End-of-year lists


Yup, it is that time of year when every self-respecting website/magazine starts pulling out their lists. After being chosen on Barbara Walters’ most fascinating people list, more and more influential mediums are following suit – Adam is hot, hot, hot!

TV Guide chose the top 12 favorite reality show singers – and while the obvious nominees Susan Boyle, Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood took some of the higher spots, Adam landed himself a very respectable 10th place, ranking higher than last year’s winner David Cook and America’s Got Talent sensation Neal E. Boyd!

Twitter is undoubtedly becoming a very popular social media website, and in their top 10 of trending persons he appeared only after Michael Jackson and Susan Boyle: “Between his run on “American Idol” and his attention-grabbing album For Your Entertainment, Adam Lambert found himself in third place” (MTV.com). No doubt the constant trending in the days following the AMAs helped for this cause, and even though not all this twittering was positive, it is still a sign that he is at least being talked about! 🙂

Forbes dedicated an article to Music’s Biggest Breakout Stars, in which Adam got a very respectable amount of coverage, and a last line that gives fans a reason to dream: “Still to come: being honored as a breakout star at the upcoming People’s Choice Awards,” which he was nominated for – and even though voting has ended, this almost seems to hint at him having a good shot at taking the actual award home.

What’s more? Time ranked Adam at #7 in the list of ‘People who mattered most’: “there was the way Lambert treated his sexuality, which reflected the tricky path of gayness toward mainstream acceptance. Lambert never confirmed his being gay until finishing Idol, but, importantly, he never denied it… Lambert ended 2009 out, proud—and loud.”

MTV crowns their ‘man’ and ‘woman’ of the year, and here, Adam was chosen third, because they see him as “a lightning rod for controversy, a pop star bravely going where few have ventured (openly) before — Lambert was 2009. And we expect him to keep on pushing the envelope in 2010 too.” For the great article accompanying this election, go here.

Lastly, Rolling Stone has some serious love for Adam, as its readers voted him to be the top artist of 2009, beating his own idol Lady Gaga, as well as other hard hitters like Kings of Leon and Green Day!

This list could go on endlessly – there are a gazillion other lists Adam is topping or near topping. Yet these accomplishments mentioned above are truly amazing for the new kid on the block that he really is, I bet he’d never dreamed of beating out Gaga and so many other great people in these kind of lists. Deserves a big WELL DONE!



  1. leilani aloha says:

    Congrats Adam!!!
    We knew you will be the new shining ” STAR” to entertain all of us all over the world!!!
    Adam U rock & keep on singing!!!
    love luv your amazing voice & showmanship!!!

  2. Thanks, It is great to have access to all these facts and figures, to know Adam is out there doing so well, because as usual there is no news readily available here in NZ. So thank you, so much.

  3. Can you even imagine the courage it takes to go into a venue with so called “Christians” picketing outside and ragging on gays? I have nothing but love and praise for this man. Adam has set an example of courage with a smile and nothing but love that we should all follow. The people in this country need to stand up and be counted and start hollering at our representatives to change the marriage laws and the Supreme Court to rule that discrimination against our gay brothers and sisters is illegal. The president could start by throwing out the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” rule in the military.

    Okay, I am now calm. Adam deserves every honor and accolade that is bestowed on him. I have nothing but love for this man and will loyally support him in anything he decides to do. Not only is he brilliant, but he is a talent that we haven’t seen in years, and we all need to support his career. I know the world is waiting to see and hear him. I read articles from kids and adults from all over the world and they are begging him to come to their countries. I am so glad I got to see him on tour because I am afraid he will be such a big star, I will never see him in person again. My husband and I both cherish the night we saw the top 10 in concert in Tampa. What a night!!!! Love to Adam!!!!

  4. Adam deserves every mention he’s received. He’s going to be huge in this country and all over the world. Can’t wait to see and participate in this crazy ride of fame for this talented, honest, amazing individual! The world has never seen anyone like Adam Lambert – get ready, beotches!

  5. Irish….that’s one of my biggest worries….not being able to get any tickets when ADAM starts going on tour! I have to stop thinking like that and start visualizing me sitting in the front row with ADAM
    performing right in front of me….his sweat dripping off of him and onto me!

    Not only is ADAM a top talent, but he has done wonders to open people’s eyes to the double-
    standards in this world, and should be praised and at the “top of a list” for that! He is a trailblazer, and that will be included in accolades (sp?) about him.

    ADAM is like a caterpillar (didn’t his Dad say he was fascinated with them on the soccor field?) who has come out like a beautiful butterfly!!!!!

    I know that ADAM is on the top of my list! And you know how ADAM likes to be on TOP!!!!!


  7. Adam has brought happiness, knowledge and friendship to all of us, in different ways. Living in a tolerant neighbourhood in a tolerant city in a tolerant country I have not had to deal with issues re. our or other gay communities.. we are all one up here.

    However, Adam has taught me that being tolerant of your critics and naysayers is also a tolerance to be learned. For a Jewish boy his attitudes, behaviour and values are reminiscent of another certain well-known Jewish prophet in ancient history! NO, I do not mean he is God, well maybe a rockgod, but then he does have an angelic voice and a blessed heart!

  8. Here’s to Adam! I just love these positive news… sigh… just got done reading this peggy noonan’s article about “the adam lambert problem”. the AMA ‘scandal’ is just so tired. either tv networks continue as they are or just give everyone of their performers a set of rules each time they go out there and kill creativity altogether… Adam’s learned his lesson… so can we just go back to having fun now?

