E! True Hollywood Story: Adam Lambert (VIDEO – FULL EPISODE)

E! True Hollywood Story presents Adam Lambert. Watch the six parts of this full episode right here, RIGHT NOW! You know what the best part is? You can see in the very first few seconds fans from our website ADAM-LAMBERT.ORG on the show at the Copley Symphony Hall. Many of them attended our party that day.ย Of course you can’t see me, ’cause I’m not cool enough for the camera :p

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  2. Adam Lambert is such a great singer and celebrity! He really deserves what he has and what he does right now. He wanted this and worked hard for this. Its a dream come true for him and as well as to his fans and loyal supporters. This THS is also a great opportunity for my family and other people who doesnt like Adam to really know who he is because they only know that Adam is soo gay. This is a good time for them to realize that he’s not just that, Adam is a much better person than they all knew ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Thanks so much for posting this, I missed seeing it last night.
    Love Adam and I really enjoyed seeing the story of his life.

  4. Anonymouse says:

    Thank you E! for showing to the world who Adam really is. This inspiring and insightful biography reinforced why I am one of his rabid fans and will be forever. Adam is SO much more than just a flamboyant and openly gay singer, as he is often portrayed. With his charming personality and incredible talent, as well as his supportive and loving family and friends by his side, Adam is taking over the world.

  5. Kathleen Bernhardt says:

    Adam you are such a beautiful person inside and out. Keep being true to yourself.

  6. AllaboutAdam says:

    BEST PART of all, is that he’s truly happy and feels fulfilled with his life now. Second best, is that we can enjoy his fabulousity. Loved the flashbacks to Idol days when we all knew we were witnessing a superstar in the making. Actually gave me goosebumps watching it.


  8. peggyt#345 Glamb says:

    Being Adams mother has to make her the proudest woman in the world….and he made the right decision to color his hair black….so did Elvis in his day….Kissin’ Cousins elvis played black haired guy and cousin that was blonde…No way would he of been a sex simble with the light brown hair….Adam is the most fantastic person since Elvis…..Loved the E show…….Adam may be an open book but lets stay with the music for a while…I love his music and his look……..forever Adam

  9. What I found a bit dissappointing about the show was there was no rebuttal on whole AMA….they failed to mention CBS picking him up…and the scandal that a bunch of the letters and emails complaining about his performance seemed to come from the same person… or perhaps a group of people. I still to this day find it incredibly ironic that major established singers can do whatever they want, especially if they are a woman…i.e. Janet Jackson on the same AMA show grabbing her male dancer by the crotch through the legs and holding on for a good five seconds at 8:30pm, when all the kiddies were watching…or Gaga busting liquor bottle and setting her piano on fire…or Rihanna in her very revealing outfit with dancers with guns…I mean look at any performance…Shakira…her sexy suggestive dancing …Usher…with his pants under his behind and his very suggestive dancing…J. Lo on New Years shoved a male dancers face in her crotch…not one complaint…Hypocritical is what the execs at these TV stations and news people are that and homophobic. But past is past…who is huge now!?…Our Adam has taken the world by storm….Love you Adam…keep being you.

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      So, what I was saying before the site said, WHO are YOU, was that I was also disappointed that they talked about Adam getting the boot from ABC without mentioning his amazing VERY WELL RECEIVED appearance on CBS afterward. I was never so proud of him as I was when he came back with such poise and grace and never let ‘them’ own him by apologizing. If you are going to show the fall, at least show the getting back up!

  10. Glamourclamor says:

    Think they crammed in a lot of information in one hour. Would have like to see more of the entertainer Adam, but all in all E did a credible job. Watched it twice last night, and will again today so I can catch the nuances I missed. A shame more kids (not just gay) could have more understanding parents–Adam’s seem almost too good to be true, except they are true. Artists comparisons do little good, and I am weary of defending Adam. He doesn’t need it, he needs our support in his career. Not hearing great news about AMA’s last night–boring for the most part. Something wrong when not just Adam, but a lot of good, hard working artists are overlooked in favor of a teenage fad. Noticed Gaga didn’t show up. She, probably along with others in the business, see the handwriting on the wall. This is the year of the teenybopper. Should be interesting to see who ends up S10 Idol?

