Dallas American Idol Summer Concert: Excitement, Energy, & the Elusive Autograph

It has taken me a week to process not only my photos and writing, but also my emotion from attending this spectacular concert. I hope you enjoy reading my blog post from the Dallas American Idol Summer Tour Concert! Dana {CatEyes}

The fans in Dallas, TX on Thursday evening July 23rd filled the house and fed enough energy back to the performers that we could have bottled it to light up the whole city!  The American Airlines Center was vibrating, even before the doors were opened.  While fans gathered for the evening’s event, Ford was very proud to show off a Mustang and Fusion at the front entrance.  I have to say that the Mustang’s sex appeal perfectly matches Adam’s style and personality, while the Fusion is the low-key family car that likely blends with Kris’s more traditional tastes.  (The car in Dallas was a beautiful shade of blue…thanks everyone, for letting me know Adam has the black version of the Mustang!)

Earlier in the afternoon, a few of the idols gathered behind the barricade for a small flock of fans.  Matt and Scott were out, chatting with fans while I was there around 2:30 p.m.  They had more time for autographs and conversation than they did after the concert.  As expected, Adam did not make an appearance.  It has been reported that he doesn’t come out before the shows because he is resting his voice and taking it easy indoors.  I also suspect that more security would be needed if he did come out…and if that is not available to him, safety might be a concern.

And then, it started to drizzle…  Texas has been in a drought since May!  Why, on this night, does it need to start raining?  I started to become anxious that the weather would ruin the autograph signing after the show.  I don’t often worry about things I can’t control, but this was really disturbing me!  I kept looking out the window as we were getting ready back at the hotel room.  Dark gray clouds were circling everywhere.

I was very intent on arriving early before the concert.  I had people to meet and Glambs fan cards to hand out.  As my husband and I were waiting in line, I met so many nice Adam fans – I wish I could name all of you!  As we entered the door my camera, cell phone, and purse were carefully inspected; and I got randomly pulled over to be scanned with the wand.  This always happens to me and I can never figure out why.  I must look really threatening…yeah, right! 

After negotiating the security delay, I headed straight for the merchandise table.  It was already very crowded but we waited patiently.  It gave me time to figure out what I wanted to buy.  I have to say the tour book is very well done with lots of nice photos and tidbits on all the idols.  Although the photos of Adam are quite one-dimensional, they are still nice.  I bought a poster as well, but skipped the Adam photo (again, not my favorite picture of him).  However, it looked like the merchandise handlers were well prepared – Adam’s stack of photos was three times as tall as the stack of photos for the other idols!

We made our way to our seats, up 3 flights of super-long escalators, and OMG, were they nosebleed!  If I weighed another 10 pounds I would have needed a pulley and some oxygen to get me up the 20 or so steep steps!  Once I sat down, I still felt like I needed a seatbelt.  I was just praying no one next to me would slip or fall.  My seat was on the edge next to the aisle and I was going to go down with them…straight over the very short safety glass panel at the bottom, straight down into the floor seats.  My palms were sweating from the height anxiety, and I didn’t want to die before seeing Adam’s performance!  O.K., maybe this was a little dramatic, but the teenagers in the row behind me even commented that there would be no standing up and jumping during this concert.  I’m still convinced these seats at the American Airlines Center were designed for mountain goats, not humans.
Thank goodness the height anxiety passed after about 20 minutes.  But I have to say I got really sick of watching the 3-4 Carrie Underwood, 1 Daughtry, and 1 David Cook music videos over and over and over and over as pre-show entertainment.  American Idol desperately needs more stars to make music videos so they can show some variety.  Yeah, I think Adam could do that!


Once the concert began, the countdown to Adam was almost excruciating.  It is not that the other performers were bad – actually, they were quite good.   And with the exception of one performer (who shall remain nameless), they have all really grown-up since the early American Idol performances.  Their vocals, stage presence, and energy have improved tremendously.  But I was there for Adam.  It was evident that the majority of fans in Dallas felt the same way.  Every time his picture was on the big screen, or whenever his name was mentioned on the sound system, the screams from the crowd were deafening.

