Congratulations Adam Lambert On Successful First Night-Glam Nation Tour *UPDATED*

Here is a link to ALL of the videos from last night’s concert, IN ONE PLACE!! It will just keep playing the videos or you can click on the scrolling pictures along the bottom to get to what you really want to see…
Plus there are pictures, tweets, and a tour bus video tour!! So much excitement for the first night, I had better sleep during the day so I can post all night!!! XOXO


video’s via: LambertGlowbug


  1. Do I read HOT SEX?!!! Do I see BARE FEET ala Zodiac?!!!!
    Thank you Adam!

    • Does anybody know why he didnt sing Whole lotta love instead of ring of fire?

      • glamb# 442 Paula says:

        no-but i was in the audience 8th row center and ring of fire was amazing and so was he!!
        the bare feet was icing on the show!!!

  2. ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

    Hello / Oi
    Great show!!!! His voice was impeccable!!!!
    Sue, are you there??????
    Give me something to hate you…….
    I love you girls!!!!!!!
    Beijos / Kisses

    • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

      Hello / Oi
      I had mean DID YOU GO TO THE SHOW????
      (Sorry My English)
      Give something that happend and you can speak to me for my delight
      THAN………….. I’ll hate you…………….hahahahaha

      • lovemyadam says:

        Eliane, you funny girl, don’t hate me!!! Nope, I wasn’t at this show… but I will be going to Milwaukee and Hammond in two weeks (or less). I LOVE YOU…lol.


        • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

          I knew I’ll hate someday…..
          Have fun and kiss him for me
          For while kiss for you
          Bye / Tchau
          I love you too

        • DellaD Glamb #39 says:

          SUE — off topic, but I don’t know how to reach you — could we have a topic where people going to their respective shows can post that they are going looking for someone else to go with? To meet up with? I’m going to two and I’d love to have someone to meet up with. I’m desperate to meet other ADAM LOVERS in my area!!

          • margaret says:

            I’m going to Adam’s concert in NYC and I would enjoy to meet up some people too. What location are you going to?

          • lovemyadam says:

            Let me work on that…
            BTW, which two are you going to???


  3. libraglam says:

    Wow amazin show, can’t wait til July. Thank you Sue for being always on top of everything, esp…being thoughtful of quickly upload it so we all can see the next day as soon as we just wake up and dream of adam the whole night….Oh I love ADAM, he is faboulous with his creativity with outfits, make up, scenes, light show etc…

    Love Sasha , she is so sweet of thinking for Adam ‘s fans too. The dance crew is wonderful. They did much better than before. What is the other girl dancer? She must lose some weight, her lose her big belly in Ellen’s show and tone up too.. wow they must work hard for the show. Sorry that i am so picky looking into so much details….just because they are hot too ! i personally like singing with dancers…i used to watch Madonna and JLO and love to see the dancers. I think ADAM dancers are very good. I like the black male dancer in ADAM ‘s crew the best. what is his name, anyone knows? Anyone knows all of their names?

    Sue, the video is owned by Sue527….IS IT YOU ??? were you there?
    Could you tell us what was the concert like last nite???
    If it is not you….ANYONE at the CONCERT last nite at Wilkes Barre????
    Please…please…tell me how was it like….please tell this poor soul who cannot wait til July !!!!

    Thanks!!! Ahhh….i “ENVY” those who could see him in the FIRST SHOW… must be a BLAST!!
    Love you all !!!

    • Tweeterpie says:

      The other girl dancer is Brooke and she is one of Adam’s BEST FRIENDS. She was in “Wicked” with him as was the other dancer you say you like, whose name is Terrance. He’s also one of Adam’s CLOSE friends. I think Brooke is in excellent shape so I’m not sure where you are coming from on that front. Her body looks great to me & her stomach looks pretty flat from what I can see too. Especially, keeping in mind that It’s also late in the day, so she probably has been eating throughout the day, since you have to eat for your strength. Right? You know… I actually feel pretty sorry for dancers. They are always being judged beyond their dancing. Models can starve before a shoot but dancers can’t . If they aren’t flush with water & food before a show, they can cramp or passout. Please cut her some slack….maybe she was a little bloated on the Ellen show that day. Could have even been that time of month? Whatever the case ws, it doesn’t even matter. She’s “imperfectly PERFECT” as our Adam would say. RIGHT?

      • libraglam says:

        Thank you Tweeterpie for the information of the dancers. Appreciate that.
        No wonder ..Brooke and Terrance are the Best. I think anyone who were recruited for Wicked or Zodiac before must be the very good ones. Yeah…must be..PMS time of the month….that happened to me too…everytime that times come then i have to wear 1 or 2 size larger, talking about water retaining. But overall, these dancers are the best. I watched Miley Cyrus dancers and JLO dancers lately , and i like Adam’s dancers better.

      • Micki (Glamb #535) says:

        I think I know what you are talking about – I’d noticed *at times* that she looks heavier too.
        But then when I’ve looked closer, ALL of the pics I’ve seen like that were all active ones taken mid-action, and all of them she had her back arched oddly. I have decided in hindsight that I think she is probably more flexible than your average dancer, possibly bordering on contortionist. And if she’s moving her body in ways we’re not used to, that’s when she looks heavier. She could also be a gal who retains more fluid at certain times – lord knows there’s a lot of us! – so that might be a factor, **possibly**. Like I said, I thought that too at first until I really looked at the pics and she was always in odd positions in them. So I think she’s most likely just hella-flexible. I used to do gymnastics, ballet, tap & ballroom dancing, as well as playing sports, and she can move in ways I can barely even imagine. And flexibility IS muscle, so to be that flexible she’d need to have more muscle.

