Elle is Here!

The December issue of Elle magazine with the Kradison photo shoot is on stands now! I picked up my load of copies this morning at Barnes & Noble. Do you guys remember the “mystery” backstage photo from a while back and all the speculation over whether it was really Adam or Kris dressed up to look like Adam? I thought it would be fun to post that mystery photo again and the finished product – clearly, as most of us thought, the “mystery man” was indeed Adam. Here they are:




The following is an article by Jocelyn Vena of MTV News on the photo shoot:

Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta and Adam Lambert all certainly have very distinct senses of style. So when the trio of “American Idol” stars teamed up for an Elle magazine photo shoot, they each got to express their individual sense of fashion. And, yes, that means that Lambert was wearing eyeliner and spiky platforms.

Lambert appears in the spread all dolled up in a glam suit posing with a microphone. “Accessories were the big thing for Adam,” Elle creative director (and “The City” regular) Joe Zee says in his A to Zee column in the December issue.

“He’s got a classic uniform of nonconformity,” Zee continued about Lambert’s look. “But I wanted the finishing touches to make his look a look. Think dangerous: chainmail scarf, link-chain gloves, spiked boots.”

Just to illustrate the contrast of the singers’ styles, Zee dressed Allen in Lambert-style wings and platforms — a look the “Idol” winner clearly can’t pull off. But in the real spread, Allen embraces his “soulful quality” in a tie, vest and skinny black pants, holding an acoustic guitar. “He’s like a young Chris Isaak who can sing in a stadium and make every person feel like it’s a one-on-one performance,” Zee wrote.

As for the only lady in the group, Zee wanted to keep Iraheta’s personal aesthetic alive and make sure her rocker spirit was captured in the photos, dressing her in a figure-hugging one-sleeve dress and leopard-print ankle boots. “I’m very inspired by girl rockers,” Zee explained, “especially a young Courtney Love and Grace Slick, and mixed kick-ass sexy with the toughness of her attitude and the music.”

And here’s the MTV video:

The article and video can be seen here.

Check this out! Oh, and Elle is also doing a really fun poll on Adam’s hair and makeup. Lots and lots of our favorite Adam pics from earlier in the year. Elle’s poll is here.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. AdamAddict says:

    I told yer it’s Adam!! Hmm,I think Cheryl thinks it’s Kris.And some say something like he too tall to be Adam or something!!LOL!!Oh oh,who did say that??You know who you are!!LOL!! I’m dancing listening to Master Plan.Too good….way too good!LOVE IT <3

    • AdamAddict says:

      Look at that video.They show Allison 1st.Like he got 3rd place.Poor Gokey….NOT!Then they show KRIS???They should save the winner for the last….oh yeah that’s what they did.Good job!Save the best,the winner for the last!That’s Adam!Smoking hot like usuall.So,the rumours about Kris wearing Adam’s boots was true afterall.Why they only post one page for each.All the great pictures just a waste?What a waste!!Adam posed are fantastic like usuall.Allison is pretty good.Kris is again boring!I like Kris tho.

      And girls,when you want to walk alone,You should wear Adam’s boots.I think it’s better than a gun.Just practice the kicking…nut crackers kicking,u will be safe.Trust me!LOL 😛

      • AA, Love those tight black leather pants Adam is sporting. Wow, look what he is doing with that microphone. “Oh Adam” is right!

        Cant picture Kris as a rocker, not his image at all. Cute though.

        Oh Adam, you fun loving guy…………….

    • AdamAddict says:

      Oops,sorry,the 1st comment ,I was trying to say,someone said something like ,he can’t be Adam,he too short to be Adam!or something like that.Eh,what the heck,who cares who is right who is wrong ,right?Not like we can get prize or something…BUT I WAS RIGHT!IT’S ADAM!LOL 🙂

      • I knew it was Adam, how can someone be a fan of Adam and not recognise the magnificent physique, the long legs, those shoulders, the face, the hair. Adam knows how to pose, he looks so sexy in those photos, Adam with wings, hey AdamAddict jus one word ‘bat’ you will know what I mean. II love those boots, ELLE magazine will surely make big sales. Cannot wait for the magazines to arrive, bless you Jeanette for adopting me.


