Donors Choose Update on Friday September 18, 2009

We would like to thank all of you that have taken the time to go on our Giving Page to make a donation! As we said in an earlier post, we truly don’t expect to win, but we are THRILLED to be helping out teachers and school kids that really can use our help. Our total as of right now is $3690.00 from 71 donors. That’s awesome, thank you again! From all of your generous donations we have helped 5754 students, YAY! I have included the link for those of you that haven’t been able to take part, please feel free to go ahead and participate. There are only a couple of days left. We would appreciate anything you are able to give. Every dollar counts. Thank you to all…


  1. Lisette here..bonmatin lovli Sue..thenks for posting here regarde our angel Adam an his charitie for children’s art/musique educatione thet’s wonderful news here with all glambs support.I av suported agan even a petit contribution for a worthy cause..An just reciv lovli note from teachre.An I like Adam feel musique helps children to espande ther mindes in learning an espressing talentes from an early age.An for those who are in impoverished areas to assiste teachres with ther necessaire supplies.Blessings to all glambs an always for Adam for his compassion,kindness,selflessness,humilitie,estraordinaire vocaliste/’artiste/danseur/humanitarian who inspires us all an children aronde l’monde to belive they too someday can av career in musique..Also helps anyone with handicaps,illness an is always very healing..Having loss parentes to mama even on respirator from ill effects of chemo an last days of life,opene her eyes for a brif moment when bringing her favorite cd(on portable player)of Englebert,Elvis an Streisand..hospice nurse say it may be of comfort..Aftre days of non responding,hook to machines,when placing ner her ear inhospitol..I asque mama can yu here,unable to speke,yet she squeze my hand,came out of her comatic state,tears rolling down her still jolie face,she look with her green eyes as if to say yes..I here l’musique..shortly theraftre her hearte stop an gave up her battle with nonhodgkinslymphoma.Painful to watch,but knew I left her with musique before parting l’monde,her famille,children,grandchildren an I aronde her.So musique indeed heals an comfortes in most difficile temes..Blessings to all!Luv Lisette
    An in temes I neede comforte..ther’s beau Adam an angel one of musique to be a rai of lit whenevre feling bleu missing know they too here in heaven..Benedictions for m’angel an al of ours…Adam Lambert..J’etaime always…toi amie Lisettexoxo

    • Where are you from Lisette — really. I lived in France for a year, and the way you write isn’t familiar.
      Je t’aime our Adam always.

      • Lisette here..bonjour Samantha welcome too glambs international place for all Adam’s frend an fans from many parts of l’worlde.Are yu new to thes site?I av been posting here from commence when dreamsounde created it in tribute for Adam..Before there were any of these wonderful threads,team leaders an growing fanbase. I av mentione many temes.Gather yu have never read thread where all introduce themselves,ther hometown,careers,famille an life in general.My heritage is of Italien/Francais origin.Nevre have I say Im from France.. unsure where yu av read thes information.Main estraction is actual Italien during warteme my grandparentes move to Switzerland (Italien/francais area of Lugano./Lucarno).Tracing gret grandparentes Italian.Area famille reside was french quarter.Have relatives still in Northern Italy,Switzerland,central Italy/Abruzze/an Romano provincia..So lovlie amie does thes answer yur question..May I ask yur thet I av shared?An beauty of thes page is to meet people who adore Adam not just from US from diffarante partes of worlde,be in Europe,Asia,Africa,UK,Ireland,Scotland,SouthAmerica,Canada…Sort of our petit of all nations as Adam has toched heartes with his estraordinaire talent from American Idol til present teme..Take care an plasur to be yur frend in celebration of one tresbeau l’homme as Adam Lambert..An who has united all us glambs togethre in frenship.What part of France did yu reside in? bonregardes LisetteMarie!xox

      • Lisette agan..Samantha please see below info for ma heritage..Now as subject I av posted was for Adam’s charitie of I placed a heartfelte note there ..Did yu read regardes to loss of parentes to cancer..plese take teme if yu like.An reason I finde solace,joie an happiness in Adam’s musique,an even thout is few yers since ther never can get over pain in hearte to see two people thet gave me suffre to such an awful disease..still thet there’s non vraie cures for presente..Ma papa passe also to pancreatic an lung cancer 3 monthes in same teme as ma beloved mama.Adam is ma inspiration an once I hed seen his audition for American Idol..felt as if I hed seen angel there.An being Christian an very spiritual beliv people are here to be our guardians an angels in life.He has been one per musique,when people even famille have non been able to comfort me!If yu have parentes do trasure them an hold them near an dear to yur hearte.!Benedictions an amitie Lisettexoxo!
        oui J’etaime Adam angel d’musique for us all!

