Do We Really Need A Book Proving It was Adam Lambert Who Won American Idol?

There has been a book written by Kerry Kolsch, who claims that she has uncovered the evidence proving it was Adam Lambert who really won last season on American Idol. This is the same author who wrote the article I posted in “Adam Lambert Brings the “Cool” Back to Acoustic.” While I respect this author’s talent and really loved that article, I see no need for this book. It’s a 480-page, download-only book for almost $12 that details an alleged “Arkansas conspiracy” that was manufactured to give the Idol Season 8 title to Kris Allen.

Here’s part of the write-up on the book:
A singing contest became an Arkansas state endeavor involving; the local Chamber of Commerce, state politicians, churches, radio, television, newspapers, businesses, universities, banks, dancing cows and Toad Suck Queens. With the intensity of a hotly contested political election, the whole state took on Adam Lambert. The people in Kris’s home state were whipped into frenzy by a clever, professional PR team that was interweaving their own personal goals into a Kris Allen win and used a long list of sponsors to promote the cause.

Yes this sounds really juicy. And while I would have liked nothing better than for Adam to have won, as far as I’m concerned, the show is over and it’s time to move on. And if I could be so bold as to assume that I know what Adam’s thinking, he probably wants nothing to do with this. I’m sure he’d think it’s in bad tasste.

In my opinion, the only difference is it gave Kris more success than he would have had without the title. As much as I wanted Adam to wear the crown, it makes ABSOLUTELY no difference for him. Unlike the presidential election with the “hanging chads” where the Florida voting mess supposedly gave the presidency to Bush instead of Gore, it’s not like Kris got anything that Adam didn’t. Just look at the stats. Who has been heralded as the real winner by so many? Who has sold more records? Who is lighting the world on fire this very minute? Who was asked to do a move soundtrack song? Who is releasing their 3rd single? Who is already talking a summer tour as the headliner and who isn’t?

I see on Kris’ web site that he’s supporting Keith Urban on April 23 at The Joint/Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas and in July at a fair in California. He’s also playing at a theme park and supporting Daughtry in concert. He’s got about 7 dates for July, Aug and Sept. – hardly a tour!


I truly wish nothing but the best for Kris. But there’s no comparing the two – a clear case of apples and oranges.

If you’re still interested in checking out this book, here’s the link.

~ Carol ~

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  1. Ya know, I live in Arkansas, and I never once heard anything like this. Not once. I live 2 hours from Conway, and was actually in Conway during the course of Idol. Yes, there were signs everywhere congratulating Kris, etc, but I don’t remember getting emails or calls from politicians or preachers telling me to vote for Kris (or against Adam.) The only thing that I hated was not being able to get through to vote for Adam very many times. I tried for 4 hours straight, using both land lines and cellular (not AT&T, though, which is so unfair.) Anyway, I don’t think there was any kind of conspiracy. Just a lot of people very excited about the hometown boy. Arkansas is a very small state, population-wise, so how could that few people really pull that off? I know I’m not the only Adam fan in this state!

    • Sweet Becky: you need to read this book and then comment on what happened in your town. There were these massive watch parties that I don’t have time to go into detail here, but is all in the book -laid out quite well. The fact that you couldn’t vote for Adam is actually what they set up- they jammed the phone lines not just on the east coast but on the west coast as well using Go phones which allow you to vote outside the four hour window-this whole thing was truly insane and they were masters and this manipulation- so anyway that is why you couldn’t get your vote through- read the book and send me a note- as I would love to chat with you after you have read it or are quite a ways into it- i am only on page 150 and I am jumping out of my chair….

      • Sweet Joy: I know you don’t mean to be condescending, but I think I know what was happening in my own state, or what wasn’t happening. I’m not a naive kid – I’ll be 45 on Friday. I know several people who know Kris PERSONALLY, and they never once mentioned anything about a watch party, special phones, etc. I don’t know where this person got this info, but who knows? I don’t doubt that many, many people were voting for Kris here, which made calling more difficult, but I had the same problem voting in the 2 finales prior to Adam’s year. My sister lives in Ann Arbor, MI, and also couldn’t get through very many times to vote. I actually got through just fine the last hour of voting, and was able to make up a lot of ground. I think people finally slowed down that hour. The main thing is – who really cares? Adam got what he wanted, and he’s going to be a megastar. Kris is a really sweet guy and if there was any shady business going on, he had nothing to do with it.

        • i don’t mean to be condescending….I am sorry if i came across that way. I am just saying that this is way bigger than even Adam or Kris; It’s about knowing what really goes on in this country. I am sick and tired of conservative small minded people screwing it up for the rest of us- regardless of where it happens. Whether it happens on a talent show or in a general election -we need to know what is really going on or we will be blindsided. Regarding Ai- there are serious flaws in the AI voting system and now that everything was covered up- this system is still in place. So for the next four years any group that uses this same playbook can so easily decide who wins AI. I don’t want any small interest group deciding anything for me! God if Barack Obama had taken your stance on how Bush stole the vote from us twice- He would not be president today. He thoroughly studied their playbook and made sure that they could not repeat their ways of manipulating the voting system. This is about understanding the truth about an injustice to prevent it from happening again. As I said before the truth will set you free.

          Why don’t you read the book and do your own investigation to prove that it didn’t happen- recreate her research – you are the best person for that cause you live there- and unfortunately i believe you will be heartbroken cause there are some really scary people in your town that would do anything to prevent someone like Adam from being Successful…I am outraged and I can’t believe I am the only one, but if Kerry and i are the only ones- so be it- we will keep on fighting–cause I don’t ever want anyone to get away with violating our basic rights. That’s why this country is so great cause we keep on fighting. Anyway enough said…

          • FirstFan says:

            Joy, I agree with what you say about the small-minded folks in our land, but as far as Idol goes, I’m in the let it be camp. I would like to point out a quote from your last post:

            “there are some really scary people in your town that would do anything to prevent someone like Adam from being Successful…”

            They can’t BEGIN to keep Adam from being successful. The only question is how successful will he become? He’s a true artist with no worries about small-minded bigots since there are vast majorities of folks worldwide they are embracing him.

            Spread the Love, Spread some Adam

            • Everyone really needs to put this to rest. Last year I would have loved nothing better to have someone PROVE that it really was Adam who won. But that was THEN and this is NOW. After it was all said and done I was actually glad Kris won. Wait………did he really? Because everywhere I see it is ADAM, our beloved that is everywhere. He is outselling, outdoing, just out there beyond anyone on Idol and so does he really need the so-called title of Idol? NO! Adam has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is A STAR, A MEGA STAR, HECK A WORLD WIDE STAR! He did that without much radio play, but with his FANS support! Now he is getting radio play like everyone else, but before his album dropped in November his CD was already number one on Amazon thanks to his fans and word of mouth. Adam’s fans support him and he has so many that do that let Kris have his crown, he really needed that push, let him enjoy it and we will enjoy our Adam’s journey that we now share with the WORLD!

              ADAM YOU ROCK BABY!

              • I agree. I think the title would have held Adam back. He wouldn’t be all over the place like he is. Plus he lives in the right state to be a huge visual. I don’t think he would be able to do what he is doing with the title. Plus he must have gotten a better management team than the winner.

