Congratulations Adam Lambert 4/21/10

Congratulations Adam, we are all so very proud!!
Here are some tweets from Adam, thought you might want to know:


~adamlambert~Thank you to everyone for making Whataya Want from Me #10 on the BIllboard Hot 100 and the Remixes are at #1 on the Hot Dance Singles!

~adamlambert~Hey guys!! 🙂 prepping for big UK and Europe trip! Damn volcano kept us from leaving this past Sunday… But looks like we are all set now.

Adam Lambert got a huge bump from his American Idol appearance Wednesday, nearly doubling his week-to-week tracks sales for Whataya Want From Me, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Whataya Want From Me topped 100,000 for the week, pushing him into the top 10 of SoundScan’s Top Digital Tracks chart. That puts Adam at 964,000 total downloads, putting 1 million within easy reach for next week.



  1. Good luck in the UK. Hope album goes off the charts. Mother Nature is messing with you. What’s a little volcano ash when you can over come anything! Your AI appearance, song, and Gaad show were spectular!! Such fun to watch all this gona on!!!

    • Hi Daffyd, are you Welsh or of Welsh descent? I think we are all excited over Adam going
      to the UK. I’ll be more excited when he comes back and starts his tour.

  2. kat4adam says:

    I love the version you did for AI Mentor week. Can we buy it from somewhere. Anyone know? It would make a great video!!

  3. Haven’t gotten to see GLAAD performance yet, but my “Wish List” on DVR says that Adam will be on Reelz channel in a show call “movies and music” on 4/28 and on LOGO with a re-run of the “Unplugged” show. Just an FYI. Knew that Idol would help his sales and “acceptablility” factor by those who have issues. Thanks for all the info, Sue!

  4. kat4adam says:

    Do you know where to get a copy of Adam’s performance on AI last week during Elvis week?
    One of his best ever!!!!
    Would make a great video,Thanks

    • buffy522 says:

      Go to youtube and download it. Then move to your itunes playlist if you have one.

    • lovemyadam says: is what my daughter uses for me!!! I have never done it, but I know she has… good luck!!


      • Yes I just found out about this, OMG this is crazy I can have all these incredible mindboggling videos on my IPOD?
        Last month when I flew back from Europe, I was so exhausted on my flight from Boston to Raleigh/Durham that the only thing I could do to keep me awake and sane was watch the FYE and WDYWFM videos. I would have loved to have more!
        Also a funny story, I was on the train to Hamburg Germany and was listening to Adam on my Ipod, I was completely carried away by his voice and had my eyes closed when the guy next to me tapped my arm and pointed at a woman on the other side of the compartment, she was telling me to turn the volume down. Well she obviously didn’t know what she was missing!!!

  5. So happy, so proud. Adam is such a spectacular human. No obstacle he can’t clear. No challenge he can’t best. For all the nay sayers and doubters I say, Adam is a bona fide superstar— not because of any imposed title but because of his very own gifts—talent, charisma, creativity, personality—and a growing, global fanbase who are here for him lovingly offering unconditional love and support. I hope he is appreciating his successes and knows how worthy he is of our love.

  6. I would like to buy all of his videos and watch them on t.v. at home. Can this be done?

  7. You can’t help but feel proud of him. He’s such a nice young man with a huge talent!
    I look forward to receiving these emails every day. Thanks Sue and everyone who post
    these. They are much appreciated!


    • Dianne Hill says:

      According to Adam this is just a rumour.

      I know Adam would be a fantastic judge but I don’t want him to compromise his music career to be a judge on that show, maybe a guest judge would be okay, but not every week, he wouldn’t have time to do anything else, like write songs for his next album, come and do his tour in New Zealand so I can go and seem him. The only upside of Adam being a judge (or anything else) is that we would get to see him on TV every week, now that, I could handle.

  9. patricia Pearce says:

    If Adam feels he needs dancers-he doesn’t-he should hire professionals and have a choreographer. Those people on stage with him at the GLAAD awards were terribly distracting. I wish he’d remember he got where he is by virtue of his incomparable voice, this stupendously terrific looks, his ability to transmit the feelings of the lyrics by connecting with the audience not only in his translations, but by looking at the audience members with those most stunning of all eyes I’ve ever seen.

    Please beg him to lighten up on the eye make-up that hides rather than enhances. Mascara, eyeliner and the sparkles worn the evening he sang “Beth” was the best combination yet. His eyes SPOKE and SANG along with his voice during that devastatingly ethereal rendition of the song.

