and singers over the years who’ve talked about how much they love and appreciate their fans, sure, but express their love for us in their performance? Holy Shit. And I believe it’s true. Adam performs miracles on those stages night after night. He finds our letters and reads each one out loud, as the song goes. To read that he believes he does what he does out of love is stunning. And yet, not so much. That’s Adam for you. That’s why we’re here.

  62. Glambertfan says:

    He is a obviously a “TWINKIE” or dressing like one – need I say more?

  63. I feel moved to post yet another song reference, this time the entire song, that’s been on my mind lately. Let’s not let our dear Adam become as burned out as the protagonist in this song. Let’s try to at least have some sympathy for the amount of energy it must take for him to do what he does every night for us.

    On a long and lonesome highway, east of Omaha.
    You can listen to the engine moaning out its one lone song
    You can think about the woman, or the girl you knew the night before.
    But your thoughts will soon be wandering, the way they always do
    When you’re riding sixteen hours and there’s nothing much to do
    And you don’t feel much like riding, you just wish the trip was through.

    Say, here I am, on the road again. There I am, up on the stage.
    Here I go, playing star again.
    There I go, turn the page.

    When you walk into a restaurant, strung out from the road,
    You can feel the eyes upon you as you’re shaking off the cold
    You pretend it doesn’t bother you, but you just want to explode.
    Most times you can’t hear ’em talk, other times you can.
    Oh, the same old cliche, “Is that a woman or a man?”
    You always seem outnumbered – you don’t dare make a stand.

    Here I am, on the road again. There I am, up on the stage.
    Here I go, playing star again.
    There I go, turn the page.

    Out there in the spotlight, you’re a million miles away –
    Every ounce of energy you try and give away,
    As the sweat pours out your body like the music that you play.

    Later in the evening as you lie awake in bed,
    With the echo from the amplifiers ringing in your head,
    You smoke the day’s last cigarette, remembering what she said.

    Now here I am, on the road again. There I am, up on the stage.
    Here I go, playing star again.
    There I go, turn the page.

    • Barb .. how perfect,how true…”.All that glitters is not gold” who wrote the words?

    • cheryl norman says:


    • OMG———-How sad is that!!———-This is what Adam will have to go thru for us and yet we want more, I did too, now I have to rethink this. After the show that I attend, will I be outside after the show? Ooohhhhh, I don’t know because if Adam is outside and no one shows up, then how will he respond to that, sure don’t want to hurt his feelings, don’t know what to do now……

  64. Glambertfan says:

    Well said deedeeglambert! No one can deny anything you said … even those Aiken Fans 🙂

  65. Camille Adores Adam says:

    “I Love my fans”……”I feel bad”………I’m sorry….I am deeply grateful to my fans” I’m sorry (2nd time)…
    These are all tweets by Adam and you know what? IMO, I feel just one is enough. Just one I’m sorry I couldn’t make it to sign autographs. I don’t understand how some fans expect ANYTHING from Adam, aside from a concert. Adam deserves to be with his friends and family who came to the show. And last I heard, Adam was getting over a cold…And you selfish people want him to come outside in the rain? To screaming fans? Even if he wasn’t sick anymore, Adam deserves a break if he needs or wants one. Who are we to deny Adam time with his family and friends? This is a proud moment for Adam with his loved ones!!! He has worked so hard and been thru so much to get here! Who are we to place demands on him? Adam is right, Entitlement is not sexy…nor is it cool. It actually made me sick to my stomach, when i first heard of the whole scenario yesterday morning. I stayed away because I needed to cool off. All day yesterday, I remembered that Adam interview from “The Desert in Utah”….It was haunting me because Adam talks about how he gets frustrated because there are too many fans and he can’t always get to them all. He says that he wishes he could get to know each of his fans, instead of being an illusion that they look at….
    I will never forget that Adam said that because it showed me who he was . How dare ANYONE paint a different picture, (that is so untrue), of a person that is so genuine, thoughtful and caring. I understand about being disappointed… but to those who went beyond that, you suck!!!!
    You suck for hurting the feelings of the kindest, most beautiful spirited soul I have ever seen.
    Welcome to New York Adam. I am going to both LI shows and I don’t expect anything more than what you have to give. I feel blessed to get that much. I hope your experience at the LI shows is all about believing in you and loving you, just as you are. God knows that is how I feel.
    Love and PEACE to all Adam fans….

    • Deedeeglambert, you just tell it like it is – the way to go! Camille, you can tell someone to go to hell in a way that makes them forward to the trip! Deedeeglambert and Camille, I couldn’t say it better, even if I tried! Love ya, Ingrid

    • AdamAddict says:

      That was the 1st time he tweeted 5 times in a row! He must shocked and sad and bad when he saw too many negatives msg that were sent to him!! Poor guy! I really feel sad for him! I really really do! 🙁
      Whoever that sooo disappointed on him and blame him not to push himself,maybe they should just adore other fellows who always do signing session! So there! I got nothing else to say,I hope whoever blame him & sent those negatives msg, can stand facing the wall and think what they have done!

