DonorsChoose Gets A Glam Nation Visit

Adam and the band took time out of their daily Glam Nation activities to make a visit to DonorsChoose in New York. I purposely only added one photo on here because I would like you all to visit their facebook page by clicking on the link below…
DonorsChoose Facebook Page

pictures via: DonorsChoose Facebook Page

Make sure and leave comments and tell them you support them through!!



  1. kat23mogan says:

    I bet these kids were totally excited….very cool…I have donated twice…will do so again…

  2. He has a true humanitarian streak, and will continue to do great things to help everyone be able to enjoy/create the Arts. With heartfelt thankands to you and your fine bandmates, Adam!!

  3. Thanks Adam for bringing to our attention to this wonderful organization/cause. Because of you I am delighted to support their causes. I’m trying to do this in your name on a 4-6 week basis. Thank you for bringing so much joy into my life.

  4. Kinda wish I was in middle school in NY that day! I’m glad Adam chose this organization to focus on. Thank you Adam for stepping up for education of our children.

  5. wellllll, good idea to encourage people to go the the facebook site, however I’m not on facebook 🙁
    Thanks for sharing at least one photo though.