Michael Sarver did a nice job warming up the crowd from his home state.  He even had some of the people in my goat mountain section standing on their feet and waving their arms.  I have to say though, that many of these people had already downed a tall beer.  So it is possible that their perception of the danger was just a little blurred!

The countdown continued.  Here are a couple of pics from Meg’s set and Anoop’s set.

I especially enjoyed the piano performances of Scott and Matt.  Matt gave an especially knock-out performance and hit all his high notes perfectly.  I will definitely be seeking out their debut albums down the road.


A 20 minute intermission at this point really wasn’t necessary.  Momentum had been building and they really just needed to press on with the show.  (I had been waiting for Adam all this time, right?)  The people who drank the beer and too much soda just needed to take care of themselves whenever they needed to.  The few available restrooms couldn’t have processed the whole venue in 20 minutes anyway.  Let’s get real.

So then, we had the top 4.  Allison was very energetic and did a standup job with her set.  Danny must have gotten some cha-cha choreography lessons for “Maria, Maria” because I’ve never seen him quite so coordinated with his feet while singing at the same time!  They drew a stage curtain to obscure the band while Kris performed a more acoustic set with his guitar.  He did an awesome job and I look forward to his album as well, even though his musical style is 180 degrees from Adam’s.

Now I begin my next paragraph about Adam’s performance with a little trepidation.  I know many will not agree with me, but I think my observations are true even if I don’t like them myself!  So let me start by saying that when Adam is not having a perfect performance night, he is still heads and shoulders above the rest.  In Dallas, he seemed a little less energetic than other performance nights I’ve seen on video.  His stage presence was just not 100%.  But goodness knows the tour is a hard road and I’m sure whatever he gave the audience that night was all he had to give.  I am the first to realize that in many ways, it is not fair to compare one performance to the next – every day is different for all of us…physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  Worse yet, those of us who are avid fans watch even the subtle nuances and shifts in Adam’s body language.  We are always looking for ways to interpret and spin an explanation for why something has changed.  I won’t go that far here.  You can do more speculation in the comments below, if you wish.

The nicest part was the excitement generated in the Texas crowd just from his sheer presence.  Way to go Texas fans!  He was the obvious favorite, hands down.  My zoom lens was doing a pretty decent job.  You’ll have to indulge my insertion of so many Adam pics here…ha!  The “Mad World” photos are my personal favorites!

There were a few items thrown on stage during Adam’s performance.  One item was black, the other two were shades of blue.  They all looked like scarves, but I couldn’t tell for sure.  Adam ignored them all, which also seemed a little out of character.

I absolutely loved all of his lighting effects and “smokey” backdrops.  Adam definitely has a way of creating a mood on stage that coordinates with the music.  This is just another indication that he is the “whole package,” not just a voice without personality or creativity to go along with it.  I could have watched him sing far longer than his too-short set.  But time moves on.

Next, I had to unfortunately beeline it down those treacherous steps right after Kris’s third song to get a good spot at the signing barricade.  It had started to drizzle again.  No umbrella.  I held my tour book perpendicular to the ground so it wouldn’t get water spots on it.  I made my husband put my poster under his shirt.  Was this whole thing going to be ruined by the weather?  Fortunately, the drizzle stopped after about 5 minutes, but it was miserably humid standing in the crowd after that.

We waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.  Do you get how long we waited?  I had to keep reminding myself to unlock my knees so I didn’t pass out.  Even chatting with my barricade neighbors was no longer entertaining.  My husband nudged me three times that we had waited long enough, referring to the whole fan crazy scene as “the stupidest way he had ever spent an hour and a half of his life.”  He threatened to leave me there, but I wasn’t going to budge from that barricade.  At 11:15 P.M., Megan was the first to appear.  I suppose you now know which one of us is more stubborn and got their way.  🙂



The autograph signing barricade had been wrapped around the corner of the building with a door at each end.  No one seemed to know from which door the idols would emerge.  As it turns out, some came out one door and others came out the other door.  A VIP line had been roped off near one of the doors.  I purposely positioned myself on that end, thinking it was a smart move.  Wrong.