  66. Hi just another couple of words of Thanks to Adam. I have learned so much about Muse and other groups I never heard of before.. When I saw the picture of Bill from Tokio Hotel ,I was excited to look the group up on youtube . I’m getting a real education from Adam..Bill is otherworldly looking by design ,an entertainer,and a unique artist. Kudos to Adam for always sharing the lime light and promoting others.

    The more I see and read about Adam Lambert the more I think he’s astonishing in all ways.He is a very talented & evolved human being,

    To paraphrase :He said let’s go on this ride together ..see where the music takes me…I’m along for the ride,with no demands and no critiques.I expect to learn a lot.

    • Melody, you said it!! Evolved is the perfect descriptor of Adam, along with his integrity and astuteness. Thank you for pointing out that Adam is actually “sharing”. He said a while back that he couldnt see the sense or need to write about what he is doing, as some tweeters do. I think he’d rather interact with us, and let us into a little bit more of who he is. Commenting on the golden boots and Bill is exactly that.

  67. Lee Meeker says:

    Hi,Everyone that is still here….I was kidding about taking Adam home, I wouldn’t know what to do with him if that… did happen.HaHa. On the more serious side, I am concern about our response on the subject of Bill and Tom Koulitz, Adam was reaching out to us and telling us about someone that he thought we might be interested in, it is called “Sharing” and I am so afraid that he will stop sharing. I want to hear everything that Adam thinks about, I want to know how he feels, that why these indept interviews are so interesting. If we tear apart everyone that he talks about, he will stop talking to us, he will have to watch every word out of his mouth and like a few other “STARS” in the past, all they did was wave to their FANS! Let’s not do that to Adam, he speaks so well and I can hear every word he sings clearly, has anyone noticed that he stands out in that, just watch and try to understand what other singers are saying in their singing, all that I can hear mostly is the music! Yes, I do think he is most unusal in everyway and love everything about him…GO ADAM!!!!!

    • Lee Meeker, loved your post! “You wouldn’t know what to do with him?” Well, my dear, I have quite a few ideas and you can leave that to me. Just don’t let WANNEBETHESNAKE hear you! Her name says it all and she will surely want to do real WICKED things with him. Don’t blame her, though!

      • Oh, Ingrid, you understand me too well. And, if I didn’t know EXACTLY what delightfuly wicked things to do in Adam’s “case”—well…there must be an instruction manual…around here someplace…

        • I have it over here with me, and I will share….maybe.

          • LORRIN! Ha, ha!

            • Lorrin…illustrated?…I hope?….

              • OH YES, illustrated AND with photos, I might add. The illustrations are mine, and the photos are….taken by someone else, let us say. I snatched that manual while you were so busy trying to learn how to crawl up that pant leg, wannabethesnake, you gotta’ be quicker than that!

                • Well, I know that alot of you have gone on to new things, but this is the first that I have been back, love your comments! So glad to hear that you are willin to share your ideas, I can use all that you offer, cause, I sure wouldn’t want to dissapoint Adam!!! Ha Ha
                  Lorrin, you are most kind to offer the first 15 minutes to ME, you are most generous!!!!!!!!

  68. just wanted 2 say that the ‘meet and greet’ is iceing on the cake. i got my tickets 2 c adam and the fact that i mite b able 2 talk in person or get a picture well, wow, thats almost 2 good 2 b true….i sure hope he gives me an autograph but whatever happens i wil always remember seeing my adam live..he is the greatest!! long live the king of rock and roll!!!!!

  69. His show in AC was great! I was praying for back stage passes, but to no avail. No biggy. We had great seats, and his performance was awesome (as usual). No, he didn’t come out after the show, but so what! He had to be in Central Park earlier that same day. I know we think he is a God, but don’t forget, he is only human! I feel sorry for people that can not rise above the mediocrity. He flung around those bras like he knew what to do with them!!! We were screaming…and my 10 year old daughter absolutely loved the “show”. She just kept saying…”oh Adam”…I was so proud! A lady behind us actually asked her to stop waving her hands in the air! I said “good luck with that” as kindly as I knew how. I was hysterical!! What a great event…something we will always remember.

  70. Musicalgal says:

    I agree. I’ll probably never be able to attend a concert but I feel Adam’s records and videos will be the way I will be able to enjoy his performances. No one should except more than the performances in a concert. Anything else is a heaven gift. I appreciate all you folks with cell phone cameras because I would never get to see any of this without your greaft gift of sharing on the net. Some of us have no money to go anywhere and all your computer savvy folks are I really appreciated by me. God Bless you all. Remember we all want to view Adam many years down the road – healthy, wealthy, and wise. I’m so glad Adam got to see his family that may never have been had he not become famous. Let’s all wish Adam well.

  71. I’m glad that Adam made time for his friends and family. They are what keep us grounded. He had said in an interview that the best advice he was given was to keep your friends and family close…
    As far as Bill goes, not my cup of tea. To feminine and a little scary..Sorry Adam… Beauty??? I guess
    we can agree to disagree.

