Did Kris Allen use High School Student Mia Carruthers ‘Heartless’ Cover?

I know this sounds like we are hating on Kris but there is a misconception out there that needs to be cleared up. Kris Allen did not do his own original version of Heartless but he used Cincinnati MTV’s take from High School Student Mia Carruthers. Her version was aired two weeks ago. Watch videos below.





  2. I love this fansite, and I really love Adam (and I am thrilled that he is in the finales). I don’t care who wins, Adam or Kris. They are the perfect final for me and have been my 2 favorites throughout the competition. They are both so interesting/unexpected/creative/fun. I understand that you are not trying to hate on Kris, but I think you are completely off in saying that Kris just ripped of Mia’s cover.

    Mia’s version is just a simple straight-out cover of Kanye’s (albeit, it sounds quite good). I can’t hear anything that she has really changed. Kris’ version has been changed up a lot.

    The second verse that Kris sings is a different verse to Mia’s one.The tune is different between Mia & Kris’ version on their second verse in a number of places. It’s hard to give examples of exactly where because they are both singing different second verses.

    Kris’ version of Heartless is very slowed down on the first verse and chorus & is very stripped down instrumentally (it is sung almost acapella). He does the same with his ending.

    Kris adds the guitar at the second verse and speeds the song up to about Mia’s tempo until the end of the third verse, when he lays off the guitar and slows down again for the ending.

    Mia’s version is the same tempo throughout and has instruments (drums) and backup singers throughout. I can’t hear a guitar at all on Mia’s version. If there is one, it is not prominent. The guitar is the instrumental centre-stage with Kris’ version.

    Kris’ ending is COMPLETELY different from Mia’s ending. Mia’s just ends. Kris’ slows down, holds and lifts certain notes, makes it interesting and heartfelt/broken.

  3. I would have to agree that the IDEA came from Mia’s performance.

  4. Newbie here. I’ve enjoyed Adam’s performances all season. I also like Kris Allen’s work. What bothers me the most is the negativity surrounding Adam’s fans. They are some of the most vitriolic folks. For that reason alone, I will probably support Kris in the Finale. Kris exemplifies “love.”

    Adam is a fine guy himself. He just seems to attract the fringes of society — and I don’t see how he can be the American Idol 2009 with “friends like that.” Kris is very talented and has a balanced social life that appeals to American culture. It’s just a matter of taste, I guess.

  5. It is not the responsibility of the Idol contestants to state whose arrangements they are using. That’s for the American Idol producers to clear with the composer and clarify to the audience.

    There’s no need to criticize Kris for this. It’s just dissing him because he’s Adam’s competitor in the Finale. Deceptive reasoning is operating here. Admit it, Adam fans. You’re worried about Finale.

    BTW I have bought many Adam videos from iTunes. I dig his performances. I doubt he would approve of his fans attacking Kris or any of the other idols. I think Adam is going to get a backlash he doesn’t deserve because of overzealous fans who get pretty vicious. That’s not a compliment.

    • Get a grip on reality! The only person that seems to be having a vitriolic response and is guilty of attacking other people is you!! The original post asked whether people agree or disagree that Kris ripped off the same version of Heartless that was seen on Taking the Stage. No one is attacking Kris they are answering the question and giving their opinion. You’re the only person making petty, vicious and insulting comments.

    • @kitty :

      hahaha talking abt negativity Kitty, look at what you’re doing here. Pretending to be all Adam first, then you insult and generalize Adam fans for being vicious, until you finally reveal yourself as Kris lover.

      Geez, you even insult Adam for having “friends like that”. You know what, that’s the real definition of “exemplifies love”. Accept and respect differences, love people for their kind heart, their nice personality, not for what they look like or what they do to have fun. Three key words here : LOVE, RESPECT AND TOLERANCE.

      I am a conservative practising moslem ( I wear hijab), but I have best friends ranging from Catholic priests to gay and female stripper. If people like you see me only when I’m with my gay or stripper besties, I guess you would start accusing me of having not so balanced social life.

      Anyway, what is your definition of “a balanced social life”? and “American Culture”?
      Based on your opinion above, I’m sure if you give us your own definition, not everybody and not every American would agree with you.

  6. DarkShadowsAbove says:

    I don’t think that Kris stole her idea. After all, Kris’ version is very different and he took a lot of liberties with it that she didn’t. Moreover, since Mia’s in Cincinnati and Kris lives in Arkansas, who’s to say that he’s ever actually heard her version of it? Kris may not be like Adam and research the songs he’s singing. Just my humble opinion.

  7. Sharibel says:

    I think it would be gracious of the contestants to give credit to the arrangers or composers, regardless of whether it’s ‘required’ by producers or not. Also, it is not a compliment to Kris to state he might not research as much as Adam. Research is a good thing to avoid misconceptions like this one about the Heartless arrangement. Had Kris researched a bit more, he could have avoided this negative impression that he’s ripping off another person’s work. If he did use Mia’s arrangement, then credit should have been given at the performance because it’s the polite thing to do.

  8. Nope. They’re similar, but nope.

  9. NO!!!! Kris Allen’s got his own beat. He twisted it his own way. It’s like comparing Jason Mraz to JoJo. How can you say he ripped her off?! Give the boy some credit for doing something on his own. People just mad cause he took Danny Gokey’s spot!!!! WORD!!!!

  10. AdamAddict says:

    I don’t think Kris copy her. It almost sound alike,I think! But I don’t care about all this. All I care is Adam and hope there will be no problem when I’m voting for him in a few days later!

  11. Definitely not. Kris’ version is way different and better than Mia’s. Just put aside personal like or dislike and focus on the music. He made it into something 100% plain and pure. I kinda feel all Mia did was slowing down a lil bit. female voice= difference :-?.. that’s it.

  12. Come on people… Has anyone ever heard the version of ‘Mad World’ from the Donnie Darko Soundtrack?


    …I’d say it’s pretty close to Adam Lambert’s cover. All of the American Idol contestants draw inspiration from other artists.

    Let it go.

  13. Oh… it should also be noted that Heartless was covered live by The Fray. Seems to me that this is where both Mia and Kris found their inspiration.


  14. Fuck this Mia Carruthers bitch. She’s rapping the song while Kris Allen sang it.

    And for you Adam fantards who are saying Kris copied this song, take a look at Adam’s “Ring of Fire.”Pretty sure he took that idea from another band and covered it as his own.

  15. I think it was without question …inspired by Mia’s stripped down version. Anyone who saw Taking the Stage AND American Idol just knew where it came from. It was too recent to not know. I think the issue is that Darling Miss Mia deserves not only the credit for being the inspiration, but when is a Label gonna get off their butts and sign this girl already. I would hate to see her become a tragedy like Megan mc Cauley “Porcelain Doll”


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