    Adam says he does not want to be defined as a “gay” singer. If that is in fact the truth then he must accept the fact that we who love him, and everyone else, knows he is gay and we love him for who he is in terms of his personality, his kindness, sense of humor, intelligence and it is he himself who is tempting writers to describe him as a GAY SINGER when he chooses to perform in a manner that promotes that label from critics.

    I adore him! I’ve written the above because I see him and his management making what I consider to be very big mistakes. I get furious each time I read that he’s booked in a small casino or a fairground, venues generally reserved for “has beens”. Adam says he prefers a smaller audience but he most surely delighted in the large arena audiences during the idol tour. He’s never announced on his tweets that he’s performing in these small locales because I suspect he’s embarrassed to be put in that position from managers who doubt he could fill arenas due to the AMA fallout. I’ve written before to say that if they sell him as a bargain basement product the public will eventually perceive him to be out of date, a second, or one who has a fault.

    • You said it!!!! I think Adam need to get rid of those dancers. They are just not good. When I see them in Japan, I totally feel frustrated and furious. I love Adam so much can’t get pass the day without his music. Adam, you don’t need dancers, you, yourself, can and will make history.

    • k. morgan says:

      First…you seem to be the one who is uncomfortable with Adam being himself…Why should he tone down who he is for those who are uncomfortable with those who are what he has long claimed is his style…”Glam”…He is not the gay guy who dresses straight…He is sexy, provocative, honest, a performer…and he should be able to appear and be however he wants….This is why he commented at the GLAAD awards that the Gay and Lesbian community needs to embrace all variants of their community. Get real…that is basically what you are saying…that you love him but wish he would tone down. Also Adam has stated that he like smaller venues…not huge stadiums…where you can not see people…play with the audience…that is his decision…as a fan…I love the idea of small to medium sized venues…where you can really see him and hear him…
      I think his agents and he have been very intelligent for the most part about his appearances…He would be dumb to book a huge stadium and not fill it because his base has not grown that big yet…will be big enough soon…His tour with back up acts of Allison and Orianthi speaks volumes….Look at it this way…The winner of Idol, Kris is back up to Daughtry…Adam is headlining his tour with one person who has a huge hit (Orianthi) and another on the rise…Allison. And it is so wonderful that Adam has a big heart…You know he is having Allison there because they are so close and he wants to boost her career…
      I disagree about the dancers…they are fun, they add a dance grove and I love when he joins in with them and gets down….makes the audience get down…

    • I totally agree about the dancers. I have a professional dance background, and sadly, I have to say that those dancers are not up to Adams’s standard of excellence. I would love to see him perform in concert with dancers, but OMFG those ones he has been using ARE DISTRACTING because they are so bad! Anyone on stage with Adam should be spectacular. The dancing on the AMA performance was great.

      • Dianne Hill says:

        You do know that those dancers that you are slagging off are Adam’s friends that he has known for years, don’t you. I think they were great, it was a very small stage, you have to remember that and I would rather see Adam surrounding himself with his friends than a bunch of professionals with no enthusiasm for his music but just going through the motions.

        And to those people above going on about Adam wearing too much makeup, leave him alone. To me, he always looks perfect whatever the occasion. He can wear as much or as little as he likes.

        I only ever want Adam to be himself and he can be “as gay as he likes”. It is the media who always push this on to him, he is just being himself and he is the most wonderful man in the whole world.

        As far as Adam using the smaller venues is concerned, I think he and his management were testing the water so to speak, to see how people would react to his songs in a live environment, remember he is just starting out, you can’t expect him to fill stadiums like U2 for instance, he will get there just give him a bit of time.

        And stop saying you love him and then attach all these conditions to your love, just accept him the way he is and will always be – absolutely perfect.

    • i suspect they are making it slowly for adam. smaller venues. maybe before releasing another album or maybe next year hes gonna having major concerts.adam is adam and his moves when performing are truly his own and nobody can do that.very entertaining, i cant help but shout and giggle when i watch him grinding in a video. more from adam…. i prefer lesser eye make up he has stunning eyes!

    • EternalGlamNation says:

      Starting with smaller venues is the norm. Britney Spears performed at the Champlain Valley Fair in Vermont the summer AFTER Baby One More Time was a bona fide hit. Same with Christina, the Jonas Bros., and I believe Justin Bieber will be there this August.