Adam appeared at midnight.  He started signing at the other end of the line and never made his way to the VIP line or the area where I was standing.  He was called away to the bus at 12:15 and simply mouthed the word “sorry” to the rest of us left standing there.  Everyone started to scream for him not to leave, and simultaneously the crowd lunged forward.  I never did get a close-up picture of my own, and I’m lucky my camera wasn’t crushed.  Then he was gone in a flash.  Adam’s signature on my tour book remains my elusive autograph.

Disappointed?  Maybe just a little.  But the rest of the evening was so spectacular that it almost makes up for it.

I have one final reward for you if you made it this far.  Angie took this stunning video of Adam signing autographs in Dallas.  This was taken just a few minutes before he made his departure.  I think I might even see myself in the background of her video.  Thanks so much for sending it to us, Angie.  Be sure to have the sound on when you start the video…the conversation is quite cute!

Memories do last a lifetime.

Dana {CatEyes}



  1. Kelly Craig says:

    I enjoyed the show just as Dana and her observations are pretty right on. I heard rumor he was feeling bad and when you get that high up in the AAC, sound is not the greatest. Someone said that he had water on stage.. I am not sure… The Tulsa show was so much better though!.. Maybe cause we had second row center!

  2. Bellalyra says:

    If anyone is interested, I was also at the Dallas show and I had after-show meet and greet passes. If you want to see photos just let me know = )

    • sylverine says:

      yes please Bellalyra we’d love to see them!

      Dana, I’m wondering if the fact that your seats were so high up and far away didn’t also have something to do with feeling that he wasn’t quite as good as some of the close up videos that you’d seen?

      • CatEyes says:

        Well, I’m thinking not…because I also watched a lot of the concert through a really excellent pair of binoculars. And now that I have watched some of the videos after the fact, I still feel the same way.

        • Cat Eyes……Loved your article but I felt Adam did a terrific job in Dallas. I had floor seats, 7th row, on the aisle. Although I was busy taking pictures, I felt he put his all into his performance; but then again, anything that Adam does I would think was wonderful.

          I just wanted to comment on the part of your article about things thrown on the stage. I can’t say what the first larger black article was (closest to the band), but during “Fame” I tossed up 2 pairs of men’s bikini briefs (blue and black) with chocolates tied to them. You can see them on stage from several of the video’s, they are closest to the edge of the stage. My friend that was with me said Adam definately noticed them and even smiled and nodded when I tossed the second pair. I wasn’t able to see his reaction because I was dodging the aisle nazi that was coming for me. I also had a 3rd pair of “undies” to hand to Adam at the autogragh signing, but unfortunately, he was pulled away one ONE person before me. So I missed his autogragh but I did get to see him up close and have some pretty good pictures. And wonderful memories!!!!!

    • OH Bellalyra yes yes yes!!! Do show us or send a link please!

    • Oh yes yes yes! Photos would be wonderful…could you send them to Jeanette I believe?

    • CatEyes says:

      Send photos or tour photo links to: tourphotos@glambs.org

    • Bellalyra says:

      Let me organize my pics a little better and then I’ll post them = )

      I have some pretty good ones from during the show and then I have the ones from the meet and greet.

      • AdamFan says:

        Bellalyra……..Please tell us how you got meet and greet passes. I can’t find anyone anywhere that knows for such how to get them. The security guy at Dallas told us that you can buy them on-line. But I’ve never found them. Do you just have to “know” someone. Adam stopped signing just ONE person before he got to me. I was sooooo close. He is amazing in person.

        • Bellalyra says:

          I got meet and greet passes because I worked as a production assistant when Idol was in Dallas for next season’s auditions. I made a few friends and talked to a bunch of a people and one of them offered to get me passes. I guess you really do just have to know someone.

      • Bellalyra says:

        Here ya go!! (Finally) A link to my meet and greet pictures = )


    • Bellaylyra bonmatin Lisette here..be nice to see yur photos too as all of the lovli glamb gals here av been so kinde to share!I only wish was in bonhealth to see him back in west an s.west shows. Hugs an bonwishes!Sure it must av been wonderful to see AIshows Adam’s celestial voix!..An reinvention of appearance in diffarante cities..an as always beau couture/styes an face.Blessings Lisettexx

    • I’d love to see your backstage pictures – can you please send them to me?