          • kathleen says:

            There are plenty of “small minded” people out there that are liberal too. Don’t put this into a conservative and liberal issue. As for the voting issues, I think that Arkansas did play a hand in the outcome…… but Adam has never had an issue with this and I think we should all follow his lead. Adam is doing just fine.

        • Virginia says:

          Becky, there are at least one hundred pictures of the Watch Parties at New Life Church and Estes Stadium. There are pictures of several thousand people voting. There are pictures of tables full of shirts being sold.(5,000 at least sold) The profit went to Kris’s family. There are pictures of AT&T employees and professional AT&T signs at these parties. There are party announcements describing AT&T as the party sponsor. There are pictures proving Chick fil a sponsorship of the Watch Parties. Their is proof that FOX 16 had a Kris Allen fan site on their official web page. Obviously you missed a lot in your own state.

      • Well atleast I now know why I couldn’t get through to vote for Adam. I have 4 lines going, 2 cell and 2 landlines, (ok I had people using those) but I couldn’t get through no more than 10 times. I was SO FRUSTRATED! But it is over now so I am over it! Like it says above do we need a book to prove Adam won American Idol? NO! In my mind he did and that is all I care about. Now can we put this to bed already?????

    • We all Know who realloy wins Idol Crown- NO ONE but ADAM LAMBERT! PROUD FAN =)


      Ok, you want to hear my take on the situation. I think it was Ford conspiracy behind Kris winning. Kirs is much smaller than Adam and can fit into the Fords in their commericals just fine. He slides into whatever Ford model they are advertising, smiles and waves and everyone is thinking about Mom’s apple pie, the red, white and blue, and buying a Ford.

      Now picture Adam doing the same commercial. He struts slowly up to the Ford, dressed in black leather, studs, and a few feathers for added effect. His eyes are black lined and he’s added eyeshawdow and rhinestones to his eye lids. His ring clad fingers have their nails painted black and he has enough other jewelry decorating his marvelous body to sink a ship. Talk about a fantasy in the making! He opens the Ford’s door, slow and sexy, gives the audience a seductive wink and WHAM smacks his head on the car frame and knocks himself out. Probably not the image Ford was going for.

      And this is why I truely believe that Adam not winning American Idol was a “Ford Conspiracy!”

      Give it up girls and just enjoy the music.

      • KO's smiling says:


      • You got it absolutely right, gurl! hahahahahahahaha

      • LOVE IT!!!! HOW FUNNY!!!

      • FUNNY! and just right. right now it doesn’t matter who won, cause it’s a year down the road, and i would bust a gut to see adam at disney world riding and waving at folks in a parade with mickey mouse and donald duck. he is so much bigger than that. they both won and i think in the best of the best outcome. they’re both famous and they’re both rich and they are both doing what they love to do. ok now, no more infighting! we love adam and we are happy that kris has a career. adam-love to love you , baby.

        • Virginia says:

          No more fighting? What does that mean? How can the outcome be considered good when Adam sang is heart out for the win and one state stole the win not only from Adam but from all of his fans? The book has pictures of AT&T signs at the Watch Parties and even a 15 foot AT&T balloon. The Arkansas activity went on from the time of the top 13. It was not just Adam but probably more contestants that were displaced. What about Alexis Grace?

      • Diane, you have hit the black nail on the proverbial glittery head. This makes the most sense of any conspiracy theory I have ever heard. Love it!

  2. OMG! you SO miss the point…PLEASE for God’s sake don’t talk about this book if you haven’t read it…U have no idea what u r talking about. Why are you trying to censor a book that is taking about the truth of what actually happened in the last few weeks of the AI8 contest. I don’t understand why you are doing the work for them- the them being the few backwards homophobic groups that will do anything to further their cause. God even our sweet Adam is being duped by this whole thing. Read the post below and please read the book and talk to me about it- its blowing my mind and I am only on page 150! I am serious about this – ALL GLAMBERTS NEED TO READ THIS BOOK- including Adam…. and I truly believe that Kris would be horrified if he new what really happened- he loves Adam and would never want to take anything away from him that was rightfully his. SO what-we just pretend that this injustice didn’t actually occur and we allow small conservative hate groups to dictate what happens in this country. The truth sets us free and helps us prevent this from happening again and again…So please read the post below so you fully understand why I believe this book to be so important and read it so we can actually have an intelligent conversation about it.

    So I read the book and it is actually quite mind blowing. It shows with out a doubt that America in all 50 states except Arkansas wanted Adam to win American Idol-and that Arkansas did in fact manipulate the AI8 voting system to rake in more than 50% of the vote. This so important to know because Adam still believes that Kris had more appeal to a wider audience due to conservatives in this country- but this books proves this to be false- ALL CONSERVATIVE RED STATES EXCEPT ARKANSAS WANTED ADAM TO WIN! they did not care that he was gay- or wore eyeliner, or was flamboyant or was too theatrical- they wanted him to win cause he was the best talent ever to hit American Idol in its history…

    It feels so good to know that America is not as backwards as I had previously thought it was and that we did vote for Adam but that too many of our vote were not counted and was manipulated by only a handful of backwards/homophobic groups in Arkansas. Kris also had homophobic christian fundamentalist corporate sponsorship which gave him an unfair advantage to say the least- and I am not talking about AT&T! They were the least offensive in this whole affair. I truly believe that Kris didn’t really even know what was going on behind the scenes in his home state. I know he would of put a stop to it immediately cause I know he loves Adam very much. Please read the book and find me on twitter if you want to talk about it…

    • I don’t think we are missing the point. But honestly, it really is over and done with. The only thing that matters is that Adam was signed and is doing great. It was a reality show title and he moved on immediately. From what I understand I think RCA wanted to sign him about a month before the end of idol whether he won or not. Adam wanted the platform and he said many times that he feels he was a winner because he got what he wanted.

      I was upset when he lost but Adam, himself, made me feel alright about it. I live in NY and my sister lives in Florida and neither of us were able to get through very much the night before the finale. I am a little suspicious of that but I usually don’t get too involved with American Idol. Before last year, I was a very casual watcher and usually tuned in at the end. Before last year I voted once for Fantasia and once for David Cook. Last year I became a voting fool for Adam. Just love the man.

      So in closing, I understand your passion but I think you should put it toward situations that really count like conservatives trying to deny gays the right to marry. That’s where the fight should be.

  3. I hope now that she’s finally got her book out – and feels she’s PROVED her conspiracy theory – that she’ll DROP IT! It’s all water under the bridge – and I agree – Adam wouldn’t want this. He loves Kris.

    IMHO if his state really DID cheat to make Kris the winner – they should’ve been required to buy as many CDs as the number of times they voted – otherwise they did him no favors.

    But at least the way it turned out – they’re BOTH winners – Kris with the title – Adam with the fame. Adam certainly didn’t NEED the title, it did more for Kris. If Adam had won, the contractual responsibilites would’ve just gotten in his way. This way he’s FREE TO SOAR – which is just as it should be. Adam is our lovely Bird of Paradise.