      Everyone needs to chill and give our Adam time to spread his wings. He’ll be filling larger venues before we know it and instead of having awesome approximation to him as we do now at his concerts, we’ll be kvetching about sitting in the nosebleed sections and remembering the “good old days” when we could practically reach out and touch him! And my, wouldn’t we ALL want to do that?

      • Judy Lushman says:

        Agree with everything that you said Eternal Glam. We need to give Adam a break and allow more people to get to know him and his music and before we know it, he will be filling large stadiums everywhere. It’s going to happen. We just need to have patience and love Adam and let him be who he is and support him in his choices.

  10. Such a great talent and beautiful soul! Will always follow his music career and buy his music! If he feels that he cannot fill arenas yet this will change soon. Love him and good luck!


  12. I agree with much of what Patricia said. I don’t think the dancers we have seen to date have enhanced his performances at all. They have only distracted from the real deal-ADAM.
    I think his look during “Beth” was the most sensual I have ever seen. I do love the feathers, blue hair, and chains, though.
    I am certain Adam could easily fill large venues, but maybe this is not in his comfort zone, as yet. Adam is a very smart young man and he knows what he is doing.
    His very existance in this world makes me SOOOO happy. I am extremely proud of his success and I was hoping his AI appearance would jump start sales again. Go Get’Em Adam! We are here, forever in your corner!
    Enjoy the European trip and come back to us as soon as possible.

  13. Adam, without the help of many homophopic djs on radio ,proved that he is a great talent..

    He needs to be on TV to show what a super star he is. Congratulations to an wonderful inspirational artist.

    I’m not sure Adam ,who keeps his friends close ,will get new dancers.. but maybe a new choreographer would help.. ooops maybe she’s a friend too I have to say I also love him for his loyalty . So whatever ..

  14. Yeah – what he needs is Michael Jackson style dancers .. not the pole dancing style dancers

  15. Micki (Glamb #535) says:

    My 2cents worth on dancers, venue size, etc.

    DANCERS AND SUCH : He’s a club kid, pure and simple. Look at his pre idol stuff like Citizen Vein, Zodiac Show, etc. Except where he was performing acoustic covers in cabarets, it’s all Club. Look at the kinds of lyrics he wrote with Monte. As much as I love all the other stuff about him, I RESPECT that he is staying true to himself. I agree he doesn’t NEED the dancers at all, but they’re part of his vision; he WANTS them. So if that means more club-like performances & pole dancers and fetish-like costumes, I’m OK with that because he’s being true to himself & his artistic vision. He IS a product of the club scene, after all, & mainly the underground club scene at that.

    VENUE SIZE : I think it’ll take a while for him to be as big in N.A. as he should be, but he’ll be huge abroad, & once that momentum picks up it’ll have a spillover effect back into the N.A. market. In the meantime, I’m not going to worry too much about him doing smaller venues here. I believe the time for the huge venues will come, & in the meantime, smaller venues mean his die-hard fans get to see the more intimate performances.

    Also, I’ve read that Simon Fuller himself is directing Adam’s mgmt ppl, & if that’s true, I think it’s fantastic. Some names associated with him managing them or directing the mgmt team (now or during the growth of their stardom) incl Annie Lennox, Spice Girls, Madonna, Kate Moss, Cindy Crawford, Britney Spears, Kylie Minogue, & Pink. So I think people worrying about Adam not yet having the huge arena’s and stuff are worrying about nothing. I think his time WILL come, just it’ll be a little slower in N.A, than elsewhere. I suspect we’ll likely see more of a foreign focus on his career than you usually get for ppl coming through the Idol machine, and domestic later on.

    I firmly believe his career WILL become the huge deal that we – his hard-core fans – all desire, knowing Adam has the potential to become iconic. I just think we’re being a little impatient. It’ll happen. So let’s try to enjoy the ride.

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Your 2 cents totally represent my feelings about this. Thanks.

    • Well said Micki! I agree with you. As my son says “it’ll all work out”, (and he’s right, it always does). Adam is being true to his own version of himself and his vision. That’s as it should be. I actually prefer the smaller venues because you’re closer to the stage and can see much better than if you were in a large stadium and could only see via a jumbotron. As for the dancers: If you look at the time frame, I’m guessing that they didn’t have months to practice a routine, and although they didn’t put out maybe the best product, they weren’t terrible, and again, they are part of Adam’s vision. It’s up to us to respect that.

      On another note, not sure if many of you have heard Voodoo. I bought the Japanese version of his CD (with the 4 extra songs), and I have to say that Voodoo is out-of-this-world insanely good. I play it in my car every day on my way to work. Just can’t get enough of it.