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Yes, but did you hear the stats!? WORST AMA ratings ever! BUT, all is not lost! They improved their numbers with the 2-11 age group which suggests to me that NEXT year they should do their advance advertising and marketing on the back of boxes of “Lucky Charms!”

      • Glamourclamor says:

        Very Funny! Lucky Charms–I didn’t know 2 year olds watched much TV, goes to show how much I know. But do know they would be Bieber fans or of that big purple thing. Also read where everyone dressed conservatively, which means boring, and Joan Rivers should have a good time on her Fashion Police. (Love her btw). No Gaga, no Adam, no fun!

  11. AHHH! ๐Ÿ˜€ FINALLY HE WAS ON SOME SORT OF TV SHOW! i really needed this! and it was amazing! ๐Ÿ˜€ i loved learning more of his life! he was so cute as a kid. bahaha. he looks funny with red hair. ๐Ÿ˜€ damn adam is so effin shexxiiii ๐Ÿ˜€ (sexy!!!) my fav part was when they showed him licking tommy ๐Ÿ˜€

    omg and i loved when his friend said “when adam lost our first reaction was……….. what the *&%!?!?” bahah ;D i love that gurl. and when they showed simon not standing and having the madest look on his face when kris won. i was laughen my arse off ๐Ÿ˜€

    ahh it was like reliving the last two years. ๐Ÿ˜€ can u belive its been that long?
    i will love adam forever! ๐Ÿ˜€ <333 LOVE YAH BABY ๐Ÿ˜€

  12. I watched with so much concentration that I dreamed about him last night!!! It only reinforced what we already knew!!! Adam is a fantastic kisser and for a little while he was mine!!! Ahhhhhh! Love to dream of Adam!

  13. I really enjoyed E!. The program really highlighted Adam’s superstardom. Usually, E! is the kiss of death, so I was a bit worried.

    Adam’s celebrity keeps growing and growing.

  14. I actually expected a lot more depth from E THS because if you want to do Adam Lambert effectively, it has to be deep . We have come to expect that , over-the-top. This filmlet skimps the surface and we have already seen much of the footage. Oh but I was certainly moved and even froze for a while when I saw tiny Adam wrapped in a baby towel and said to myself, wow, this little baby becomes Adam ! This is what I mean when I say deep, impact really. Could have touched a bit more on his life in theatre because that is what he is, maybe his work in Hair or Wicked.

  15. WOW, how cool, my daughter, her boyfriend and myself are some of the fans at Copley in the first few seconds in front of the stage!!! How fun!!! Oh the memories……..dancing,Adam, singing,Adam, having my purse autographed by Tommy and Adam…………Adam, THANK YOU!!!!

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    DREAMSOUND what a COUP!!!!!:)) Am still focusing and making some determinations and theories. Open, telling and very interesting piece of work!

    On another thought, I’m tired of the blue eyeshadow. The makeup artist needs to make a change!

    Adam with all my heart. He’s so natural and general, but needs to begin being more careful. He is so “out there” and I hope he has someone ‘backing him up’ should that ber necessary, God forbid.

    Can’t wait for the new CD. Adam can make every song different, whenever he decides. Note: the “the interesting concert in Amsterdam. Horrid and below him. He should probably woke up the next day and feel like a prostitute who loves the limelite too much.

    That’s why, in my opinion, I say to Adam, focus on your career and less on how you could satisfy yourself and others. It is beginning to seem more like Adam”s dream of performing a lot like Mercury, and Adam doesn’t even realize it.Hopefully, he’ll get a lot of it out of his symptom soon enough::))

    Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happpiness 4 Adam…………..

    • kat23mogan says:

      Are you crazy….the performance he did of Purple Haze and WLL was absolutely fantastic…the acoustics and vocals from that concert were amazing and his performance throughout was stellar…So they had fun…smoke a joint where it was legal to do so…If he had a glass of wine on the stage no one would be gripping and I can bet every single one of you drink wine…two glasses of wine give you the same buzz as taking a few hits off a joint…Don’t be such a prude…In addition I do not take drugs …but I do drink the occasional drink…I see no harm in smoking a joint to relax or have a fun night…It is when you do nothing but bong out…which Adam is much to smart to do. I am totally confused as to why you think this show was horrid and Adam behaved like a prostitute…Weird…he behaved like the Rock God he is …was kick ass concert.