    • Bellalyra, How do you get the meet and greet passes? Would love to see your photos.

  3. Adams car which is a ford Mustang is black! Just 2 let you know since u asked! I got lucky and meet adam in portland he signed my tank top and I got a pic with him best day of my life!

  4. I enjoyed your honest review and pics. The video was cute also. Cant wait to go myself Aug 2nd. I’m not going to have to climb to nosebleed seats, but I’m 18 rows back on the floor. I’m not so tall, so hopefull I can see something. I have enjoyed so many great videos of Adam’s performances that I dont know if I want to attempt taking any myself and miss a moment of the concert. I will have to delegate this task to my daughter. Thanks again.

  5. He was gracious, and smiley at the end, good for him!! I’ll bet those lucky fans will have good memories… even if he wasn’t quite himself during the performance.

    I guess the girl put the Eye of Horus on her toenail???

    • TexasWannaHold'Em says:

      Yes it was the Eye of Horus, and done perfectly, I might add!

      • Yes! Hi there! I am Angie from the video! Idid have the eye on my toes – people called me crazy but I think it is now a permanent fixture in my pedicure routines! He is so handsome ladies, eye make-up was excellant – not a sparkle out of place! Ready to go again Texaswannaholdem!?!?!?

  6. Was this the concert that Drake was at?

    • CatEyes says:

      Yes, it was.

      • Lisette here..thenks Dana(cateyes) for sharing all yur lovli photos of le Texas show an seeing beau Adam with fog imagaine was “Mad Word” yes?I am going to see thet video as it’s wee heures now.An agree yu have very excellente camera’/photographie talentes here!So sorry for nosebled as yu say seat..but gather yu’ll never forget thes bit of Adam’s AItour, histoire in his rise to being a legende adored in US an internationale around l’monde.An finale got ma laptop to view Angie’s lovli video of Adam closup with autograph..Thet gal did sounde young an sweet,chat to see her toes eye of horace as his tatoo being very spiritual.I av a ring of ankh an thes from my Greek frend..sign of life an bonsante(health)..pray it shall be so til end of AI tour!
        Hugs an luv to all Lisettexoxo Angel blessings for Adam!

  7. Dana, thank you for you a thorough and vivid account of your Adam experience. The pics are BRILLIANT! Are you a photographer??? If not, it must be a serious hobby!

    Indeed, your husband was very patient and deserves 10 out of 10 for indulging you, though it seems like you were on a mission you were determined to accomplish. I would also have persisted.

    I am going to watch the video tomorrow – I know it is going to be brilliant too! Thank you once again for feeding our love for ADAM!

    • CatEyes says:

      I do photography for my online businesses and I have a better than average camera that I have learned to use pretty well.

      Professional – no…lots and lots of practice – yes!

      • CatEyes, don’t be so modest by giving your camera the credit. Once again, your pics are AWESOME!

        • Lisette here..bonmatin Ingrid nonsure yu too av read ma reply from (touring an health) an merci beaucoup for kinde words as well.Plasur to chat an gather I do confuse so sorry for grammar,but always enjoie to share sentimentes here with other gals who adore such a gifted vocaliste/an humanitarian with an angelique hearte,face an voix! Okay I best departe ..as I was merely passing thru all to take pain meds for fibromyalgia,am on here too long ..thinq is effecte Adam has on me,an Imust too reste now as I av tolde Adam to do for his beau an superbe vocal performances!Aurevoir et bonwishes Luv Lisette!

  8. Really great photos. Thanks for posting these.

  9. TexasWannaHold'Em says:

    Hi! Thanks for your thoughts. I was at the Dallas show as well, but I was ecstatic with Adam’s performance (& I’m ashamed to admit how many times I’ve watched videos of the rest of the tour performances 🙂 ! I thought Adam treated us to a great show and some slinky new dance moves. However, he does put me in a trance, so maybe everything was just a bit foggy! I was standing next to Angie when her Mom shot the video you include in your article – I’m so happy that I got to say hi to Adam (and I gave him a scrapbook I made for him!), and soooo sorry you didn’t get to meet him. I know you must have been disappointed! Thanks for your account – can’t get enough of Adam’s fanlove!