        I think she is awesome, & I wish I could do even half of what she can!

    • lovemyadam says:

      You are welcome libraglam, but no, I wasn’t there. I am going in less than 2 weeks though!! I am trying to not watch everything because I want some surprises when I go… but from what I saw, everything looked perfect!!


    • I was at the Kirby Center last night for Adam’s first show. It was awesome. He is awesome. I wish I had another word to describe him. Just super awesome. So sexy and sweet. He WAS barefooted. It was darling. I felt priveledged to breathe the same air as Adam.

      • I love the bare foot part. Though I have a total boot fetish thing I remember him so juicy and barefoot in the “Make you Crazy” Zodiac video with the flaming red pants.
        I so agree with Cheryl, words are not enough to describe him.
        Sublime Passion is the only thing I can think of right now and I haven’t even seen him live….

      • lovemyadam says:

        Carmen, did you ever think you would feel blessed to be breathing the same air as another human being?? I understand completely…


    • ianaleah says:

      In the video on youtube of Adam singing “If I Had You”-Adam introduces his dancers. Brooke is also the choreographer and the too short dance she does w Adam is wonderful-he dances very sexy club like and looks irresistible. I am soooooooo happy it went well for him his first night. He is such a dream.

  4. OMG that was awesome! I cant wait to go! I especially loved Fever and Ring of fire!

  5. PaulaGlam says:

    Thank you, thank you for these wonderful videos, what a SHOW!!
    My favorite is missing, “Sleepwalker”
    Sue, I understand that you must have been tired yesterday but when you have a chance can you upload Sleepwalker to you collection?
    Can’t wait for July 21st in Portland.

    • lovemyadam says:

      Hi PaulaGlam, I wasn’t tired because I wasn’t there, haha. I did not look all the way through the videos though, my mistake!! Thanks for the heads up and enjoy the newest videos that I just put up!!


  6. OMG!!!OMG!!! Can anyone be more gorgeous, more sexy, more talented. NO! Thankyou for bringing us these videos from his first tour show. Almost (almost) as good as being there.

    • lovemyadam says:

      My pleasure, I will bring them as soon as I can get my hands on them…


      • LATAGLAM says:

        Thank you, Sue, for all you do to keep us all in the loop–as it happens!
        I’m thinking of putting a small group of folks together (10 or less) at a dinner table before the show in Richmond on 8/27. The restaurant will give us early entry to the theatre if we have eaten dinner there, but we have to have a minimum of 6 at each table. I am reserving a table for 6, so it would be lovely if 4 more fans joined us! If I should be on a different thread for this, just let me know!

  7. Marie Glamb #9 says:

    Hi all!
    Glamb #9 with a review of what it was like to be there.

    ADAM was E-L-E-C-T-R-I-F-Y-I-N-G in his kick-off concert in Wilkes-Barre, PA (June 4, 2010) ! ! !
    HOT! HOT! HOT!

    His powerful presence dominated the stage as anticipated, and yes, I found myself in swirly-eyed, hypnotic trance to witness – for the first time – ADAM, performing live. Adam gave himself totally over to the audience. But It took no more than sensing that we were on the cusp of his entrance for the entire audience to simultaneously fall UP out of our seats, and remain there the entire hour and a half concert.

    Couldn’t help but to be immediately drawn into Adam’s mesmerizing presence, happily lost in the clarity of his perfect, creative chops. Mentally, everything else but Adam dropped away from the universe while he was on stage. The uproarious, deafening whoops, thunderous clapping, and cat-call screams paused long enough only for the need to hear this siren sing. And by no means was I the only one out of control. The house took on a life of its own plugged in to Adam – a phenomenom to which the same-ager, stranger-lady next to me could attest who, before the night was out, nicknamed us “sister soul-mate screamers” and we proudly sealed that pact with a big “High 5.” At least I wasn’t sobbing and shaking like the teeny boppers! It’s amazing how Adam unites strangers, bridging friendship across gender, race, age, or station in life…not just here in person, but also planet-wide!

    On stage, his dazzling eyes toyed with us; he moo-o-o-o-o-v-e-d, and you know what I mean (but not to the point of blinding me). Whether in a prickly strut, a silhouetted, mysterious caped descent, a flaunt of his glittery green top hat, or bursting in full-out pop dance with one of his dancers (who, by the way, were FABULOUS), — ADAM OWNED THAT STAGE. Heck, he owned us!

    He created something so very impressive, entertaining, memorable, and satisfying for his first tour. I couldn’t be any more proud to have been there to witness this UNIQUE ARTIST perform.

    It didn’t hurt that I attended a V.I.P MEET & GREET WITH ADAM TOO! Eye to eye contact. Mini-hugs and casual chit-chat. First thing he said to me was that he liked my t-shirt — I was wearing the GLAMBS INT’L LOGO (the logo on site which I helped to create!) one that I bought from Café Press! So HE SIGNED MY SHIRT! Oh my gosh!! It has to go up in a shadow box on the wall.

    It was an incredible evening! Everything you’d expect from Adam and more. I’d submit pictures now, but I burned out my camera battery! Later!

    Glamb #9

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      Wow, Marie, thanks for a blow-by-blow of the night! I’m kicking myself now (and all day yesterday) for just being patient and hoping the tour comes to Memphis. I should have just grabbed the bull by the horns and got tickets for his first ever show on the Glam Nation tour.

