Duluth, GA American Idol Summer Concert – Fabulous, Fierce, and Full-Frontal (Hug, that is!)

Can I just state here and now that there are no words to describe how much I wish this was me? This is Linda, our Glambs Fan Club Head Honcho, who was at the Duluth concert on July 31st. The following are her photos with Adam and her post-concert report.




I’m a bit inchoherent right now…

I’m not going to write about the concert because it’s basically the same thing that everyone else has written. We had horrible seats, sort of behind the stage and way up high, but Adam stole the show and had the biggest crowd reaction in my opinion. It was a great crowd, totally packed stadium, and a lot of fun.

After the show, my friends and I were lucky enough to have backstage passes to meet the idols. We were ushered into this room, and we all stood around waiting. Matt was the first one to come in. He is shorter than I thought he was, but cute. He started going around signing autographs and posing for pictures. He was followed by Allison, Lil, Scott, Danny, Anoop, and Megan. I didn’t see Michael or Kris. People were very respectful, and no one went running up and cutting others out of line. Being a NY’r, that impressed me. LOL Oh by the way, I never did see Michael, but got to talk to Kris at the end. Kris is also adorable and very personable, as was Scott. I didn’t really have conversastions with the others. They were all friendly though, and spent time with the fans and made us all oh so very glad to be there.

OK.. the part you want to hear… when Adam came out. I admit that I sucked my breath in and said ‘Oh my God there he is!” but luckily he didn’t hear me. Others did, however, and just smiled. He went to this part of the room and immediately a huge line formed behind him. He talked to everyone, signed their stuff, posed for pictures, and was a real sweetheart. He did not rush anyone along. I didn’t want to wait on that long line, but also didn’t want the end to come and have him leave without getting a chance to meet him. So on the line I stood. After awhile, the guards did start moving the line along faster. Finally it was my turn. He signed something for me, and then looked at me with those eyes and smiled. Luckily, I didn’t faint, but instead said something very profound and intelligent like, “I came here all the way from New York”. He smiled again (damn, he’s handsome!) and hugged me. I may never wash again. Then we took our picture, and had a really nice, decent length conversation. At some point, he called me “babe”. Did you get that? Adam Lambert called me babe!!! Then I said I hope to see you again sometime, and he said something like, oh, you definitely will. I got on line again later but the guard knew I had already been there so he politely said to let others go, which I did. Adam looked at me like he would have let me have another turn. He is as sweet and personable as he appears, and even more handsome if possible. I had so much more I wanted to say, but it went so fast and I wasn’t able to plan out my speech. I will say the conversation flowed, and it was so easy to talk to him.

Tell me this is not a dream……..and if it is, please don’t wake me up!


WOW!!! All I can say is that I am going to close my eyes, picture these photos in my mind, and concentrate with every bit of imagination that I possess that this is me!

Linda, thanks for sharing your experience with us, and may you never wash those clothes ever again.

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. Be still my heart!!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    So very happy for you and the pics are great…he is gorgeous. I can’t imagine having his arm around me.

    Glamb #274
    Glambert #2163

    • /Bonjour Kathleen Lisette here..agree with yu too..thinq I’d surely fainte or be al loss for wordes,as he has thes effecte on us yes?!Adam sont beau inward an outward his voix,hearte an soul..J’adore always! An just hope health permitte to see concert before ends.Blessings Lisette!

  3. I dont think I could have spoken a word…Loved the pics…I just cant imagine..I drifting off

  4. I am sooooooooo jealous. I am beyond words. Lucky, lucky you.

  5. sylverine says:

    wow Linda what a wonderful experience for you! I’m hoping to get to one of the last concerts in September, coming from even further away (South Africa) and I’m also hoping to make it really worthwhile by managing to get a backstage pass too. Please would you let me know the best way of getting one? I’d hate to travel all that way and not have a chance to chat with him for a few minutes.

    • sylverine, if Linda got a full frontal and she is from New York, then we deserve a full frontal plus, plus – what do you say! I think finding out about the backstage pass is a very good idea. Remember, I am only going to Adam’s concert but since you are going to a AI tour concert, make it count Sylverine. Do it for me, do it for yourself, do it for our country, do it for ADAM, JUST DO IT!

