Dancing With The Stars – And Adam Lambert!!

This week was Rock Week on ABC’s hit show – Dancing With the Stars. And whose music should they use, but none other than Adam Lambert’s! Disney star Kyle Massey and partner Lacey Schwimmer did a rocking tango to Adam’s If I Had You. Except for the fact that we’re used to a superior entertainer singing this for us, the house vocalists weren’t all that bad. This is not to say the same for last season when reality star Kate Goslin did a mediocre performance at best to Adam’s For Your Entertainment, and the same house vocalists almost murdered the song!

I have to think that someone on the song selection team is a Glamb fan and was at this summer’s Glam Nation Tour because Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas did their tango to Orianthi’s According To You. Or do you think I’m reaching?!

Enjoy Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer showing their stuff and another confirmation from the industry that Adam Lambert is here to stay!

Love ya!
~ Carol ~

Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin’s Tango to Orianthi’s According To You.

A Not Very Entertaining For Your Entertainment!

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I started writing on this site back in May 2009, not knowing what I was in for or where it would take me. I had no idea of the joy and personal satisfaction I'd find here. I never dreamed that I'd get to meet Adam, but that dream came true! The bonus of becoming such great friends with Lila and the other fans is what keeps me going. Music gets me though every day. In addition to Adam, I love Muse, Linkin Park, 80s and finding newer bands and supporting them by attending everything that's within 350 miles. With Adam, the boundaries are farther! Thanks for joining us on this ride! :)


  1. Princessshakeitup says:

    I have been boycotting DWTS this year because of BP [and I don’t mean British Petroleum] but I came running out when I heard the first notes of IIHY strike up. And then, the next day I voted on line for Kyle because they had the good sense to use such a great song AND I love Lacey Schwimmer. Couldn’t this site be declared a BP free zone!? I can’t believe I came here to see Adam and saw her and Kate Gosselin instead! I know it’s almost Halloween but, are you trying to SCARE me!?

    p.s. here’s how it goes in our house:
    Me: “I want to watch Monday Night Football!”
    My husband: “NO, we’re watching Dancing With the Stars!”
    Welcome to Backwards World

    • vocalsrule says:

      Me too! I want to watch football and other sports and my boys would rather run outside and shoot hoops. I could use more exercise…. So… I dance to Adam on my ipod while I clean the house! I’m exhausted when the album is over.

      • vocalsrule says:

        Forgot to say I only watch SYTYCD. They are amazing. I can’t handle the stars unless they are cute with great abs like Ocho. I’m trying to convince my house athletes that dancing would help their game (balance, coordination).

  2. OMG THAS SOO COOL!!!! ; D
    the coolest thing was at my highschool peep rally if i had you came on on teh most intense moment; the last seat in mucial chairs 😀
    BUT everyone was to screaming for me to be heard ;p

  3. Carol, I don’t think you are reaching. I was thinking the same thing! Adam’s song…Orianthi’s song. Yep, maybe a connection. I was so excited when I heard they were using Adam’s song…plus one of my favorites! Kyle wasn’t voted off which was cool. Funny how I become a fan of a star when they have even the slightest connection with Adam or his music. Thanks for the story/vids. Loved them.

  4. I was in the El Dorado in Reno Nv and my husband said, “Isn’t that Adam?” I tore myself away from my slot machine long enough to realize it was “No Boundaries”! Go Adam!

  5. I jumped up and down and started texting all I knew to hear Adam’s song….you would have thought I was still at the one and only concert he did!!! nothing gets me up out of a chair or off the couch like an ADAM LAMBERT SONG!!! AND i AM A GRANDMOTHER OF 7!!! Absolutely love that guy!!!

  6. I turned the TV on at the perfect time. Right when IIHY was starting. I was so excited I started to scream “Their playing IIHY on DWTS”. LOVE IT!!!! It was fun hearing “According To You” too. It was a GlamNation night on DWTS!!!!! Adam Rocks forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Why can’t they use Adam’s real songs? No one and I mean NO ONE can do his songs justice but Adam and Adam alone. Ehh…………

    But thrilled they have used them nonetheless.

  8. I was glad to hear Adam’s song, but what would really spectacular would be to have
    Adam in person singing.

  9. I wish he could be on the show to sing it live. Then maybe he could do a second song (like Jason DeRulio did) that was a slower ballad. It looks like he won’t be appearing on any shows until after his tour. He had some time this week so I was hoping……

    It was exciting to hear the song. I knew after three beats it was IIHY.

  10. Well I am not Dancing With The Stars here but I am dancing with The Elements on an island in Greece to Adam’s “Can’t Let You Go” and Adam is teh one singing, of course!!!