  9. Dana, dreamsound – love the article! The year of ‘Adam’ – watch this space next year! mmmmmwah

  10. LuvAdam476 says:

    Congrats Adam. You deserve every bit of these awards! You have worked long and hard to finally get to this point, yet this is only the BEGINNING!!

    There is so much more ahead for you in the weeks, months and years to come! Your fans LOVE you!

  11. For an entertainer who has been in the public arena for not quite a full year, Adam’s achievements have been outstanding. He is truely remarkable and he deserves every one of these accolades.
    Not only has Adam blessed us with his super talent….he has also created a continuous emanation of love from his truely devoted fans all over the world. Amazing !!! Congratulations Adam from a truely devoted fan.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  12. AdoringAdam says:

    Adam more than deserves all the accolades he is receiving. He inspires us and entertains us with his music and personality. A truly wonderful guy with so much honesty. He’s not afraid to be vulnerable and not afraid to take chances. And his drop dead gorgeous looks and body does nott hurt at all. WHEWW! Sometimes he’s too beautiful for words. I hope people keep his album sales up there. I am doing all I can to help. We have to remember that a lot of people still do not “really” know who Adam is. I went to Blockbuster the other day and and they had a few of the current albums there but none of Adam. I asked them why and the clerk said he didn’t even know Adam so I gave him the scoop. Of course, I happen to live in Boonieville, where Susan Boyle and Brittany Spears rule.
    2010 is going to be huge for Adam. I can’t wait for his music videos for some of the songs on his album. Just thinking about that keeps me happy. We LOVE to watch Adam perform. I am saving money for the tour and hoping it will come my way. You gotta have a dream.
    Keep voting on VH.1 for the top music video and Z100 for best new artist award.

  13. ….This is ADAM being ADAM! He always did shine, just took a while for people to realize it!
    We have such admiration for him as an outstanding artist and for staying true to himself and
    letting the world follow and fall into place! ADAM has a whole lotta guts and spunk! …and he is
    constantly pushing boundaries everywhere he goes, making huge positive changes to so
    many lives! ADAM was a star just waiting to happen…..we adored him right from his Upright
    days and still he touches our hearts when we listen to the magic of those moments! …even
    then ADAM took our breath away! The world needs to embrace this brillant, unique and
    talented guy , because we are witnessing one heck of a Superstar! ‘Rock On’ ADAM!

  14. Glambertgirl1 says:

    I am really happy for him and that people are still seeing how much potential he has. I wish his album was going better but maybe it will just take a little time to catch on. He has a fan forever with me. I admire his honesty and how he is never afraid to be true to himself despite others judgement of him. He rocks as a singer and a person.

  15. Oh this is such a good happy year end thread! So proud of you Adam! Thanks for you and all you do
    for us fans! He is for sure at #1 on my Idol list. Luv him to pieces……..
    Forbes has me so excited, cant wait for the results of Breakout Artist on Peoples Choice Awds.
    He’s come a long way baby, so thankful he had his Epiphony and so thankful for A Idol.
    love and peace

  16. waveridergal says:

    CONGRATULATIONS ADAM!!!!!! You not only have the incredible voice, looks, plus being such a gracious person with an infectious laugh that delights, you have the incredible energy that is really needed to rise to stardom. Gosh….you’re already there! Your everywhere!!!!!! It’s that energy that is the iceing on the cake. It is awesome to watch your career grow – you are truly a gift to all of us, a bright spot in the otherwise a bit depressing world that we are living in.

  17. ninalatina9 says:

    I’m so excited for Adam that I am speechless! You go MAN!! I LOOOOVVVVEE UUUUU and will support U no matter what.

  18. Congratulations to Adam. This year Adam has entertained us on American Idol, the Tour, all the tour videos on youtube, all the other videos on youtube, on tv shows and even all the charming interviews and the articles in magazines and the web. I am going to have serious withdrawal symptoms missing seeing him as much. I pray that some rich fan provides money for a budget for Adam to make another Music Video. I hope he gets booked for a month of nightly shows in Vegas every year. I love the guy, the entertainer, the inspiration that he is.

    • MARTHA, RIGHT ON! I think Vegas is a perfect location for him and have tweeted it a couple of times to him… It is a user friendly place, easy cheap flights and shelter, food everywhere, and adult playground as well and a permanent venue would mean he could experiment wth his show, his props etc… and get it ready for a road tour.

      • Yup! ADAM would be awesome in Vegas! We can hardly wait for that one!
        We even made the same comment walking down the Strip recently.




    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Randy Jackson said he should do rock, & I agree. Gawd, his voice is sexy when he sings. He has so much control over his voice. So many ranges, everything about that voice makes me crazy in love w/ him!

  20. Theresa…That is SOOOOOOOOOO BRILLIANT…. He really should, no…I’m begging you Adam to please put this song on your next album. I’d love to see him peform this song…can you just imagine Adam strutting around the stage singing this…!!!!!????…..whoaaaaaa!!!! Thank you so much for posting this .

  21. 2009 is a year a I will NEVER forget. It’s because 2009 is the year ADAM exploded into our consciousness. A year made happy by having ADAM to dote on even from afar. A year that was difficult for me but made easy and fulfiling by having ADAM to enjoy and forget whatever problems that come along. ADAM has changed my life and made me enjoy Music Again, in fact a lot of different music and some which I didn’t enjoy before. I bless ADAM and I thank GOD for ADAM.
    May I please request this site to come up with all the lists of ADAM’s achievements in the year 2009? Like any Awards, like being at the Top List and List of Industry Bigwigs who admire ADAM, etc. It would make any ADAM fan happy just like me. I can’t just seem to count all his accomplishments. Love you, ADAM baby. Very proud of you and very proud to be your fan.
    Thanks in advance to anyone who would do the list.