  6. Iyleneidol09 says:

    OMG, Linda, how could you be soo lucky? That ‘s upclose and personal! Here I am, just enjoying the vicarious experiences of everyone. I’m taking in everyone’s experiences as if it’s mine. And this one fo far is one of the best!!! Body next to ADAm!! That should have been a spontanoues ADAMGASM!!! opps!! LOL!!! Lucky girl!! or should I say Lucky Babe!!! Did you say he is even more handsome in person?? Oh my!! Thanks Linda for the experience. I am going to lay down and take a nap so I can dream that it was me who had the big hug experience with Adam….

  7. how do you get backstage passes

  8. DB in CT says:

    That first picture looks like he is just the best hugger in the world…and you gave him one for all of us!

    Now…HOW DID YOU GET THE back stage passes? So many people are getting back stage, yet no one is sharing how…do you know people at the stadium? did you win the passes? do you know people at AI? I understand everyone wants to get back stage and it’s not possible…but I’m just curious how people do manage it.

    Thanks and congrats!!

  9. I’m very happy for you. Adam Lambert is the greatest and most gorgeous rock star! I hope he
    comes back to Florida so I can see him again after seeing him again when he comes to Syracuse.

    We have his CD to look forward to .

  10. LambertsLabelle says:

    That is an awsome experience!I would have bitten his nack and possibly never ever let him go..(like a little Bullterrier..LOL..)
    and they would have had to shoot me with an elephant-tranquilizer..
    You are ONE LUCKY LADY!!!

  11. LambertsLabelle says:

    Awsome!!You are ONE LUCKY LADY!!
    I would have possibly bitten him in the neck and never ever let himgo (like a little Bullterrier..LOL..)
    and they would have had shot me with an elephant-tranquilizer..

  12. Lee Meeker says:

    WOW! my mind is blank, as I am sure it would be if I had a close encounter like you did! Adam is just so special thru and thru.

  13. hotlantagirl1 says:

    Wow! I too am soooo jealous. I was at the GA concert and did not hug, touch or speak with Adam. But I loved every minute of His show (and, oh yeah, 9 other people sang too). He sounded wonderful and his dancing was awesome. We had pretty good seats but not on the floor. The floor seat people stood the whole time I think, but everyone else sat…until Gokey finished . Before Adam was even announced, absolutely everyone stood and just about everyone screamed…alot. Whole Lotta Love was great but the screaming never stopped during that song. Everything he did was so good and then too soon it was over. I felt kinda bad when Kris came out, most people sat down. Kris’ voice sounded good though, it seemed stronger than on the show.

    We ran out to the autogragh signing spot just as the final group number was ending, and here’s my advice, skip that and go out sooner. We were 3-4 people back from the barricade and packed in like sardines. We stood like that from 10:10 until 11:30 when Adam came out. Then we waited till he made it down to our section. Since I had very tall people in front of me, I could only see part of him. (I could tell that he was even handsomer in person and seems like he’s lost some weight. And his eyes are just amazing!) The big security guard with him reached over and got my Rolling Stone for him to sign (yah) and handed it back but I never got a chance to make eye contact with him 🙁 I did hear him talk to a Mom of a 2 or 3 yr old who was wearing a miniature Katy Perry cape embroidered with his name. He told her he loved it and asked where she got it, etc. He was very sweet. So, if you can take a kid and dress him or her up and stand on the front row, you’ve got it made! Next time!

  14. ShahAdams says:

    W.O.W!!!! I love your experience!!! Thanks a whole lot for sharing it with us…it was AWESOME!!!!! I can’t wait till he comes to Singapore…hope he will ! He was so sweet btw…from the way he responded to everything you said…how beautiful too…awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  15. AllStarMe says:


  16. Linda, this will go down in history, – especially that first photograph! He literally took you into his arms and held you. What a beautiful thing. I absolutely loved the way his eyes closed as he experienced the moment with you. This was very, very special. I live the moment with you every time I look at the photograph, and I look at it over and over again. After I came back to my senses, I did think of one question. Did you tell him about us Glambs and our huge love for him? I would so love for him to know about us some day. But whatever happens with us and Adam, this moment in time you had with him will stand forever. Thank you so much for sharing it with all of us!

