Adam Lambert at Ellen Degeneres on December 1st, 2009 (In High Quality)


Adam appears on The Ellen DeGeneres Show this Tuesday, with a dicussion covering everything from the AMA’s to his brand new album. It seems that most interviews are covering the AMA topic but consider it’s only been just over a week since Adam Lambert shocked the world with his racy performance at the 2009 American Music Awards. 

Below is the full interview and performance in high quality:


Interview segment:


Performance of ‘Whadaya Want From Me’ on the show:


So whadaya think? Comment below.



  1. AdamAddict says:

    I don’t understand one thing.It says another 3 hours(countdown) but I already watched in youtube!Adam wearing his ROF jacket,right?OMG,did I imagine things??!!Hmmm,nope Ingrid watched it too.OMG,did Ingrid also imagine things??!!hmmm,nope,Silvana saw I emailed her the link too!OMG,did Silvana also imagine things??!!Hmmm,don’t think so,you guys can watch the vid above too.So…he sing WWFM.I was hoping Soaked but now WWFM become one of my favourite.The lyrics is soooooo beautiful.I love when he talks about ABC,very smart and very matured and besides hot and sexy,Adam looks ENERGY,grrrrr!LOL!Too cute,I love Adam 🙂

    • The Ellen Show is on at different times of the day, depending on where you live. That is why we always say “check you local listings.”


      • AdamAddict says:

        Ah,I see!!! 🙂 I missed that part!LOL!

      • Emili,
        It’s a different jacket!…. ROF was glittery… This one as far as I remember he wore with Queen “We are the champions”….
        I am pretty sure

    • This sure was made for Adam:



        TO STAY THE COURSE ……..


        • Here is another saying perfect for Adam said by Leonardo de Vinci:


  2. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    OMG! I LOVE this man, ADAM! He looks great! I am so glad that he had the support from the audience. Mary C, was that you hollerin’ in the background?
    I love that he has these expressions on his face& the use of his hands. Saw the “kiss” again, ADAM & Tommy, would make one hot couple, but not as hot as me & ADAM! LOL! Got to watch the vid again, see ya!

    • kimber, that sounded like me didnt it? Ha, wish I waz there. Adam was fabulous on Ellen today.
      Just got done watching it. FINALLY! She is sooooo very correcto, saying he is even more handsome in person. He is so hot on TV, in person his beauty just comes out even more, if you can believe that! Oh yeh, I want that kiss planted on me……………….. Adam’s singing today was out of this world. To the Max!!!!! He is one tall, dark and handsome guy*********************
      Thanks to Ellen for a great interview.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        His peformance was rocked out & it was different from letterman, the letterman show it seemed to me more personal & Ellen’s was more vibrantly performed. The meaning still the same just different atmospheres.
        lately I have been checking out those legs! You keep mentioning them so I keep looking at those long & sexy legs.What a man! You know what? ADAM’s not just the sexiest man but he is sexier than the most sexiest woman,who is that?, Fox or jolie?.
        I still wonder about these t.v. shows he’s appeared on, how well their ratings are compared to other guests shows.

        • kimber, OMG, his legs? you just getting to the legs? LOL, I know why, cuz you’re always stuck on the Glambulge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love his legs, all 3 of them, hee,hee! Ellens audience
          went nutso , did you hear them screaming, loved how he looked out into the audience too, checking out the fans……………….. Oh Adam, just luv ya!

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            You’re right, it’s just natural for a woman to check out the 3rd leg. LOL! I do it w/ all men, especiall if they’re tall & it’s right there in my face cause I’m short!! LMFAO!!

            • kimber, hahahahahaha, tooo funny! Well he is tall and you are short, so you should have an excellent view!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. This was a great interview! I felt better hearing Adam say that
    “maybe it went a little too far” and “it was never my intention to
    disrespect anybody.”
    He continues to be very charismatic and has come out with an
    outstanding cd!!! I wish him well.

    • I finally found time to watch the video of Adam’s appearance on Ellen today (the 12th) LOVE Ellen BTW, and I too was pleased about this and feel better about the whole thing after seeing this. I agree with what you posted.

  4. OH my, Ellen is aired at 3pm here in Ohio. Adam looks great, cant wait to watch.
    AA, Ingrid, and Silvana, you already watched?? Wow, I’m going to wait untill I see on the big TV screen. ROF jacket, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh to hot, he is! Cant wait to watch!!

    • Mary C, take a cold shower first and afterwards – you’re in for heatwave!