  2. AdamFan - Glamb 389 says:

    Got my issue today…..thought the article world be longer…and had hoped for more pictures. But Adam is once again…FABULOUS in his photos……..Did anyones else’s issues have the pages wrong for Adam/Allison????……..mine had them listed as being on pages 221 and 236……..when actually they were on 116 and 120….Kris’ was the only one listed correctly……….found this very strange………..
    No one should ever mess up like that about our BB!!!

    Can we just say Adamstrom!!! 🙂

    • AdamRocks! says:

      Dumb question alert. . . what does BB stand for? 🙂

      Cindy in MS
      Glamb #37

      • Dianne Hill says:

        Cindy it stands for BABY. (I think – I’m only guessing).

        • AdamAddict says:

          I thought the same 🙂

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          it is. Yes my pages are wrong. ADAM is on page 120 everyone! I got my issue and I showed him off to a couple of girls at work . I even got 1 girl to go look up ADAM’s ACIGC from AI, on youtube. She liked it and she understood the fact that ADAM has always sang and it’s all he knows confidently, other than acting, dancing, & looking good.

          • GLAMB#474kimber says:

            Love that reality look. I keep rubbing that bulge w/ my mouse but nothing is happening. That look, OMG, I have got to do something. ADAM is starting to make the worse come out of me. I want to just drop a little something in his drink… But I won’t , I know that’s illegal. It’s not my fault, ADAM made me think that way. To all going to AMAs, pleasssse, bring ADAM back w/ you & stop by my house. I’ll make you some special hot tea while ADAM & I have a couple of ADAMBULGE shots. Just make sure he is wearing a blue boa & has a whip in his pocket.

  3. Got my copy last week. I was a little disappointed, although the pictures were great. One measly page? By the way, from the “Out” magazine website, it looks like Adam will be in the December issue, and I think it is out (ha!) next week.

    • Yeah, Linda, way too short. At the bottom of Adam’s page is a reference to more on website under elle.com/atozee/idol. I searched the entire Elle website, and nothing. Hoped for an interview and more pics. I liked Adams “reality” shot better than the styled one! He is also in the Nov. “InStyle” last page in the “What’s on Your Mind” section. I just happened on that and it was so exciting! That’s what’s on my mind alright~

  4. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Freakin’ sick man just sick!!! Check them freakin’ spikes out! OMG! I just love ADAM’s style! He’s the coolest of them all, can’t imagine anyone pulling that shit off! Here I go again huntin’ for a neww mag or two. Just wondering, Is ADAM on the cover of “OUT”? Gotta get’em!

  5. As usual we are still waiting here in Vancouver. If it’s like Details, the mags seem to come a couple of weeks later. I’ve questioned the magazine people and they say it all depends on the distributors for that city. Well, Vancouver is at the end of the line, at least it feels that way!!

    I like the pics of Adam in Out mag also. Not sure if I should buy it or not for the SA gals.. but definitely will get Elle.

    Does Elle get shipped overseas? Anyone know?

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      IMO, I think OUT would be better read, but both do have good pics. The elle, has very short reading.

  6. I really loved the video showing the part of the shoot with Adam and the black wings! He really is our dark angel isn’t he? Wish those photos made it into the mag!

  7. I bought my Elle today at Target! I wish the pics were bigger….always like to see ADAM bigger!
    That man is soooooooooooo sexy! I took the poll (see above), and everything that I picked turned out to be the “favorite” style for others also. But it is extremely difficult to pick which one I love the most because I love ADAM in every picture and every style! He always looks perfect in all ways.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Hi Jaberone, I tried voting again after I had made a comment but my second lot of votes didn’t count LOL. I loved each and every look, it wasn’t fair to make us choose like that, but I guess I am with you because the ones I did vote for the first time were the most popular. I guess we all think alike where Adam is concerned.

    • jaberone, always like to see What bigger???? Ha, I know. Ahhhh our sexy idol……

  8. I got a bum steer! I went and bought the Nov. issue and didn’t find one pic of Adam! Who caused this?

  9. Awesome! I will have to check out my bookstore, cause I know it wasn’t there when I went last time!

  10. I thought that the Elle shoot was with Adam being in a box which was lime green and Adam wore red shoes. I loved those pictures they were so sexy, of course Adam doesn’t take a picture where he is not sexy looking because he is pure sex!!!

  11. I wanna see the pics with those fabulous black wings!! Any of you cyber sleuths up to the job of finding some??? PLEEEZE!!