    • LORRIN, hey, there! Isn’t Adam looking just like the Angel he is!!!!? He does give the best hugs!!! Can’t
      ignore that hug!!! He is just prescious and sweet and happy to oblige his fans!!He looks so young and innocent and like a ‘fresh soul’. Not ever being a ‘hater’, just wanting to sing and perform and grab the love of his fans who adore him. He’s a lot like Elvis in that way before Elvis started having problems. So un-blemished really. Hope the Lord will protect him on this ‘journey’!!
      By the way, I need to address you back to the Touring and Staying Healthy Vibe, I left you and Ingrid may enjoy it, too, Maybe neither of you will! Ha! Truly, tho.
      It’s August 1, 11:24pm. Then I’m trying to stay up top on the new threads! But,,,, you all know how things just seem to continue at times!
      Read yours and INGRID’S posts about both of your musical families!!! Stunning! So awesome! Thank you both so very, very much for sharing that w/me!!!! Ingrid’s family singing around w/her family and the instruments! Wow! I remember she talked about her mom being an opera singer! I thought that was so awesome! I try to picture you both doing the things you taalked about w/musical families! I love it! You both
      have great families. Adam should be quite ‘proud’ of himself! Look how he has changed lives just by being his awesome self!!!! I woe him a lot of grattitude, for sure!!! Thank you, Adam for all you do w/o even knowing it, just b/c of who you are!
      peace-love-light-joy-happiness-health 2 Adam,…………………..and all Glambs, but esp Lorrin and Ingrid tonite.

      • Hey Cheryl, I loved your post back on the STAYING HEALTHY thread. Go back there, I left you another post. Love to you this early Sunday morning!

        • Lisette here..an pardon for being inbetween merci agan regarde passe page (touring an staying healthy I av read an so apreciate toi dolcette sentimentes..I smiled lot reading an know we share some thinges in common regarde Angeli,Adam,musique,spiritualitie..a perfete combination of thouts as well for thes very sweet an special artiste/vocaliste as Adam is for all of us here..Vraimente sont angelique he is!An agree regarde to compare with Elvis ..I av always thout thes from first time I saw him in singe ballads on “Idol” one being Ring of Fire..something very eerily similar to Elvis..an if yu have seen his “Comeback Special resemblance,similar inflections,facial features, uncanny seletion of Black leathre,velvetsmooth vocals very sensual.Have yu ever hearde old song Little Egypt ,even his danse style,eyes thet mesmerize,his lips(pardon) sensual charm., remindes of Adam.Theres similarities an humilitie,warmth as Adam shows affetion for fans taking time to connecte an chat afterward.Such a beau l’homme with a beautiful soul.An being tresbeau too!J’adore Lisette..an angel blessings! Thenks agan cheramie!

      • Cheryl, if I could get my little paws on Adam, the music we (Adam and I) would make would make the family musical sessions boring by comparison. I would hit the high notes and the low notes and everything in between. We would hit a perfect 10 on the Richter’s Scale of chemical heat waves! Well, there’s no harm in dreaming!

  17. Here is one scorching video from the Duluth concert of Adam and Allison doing ‘Slow Ride’. The person taking the video got some excellent close-ups of Adam, and some beautiful shots of his gorgeous back. Yes, his back! His tossing the bra was sensational, and so were the, ahem, close-ups of his dazzling belt buckle. The vocals were superb, especially at the very end of the song. The two of them were having so much fun. I really thought everyone would enjoy this one. Here’s the link:


  18. WOW LINDA !!!! And I was excited just to be in a huge building the same time he was.. lol Lucky , lucky you.. we all share in your wonderful moment. We love you Adam.

  19. I am so excited for you! But, really, it makes me cry because we waited for hours in Tampa to see him and he never came ou before or after the showt. I feel so dejected and depressed! You are all so lucky that have gotten to see him personally. It is an honor to be in his presence!

  20. Linda, HOW COOL. I am so happy for you! And so happy to hear that Adam is able to come out and meet with everyone again. That just makes me feel good all over. I’m so happy for Adam fans in Duluth (and hopefully in NC and everywhere ever after, too).

