Dance Remix: Black or White

Black or White, again. Pictures, Images and Photos

We received overwhelming support for the “Ring of Fire” Dance Remix. It is entirely appropriate that the next remix should be Black or White.



  1. Candace says:

    Love It!!!!!!!!!! Long Live ADAM!!!!!

  2. i think Adam doesn’t really need doing remixes, if i hadn’t heard him before in the original version, would look like he hasn’t the great voice he has and needed all that special effects to cover it. BUT HE HAS A REALLY GREAT VOICE!! so… there’s no need. Also didn’t get that extremely hot feeling in his voice in the ring of fire remix that he definetly shows in the original.

    So, i’m a trully adamaholic, but wouldn’t vote for a black or white remix, or any other.


    • gmg,
      I agree with you. I want to hear pure Adam. He doesn’t need all that extra stuff.. No remixes for me either. Love you Adam!