Dancers Audition for Adam’s AMA Performance!

Here’s a great video of Adam auditioning dancers for the AMA performance of For Your Entertainment. It’s fun to see the role reversal – Adam’s behind the table this time, and others are performing for their lives!

~~Jeanette, Glamb #5



  1. This is a great video! I’m so excited for the AMA’s


      I feel so bad for Adam and all the pressure he is under. He says “I’m just doing the best thst I can”. Poor honey. This is the most unfilterd- real Adam to date. He is struggleing with the Bi-sexual issue. So enlightening.

      This is the second part- click on part one to start.

      • GLAMB#474kimber says:

        If this is the only way I get to know ADAM & understand who he is, then I enjoyed reading this interview, and other great reads. But as far as buying the mag, I’m afraid not. I don’t just want to know him as an entertainer, I want to know him as a person. That’s why I love this video, to know what it would be like to be in his presence, how he is connecting w/ other people. I just love it when he is clapping all the time. He is an exciting person.

      • Summer, to bad the a hole HIcklin had to make his unneccessary letter to Adam. Otherwise
        this would have been a great mag. to buy for the interview. Adam is awesome and tells it all
        from his heart. I get the impression he struggles with his personal situations more so than
        his business. He has the business down pat. Personal life, hope he gets it figured out.
        so much to deal with and so much more to learn. He is so smart, like he said he isnt a jackass.
        God I love how he just knows how to handle people.

    • It looks like Kris Allen dancing.

    • Hate to post this here but wanted to get it out. Adam’s Official site has asked fans to only call local stations and not harass them as they may blacklist Adam. RCA is already getting complaints so lets not go crazy

      • Heidi,

        Can you give a link or tell me where on his site to read this??

        I predicted this would happen long before the first single was released and I have been trying to caution our fans not to go out of bounds on this…however, our fan group is small compared to all the other people out there who are apparently doing more harm than good.

        It is REALLY hard to reign this in once it has started… 🙁

        Glamb #6

    • Itsyou, great video, me too!

  2. GLAMB#474kimber says:

    Thank you Jeanette for bringin’ the vid home. I saw it over at twitter, but I’d rather see it here.
    ADAM, he’s so sweet, & hot! It was great to see him “behind the table”, to choose his dancers. I can’t wait for this performance, I am calling in sick or be in late. It’ll be so worth it!
    What happened to days 6& 5 on my countdown? Did I sleep thru it all?
    Countdown continues, #6 reason why I love ADAM LAMBERT, he is so full of LOVE! A very warm, compassionate, & loving human being!
    #5 reason why I love ADAM LAMBERT, he’s ADMIRABLE. A very well-deserving person for his gift of music.
    #4 reason why I love ADAM LAMBERT, he’s a MIRACLE of music. That’s what he is! A true miracle.

  3. It”s great to see Adam so happy! He is so adorable. can anyone answer me why they stream the whole album before it is in the stores? Just curious. It was an unbelievable surprise to hear it when I had insomnia last night, went on twitter at 2 AM, and thought I was dreaming !!! This is a great week!


    • Adoring Adam says:

      My daughter who has been in the music business for years told me they stream the album so you can hear all the songs but you can’t download it for free. When Adam’s last two songs were leaked a few days ago, people were not paying for them. Once the album has been streamed it stops the piracy.(Hopefully).
      Like so many others, I can hardly wait to see what Adam does this Sunday at the AMA show. What an exciting and fun time this is in the music world with so many people loving Adam.

      • Adoring Adam, This is an exciting and fun time in the music world! Cheers to that!
        Adam is new, fresh and oh so talented. Look out AMA’s. So many people are waiting to see him do his thing………………………….
        Allll Myyyyyy Lifeee I’veee Beennnn Waitinggggggggggg.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Just watch and listen to him, how well he relates to his colleagues, and how complimentary his is to all the dancers! It bodes well for a ‘well-oiled machine’, which ultimately will make for the best video possible oh and I think they are also doing the AMA live performance as well??

  5. cheryl 334 says:

    Love seeing Adam in control of what he wants! Such a cool vid for we fans!!!! More, I need more!!!! So looking forward to the AMAs to see Adam in the raw, doing HIS thing!! So exciting!!!!! He’s such a businessman! A manly-man is Adam! Hot! Makes him even hotter! Very sexy watching him in action and in control!! Cool VERY COOL!

