Did you feel let down by the royal kiss?

As I was watching the Royal Wedding kisses on Buckingham Palace’s balcony, as only a romantic insomniac would, I started feeling “is that all there is?” I know they have their British decorum and all, but gee, I wanted more. Their ceremony didn’t even include the usual “you may now kiss your bride.”

Then I got to thinking, maybe they’ve never seen what a real kiss looks like?! Thank goodness another one of the blogs was thinking the same thing, and they posted this. I’m sorry, I can’t find the blog to attribute this to. If one of you can post it in the comments, I’ll give proper credit, thanks! 🙂

Let’s compare the two:


And now for the real thing, thanks to Suz526!

William and Catherine, you have my best wishes for a long and happy marriage. But if you really want some heirs, perhaps you could take some lessons from our Top Snogger!

Love ya!

~ Carol ~

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  1. Hello ! Carol . How are you ? I hope you are very well .I saw that kiss and I don’t think it was , real or full of love or even emotions as Adam’s lovable kiss . I guess you’ve been searching about this one ,
    right ?

    I hope it helps …

  2. I’m still fanning myself over Adam and Tommy’s kiss…LOL!

    I thought William and Kate’s kiss was regal, boring, but regal. I wish them much happiness and blessings for a wonderful life together. I’m sure Diana was smiling down on them

  3. Sandyra says:

    I suppose they felt they had to maintain some sort of decorum and give a kiss that the fewest number of people would criticize… I think that’s called looking for the lowest common denominator. Adam doesn’t feel constrained by much of any bounds, being the Rock God that he is. Too bad for the royals – they’re missing out on so much vibrancy in life.

  4. Not everyone enjoys watching Adam kiss–he is a great singer, does he want to be known as a great singer or a gay singer? I feel he needs to make up his mind on that. The royal kiss was just that–a wonderful tasteful display of love , not a trashy tongue fest to sell tickets.

  5. Arleen says:

    I think the royal kiss was totally appropriate for a Royal Wedding…..I’m sure in their private moments Will & Kate get it on at their own private Glam Nation!

  6. eriskay says:

    There is no comparison. Adam and Tommy is entertainment. I don’t care for the Royals, per se, but it is obvious that this young couple love each other. Any more demonstrations and the queen’s people would have called them out for it. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is.
    I, for one, enjoyed the whole celebration!.

    You would not see them kiss like Adam and Tommy, and rightly so.


  7. CelticMairin says:

    Carol ~
    The marriage ceremony, from the approved book used by the priests and religious ministers in England, does not include the words “you may now kiss the bride.” I think that was probably added on in the “colonies” once we all got out from under British rule.

    William & Catherine likely declined to write their own vows or deviate at all from “The Book” for fear of upsetting all the staunch traditionalists out there; perhaps the kiss was viewed the same way. The staunch traditionalists are the ones who have watched Coronation Street from day 1 (not that I have anything against Corrie – I find it hilarious) and can tell you what they’re going to have for dinner according to the day of the week; I kid you not! (I was born & bred there; now living in Canada.)

  8. I think there is room in the world for both kinds of kisses – romantic or sexy …

  9. I agree with Arlene. Once they got behind closed doors, I’m sure they put a lot more into it. They had to be proper in public, but private is another thing. The best to them. I’m sure Diana was looking down on them with much love & admiration.

  10. toni s.#436 says:

    This is only the second time that two people kissed on the same balcony.The first couple was prince Charles.and Diana.I don’t think William and Kate wanted to give a long hot kiss in front of millions of people.Besides they have been together 8yrs.they may be all kissed out and use to one another.