  4. Alexandra says:

    Kris was the AI winner and Adam is the star that was born “LET IT BE” 🙂

  5. AI is over for Adam. We are now in journey with Adam’s artistry, and his doing so well. To answer your question a big NO! If we all listen to most of his interview, Adam remains consistent answering this question, that he won AI not because of the title but his stepping stone to reach for his passion ie recording contract and pursuing his long time dream to entertain the world. And it’s all what we are receiving from him. And, by GOLLY!!! his doing damn amazing that no artist currently surpassing his amazing artistry. HE is a winner with our without a book. Nuff said! Instead of my $12 going to the book, I might as well purchase the International CD of Adam Lambert! And, I will! 😉

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      That’s right IJ, AI is just a stepping stone for Adam that is leading him to the Stairway to Heaven, it’s over, let’s move on and continue to support him all the way….

  6. love2adams says:

    As an avid reader I plan to read this book when time allows. I think that at the very least American Idol should have to make available the exact statistics of how many votes are received by each contestant. I actually paid for A T & T voting by text and it really annoyed me to find out that the same company allowed others to vote thousands of time by texting for free. I just think there should be more accountability. I do not even bother to pick up the phone for Idol this year since I have lost all confidence in their voting system.
    Just reading a book does not make anyone disloyal to either Adam or Kris. Adam may or may not be interested in the book but he surely would defend the position that everyone has the right to their opinion, including this author.

    • buffy522 says:

      I’m with you on this one. I don’t think the powers of Arkansas or any state for that matter are going to be that invested in a television talent show. There are more important matters going on. But I do have my own “conspiracy” theory and that is simply that the producers make a final decision. Adam was allowed to go all the way because he has the IT factor, was talented, y’all know the rest, but to be the Idol? To be at Disneyland? I would like to see a real tally. But that won’t happen. It is reality TV and, to a point, fake. I too go back and say what? But we do need to enjoy the love and long for the day when Adam and AI are not even mentioned in the same paragraph. Like Kelly.

  7. I agree with you. It is poor taste and I’m sure Adam wants nothing to do with it. What really bothers me is that this one obsessed fan is going to reflect poorly on he rest of us. Or worse, it’s going to reflect poorly on Adam. I don’t care about the idol results. I care about his career from this day forth. We want him to be a star, correct? Obsessing about the idol results will make him look shallow and hurt his image. Besides, Kris is talented, deal with it.

    • Virginia says:

      It was poor taste for the people in Arkansas to block Adam’s phone lines and steal his title.

  8. What always baffles me is fans going on about Kris…. if there was conspiracy, he had nothing to do with it.
    Adam has shared in many interviews that he loves Kris and considers him a friend.
    Holding on to these negative feelings and feeding them with books likes this serves absolutely no purpose.

    • The purpose it serves is to bring it into the light and the hope is that the more it is brought into the light the more chance there is of something being done to prevent it happening again. This is not about Kris and Adam – we all know that Adam is better and there’s no way Kris will live up to his level and this has been the case throughout AI history. Many of the winners are now has beens whereas those who did not win are doing nicely thank you. The idea behind books such as this is to allow those who are the better and more popular stars to actually win and not become victims of voting anomalies. Eventually, of course, they do do better in their careers but it does make a farce of AI voting when the best contestants are voted off. It does seem that AI is more about where you come from than how good you are.

      Now, as throughout history, speaking of such things serves the purpose for those to come not those who have been and just bringing it into the light will make those who wish to see more aware of what goes on.

      • I do agree with you that bringing the truth into the light can serve a purpose and I also agree that the voting system is all jacked up when it comes to AI. I really meant more that I do not undertstand that people, after almost a year, are still holding on to all these negative feelings.
        The truth ultimately, as we all know, is that Adam has blown the whole structure of AI to pieces. What the heck are they going to do for the finally this year? The only one who could top what was done last year would be Adam himself.

  9. As much as part of me wants to understand why so few of my votes went through, and I have AT&T, with 3 lines and 4 hours to vote in. I expected more than the 100 million votes since the previous week they had 60 million votes, 2 lines and 2 hours. That said, it is over. Kris is the American Idol and I don’t want to move backward so, NO I don’t want to go there. Kris is a great guy. Adam is a great guy.

  10. Tweeterpie says:

    While I do agree that it’s all water under the bridge and THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO TO CHANGE THE OUTCOME, I DO HOPE WE CAN GET AI TO CHANGE THEIR VOTING PROCESS FOR FUTURE SEASONS. I also know that neither Kris or Adam had, anything to do with anything, as far as this stuff all goes, so it doesn’t serve anybody any good to harp on the past…besides I love them both and we all know that they love each other dearly …SO IT’S ALL GOOD!

    HOWEVER, I DO SERIOUSLY BELIEVE that AI NEEDS to change their voting process. If they don’t, there WILL NEVER BE ANY TRUE FAITH in the final outcome.

    They could easily start by limiting the number of votes per phone, but they deliberately set the system up this way, to make unlimitted money off the voting process. There probably is some truth to the political manuevering behind the scenes for a number of reasons. One was probably because of the outrage over recently losing the hotly contested election and then more outrage over the rumored homosexuality of Adam, but it was PROBABLY ALSO ABOUT MONEY. The businesses that had been in full gear making money off the election were now without their REGULAR CASH FLOW, so they may have made Adam their new HOT POLITICAL ISSUE to justify keeping the CASH MACHINE GOING. I have a friend from Washington that said her paster actually asked the congregation to be sure and vote for Kris or Danny because they CAN’T let their children have a “homosexual” singer as their “Americian Idol”. The irrational FEAR IS that their children may choose to be gay like him if they look at him like a role model. I was shocked by that and almost didn’t believe her at first, but then I started reading other random posts here and there with the same type of claims coming from alot of different states. That’s not illegal, just bizarre! I also heard that some congregrations were using their “phone banks” using the phones lists compilied from the election to remind followers to call and vote for their favorite AI contestant, but just NOT THE HOMOSEXUAL ONE. I don’t know for a fact that happened, but I had heard about it months before the controversy, which in my mind lent more credibility to it. But it did show me there was a UNITED EFFORT to go against Adam JUST BECAUSE OF HIS ALLEGED SINFULNESS IN THEIR EYES.

    I THINK MORE PROOF OF THIS ORGANIZATION CAN ALSO BE SEEN AFTER AI ENDED. Haven’t we all seen a variey of churches organize picketers outside his concerts? I also know some groups organized mass callings to ABC and the FCC after the AMA’s. In fact, many were told to watch Adam’s performance for ANYTHING THAT MIGHT BE DEEMED OFFENSIVE. The funny thing is that if they had watched the whole show they would have seen lots of “offensive things” long before Adam ever hit the stage. BUT YOU SEE…that wasn’t the point…the point was to target Adam.

    I think AI should also have the judges input actually count for something, so that it is more of a talent contest than a popularity contest. Last year isn’t the first year that we had some very good singers go home before their time just because of a cuter younger contestant. I guess that is a main reason why Simon is leaving AI for a U.S. version of XFactor.