  6. PeaceLoveAdam! says:

    Watching Adam as a judge just made me smile like an idiot!!!! Oh la la!!

  7. AdamAddict says:

    I wish I can dance,then I can go for the audition then I can be with Adam the whooooole time!The one that I make when listening to Adam now,hmmmm,I don’t think it calls dance!!I don’t know what the heck to call what i’m doing!It’s embarrassing!LOL! 😛 Adam is super adorable!How can they so calm and dance right in front of him?If I was there and actually can dance,I think I just stand like a flag pole and drool like bulldog! haha!

    • Silvana/Argentina says:

      I can’t wait to see this video, will be awesome to see him in this new role.

      By the way, I will be seing the AMA live on TV. Can’t believe it.

      • nikka/argentina says:

        Hi Sil!!

        Are they broadcasting the AMA’s here?? In what channel??


        • Silvana/Argentina says:

          In the Cablevision guide, it says that TNT is broadcassting Sunday 10 PM. I fdon’t know about them Red Carpet, maybe E! news will, as usual.

          • Silvana/Argentina says:

            sorry for the delay in answering ….an all the typos…..I’m crazy at work.

            • Nikka/Argentina says:

              LOL it’s ok’s 11.57 pm and I’m reading it..had a terrible headache this afternoon that took me off for a while….me lots of work too!!! have u heard all the songs complete on adam’s my space site???
              BTW thanks for the info…One thing I hate is readind or searching the cable guide…I throw it to the garbage when i receive it!! seems occasionally it’s usefull!! I’m watching TNT then on sunday!!


    • Haaa, AdamAddict, are u going to let us wonder what the heck you’re doing? Lets see while listening to “Soaked” oohhoohhoohoo.

      • AdamAddict says:

        How am I doing it?Well,last time I did it was 10yrs ago when I a lizard sneak in my blouse!Yup,imagine how ‘fast’ my dance is when my arms and legs all over,jumping and rolling!Very exciting,huh? 🙂

  8. I loved that VID!! Thanks for posting, it is awesome to see him like making those kinds of desicions….rock start desicions! YAAAAY!!! 😀 Plus, he looked happy and rested and excited! Awesome awesome awesome….I cannot wait for Sunday to see his performance, it is gonna kick so much ass it will be UNREAL!!!!

  9. Some of those dancers were really good. That one girl was really hot! Oh gee… a straight woman said that… call the press! ROFL.

    I’ll be at work Sunday night, of course, getting screamed at on the phone.

    Does anyone know if it’s going to be live broadcasted on

  10. KO's smiling says:

    Awww… Adam’s so cute.

  11. cheryl 334 says:

    Makes me want to pinch those cheeks and kiss those lips! So cute. Soooooo cute. So proud of him. He’s the ‘boss-man’ now! That’s sexy. That’s hot.

  12. ADAM is soooooooooo adorable and cute! His enthusiasm is infectious! I just want to eat him up! He knows so much about all aspects of the entertainment business…what specifically to look for in his dancers…their “soul”, their looks, their spirit, their talent….

    Love that he’s in “control” on what’s happening and he gets to choose….

    Can’t wait to see the AMA’s Sunday night….it’s going to be OUTRAGEOUS !!!!

  13. puteri abdul says:

    thanks jeanette for the video..

    I am sure he is very excited for all his future performances whether videos, live performances, or tours and it is good that adam is involved and allowed to have his say on what he wants to do as he is one person that knows best on how to deliver himself to his crowds .. and to see adam giving his thoughts and ideas show how much adam is in control of what he wants to do ..
    and as usual he look sooooooo cute and adorable, and as usual alwaya gracious and charming to all those around him ..
    by the way, the guy seated futher left, isn’t that the guy who was with adam during his zodiac years ? you know, the one who was on the phone with adam when adam wanted to put fire on his head (something like that).. if yes, then we can see how adam still are close to those who has been helping him out in the early years, and now that adam is a mega star, adam still goes to them, and that is good, sticking to your friends who have rooted for you way long before you are famous ..

    • GLAMB#474kimber says:

      I really enjoyed ADAM’s days at the Zodiac. That would’ve been an exciting show to attend. Yea, I was hoping ADAM would bring some of that Zodiac w/ him when he performs, especially at the AMAs. ADAM does like to shake things up, which I’m sure a couple of us has done on this site.