    • Evette #419 says:

      God Bless you Lisette. Your story touched my heart.

      • Evette #419 says:

        PS Lisette…in case you didn’t catch it on the other can contact People Magazine at

      • Lisette ..bonjour Evette merci m’amie for kindewordes an seeing yur posts are always bring smile to ma face.I usual dont go into detail of ma famille,yet Adam has made me able to discuss thes here.As I finde comforte too here with such lovli people who share ther lives,an celebrate Adam’s musique!An thenks agan for above linq regarde Adam to be one of best sexi people/men in People Magazin.Know all of us here can second this emotione!It’s non just his appearance,or way he adornes his perfete features,slinky pants,au danse moves.What makes him sexi beliv is his honestie,humilitie,charm,candor with press/media interviewers,an being so very uninhibited regarde his preferences,lifestyles an redefines how US thinqs abote such things..Like Elvis before him,he was constant pushing envelope,dare to be diffarante seeing in old clips from classique varietie shows as EdSullivan,MiltonBerle,even his silly films,gyrating an swiveling hips..when thet was considere too tabooToday thet’s conservative given censorship of tv/films etc seen when Michel Jackson dansed in all his concert an his touching/crotch in his thout of as the black Fred Astaire.Thinq we in US forgot thes.So when Adam carful came out apres Idol,,he did it for censors agan on tv.An he makes sensualitie an art an tasteful..For too right wing conservatives few protest etc..their in minority..Adam stil handles such critiques with grace an always kindness.He’s a person of integritie,intelligence,class an humanitarian ..tweeting them words of luv,peace an hope.Thes too makes Adam very sensual an sexy! Take care Evette an keep adoring Adam’s musique,an inspiring only good in people never ever malice,hate au darkness! blessings always Luv Lisettexoxo

  2. Out of topic,sorry, but please put Adam and Kris video in FORD as latest thread.I already post it in WRAP UP thread but it’s a new story ,then maybe better put it in new thread.For those who is still missing Adam,don’t be,because HE’S BACK!!! 🙂

    • thanks adam addict. the first thing i searched on yahoo videos when i turned on my computer.he is amazing although he looks very exhausted. good to hear he had a duet with the winner. my favorite video is him singing crazy at the upright cabaret he forgot the lyrics ha ha ha and he made a very smart rerun of the song. he is a genius how he can manage to do that its hard to count the bars while singing i love when he said “everything is 2 dollars” while the audience throw their shoes infront. adam is very clever and quick witted.not to mention so hilarious that’s why i love this guy very much he is freakin’ awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh yeah the shoes thing,I read somewhere that it’s kinda to show that they really like the singer??!!Something like that!Look how many shoes he get!!LOL!!

        • i came back here few posts is there any possible way to ask our boy to wear tighter underwear if wearing tight pants? i always have it in mind when im watching crawl through fire. i want to be his personal assistant nonetheless. just caring. he’s my baby boy.ha ha ha!

  3. As a teacher of first graders in a small school I want to say thank you to those of you who have donated to the site in honor of Adam and the help you are bringing to children and their teachers is invaluable. Also, a big thank you to Adam for coming up with this idea–I assume it was his idea–anyway, what a great gift and in a time when our Arts programs all over the country are being wiped out due to economic issues– this is even more timely. Instead of overloading Adam with gifts that are wonderful but probably would mean he would have to buy a second house to store all of the generous love offerings (!)–this being given in lieu of gifts is simply wonderful.
    Blessings to all of you.

    • And thank YOU frodo325 for all that you do for our children!


      Cindy in MS

      • Lisette here..blessings Cyndi an merci for lovli thouts an sentiments always..An know thet Adam has toched our heartes an helped all thes belle children to be able to continue learning thru arts/an musique thet will enrich ther later yers an possible future careers in musique..Plus assistes them in learning to read/mathematiques as I av given to charities to permitte thes to be so!Blessings to all! Luv Lisettexoxo An grande hugs to Adam for inspiring so many children,adultes an teachres in ther lives!xoxox

  4. Evette #419 says:

    It feels wonderful to be able to help out. ADAM brought my attention to a cause I wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Everything about ADAM makes me feel wonderful. ADAM LAMBERT is changing my world AND the world!