  21. I would just like to say that anyone who hasn’t heard Adam do WLL in Atlanta, go to youtube, type in Adam Lambert-Duluth and the vid from Atlanta comes up. HIS VOICE THERE WILL BLOW YOU OUT OF THE WATER – NO EXAGERATION!!!!! I could not believe my ears, and I thought I had heard the best of Adam through the last many weeks, but, my lord! The vid is terrible, but if you just listen to his voice, well, you’ll be hearing your ears thanking you for listening!!!!! Totally incredible, totally!!……totally!

    • Jeanette says:

      I have added vids on the Duluth TOUR VIBE page – they are awesome!

    • Lisette here..Bonjour Cheryl will see soon then..P.s. I reply to yur lovli commentes on other page..cheque out re: touring an staying healthy.So apreciate all yur kind wordes.An thinq Adam touches us heartes everywhere an all of us..an I will always feel he’s truly an angel of musique..An hope he’ll reman safe an in bonhealth til tour ends..Blessings an luv Lisette!

      • LISETTE, Thanks! And I will go back and find your reply! Did you see my reply to you and asking what was the medicine you are taking for fibromyalgila? I will go back to that somment and see if you replied. I wish I could tell you what thread it is under, but I don’t remember!!! Bummer! So I have to go back to the Health
        thread, and go up from there! That’s okay! Even fun! I often find new replies that I had not seen before from some of the other Glambs!! love-peace-health-joy, Cheryl

        • Cheryl..bonmatin now ooh non am going to revisite..theres so many pages an pardon cherie so I will returne there j’promise!An yur sentimentes are tres sympatique(kind)!Regarde fibromyalgia I have hed very mal reactions from antidepressante cymbalta for muscle/joint aches..cause irregular heartbeat,nausea an non reliv from pain..Am actual seeing holistic dr. an take herbs/natural vitamin omega3,glaucosomine,multivitamin,vit/c/d suplemente,etc.After seein parente on trop meds for cancer an ill effecte of such as viox,dilaudid,antibiotique for chemotherapy argh ther immune systems sont fragile,an cancer domage took their life.Ther’s new fibro.medication out doc wishes to give..am hesitant.Stay in bonhealth an a dose of Adam here can be perfete remedie for all l’maladies of l’jour! Re: angels for yu Lorrin an Ingrid thinq yu’ll smile so visite for it’s too long ..An other glambs would tire to see..after all thes is Adam’s tributepage..But always I’ll send some angels to garde over him for l’reman of tour an always!An for all lovli glambs as yu too! hugs Lisettexoxo

  22. WOAH!!! AWESOME pics…dang, LUCKY woman!!! OK, it took me waaaay too long to type that, so Iwill end it there…..

  23. Candace Turner says:

    Way to go Linda! Please share…..How did you score a backstage pass. We are all dying to know.


  24. Hey everyone,
    Thanks for the great feedback and comments. I appreciate our guy even more after meeting, hugging, touching, and talking with him than before, if that’s possible. He is a wonderful person… sincere, warm, sweet, easy to talk to, down to earth, and of course, easy on the eyes as well. That hug was spontaneous and real and heartfelt, and it meant a lot to me. I wish all of you could have the same experience. We have not misplaced our trust and idol-ism in Adam; he deserves all the great things that are coming his way. I admired him before, and admire and respect him even more now. That talent, combined with that personality… exactly as I thought he would be.
    As for the passes, in my case, my friends knew someone who knew someone kind of thing. I don’t know how others get them.
    I am very thankful for this experience and for being able to share it with you, and can’t wait for the next one. I know it will just keep getting better!

    • Lisette here..Linda so lovli to share with us glambs an frends such beautful photos of yurself with beau Adam..What a privlege an must av felt yu were floating on cloudes yes?!!I thinq if he had hug like thes may fainte,an have to pinch myself for feeling was a dreame!An seemes truly so humble,an charmant as he is tresbeau in all aspects!An recall thes evening an trasure for always..a lfetime.Dont thinq many of his fans got to have hugs an intimate conversatione as yu Linda!An agree his personalitie complementes his estraordinaire talentes as an artiste/vocaliste ..one who seemes accessible an non above reaching to his audience,fans ..an making one feele so very special as one can see in photos here!Thenks agan for sharing with all of us Adam glambs/angels ..as I av always say he’s an angel of musique! Blessings Lisettexoxo

  25. PS And don’t forget that he called me ‘babe’ even though I am too old to be a babe and he knows it. LOL

    • Hey, slow down, Linda! You look younger than me, and we are NEVER to old to be called ‘babe’! You lucky girl, you!