      So happy to hear the great praise for the show. And how great that you got to meet him! I’m afraid I would just attack him, he’s just so dayum sexy. LOVED that hat and the striped jacket. I bet everyone wished the night would never end (including Adam!). Thanks for sharing.


      • Marie Glamb #9 says:

        Oh, Eve….you’ve GOT to get into his first tour somewhere!

        Run! Run to the nearest city!

        I still can’t believe I actually got to meet Adam in person either. The only other artist I ever felt compelled to want to meet in person is Paul Simon, and it’s been 40 years and counting and that dream is de-materializing as time passes. But meeting Adam….gulp!

        I heard another person in our small group in line to meet him say out loud the very thing I was thinking when he first entered the room….that I expected him to be taller, bigger, bolder! Here he stood before us in average to slight frame…almost, dare I say……..delicate, vulnerable looking. A soft whisper — compared to his voice and presence on stage. But what a beautiful and unassuming person he is that I’ve observed in that short time.

        When approaching him, I looked him square in the face and he held his right arm out in a kind, open gesture, and was smiling to receive me. It put me at peace. I just wanted to be kind to him. I was only the eighth person he greeted so far at the start of that night, so his smile wasn’t freeze-molded onto his face yet. But as I came closer, if he hadn’t spoken first, I probably couldn’t have said a word.

        By this point, I was already coding into a mentally panic-blind state as it hit me just who I was talking to, and couldn’t gawk at him as I had wanted to. No gawking. I didn’t gawk. I felt he deserved my respect. As we stood with his arm around me taking a picture together, I turned my head and the image of his smiling profile, straight-up peaked black hair, great cheekbones, flashy eyes and baby boy chin etched into my mind’s eye, and I whispered, “Thank you, Adam.”

        He acknowledged saying something back through his teeth to me so he wouldn’t break the smile for the picture, but by that time I was panic-deaf too and didn’t hear it.

        He had already signed my t-shirt, and we were told he’d give one autograph per person, so I was positioned to leave when just then he saw a photo of him they gave us rolled up in my hand, and spontaneously he said in such a generous, giving, loving “awwww” kind of way…”Ohhhhh! Would you like me to sign that too?”

        Drop dead on the spot, I did!

        “Oh, ooooookaaaaaay,” came out of my mouth, while in the back of my mind I’m thinking that maybe any second somebody is going to grab me by the back of my collar and seat of my gauchies and usher me speedily out of the room for getting more than the allotted single autograph.

        He took a moment to ask me my name again so he could personalize the photo for me with my name, and his, and “Glamb #9” on it, and chuckled saying he liked the name “Official Unofficial…” in our fansite name that I had briefly mentioned in passing. One more gentle hug and my part in the session was done.

        Done, but never over. It replays over and over again in my heart!


        • Sandyra says:

          Marie, thanks for sharing with us in such detail your experience with Adam and the show. Are you still floating on the clouds?

          Do you know if each of his concerts will have a “Meet & Greet”? If so, how do I get info about it?

          I’m SO very glad you had such a wonderful time!

          • Marie Glamb#9 says:

            I have not yet touched the ground, Sandyra!

            Thank you so much for your kind heart!


        • cheryl 334 says:

          MARIE……………great post, but was VERY surprised to see you say you thought he would have been ‘taller and bigger’. He is 6’2, if I am not mist aken in barefeet and not at all frail or fragile in appearance! Just that this is the first time I have ever read anyone saying trhey thought he was smaller, etc, and expected something different. I did see him, too, and he did not disappoint! But I had already seen him on idol for the yr. saw he was much taqller and bigger than any other male and read and investigated everything Adam before I saw him, so he was just more gorgeous than I thought he could be!!! 🙂 🙂
          Peace-Love-Light-Truth-Joy 2 Adam…….. Cheryl 🙂

        • omg,,,,in reading your comments,for a moment there, I was you!! thank-you for letting me meet Adam for the first time ,with your beautiful words .

        • EternalGlamNation says:

          “When approaching him, I looked him square in the face and he held his right arm out in a kind, open gesture, and was smiling to receive me.”

          OMG, Marie, I just did a total SWOON as I read that! And how cool was he to sign the photo for you AND personalize it. I’d like him to personalize MY LIPS! LOL

          I swear he is the SEXIEST person on earth. He just oozes it from every pore.

          I watched the live stream from tonight’s show in NJ. They played FYE before Adam came out and EVERYONE was singing it. After IIHY, Adam left the stage and everyone began chanting A-dam, A-dam. Then he came back out and sang Mad World, just like at your concert. Did you all do the singing and chanting as well?


          • Marie Glamb#9 says:

            OMG I just swooned all over again feeling the power of your words!

            Adam did something a little different at the NJ show, which is great, because then there are surprises to come!

            We didn’t chant A-dam…..we just kept the level of whoops and screams bouncing off the ceiling and wouldn’t give up until he came out again.

            It will be wonderful to read about each show. We blew the roof off the place even at only 1800 capacity…..can you imagine arenas packed as excitment escalates with each passing show? 70+ shows? I feel as if the thunder from those voices could reach outer space.


            • EternalGlamNation says:

              It’s so great that all of Adam’s fans are sharing nearly every moment of these monumental events. It really means a lot to those of us living vicariously through these posts.

              Marie, I know what you mean about Adam seeming smaller that you thought he’d be. I’ve had the honor to meet a great many celebrities, all who seem larger than life . These are people who can walk into a room and command everyone’s attention without saying a word, but also know how to turn off some of that power when meeting someone so as to make them feel comfortable. It’s also been my experience that those who are confident in themselves do this readily. Those who are insecure of their talent display their larger-than-life personna to the hilt seemingly trying to intimidate all who venture near.