      • Princessshakeitup says:

        Not going to run circles around this racetrack again but I will say…
        YES! Purple Haze has left me in a Purple Haze of lust!
        I still like to drink, I used to smoke pot AND inhale and,
        Adam is a big boy. And prostitute is a pretty strong word!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Wow!!! I know we all have Adam in our hearts and want the best for him and this is why we all have so much love and concern for him..and so many varied opinions, all with valid points..That said, I’m not sure I would call his performance “horrid”, but then that’s just my opinion. Adam was not in “Kansas anymore” and most likely felt a little freer to absorb and reflect some of the local “culture” which includes legalized weed and a much more liberal attitude toward sex..He is an actor and performer as well as a singer and I would guess felt “inspired” by the audience, the venue, and maybe just a little by the weed!! ..I have to say also, that I was quite “inspired” by his WLL performance in Cologne as well, so I would advise you to stay away from that one , if in-your-face sensuality is not your cup of tea. No weed there, but a bit of virtual “audience participation” at the end….On the other hand, his Vienna performance took us back to the PG version, as it is my understanding that the Vienna venue was more of an all ages venue and is a more conservative area..

      Adam is being true to himself, and his vision of how he wants to present himself has been evolving for years. He is no novice to the entertainment world, and I think he IS focusing on his career. He has been working his a** off for the last two years, since he first auditioned for American Idol (and thank goodness he did !!) and as we can see by the E! THS above, he has some pretty definite ideas about how he wants to do things..”Focused” could be his middle name… I can hardly wait to see where he takes us next. I decided to stop worrying about him (mostly..at least I try…) and just enjoy his amazing voice and the visually stunning performances..I also posted a few thoughts on the previous Amsterdam thread..If nothing else, I have to say that being an Adam Lambert fan is one of the craziest and wildest rides I’ve ever been on, and while it has its little bumps here and there, I wouldn’t miss it for anything!!! Looking forward going to LA in a few weeks to celebrate his wildly successful GlamNation Tour, but not looking forward to the end either…But then, there’s the new acoustic CD, and next year the brand new CD, and then off we go again!!! Never a dull moment, that’s for sure!!

      • cheryl 334 says:

        I hated the set. Not the vocals and Adam buat the suggestions of oral sex was unnecessary and boring. I do smoke pot. Don’t drink. No prude. Just think Adam is putting more emphasis on the sexual aspect rather than the music. I don’t need to be “entertained” as a gay gal. No problems, but, think he is limiting his selling power. Not from me, but I have the same feelings re his set of Purple Haze. BUT, I feel your frustration with me:))

        Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 4 Adam…….can’t wait to see him AGAIN over and over thru the yrs!

        • Mary at the Lake says:

          Hi Cheryl!! Thanks for expanding on your comments, as it really helps to be able to better understand your point of view and what you most objected to. I would agree that I wouldn’t want to see the specific things to which you refer, to become a part of his performance on a regular basis, because it could indeed be a problem… And in this internet age, nothing remains secret or hidden..Pretty sure he has received a lot of feedback about that performance (no kidding!!)…and I am aware that it has sparked a fair amount of “lively” discussion, to say the least, here and elsewhere!!! Interestingly, a good percentage of the negative “buzz” on that performance that I have heard seemed to focus more on the “smoking” part than the sexual gestures..Either way, it was a bit of an eyebrow raiser, no doubt about it!! I do know for sure that Adam has some of the best and most devoted fans on this planet, and whether we agree on everything, we certainly agree that he is one of the most talented performers out there and want him to be wildly successful and able to entertain us for many years in the future, and we don’t want anything to interfere with that!!! Peace, Love, and Light to you as well!! : )

          • cheryl 334 says:

            MARY AT THE LAKES………………………..Hi back!

            Yeah, it is hard to disagree without others taking you wrong, a critique is an awesome tool for the entertainer and the audiance.

            Appreciate your support for my ‘blabbing’ that was a correct interruptation of what I felt and feel.

            The small sexual undertones would be easier to swallow than a huge dose of – of things some people have never even seen or understand.

            You are so right about so many, the majority for sure, were ripped about him and the smoking. No, I don’t get that at all!!! I NEVER will! But, as I said, I partake iln the weed on occassion, and never drink, so that makes me a bit odd, too!