      • Ingrid, I should have read your advice before I watched Adam today. Heated up I am right now. didnt get to see the show untill 8pm tonight. Thank god for the DVR. Oh he is handsomeness on wheels…………………..zoom zoom

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Sorry to spoil your “ROF jacket” party but it is not the ROF jacket. It kind of looks familiar but it may be a new one. ROF jacket was more metallic silver, this is a casual brown jacket, short waisted. Anyways, This freakin’ MAN of all men, looks hotter than everrrrrr!!!!
      Let’s just take him down right there! See ya’ll I’m headed to Hollywood!!! Have plans of my own w/ ADAM when I get there!!!! LOL!!!

      • Knowing Adam I figure it’s new. he looks very good in brown, like to see a little change now and then.. I’d like to see all dark blue some time too, maybe w black pants, love those shiny jeans worn on CBS.

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          I find it funny that as an Aidol, the winner would have the last “AI” showing. Sorry Kris but we all knew that ADAM was the real winner. I wished Ellen would have brought up his Zodiac performances, Wicked, & other past performances.

      • AllaboutAdam says:

        Love that – “man of all men” yes he is…. last interview i saw, i thought he could NOT POSSIBLY get any hotter – but alas… he has….how is that possible? Nothing about that makes sense, and EVERYTHING about him makes perfect sense. Sigh…. what do to?

    • Helen/Canada says:

      I have time shifting with my cable company, so I just finished watching Adam 3 x in a row in HD. God, he gets more beautiful each day. What a great interview, so sincere and honest and Ellen was great with him. Thank God for Ellen, she has so many fans that watch, so this is great exposure for Adam. The audience went nuts for him and his performance was probably one of the best so far of this song. What a talent. And oh my, have to mention this but Mary (and I know it’s not just me), did you happen to notice his bulge! ~screeching at this point~ Geez, have you ever seen a man who wears a pair of pants so well!

      • Helen, Ahh yeh, his bulge, did I notice? Is the grass green? I’ve watched it 3x’s so far and will watch again later tonight. Loved how his voice got low when he repeated wht his Dad said. Ellens audience is always so fun and bubbly (reminds me of Adam) God, could u imagine if he would have started dancing up and down the rows like she does? They would have went nutso………………… I agree with todays version of WWFM being over the top, excellent! Changed it up a tad, didnt he??

  5. puteri abdul says:

    thank you….
    I was looking out for a new thread to come out, because I am just up to level of drowning in all adam’s ama’s issue..
    I know, he still have to talk about it in ellen, but at least we got to hear a fresh new honest comment from adam himself, and if what he has said and explain do no get through to those who have slander and criticize him, then I really do not think what else will, and so sorry because my advice will be then be to those people ; just leave adam alone, and seek your entertainment elsewhere ..

    about adam’s appearance in ellen..
    brown leather jacket with matching ties,shirt and pants….you sure work it out well baby…. I luv it !!
    luv the hair, luv the look…what more could you ask for….
    you are like a prince, adam… my fairytale prince charming who would just leave me breathless at the sight of you ..

    I thought the interview went well..
    he answered his question shrewdly and wisely ..
    and as I said earlier, all I can see is just honesty and hope that people will understand him ..
    accept him for all he is and embrace him as how he throws himself to us ..
    and I though ellen’s last word for adam at the end of the interview was wonderful and full of love ..
    thank you ellen, adam needed all those kind and supporting words and may that give adam a boost of more confidence to him to face the harsh reality of fame ..

    when adam sings whatdaya want ..
    as usual his voice is like a wind blowing softly but hard enough to sweep us off our feet from the ground .
    he mesmerizes us with his tone that will put us in trance ..
    his facial expression just melt our heart , showing all his emotions as if pleading us to just understand him, and asking what more can he gives for us to just be with him ..
    I can almost hear his sigh and breath at some part of the song , a sound of begging for us to comprehend him, accept his past, his present, and his future …. all in the name of love for adam who is just starting his journey in his new found glory ..
    and when ellen gave him a long, long hug…. it just break and swelled my heart and drive me to emotions of tears of joy ..

    well adam , become as much as a freak, weirdo, or eccentric that you want …
    I am all ready for you in this world of entertainment ..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Puteri, that was some hug too! I heard him laugh a little while they were hugging didn’t want him to leave, Oh ADAM please be on Ellen every day, her ratings may go up as well.

    • AdamRocks! says:

      puteri, thank you so much for your beautiful post! You really touched my heart with that.

      Lots of Love!