              We know that Adam is very comfortable in his skin, so it doesn’t surprise me one bit that he came across the way he did. Don’t you just love him even more for that? There’s nothing worse than meeting someone you look up to (and/or fantasize about!) and find out they’re asses. Adam — he wears his celebrity well. His kind heart always coming shining through.


              • Marie Glamb#9 says:

                Eve, you stated that so perfectly!

                Before I read your comment, I was re-watching all the AI clips of him that I bought on i-tunes, and I was thinking the very same thing….that Adam is very comfortable in his own skin.

                There is just no conflict between who he is as a person and how he portrays his music. We are seeing the REAL DEAL.

                Everyone who loves him feels it, even if we can’t put a name to it.

                It resounds through every fiber of our being. He is so perfectly aligned harmonically to whatever lift us up inside at the centerline in common with so many. It’s like his whole being and ours are vibrating at the same incredible wave length at which we are the happiest, the most loving, striking right into our chemical and etheral pleasure center when he performs as he did on AI and on his tour. He brings out our “good girl” and “bad girl” personas at the same time and we just love it.

                It just doesn’t get any better than that. There is no “better.” He is at the top.

                Now I know he isn’t for everyone. And others have their own valid reasons, and that’s fine. Also, some prefer less or more of the extremes of what he capable performance-wise. I love his sex appeal and firting, (love it!), but not into the red zone in a GENERAL audience performance which doesn’t expect to be taken past that line and/or with kids watching. That’s just my preference, so I need to stay true to that part of me too. His performance on the tour was perfect. PERFECT. I mean PERFECT.

                And I know what you mean about the asses among celebrities. I’ve seen that first hand too. Big turn-off.

                But there Adam was….in comfy everyday clothes, thinner than he appears in costume, standing alone by a small table waiting for the 27 of us who were single file lined up around the small room and up the stairs. I think there may have been “fishbowl” syndrome happening to us and him at first sight.

                But I saw real graciousness in his greetings. Warmth.

        • Vocalsrule says:

          I was right there with you even though I’m on the other coast! Thank you for the mesmerizing detail.

        • Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing this very personal moment.

        • Hi, how did you get to meet him, like a stage door or before the concert where did you have to go?
          Thanks so much

    • libraglam says:

      Oh Marie. Thank you so much, thank you a million.OMG this is waht i was looking for….to hear how the 1st Glam Nation tour is like…!!! I will probably cry with excitement when comes to my turn to see that concert….I will probably prepare of bringing lots of Kleenex and water bottle …
      :-))) That is wonderful !! AAAh…thanks …i can have a very nice dream tonight…while waiting til July.

    • marlene mladybug says:

      I was there waiting by the side door for Adam to appear but NO ADAM he was meeting and greeting .u were so lucky,but tommy and monty gave me birthday hugs What a great day!!!! I didnt want it to end. here is to the Glamnation may Adam reign.

    • Marie,

      Please share how you were able to attend the VIP Meet & Greet. Are these held at all the concerts?

    • MARIE – how did you get to the VIP meet & greet?! there are 4 of us headed to MN for 2 concerts this weekend, and then again one on the 15th in Milwaukee – we’re dying to have the opp to do mini-hugs & chit-chat…I never got the opp to do meet & greet at AI concerts last summer…any ideas would help – but you described in the most incredible words the essence we all know as our ADAM!!! so happy for you!!!

      • Marie Glamb#9 says:

        It really isn’t easy to get into one. It takes being in the right place at the right time when the heavens are aligned perfectly, I guess. I try to sign up to radio station site emails, venue emails, artist alerts, TV station email lists, call in for contests, call the venues and ask ahead of time, talk to people; search the web. Do a LOT of homework on a very short list of those your heart most desires.

        And have an insane amount of patience and focus!

        I don’t ask for much. There are only two artists in my LIFETIME that I ever yearned so badly to meet. I’m STILL WAITING FOR OVER 30 YEARS now to meet Paul Simon in person…. i’d say “hi” — done — I’d be happy. It’s so short of a moment, but somehow it means SO MUCH for the real human being to acknowledge your existence, eye to eye, with a smile meant just for you for just that moment as Adam did with me. Came close once – same room, but …nada. Nothing. Nil. Sigh. …still waiting.

        [So thank you, bunches, Adam. I feel blessed to have met you,
        and so satisfied that you were sooooo sweet (ok, yes,…and hot!)
        <– little prayer of thanksgiving!]

        At least there may be more of a chance for many to meet Adam because he makes himself accessible when possible. He hasn’t morphed into an untouchable yet. But do the homework. Look for opportunities. Keep your heart and sight focused, and keep the wish real and attainable. (Save fantasizing for other times!)


  8. Thank you so much for posting these. I’m glad he sings “Ring of Fire.” I thought he looked absolutely sexy and hot when he performed it on Idol. I can’t even imagine what he does with it now. That song and “Sleepwalker” really showcase what an excellent singer Adam is.

    Thanks again!

  9. I forgot to add on my post above, that I really wish we could see more of the drummer. I just love those dreadlocks. I think he is smoking HOT!