  72. Jane Parker says:

    I believe that Adam sings songs about love for his fans. I think the song Starlight is a great example of that, if we listen to the words.
    If I were him, I would want my Twitter account taken down again…. He does not deserve this abuse…

  73. Hey guys, here is a recent quote from Adam, part of an interview with E Online, which verifies what many of us have been speculating on:

    “Every night is such a big event. You have tons of people who are superexcited and passionate, which feels incredible. But at some point, I can only give so much and have enough energy to go out the next day. It really is draining. I’m not complaining about it at all, but it really is. There’s a point where you’re like, “Wow, I’m exhausted right now. I just gave a show. I met like 200 people and took pictures with everybody. And now I’m out signing autographs and people are, like, screaming insanely.” It feels great, but yeah, it takes a chunk out of you.”

  74. Also as part of Adam’s interview with E Online, he says that performances from the summer tour will eventually be made available on itunes. Yeah!

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Yeah, indeed. Please you guys, you have to look out for these for us fans way down here in New Zealand. We are unable to buy any of Adam’s songs from ITunes, for some reason we are just not able to, so I have downloaded songs for myself from some of those wonderful sites. I hope and pray that Adam’s cd when it comes out will be a world-wide release so then I will be able to go out and buy it. I am still of the old fashioned mind where I like to go to a CD shop and look for the music I want and be able to hold it in my hand. Ohh I cannot wait. I still think that American Idol would make a killing if they released these concerts on DVD. I would definitely buy it and I know heaps of others here in New Zealand would too. I don’t care if I have to have the rest of the Idols, it would be worth it to just get Adam performing David Bowie, oh how I love him performing those songs, and Starlight – I love Muse, they are one of my all time favourite groups and I have all their CD’s and DVD’s and they are releasing a new CD in September, can hardly wait for that one either. I would love it if, when the CD is released of the Idols concerts, can you please let us know on this fantastic, favourtite website, so then I can do a search to see how I can get me a copy. Cheers.

      PS: I have laughed and cried at some of the comments above. I think we all need to take a few “chill pills”. Adam would hate all this bickering, I certainly hope he doesn’t read some of the comments that have been placed here and I hope he never gets any more bad messages posted on Twitter or anywhere else he is likely to see. He is the most generous, selfless performer that Ihave ever come across, he just gives so much in his performances and I am forever humbled by this gracious young man. I love him with all my heart and just appreciate everything he does, and I don’t expect anything in return, he gives all that with each performance he does.

    • Quadruple Yeah!

  75. Wow in all the comments i have seen after articles posted ,this one has WAYYYY out weighs all the others given the amount of responses. I just have to say ,how many stars do you see keep a schedule like these Idols do after the show is over? None! These kids (and i can say that because i am way older) to me are amazing doing all they do. I bet they hardly get time to sleep!! Remember they are on a bus full of people. They cant walk down the street without people jumping all over them. I dont blame any of them if they HIDE!!! Adam gives more then can be expected from anyone person. He blesses us with his great voice and entertainment. So stop complaining if he just too worn out at times to face a crowd of screaming fans. Remember he just got done listening to a stadium full of screamers. We dont want him burned out before he ever gets started! Hes on his way to the top….let let him enjoy it,with all the support we can give him and not complain. Remember next time you dont want to get your lazy butt out of bed..HE DOES for us!! When your slacking at your job some…HE DOESNT..Hes always giving and doing for us.

  76. I’m a fan, and therefore understand and agree with Adam, Now, regarding Bill Kaulitz- Adam, look in tha mirror if you want to see a gloriously andrognyous man. Bill has stated all he wants to do is sleep all day, hated school and every subject and admits he is lazy. Bill is a boring person. Adam , you”re interesting, curious about much,and move toward more life abundantly, while Bill moves away from life toward death(skeep all day) – so maybe an evening w Bill may or may not be fun. He may become a beautiful bore after a couple hours.But definitely, will probably meet in Germany on yhour world tour and that would be great. Adam, you’re beautiful in sooooo many ways.:You bring us joy.

  77. Adam is amazing person.And if you a true fan you would he love all his fans. But he is only one person. I think he give then he has to give. If he don’t start taking time for his self. He is head down a bad road. So we are his fans and he need are support. But no everyone want to keep pushing for more. And I don’t think he has much more to give. So if you love him we all need to give him sometime to stay healthy. Because if you know Adam he is going to keep pushing to make us happy and give more then he has. I would like for him to be here for life time. He is god sent and he has a big job to do. He going to change the world one day. He has the power to do. Thats why everyone has fall head over hills for of all ages. But I could be wrong. But one thing I do know is he has a heart of gold and we don’t want him lose that. So please if you care back off a little . Its very hard not to have time to your self. I love Adam very much and I want him to stay his self.

    And for the Bill thing. He look like a girl and a little sick in the head. He need to get life and stay way.