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      P.S. There he goes again, even MORE gorgeous every time I see him! ~swoon~

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Puteri, that was so beautiful and so true everything you said. I could not put it into words as well as you so thank you. Your post is giving me tears of joy too because you so obviously love Adam – almost as much as me. LOL.

    • Helen/Canada says:

      Puteri, what a beautiful post! Again, you have captured my thoughts and emotions. Well done!

    • Puteri, I watched it twice and noticed that it started like a regular hug, and Adam was holding the mic and then he put both arms around her and did a ‘full frontal’ long hug, and even patted her back afterward, I think we have a ‘love’ match there!! a real BFF!!! ~sigh!

    • puteri, I am ready for all of his entertainment too! You said it well, he is a PRINCE! Prince charming, OMG that Tall Lean Body of His. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  6. KO's smiling says:

    I’m glad Adam is showing more maturity about the whole AMA thing. Although honestly, I can’t blame him for acting like a stubborn 27 year old guy. I’m happily dating one! 🙂 I was excited to see Adam twitter that the AMA was a one-time thing and he’s gonna focus back on the music. What a sweetheart. What a hot sweetheart.

  7. Thank good for internet, otherwise I would completely miss out these interviews. Nice outfit, great interview. Allways a pleasure to watch. And he sang my favourite song. But really, could they change the subject. AMA’s is coverd to death.

  8. Just saw the expanded post – the whole interview and the
    Adam was as always handsome, gracious and well-spoken.
    The performance was OUTSTANDING!! One of
    his best so far imho.
    (It reminded me that the Adam we have loved thru this journey is still very alive and well.)
    I hope this talent and warmth is what people focus on from now on.

    It was great to see Ellen brimming with such excitement and love.

  9. LibraLamb7 says:

    Great show! Great performance! Lovin’ me all them HUGS!!!! (I’d be in HEAVEN if I could ever get me an Adam HUG!!!) Adam looks AMAZING here (I like him in the brown tones for a bit of a change from black/gray theme) & sounds his always smart, articulate self…Ellen asked intelligent questions & got some new, insightful answers from our Adam. Hope this will open some folks’ minds & hearts to him….Am still at a loss to explain how anyone could not absolutely LOVE HIM, as we Glambs here do!


    • Helen/Canada says:

      I’m with you, I just don’t get it—how can anyone not love him??????????? It boggles my mind!

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        My mind is boggled too! With his fanbase of being mostly women, there are still other women out there who don’t like him? I wonder why? Maybe they are not as in tuned w/ their sexuality as we are?

  10. Everything was amazing! Ellen, Adam and the performance=) I’ve gotta say I really loved the vibe of Adam’s outfit… Can he be any more handsome than he already is?

  11. He’s so handsome and talented…Ellen is in love with him xD We all are 😛

  12. sherry s. says:

    That man has style like no one before him—ever! Clothes, manners, everything about him.

    I was touched by the love flowing between these two as evidenced by that last hug. She’s been waiting a long time to have him on her program and her excitement was in her eyes.

    Loved it. Love him.

    • sherry s, I saw Ellens excitement in her eyes too, they just sparkled so bright! Adam lit her all up.

    • Sherry and Mary C, so true! That hug said more than just, “Im glad you’re here”, it said, “You have my support – I’m with you brother”!

  13. LibraLamb7 says:

    OK…It’s a good thing I can watch Adam on Ellen here cause BOTH of the airings today in my cable area were screwed UP!!! WTF!!! First, on the FOX network (from Biloxi, MS) at 10:00 AM, I got sound, but no picture!!! Then at 3 PM on the NBC station out of New Orleans, which I set to record, all was fine right up to the point where Adam came out & hugged Ellen…then… DIGITAL FREEZE UP!!!! Stuck on the hug, which normally I’d be fine with, but we all missed the first HALF of the interview…I was really beginning to think this was a deliberate ploy to keep us from seeing Adam! But, it finally came up to speed & all was fine again thru the end of the show. At least our area was able to see part of the interview & Adam singing WWFM. Ellen is really big here since she’s from N.O & the Gulf Coast & I wanted that good exposure for Adam!!!

    On with the next events!!!!…Barbara, Conan & Kimmel…Is Larry King still a possibility???? We need MORE ADAM!!! Bring it ON!!!!

    • Libra, OMG I would have been sooo mad if our digitil would have messed up like that, GGRR.
      Hey are you or anyone down on the gulf coast gonna try and go to the Jingle Ball Dec.13th in Tampa? Good opportunity for you southern bells!!!!!!!!!!!! Adam will be hosting the show, he will be so good at keeping the crowd alive in between the acts. Guess thats the job when u r the host of the show. OMG you guys can give him Christmas hugs…………………………………..