  14. Adam, I just love you. You’re so damn cute and sweet and I’m so proud of you!!!!! Picking out your own dancers for a video and AMA’s, you go Adam! You’re on your way to being a superstar! Never a doubt in my mind!

  15. Torontonian says:

    I love it that he is hands on in terms of his career. He has creative input and definitely shows he knows what he’s into. Those who do that have proven to have more chances of longetivity in the business– Britney Spears, Madonna, Lady Gaga… Not only is Adam talented, he is driven, a hard-worker, a true professional and a great creative director of his own talent. Go Adam, we love you!!!

  16. dharmalati says:

    wowww .. I wish I could watch AMA in my home-town..! Adam, you look great..

  17. Watching the video was so fun – he just handles people in a way that gets across his creative energy but compliments and supports them for their talent. More leader types should watch how Adam operates. I bet the dancers were all just star struck to be in that room and the focus of that glittering smile if only for a few minutes. Reading the interview, however, was sobering. This is such a unique guy, navigating really what are uncharted waters. He is strong, smart, and gracious but still just one little person trying to have something left at the end of day. The rewards of getting to finally do what has driven his dreams for his whole life are exciting, but the pieces taken from him are scary. From the first moment of the break up with Drake, I suspected that there was a very gut wrenching sadness going on there …. none of our business but so shadowed on his face. Everyone should read that interview and LAY OFF!!

  18. So very cool!!! Loved how excited everyone was when Adam said “So, you wanna be my dancers?” Go Adam!!!

    Cindy in MS
    Glamb #37

    • LibraLamb7 says:

      Yes, Cindy!!! That was my favorite part, too!!! Like who wouldn’t want to dance with ADAM!!! They get to be in the vid & the AMA performance for FYE…Who knows, maybe some will even get picked to tour w/him….If I were lucky enough to be picked as one of his dancers, I’d do ANYTHING to be on that tour, too!

      On the subject of the a-hole editor & his letter, here’s a brilliant, tongue-in-cheek response that is hilarious, dripping with sarcasm…I hope Adam sees it!

      • LibraLamb7 says:

        OH! My bad! Just saw Adam’s tweet about this from HOURS ago…he found it HILARIOUS, too.

        • Libra, his tweet what he found hilarious was another letter from a gay thought police. Good point Adam.

  19. Hey Ladies,
    Adam made People magazines list of 2009 sexist men alive- now we all knew that.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Wow, well, really who else did they have to choose from who was even half as gorgeous as Adam, not that – sorry don’t know his name from Twilight – I look at him and he does absolutely nothing for me, where as I look at Adam and I am well, melting, you know, ah melting just everywhere. Adam is the sexiest man in the whole universe this year, next year and forever.

      • Dianne, I feel exactly the same about theTwilight person who is now appearing on every magazine in Sydney……he does nothing for me, whereas ADAM is the sexiest (and most talented) man I have ever seen in my entire life !!! Let’s hope that when this Twilight business is over it will be Adam’s turn to embrace our magazines (front covers please….)

        Love, Yvonne (Australia)

        • Dianne Hill says:

          Yvonne, just imagine how many magazines they would sell if they had Adam on the cover all the time. I would be spending heaps of money to have every single one of them.

          I hope you are all organised for the AMAs, got everything hooked up okay?

          • Dianne, I flick through every magazine in the newsagency (every week)….just in case their is an article about our Adam. The people in the newsagency give me strange looks !!!

            I will be watching AMA’s at 12PM , Monday 23/11 on Foxtel, (cable TV) live, which is 2PM NZ time. How will you be watching it ????

            • Oops, correction should be ‘there” (not their)

            • Oh, I am so glad you said that because I do the same thing and I have never done it before….magazines I have never even heard of but I just can’t miss a thing. Bought Elle today but kind of had to laugh …. a MAKEOVER for Adam? Pleeeeez – how do you improve on perfection??

              • Coloforadam…Still trying to find imported version of ‘Elle” magazine. Off to the big city tomorrow….who know’s what I might find there !!!!

                Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • Heidi, great news. What issue is this in??

      • There is live streaming at 3:00pm pacific time, red carpet etc.. but on abc TV the actual AMA show starts at 8pm pacific time… and I think 8 pm eastern time too.. so I guess the actual show would have to start at 5 pm pacific… advanced math for this.. haha

  20. te_amo_adam Glamb #75 says:

    Exciting and great of you to post! Seems it’s all becoming a reality and I’m happy for Adam!!! I nervous/happy/and skerd all at the same time!