  78. AllaboutAdam says:

    Just heard from a friend who also attended the Baltimore concert, same night as I did… she was fortunate enough to get passes to the “meet and greet” before the show… as you may know, the Idols are seated at a long table with Adam close to the end (I assume they were seated in order of their elimination??)… anyway, she traveled down the line of seated Idols and NOT ONE of them even raised their eyes to the fans… they kept their heads bowed, hurriedly signing each book or photo, or whatever was put in front of them… like robots…. until she got to Adam… he was the ONLY ONE who made it a point of making eye contact, who gave a smile, chatted and graciously took pictures with the fans…. I wasn’t in the least bit surprised…again, he deserves nothing but love from us… I trust him that he takes his new-found MEGA-STAR position very seriously and makes every effort to acommodate…how dare anyone slam him or make him feel guilty enough to tweet a comment… obviously he’s such a compassionate person that he felt bad enough to do so….. I wonder if any other stars bother to even feel a fraction of what Adam feels – I doubt if anyone else would take the chance of showing ANY vulnerability that way…. people need to look past their noses at what Adam is really all about… every day we get glimpses of the guy thru his performances, his comments, etc…. anyone with half a brain can see that he’s the real deal… let’s all learn something from him, shall we?

  79. cheryl norman says:

    The thing about Adam’s fans on this site is that we all seem to understand that Adam is not a friend, relatilve, or just another ‘dude’ trying to make a buck in the music industry. A true fan of Adam’s can’t just stand by while another ‘disses’ him on and on. No. We are all about Adam-love, for Adam, not ourselves or having to ‘love’ the other 9 on tour. Many may love the others, but this website IS FOR ADAM. These people on this site are passionate about him and only have one agenda. That is to find out all we can and share the love. We come here to ask questions of the others, and if we can, to answer any questions from our fellow Glambs. Nothing else is more important than Adam on this site.

    Yeah, I got a bit pissed about a ‘comment’ dissing Adam. Now I’m ‘over it’. Like Adam says, ‘let’s move on’! I am! But I doubt it if I were to say that I will never ‘reply’ to someone who hits Adam ‘below the belt’ again, cuz I’m here for the ‘party’, and I have an obligation and responsibility to myself to do or say what I think I should. That doesn’t mean I’m running around looking for something to complain about, or get ‘hot’ about! We are pretty much an adult group here, to say the least, and none of us are ‘push-overs’ in our own lives, I’m sure. With a Love-God like Adam, who is one passionate sensual sexy amazing human singer, vocalist,icon, he is bound to bring out the passion for him. He has with me. I am passionate about the way I feel toward him. I make no apologies for it. I am what I am. Some will love me, some will hate me. Life goes on. For those of you who like me, thanks, those who don’t, fine. But I am a big girl, and know not to be ‘skerd’ of my feelilngs, b/c they belong to me. I have made many friends here, and will always be appreciative for that.The end. (I hope)

    • AllaboutAdam says:

      With you 100% Cheryl … some people just can’t see him for what he really is – or is it that they don’t want to believe that he has such a heart?…. heck, the pure joy we feel from just his music alone…i consider us lucky to be here during Adam’s time.

      • cheryl norman says:

        DITTO! AllaboutAdam, thank you for your support, tho I think I knew I had it from you, anyway. But it is a very nice gesture!!! We ARE lucky, for sure!!! I am under no illusion, Adam is ONE IN A TRILLION! Someone said, I think it might have been Jeanette who quoted Adam, or something, about him giving us ‘his love thru his music’!!!! He loves GOOD!! haha!! Could I be the ‘mic’ for just one song?!! Maybe half a song!?

        • Thank you, Cheryl, this is very clear and very well-written. This website is very unique in that almost all of the members are exceedingly passionate about Adam Lambert, and come to his defense at the merest drop of the gauntlet. I have noticed, as I’m sure many others have, too, that the thread topics that get the most heated discussions are the ones dealing with Adam’s health and welfare. We all feel ourselves to be Adam’s personal bodyguards, and by God, nobody better cross any lines over to our boy. Because of that passionate intensity, I’m sure we now and then all get up in arms with our feelings for Adam, and eventually, there’s a little fight in the taverna among the cavaliers. I have always appreciated and enjoyed your specal passion for Adam immensely, as you know, Cheryl. You are one of my favorite people, and I love your energetic posts. Hopefully, we can all now go on from here together in peace and mutual accord, (but of course, a dust-up or two will probably always loom on the horizon!) Love you Cheryl!

          • cheryl norman says:

            LORRIN, hey!! There you are! Read your message, thank you, Flamingfingers, I ‘get’ what you are saying. Really! I may be passionate, but not dumb!! haha! Yeah, I am ‘loyal to a fault’ as I’ve said before. The ‘fault’ part is where I need to do the most work! i realize that about myself. I need to ‘dis-engage’ more at times. I will!! Guess there was a ‘little’ dust in the corrale! Well, democracy isn’t always pretty! Anyway, I guess many people got to ‘vent’! I, personally, like to just say my piece, and move on. I don’t like long drawn-out crap. I posted my ‘apology’ and hoped to leave it at that,. but when I came back to see someone else ‘jumping on’ me, well. You saw what happens. I have already moved on. You are a great person and good friend! you are always appreciated by me. I know you know that.

            I am so sad to find out that the guy Adam was dancing with in that pic, where Adam has the silver pants on, is his ‘love’ he lost!!!! Lorrin!! Adam looked like a Greek God in his silver pants, black shirt, and all(!!) and the little twirp doesn’t deserve Adam!! Just hope his tastes grow!! But, whatever makes him happy!