  15. cheryl 334 says:

    ADAM,,,,,,,it is hard to see you and still believe YOU are singing like that!!!!! Incredible. Simply incredible. Beautiful. Amazingly beautiful. No words. None.

    Saw some posts on other sites that tore me up. Adam explaining his issues about his weight in h.s. People coming out and saying he is still fat and ugly, makes me want to hunt their sorry-asses down and do great bodily harm. My God, Adam is just incredible!

    I had thought long ago that his weight and feelings of not being cute had a whole lot to do with some of the choices he made in his earlier adult life. Didn’t take a genius to know that. Just a few min to really listen to Adam. Feeling fat and ugly can totally destroy a person’s life. Usually does. They end up doing and acting out in ways that they never world have had their self-esteem been higher. Now, Adam, forget all that you learned from that part of your life and learn that not only are you not fat and ugly, but you are the hottest thing on two legs on this earth, with the most amazing talent than anyone on this earth, and are the nicest, most compassionate, genuine and gorgeous man living, in my very good opinion.

    The performance and interview Adam gave on Ellen was so wonderful!!! Oh, he is so cute and nice and just,,,, awesome!!!! Awesomely, awesome! Good nite, Ellen showed just how much she respects Adam and that was so noce FOR a CHANGE!!!! Adam deserves all the praise anyone can give him. His song was hauntingly beautiful. Can’t wait till I see him sing Soaked and Fever, too. He has admitted to making one mistake in the last year. I think everyone should forget it NOW!!! He is OUR GLORIOUS GLAMB ROCK-GOD and NOTHING can ever change that!!!! He is what he is!!! Mistakes be damned!!!

    peace-love-light-hope-truth-joy-happiness 2 ADAM.

    • cheryl, you said it beautifully girl! He’s come a long way baby, just look at his expression when Ellen was giving him all the praise, so humble! He handles life like a trooper. Gotta pat him on the back for that!
      love & peace

  16. That was a joining that just had to be! Remember, Ellen had a really tough time when she came out. Her really terrific sit com was cancelled and people (probably the same 1500 who called ABC last Sunday) just freaked out!! Yah, you can tell she loves Adam and his earlier comments showed that he has always been drawn to her like a big sis, making this day a long time in coming. If it hadn’t been for that damned AMA firestorm, they could have had SO much fun today – they are both so wonderfully funny and I hope they can appear together again some time and just be silly !! Didn’t Ellen really do a good job of trying to describe how his beautiful soul just shines out of his eyes when he sings? I miss that silly-kid side though that playfully hung over the camera in the AI house and practiced the “pop” dance in the parking lot and kidded around with the water bottle interview with Chris and experienced AI comrades like “summer camp”. I wonder if we will every see that guy again. So love ya, Adam UIMA

    • colofordam, oh yes the Krump dance in the parking lot……. he has it doesnt he? I believe he has never lost the silly kid side, he still is playful, we will continue to see that guy again dont worry!!!

  17. Beautiful interview..(as always) !! Adam has such an amzing way with words..he doesn’t actually say the words ” I appologize” or “I’m sorry”…but it’s all there when you read between the lines…sheer “poetry” from our young man !!
    Dee sums him up very nicely with one word…”PRICELESS”

    Hugs, Nana #1 (glamb #488)

  18. OOps – I, of course, meant “ever” in that last line, not “every”. Sometimes the thoughts and feelings are just flying too fast when talking about you-know-who!! The FYE video is SO hot, I don’t know if I can survive what he is going to do with FEVER, SOAKED, BROKEN OPEN, STRUT, SLEEPWALKER, and/or LOADED SMILE…….in video form.

  19. That was awesome!I love that Ellen was so supportive of him and the audience too.I hope the world was watching.I noticed he was going for a softer look, not too much make-up. Good idea since some people may have thought he was too agressive or rough at the AMAs.Does anyone know why Adams music videos are not for sale on Itunes? I noticed Kris Allens is there.

  20. Ryae (Germany) says:

    I love how Ellen is almost giddy. She’s a Glamb, no doubt! Hahaa. Great interview and performance. Thanks for the HD! =]

  21. I think I read somewhere that his video will be available around the 15th, 16th of this month. Anyway, look around the middle of this month, I know I am!!! Luuuurves his video.




  24. The interview was Pure Genius, Honest, and Sincere. The performance was Stunning, Beautiful, and Passionate. It’s our “True Adam”, reasons why I love him so, FOREVER!

