Conference Call With Adam Lambert

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Adam Lambert Talks About New Video & Tour In Conference Call
Friday, 18 June 2010 14:31

This afternoon, Adam Lambert participated in a conference call with various media folks about his Glam Nation Tour.
AI Now’s Renee Snyder was a part of the call and provided these live tweets:

* A typical day for Adam when not touring is really a hustle – interviews, photoshoots, rehearsals, paperwork, international promo
* Adam was asked if he uses “The Secret” philosophy. He does engage in positive thinking to manifest his dreams. And it worked!
* Adam reacted to the panic of him shaving part of his hair. He thought it was hilarious and not newsworthy. He sees it as “air-conditioning”
* The show is very theatrical. There are 4 dancers, costume changes, definitely glam!
* Adam said there will be more dates announced. They are waiting for the venues to finalize. Some dates also in Asia & Europe
* Adam was asked if he knows Train. He’s “not necessarily a fan, but has nothing against them”
* He has lowered the key of some songs to save his voice and be at his best for every show. He worked with a vocal coach to do this.
* “If I Had You” reflects where he is personally & professionally right now.
* Adam said Neil was looking for a job and Adam said they needed a production assistant on the tour, so they hired him
* Adam said there was a socio-political plan to the If I Had You video. Age, sex, religion, etc doesn’t matter. Everyone can party together.
* He was asked how he chooses which song for the encore. It’s decided at the moment! But it’s probably going to be both now.
* He’s excited to see a wide range of demographics in the audiences. A mix of ages and men and women.Broader ethnicity cross-section
* Adam is not fond of lip-synching and he won’t be doing it. He prefers more vocally driven
* As far as type of venue, he prefers the theaters, which is what he is used to. He also likes architecture and decor of them.
* Over the years he has met a lot of incredible people that are part of “gypsy groups” in LA and wanted to bring them into the IIHY video.
* The Common Grounds show will not be the full show – it will be a festival show…The “festival” shows are usually shorter, so won’t be the full glamnation show
* Can’t Let You Go hasn’t been released in the US and there is only “so much time” in the show, so he isn’t doing it.
* Live cd of Glamnation? It has been discussed, but they don’t really know
* The set includes stairs, lasers, costumes. Rock and roll punk type theme. Turn of the century New Orleans feel
* The vibe from the crowd can affect how “frisky” he is in each performance. It also depends a lot on his mood at the time.
* Adam takes something away from each city. The vibe in the audience is different every night. And he does look at the people in the crowd.
* His current make-up artist/hair stylist is an old friend from LA. He is also working with Skingraft for fashion, who he also knew before
* Adam believes that if you have success in your life, you should spread it around. So he tries to help his friends out.
* Adam will perform Whataya Want From Me on Much Music Awards since that’s the vid nominated.



  1. Adam Lambert the Official unoffiical site is not on the webpage index on Probably why there are no comments on this page. Went through to find it. What’s up! May Sue not aware of this, so just aheads up!!!


  3. Glad that Neil is with Adam in this Glamnation Tour. Nothing beats family togetherness and moral support. Hope also to see mother Lila and father Eber, once in a while in the concert.
    The world continually waits with bated breath, as nations line-up for Adam’s concerts.

    • Hey Dainty! I got to spend a few minutes talking with Neil last night after the Royal Oak concert. He was nice and cute and friendly. ( Some of them were having a squirt gun fight, for some fun!) Tommy and Monte were hanging out with the fans, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Allison came out of the bus to visit for a while, too. I was out of film, but got everyone’s autograph. (Adam was on a different bus on the next street over and I think he came out and got right on the bus…that’s what I heard. ) BTW, the band was out mingling before the show, too. Did get pictures then with Tommy and Longineau and a HUGE hug from Monte after the show. They are all very friendly and accomodating.

  4. your real cool and that’s a everyday (love) fore real

  5. ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

    Oi / Hello
    Sue, you are back!
    I thought you was uncouncious somewhere after Adam’s shows….
    You sow him AGAIN!!!! OMG
    Do you know that was not allowed to use cameras in Royal Oak?
    Tell me everything what you do these days…
    I hope you are very happy.
    (Sorry My English)
    kisses / beijos
    Tchau / bye

  6. Elaine, we weren’t supposed to use cameras, but everyone was. I even had a regular, disposable one! I was about 7th back from the stage…no seats, standing only. Got the pics developed today. The ones I took of the show didn’t turn out very good. Too far back and too many heads and hands in the way. But I’m glad for everything I got…meeting the band and Allison, too. All the pics and autographs. And, of course, the INCREDIBLE SHOW Adam, the band and dancers put on!!!!

    • ElianeBrasil GLAMB#577 says:

      Oi AL1877
      I’m so glad for you. Despite your distance from stage I believe I’m a LITTLE far from him…..
      Thanks for your informations
      Beijos / kisses

  7. delibel (Nederland) says:

    THANKS for every thing you do for us,

    FAN forever.


  9. WOW, Al1877. Isn’t that great? You met Neil and the other band members. At least for you, it’s no longer an illusion. But I’m so glad that Adam can have all the rest he can get.
    The last time I met somebody from California, was last January when my sister-in-law came home to the Philippines. She resides in L.A. And the group from UCLA Berkeley last 2007 whom I sat with in the big round conference table in front during the 4-day Psychiatric National Convention here in the Phil., were “shrinks”(psychiatrists), though one is a Doctor of Pharmacology in ALTA BATES Summit and another a hypnotherapist. I enjoyed and miss them !
    I think I can meet and adjust to any GLAMB member someday. As to meeting Adam physically, well, it’s an added bonus and blessing. We’re very into Adam. It feels like I have already met him.

  10. ilove adam lambert so much and ilove his song so so much ilove you adam

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