            So, you like ‘Bill’, huh?!! Lorrin??? Tell me it ani’t true! haha! If that is a boy, and he is not gay, then why and what the heck is he trying to tell everyone?! Don’t ‘get it’!!! Wonder how old he is.

            Another thing, about the ‘teen’ awards thing, why didn’t they mention Adam’s award???

            peace-love-light 2 Adam…….., and you, my friend!

            • Hi Cheryl, you too, are a good friend and a great person, and I’m glad to hear you talking about ‘saying your piece and moving on’. Yes, I guess democracy isn’t a pretty process half the time, and the old Greek forum gets pretty hot and heavy now and then. But in answer to your question, no, I’m not all that taken with Bill Kaulitz. As an artist, though, I’m interested in his unusual face and personal artistry. He’s intriguing, and so is his odd twin brother and their highly popular band. I’m not put off by his ultra-feminine looks, probably because he pulls it all off with such an extreme sense of style. Flamboyance interests me, partly because I can be pretty dramatic myself in my own self-expression. High drama, as long as it’s well-done is interesting to me, and I love to present it in my own self expression. I also love to see how other people do what they do. Adam’s own chameleon-like ‘changes’ both personally and on stage, intrigue me no end. He absolutely delights me with his treasure box of images and with his fascinating changes in his ‘ways of being’. I also love a strong, highly dramatic visual statement, as long as it’s not gauche, and so yes, Bill intrigues me, but not in any serious way. As a fellow artist with a keen appreciation of visual statement, I see what Adam is seeing in Bill, that’s all. And Bill perhaps, states that he is not gay, but he is certainly very able to bend the lines on purpose to create intense interest and shock value. Adam has some of that in him, too, only he uses it in a much kinder and more inclusive way than Bill. Not many can go with Bill where he goes, but almost everyone can go with Adam where HE goes. I too, would love to see Adam choose someone to love who is strongly masculine and just as good-looking and wonderful a person as he is, but alas, everyone has their own taste and preferences. Adam is really going to take us all on one unusual ride as we go with him through all the changes and turns in his life and career. I truly hope he will be able to weather all this. Perhaps as he grows older, he will find just that one wonderful person who finally completes him and will provide for him that strong support and love he will need to live out the rest of his life in the fierce glare of the public eye. I certainly hope so, nothing could make me happier for him.

              And about the Teen Choice Awards, – I didn’t realize his name was not called out. Maybe they thought it might be awkward if he wasn’t there, and everyone was so keyed up, I don’t know. As everything goes forward, I only hope that Hollywood and all the rest of the ‘uninformed masses’ will get themselves in gear to welcome Adam Lambert as he truly deserves. It won’t be soon enough for me..

              Love you tonight, Cheryl!

            • Cheryl, you apologised and that’s enough! In fact, you are always BIG ENOUGH to apologise, which is more than many people can say.

              With regard to the guy dancing with Adam, I am so glad that he is the ‘lost’ love and share your sentiments 100%. As I have said before, this site would never, could never, be the same without you. Love and Peace from the Rainbow Nation.

              • cheryl norman says:

                INGRID AND LORRIN, Just want to message you both here, as I see you both messaged me after I was offline. I had a full night of saddness last nite. My Aunt in GR is dying, and have had calls from so many of my cousins in many states, all very sad and much crying. She was my mom’s closest sister. People usedto not be able to tell which was my mom and which was my aunt. Also, I had to live with this aunt off and on for years during my parent’s first 11 yrs of marriage due to my father’s alcoholism and beating of my mother. We often ‘escaped’ to all of my 6 aunts and uncles homes thru those years, which is why my cousins and I are like siblings. There were 24 of us cousins, after marriages, etc. that has grown to near 200. Anyway, I wasn’t on the internet much at all due to all of that.

                Thank you, Ingrid and Lorrin for your kind words. You know they are much appreciated. Love you both!
                Un fortunately, I’m not feeling very good because of my aunt. I know she will not live much longer, she was only diagnosed with cancer less than a yr ago, it is in her brain also, now. Her gravesite is almost right next to where my mother was buried in Feb 08. I have not yet been able to go to the cemetary in GR and see my Mother’s name on the ground. Don’t know if I ever will. Probably not, and our family always goes to the gravesites and have another mini service there, but not this time for me. I guess I may be going up to GR sometime in the next few days, as my cousins want to swing by my state and bring me up there with them. for a few days. I had just spent a week w/my aunt a month ago in GR, and was planning on seeing her in Sept when I go to the concert. However, she has gotten much worse, is no longer able to drink more than about 6oz of fluid, no food, and has lost control of her bladder, etc. I talked to her on her birthday last week,she turned 80. She knew me and could answer questions, So I’m glad of that. This will the 5th major death in my family since my Mom died Feb 08. I won’t ramble on. I’ll be ok. May be in GR over the wkend, or just after the wkend, all depends on when my cousins go up there. There have been many family members spending time, days or upto a week since I spent the week with her last month. So, she may not have a week left. When she passes, I will, of course, be gone for a few days. Our big southern family allways have a big ‘wake’ lasting for days. Anyway, we’ll see what happens in the near future. I will message you back soon! Lotsa Luv!!!