    FUNNY THING IS… I do think that Adam actually may be better off losing the title because he has much more artistic freedom this way. Besides, EVERYONE WHO IS HONEST WITH THEMSELVES, knows that Adam DESERVED TO WIN because he was the MOST CONSISTANT performer throughout. Even Kris has said as much. That all being said…KRIS WAS NAMED THE WINNER and got the most money at that time, but…. REALITY IS SHOWING US ALL THAT ADAM… IS THE REAL “SURE FIRE WINNER”. He is making the most money, getting the best reviews, & having a blast. All the while he is making millions of people from all around the world fall in love with him just like WE DID. “ADAM’S IN AND HE OWN’S OUR HEART!”

  11. vicki w says:

    Interesting posts, Adam fans!! Here is another theory, which has come to me over time: What if Adam actually declined the “title” and wanted to be free of the constraints associated with it? I think it is possible that he knew what limitations would be associated with “winning” and perhaps told the producers to give the title to Kris, so that Kris would have a fighting chance to succeed, while his success was already well on it’s way. He would be like a caged tiger if he was “crowned” the official American Idol!! This was NOT my first impression, and for a long time, I was outraged that he did not win….This other idea came later, after his album came out. What do you think????

    • buffy522 says:

      Nope! True about the Aftermath. But I think he would have taken the title.

    • I agree with Buffy, I think Adam would have taken the title had he “won”.

      • Virginia says:

        Adam’s mother and brother both said that Adam wanted to win. Do you remember the look on his face when he was in the bottom three?

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Oh c’mon, who do you know who joined any contest with the intention of losing? Adam is just very gracious and polite and does not want to sound bitter whenever he is asked about him losing. Whether losing or winning, he is where he wanted to be…I cannot believe that we are still talking about this a year later. This is exactly what Adam is so tired of hearing too…aside from all the same o= same o questions being asked during his interviews.

  12. grandjag says:

    I know one thing for sure ….I am trying to watch American Idol this year and whether it is the contestants or the guest artists no one and I mean no one even comes close to any of Adam’s idol performances or his performances since idol.. I find myself saying Adam sings, performs , just does it so much better.. It just makes me appreciate how amazing he is as a singer,writer, artist and how special he is !

    • buffy522 says:

      This season is so bad. Ryan is acting psycho. The judges are more annoying than ever and there is definitely no IT factor person. Or rivalry or friendships. Remember the gang pulling for Matt to be saved? You could see dynamics in the group. This year looks like random deer in headlights just stuttering through. Last year I could not wait to see what Adam was wearing, how he had his hair, what the song would be. This year, I just hope someone can sing a decent song. I don’t see what can change to bring the show around.

      • And Simon is constantly referring to Adam, without mentioning his name, by saying that they are waiting for someone to tear up the stage and show their world star power etc. Anyway if that kind of intense natural raw talent isn’t there it isn’t here so it won’t be happening this year.

      • OMG, you noticed that too? I keep thinking what is WRONG with Ryan this year? He keeps forcing the contestants to talk to him about things they don’t want too. I think he is annoying Simon because he is bored with the show like I am.

        • Iyleneidol09 says:

          Buffy, Irena, Trish, you are all so right, week after week, I am hoping to find someone who will blow us away with performance. All these kids know, is just hug their stupid guitars and stand there like robots. No artistry, no fashion sense ( they all look like Kris Allen) their vocals are so limited, their looks(face) so terrible, Adam really ruined AI after his season. He made us expect more from these amateurs. That girl, Siobhan, whatever her name is, is trying so very hard to look unique and outrageous ( no match to ADAM, even for a girl version), she screams just for the sake of screaming!! OMG, it was so painful to watch and listen to. I was always expecting Simon to say ” please do not scream if you are just trying to be an ADAM copycat!!” I bet you, one of these days, he will say that to that girl.”

        • love2adams says:

          Ryan is probably bored out of his right mind but with the money his is being paid he should at least try to act sane.
          I know he and Simon banter a lot but this year Simon seems genuinely angry with Ryan for the weird, in the face, way Ryan is acting towards him. A couple of times I wondered if Simon would have to push Ryan away.
          And Ryan really acted like a jerk towards that sweet kid, Aaron, who is only 16. The teasing is about how to sing about things a person has never experienced such as being in love. It really was very unfunny. I thought it bordered on child abuse the way Ryan would not drop it even when it was clear that he was embarrassing the kid; even the judges tried to deflect Ryan’s inane remarks.
          When the most interesting thing about this year is Ryan’s weirdness then we know Idol is in big trouble.

  13. Pyrenze says:

    Sure, it would have been great if Adam won AI. But as already stated by others, as the runnerup he isn’t locked into the Idol machine and is free to create the kind of music he wants. Which to me is the best thing for him. Obviously a very LARGE proportion of the voting audience doesn’t care about his orientation for him to have made it to the final two. So the faux-christians are not the “large majority” they like to pretend they are. It is beyond pathetic that certain groups were lobbying publicly for people to vote “against” Adam but what can be done about small-minded people with miserable lives? Since the AMA performance drew a measly 1500 complaints out of over 14 million viewers, I’d say that is a clear indication that certain groups are a whole lot smaller than they will ever admit. Besides, Adam is a rising international iconic superstar that can’t be stopped no matter what they do. Kris is a nice guy with a certain amount of talent, but he will fade into obscurity before long (Rubin Studdard, anyone?) and Adam will continue to amaze and entertain the whole world for years to come. Good for Adam!

    • Virginia says:

      It is not true that Adam has more freedom than Kris. He is under contract with the same people. Adam gets less money because of his second place finish. Adam has said that himself.

  14. NH Glambert says:

    I think it’s entirely appropriate that this is not Kris or Adam’s battle. It never was.

    But I DO think it’s about time the American public take exception to being deceived and taken advantage of by large corporations and government machinations.

    The events described in this book may have taken place in the context of the entertainment industry, but it is symptomatic of what goes on in every area of life in this society and THAT makes my skin crawl.

  15. i live in australia, am fascinated with all the comments above. it surprised me how the system works in your country, maybe we are lucky that Australian idol (which folded this year anyway) winners deserved to win. yes, i will purchase the book for curiosity and maybe the feelings of pleasure to know the reason why adam lost. i must admit everytime they introduce adam as AI runner up it gives me a bit of concern. as a mother (my son is older than adam) i feel the need to protect adam and show the world that he is not the second best but like the title of the book, adam is second to none. like some of you above, AI9 does not excite me and my family anymore and if the aforementioned voting system will continue, i will not be surprised if AI will fade away in a year or two or maybe finding a contestant like adam will save the show.

  16. I agree that the $12 spent on a book should go toward buying Adam’s album. I also think there was some kind of hanky panky going on down in Arkansas. After the win certain church groups were bragging how they got through so many votes by power texting for hours. They actually had groups of people doing this all night long. Also, where did the 38,000,000 million vote rumor from Arkansas come from? I thought it was Ryan Seacrest or someone from AI who mentioned that and then it went very quiet. Anyway, I agree with everyone above and think that the truth comes out eventually and it is showing right now with our boy Adam setting fire everywhere he goes. Unfortunately for Kris the same cannot be said. I hope he is saving his money very carefully because I don’t think he will be making very much in years to come. Sorry Kris but your fans didn’t do any favors for you because it must be very difficult living up to the AI title.
    Last comment. My sister who lives in England said that all their reality shows where you vote have a limit on how many times you vote and also you have to pay for the phone call etc. Part of the money goes to charities. That seems the way it should go over here.