    Thanks Adam and Ellen D.

  25. Thank you Adam for still being yourself, true and honest and just beautiful! You’ve just got IT, always had IT and always will……………. Your stage presence is just breath taking.

    Loved how you recognized some familiar faces in the audience too. You truly love your fans! We are sure fire winners for you!

  26. AdamAdmirer says:

    Loved this interview except for the part when he brings up how gay men are portrayed blah blah blah – he needs to digress from his sexuality for a while. I hope he realizes now that it’s not about that for his fans. I just want to hear great songs and his amazing voice. Other than that I loved it!

    • AdamAdmirer, I know what you mean. He always wanted his entertainment to be about the music, so lets keep it there. We all know the facts for now, so untill the facts change, lets hear the singing……………………………..

      • PS and the smiling and the posing and the dancing and the giggling and the eyes and Oh
        I could go on and on………………………………………..

  27. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    @*******Ellen! I know you’re reading this because you were acting and saying all the things we would say and do!!!You’re a glamb. Perfect interview!!As perfect as Adam. Only thing missing was telling us how he smelled when you were hugging him. Thanks for hugging him for us!! I love you Ellen! Please reply and tell us what he smelled like today!********************************

  28. The New * King of Pop*…………..the best I have seen in my lifetime….(66)

  29. Lynn (Canada) says:

    Absolutely love Ellen all the time and even more for having Adam on with a heartfelt interview and him singing as well. Watched every show all day long on sattelite and PVR’d as well. Adam is a beautiful spirit and I can listen to him all day long. Saw him in person on his summer tour and can’t wait for him to do his own tour. Love his CD, love that he has had the opportunity to show people that the humble Adam is still there and they should realize he was putting on a show. I will always follow Adam’s carrier, thanks again Ellen, Love you both.

  30. Yay Ellen!! What a great interview. Thanks for posting, we’re a couple of weeks behind here in SA, as usual, so will have to wait a bit longer to “see” it full sized : )

  31. k. morgan says:

    All you who support Adam need to call or email ABC….They are working hard to “black ball” Adam. They just canceled his Kimmel appearance and dropped him from New Year’s Eve….This is crazy…If I were Adam I would take this up legally…it is unfair and it is discrimination….They show soaps all day long that show young children how to be cheat on their spouses 24/7….They show people murdering people…raping people on all the TV cop shows etc…They show all these reality shows that teach very bad morals…like win no matter what…or a man or woman having multiple opposite sexes competing for their attention….sad…very sad….that a young talented man like this who may have made a not to great of decision to push the general public a little farther than they were ready for….is being pretty much slammed….Read the blogs on some of these articles…The bigots and racist are so offensive…It is shameful we are treating him this way for basically saying it is ok to be you…not matter what sexual orientation you are…Last time I checked I thought we were a free country…Maybe not now…according to ABC.

    • Ok All, What are we going to do about this?!!!!!

      Just found this on another link, the adress to write a letter to the President of ABC.
      They suggest the keep it short and to the point and no cursing……
      This is our time bring our voices and support for Adam out in the open.

      Anne Sweeny, President
      ABC Entertainment
      500 S. Buena Vista St.
      Burbank, CA 91521-4551

      I actually do watch several ABC shows but I will stop watching if this will get the point across.

      • Irena, for sure I will send my letter to the address you posted. I will keep it short, ethical and to the
        point. Barbara Walters, sure got her way…… Adam will still appear on her show!!! Dont get this.
        Its like they thinks being New Years Eve he will be some wild and crazy guy, well we know he is, but
        he will put on a great show.

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Mary C, do you think it is any use if us fans living on the other side of world write a letter also. I am willing to do anything to help Adam. I hate the way he is being treated by these people.

          • Dianne, Yes I think the more letters of support Adam gets from across the globe shows the Whole world how great a guy he really is! He is a worldwide superstar and
            we love him.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        I’ve got mine written & ready to be mailed!

    • k.morgan I will write a letter, I do support Adam and all this is not fair at all! I’m not going to read the nasty blogs. I’ll just send in my support for him.

    • k. morgan, another thing, I’m sure they know what he said on Ellens show, he really really explained himself and showed no disrespect for ABC even after the GMA cancellation. Adam is so cool.

  32. Helen/Canada says:

    I am writing my letter also. I am skerd that there are powerful people out there trying to ruin Adam’s career. This thing should have gone away by now, yet it keeps growing. We, as his fans, have to make our voices heard and put a stop to this nonsense.

  33. Adam, Love You For Ever.

    XXXXfrom The Netherlands.(europa)