Digging Deep

Anyone who has followed Adam in the press since the early days of American Idol knows that Ann Powers of the LA Times has also been following him o these many months. Ann has provided us with many positive and in-depth articles over this time, and here’s another gem. She not only talks about Adam, but the music industry as a whole and how Adam has been influenced by it and how he fits into it now. It’s one of the very best articles on Adam I’ve ever read. You MUST read this! Here’s a portion of it:

Kicking off another typical seven-day work week in the offices of his management company 19 Entertainment, Adam Lambert fixed his gaze on his own pretty face. Scattered across his publicist’s desk were proof sheets from a photo session with the singer, who will release his debut album on RCA Records, “For Your Entertainment,” Nov. 23. The shots captured Lambert in typical glam-god poses: peacock, street tough, space oddity, freaky adventurer in the boudoir of the damned.

Lambert, who in person is none of those things but rather a startlingly grounded 27-year-old radiating Southern Californian optimism, took up a red pencil and circled a frame. “This one needs a little fix here,” he said, momentarily playing art director. It’s all part of one big performance for Lambert as he works to resurrect rock in the new pop age.

But hold on. When such hyperbole is thrust at him — by, say, an overly admiring pop critic who followed him closely during last year’s “American Idol” contest, when he broke ground as the most successful Idol to be rock-oriented, androgynous and gay — he lifts a ring-laden hand to brush it away.

“I want to put it out there that I don’t take myself all that seriously,” he said. That’s one of his mantras. “The dress-up supports that; the fantasy element supports it. People want to talk about whether I have rock cred, whether I’m selling out, the theatricality, the gay stuff. . . . Chill out! And just enjoy yourself. It’s not that deep.”

Then he corrected himself, slightly. “Sometimes it is deep. Some of the songs on the album are,” he admitted, pointing to the song “Soaked,” a sweeping epic about the loneliness of one-night stands that’s actually a cover of an unreleased track from Muse, and a very serious one at that. He also singled out “Broken Open,” a ballad he co-wrote, which he said is about encouraging a lover to become vulnerable enough to cry.

“But sometimes it’s just, ‘This is hot, I feel good, this song makes me want to go get a drink and flirt with somebody and have a good time.’ Good energy is just as credible as the cathartic, dark, heavy” stuff, he said. “It’s just as important!”

This might be the most exciting message Lambert carries forward into one of the most intensely observed major label debuts in recent pop history. He’s reminding America that rock music can be joyful, light-spirited and sublimely silly, just as pop can explore serious subjects beyond the call to hit the dance floor. And that a rock star might also like to dance.

The Lambert way

As Lambert plays the role, a rock star doesn’t have to be an angry punk, a brooding post-grunge puritan or a hair-metal style macho dude in a dress. These approaches all have their purpose, but Lambert projects something different: outrageousness that’s totally at peace with itself.

He does this by connecting countercultural ideas — values he learned as a kid touring Germany in a production of “Hair,” the musical that first brought rock’s spirit to Broadway — with a trouper’s sense of artistic performance as work, which takes brains and a certain sharpness as well as talent.

“His No. 1 challenge, which I think he’ll pass, is stay true to himself and to roll with the punches as they come,” said Rob Cavallo, who has worked with artists from Green Day to the Dave Matthews Band and produced four tracks on “For Your Entertainment.” “He’s going to have successes. He might have people against him. Which is exactly what happened to Elvis, the Beatles, to Prince. . . . There will be controversy, and there will be opinions. If he stays true to himself he will be one of those great artists to watch over the years.”

The article is very long…this is just part of it. Read the entire article here.

Thank you Ann, for “digging deep” – we really appreciate it!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5


  1. puteri abdul says:

    good move jeanette for bringing this article here..
    I just read it just now and thought that her “in-depth” of adam is really enlightning as it depicts the inner human side of adam and also his musical credibilities that come not only from his saying, but by those who had the fortunate experience of working with him ..