  17. Personally, I am very pleased that Adam will eventually NOT be associated with the “Idol” show. I think he is far above that show and by not “wearing a crown” he will have the freedom to be just what he is…Adam Lambert. The idea that he could forever be tied to a cheesy-very-often-kareoke show would be disheartening.

    Eventually his talent will supercede that show…it almost already has. Very rarely do you hear, “Adam Lambert, the runner up from American Idol.” We are still hearing some “Openly gay singer, Adam Lambert.” I hope that will drop off soon too.

    He is so much more than a show or a sexuality. How about, “Adam, winner of 9 Grammys this year, is set out for his 4th world tour!”

  18. ViviennePendragon says:

    I honestly believe that Adam doesn’t care about the outcome and it’s his and Kris’s opinions which count. For me Adam isn’t runner up to anything. He achieved exactly what he set out to do, which is to gain exposure, get a record deal and launch his solo career. I have no intention of reading the book, however well researched or valid it may be. It just doesn’t matter. I think there are advantages in not being the winner – no one can say Adam’s success is manufactured. Kris and Adam are both great guys and good friends, who both got what they wanted; why mess with that?

    For me Adam is a superstar and although he would probably be touched by his fans’ “concern” and desire to “protect” him, he doesn’t need it

    • Virginia says:

      Adam did not get what he wanted. He wanted to win. Adam does not like being called the “runner up”. No one believes that this book will change the outcome of Season 8 but it will change the perception of two things. First, Adam did not lose because he is gay, he was by far the most popular contestant and would have won a fair contest. Second, once the rogue AT&T executive was found out when the 38 million Arkansas votes were announced, there was a cover up. This cover up was not fair to anyone who spent their time and money voting last season. How many people bought Go Phones and paid for text plans? This book is just as much about Idol voting and how with text plans that allow one person to vote thousands of times it is no longer a singing contest. Arkansas made that abundantly clear.

  19. Ima Ramorah says:

    Just like Vanessa Williams being stripped of her title was the best thing that could have happened to her (who remembers any miss americas?)
    Adam loosing that A.I.-title was the best thing that could have happened to him.

    free of the blatent commercialization and restrictions, just think, there would have been no AMA-FYE to blast our eyeballs and hearts, he would have been packaged as Vanilla-adam.

    • littlegreensnake says:

      I agree. I much prefer our 31-flavor banana split Adam, with piles of whipped cream, glittery sprinkles and a big-ass cherry on top!

  20. peggy glamb#543 says:

    I have wondered the same thing, what is wrong with Ryan, the raise must of gone to his head, and I think the judges gab to much….I am waiting to watch when Adam comes on…Adam didn’t loose he just didn’t get the title and who cares as long as he keeps being the major star that he is….The title has quite a hold on the person and Adam is a free spirit…..
    The show is boring, Ryan is physco(as you said) and the judges are boring and Kara is not Paula…but trys to be…..

  21. I’m interested in reading the book because I think the voting procedure is fatally flawed, and if there was any deliberate fraud or rules broken, it should be brought to light, if only to give credibility to past and future voting results, not to get at Kris or reclaim the crown for Adam.

    We had a voting “scandal” on last year’s South African Idol. To cut a long story short, a large number of votes that were made before cut off time were never included in the final tally due to them only being logged in the following day by the various (we have 4 providers) cell phone companies, due to traffic overload. This affected the final outcome and the original person announced as the winner was in fact the runner up! Crazy sh*t! So one week after the final the producers held a press conference and announced that both contestants would be declared winners. Not a comfortable situation at all! I really felt sorry for the girl who actually “lost” Props to them for disclosure though, it would’ve been much easier to just cover it up. It just makes you woinder about past results!

  22. Wow – this brought on lots of conversation.. Interesting, but won’t read the book and now I don’t care. Granted, I think I was actually depressed for 3 days after Kris was announced the winner. I could not function because I was so upset. But Adam, in his wonderfulness, but us all realize that it didn’t matter. He got what HE wanted. I am so happy and proud of him.

  23. Sheila Glamb #500 says:

    Well, come very interesting comments here to be sure. As for me, I am also in the “Leave it be” camp, but I do have a couple of things to add. (My .02)

    Adam is fine, but I personally have been angry about the “win/lose” thing from the announcement on Finale night. Whether or not the not winning hurt Adam or helped Adam……whatever – doesn’t matter now.

    My complaint is simply this. ONE, Kris got more money for the win, and TWO, Adam is the better singer. He should have been name the IDOL OF THE CENTURY!

    For all you Kris fans out there, don’t get mad at me. We all have opinions and are entitled to them. I like Kris because he is Adam’s friend. He seems like a very nice guy. His singing does not do a lot for me. Sorry.

    Adam, on the other hand, is talent beyond words.

    How he went all this time basically unknown will never cease to amaze me. I can’t remember EVER hearing anyone sing the way this kid sings. If he does not become the SUPERSTAR he should be, and deserves to be, there is no fairness in this country today. Europe seems to be embracing Adam way more than America. ????

    The fact that he is gay should have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with his musical ability. I know I am singing to the choir here Adam fans, but I am so frustrated by all of this, I sometimes don’t know what to say or do. And that is stupid. What could I do to change anything.

    OK, forgive me for letting this become a rant. Sorry, I’m done.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Sheila, don’t apologize, you are absolutely correct. I have the same resentment about the whole unfairness of the result of the votes. I had wished that the judges, will have the final say eventhough it was “america who voted”. Well, anyway, I moved on (just like Adam). Another unfairness that I noticed is the Lady Gaga saga. Despite her records has always been # 1, she has not won any awards, like grammy or AMA, why? It is the same thing, as they said, her appeal is not for everyone. Go figure.

  24. Hey guys. Before anything, I have to say that I respect every opinion, thought, and sentiment that every single one of you have contributed. I am an avid Adam fan and lord knows I too, like many, felt crushed when Kris was announced the “winner” of AI. I respect how passionate we are as Adam’s fans. We love him, believe in him, admire, adore him, and will defend him at every opportunity. However, I agree with letting go of the conspiracy theory. A friend sent me the link to the ebook. I browsed the description and decided not to buy it. I agree with the notion that Adam would want no part of this, that he would want his fans to stay focused on helping him to ahcieve success in an industry that he is so passionate about and dedicated to. I am delighted to hear interviewers and celebrities share the same surprise and disappointment that he didn’t “win”. However, Adam is a big winner. He has been declared so, by so many. Look at where he is today – traveling, meeting international fans, getting exposure, and sharing his fantastic talent and charm around the world. I cannot begin to express how excited I am for him when I see thousands of fans lined up for a meet and greet and the respect and admiration he gets wherever he goes. Simon Cowell said it perfectly – that unfortunately, AI turns into a popularity contest and a “winner” isn’t always a “winner” based on talent. He finally admitted that “based on overall talent, Adam should have won”. After so many seasons of AI, winners have come and gone. But I truly believe that although Adam didn’t receive the official title of AI, he is the real deal and EXACTLY what AI had been searching for, after so many seasons. I believe that Adam lost because of the pics that were leaked exposing his sexuality. However, it is us, his dedicated fans that stood by him unconditionally and kept him in second place, and the REAL winner of AI. Adam wants AI behind him. He will forever be grateful for having had the opportunity to use that format as a springboard for his success – which is definitely happening. But Adam wants to expand his talents and we have to let go of the past as he does. Let’s support him the way he wants us to. I won’t spend a nickle on someone’s else’s “facts”. I’ll spend it on tickets and memorabilia, and CDs to support the most talented performer to hit this country in a very, very long time. The real American Idol – Adam lambert.