    • cheryl 334 says:

      SALLY…………………Ring of Fire is posted on YOUtube. Look for the Voodoo/Rabbit Hole/Ri………
      and that’s it! It’s wonderful…..:) 🙂

  10. Thanks for all the videos. Wasn’t sure I wanted to watch them before I see the live performance on July 7; but, of course, I could not resist. This show is obviously amazing as Adam has successfully pulled off a beautifully artistic and flowing spectacle of his talent. Knowing it only lasts an hour makes me want to see it over and over again and then be blown away when we see it in person!!! The opening acts will add alot too…..Loved how IIHY pulled the whole show together, and how he introduced everyone in the middle of it. It must be so comforting for Adam to be traveling all summer with such good friends, so he won’t feel so lonely and isolated. Thank you Adam for making your tour so magical and entertaining for all your fans!!! SOUTHERN GEMINI
    A…..mazing voice !
    D…azzling dresser !
    A….wesome entertainer !
    M….usical genius ! ! ! ! !

  11. I was at this concert and it was AMAZING! Adam’s vocals and performances were out of this world incredible! I heard several “wow’s” from people around me when he sang Soaked. Adam sings with such passion it touches your soul. Loved the kiss to all his fans at the end of the show! Adam is absolutely the BEST and I must say once again, the concert was AMAZING!!!!!

    • Soaked is one of my favorites. I feel that little tingle when he sings this song. Course I love them all, but his vocals on Soaked is special. He kinda hits these ranges on No Boundaries. I guess I love whenever he slows down and sings a ballad. Well he could probably sing just about anything and I would love it. Such a voice and range–beautiful! P.S. loved when he was singing WWWF and sang “thanks for loving me” and the audience responded in kind. That ttibute is some kind of awesome!!!!

  12. REDSTAR040665 says:

    He is always amazing. Can’t will until June 14. Columbus, Ohio. I wish he would do Black or White from AI sometime. I thought he did a great job to a MJ classic.

    • Adamisamazing says:

      That would be great if he sang “Black and White” for one of his covers. I especially liked his reaction to what Paula said after he sang it. That’s when he knew he made it, I believe. I like the fact that he sang “Sure Fire Winners” in his concert. Can’t wait to see him in July.

  13. buffy522 says:

    Great fun! Thanks. I will be searching youtube for more! Like the dancer with suspenders. Had not seen him too much before. Love the platform that Adam walked up on so that more people could see him! Love that there seemed to be a lot of guys in the audience. Everything looked great and of course our boy was in great form! Love the Adam Tommy rubs in Fever. He is going just to the edge, you know. Wish he could go where he wants, but some people get so upset!

  14. Wow! He is mesmerizing! I wish i lived in America! 🙁 His stage presence is just amazing! 😀 <3

  15. cheryl 334 says:

    WHAT words can be used after seeing these pics and vids???? No word yet known great enough to describe the feelings when I see Adam performing, ‘just’ singing, or just standing. There will have to be a new word to give some description to what Adam does to us by just being ‘seen’ that no one else in this world has ever done.

    Absolutely feel that Adam is at his ‘sexiest’ when he is not even trying.

    When he closes his eyes to sing, he looks most vulnerable and delicious. I need strength to live to see him again on stage.

    He is bringing his own ‘Rock-Theatre’ to the stage like we have never before seen. His voice is unequalled, of course, but then, other than his unparralled looks, his voice is the star!

    Love-Peace-Light-Joy-Truth-Happiness-Perfectness is Adam……………………

  16. rhiannanb2 says:

    Yay! This is so great! I am so excited to be going to see him in Raleigh, NC. Anyone else going there?

  17. Lori Carmone says:

    Thanks for all you do! This will be another HOT summer as last year was…with constant new footage of our Adam to look forward to!!!! Gotta love that!!!! I’ll be going to 3 shows but have no video camera…hmmmm…may have to invest so that I can share as well!


  18. Susan W. says:

    Did anybody who went happen to catch any of the Glam Flash Mob that they mention on Youtube? I saw a video of it on Youtube yesterday where they are trying to teach people the steps to do during Fever if they can. I have been trying to find out if they actually did it and how it went.

    • AdoringAdam says:

      Susan: It did not happen in Wilkes-Barre, but people were going out of their minds when he performed FEVER. I will never forget it. WHAT A NIGHT! I was I was going again!!

  19. There really aren’t words magnificent enough to describe the way so many of us feel when Adam sings, performs, dances—or talks, moves, or laughs. Adamgasm may work. He’s larger than life, yet so humble, off-the-charts sexy and as sweet as can be, powerful and gentle, assertive and a great listener. Who else is like him? No one. The videos of his first tour concert have historical import. I will be seeing 4 of his shows, possibly adding a fifth, and though the bare storyline will become familiar, each performance will be stellar, each an opportunity to be close to Adam, perchance to meet him, if the universe comes through for me. . . Adam is a gift. I hope we treat him as well as he deserves. Travel safely, fierce prince.

  20. Am i the only one who finds them selfs screaming while watching these videos??? My kids think i have lost it. But my gosh is sounds so good then you add the sex appeal and i loose it LOL
    By the was i saw his first concert and im looking forward to trying to get tickets to this tour. I was saddened i didnt know about the glam reunion that took place at the first concert can anyone tell me how you go about doing the meet and greet? and will there be any get togheters for all of us fans before the shows??