            Adam will NEVER want for anything as long as he stays off stages while doing pot, to excess, or other drugs that make him feel like he could jump off the tallest bleds., as he may or will do something STUPID on some stage somewhere, and………just sayin’……

            Cfertainly appreciate the conversation! Oh, and thank you for the information re the “buzz”, I really had no other knowledge of anyone else’s opinions.:(:):) Yeah, a bit frustrating!

            Love-Peace-Light-Truth-Fun-Happiness 2 Adam and we his const ituants……..!

            • vocalsrule says:

              When in Amsterdam….

              If you’ve never been there, one window has a prostitute and the next window is the bike shop. Farther down the block is the smoking bar, etc. It is almost impossible to go over the top there.

  17. Thank you for posting this Dreamsound. I was hoping it would be here because I wasn’t able to watch last night. Just can’t get enough of Adam!!

  18. Thanks so much for posting these- we in NZ have no way of knowing when we’ll get to see it in our corner of the world

  19. Watched the show four times. Just couldn’t get enough of him. Flew into San Diego from Phx for that concert so it had even more meaning. That was the concert of my life! Adam was born the year I got married. I am sure we all have our own ideas of what we would have added or deleted but for the most part, I was pleased. They kept it positive, mainly focused on what matters and I finally saw and heard his friends and family discussing our superstar revealing things I didn’t know. I thought I knew it all. ๐Ÿ˜‰ The AMAs had poor ratings as they are becoming less relevant. But, Adam…he is what people were watching over and over again. Very happy for him. Love him more and more every day.

  20. Loved it and watched it again. I will have it on during the week so it gets more viewership. What a well done presentation. It didn’t focus on his sexuality and I think the way they handled the AMAs was very good.

  21. Mary at the Lake says:

    I think we can all agree that it would take much more than an hour to even scratch the surface of the story of Adam Lambert…But since that’s all the time they had, I thought they did a very nice job and enjoyed it very much…One is always just a little nervous when the media says they are going to do something about Adam..You are never sure where they might go with it!! They really did manage to squeeze in a lot, and although I didn’t actually learn very much in the way of “new” things, I would imagine that those who are relatively unfamiliar with him will gain a better understanding of who Adam is and how he came to be the man he is today…First and foremost in am so grateful to his loving and supportive family and teachers, without whom Adam might very well be a very different person and we may never have had the opportunity to meet and marvel at his amazing talent.. And as his friend Allison Porter said re the crazy ending to American Idol Season 8: “What the F***!”!! Truer words were never spoken!!! Thank you Allison!!! My sentiments exactly!!!

    • Mary at the Lake says:

      Oops!! Should proofread before hitting “send”..

      “First and foremost I am so grateful……”

      aka “glitzylady” my alter ego elsewhere…..

    • Princessshakeitup says:

      Yes, that was a whole lotta Adam to squeeze into one hour and I think they did a great job overall. Perfect timing being opposite AMAs!
      I am always so disappointed when I see clips of the end of AI and the outcome is the same; I keep hoping Titanic will not sink when I watch the movie again and Adam will win. He certainly didn’t need it, though. You really wonder what would have happened if…
      Could it have been any better for him!?
      Could it potentially have been worse?
      We’ll never know and I guess we don’t need to!

  22. It is still very difficult to watch the A1 results being announced by Ryan Seacrest. The subsequent remarks by various people in the film seem to think the result was okay. Actually I think the winner, Kris should have been disqualified. I say this because AT&T who were partially involved in determining the show’s result admitted to helping Kris’ supporters and not Adam’s. AT&T should have given help to both camps; in fact they should not have helped either camp because they are part of the AI result team. Whether the result would have turned out the same is irrelevant.

  23. My daughter and I both watched it. Loved seeing the stuff on the young Adam. I only had one complaint and that is it didn’t highlight his vocals enough for me, so that a new viewer would be hooked on his singing.

    I read that the AMA’s viewership was down 22% and they’re blaming it on football-that argument is not believable to me, as there was football last year. I know where the 22% went, they were watching Adam.

    Anyhow both my daughter and I have this show on our DVR’s, we plan to share it with a friend who did not see it.

    We can’t wait to see what 2011 brings for Adam.