    • Virginia says:

      You are absolutely wrong about why Adam lost. That is the purpose of this book. Adam lost for one reason. They cheated in Arkansas about ten different ways.

  25. JMHO, fans don’t want to undue S8 outcome, but they do want to see the voting process changed,so that it is fair and prevents massive popularity voting and sponsors should be required to remain neutral. The massive jamming of Adam’s lines not only prevented people from voting for Adam it also prevented people from making any phone calls, I have asthma and if I needed 911 that night I was screwed, for me that was dangerous. Also my settings on my gophone were changed for 3 1/2 hrs so that I couldn’t text my votes and couldn’t call on my cell phone. My neighbor has Verizon and I used her phone to call at&t and I found out at&t had changed my settings, may I remind you that at&t is also one of the sponsors of idol. This isn’t about Kris or Adam, it is about a flawed voting system that allows people to do whatever it takes to get their favorite contestant to win idol. I’ll be 63 next month and for the last 7 yrs. idol voting is starting to remind me of the game show scandal in 1960, the sponsors helped fix the outcome, they decided who would win and feed them the answers. Game shows now have to follow strict rules, but reality shows don’t fall in the category of game shows, they can get away with whatever they want. You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge, it’s time for idol to admitt that they have a voting problem.

  26. KO's smiling says:

    Guys, seriously, who cares? AI is going down the tubes, and it was just a TV show anyway. We got Adam, and let’s be thankful for that!

  27. ADAM-fanaticc says:

    hahahahahhahaha , she wrote a book ?! what a waste of time and money. loser . everyone already knows adam won , its no big deal. if he did win he would have no say as to who writes his songs, and what they sound like. so infact, he came out on top anyway.

  28. fabulousfilly says:

    I’m disappointed in most of you who wish to put your head in the sand. For some strange reason, I thought this was an Adam Lambert fan site. I guess I was wrong. More like a Kradam fan site. It sounds like Kris is more important to you than Adam. If you haven’t read the book, then you’re uninformed and don’t know what you are talking about. Yes, Adam is going to be more successful, but if you think Adam didn’t want to win, you are much mistaken. Yes, he has as much as if he had won the title, but runner up and openly gay has been following him around ever since the conclusion of the show. He has been led to believe that he lost because mainstream US was rejecting the gay, OTT singer and chose KA because his style suited more of the country. Nothing could be further from the truth and I for one hurt every day thinking that Adam once again thinks he lost out to the straight guy of lesser talent because of homophobia. This has probably happened to him over and over and was why he feared he wouldn’t be accepted and have a chance to win. We the fans also had our victory stolen from us and statements were made that we just weren’t loyal enough and didn’t vote enough which to me was rubbing our noses in it with gloating comments. No one is expecting to take away KA’s title, that isn’t the point of the book. The point of the book is to let Adam fans know that they did everything they could for Adam to win, but were thwarted by a political, PR, corporate machine that did everything they could to skew the vote and they succeeded. It was no longer a talent contest or even a popularity contest, it became a voting contest. So go ahead, stick your head in the sand, refuse to read the book and inform yourselves, justice and truth really doesn’t matter…. after all it really doesn’t matter it’s only Adam’s hurt to bear. Adam is a good actor and a gracious loser, and a good sport. You will never see the hurt he feels inside but I’ll bet it is there along with other scars from the past. I for one don’t care if Adam ever knows the truth, the book was written for us the fans, but I’ll bet he does have some suspicions and Kris definitely knows even if it is after the fact. I for one have a long memory and I will not forget nor forgive the cheating that took place and nullified my votes for Adam. He is my Idol and always will be. As for Kris…..karma’s a bitch.

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      We are ADAM’s loyal fans, we vote,vote,vote for hours; we bought,bought,bought his records, until I cant think off who to give, even my friend who is not fond of Adam got his CD for her birthday. So what else should we do? Organize a “tea party” and overturn the AI? Listen, don’t get carried away by so many theories. This just proved Adam’s popularity, he is like a hot merchandise, so marketable, that anyone can use his name to make profit.

  29. I’ve been reading the posts on the site for a while. This is my first post. I am absolutely in the “it’s over, let it be”, and “Adam is far more successful than he would be with the AI “winner” obligations hanging over his head” camps. Lets just love and support him, and not people who are trying to make money off the controversy. I LOVE the Ford company conspiracy theory – I haven’t had that good a laugh for weeks!

  30. Virginia says:

    I read the book and I am glad I did. I now understand not only how the voting system is flawed but exactly how Adam lost. It was not just AT&T involved but legal issues such as businesses using Kris’s name and likeness while it was owned by Idol. There are pictures of several thousand people at a Watch Party voting for Kris. AT&T is there with his brother Daniel as they gave away phones. This fan site is talked about in the book. I also saw a picture that would change the mind of anyone who thinks Adam did not want to win. He was practically in tears when Kris sang No Boundaries. Adam lost money by coming in second and he does not get any more freedom than he would have had in first place. The other issue is that although there was no conspiracy, AT&T acted alone, the loss hurt Adam because American Idol has been protecting the legitimacy of Kris’s win. It may very well have been ABC/ Disney, a corporate sponsor of Idol who intentionally sabotaged Adam’s album release by canceling him after his AMA performance. Why was there such an overreaction? This book is about corporate arrogance. It was well worth 11 bucks.

  31. I say, who cares! I love Adam, I love everything about him. He is the best artist come across in every aspect. I don’t give a damn who won, what, American Idol? Who cares. I just glad he’s here in my time.

  32. We did not need this book to tell us about the nuts in ARK. No one there could have voted 6 million votes with only 2 million living there. But as said before we have Adam that we all know who should have won.
    Adam is doing fine and is moving on. The way AI turned out last year is why AI is going to s— this year.

    • Virginia says:

      Donna it was 38 million Arkansas votes not six. People voted thousands of times each. Two boys voted 250,000 times. Why do people insist Adam is “doing fine” when just this week he suggested that America’s taste preferred Kris and that is why he lost. Adam was more popular in 49 states. I think Adam should know that. This book has about 300 pictures of the Arkansas activity and marketing research that is really interesting. Anyone who votes for Idol contestants needs to read this.

  33. I have actually felt sorry for Kris until my daughter pointed out that Kris is doing fine
    and Adam is our American Idol, whether he won it or not.
    I think it’s way past the time to be crying that Adam should have won. Hey, he’s is doing
    great without the title.. I’m happy for both of them.