    • LINDA, don’t think that you’re ever too old to be called a ‘babe’ or that you’re too old to BE a ‘babe’!!!!
      Remember what Adam said about beauty, it is what it is!!! When our outside beauty begins to ‘sag’, then we are still beautiful w/some sags!!! That doesn’t quailfy us as less than the beauty that we ARE!!! Get the message???! Now ‘internalize’ it and you’ll be good to go!!!!! If you’re a ‘glambert’ you have just ‘additilonal’ beauty to your beautiful self !!!!!! peace-love-joy Cheryl

      • Thank you, Cheryl, I love this. This is a special message to all of us babes. Everyone of us is still that young woman we once were inside, and we’ve still ‘got it’. Enough for Adam Lambert to say so, yeah.

        • I agree with all of you..thanks for all your words of wisdom. You are all right, of course. And, if Adam says it, then it must be so! Babe-dom, here I come,along with the rest of you! LOLOL

  26. ADAMaddict says:

    Congratulations!!!! OK – Back to the question of backstage passes. How did you score those???? I have only talked to one other that made it backstage to the meet and greet and she said she worked at AI9 when they were in Dallas not long ago. How did you get yours???? Lucky b….. haha all in love.

  27. I hope she mentioned to Adam about this website and how fans are dedicated to him and maybe someday he could write and meet fans from this forum. Keeping our fingers crossed!

    • Bonjour Markus..Welcome!see yur commente here..an plasur to joine here..Thinq yu’re one of few fellows so keep visiting here..We all adore Adam such a beauhearte an a celestial voice.Feel same an wish Linda has mentione of thes lovli tributepage..sure he’d be honored to see our adoratione,support an sentimentes!An would be lovli surprise if he can interacte..when time permittes him to,given tours/cds an such..hugs Lisette!

  28. Wow, Linda! How fantastic for you! I am feeling that hug too! Well hardly, but a babe can dream, can’t she??!!
    Thank you sooooo much for sharing your ADAMazing experience with all of us Glambs! You have truly given us hope!!
    Glamb #20

  29. Thanks for sharing Linda…we’re living it all through you!!!

    I am just gonna have to get an Adam doll nowaren’t I?? LOL.

  30. Linda, LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!! I’m so happy for you! You can see that Adam is so genuine with his love for his fans!!! All I can say, is what an AWESOME person Adam is!! And my respect and admiration continues to grow with each performance I watch, and interview and clip of him with his fans. I cannot wait until he goes on tour by himself!! Can you immagine what that is going to be like??!!!! Adam is so on his way to becoming the ICON that we are all predicting he will be!! Linda, those moments you got to spend with Adam, well I don’t have to tell you to TREASURE them, but you may be one of the few of us fans that get to wrap your arms around him!!! Again, LUCKY LUCKY LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!! Happiness and love to you all!!!! Pam

  31. KailuaGirl1966 says:

    I am tickled and happy that you had an opportunity to get so close to Adam. I’m guessing that as time goes on it will be more difficult for Adam to give such personal time with his admirers, due to the fact that he is going to be a huge success and because so many will want a piece of him, his safety will be guarded to the max. Linda, you are so very fortunate! Adam, Rock On!

  32. Linda! WOW!
    I am sooo happy for you!! And that HUG?!!!! You look like you were so composed! I would have been…I don’t even know how I would be..probably a total idiot!! Thanks for sharing with us!! BTW how did you manager getting backstage passes?! You are one lucky lucky woman!!