                • AllaboutAdam says:

                  Sorry to intrude, but reading this I’m sad to hear about the losses in your family… I can tell you that I’ve had very similar experiences – I’ve lost 4 in a row…first my parents and then closest aunt and uncle all due to long-term, horrible illnesses….hang in there; there’s nothing you can’t get thru after losing your mom, in my opinion…this site is fortunate to have you and your obvious sensitivity and love for people… and as Adam would say: your “light”. I hope the people here and their kindness have been somewhat comforting for you, as they have been for me.

                  • Dearest Cheryl, I have just come to your post here about your aunt. I want you to know that I am feeling so much sorrow for you tonight, and I feel for you so much, for all your suffering now and in all those long-past years when you hid out with your Southern cousins. I know you know that I understand everything you said completely, and that we share many similar memories. As you are with your family and dear aunt in this sad time, know that we here are thinking of you, and sending you all our love and heartfelt compassion. I pray that your aunt’s passing will be a peaceful one, that she will wake to joy, and that all of you as a family will find great comfort and peace with each other. Just know we love you, Cheryl, our hearts are with you in this terribly hard time..

                    • Cheryl, allow yourself to grieve! Hold onto the beautiful memories of your aunt and cherish them. Please know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Take care and lotsaluv, Ingrid

                  • Oh AllAboutAdam, I feel for you too, so much. Thank you for sharing your feelings about your own family and for sending Cheryl your compassion and sympathy. I too, know how you feel.

                  • Lisette here..pardon too aftre revisite thes page(in week)I av just notice Cheryl’s tragique famille news an aunt’s grave illness.Ma hearte is tres malheureuse an compris totale thes sense of helplesness.As yu know I av loss both parentes to terminal cancer within 3 monthe of othre..So grande hugs..An feele like fool for non scrolling furthre down thes page of so many commentes..I’ll try an meet on newer thread ..to offer apologie for nevre seeing detail as why yu hadnon been online in longteme..An plese know yu’re in ma thouts an prayres..be strong an know yu have lot of people here thet care..Blessings,ma cherie an finde comforte in yur luv ones,amies an one’s spiritualitie..hugs an luv Lisettexoxo

  80. Jeanette & Co, All my Glamb friends! I left a response post to AdamAddict towards the top that involves all of you! Please read it!!!!!!!

  81. Everyone MUST READ that multi part interview… I am only on part 2 and learning so much about our boy Adam…
    It’s LA Times The Ultimate Interview.. and seems to be still going on… a multi part….


  82. Just chiming in on the added photo of Bill, finally. I dunno… I find him very interesting. Reminds me very much of Jaye Davidson in “The Crying Game.”

    Adam is not androgynous to me. He’s a luscious man who wears makeup and nail polish. Yes, it makes him very pretty, and I’ll admit I do like the pretty boys. (Kinsey Scale, anyone?)

    What was I saying?

    Sorry. Carry on.

    • Hi Barb, – I loved Jaye Davidson in ‘The Crying Game’, and thought he was a magnificent Ra in ‘Stargate’. A very interesting person, with a smaller, self-contained persona. Adam is on the other end of the androgyne scale, without going completely off the scale. He is the masculinized gay male, who if you did not know it, could pass almost completely undetected in ‘normal’ society. Unlike the smaller males, their personalities are open and expansive in the extreme. My son is one such gay man. He is one of the biggest, handsomest, and completely ‘normal’ men you will ever meet. He has a deep, engaging speaking voice which is very attractive. You would never in a million years know he was gay. However, the paradox exists for both Adam and my son, and the two psyches exist in one body for both. I find this fascinating in the extreme. I once read that human sexuality is not ‘either/ or’, but that each of us falls on a continuum, rather than on a scale of opposites. In fact, this quote comes from Kinsey himself. I have always found this to be so. On the Kinsey Scale, I would say Jaye is a 6. Adam is 4 3/4 – 5. We shall see what develops for Adam in the future..

  83. adamtastic1877 says:

    i can’t believe how selfish ppl can be! i feel really bad for adam because you’re right- he Does give 110%…maybe even more. i was in marching band camp today (im one of the younger glambs) for 11 hours striaght and came home with a terrible headache and thought (i bet this is how adam feels every night, maybe even worse!”) so i guess you can say i …kinda… know whats he’s going through in a way

  84. cheryl norman says:

    HOPEFULLY, THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST on this thread. I had an personal email this ma directing me back to this thread, for someone else. Then, there saw a new post directed to me from late last nite from MISSNUADAM a friend of RHYMINGREALTOR continuing to engage me in an argument on this thread. I ‘replied’ to her in a short hard to misunderstand statement. I would just like to say, that rhy and missn have taken things to another level. I, however, will be the bigger person, and after my last ‘reply’, for all to see above, I will not come back to this thread for awhile. By now, I feel I’m being ‘stalked’ by these 2 people whose new main goal is to try to get me to say something that I will not do. I said no name-calling is right, and I stand by that as I stand by everything I post. I am over this, have moved on, and am looking forward to communicating with the Glambs and other Adam fans on this blog, sharing our love for Adam. Now, I will say that Peggy has mentioned that I called her a ‘wet rag’ waaay back. I guess that is a horrible word too.
    As I said to her, she wasn’t very kind to me either. But that is the past. I moved on from that. There are worse things than calling someone a dummie, wet rag or moron in this world. People on this site have used the ‘f’ word, and many other explatives, which is evidently ok, but not the 3 words I mentioned I used and will not use again. Go figure? THIS WILL STOP HERE AND NOW. IF THE 2 OR 3 PEOPLE WHO WANT TO CONTINUE THEIR AUDACITY, THEY WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW ME TO THE NEXT THREAD.