      • V oodoo is my favorite Adam song!!!!I hope he brings it out as a single. It will be mega-hit!

        • My two daughters LOVE Voodoo especially the ” I am obssesed with your sexiness” line…

  16. i have question ,why adam album sale moving slow?he should gone platinium long ago,people still hate him.i think people dissapoint at his album because everyone thought hes the next big thing in rock and turnout something else,i hope people lesson to his music and give him second chance.

    hes amazing ,and his album should make millions by now.

    • Elizabeth says:

      To be honest, I think we were all pretty clear that Adam’s album was overproduced and didn’t highlight his voice which is what we love him for. When I compare the exquisite rendition Adam gave at Indio of the song “Broken Open” versus the godawful version on the album, it makes me sick that the producers of the album could have served Adam so badly. It has taken a while for Adam to break away from all that by recording his unplugged versions of his song which are great, but think about when Adam first started to promote his album–can you believe that on the shows where he performed they had his live performance backed up by a tape recording so that if he deviated from the tape you could hear it. How nonsensical is that. It is going to take a while for Adam to learn how to take authority over his career and for his management to realize that they need to adjust to his amazingly high level of talent. As for these small venues where he has been singing, that is so ridiculous–it puts people at risk because the crowding makes people faint, and Adam is performing in such cramped circumstances that he gets bothered by people talking on cell phones and he can’t move around very well, plus his ability is being underexposed. However, the venues for Adam’s summer tour seem great to me. So give the situation a chance to unfold. The time will come when we miss these small venues, and these fits and starts in Adam’s career as the good old days–remember when we could hear him in a bar and practically touch him–that kind of thing. You know, those dancers are great, open up to the vision, guys, take in breath something different, don’t be so stuffy, embrace the glitter, come on now!!!

      • seems his next tour has bigger venues. expect really huge next. im imagining major concert like michael jackson with mre than 50 thou people. he can do that also.

  17. You said it Micki (Glamb 535). I believe Adam knows EXACTLY what he is doing. He’s extremely
    intelligent and as you say Simon Fuller directing his career you can be sure he’ll do what’s best not only for Adam but for his own benefit. And it’s true, Adam does care about his friends before Idol and will remember them when it comes to opportunities. He is so brilliant and phenomenal that nothing will stop his rise to the KING of GLAM ROCK & ROLL!!!!! Thanks for all the footage Sue!!

  18. Re: smaller venues
    Altho it is wonderful to see Adam up close and personal, it does mean
    that a lot of fans won’t get to go at all.
    When these smaller venues sell out in a matter of minutes (as they do),
    I think it would be better to go with a larger venue, tho maybe
    not an arena just yet. There is a lot of tension on ticket-sale day
    and the scalpers take advantage of this.
    Re: dancers
    Adam is immaculate in his dress and in every detail of his performances.
    I agree that the dance choreography needs to “step it up” to match this
    Re: Idol gives back
    (I’m in Canada) I tried the phone number on the screen, but each time a
    recording came on saying the number was not in service. I tried to donate
    online, but could not as they said my phone number was not all numbers (which it
    was) and my credit card was not a real number (which of course it is).
    I tried to text but they said it was out of their area (altho I had not trouble using this
    to vote many times last year)
    I wonder if they lost a lot of donations because of this – did anybody else have trouble?

  19. emily kwan says:


  20. Micki…u said it! Everyone relax. Adam is so truly gifted and talented! Everyone should enjoy the smaller venues NOW because before we know it, Adam will be rockin’ the big arenas and most of us we’ll only be able to see him from afar or on the jumbotron screen! His management and people know exactly what they are doing! And FYI, didn’t and haven’t really paid too much attention to his dancers because I can’t take my focus off of Adam! If ur looking at his dancers than u r missing out on 100% Adam. I guess I’ll go back and watch his GLAAD performance and check out his dancers. To all of you Adam fans and I mean the REAL Adam fans, don’t we all know he is going to be iconic someday SOON? Everyone just chill and enjoy his journey on the way to super stardom!!! We love you Adam! Keep rockin’ and doing YOUR thing!!!

