DonorsChoose Update!



As of Sunday the total from all groups surpassed the $ 26,000 mark. Of that total, Glambs International is over $1,500 in donations with 38 donors and is in 5th place on the leader board.

Hey all! DonorsChoose sent us this update today and wanted us to pass it along:

“What an amazing day 1! Over $11,000 and counting! We are so excited at the fan group pages, images and enthusiasm. We are expecting great things over the weekend as we prep for big press on Monday. So pump up the competition and give to schools!”

This is the first day total for ALL Adam fan groups. As of this posting, Glambs has raised over $1,000 from a total of 27 donors! GO GLAMBS!!! Right now we’re in 4th place among the 12 participating groups, which is great, but we have quite a ways to go to reach the leaders.

Visit our Glambs Donor Page to see the participating school projects and to donate. On this page you can also view our donation total and our ranking on the donor “leader board.”

Any amount is welcome. Many thanks from Adam, the Kids, and from Glambs International!!!

~~Glambs Fan Club Leaders


  1. Phenomenal, on the Mad World song at the high school. It is very exciting, what a voice!!Please take care of yourself, your not replaceable.Thanks Michael

  2. Lisette here..bonsoir Jeanette an teamleadres thenks for update regarde Adam’s charitable boncause
    thinq he has a true humanitarian soul an know all glambs will supporte him..I av done thes for one on list charitie in Nevada for children to have ample instrumentes for her class,promoting learne harmony,sounde an inspiration for musique in ther adult yers!!.An will trie an contribute toward anothre.Well glambes total sounde optomistique..hope we’ll al top soon! blessings to all here!
    An may angeli garde ovre Adam ontour an thes boncause! Luv always Lisettexoxo

  3. Hi jeannette! I just gonna give u a top nutch on the hard work 🙂 and I was wondering, how can glambs from countries outside the US can donate and help the GLAMBs fan group?

    • Jla43 it’s easy if you have a credit card. It’s done right on the site. Or there is Paypal a fairly reputable electronic ‘banking system’ which forwards your money. I think a credit card is the safest.

  4. Some of our donor ‘competitors’ are rewarding some of their donors with gifts/prizes but we are giving just out of the goodness of our hearts. Personally I think Adam is enough of a gift!

    • Lisette agree Theresa an know Adam will appreciate all here if only more lovli glamb gals/fellows give a petit contribution for thes worthy cause to assiste children an inspire learning thru musique.Many blessings always an enjoie weekend! Luv Lisettexoxo

  5. I chose three different schools to donate to, but my favorite was the one that will be teaching (They reached their goal! yea!) ‘The Little Prince’. Was there ever a more deserving of the title than Adam?? This book so reminds me of him!

  6. That’s so sweet, Suzy!

    • Lisette here..I was just cheque in on Adam’s charitie page an yes Suzy thet’s very sweet aw I av call Adam angel,othres call king an vraimente is like Prince charmant in many photos..Silly thes may sonde can see him in a musiqual like old Cinderella one with LesleyAnnWarren I hed seen from ma sistres dvd colletion..Wondre who Cinderella be cast..perhaps one of his “Wicked” costars.Kristen Jenoweth is also cute..very petit an Adam is tall..Im having anothre say bonnuit al glambs!..An m’angel Adam toujours dans ma viexoxo

  7. Cyndi / CA says:

    What a great cause this is! I am so glad Adam Lmabert can use his influences in a positive way! I am gald to have donatede and been a part of classroom success!
    Thank you for getting the information out there!
    -Cyndi, Bay Area-CA