  21. Good, Adam is in perfect shape.

  22. Adamisamazing says:

    After seeing the videos and playlist, I was so happy to see that he will be singing some of my favorites from the CD (some you rarely hear in public appearances) such as “Sure Fire Winners” and “Aftermath.” I knew he would sing my other favorites, “If I Had You” and “Music Again.” Who knows? Maybe one day, I’ll get to hear him sing “Time for Miracles” in public. I can dream anyway. Adam’s CD is the only one I have in my car. Everything else just pales in comparison to me now Eventually, I will listen to other music, but for now, it is Adam all the time!
    I appreciate the article, playlist and videos which gives us a sneak peek of what to expect for those lucky enough to get tickets (or for those that will not get to see his concert). I wanted it to be a surprise, but I couldn’t help myself, and had to watch every single one.
    He is so versatile, gorgeous and talented beyond belief. Plus, you just fall in love with him even more…every time you see him. I just spent hours watching his AI performances on my DVR right after I watched all these videos. Can’t get enough…none of us can. I live in AZ, but he’s not coming here. So, this week, I got tickets to San Diego, and I’m SO excited! Most AI contestants are opening acts for other big name artists, but Adam is in a league of his own, like Simon said, and can fill concert halls and venues with sold out performances.
    I saw him in his first solo performance at Fantasy Springs, and now I finally got tickets to his first concert tour. Looks like the most entertaining show I will ever see in my life. Adam makes me so happy, and so does this Web site. So, thank you so much to all of you that work so hard on it for us.

    • His Japanese CD is the only one in my car and I sing Masterplan at the top of my lungs when I could not possibly be one of the “new generation with no reservations” at 60 years old. I feel like a teenager again when listening to Adam and can’t wait until June 26 when I take my 12 year old grand daughter to the Borgota in Atlantic Cty to see his concert. She is in special education for developmental delays but knows the words to most of his songs. She liked Kris last season until we went to Idol Live and she saw Adam. Fell in love with him immediately. And she thinks I am the coolest grandmom ever for singing Adam’s songs with her in the car and taking her to one of his concerts. I can’t wait!!!!!!!

      • Just wanted to say that my similar age granddaughter is mildly autistic and loves Adam’s CD, knows all the words, etc.. She apparently goes outside, jumps on their trampoline, turns up the boombox to full volume and blasts Adam music all over the neighborhood! Her mom says they haven’t had any complaints so must have either some very understanding neighbors and/or a lot of new Adam fans! Will be taking her to the Puyallup Fair performance,along with some friends and the entire rest of the family. He is truly appealing to all generations!

        • That is so cool. My husband is a contractor and is part of the Autism Waiver Program run by the Maryland State Board of Education. He goes into homes where autistic kids live and makes things safe for them. He tells me about the children and some of them have amazing talents!

      • hi viki, how wonderful that you can share such a fantastic experience with your granddaughter…………..something she’ll remember for the rest of her life.!!!! Have fun and give Adam a big High Five from all of us.

        • Hi Marlene! We are counting down the days! So excited! Kristie can’t decide what to wear. She said she wants to get a black rose and throw it onto the stage. Being the innocent little girl she is she asked if maybe he would ask her to come up on stage. I explained to her that wouldn’t happen. She really wants to meet him! Do you know the lyrics to “Pick You Up” where he sings “Where are you I need someone to be my lover”? Kristie sings it “Where are you I need someone to be my brother!” Too funny!

  23. Jane Parker says:

    Awesome Awesome!!
    We will be speechless!! after this concert!

  24. Thank you to all the people who posted videos of Adam’s first Glam Nation tour concert!! I have been mesmerized watching YouTube all evening – mostly Suz526 – hugs to you for sharing with everyone! Brings back memories of Red Robinson… but as Adam seems to always do, he just keeps getting better and better!! Hope he takes care of himself – he is bringing so much joy to so many people thru his incredible voice and amazing performances…

  25. FlamingoLady says:

    OMG! I have been to a LOT of concerts in my life, from the Beatles to the Stones, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Sonny & Cher, Bobby Rydell, Tom Jones, the Doors, Jefferson Airplane, etc., etc….and Elvis, who I saw in Vegas at least 20 times. Of them all, Elvis was the one whose shows were electric…you were entranced from the moment he walked on the stage. Since first seeing Adam on American Idol, I’ve felt the same way about him, and these concert videos confirm it…Adam has that same indescribable charisma and presence that Elvis had.
    My personal theory about that ability to touch people so powerfully is the kind of person they are offstage…kind and humble and rather amazed themselves at the public’s reaction to them.
    When Elvis died, my interest in music died, too, until Adam brought it back to life. He truly did make me want to listen to music again, and I smile every time I hear him sing that phrase.
    So far, there are no tour dates in the central California area, so I really appreciate these videos. As for the photos, well, “Hot Sex” says it all!
    Like Elvis, Adam is not just a great singer (and he is a great SINGER, something rare in the rock world) but he is a great entertainer, and his career is just beginning. I’m so glad that he made the decision to try out for American Idol, so we can all share the joy of his music and performances.

    • Gosh you took the words right out of my mouth. I too have been to many concerts; Eric Clapton, ZZ Top, Temptations, 4 Tops, BJ Thomas, Ray Charles, on and on but NO one affects me like Adam. I too think he doesn’t even realize how he affects woman and men. Adam has the whole packaage; charisma, charm, sex appeal, intellect, wit, and unworldly vocal talent. After Elvis died i didn’t care much about music. I listened to a few singers but stop going to concerts unless a friend dragged me. My first Adam concert will be June 27th in Baltimore and I am so psych’d.

      • Aren’t the lyrics to Music Again so true. Adam has truly made me listen to music again. No more classical in my car, it is Adam all of the time. After seeing these videos I am so ready for the Borgota in Atlantic City. I live right outside of Batlimore so it is kind of funny that I am going to South Jersey to see him the night before he comes to Baltimore. Maybe we need to start a local Adam fan club lol!