  21. Keep in mind what they are now calling “the Great Recession”–it’s got to hurt the music business as well. A great many people can no longer afford $150 for concert tickets. It’s OK that Boy Beber can go on QVC and sell records, but most artists can’t and still be respected. Also many people are going to Tea Parties instead of concerts to protest the war, the economy, etc. Fuller and Adam must have a vision in mind for his career. In it’s way it makes good sense to go the smaller venue at this time. Besides, maybe Adam’s career might be channeling Elvis. Colonel Parker knew what he was doing. How many “big” concerts did he play? Yet the King was never recognized by the music industry as he should have been. Wonder why? When you blow people away with your voice and style…well you know. Adam’s talent will take him where he needs to go. P..S tried to join fan club, wouldn’t take my money–would like to support this cause. Any suggestions?

  22. Adam we are so Proud and Happy for you:) Everything that you have Accomplished in the Last Year has been INCREDIBLE:) You are living the Dream that you are meant to Live:) And We ALL LOVE YOU EVERY DAY AND EVERY STEP ALONG THE WAY:) SAFE TRAVELS TO THE UK AND BACK:) LOVE YOU ADAM:)

  23. Adam was so fantastic on Idol last week, but he need to cut back on the makeup. I watched him with a group of people, some of whom were seeing him for the first time. Everyone was bowled over by the voice but the consensus was–too much makeup! He is so beautiful and does not need to enhanc e that beauty.

    • I too loved Adams look when he sang Beth he looked and sounded almost ethearal, this is what attracted me to him. His voice would stand on its own with no visual embeleshment, but I now realize after following him so closely this last year, that this is the “real”Adam, how he likes to present himself, and thats okay with me. Intime we will probably see subtle changes, he is beautiful with just a touch of make up and I think would attact a wider audience and fan base,but this is where he wants to be and how he wants to look at the moment and I will follow him thru thick ad thin, ups and downs while he goes on his journey.

      As for the dancers, I think they are abit crap, especially on a small stage, and agree he is better on his own in these small venues, on a larger stage with good quality dancers would be fine. But remember people this is his dream, his tastes will change over time, but I hope that glorious voice is around forever, and believe me it will come to us in many different styles and visuals.

      Cant wait to see Idol tonight in NZ, it is Adam night and even tho I have seen it many times on line, it will be great to see it on the big TV, and also to be able to record it.

  24. Jeanene, Adam replacing Simon on AI is probably the worst thing he can do to his career. He should be a recording artist first and formost. Being on AI, nobody’s gonna take him seriously as a real entertainer.
    Moreover, while I think he’s a great mentor and can give great critique, I don’t think he can fill the void of Simon simply because he doesn’t have the same characteristics. So if he does, the show’s not gonna be as popular anymore and he’ll be a part of that failure. Not good.

    • Glad someone saw what I said~~~~~I was blown away to hear that on National TV. ADAM BEING A JUDGE ON IDOL, WOW AND WOW, IT COULD BE A GREAT THING, OR A BAD THING!!!!! First, and for-most he is a performer, but if they let him perform, judge, mentor, for how many months, idol is around, then do his OWN THING!!! I WAS THINKING, OH WOW , WE COULD SEE HIM EVERY WEEK, AND BRING BACK THE IDOL , PLUS!!!!! BACK, BIGGEST SHOW EVER, AND HE COULD DO WHAT HE WANTS, BUT , MAYBE IT WOULD BE THE ADAM LAMBERT SHOW!!! Just really shocked, but seeing him more, and what he could bring in every week, like he did as a contestant, but a judge, BLEW ME AWAY!!!Still, i was shocked to hear that on this major show, what an idea~~~~~~~~~~~Bring up ratings!

      • Libraglam says:

        LET’s COMPROMISED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        How about let ADAM go on Tour , expand his career, enjoy what he has dreamed for (that is singing and performing worldwide) AND AND AND…..guess what….having ADAM come back to IDOL every other month to be GUEST JUDGE as a contract !!! That way it will benefit both ways (for ADAM and for American Idol contestant which the show maintain numbers of viewvers – which are ADAM fans ……hahahahaha)

        Oh that way, You and Me , We can all see ADAM often and if we miss his singing then we still can go to his concert !!! coool ??

    • that would probably kill his career. over exposure is not good. of course hell get a lot of money for one season. but singing recording concerts and maybe acting better fits him. if that happens would be for personal prod reasons because theres no other way to attract viewrs. simon cowell will bring the X FACTOR to U.S. in the fall

  25. Oh and of course CONGRATULATIONS on cracking the TOP 10!!!
    I think getting high on the charts is crucial for accumulating popularity in the US. I really hope his next singles do just as well and even better. I think If I Had You could do that, although it probably fits the UK audience more than it does the US one. But I’m hoping for the best!

  26. ya congratulations
    adam lamber


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