  24. kat23mogan says:

    I have to say one of the best moments on the show was when they were interviewing his vocal teacher and she broke down and was crying because she was remembering his performance of Mad World and that she understood his choosing the song and the emotion when he sang it because that was what he went through as a young person…so much rejection and loneliness and pain…that is what the song is about and what Adam experienced…Truly touching moment. A lot of people need to watch that scene closely and think hard about how they judge people and how much it hurts the people they treat unfairly. Adam is an inspiration as his friend Lee Cherry said…he is changing how the world thinks slowly but surely.

  25. Lila - glamb #3 says:

    That was fabulous! I especially liked the baby pictures. And I swear I remember seeing that commercial! I wonder if it’s posted anywhere??? Maybe someone will dig it up now that we know it was Adam!!!

  26. thanks so much I really enjoyed .Adam is the best and I love him very much .
    I have best wishes for Adam .

  27. Thank you so much for posting these!

  28. Princessshakeitup says:

    YIKES! I guess I haven’t been here in a while and then, after my old computer committed computicide, I actually had to re-introduce myself to this site!!! Well, now that that is done, I can go about causing trouble as I had intended! Wet kisses, glad to be back!

  29. Leilani aloha says:

    Great story about Adam!!!
    It was on again on “E” at 5p.m yesterday, monday & they will be airing again on wed.Nov 24th at 10p.m:)

    For fans who missed Adam on sunday, do check him out this nov. 23

    Congrats Adam!!! U rock!

  30. Thank you for the Videos! I could not get it on my cable.
    Really great! He has not had an easy life, and yet he is so giving.
    beautiful and positive!

  31. Cindy Barr says:

    FYE used on “Battle of the Blades” Finale!


  32. i want to thank E for making this special on Adam. He is not only a very very talented and handsome young man, but he is also one of the finest men I know of. Specially these days in the entertainment industy. He devotes much of his time money and effort to helping others with his philanthropic jobs, and he is kind, well spoken and a great role model for the people he represents. I am a woman that is old enough to be his grandmother. But I love him, and his whole persona. Needless to say I am a total fan. I went to two of his concerts this summer, and would have gone to many more if I could only have afforded to do so.

  33. I enjoy reading the comments on this site; they are varied in opinions and critical .
    Must watch : Copenhagen Soaked ! Adam seems to have developed a new throat technique, no not that kind, when he sings the high middle note of Soaked. The pure last note is always my favourite . The Copenhagen applause might have shattered some glass bulbs !
    Thank you Suz526 !

  34. As I flipped to the AMA’s during Adam’s commercials I was astounded at the poor quality of the whole show compared to last year – it seemed diminished. The auto tuning, a ridiculous song about angel monster, or monster angel….ridiculous….then back to adam. I loved this THS – I still think a great rock song with just tight black pants, boots, and a black t-shirt with just eyeliner would blow the good old USA away. It would be a new look, just for our entertainment. Missed his vocals.

  35. Two crucial Adam Lambert elements are missing in the E THS ; his magnificent vocals and his theatre mastery. There is an audio of 10-year-old Adam singing a Hebrew song that could make you cry ( whole song 2-3 minutes ) . At the tender age of 10, he was already an innocent superstar !
    Adam said something about being naked in a theatre performance ; that could have been picked up too, blurr certain parts for imagination, you all know what to do ! So I don’t think it’s a time factor with regard to the one hour film rather a matter of selection and direction. Part 1 was very,very good.

  36. Anybody moderating the photos in the chat area?

  37. adamlover51 says:

    LOVED seeing adam with family and friends loved hearing about him being a fussy baby helped develope that 3rd lung LOL he is truley amazing if you havn’t seen it yet go to youtube adam lambert and danielle stori on the inside she has a wonderfull voice and wrote this song about adam also watch IIHY in milan he tells two girls fighting to hug and say sorry is real cute he’ll make a good dad some day!

  38. Absolutely a part of the wonderful person Adam Lambert is and the fact he has such great friends. The nerds out there that can’t see the talent, confidence, sincerity (sp?) in Adam Lambert and his band and staff are missing out on SO much. The show on E! was great, but just not long enough. I’m sure there’s a lot more out there that we would sincerely love to know about him. Maybe he, or someone he knows can come out with a book “so far” history that millions or more people would love to buy, just please make it an affordable price!!!! Will LOVE you forever, promise!!!!! Rita & Donna

  39. I want to congratulate E! THS for being the first to do a story on Adam Lambert. They should follow up with Episode 2, this time more of his dynamism and no more flogging of dead horses.