    I also came across a posting from libracats..
    she said she met adam last night at a club watching adam’s friend danielle performing..
    there are his latest pictures there..
    just google adam lambert nov 5th under the thread – libracats is standing 5ft from adam right now ..

    • Puteri, can you email me the link for the photos?


      • puteri abdul says:

        it is from the idolforums jeanette..
        I am not quite good at this..
        maybe you can try ..

        http://i33.tinypic.com/2u44t8w.jpg http://i38.tiny

        • puteri abdul says:

          and another one ..

          http://i34.tinypic.com/2livus4.jpg http://i36.tiny

          and libracats write-up :
          I had no idea he would be there. I went to see Danielle. I wanted to meet her and I knew her mom would be there. I had met a friend of hers at Adams homecoming and I wanted to tell her.
          I was sitting looking the other way when Lori started punching me in the arm saying OMG Adam’s here!!!
          When I looked up he was literally standing less than 5 feet from me hugging his friends and talking. He stood there for ages so I called judesmum and told her what was going on.
          When the show started he sat down at the table right in front of ours!! I could see him the entire show, laughing and bopping his head to the music.
          There was a guy performing right before Danielle that Adam was really getting into. He bought him a drink and handed it to him. The guys said in one of the part od his set to the audience. “Has anyone ever gone after a guy that was taken?” and Adam yelled out “YEAH”!!!!! It was so cute!!
          He put lip gloss on his lips at one point. And when Danielle was singing a really slow sad songf, Adam put his hand on the side of his head and sort of leaned into it like he was really getting into the mood of the song. I stared at him the entire night.
          Ok so one time during the night he got up to go to the bathroom and when he came back he had to walk right past me so I reached out and touched his arm and said his name. He turned around and i introduced myself. He said nice to meet you. I told him we had met before and he said oh? and kind of looked at me and said where? so I told him I had met him at the hotel in L.A. and took a video of him hugging me. It was like alight bulb went off. He got all animated and said oh yeah nice to see you again.

          Adam’s mom was there too. I met and talked to her, before I even knew who she was, lol. I was telling her that I liked her outfit and talking to her about Danielle. Then I over heard someone say she was Adam’s mom so I looked at her and asked her name. When she said Leila, I said to her OMG your Adam’s mom??
          Leila is gorgeous!!!! OMG she looks about 25 years old. I told her she looked so different from her pictures. Lol She said what pictures. I said the one that are all over the internet. She said those aren’t very good.

          Oh Adam looked gorgeous btw. He had on that blue and black checked shirt with a Queen tee shirt underneath. he had on makeup and nailpolish and just looked like the prettiest person in the world. i have no idea why Lori and I were the only ones staring at him.
          It was such a casual evening and perfect in every way. Dont think much could top this.

          • Thx puteri, what a great night Libracat had. Adam is always out and about having the good times.
            see how all your Glamb sista’s are. Someone needs some help and we pull through.
            love and peace

            • Puteri thank you so much, and Mary, isn’t it great that Adam home base is LA? He gets to hangout with old friends, fellow entertainers and new professional contacts without travelling far. It works for him!

              I wonder how long it will be before he is swamped at these smaller events and will have difficulty attending them?

              • Terry, oh yes, Adam is at home in LA. All the fame certainly isnt keeping him from
                going out and risk getting mobbed by fans. Hopefully everyone can act civil and he will
                always continue to be within reach. I love how he mingles with people and makes
                us feel soo special.
                He seems to be handling all of this so well, nothing skers him………

                Maybe meet and greets will always be a part of his concerts. Hope………..

                • I believe that ADAM truly loves being a Star and that it hasn’t gone to his head. He’s so poised and polite and seems friendly to everyone.
                  He knows that he’s loved, and shows his love back! He’s too gracious to be rude…it’s just not in him to stay away from his friends and having fun.

          • Puteri thanks for sharing your experience, that is an extraordinary experience, unfrorgetable, must be really nice to actually meet Adam is a ‘casual’ setting when he is himself. You have made my day.