  26. patricia Pearce says:

    Hi Sue,
    Is there a way to find out if anyone is going to Raleigh from Chapel Hill August 28th. They could drive my car. I’m nervous about going alone although I have my ticket.

    How does one get invited to the meet and greet?

  27. FlamingoLady,
    You are so lucky to have seen Elvis. I wish I had. and so many times. You must have adored him to have seen him so many times.
    And I am so glad you said that Adam posesses the same ability on stage to electrify the audience, that he has such strong charisma and SEXUAL PRESENCE like Elvis.
    Adam’s voice and sex is truly his own but is equal to the Elvis.
    I love them both and can’t get enough. ….. I can’t wait till he comes to Ma. on August 20th and I sure hope he gives as good a performance as he did this past weekend. I do believe that the Wilkes Barre concert would have been the best one to go to because it is the first… God I loved, loved, loved that he sang Mad World and Ring of Fire. … how wonderful was that.. and
    when he sang “Broken Open” I thought the background was perfect for that. .. so perfect for that song… so beautiful like his singing that song… I wish I owned this on DVD–Sue, can these be made into DVD”s cause if they can you can sell a million… me first…..

    • FlamingoLady says:

      Hi, Judi,
      I was VERY lucky, as I got to meet Elvis in 1970, and was invited to the after show parties for several years. He truly was a humble (and gorgeous!) man. My opinion again, but I don’t think he was ever able to completely come to terms with fame, since it happened so early for him, and he lacked the showbiz (and life) experience to deal with it.
      Adam has that experience. He’s older, wiser, has an incredible sense of maturity about himself, and also has two parents who are very supportive, so he’s better equipped to avoid the fame pitfalls that ultimately overcame Elvis. (Again my opinion, but if Elvis’ mother had lived, I think he would have coped better and lived longer, too.)
      Although it’s not how I think of myself, I fit the category of “older” fans, but I’m young in enthusiasm and enjoyment of Adam. It’s exciting to be able to watch his performances online (sure didn’t have that in the Elvis days!) and to watch his career take off.
      I’m having a wonderful time being a fan again, and Adam is the reason!

  28. LambertGlowbug,
    You did a great job taking these videos .. I just want to thank you a million times. from the bottom of my heart.
    Can these be put on a CD?

  29. AdoringAdam says:

    Prepare to be Adamized when you see him live. I was at Wilkes-Barre Friday and I am still feeling like I am in Heaven. Adam is out of this world performing live. I never thought I would see him but some things fell into place and I am so grateful it happened. Now I want to follow him around the country.
    Anyone who has tickets for a future concert: you will be blown away. It is an experience you will never have again!

  30. AdoringAdam says:

    BTW, I love the photos you posted of the concert. How can we download them? They are the best I have seen.

  31. all the people who have watched or are gonna watch adam’s performances in this tour are the happiest in the world,I WISH I WAS IN AMERICA

    • Marie Glamb#9 says:

      sarah, please don’t be blue….we are sharing our hearts out for you!

      and Adam is toooo much to stay in the States. he has to go global!


      • thanks sweetie,
        yeah adam has to go global as soon as possible, he is an international artist without boundary.
        thanks for your perfect and amazing report of greeting him and his concert.
        I love the words which you ‘ ve used for explaining him,I can understand your sense at that time with my whole heart . again I wish i was there and I was in your shoes.
        nowadays making wishes has become my life!

  32. Marie Glamb#9 says:

    Hey! I wonder how many GLAMBS there were at the FIRST NIGHT GLAMNATION TOUR CONCERT?

    Give a shout-out if you were in that audience!!!

    Go northeast pa!

    Glamb #9

  33. Georgia says:

    I was lucky enough to attend his concert at the Kirby Center. What a wonderful experience it was, too. He is an amazing performer and I really hope I can attend one or two more of his shows this summer. We were waiting by the busses for a glimpse of Adam with a group of about 20 some. One of the security guards opened the stage door and there stood Adam. He smiled and waved at us and my girlfriend was lucky enough to get a good picture! What a gorgeous man! Can’t wait to see and hear more of him….can’t stop listening to and watching the videos I took that night!

  34. Bernice Klein says:

    It was an amazing night in Wilkes Barre. My daughter and I went for her 15th birthday. I was literally without breath when he came out. I had goosebumps through Soaked and was thrilled he sang Sure Fire Winners which is my pick me up song. We will be seeing him again at Musicfest in August. Also I’m sorry I didn’t get your name, but the nice lady who waited by the barrade outside with me from NY. It was nice talking to you for the hour or so til he ran out at midnight and got on his bus. I must say I don’t go to many concerts but I am looking forward to seeing this one again and again!

  35. Kat Spahr says:

    Very anxiously awaiting his Vegas show, it should be awesome!!!

  36. It felt like I’ve gone to heaven Sue, thanks for all the videos. But I feel like, I’m still in heaven. I could almost see angels around Adam when he sang BROKEN OPEN. His performances make me feel complete. The ingredients are balanced – from soft sensitive emotions, to sexy and alluring, to brave and daring, plus that lovely Adam smirk. Ha – ha ! Wow, the dancers are now more in tune with Adam – with his professionalism par excellence. They’re coming up to his level.
    Just want to express my Adamizing, intimate moments – I love you Adam. And though I may not see you in person, nor see your live shows, the thought of you is enough to make me happy. And the love brewing in this FANSITE is inspiring and energizing. Love to you all Glam sisters, most especially to you Sue.

    • lovemyadam says:

      dainty, I love you too!!! Thank you for being part of our site… you are the reason I do what I do!!