  34. jeanene says:


  35. ianaleah says:

    Adam is my American Idol.Even Simon said he deserved to win. The very first thing Kris said when his name was announced was “Adam deserves this.” Kris was being honest.

  36. Libraglam says:

    This is my take:

    1. I like the idea of the book becuse it indirectly let the world know that ADAM deserved better.
    2. It’s not only for the ADAM’s FANS should read the book but it is for the world to read the book too.
    3. We don’t know whether the book is accurate or not but i definitely believe that there is
    some sort of cheating which i am not bothering to find out . It is so easy for computer
    hackers to create multiple lines to call out at once. It could be anyone from any states
    who like Kris, not necessary from ARKANSAS.
    4. Eventhough until now Kris ‘ Fans kept attacking ADAM (which is rare in the past) or accessed
    any links or videos about ADAM and trash it. It proved that subconciousy they know that
    “EVERYONE” was awared that ADAM deserved to win and they are ashamed of it. I am
    more proud to know that EVERYONE (not only ADAM’s FANS )has to AGREE (even those who
    are not interested in ADAM’s music) that ADAM deserved TO WIN.
    5. We should be HAPPY that ADAM is not committed to anything and he was able to go on the
    PROMOTION TOUR earlier than anyone else this year. It only takes few months after his first
    debut album to CONQUER the WORLD. We all must know that NO ONE in the PAST was
    able to gain such POPULARITY in few months ! GOD has saved the BEST for ADAM at last
    6. I believe that the purpose of the book is to give ADAM’s FANS the pleasure to read other fans thoughts and beliefs. Secondly, its purpose to “remind” the WORLD to admit that ADAM IS THE BEST and deserved the BEST. In my personal opinion, i also believe that the purpose of the book is to stop some of ADAM’s fans who are still bitter about it and they should be HAPPY and PROUD of being ADAM’s FANS ! We should CELEBRATE SUCCESS instead NOW ! This is ADAM first steps toward MORE SUCCESS !!

    • Iyleneidol09 says:

      Thank you Libragram for putting a positive spin on this topic. I like item #6. Let’s thank AI for bringing Adam Lambert into our lives. Adam is so talented, great singer, super handsome, sand and performed in every stage and clubs, but has gone nowhere in his career for years until he entered the AI contest. Win or lose, as he said over and over and over, he got what he wanted: the right exposure! And boy, what an exposure! Thank you AI.

    • i agree with you libraglam. i am one of those who are still bitter about adam’s lost so for my comfort and peace of mind i would like to know what went wrong and from there I WILL MOVE ON like adam.

      • Libraglam says:

        Guess what…..The book ” On the meaning of Adam Lambert” on the mail today ! I opened my mailbox and could not believe it. I asked my husband whether he had ordered that book for me. He said he did not. I look at the bill (invoice) , it was “me” who ordered it more than a week ago… Since i have thought of getting it , i cant believe that i actually “ordered” it without knowing what i was doing. Of course, i love to read anything about my ADAM but…my action is so scary…..i did somethig WITHOUT REMEMBER it !! That explain: I did LOVE my ADAM that much !!! May be i was a “SLEEPWALKER” !! hahaha…… hope i am not get on the plane just to see ADAM somewhere without knowing what i am doing….But i will definitely go to his concert next time he perform at the SF Bay Area

  37. Darlene says:

    It doesn’t matter anymore who won. I am so grateful that we still get to enjoy Adam. His amazing voice and personality will take him far. There is no one like Adam. I just can’t get enough of him.

  38. Virginia says:

    What matters to me is how Adam lost. The cheating should be exposed.

  39. hi guys, i must say adam is a very lucky guys having our love and supports but we are also lucky for having him, to entertain us and have this bonding among his fans so LET’S TAKE A BREAK.

    TIME MAGAZINE is currently running a poll for the 2010 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE and adam is on no.11 , i just voted, how about you?? please visit http://www.time and support adam. conan is currently no. 1 but we could make our boy as no. 1.

  40. Vale1187 says:

    I was so obvious that something fishy was going on. -.-” Kris doesn’t deserve the crown at all! There were other contestants way better than him, but Adam was the real winner and everybody knew it.

  41. Elizabeth Richter, Glamb#545 says:

    What I think is interesting is that it appeared as though Paula and Simon knew that Adam would lose. In their comments not long before the final vote they took to the time to say in so many words, “No matter what happens you, Adam, have a great future ahead of you. And look how now Paula has left the show and Simon is planning on leaving. I don’t think either one could put up with the scam that American Idol has become. On the other hand, I’d say don’t be so sure about Kris. His “Live Like You Are Dying” is contending well with Adam’s work on the charts, at least in terms of the singles, not so much re the albums where Adam appears to have won hands down. Both Kris and Adam are neck to neck re their singles, so clearly Kris was and remains a contender to be dealt with. But competition is good; it keeps you on your toes. I don’t think Adam is afraid of that–no true professional or artist want to cancel out the competition; you just want to outdo it. That’s where the fun comes in. We never thought a black man could end up as President of the US. You’d never think an out gay man could win American Idol; Adam almost did–and even though he didn’t, he’s getting more airplay out of losing than he ever would had he won. All of it is grist for the fame mill. So it is important to read the book, to know your enemy, but it is equally important to know that the enemy, in the long run, will not win, because you are stronger, more hard working, and more diligent than they. Adam is a highly trained performer with immense stamina–millions of fake votes are not going to get in the way of his inevitable rise to the top.

    • Libraglam says:

      Yeah….who know….and we never know that American Idol would bring a Lesbian to be a judge after ADAM’s won so many hearts last year ! They then chose Ellen Degeneres and so many peole love her. Who knows…may be one day they will bring Ricky Martin in to replace Randy (if he will retire) 😉

      Hey have you ever thought of ADAM and RICKY sing together (just a thought) ? it will be wild …
      ! Ricky is very handsome, sexy and popular too!

      • Libraglam says:

        Oops, I have to add : No one can be as Sexy, Charming, Handsome like our ADAM !!

  42. to all fans, if you want the truth give the book to kris allen and let him read it and let him decide if he still think hes the winner , I for one would like to know the truth we ve become a nation that excepts being lied too cheated on . Its never ok to take something that is not yours that is a basic principal you need to be inform regardless if its in the pass , will read the book not afraid of knowledge

  43. it’s true diane, for the sake of knowledge i will ready the book, it is not going to change adam’s position but at least i know the truth behind his lost.

  44. Libraglam, Ricky Martin took it from Adam, and also proclaimed himself gay. In this aspect, Adam is a PIONEER, FIERCE AND FEARLESS. Early in his career, can Ricky do what Adam did in AMA? Adam slew all pretensions in one stroke, and face the world boldly saying, ” I DARE YOU WORLD, TO LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM !” Bravo Adam, MAGNIFICO!

  45. Being from ARKANSAS, please do not refer to us as nuts. A little too much name calling on here. I am from ARKANSAS, I am not nuts, and a huge Adam fan as are lots of folks from here.

    Yes, Kris had a huge fan support here, why wouldn’t he had? If he was from any other small town state, southern or northern, he would had had the same support too.