  85. Personally, if someone posts his/her email address for a particular person’s/persons and NOT for everyone’s edification and delight, then I find it disrespectful to email that person, without an invitation to do so. I, for one, will not take such liberties.

    The point was made about calling names – to still then take the conversation off-line, without consent to use an email address, does not hold true to the spirit of this website. Dreamsound, Jeanette & all the other authors deserve better than this. They have given and continue to give us so much, so let’s honour their efforts by not spoiling what was intended as a way of celebrating Adam.

    Ladies, let take stock, focus on why we are all here (Adam) and be mature about this! Love and Peace from the Rainbow Nation!

    • I am disturbed by the continued discussion of name calling, what constitutes name calling, etc. This forum, like all forums on the web, is subject to Internet etiquette. The basic rule of etiquette is “Respect Your Fellow Poster.” This means no name calling of any kind. Just to be clear, any negative characterization directed specifically at another poster constitutes name calling.

      Expressing your own opinion, your own feelings, and expressing a difference of opinion are all fine. All these things are possible to do without disrespecting someone else. We are all adults here, and there is NO EXCUSE for violating this basic rule of courtesy.

      Ingrid is right, we all put in long hours trying to make this site informative, fun, and welcoming, and you all put in long hours as well in reading the posts and making your own comments. Let’s please end this negative discussion and get back to celebrating Adam.

      • Thank you, Jeanette.

        I would also like to add that it is probably neither safe or smart to post your commonly used email address on a forum. If you want to share an email address here, it is probably best to create one just for this purpose…one that can be easily deleted if need be.

        In addition to being contacted by random people whom you really don’t care to communicate with, an email address posted on a forum can be picked up by all sorts of Internet robots and used for spam and scams…some of which is very unsavory.

        We don’t have a lot of formal “rules” here… If everyone can follow Jeanette’s guidelines, we can avoid future issues of this nature.

  86. I always liked Bill Kaulitz from Tokio Hotel and his twin brother is a hottie too lol…I like them because they’re music talks to teens about not commiting suicide, and that’s the most important thing for teens especially if they feel they’re different! Oh and the small amount of fans had better lay off poor Adam, damn the guy needs a rest!! Ican’t believe they have them do 50 tours, that’s ridioulous!!

    • I TOTALLY agree about the 50 venue tour dates, Joyce! If you will harken back to the ADAM STAYING FIT AND HEALTHY thread some time back, you will see we all got in a fizz over that idea and many others concerning Adam’s health and welfare!

  87. I love Bill Kaulitz to death, in fact I have been a Tokio Hotel fan for two years now.
    I love Adam Lambert as well, and for the fact that Adam Lambert admires Bill Kaulitz is amazing,
    Yes, we all know that Bill looks feminine but he’s straight unlike Adam, not need for hate against Bill.

    *Which by the way has a identical twin brother, ten minutes older than Bill, which has a completely different look. I promise you, they ARE identical twin brothers. Just google: Tom Kaulitz *

    Adam shouldn’t have to take crap from useless fans who are meaningless.
    The world can think whatever they want about Adam, but as along as he keeps his head up high,
    there is no need for anything else. We all live in a world where gossip takes over, and if you don’t look like the world is supposed to look then you’re considered weird, Well you know what?
    Fuck, Adam and myself are fucking aliens. That’s why he idolizes Bill Kaulitz, because Bill doesn’t care what the world thinks of his style, in fact most of us idolizes him as well. They’re have been many rumors where Bill is has been called gay and that he does it with his brother? WTF?!
    But that won’t keep Bill from preforming and loving his brother the way he wants to.

    Adam keep being that Alien self, I love you to death and think you’re the sexiest thing alive!
    *Besides Bill Kaulitz. ;D

    Anyone who wants to add/talk to me: http://www.myspace.com/humanoidattraction


  88. I’m confused here…Adam Lambert said in an interview on TV that he is not a member of Twitter nor has he ever been. Has this really changed? He said that the impersonator(s) should be ashamed of themselves…dunno Well, I attended the concert in Charlotte, NC. Front Floor, Center Stage, 3rd row. Great to see him close up. Wish I could have met him…but ya know…I figure they all have lives to live beyond fame and fans and deserve their own time. Didn’t know if he’d show or not, so I just exited gracefully. Would have been wonderful though!

    • Since that old interview Adam has set up a Twitter account. Yes, it’s him at twitter.com/adamlambert

      • AdamAddict says:

        Where have you been? lol! That’s so old news!!From he never had twitter,he got one.Got hacked,get back his twitter!And latest news,he had twitter party! And you asked now??!!