  33. Deemoonpie says:

    What can I say except that I am soooo excited for you and sooooo jealous! I’m actually impressed that you were able to speak at all…I think I would have just looked at him, babbling like a fool! Absolutely great pictures! Thanks so much for sharing the pix and the story…I bet you have sweet dreams for a long, long time…I’m still trying to get a Glamb # so I’m trying to follow the directions precisely…hope this works

    Deemoonpie from Stafford, TX

  34. What an awesome experience!! Terrific pics!! Thank you, SO MUCH, for sharing this with us!
    My husband and I have tickets to see him next Sun. in NJ and I can’t wait. Watching the tour videos and listening to your (and others) experience(s) have made the waiting almost bearable (lol!). 😉 What a wonderful moment that you get to treasure forever. Adam is going through the stratosphere and it’s great that he’s taking all of us along for the ride. I think we are all lucky to be witnesses to Adam’s rise to superstardom! Peace and Love…XO XO XO

  35. Please, Dear God, let me have an opportunity like this someday. I am so proud of you that you were able to stand and speak and smile and think to get photos. I have a feeling that I would be flat on the floor in front of him and my only memory would be of his boots in front of me, Ha! Ha!

  36. I was at the show and I had good sits on the floor . And being down there it felt like the the whole the floor was a earthquake . I wish I could of been in your shoes . I would have give my right arm to do that.But maybe one day in my life time I will. I sit here reading all the stuff everyone wrote and it make me cry . The love I feel for Adam is overwhelming . And mean it as the person he is . For who he is in the inside. He has a heart of gold . I’m a mother of 4 and he is someone I would like for my kids to look up to . There r a lot of bad thing and people out there. He was needed very much so. So thanks to all of my new friends . Thank you very much Linda for letting us to live are dreams through you. You give us the pictures we can put in our mind and dream . Oh there one more thing most of all the people I saw where older . I would say 75% where 35 to 60 in age. I was shock I thought they would had been most teenager there.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Yes, your guess is right, almost 35 to 60 y.o. AND …..Adam brought back the youthful feelings and sensation back to us!! He is our FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!! Thanks ADAM!!!

      • You got it right . I feel the same way. His has made me feel young and sexy about myself. He is my FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!!

  37. Linda, I am just enjoying how truly happy you look in these photos! We should all have such moments of pure joy in our lives. This was sweet and it made me happy to vicariously enjoy this special moment of yours. Thank you so much for sharing.

    Meanwhile, I would kill for a backstage pass! LOL.


  39. therubberdoll says:

    Your story & pictures took my breath away. I just love hearing about personal encounters with him that reinforce what we already know – he is talented, handsome, smart & charming. Aren’t we lucky to be on this earth now so that we can experience this phenomenon?

  40. OMG!

    You’re so lucky … meet this angel is a dream that all glamb has! Think you are never going to wash those clothes!! Thanks for sharing these experience with us, poor fans dying of envy (in a good way) all around the world!

  41. Hey there Linda! I was at the Concert on friday July 31. I was with a friend of mine and we had seats on the floor with a pretty good view. It was awesome and we had alot of fun. Got the program and a pic of Adam then at the end of the concert we were fortunate enough to make the front of the baracade for the autograph signing. Got to see and talk to all of them except Lil & Allison didn’t make it out. But, I was there for Adam and when he came out I was floored. I got my autograph and before the staff shipped him off I was able to touch his arm. It was so exciting! I’m happy I got to see him close. You were very likey to beable to hug him and talk to him… Maybe next time I will!!!

  42. Shadiyah says:

    Thanks for sharing and what a lucky girl you are!

    I have tickets for Tuesday night in DC and can’t wait!! I got 2 tickets and will be bringing one of my best friends. She is crazy wild about ADAM too but she has NO idea where we are going Tuesday, just that it’s a surprise! Can you imagin the look on her face when we get to the Verizon Center and she realizes we get to see ADAM LIVE!!!

    The seats are really close too. 1st tier next to the stage. I wish we had back stage passes to meet him, but this is ok with me for a start. I’ll be in line waiting for his SOLO TOUR in the future!

    • You are the BEST friend in the whole world….I hope your poor friend doesn’t faint with joy when she finally sees where you are headed!

  43. I think If Adam ever put his arms around me like that, they’d have to carry me away on a stretcher…lol Is it really possible for him to be more gorgeous in person? Those gorgeous eyes of his are amazing. I’m going to the concert in Boston and I can hardly wait. I don’t have a back stage pass, and I more than likely won’t get close enough outside to see him, but I’ve got a good seat, a camera and that will have to do. I’ll be real happy to get a good picture. Thanks for letting us see yours. They are truly amazing!