            • puteri abdul says:

              errr toni, it’s libracat’s experience…
              I am like half way across you guys there in states..
              infact, just woke up after less than 3 hours of sleep..

            • Toni, whats up girl?? Holdin down the fort at the Hard Rock??

              • Hi Mary, trying to get mor fans to join us, another Adam fan is helping with promoting Adam, really really very helpful. I have been very busy at school and not had much time to read through all the posts on the site, I try to keep up with all the news about our Adam, I am so pleased he is doing so well.


          • Helen/Canada says:

            Wow, I’m going to cry, I wish it was me!!

            • Helen, u too. whats up?? been away??

              • Helen/Canada says:

                I seem to be so busy these days, I don’t have time to do everything–emails, GlambsON site, this site, Twitter!!! It’s too much! I try to keep up, but just can’t seem to post at any length. That’s why twitter is good for me right now–it’s short!
                I have recently started working full time–EVERYDAY, and I’m finding it really hard to keep up with everything. I usually only work 2 days a week, but the girl I job share with had surgery, so i’m taking her days too. Thank goodness, it’s only until Christmas, I couldn’t handle this working everyday shit. And my server at work won’t let me on this site, so I have to try to catch up at night. Plus, I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and my energy is sapped, so I’m in bed early these days. Can’t wait to get back to my normal schedule.
                Anyway, I’m so happy, I just downloaded FYE from the Canadian i-tunes. It’s playing on repeat right now! I’ll try to post and maybe see you on twitter.

                Hugs to all my Glamb sistas! I may not be here on site, but I’m always thinking of you and hopefully see some of you on twitter too.

                • OH Helen, take care of yourself, with that awful flu around! I am soo glad I am fully retired ’cause I am whiling away lots of hours online, only like Emili my butt is getting so sore, need to invest in a comfy computer chair with arms…

                  It does take a lot of time to go onto twitter and this site, plus emails. I find the net is a virtual ‘labyrinthe’ which can lead you into more and more hallways, and you have to limit yourself. We are all in a frenzy to not miss anything Adam.

                  • Terry…well said!!!! I get online and tell myself I’ll limit my time so that I can get things done! Well, one thing leads to another, and I’m deep into looking for all things ADAM. You help me alot with some of your emails! Look! Here I sit! LOL

                • Helen, hope you’re back to your old self again soon. I know all these social sites
                  can keep a person too busy. Sometimes I need to pace myself. Then I get all
                  caught up in this and here we go again…….
                  Hugs back to you,
                  love and peace
                  I was having trouble replying on twitter today. No icon arrow to reply????

                • GLAMB#474kimber says:

                  slow down girl! take a break, lottsa breaks help. thinking about ya, get well & get some freakin’ rest!!!!

          • nikka/argentina says:

            Thnx a lot for the post…seems Libracat had a blast!!! Lucky gal!

      • AdamRocks! says:

        GREAT article! Puteri, thanks for the heads up! I went looking, and found them!


        Just scroll down. . . OMG what a lucky woman Libracats is!

        Cindy in MS
        Glamb #37

        • What happened? All of the pictures seem to have been removed?? Crying my eyes out…I was anxious to see them…boo hoo..

          Thanks for the cite though.

          Hugs, Glamb #488



    • Oh yeh, love to see.

  2. Thank you so much, Jeanette, for this article.

    For some time now I have also been following Ann Powers’ columns because not only she seems to respect Adam a lot, but she also has a very good understanding of how the industry works. She is a true pro and this is such a compliment to Adam, because it raises the profile of everything he does beyond the tabloids and gossip columns and gives credibility to him as an artist.

    And this is exactly what he deserves and needs at the moment.

    • I totally agree, which is why I love Ann. There is so much gossip and garbage in the tabloid press, and it is so refreshing to get the perspective of a reporter who knows the industry and who takes the time and effort to delve into the aspects of Adam’s music that many reporters either ignore or don’t have a clue about. I agree that articles like Ann’s raise Adam’s credibility.