  40. Vote for Adam Lambert , Best International Artist 2010 , nominated in Japan , at Matt Carter , Examiner.com .

  41. Thank you for posting these. i was so upset that I didn’t get to see it when it aired. I just moved and was without cable for a few days and that is all that I was thinking about. Thank you so much! i could watch a show on Adam 24/7. ๐Ÿ™‚

  42. Bummer that you STILL can’t get the code for Part 3 – if you did you could re-post the whole article as new. Part 3 has his Zodiac experience, and Burning Man, and the largest part of his Idol journey. It’s a very important part of the show!

    What a great show E! did! I have to say I was worried, and was surprised that they did such an in-depth (as far as it went) and fair job – keeping sensationalism to a minimun and mostly to the end. Granted, there is so much more they could’ve done – but at least they did this much! Seeing a show ABOUT Adam on TV was a real treat! Now they need to do more – much more!

    They could easily take every 5 minutes of this show and do a whole hour on material available about what was covered in that 5 minutes! In fact, they could do a whole season of one-hour shows about Adam! They barely touched on his music. They showed none of his interviews. They didn’t interview his band or his dancers or his crew. They didn’t mention his Asian and Euro promo tour last Spring, or his performing on military bases, both in San Diego and at Fort Lewis outside of Tacoma, WA. They didn’t mention him going to children’s hospitals. They didn’t cover his videos, or his fan-base, or his international GNT tours, or his music sold or how it’s all doing on the charts and in various countries, or his VH1 accoustic show, or his NYE2009 show – there’s SO much more. But they did a good summary – an intro.

    Don’t even THINK that they didn’t cover later stuff because this show was about his GNT stop in San Diego on July 30 – because they didn’t MIND editing in the paparazzi incident that didn’t happen until mid-Sept – just before his last stop in WA at the end of the US tour. So they could’ve easily mentioned that GNT went right from Puyallup, WA to Japan to start the Asian leg of his tour, then was heading to Europe.

    People who don’t follow Adam should’ve been able to learn more about his SUCCESSES! There have been MANY! I’m SURE most of his FANS (who were able) watched E! instead of the AMAs, but I wonder how many people actually watched it who weren’t already fans. Well, I give E! credit – for being the first – to give Adam air time. This is just the beginning!

  43. I agree mostly with the above comment with the exception of that crucial missing factor in the E! film, in-depth. What is the point of slapping the word ‘Pending’ twice on 2 already such publicised events ? For dramatic effect ? Not necessary to highlight the already misconstrued image of him. I wish Mr Steven Spielberg will do a movie or a show starring Adam Lambert, he will know Exactly what to do ! Great minds think alike.

  44. Adamisamazing says:

    I will have this on both my DVRs for quite a while, if not forever. To emphasize the positive, I thought E! did a great job. It was a flattering program. As his biggest fans, naturally we could come up with things that we wish they would have included. I certainly have my list, but they seemed to do a very good job, and just maybe this will give others the insight into this intelligent, articulate, entertaining man we all know and love. I know that his fanbase will grow. Right now, I just want him to sell a million copies of FYE in the states – Operation Platinum. If every fan of his would just buy one more CD (and give it to someone, keep it or better yet, give it to charity (go to Amazon), then we can give Adam the best BD present. If that doesn’t happen, I am still so happy for his success, fame, fortune, happiness and everything he holds dear in life. What a man he is! And, what a year he has given all his fans. He is making a name for himself big time, and this E! special can only help.


  46. Does anyone have the rating numbers for Adam’s THS? I would love to know the comparisons between AMAs and E! THS. AMAs down 22% due to lack of energy and excitement. Adam’s one hour story was where we all were.

  47. Good job done by E!THC – dynamic story, delivering clear idea of “you can rule your life – see how Adam managed”, touching – Hollywood is great on it, as always :o) …I even was about to shed a tear a few times…

    To be fair – the story material is fertile. Beautiful personality, totally devoted to the Beauty. And great thanks to all those who delivered this story to us – in fact, how should we survive without such alternative virtual worlds.

    Though, the only thing I’m really amazed, is the Adam’s conviction re his mission. A lot ofm people live till 80s – and still not sure about their mission on this Earth – which is utterly sad and frustrating.

    After this video, I told myself: “Wellcome to the Aquarius Age”…

  48. hi very very good