        • …who knows whats real and whats not anymore. 🙂 I do have a life of my own too ya know. 🙂 I can’t follow his every move as some of you can…its all good. have fun. I don’t twitter anyway. most of that gets on my nerves. People say the most boring and normal things…got too much to do for the small talk. I guess it has its place for most.people. I don’t even usually join chats like these. I wonder what a twitter party is like…bet it was chaotic with it being ADAM LAMBERT!…guess I’m resisting. I don’t even want a face book page yet. lol ANYWAY, thanks for the info! 🙂

          • AdamAddict says:

            I have to agree about the boring stuff that people tweet.I don’t tweet much either because there’s nothing much to say, really. “The weather is nice today” What the…hahaha! That’s why Adam called it twats!! I have twitter because I want to follow Adam,and yes I have to admit ,I have no life! hahaha!!

            • AdamAddict you crack me up. 🙂 I like to follow Adam too. Sometimes I feel a little too into it and back off some. That is why I’m a bit behind on the twitter news. oh well. I actually joined twitter today…just to check out Adam and Lady GaGa. None of my friends are on twitter, but are on face book. If ya ever get bored and wanna tweet at me, check out ZannerMoxy. That is me. Otherwise…take care and happy Adam Watching! Heck maybe you can keep me in the loop a little better!

      • thanks! I checked it out and signed up to check him out. Thanks for not making fun of me. lol 😉

  89. iloveadam2much says:

    I agree with adam…bill kaulitz is gorgeous! he looks a bit like kate moennig too!

  90. Adam is completely right, our ticket is to the show, not to get his autograph or meet him. That is for anyone who is lucky enough to win backstage passes and go to the Meet & Greets. Entitlement DEFINATELY is not sexy…

  91. Kaulitz263 says:

    wow , I love Bill Kaulitz, i’ve been one of those major crazy fans of him and his band for 3 years. Poor Bill has so many male celebrities who have crushes on him 😛

  92. I’m sorry but it’s very irritating to me to read these comments about Bill Kaulitz, so I’m trying to reply with my poor English on some of the viewpoints stated here. I just need to say that I find some of your comments really narrow-minded, judgemental and prejudiced and it’s hard to me even imagine, how can you seriously make these kinds of statements of someone and then at the same time praise Adam’s individuality and how interesting and thrilling it is, when an artist plays with his looks like Adam does.

    How can you make such prejudiced comments about Bill just by looking at his picture? Really? “He is so feminine, so he must be gay”. “Everybody who has such an androgyne look must be a gay.” “Is he a she or a he?” “What is that she/he thing, I don’t get it!”

    It’s very hard for me to imagine that these same people who write these things are also fans of Adam, who self is so open-minded and tolerant and intriqued by striking and interesting looking individuals and wants also himself to highlight his own individuality (which clearly stands out from the crowd, such like Bill’s look does).

    For your knowledge, Bill hated the school, because he and his brother were bullied there by other pupils and their teachers. (Someone stated that Bill must be lazy and boring etc. because he didn’t like the school…) And the reason for this was because of their looks. Allready from their early ages they decided to look like they self wanted to despite of the risk of prejudice. And because of this choise they had to each day hear nasty and mean hearted comments, just like these ones stated here. I guess 9 year old pupils weren’t supposed to wear make-up like Bill did, or wear self made clothes like Bill did as a child. How stupid of Bill, huh? Yeah, when you are so stupid and you want to express your individuality allready at the age of 9, you shouldn’t complain if you are bullied… (sarcasm, by the way…) And both Kaulitz brothers are actually very smart. They allways scored high notes even though they didn’t care to study much and pay attention at the classes because of the teasing by their fellow students and teachers. They also graduated with very high notes even though they needed to finish school while they were allready touring all over Germany.

    And what it comes to Bill’s laziness… Well these brothers have worked professionally in the music business since they were 15 years old, and even before that, meaning before they got a contract, they were playing in clubs and basically just practising whenever they had free time. Since they were 15 years ols they have earned their own living and paid their own bills. Bill Kaulitz is well known for his work-alcholism and perfectionism and the whole band hardly has any free time as they have been either touring all over the world or recording new songs at the mean time for 6 years now. When Bill answers that he usually sleeps when he has freetime, he merely means that he really doesn’t have free time or enough time to sleep. So he considers sleeping as a luxury, and when does have some free time, he prefers just to rest, spend some time wiht his family and friends AND yeah, to sleep as long as he wants.

    I find Bill Kaulitz to be very interesting and intriquing young man and he is clearly wiser and smarter beoynd his actual age. I think that in many levels he is more mature than people who are ten years older than him. There is no need to be disrespectful towards him, even though you prefer Adam over Bill. I personally appreaciate both of them, and that’s why I’m really irritated that people who say they support individual artists and individuality (what Adam represents) do this by bashing and disrespecting other unconventional artists.

    Thank you if someone was open-minded enough to read my feisty comment. I didn’t want to insult anyone. So if I have done so, I am sorry about it because that really wasn’t my attention. I just wanted to say, what kind of comments I personally found insulting and unnecessary when talking about someone’s look. That’s all. Enough said I quess.

  93. I couldn’t agree far more with this submission. Well Explained!

  94. the finest comments ever. Effectively Said!


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