  37. margaret says:

    I’m going to see Adam’s concert on 23 rd of June in NYC. Anyone would like to join me there? I’d like some company.

  38. OMG, ADMA IS OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!! Thank you sooo much for posting this wonderful experience!!!!!!
    I feel like I was there, just sitting here, watching at home, I was in a trance!!!

    • See Im so out of it from watching him, that I can’t even spell his name, LOL!!!
      (still in a trance)

  39. perfect like always, u r great man

  40. DEE #458 says:


    I drove up to the Best Western in Wilkes -Barre and saw ADAM’s tour buses….ADAM and his entourage were staying at the same hotel we were…OMG, OMG, OMG….some people were saying ADAM’s crew was staying there, but ADAM was staying somewhere else. Debbie and I were in our room Friday afternoon about 2:30 PM and she said she was going to go across the street to sit by the stage door of the theatre with lots of other fans to try and see if they could see ADAM going in for a sound check or something.

    It was a very hot day, so I told her to go but I wanted to stay in the room. So after a few minutes I wanted to get some ice and have a drink. So I went up to the third floor to get some ice (my room was on the second floor)….I got the ice, pushed the elevator button to go back downstairs…the elevator door opens….and WHO’S STANDING ON THE ELEVATOR ALL BY HIMSELF….THERE I WAS FACE TO FACE WITH ADAM!!! OMG, OMG, OMG !!! I said…”OMG, it’s YOU!!! and he giggled…I said “I can’ believe it’s really you”….I kissed him on the cheek and my mind went blank after that…I couldn’t think of anything else to say….He asked me if I was going to the concert that night and I said “yes” and he said they put a lot of work into it and he was very excited about it and hoped I like it….the elevator doors opened at the lobby and I said…”Oh, I’m not getting off here”…and he said “OK….bye…see ya later”…OMG, OMG. OMG !!!

    The funny part was…all I had was the ice bucket and my room key…no pen, no paper for an autograph, no camera for a pic…NOTHING…JUST ADAM AND ME !!!

    I should have asked ADAM to come back to my room so I could get my camera to take our pic, to get a pen and picture for him to autograph and THEN THROW HIM ACROSS MY BED AND HAVE MY WAY WITH HIM !!! HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (IN MY DREAMS) O_O !!!

    When Debbie got back to our room I told her about my ADAM “encounter” and she was DYING !!! I told her I had a feeling I would meet him, but had no idea it would be that INTIMATE…ONE-ON-ONE IN AN ELEVATOR !!!

    Debbie repeated that story to every ADAM fan she saw for the rest of the day, and when we got to the concert that night, everyone knew who I was…pointing at me saying…that’s the woman who was on the elevator with ADAM !!!




    • Marie Glamb#9 says:


      That encounter was the best gift Adam could have given you (with an ice bucket in your hands anyway)! This is the once in a million kind of thing that only happens in our imagination… and here… IT HAPPENED TO YOU FOR REAL!!!

      That’s sooo coool, I could just TWIT for joy for you!!!


    • Vicky Fonseca says:

      Dee – So excited for your encounter with Adam. So funny you became speechless – I call that sensory overload syndrome! Did want to ask you thought about how you came to kiss him? Did you ask him first or did you just lunge? lol – maybe lunge is not the best term……if you just went ahead and did it, did he act surprised or guarded? Did he say anything after you did it? Just curious – I have been going over scenarios in my head should I get as fortunate as you! I will be going to CT to see him at Foxwoods later this month and then waiting for a concert date announced for TEXAS and will try to go to that one too. Saw him in Feb in NYC – iheart Stripped , then saw him in Indio at Fantasy SPrings and two days after that saw him at the Jay Leno Show in LA! Still have yet to meet the man………..:(

  41. Notice GlambMarie#9 NEVER SAID how she got the W-B M&G.

    Yeah, yeah–“heavens aligned, radio stations,” blah, blah. The question WAS SPECIFIC; SURELY YOU REMEMBER HOW YOU WON THIS??


    • Marie Glamb#9 says:

      No condescend meant or implied, db.

      It happened because my friends know I’m crazy about him. One friend heard an announcement on the radio that Adam was coming to town and she told me. I did some checking and talking to people, putting my desire out there with people I know, and one friend had an opportunity to help me. If any one of these connections didn’t happen at the time and place they did, I wouldn’t have been there. And I put a LOT of work in over the last 15 years or so establishing relationships. I never bother anyone unless I’m dead serious too, and they know that, because I respect my friendships as friendships first. This was my one and only meet and greet. Been waiting over 30 years to meet Paul Simon, as I said. It will happen when the time, opportunity and place is right. EEEEGAD! We’re OLD already! How long is it gonna take???

      As it was, I COMPLETELY missed word of Adam’s appearance in Steamtown because we are crazy busy at work! And I was out shopping for work stuff about the same time and in the same mall complex as Adam was when he was photo’d in Target, and was going to stop in Target too but changed my mind! Horrors!

      How the other folks in my group or the group after me got there, I don’t know. I wish I could tell you. Sometimes I hear about winning tickets to them on radio station promos; sometimes TV stations offer mini-contests. Arenas sometimes offer inside scoop to email registrants. I subscribe to a lot of them in an effort to keep my radar up. Sometimes meeting him in person takes waiting for hours outside in the darkness or sweltering sun. Look at those who heard that Adam was giving a radio interview and piled themselves outside the door.

      I wish I knew a magic formula cause I would have met Paul Simon by now. I wish you the best, db.