  21. Is it my wishful thinking or is Adam moving more hetro???

    • cheryl 334 says:

      CONNIE B………………………………You’re spot on, girl! Love it!!! Happy to hear someone else sees it too!

    • Haa, Connie B, where u been girl. Adam is moving slowly but surely……………………

  22. Jane Parker says:

    Thanks jeannette!!!

  23. I agree that from the interview it seems Adam is swinging more toward the bi or hetero side; I think this might be because he truly does not fit into anyone’s box; as he has said before to him sexy is sexy in any gender. Very honest interview; love his revealing thoughts about Kris, Mike and Danny – I am glad Adam and Danny were able to talk and explore each other’s point of view. Adam impresses me with a curious and open mind which seems to thirst for knowledge and understanding. I believe that great love he is looking for will come his way someday and he will know it when it appears. Meanwhile, the video of the dancer auditions show what fun and joy he is having – finally doing what he wants to do his way! And yes, he wants things right, but he is so NICE about it! Good job Adam!

    • Mary Ellen Marsh, I knew I liked your name, hee,hee. Nice post! When the opportunity strikes, he will proceed.
      love and peace

  24. Adam is a one-of-a-kind. I think we are so lucky to hear his amazing voice and get a sense of his personality and who he is. Too bad some people are so ignorant that they will let that pass by and miss a life time experience. When Adam sings he touches my soul. Not too many in the past have done that.

    • Dianne Hill says:

      Well said Bruce, he touches my soul too, right down to the very bottom, (not my bottom – I meant my soul – well I am sure you get my drift). When I really think about it there is not one male artist around right now that I feel such a connection to. There is Justin Timberlake I guess, but he doesn’t do it for me the way Adam does. He is definitely a one of a kind.

  25. Very nice to see Adam on the other side of the table. Love how he always has the hands on approach to his career. “Do you wanna be my dancers?”’ OMG, is he the cutest or what.
    Hell yeh they wanna be his dancers, lucky the chosen ones. He questioned a couple of girls
    dance look, oh does he know what he wants fo so.

  26. I am so happy for Adam, now he has a band and dancers. Ready for the world! He will be doing well in music business with all that experience and talent. I really hope that all present and future fame will not harm his private life , wish he would find happiness there,too.
    And how CUTE he is!

  27. Lambertini says:

    How cool that he is handling his career & picking out dancers , etc. He looked so excited & kind of like he couldn’t believe it himself! He must be soooooo excited!!! I’m so happy for him!!!!!1

  28. Yeah! Adam so excited. ME TOOOOOOOOO!!! I know it will be an awesome night at AMA with Adam Lambert!

    Adam rule!

  29. What a difference a year makes! Now Adam is in charge! How awesome is that?!?!

  30. Love seeing Adam so happy…he is really in his element in this video. Everyone appears to be in a euphoric state (as you have noticed)…but that’s how it is with Adam – he has this enormous dynamic prescence which radiates to all those around him. He is once again adorable in this video.

    Love, Yvonne (Australia)

    • PS ….CHERYL….please read my reply to your reply (Pics from the FYE Photo Shoot).

      No need to reply again…..Yvonne

  31. Late in responding – working some long nights these days. LOVE this video and seeing Adam truly in his element! YES, what a fabulous time for these dancers too! Imagine having someone like Adm Lambert saying “Do you want to be my dancers?” and you are actually going to be WITH him on stage at the AMAs! Adam looks adorable as usual and I also, of course, got a kick of seeing him sitting behind the table and making his selections. He’s our guy!!! Can’t wait for the show – it’s going to be AWESOME!!!!

    Glamb #20

  32. ADAM looks absolutely happy and joyful in this video. He is so caring and professional in his picking his dancers. I loved the excited “screams” of the “chosen ones” when he asks them if they want to be his dancers! We all know how gracious ADAM is to the musicians that play with him when he thanks them…Those dancers will all be shown appreciation by ADAM also.

    I’ll bet every day is like a dream to ADAM….something new and different that he’s dreamed of for so long is now happening. I’m thrilled for him, and for his family. He’s been on both sides of “the table”, and is just as sweet as ever!


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