    • Glambertgirl1 says:

      Actually heard this am he has another boyfriend-OhFerras. A little surprising since he just broke up with Drake a couple days ago?

  4. AdamRocks! says:

    YAY! Every week Entertainment Weekly magazine has The Must List/10 Things We Love This Week. . . For Your Entertainment is the first favorite they listed this week. I swear, every week for about four weeks or more, there’s been something in EW about Adam. 🙂


    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

  5. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    I read the article over at twitter and I thought it was a very good one. I’d like to read some more of her articles regarding Master ADAM. He is a brilliant musical mastermind.

  6. Very good professional and positive article. When she said Adams debut will be the most intensely observed in recent pop history, you just know that to be true. The people who claim to be not interested will be in tune, and hopefully they will change their minds. Those of us who are very much interested , we know its the Lambert Way for sure. Love to hear responses from the professionals who’ve been in the business a long time talk so highly of Adam. Dont see how they couldnt, he is so intelligent and knows exactly what he wants. Jan. 28,1982 A Star Was Born!

  7. Hi Jeanette, fantastifc article, Adam is such a talented, person, she recognises that he is an exceptional artist, and I love the way he comes across quite humble, someone who enjoys entertaining people. I also want to take the opportunity of thanking you Jeanette on the site. Please do not be suprised my GLAMB friends, Adam came to London, that is, to day I received the magazines Jeanette posted to me, to actually see a picture of Adam right infront of me it is amazing, it is as if he is here. I read the whole article very slowly, absorbed each single word.

    Jeanette thank you very much



    Oh and here’s an interview of Adam from 2012 – stop, drop, and roll and canned goods…check and check:


    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Good interview, but it took too long. No wonder we missed him on Livewire. The interviewer just wanted ADAM all to herself, stingy b****!

    • What a handsome doll he is. He just has IT……………………….

      • Yes he is, he interviews so well, he is so natural, never lost for words, and always so humble, love the man.


    Somehow I did not see a link for this one in other threads, if so, just delete please:

    It’s Ann Powers’ take on Adam’s first single For Your Entertainment and now that we have heard the whole song it might have more meaning for us.


    • Milwaukee’s major newspaper, the Journal-Sentinel, ran this article in their November 3rd print edition. The article itself ran on the last page of the “Local” section (kind of a strange place to put the article) however on the front page of the section, they ran a huge banner across the top of the page with a full-color photo of Adam with fangs from his Boca concert and the line “Adam Lambert: ‘Idol’ runner-up glams it up on debut CD.” I don’t subscribe to the paper, but one of my co-workers saw the article and brought the whole section in for me. Great publicity for Adam from a paper that normally covers Danny Gokey and no one else.

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      Thanks Theresa for the article. I was just saying that I would love to read more of her writings. It’s clear she seems to understand ADAM enough to write about him in such a positive way. Thanks ANN P.
      I think this might be a perfect spot to do this, but last night at work I ‘ve been very exhausted both physically and mentally. Too much thinking is what it is. But when I took my lunch, I looked at my new pics of ADAM on my phone and I was thinking about libracats encounter w/ ADAM. I started getting emotional and broke down crying. At that moment, I wanted to try to see if there was a creative side to me. So, I wrote a poem. Here it goes: It’s called
      “I Know In My Heart”
      I know in my heart, you’re an incredible man,
      I know in my heart, you’re only human.
      I know in my heart, it is touched by your voice,
      I know in my heart, I love you by choice.
      I know in my heart,you’ll set the world on fire,
      I know in my heart, you’re my one and only desire.
      I know in my heart, we will never meet,
      I know in my heart, you are so very sweet.
      I know in my heart, someday, just someday, I’ll let this fantasy go,
      But I know in my heart, you will always know,
      my love for you, forever and always.
      by a GLAMBfan.
      There you go. Is it too stalkish? It came from my heart and it’s as true as it can be, from me.
      Thank you for reading. PLL to ADAM and the GLAMBS!!!