    The whole point of this discussion is why do we bother with American Idol at all?? If they allow corruption or illegal voting for anyone, then the concept of people choosing someone is a mute point, and lets just allow the producers choose who they want.

    There were things said after the show about 38M votes coming out of Arkansas that I still find doubtful. Yes there were watch parties but the church isnt that big and UCA has only has 14,000 students and I doubt all were at the football stadium voting on ATT supplied go phones.

    If one state can pull a vote that hard why did not Adam win.?He is from California, there are more people in LA alone than the whole state of AR? Where was his fan support? Surely the silicon valley computer gurus figure out how to sway a vote if 2 kids from the hills can figure out how to vote 250,000 times.

    I voted all night on 3 ATT phones for Adam, I got in some and sometimes I did not. Its always been that way while voting on AI, whether it was for Adam or for someone else. I also found it hard to believe when people said to me the next day how great it was for Kris to when, and I asked how many times did you vote for him, NOT ONE person said they voted or really watched the show. I also never saw an email encouraging me to vote for Kris Allen. I teach in the public school and if there was such an email from the politicians , I am sure it would have found my inbox since I am in a way a state employee.

    Also going the AI tour in North Little Rock, the noise for Adam was just a loud for Adam as for Kris. Most of the “fans” that showed up for Kris did not even clap too much for him.

    Really, corruption on the part of AI is the issue not the state of AR. The show is no longer a viable source of talent when the producers or sponsors can sway the vote to their advantage. I will never vote for AI contestant again. I am watching this year, and except for Crystal, it is not worth watching. Even her talent would have placed her in the bottom of the top 10 of last year. I really miss Matt, Danny, Allison, Adam and Kris. At least last year had true talent.

    Conspiracy theory or not, Adam will do fine. And if you would like to see Kris soon he is playing at the Saline County fair in Sheridan, AR at the end of the month, Tickets are cheap.!!

    Get over it ladies!

    • Virginia says:

      There is a difference between a theory and facts. You may not have been at Watch Parties but that does not mean they did not exist. Adam Lambert Second to None is filled with pictures of several thousand people voting and evidence of AT&T presence. Simple math. It only takes 3,800 people voting 10,000 times each to reach 38 million votes. Had that vote been fair under the rules Kris would have had a legitimate win. But when you throw in the AT&T help provided by AT&T executive Matt Jordan and dozens of sponsors plus the sale of shirts with money going to the Allens and the local FOX station providing a fan site for the local contestant you no longer have a fair vote do you? Matt, Danny Allison and Adam were all effected by the cheating. Would Kris have made the top ten? The Fox station had their fan page up by the Top 13. Alexis Grace to me was more talented than many others. It is true that you should question the reasons to vote this year. But this book is about last year and why it is wrong to still have Adam called the runner up and for people to believe he lost because he is gay when he was more popular in 49 states.

    • Sure glad Adam doesn’t have to play county fairs – or open for other people. He’s a SuperStar all on his own! He doesn’t have to do Ford ads or kiss up to Mickey Mouse. I’m very happy to have Kris doing all those things so Adam is free to BE ADAM!

      I am SO over AI8 – and just SO happy we have our Adam!

      And yeah – I miss the whole gang too – I’m glad they keep in touch with each other and all have projects going on. Matt looked great on AI9. AI will soon be gone – looking forward to X-Factor!

      BTW – Chrystal is good – expecially to people OUR AGE. We all remember the songs she sings. But if she’d lived 40 yrs ago when all that music was out – she couldn’t compete with the artists of that time. Look to the future ladies. Siobhan Magnus is the real deal talent of the future on AI9! If you don’t believe me do a search on youtube for the plays she did in high school. She’s 19, her voice is natural, untrained – and when she was 15 she could sing circles around everyone else on AI9!

  46. hi ladies i think we should use our discretion whether to read or not to read this book. like oprah said ‘INFORMATION IS POWER” and i for one believe that KNOWLEDGE IS ALSO POWER.

    anyway, we sounded like we all want to protect and put our ADAM on the pedestal so to do this we should vote for him on TIME 2010 MOST INFLUENTIAL PEOPLE, he is currently no.6 behind robert pattinson. lady gaga is way way up no. with more 100,000 votes. we could do multiple votes, just refresh the page, adam page is 90 of 201 (BACK AND NEXT) after voting go back (89) then next (90) adam’s page. kindly keep doing refresh and enjoy voting.

    whoever wins this competition will be on the cover of TIME MAGAZINE with his/her story so if our adam wins it will be a news of the entire world.

  47. k. morgan says:

    I think it would be wise for all to do as Adam has done and said one hundred million times it seems…It does not matter who won…He and Kris are very good friends and they both felt they both had won by making the finals…Both got record deals…got what they had dreamed of….I feel Adam was better off not winning…He has more freedom to do what he wishes…and for him that is huge since he is not mainstream pop…He is killing it in sales….he is world wide famous…He is going to be headlining his own tour…He is getting ready to make his third video…His WDYWFM video has been in the top three on VH1 (number one for like 7 weeks) for at least two months…
    He point blank…is tired of being asked the same questions…one being do you think you should have won? Move on Adam fans…move on Kolsch…

    • Virginia says:

      First there are two reasons that Adam would never question the vote. He is under contract and not allowed to disparage anyone in the Idol family or the show and he does not want to appear to be a sore loser of bitter about the loss. His character was admired all over the world for being gracious when Kris won. That being said I believe that by the time Adam was on tour he realized that something was wrong with the vote when the majority of the audience was there to see him. Two reasons are usually given for his loss, Danny’s votes or homophobia. The marketing data and Google Trends in this book prove both wrong. In fact the Google Trends indicate that Adam was more popular in 49 states and so does the marketing data. Adam has always been more popular than Kris and Danny combined. What is shocking to me is how much was done in Arkansas that was against the rules. Adam has said that he does not like being called the “openly gay singer” do you think he likes being called the “runner up” if he lost because of cheating? My opinion is that Adam will be glad when the truth is well known.

  48. I’m a huge Glambert fan, like many, needing my daily fix. But geez, a lot of these comments are completely insulting to many of his fans like me. I’m a Christian and conservative and think some people are ruining the world by talking about race andf gender all the time — and keep saying they don’t care that Adam’s gay, which means, of course, that they’re NOTICING his orientation big time and feel great about themselves for “ignoring” or “tolerating” it.

    Wise up — see people as individuals, not as “Bush-who-stole-the-election” people or “church’ people,” “homophobes,” or “arkansas nuts.” Adam’s probably soooo happy that some people keep bringing his orientation up so they can say “Oh, I don’t care if he’s gay.(Which means “I’m better than you, you racist, conservative hater!”)

    Quit making a big deal about his gayness and quit using it to make yourself look cool. It’s soooo 1990’s to point out race or orientation, and it’s also taking advantage of someone else’s sexuality to show what a “liberal” person you are. Adam’s doin’ fine — too bad we can’t say the same about the “black man in the White House.” (there ya go, noticing race, gender, or sexuality again!)

    Some of us Americans are sick and tired of not even being able to go on a fan site without suffering thru’ this name calling. Now that I’ve evened out the lib tint of some comments, I agree-let’s leave politics out of this. LOVE YA, ADAM!