    • I’m confused – I watched videos from the Dallas show and I thought he was quite energetic and put on good show – there was some performances that he didn’t seem to have his usual energy and I’m not sure which ones, but I do know they were shows before Dallas. Does anyone else feel the same way?

      • AdamFan says:

        I was also at the Dallas show, 7th row floor, and I thought Adam had an amazing performance. I think he puts everything into it every night. That’s just the way he is.

  10. Since I’ve been “lurking” on this site for over 2 months and never posted a comment…this has to be special! I have enjoyed all the comments, videos and enthusiasm! My family and friends get a kick out of my passion for Adam. I don’t have to explain to anyone here how much I think he is destined to change the music scene. I was fortunate enough to attend the Dallas concert and agree that there was “something” wrong with Adam that night. Not his voice, that was spot on as always. There was a radio comment that a crew member broke something during set up that really ticked Adam off. Something along the line of “Great, look what you’ve done..it’s ruined now”. To me it almost seemed to me he was embarrassed by the overwhelming crowd response. Maybe the other 9 performers are growing tired of the obvious outpouring of affection for Adam over the rest of them and giving him grief behind the scenes?. I think he is just ready to do more than sing cover songs and shake the rest of the Idol crew off his back. Enough is enough! I hope everyone takes the chance to see the concert if you can. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything! My husband kept the tickets a secret until concert day!! Good thing my boss approved an “emergency vacation” day for me!!

    • How lovely for you, MaryG, that’s some husband you have! We always sing Adam’s praises on this site and that is good. But he is human after all, and with 4 of his 6 big astrological signs in his birthchart being “air” signs, it gives an aspect of being “nervous, high strung and sensitive” to some. Notice I am saying SOME people.

      I love studying people as a hobby, applying things I’ve read or experienced to their behaviours. Adam is usually gracious and sensible but I am sure he gets tired and we already know he is a perfectionist. regarding his performances. Likely what happened beforehand played a part, and for all we know, he may have had a headache as well.

      No one, not any performer can be exactly the same day after day while on tour. It happens that many of the other Idols expressed their “tiredness” by the time they reached Florida and I am sure Adam was one of them.

      From what I’ve seen of the Dallas and Memphis performances Adam was stull performing awesomely, like he did here in Vancouver in concert #3.

  11. DANA/ CatEyes, Totally enjoyed your frome-by-frame of the nite’s excitement! I know what you mean about the seats being ‘waaay’ up there. I hate seats that are actually a bit scarry, and you feel that it really is possible to fall!! Describing your husband’s thoughts on ‘how much time is enough’ sounds like the typical man-feelings! But, when Megan came out, maybe he thought, well, okay, just a little longer!!

    You show a pic of Allison w/a guitar. When did she start playing guitar, I wonder?

    The vid of Adam was short but very exciting to me! How SWEET he is!! The girl wanting him to see her toe, and how important that was to her, with Adam so tired, is really cute! She sounded very young!

    Adam is so adorable, you just want to hug him and make sure he’s got all he needs for a relaxing night. If Drake was there, I guess there is no concert on Friday? Assuming Adam would be spending time w/Drake (sigh) But very happy he would have his ‘friend’ to help him relax!

    • One of the idols, maybe Kris? started showing Alison how to play guitar just before the final round. She actually had it in the finale, I recall.



  13. Altho you didn’t name names, I will assume that the pereson you didn’t think ‘grew’ as much as the others is Danny. If not him, then who?!

    • Lisette agan..Cheryl Im non sure yu read ma reply on (page title touring an health)…I notice yur lovli sentimentes..an thenks agan,so sorry for grammar.I responde regarde of angels an l’significance an so why they mean lot for me..An being spiritual due to life esperience/health an loss of parentes..etc.(so plese see thet page then when yu can!..hugs..cou-cou Lisette! An as far as sending Adam angels well gather he can use specialmente reading of suposed passe stalker?As well as repose an keeping his celestial voix in bonhealth. An surely we all share same affinitie an adoration for thes very special multitalented artiste/vocaliste who unlike other Idol’s has same fanbase as thos established an legendes of passe :Elvis,Beatles,Sinatra,Michel..just with a wiser an less tragic ende..He is wiser an hopful to av a wonderful managmente for future musique endeavors. Enjoie the day an will see more of beau Adam on thes tribute page doman blessings an Luv Lisette!