  44. AdamRocks! says:

    Linda, how wonderful!!! A beautiful memory to last a lifetime! And how heartwarming to hear that he’s as sweet and kind in person as we knew he was (and more gorgeous!). . . whatever planet he came from, they’re definitely more evolved. . . he’s as near to perfection as I’ve ever seen. 🙂

    Cindy in MS

  45. So happy for you. You won’t need hormone replacement therapy for another 20 years. Thats quite a double handed grip you have around Adam in the last picture. Did you volunteerly let go?

  46. Sun-n-Stars says:

    I’m surprised that you didn’t melt when you were in his arms. He is so yummy! Thank you for sharing.

  47. I just want to say that my daughters and I were at this concert and we had a blast!! We went out front and waited for autographs after the show since we were the lucky ones with backstage passes. Anyway, we waited and started to worry that Adam wouldn’t appear but finally he did. The workers took him across to the other side so we couldn’t see him but we knew he was there. We heard that it was over at midnight no matter what so we were getting concerned at 5 minutes til and he still wasn’t even in sight. THEN he came around the brick wall and OMG he is so beautiful!! The crowd reached a new level when Adam was there. He was signing away he came right in front of us and signed our things it was so chaotic that you couldn’t really speak to him but we did say we love you. So anyway after he left and we floated to our car we were soooo happy. My daughter turned 15 at midnight Aug.1st right when Adam was standing “with” us. That was the best birthday EVER!!!!!

    • This is beautiful, Michele, so exciting with all the tension of wondering if Adam would ever show up, and then suddenly he is THERE with you! And what a wonderful birthday story, it is like being Cinderella at the stroke of midnight, only it was the hour of magic for your daughter! Thanks for sharing!

  48. Thanks for sharing Linda, I know you were on cloud 9. Adam is such a doll. Cherish that forever!

  49. Linda, way to go girl! You shared touch and breath molecules with Adam. You will never be the same–you are now partially divine. Tell me, how did he smell????

    • I love all the feedback, thanks so much. I hope that someday every one of you can share a similar story.
      How did he smell? CLEAN!

  50. All Glambs make a note! I just happened to stumble upon this site called AdamFanatic.com a few minutes ago. They sponsor a contest to win tickets to Adam’s concerts and also give away special BACKSTAGE PASSES after the show to one lucky winner. There is a donation of $1 for each entry. They use PayPal, and it looks entirely legit. The next contest ends on Aug. 4th for the Aug. 11th Nassau, NY concert. Maybe someone from among us will win! Here is the link:


    • Dear Jeanette and Dreamsound,

      Please release my comment above from moderation as soon as possible. It provides the link for a contest to win tickets to Adam’s Aug. 11th concert in Nassau Ny, and the give-away also includes backstage passes! The deadline for entering is Aug. 4th, just two days away. Thanks so much!

      • I also just noticed that the contest also will supply airline tickets and hotel costs, yikes! Somebody should try to win it from among us Glambs!

        • Oh nuts, Jeanette, it looks like the contest is over TOMORROW, sorry about that. I just did find their website myself about 45 minutes ago. But some of us still might be able to get in under the deadline. I do hope you see this note in time!

  51. I was at this concert in Duluth. It was magical!! What were going to be “bad” seats turned out great; at the back of the auditorium, where everything was visible, and the sound was good! We were in the section 201, where we made a quick dash down the stairs to get by the rail where Adam and the others eventually came out to do autographs. After standing with so many others well over an hour, our patience was rewarded with 8 of the 10 idols coming out. I got Adam’s autograph on a picture of him. I watched him try to calm an area of screaming fans, with a look of bemusement, concern, and almost embarassment….but he did it gently and in good humor. And, yes, he is beautiful, gorgeous, handsome, unbelieveable! Also, if you check out the ajc.com entertainment section, in the recap article, there are 18 photos, and I am in number 17, Vicki Ward, with two other Glamberts…We were so lucky to have this photographer take our picture- so a shout out to the AJC (Atlanta Journal Constitution newspaper). What a wonderful night it was! Now, my picture of Adam is framed and hanging on my wall, along with my two sons, and Jesus, to watch over them all…

  52. i luv adam i can’t get over his hawt body!!!!!!
    luv adams biggest fan!!!!!


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