      • Kimber…..NO NO It doesn’t sound stalkish. It’s beautiful and I love it. It came from your heart, and magically, you expressed what is in all of our hearts! Thanks!!

        • GLAMB#474kimber says:

          Thank you very much, your reply is very encouraging. Do you see what true love does to a person? It’s true love for all of us, it’s bringing out the best and creative side in us. We are ADAM’s true love, his fans. Thank you jaberone, love you!!!

      • Oh Kimber, enjoy it all girl. Adam is so loved!

  10. OMG! OMG!! OMG!!

    Here it is almost 1 am PST and I am lolling in bed watching Craig Ferguson when it goes to commercials.

    So…. I decide to check out one of our two music channels, Much More Music the over-40 version of MTV in Canada. Green Day is on , Yippee, actually someone I’ve heard of for a change.

    Then I decide to check on Much Music, for the under 40 crowd (Ferguson has long commercial breaks) and OMG!!!!!!!

    TIME FOR MIRACLES VIDEO IS PLAYING!!! I caught it the first three seconds, I honestly thought I was seeing things at first.. NOT POSSIBLE! ADAM IS ON CANADIAN TV FIRST???



  11. waveridergal says:

    What a GREAT ARTICLE. I read everything I can to keep up with Adam’s growing career. So far, this is the best article I have read, so well written and informative. Thanks for posting it!

  12. Thanks again Jeanette for your informative articles……grasp on to every bit of info that you post about Adam (nothing happening here in Australia….yet !!) Adam is certainly very intelligent and appears to have worked out his plan for his music industry career – but also very aware of all the “pifalls’.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

  13. Correction “pitfalls”

  14. This is a great article. The writer really allowed Adam’s honesty and and insight to radiate through out the piece. I like the fact that he portrayed Adam as being balanced and three dimensional. He let Adam express the fact that he wants people to really enjoy themselves and not get overly analytical as though they got their finger on their pulse or on Adam’s pulse all the time. There are lots of celebrities out there that don’t seem to have an original thought but Adam is so genuine He’s really bright and .and I think he has a natural gift for sharing his thoughts and feelings in a way that is authentic and so charming.

    I’m looking forward to seeing him perform on a lot of shows. I could even see him hosting Saturday Night Live. I bet he’s have us moaning when he sings and dances and laughing hysterically when he does some really campy kind of stuff. I think he can pull it all off . Of course that’s what we’d like to see him do! LOL!

  15. correction, I bet he’ll have us moaning etc.

  16. cheryl 334 says:

    Adam is growing! He is realizing new prospects and challenges every day, now. Though he tries to maintain, ‘it’s not that deep’, he knows it is for him! It is all very deep for him! He wants to feel or put out that his new life is just ‘ordinary’ and that nothing he does is ‘that deep’! Well, I for one, think that much of what is going on with Adam is “very deep” and he cannot convince me otherwise! He puts all his thoughts into everything he does and says, b/c he wants to put forth his best in everything he does. He should not be embarrassed by the fact, but know it and accept it, and know that many of us know it too. He isn’t running around doing anything ‘half-assed’. It is not his way. Not who he is. He did not get to this point in life being half-hazzardly pretentious or shallow. He is a manly-man of thoughtfulness to the greatest degree. That is who he is. He should be so proud of that and not try too hard to try to make himself out to be more shallow than he is. If there is one thing Adam is NOT, it is ‘shallow’! He is thoughtful, humble and generous with his praises of others. Adam is humble, not ever to be mistaken for shallow. That is a great attribute, not everyone posesses! He is just love. He is sensitive, loving and kind. There is no one like Adam in the entertainment world close to his sincereity and genuineness, in my opinion. Adam tries to ‘plaly down’ the role of his music by saying, ‘it’s not that deep’, which is comendable, but not necessary. Adam is who he is, and that is amazingly amazing!