  14. We drove from Houston for the Dallas show. Perhaps it was our seats (about 14 rows or so up in the first section left of the stage), but I thought he sounded great. Actually, they all sounded better than I expected. Of course, we did have a few cocktails before the show so that certainly had us in Adam-mode, and maybe that had something to do with us loving his performance. He did seem to me just a little bit more subdued than I expected, but who cares? …it’s Adam!! In answer(s) to a couple of posts above, Adam did take a few swigs of water while on stage, and yes, I hear that Drake was at the concert. The idols had 2 days off before Dallas, which started a run of 5 nights in a row before their next day off. We waited outside after the concert but were also at the other end by the VIP line and all we got to see was him saying “sorry” as they dragged him off. Dang! The Dallas crowd was fantastic and really showed Adam a Whole Lotta Love. I hope to see him again some day at that venue (American Airlines Center), because I got an email from AAC saying that by the end of this year they expect to have a high tech concert sound system and house-sized high-definition video screens inside!

  15. Thank you for your thoughts on the show. It was a little bittersweet for me to read as one of my internet buddies Rosanne was supposed to attend the Dallas show but sadly she died the day before with no warning whatsoever. Some of the members on the official board had tried to get word to Adam to maybe dedicate a song to her but it wasn’t to be I’m afraid. Imagine my suprise when I got up the next day ( I live in the UK) and saw that for the only the second date of the tour Adam had done his hair Elvis style.

    Is there a link where I can see the photos please. I can’t wait for him to come to England and I hope I have an Adam story to tell.

  16. Dana,
    I have to tell you, I have the same exact image of how Adam was that night. I told my daughter, something is different. He’s not as energetic, hitting the high notes, dancing as much.
    Although like you said even when he is a little off he is still amazing! He also was sipping water during songs and almost sounded a little hoarse at times!

    I thought, because Drake and his mom and da, were there that he would be really on fire.

    As for the outside meet and greet. He started at our end of the barricade, got face to face, autograph, smiles and few words!

    Again, it was an amazing experience (and I saw the Beatles and Stones and so on and so on back in my day).

  17. adamtastic1877 says:

    no, adam’s car is not that shade of blue. it isnt blue at all. its black

  18. Jeanette says:

    Great recap, Dana! Love all the pics! Even though we can’t get enough photos of Adam, it’s nice to see some of the other idols. I think I need a crash course in photography before my concerts.

    • Jeanette, when you talk with Dana, see if she sat approximately where you are going to sit for one of your concerts. It kinda looks like the area you mentioned.. or she may have been a bit higher up?? She may have some hints about angle for photos.

  19. Hi Dana, Adams Ford Mustang is Black. Saw the video where he and Kris were given their cars.
    This was when they were in LA for concert.

  20. I’m back again and have to say that, after watching and listening tonight to the YouTube videos posted of the Dallas concert, I don’t understand why any of us (me included) felt that Adam was more subdued in Dallas than usual. Search YouTube for “Adam Lambert Dallas” and let me know if you don’t think the same. He may not be waving any bras around the stage, but he sounds great and was definitely our same beloved Adam. He may have changed a few notes on WLL, but check out Starlight and the Bowie medley. With that evidence, I have to retract my earlier comment that he seemed more subdued than usual. If he *was* subdued in any way, maybe it had to do with the fact that mom and dad and Drake were back stage, and he probably hadn’t seen them for a few weeks and couldn’t wait to get back to them. Can you imagine? I’m glad to see that he was extremely charming and very polite after the concert to the few fans that he did get to greet. (Unfortunately, I was not one of those!) LOVE YOU, ADAM!


  22. I saw Adam in Dallas & I truly can’t imagine him being any better! He was as awesome as ever & Ioved every minute of it! I just can’t wait until the entire show is Adam! 20 minutes is NOT enough & it left me just wanting more & more! You ROCK ADAM!

  23. I LOVE YOU ADAM!!!! you are amazing 🙂

    deidra (dei)
    sulphur springs, tx USA

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