    • LOVE2ADAMS says:

      Wow, beautiful and dramatic dancing!!!! “Can’t Let You Go” is one of my very favorite songs that I play over and over ………..I would love to hear Adam singing it before the tour ends In Dec.
      Thanks for sharing.

      • Thank you for watching.
        For a lot of fans it is their favorite songs that touches them emotionally on so many different levels.
        For me it was a very cathartic and cleansing experience to dance to this song in such a beautiful and magical place.

  11. I love it when I hear any of his songs at the grocery or gym. Just wish they could have given him credit on the screen, so more people would search it out.

  12. earlzagurl4u says:

    I was so thrilled to hear IIHY on DWTS,,I was tweeting that nite, listening to an interview w/ our dear boy with one ear bud so I could also hear DWTS with the other ear,,talk about multi-tasking,,then the phone rang and Mom yelled come to the phone,,I said I can’t,,I’m already doing three things at once,,Mom told my sis call back later,,she’s busy with Adam stuff!! They know me so well,,,,

  13. earlzagurl4u says:

    oh yeah,,btw,,has anyone else noticed that the guy with curly-shoulder-length-hair singing on DWTS looks like the guy who sang backup on the AI tour last year?? Or is it just me? I swear they look so much alike!!

  14. OhSweetOne says:

    I was so excited as well. I said to my mom ( I’m 43 ) She is ( 80 ) that is one of Adams songs. She said and has always said that he has the best voice from the last 20 years. She loves him just as I do. Ok I might love him a tab more. Wtg!!! Rock and Glam on forever Adam. Mary glamb # 534

    • earlzagurl4u says:

      I can relate! My mom is 83, I’m 55. We were in the car one day when WWFM came on and I turned the volume up a bit and after she recognized the song, she said, “Well, turn it up some more.” and of course I always obey my mother!! 😛

  15. The singer did not do IIHY justice. The Adam Lambert spirit and energy were completely missing from the song . Actually it might do the dancers more harm than good in using IIHY because I focused on the song and how poorly it was sung. The dancers did justice to the song though ; they brought out the Adam Lambert spirit and energy.

  16. How nice of DWTS (and ABC) to use Adam’s song – too bad they didn’t use Adam. Oh, forgot – aren’t they boycotting him?

  17. I also was so excited to hear them using another Adam song on DWTS. I’ve enjoyed Kyle from the start this season and threw ALL my votes his way on Monday, just because he used IIHY!!!

    • BTW, did anyone notice Lacey’s costume? She had feathers on her shoulders, like ones we’ve seen Adam wear.

  18. Lamchops59 says:

    I’m thrilled with the exposure Adam’s music is getting! I don’t watch DWTS but know it’s a hugely popular program. Thanks for posting.

  19. I did not watch the show, but when I found out they used his song, on the show. I had to search
    out the video, and watch it. I think that boy is so adorable. I really like Lacie. I am so glad they
    stayed for another week. I hope we can get to see more of his stuff on TV from now on. However
    I agree with the others that say there is no one that can do justice to his stuff really. But it is a
    situation we have to deal with, in order for him to be played. I just hope when he is done with his
    tour, they start to put him on in person….,,,,,…..GO ADAM

  20. Glamourclamor says:

    Well maybe reaching a little bit, but so want to think that it could be reality–probably just reality TV. House band/singers did a good job, and I think for the most part they perform many songs. I was unable to watch FYE with Kate Gosslin, not because it didn’t work, but because I could not bear to watch that train wreck again. Actually, it was more like road kill. Not one of those people who like watching real disasters. Although, just watched 2012 and Time for Miracles, so not all’s lost. I have to say in all honestly, this GNT has really given Adam a new polish and sophistication in his performance that we saw occasionally on Idol. He is now so comfortable on stage, like he’s a veteran of concerts for many years. Read somewhere that he stormed the stage each week on Idol. Well storm or no storm, he swept me away.

  21. I was more mortified of Kate’s dancing.

  22. Thanks Carol!!! I thought that I was hearing things when they started playing Adam’s song. This was such an honor considering how many songs are out there today. Now next year they need to have Adam there in person to sing a song for the dancers to dance to….we will have to keep our fingers crossed that the people in charge will bring Adam to “Dancing With The Stars” Yeahhhh!

  23. KO's smiling says:

    IIHY works great as a tango – the lyrics could be interpreted way more dramatically than Adam does in his video.

  24. Have to make one more comment on this subject. I can’t believe Bristol Palin survived another week….which gave me a little bit of the same feeling as when Kris Allen “won” Idol. Not saying this compares to THAT travesty, but something weird is going on with the voting, for sure, if you ask me!!